Colorado Rapids Express Interest in Michael Carrick

Hi guys,

The Colorado Rapids are coming off a disastrous campaign in which they finished in 10th place in the Western Conference. They finished with 33 points total which ranked third worst in the entire league and scored the fewest amount of goals in the league with 31. Therefore the club will likely be looking to bolster their squad with numerous signings during the upcoming transfer window.

It has been reported by numerous sources that legendary Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick could possibly be leaving the Red Devils for the Colorado Rapids of the MLS. On the surface this would appear to be a very good marketing move since it would likely boost jersey sales. Carrick, 35, is typically deployed as a deep-lying midfielder and is currently valued at 1.28 million pounds on The timing of this move would be very surprising since Jose Mourinho had anointed him captain of Manchester United last season and he signed a contract extension only a few months back. Presumably Carrick would be the Rapids third designated player. Currently, the Rapids designated players are Tim Howard and Shkelzen Gashi.

Update: Michael Carrick has remained at Manchester United, however, he has received limited playing time. This campaign he only has one appearance for the club. Despite his limited playing time, Carrick has made it known that he would prefer to stay at Old Trafford rather than switch clubs for more consistent playing time.  A possible reason for this could be his coaching qualification since he currently looks after the U14 side as he builds up his coaching badges.


Top 5 Favorite Rides


It’s Fastpass Master here! This week I wanted to discuss the rides, or specifically my favorite rides, in Disneyland! Although I love all the rides in both Disneyland and California Adventure, except for Snow White’s Scary Adventures, it’s a 0/10 from me, I have developed a list of my personal favorites! Even though my top 5 favorite rides is biased based on my own experiences, most can agree that these are fan favorites. Just because I feel pretty guilty for not including these on my list, I have to also include some honorable mentions: Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, Star Tours, Splash Mountain and definitely Indiana Jones. Although it is a fantastic ride, the only reason Indiana Jones did not make the list because I was terrified the first time I rode it; when you are staring down at your feet in fear, you realize how spasmodic the ride is and painful the ride is when you are not in awe of the giant snake and bolder. So in no particular order, simply because it was hard enough to pick 5 already, here is my top 5 favorite rides in Disneyland!

The Jungle Cruise- These boat rides take you on a wild adventure through the rivers of Asia, Africa, and South America. Lifelike animatronic animals including elephants, hippos, and tiger add to the exotic journey. The primary reason I love this ride is that it’s extreme attention to detail; from its rusty lanterns to giant cargo nets, even this ride’s queue line is very elaborate. The boats’ skippers are also hilarious as they all have their distinct personalities with their own array of punchlines. This ride has always amazed me as a kid and will forever be a personal favorite of mine.

Pirates of the Caribbean- This ride is definitely a family favorite. My family and I adore this classic ride located in New Orleans Square, which is alive with the theme of Mardi Gras. When I was younger I was absolutely terrified of this ride (if you could not tell by now, many things scared me, and continue to scare me even to this day). Yet as I got older I really grew to appreciate the story the ride tells through its wild cast of animatronic characters. The ride is also a lengthy 15 minutes, and the wait time is typically very short in comparison to most rides, both major bonuses of the ride. Pirates of the Caribbean is an extremely memorable ride that I will always love.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- This ride is truly wild; with its speeding turns and drops and beautiful surroundings, this is so much more than your typical roller coaster. The Wild West theming of the ride is perfectly incorporated into the ride as you coast through canyons and an exploding mine. This ride has always been a dear favorite of mine as I always look forward to adding an element of thrill to my magical day at the park.

Peter Pan’s Flight- This ride is one of the most classic rides in almost every Disney theme park; located in Fantasyland in Disneyland, Peter Pan’s Flight is a popular favorite among guests. The ride itself is dazzling, especially after its renovation a few years ago. My absolute favorite parts are gliding over the sparkling city of London as, “You Can Fly” plays around you as you are on your boat. The ride takes you through the vivid scenes of the movie in this amazing dark ride which will always have a special place in my heart.

