Top 5 Deaths Caused by Social Media

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This is my last blog of the year! That’s so crazy to me. Anyways a more serious matter. top 5 deaths caused by social media.

  1. The Woman Who Crashed her Car 

A woman was updating her Facebook status to a simple smiley face and ended up crashing her car.

2. The Girl On Facebook

A fifteen- year-old female said killing and stabbing were her hobbies on her Facebook profile. The girl actually killed her nine-year-old neighbor and is currently is in a psychiatric hospital.

3. The Young Girl Who Unfortunately Killed Herself

After comments telling her to kill herself, Cessi Porter overdosed on pills. Her dad says the comments were very graphic.

4.) The Married Woman Who Changed Her Facebook Status to Single

A 26-year-old woman named Sarah split with her husband Edward Richardson and she moved into her parent’s house and then Edward sneaked into her room and stabbed her to death.


5.) Man Who Killed His BFF

Jameg Blake and his best friend Kwame Dancy had been fighting on Twitter over a woman they both liked. Jameg ended up killed Kwame and tweeted right after, “R.I.P. Kwame”.

My Top 5 Must Watch Horror Movies

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These are some really good horror movies that I recommend you watching since I enjoyed them. Most if not all are all on Netflix.

  1. The Nightmare on Elm Street

This is a classic which i’m pretty sure a lot of people have watched it but I just love it! it was very different compared to other movies that came out around the same time. Also, this movie is one of the most iconic horror movies and has one of the most iconic horror villain, Freddy Krueger. Watch it if you want to watch more horror movies or have not seen it since it is a classic.

2. Mine Games

This movie is a very confusing story about a group of friends who are meeting up with some other friends at a  family member’s cabin but the friends were not there and they end up finding a mine where bad things happen. If you want a psychological  horror movie or just tired of basic jump scares in other modern horror movies i recommend watching this movie on Netflix.

3. It Follows

This 2014 horror movie is a story about a young girl who goes on a date and the boyfriend passes something evil onto her in which weird naked people follow you until they kill you. This movie is very different and interesting. I enjoyed it very much. This movie is on Netflix.

4. Hush

This movie is about a deaf writer who lives alone, ends up having an intruder who tries to murder her. I highly recommend this movie, it was very very interesting and different.

5. Sinister

This movie is about a family who moves into a house (wow a family that moves into a house full of evil spirits in a horror movie, that has not happened before) and the father finds tapes of children murdering their parents and bad things happen (surprise). I actually enjoyed this movie despite my hatred for jump scares that I premeditated happening and cheesy story lines but I enjoy it. This movie may or may not be on Netflix. I watched it a couple months back on Netflix but i’m not sure it’s on anymore. This also goes to Sinister 2.


Could H.H Holmes be Jack the Ripper?

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In my H.H Holmes blog post I said I was going to write about a very interesting theory about H.H Holmes and Jack the Ripper, so here it is:

1.) Their Handwriting

A handwriting analysis expert compared H.H Holmes’s handwriting to the handwriting in Jack the Ripper’s ‘Dear Boss’ letter. The expert concluded it was by the same hand. There is apparently a 97.95% chance that H.H Holmes wrote the letter.

2.) Composite Picture that is identical to a picture of H.H Holmes

Scotland Yard used various eyewitness accounts to create a composite photo of Jack the Ripper. The end result looks vaguely like H.H Holmes.

a-composite-photo-of-jack-the-ripper-looks-eerily-similar-to-h-h-holmes-photo-u3The composite picture is shown first, then H.H Holmes

3.) London Connections

According to census records, H.H Holmes had a residence in London and there is no record of him in Chicago in the winter of 1888 when the murders happened. He tried to sell a corpse to a hospital and someone placed  a complaint in the area of London.

4.) Holmes’s Medical Knowledge

Holmes since childhood preformed medical surgeries on animals and got a medical degree. Police think that Jack the Ripper has to have medical knowledge since he removed the wombs from the women that was a very precise surgery.

5.) Proof in Holmes’s Diary

Holmes wrote descriptions training someone to carry out the murders so he could kidnap and murder women undetected.