Space Mountain- This ride is for the thrill seekers at the Disneyland park; this mostly dark roller coaster takes you through a flashing launch into the galaxy at top speeds. From the second you walk inside of the building you know you are in for a ride that is out of this world. I love how your initial surroundings are very futuristic; it really adds to the theme of the coaster. The ride itself is accompanied by vibrant soundtrack and darkness of space. Once I was stuck on the ride towards the end of its duration and when the lights came on I was shocked to see how close together and intricate the tracks were! This ride is truly a “high-flying adventure into the unknown.”

I hope my list was able to shed at least some light onto some of the amazing rides Disneyland has to offer!
And remember, “To all those who come to this happy place: Welcome.”
~Fastpass Master

Healthy Fats

Fats are good for you! Your body needs fats!

Positives: It is a major source of energy, helps you absorb vitamins and minerals, it builds cell membranes, and it protects your organs. Fat is also essential for blood clotting, muscle movement and inflammation. Having a healthy amount of fat keeps your skin and hair healthy, too.

You want to focus more on the good fats, which are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Saturated fats, if you have an abundance, can lead to a rise in cholesterol, which leads to heart disease. However, five to six percent of saturated fats need to be in your diet to stay healthy.

The main reason I think we are so afraid of fat is because they can pack on the calories quick. One gram of fat equals nine calories, the highest ratio of your macros, where protein and carbohydrates are each four calories per gram. Avoiding fats does keep the calorie count down, but your body won’t be functioning to its full potential.

So what to eat when you need to have some fat in your diet:

Nuts. Walnuts are a great source of omega-3’s, which are great for the brain and hair; almonds, cashews, pecans, pistachios and hazelnuts also make the cut.

Seeds. Seeds are full of the good stuff like nuts. Chia, flax, hemp, sunflower, and pumpkin!

Oils. Great ones for cooking or to add to smoothies or salad dressings to add creaminess and taste. Sesame seed, avocado, coconut, macadamia nut, grape seed, and extra virgin olive oil.

Also fish! Salmon is awesome, as well as packed with protein.

So don’t fear fat, learn to love it!

almond butterr


Benefiting From Higher Prices

We have all had moments where we wished something was cheaper so we can afford it. However, it has come to my attention that somethings are just better for the society if they were more expensive. Let me explain.

At the end of every school day, students who drove to school rush to get into their car in order to beat the traffic. Despite their efforts, the road in front of my school is still often congested resulting in long lines of idling cars. The wait can range from a few minutes to even half an hour! Not only is the time of the people waiting in the car wasted, but the cars also burn gas which costs money and is bad for the environment. These negative effects might not be significant at first glance but over time, they cumulate to be a huge loss of resources for our society. At this point you might be wondering: is there even a feasible solution to this problem?

Well, I believe one solution (probably an unpopular one) is to raise the prices of the parking spots purchased by the students at the beginning of the year. By doing so, students will reevaluate their choice of buying a spot and only those who really want one will purchase one. The overall number of spot sold would drop, resulting in less traffic every day. People might get angry at the raise of the price but if we think about it, the value of the spots goes up if less people end up purchasing them. With less spots sold, the wait time after school would be reduced or even eliminated. This change would reduce the time and gas wasted if there were more cars that needed to leave every day. The school might also raise more money that they can reinvest back into the betterment of the academic environment. Sounds pretty nice right?

This concept of raising prices to improve the overall efficiency of the society can also be applied to gyms memberships, gas prices, education etc. The basic principle is that all facilities have a optimal capacity of usage and when the usage is above the capacity, one can raise the price to help optimize the facility once again.3783492242_494f628a71_b

Rules, Recreation, and Roasting Myself

Hello once again, my lovely Fake Phillies!

Happy Friday! The time has come when we all celebrate the death of the school week and welcome the weekend. Hope you’re all doing well and your week went well overall. Mine has been….wow. I feel like my use of ellipses to describe every week of mine is quite appropriate and encompasses my feelings about it perfectly. I mean, it wasn’t all good, but it wasn’t all bad, either. It was just….something. But that’s okay. I believe that if you laugh at least once a day, then that day is never a waste. And I did laugh about a lot of things this week, though they were all very stupid things. (My sense of humor centers around memes, innuendos, and stupidity, and I have no explanation as to why. On an unrelated note, I read somewhere humor is often reflective of our personalities.)

Anyways, this week I wanted to talk about activities. Not just any activities, but activities you love to do. Everyone has their own personal tastes when it comes to doing recreational activities, but many people give up certain hobbies out of fear of judgement. I believe if it helps you feel better or makes you happy, then you should do it regardless of what anyone says. People feel pressured to do things because their friends or other people they know do it. And there’s nothing wrong with taking a friend’s recommendation to try something new, but it also should never feel like an obligation. Most people have a lot going on in their lives, and everyone deserves a break once in a while. If those breaks aren’t spent doing something you thoroughly enjoy, then it only hurts you. The person that causes you to give up your hobby won’t be affected in the slightest, but you will be wasting time not doing something you love.

Besides recreational activities, this extends to all things in life. If you really want something, then there’s no one in the world that can stop you from achieving that goal but yourself. It’s important to focus on yourself and make yourself a priority in your life, because although life is about living for others, you need to able to situate yourself before being able to help others.

Of course, as in most cases, there are always exceptions. One cannot go around doing simply whatever they please because they wish to do so. There is a certain rule that needs to be followed and was phrased best by someone I really look up to. They said, “Do whatever you want that makes you happy as long as you don’t hurt or affect anyone else in the process.” By following this rule, not only do you feel good, but you make sure it is never at the cost of someone else’s happiness.

That’s all the wisdom I have to share this week, guys! Wishing you all a great weekend!

Until next time, Fake Phillies. This is Wannabe Philosopher, signing off. *finger guns*


Hey Everyone!


Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Although Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, it also comes along with a lot of waste. Because of this, I’ve put together a list of helpful tips to ensure your Thanksgiving is more eco-friendly.


Cut Down On Travel

We all know transportation has a massive effect on our environment. The day before and the Sunday after Thanksgiving are two of the busiest travel days during the year. So, if you’re traveling this Thanksgiving, look into carpooling with other guests or taking the train (the greenest form of transportation) to cut down on travel emissions.


Use Less Plastic

When buying ingredients for your feast, buy items from the bulk section of your store to cut down on packaging waste. Buying fresh fruits and vegetables from farmers markets also cuts down on packaging and supports local farmers. Also, always remember to bring reusable grocery bags when shopping, it saves the environment and keeps you from paying extra for paper bags!


Don’t Waste Food

While planning out your Thanksgiving meal, make sure you are not making too much. The USDA estimates that over 30% of groceries in the US are thrown away, meaning billions of dollars are wasted each year. Instead, focus on making an appropriate amount of food and find recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers.

Those are all the types I have for you! Hopefully you are able to have a more eco-friendly Thanksgiving celebration by following these simple and easy guidelines. The earth will thank you for it!


Try this environmentally friendly decorating idea by displaying seasonal items such as gourd and squash

Monday Night Showdown

At 6-3, Seattle seem well-positioned to make the playoffs. But if the Hawks want a realistic shot of advancing to the Super Bowl, they need to win the NFC West. With the Los Angeles Rams sitting at 7-2 in the current standings, winning out must be the mentality.

In our final seven regular season games, the Seahawks will face the Falcons, 49ers, Eagles, Jaguars, Rams, Cowboys, and Cardinals. This final stretch, which includes several NFC powerhouses, will determine whether the Hawks are truly Super Bowl contenders.

On Monday night, the Hawks must beat Atlanta at home. Although the Falcons are only 5-4, a major surprise after their incredible performance in last year’s playoffs, they have the same quarterback and the same wide receivers who dismantled our defense in the NFC divisional round just ten months ago. We will desperately miss Richard Sherman this Monday, but Matt Ryan certainly won’t. Hopefully newly-acquired cornerback Byron Maxwell can give Seahawks fans a nostalgic reminder of how dominant he was opposite of Sherman in our 2013-2014 Super Bowl run. Maxwell could not find individual success on any other team, shown by his brief runs on the Eagles and the Dolphins. But it seems increasingly likely that Seattle’s defense will rely on Maxwell for the rest of the season, including January.

Staying in the west, NFL pundits are starting to jump on the Rams bandwagon—which seems premature given the easiness of their schedule thus far. To Sean McVay’s credit, LA looks much improved from last season’s pitiful 4-12 squad. But it should be noted that the real test for LA has yet to come; in the next five games, they will duel the Vikings, Saints, Eagles and Seahawks. In my estimation, they will not exceed 10 wins this season. The Seahawks will win the NFC West; count on it.SeahawksVFalcons

Cookie Crazy

I am back!

This past weekend I decided to make snickerdoodles and I was super excited about them. I am not sure where I went wrong, but they did not end up how I thought they would. Although, when they do turn out they are my favorite cookies. In the past when I have made them I create an ice cream sandwich out of them; I take on cookie and place a scoop of ice cream on it and then I put another cookie on top of the ice cream on the other side. I am going to share this recipe with you all so that you can make and enjoy them!



  • ½ cup butter
  • 1 cup sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon baking soda
  • ¼ teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 1 egg
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon


  1. In a medium mixing bowl beat the butter with an electric mixer for 30 seconds. Add the 1 cup of sugar, baking soda, and cream of tartar. Beat till combined, scraping the sides of the bowl. Beat in the egg and vanilla till combined. Beat in as much of the flour as you can with the mixer. Stir in the remaining flour. Cover the dough and place in the refrigerator for an hour.
  2. Combine the 2 tablespoons sugar and the cinnamon. Shape the dough into 1-inch balls. Roll the balls in sugar and cinnamon mixture to coat. Place balls 2 inches apart on an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake in a 375° oven for 10 to 11 minutes or until edges are golden. When done baking, place the cookies on a wire rack and let them cool.


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School is Stressful, But Everything’s OK I Guess Because La Croixs Only Cost One Whole Dollar at the School Store

la croix sluuuuurpThe best flavor of La Croix is actually the kiwi watermelon one, but the Pamplemousse (grapefruit) can is more iconic. Also, without sparkling water, I’d probably be dehydrated constantly. Another note, the lime flavor is the actual worst. Never drink it, ever.

Welcome back, I’m the zit you keep on covering in toothpaste every night, yet here I still remain in my overwhelmingly prominent, sort-of-obnoxious, advice-giving self, and I’m feeling pretty freaking minty. This week’s topic is how to survive school and If I were to be very honest right now, school keeps me from dissolving into a pile of skin and fat, it gives me some form of meaning to hold onto in life until I can die, or at least till I can hold a job. But other than an anchor to keep me steady, school is stressful, so here’s what small-ish shreds of advice on the topic that I have to dispense.

“What do you do when you have a bad grade?”


Well, depending on how bad the grade is, I cry. Haha just kidding, but I do get very disappointed in myself and sometimes it’s nice to just take a moment, back up and breathe. It’s not going to be the end of the world, one grade won’t kill you (hopefully) and unless it’s the end of the semester, you should have some time to raise it back up. So, the first step in raising up a bad grade depends on what class it’s in. Do you have a struggling grade in math or history? Then finding extra credit should be a little easier. Classes like language arts or science can be a little more complicated to get the boost because most of the points come from essays or labs and you usually have to wait till a test comes near and study hard so you can hopefully raise your grade as a whole. In math and history classes, it’s more likely for your teacher to reveal an extra credit assignment, and it may be really annoying, but if you want that boost, you’re going to have to do it anyways. Other than extra credit, another thing you can do is beg. Not actually, but maybe take some time out of your day, go to your teacher’s room, and tell them about your situation and ask on how you can work with them to help get your grade up.

“How do I stop procrastinating in APHUG??”


If I had the answer for you, I wouldn’t be doing 20 to 30 pages of AP HuG notes the night before a quiz. I don’t have a true answer for this, I’ve failed as an advice blog. So instead of answering the hardest riddle of all time, I’m making this a section into a call for help. Please the advice giver seeks the advice herself, if you have AP HuG tips please send them into me. Sorry to whoever asked this question, I’ve failed you.

“Why do teachers not teach? Some just hand out papers then expect us to learn from work sheets while they are playing angry birds on their phone”


This is absolutely wild. I’ve never heard or even seen a  teacher do this. I have so many questions, how did you find out they were playing angry birds? Did they just tell you, “Work on this paper, I’m going to play angry birds.”? The first part of the question I understand, like we have all had a teacher that does nothing, but the angry birds part just seems so surrealist to me for some reason. Stepping aside from the birds, I think some teacher don’t teach because they’ve gone so many years using this teaching style without students or parents complaining about it, that they think they’re doing fine. Maybe someone did complain to them about their teaching style and they just didn’t care. It’s hard to look inside the inner workings of some teachers, like after years of being in school, they graduate then go back into a school system just in a different role. Everyday a constant stream of teenagers and everyday they’re teaching the same content for three or more classes a day. Personally that sounds maddening, and I think most teachers deserve more credit than what they get. However an infinitely repeating high school lifestyle doesn’t dismiss teacher’s from not teaching. It’s in the job title, teachers.

I’m someone who likes to be fully aware of their faults. So I’m just going to point out the digital elephant in this internet room and say, this advice is not that good. I’m sorry to disappoint you folks, I have deprived you of sweet advice, but it’s fine because this blog updates every Friday! Fun fun for everyone. Submit your questions that need to be quenched at:

“Keep it 10% squeezy, and 90% freaky”

– ab-so-lutely

Week 11

Week 11 will be a crucial week in terms of the playoffs. This week has many good games that can decide the playoff race and division winners early on.

Matchup 1- Steelers 40 Titans 17 FINAL Thursday

The Steelers extended their lead in the AFC north with a huge win against Tennessee. They are now at 8-2 and have a four game lead on the Ravens. The Steelers can clinch their division next week if they win next week, and the Ravens lose their next two games

Matchup 2- Falcons @ Seahawks 5:30 Monday

The Falcons at 5-4 are third place in a thriving NFC South division. With two 7-win teams ahead of them, their hopes turn to the wildcard. They face the 6-3 Seahawks, who are looking to take back the NFC West from the LA Rams. This is a crucial game for the Falcons if they want their wildcard hopes to turn up.

Matchup 3-  Rams @ Vikings 10:00 Sunday

Two division winners on hot streaks going into a game, this is sure to be a good one. The Rams have a slight divisional lead and are looking to extend it with a win over the Vikings. The Vikings however, have a 2.5 game lead on the NFC North and are not far from clinching it early. No matter the stakes, this game is worth watching.

Matchup 4- Eagles @ Cowboys 5:25 Sunday

The Eagles are the closest team to clinching their division, and they can do it next week. With a win over the struggling Cowboys, a win next week will clinch them the NFC East. The Cowboys are looking to prove without Ezikeil Elliot, but have not manage to do that yet.

Other News-

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will be needing to get his jaw re-aligned after a big hit during their 22-16 win against the Arizona Cardinals. He may need surgery but there is a good chance he will start Monday against the Falcons

The NFL is attempting to remove Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones for “Damaging the League” NFL reported that he violated multiple by-laws of the league and the Cowboys organization. The NFL also wanted to punish him for his actions he took towards players during the anthem protests. The NFL has not made an actions yet.

Next year there is already one guarenteed game that will be played in Mexico City, in the Estadio Azteca. The New England Patriots will face the Oakland Raiders in the Azteca. No date has been determined yet, but it is sure to be an exciting one. The average ticket prices are just about 95$(US). and in the USA the average ticket prices are around 172$(US) for the league and can range from 380$(Patriots) to 86$(Bengals).

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Rain…Rain…Go Away

Hey everybody!

Its about that time of year where the weather is starting to become super rainy and in fact, quite stormy. We just encountered those crazy winds on Monday and there have been quite a number of power outages. These both will impact driving, as there has to be many precautions to be thought about before driving out in these conditions.

First things first, make sure to have some tires that are not the cheapest in the world. It is vital to have a good brand, since there have been tires that are prone to be slick and lead the car to ultimately spin out in the rain. Although tires are very expensive these days, especially Michelin and Continental, it is worth every dollar to pay a little bit more for your tires. For example, my sister was driving her car with some very cheap tires, and her car kept sliding all over the place when it was raining and she hit a post. The good news is the car is fine, the bad news is that it could have been a lot worse, so make sure you all have some quality tires!

Having just good tires is not going to make the bill just yet. It is incredibly important to understand how to drive in the rain. A lot of people tend to hydroplane while driving, which is incredibly dangerous. Hydroplaning is where rain mixes with oil above 35 miles per hour. Why is it an issue? You have the chance of spinning out and hitting other people in traffic. To make sure it does not happen, try to drive below 3-5 miles an hour under the speed limit, while trying to drive 30 miles per hour when there is not heavy traffic!

To wrap it all up, driving in the rain can be a serious hazard, but with these solutions I hope they can help you all drive a little bit more safer!

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Columbia University

Hi Everyone,

Today I will be discussing Columbia University located in New York City. Although the location is not exactly in the heart of New York, Columbia is located in Manhattan. Fun fact Columbia is the oldest college in the entire state of New York, it was even founded before the Declaration of Independence. This ideal location gives students the opportunity to be away from all the commotion and be able to have a college experience while living in New York. But, since the campus is in New York it is a fairly open campus with tourists constantly roaming the streets. With the location being so ideal, many students are provided with endless amounts of internship opportunities. Although these opportunities are for the very few students that get admitted into the school. Columbia is the third most selective college in the country with an acceptance rate of 5.8%. So, unless you are a genius this school is quite the challenge to get admitted into. This means the alumni list is quite impressive with notables such as 5 Founding Fathers of the United Sates (author of Declaration of Independence and Constitution), 20 living billionaires, 3 US Presidents, and 10 Supreme Court Justices.

The mascot of Columbia is the lions and because of the location being in the heart of Manhattan a majority of the athletic facilities are 15 minutes away from the actual campus. Meaning that athletes must travel by team bus to practice everyday. You can either look at this as a positive or negative. Although Columbia is not known for its athletics, being an athlete does provide some opportunity for students who may not have been admitted if they did not play sports. This creates more diversity of students around the campus.columbia

Road races

Preparations for the half marathon.

Preparations for the half marathon.

Hey it’s me running man.

I, like many runners decided to take part in a road race. The race more specifically is a half marathon. Many runners race or run in road races, and many also train for the runs. However, from experience I have noticed that during 5k’s many people push the pace for the first mile and struggle through the final 2 miles. Many races begin this way and it takes much more self control to maintain a steady pace. Often during cross country, my races would start out faster then slow down. The key in these races is not necessarily to focus on a certain pace but rather how you feel.

During races I tend to think about how I feel mid race and how far I have left to go. However if I start thinking that I” have so far to go” , I drop the pace because I will die out.

The start is crucial in road races because this is where your pace is dictated. In my experience when running a fast first mile, the second will be slower but still fast. During road races with the large amounts of people running, the only possible place to have a full stride or strong start is the front. On the contrary, during cross country, my coach told us to get out hard because the first 10 seconds don’t affect how you feel. In road races this will force you to maintain a high pace or risk being engulfed in the masses.

In order to maintain a steady pace I like to be towards the front but not too far in the front. This way I can hold my pace and work my way through without ever sprinting.

Maintaining a good pace is a key for longer road races including 10k’s and half-marathons.

See everybody next week,

Happy running!

Seattle International Auto Show

Hey everybody!


So over the weekend, there is a huge car show going on at Century Link Field. I was fortunately able to take part of the action and got to witness some amazing masterpieces shown to me.

There was a lot of cars that were flat out wonderful. First off, Acura brought their redesigned Acura NSX from the dead. After a 12 year hiatus, Acura decided to bring back their legendary coupe and it was a great site to see! It transformed into the hyper-car status while maintaining a decently affordable price compared to it’s competition. it had perfect lines and angles as well. I was completely in shock of how wonderful the car looked in person! It should be a hot seller, since many car enthusiasts were awaiting for this car to happen.

Next up, the brand new Lexus LS flagship sedan. This car turned out to be a much needed redesign since the last one was in it’s tenth year and was becoming a little lackluster compared to the competition. It was absolutely stunning! The car grew, and it came with some cool interior trim as well! It became the first car in production to have glass interior accents. However, the starting price got steep, and I wonder how many people are going to shell out their wallets to get one of these cars as the last generation proved to be popular.

Last but not least, the Kia Stinger GT. This car is trying to change Kia’s montage of cheap, disturbing and in fact, copycats. Since Kia now has a plethora of sedans, they needed somewhere to position this car, and designated it as a really sporty Optima. At first I thought the aesthetics of the car were very interesting, but of course after looking at it a second time I found the car to be somewhat intimidating and “in your face.” I wonder how it is going to do in the market because this car is going to have to face tough competition

The car show had a lot of interesting cars! There were a lot of great cars and I was extremely impressed in the turnout of people and the cars that were taking place this year! If you have time, you should go to the car show sometime this weekend! It is totally worth it!