The Columbine Massacre

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Since most of my blogs are about serial killers nowadays, i’m running out of serial killers to write about so now I’m going to write about Columbine and i’m going to stop writing about serial killers/mass murderers (maybe).

On April 20th, 1999, in Littleton, Colorado two teenagers named Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold massacred their peers in their high school. At 11:19 AM they started shooting outside of the school and moved towards the library. Shortly after 12 PM they shot themselves. Before the massacre, they put a bomb in a bag and left in the school. The students went outside to wait until the bomb would explode but it never did so Eric and Dylan started shooting the students outside and eventually went inside.


They took the lives of 13 students. 15 including themselves.

Top 5 Souvenirs Serial Killers Kept

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Today I will be writing about the different souvenirs that serial killers kept from the victims or the actual murder.

1.) Ivan Milat

Ivan Milat is an Australian serial killer that killed 7 people and buried them in a forest in New South Wales. When he was caught, police found tents, clothes, sleeping bags and equipment that he had stolen from his victims.


2.) Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy is a Seattle born serial killer of about three dozen women. He kept his victim’s heads on display and slept next to the headless corpses.


3.) John George Haigh

John killed a couple and melted them in an acid bath naming him,” The Acid Bath Killer”. He sold their possessions and kept their dog.


4.) Charles Albright

Texas serial killer has killed about 3 people and removed their eyeballs, the police thought he was a doctor because of the precise removal but he trained himself.


5.) Stanley Dean Baker

Stanley was a cannibal who confessed to the police that he was one when he was arrested for a traffic accident by showing the police several finger bones that he has collected from his victims.



Jack the Ripper: The Whitechapel Murderer

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Today I will be writing about Jack the Ripper, I am just going to write about serial killers that are interesting for a while, but my next post is a conspiracy theory linking Jack the Ripper and H.H Holmes together so stay tuned 🙂

In 1888 White chapel London, several women were found dead. The women were mutilated, and some of their organs were stolen. The ‘unknown’ victims are,  Emma Smith (April 3rd 1888), Martha Tabram (August 7th 1888), Rose Mylett (December 19th 1888), Alice Mckenzie ( July 9th 1889), The Pinchin Street Torso was found on September 10th 1889 (A torso of a woman was found, nobody knows who she might be since they did not have the certain things we have now to figure out the murderer), and Frances Coles was murdered on February 13th 1891. There was of course, the ‘Canonical Five’ who are the five main women who were found and police discovered the person murdering them was a serial killer.  The Canonical Five included, Mary Nichols ( August 31st 1888), Annie Chapman (September 8th 1888), Elizabeth Stride ( September 30th 1888), Catherine Eddowes (September 30th 1888), and finally, Mary Kelly (November 9th 1888).

There were several theories of who Jack the Ripper could be like, Frederick Deeming ( an Australian killer who actually may be him, but there is not enough evidence to actually prove that it is him), Jill the Ripper (There were several theories that a woman killed other women because she was jealous of other women and that she could not have babies), Lewis Carol and Prince Albert Victor ( Which were both proven false). But, to this day there has not been a positive identification on who he/she is.

There were numerous letters, thousands of letters written by people who claimed to be Jack the Ripper, but there were a certain few that made police know it was the actual murderer of those several women found. One of the most well-known letters sent by Jack the Ripper is titled ‘Dear Boss’, and he/she is basically taunting the police, saying how the laughs when he hears say that the police are on track and that they almost caught him. In the next letter titled, ‘From Hell’, he/she sends the police a kidney, from one of his/her victims and saying how they ate the other one and said he/she may send them the knife used to kill his victims. There is one letter where he tells the police which street he lives on, Prince William Street. There were other letters but these are the most important ones.

Everyone wanted to know who Jack the Ripper was, people still do want to know like I but, it’s not just possible since like I said we did not have the same technology as we did back then. Hopefully we get enough evidence to prove someone guilty and finally put Jack the Ripper’s numerous victims to rest.



Top 5 Serial Killer’s that Suffered from Mental Illness

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This week I will be writing about 5 serial killers that suffered from mental illness because i’m very interested in this subject.

  1. Ed Gein

Ed Gein was inspiration for horror movie characters like Leatherface and Norman Bates. He killed and mutilated many people. He was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and was sent to a mental hospital.

2. Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer killed about 17 people and was found guilty and spent his last years in prison until a fellow inmate killed him. He was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

3. David Gonzalez

David Gonzalez killed 9 people in 2009 and said he was inspired by Nightmare on Elm Street.  He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia but did not receive good care for it.

4. Albert Fish

Albert said he ate, murdered, raped hundreds of children. Only 3 victims have been found.  He does not necessarily have a mental but he has family that has issues and he was abused as a child and did not have a good father figure in his life. His childhood made him very unstable.

5. Richard Chase

Richard Chase, aka “The Vampire of Sacramento” killed 6 people and drank their blood. Before his first murder, he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and was put into a hospital for a year. When he was caught he was unable to plead insanity and he ended up killing himself in prison.


H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer

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Today I will be writing a long blog post on H.H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer.  He really is someone who really fascinates me and has a long story behind him and his murders.

Herbert Webster Mudgett was born in 1860 to an alcoholic father and a Methodist mother. He was bullied severely when he was young and was forced to touch a skeleton. He appeared very intelligent at a young age. Holmes often used to dissect and perform surgery on both dead and alive animals. In 1978, he married his first wife Clara Lovering and had his first child two years later. In 1884, he graduated University of Michigan Medical School and was involved in a scandal within it. He was accused of stealing bodies and mutilating them and collected the deceased insurance policies from the people. After he graduated, he moved to Chicago and work in pharmaceuticals and then married his second wife, Myrta Belknap and had a daughter, Lucy. Holmes later married his third wife, Georgiana Yoke. In 1893, around the time of the Chicago World’s Fair, he bought a property which he built into the “Murder Castle”. Many construction workers were hired to build this, but were fired if they knew something a little more than they should. There were stairwells that led to nowhere, body chutes that led to incinerators, doors that will be opened up to a brick wall. Bedrooms were soundproofed and had gas lines. He has torture chambers that he lured his victims into and would hang them, starve them, or asphyxiate them and put them down the chute and would dissect the bodies in the basement to sell the bones. There were numerous acid vaults. lime pits, and giant furnaces to dispose of the bodies. He then worked with Benjamin Pietzel to steal $10,000 from a life insurance company. In Texas, Holmes was arrested and an inmate Marion Hedgepeth joined in on the deal. When Holmes forgot to give Hedgepeth his share of the deal, Hedgepeth told the police about the business. Holmes then killed Pietzel and convinced Pietzel’s wife that he was still alive. He feared that Pietzels five children would tell on his so he kidnapped them and later killed them. He was on trial for insurance fraud, now the murder of Pieztel. He claimed to have murdered 27 people, then up to 200 but was proven to have killed half of the victims he claimed to have killed. He lost his case and was hung on May 7, 1896.


Top 5 Serial Killer’s Last Words

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Today I will be writing about serial killer’s last words and about them. Creds go to Sophie for giving me this idea.

  1. Ted Bundy

This serial killer confessed of killing 100 people but in reality killed at least 30. His last words were, “I’d like you to give my love to my friends and family”.

2. Aileen Wuornos

This killer of 7 men said, “I’d just like to say I’m sailing with the rock, and I’ll be back like Independence Day, with Jesus, June 6th. Like the movie, big mother ship and all. I’ll be back.”

3. Carl Panzram

This killer, rapist, arsonist and burglar killed about 22 people and raped over 1,000 men. He states,””Hurry up, you Hoosier bastard. I could kill ten men while you’re fooling around.”

4. Peter Kurten

He killed 9 to 60 adults and children, he drank one of the victim’s blood and raped and beat others. He said before he had his head cut off he said, “Tell me. After my head has been chopped off, will I still be able to hear, at least for a moment, the sound of my own blood gushing from the stump of my neck? That would be a pleasure to end all pleasures.”

5. James French

James French killed a motorist after he picked him up from hitch hiking then killed an inmate that was sharing a cell with him. He said before being put to death by electric chair, “Hey, fellas! How about this for a headline for tomorrow’s paper? ‘French Fries.'”

Dedicated to Sophie K.james-french-photo-u5


Top 5 Paranormal Phenomena

Hey Guys, I will be writing about strange paranormal phenomena, such as UFO’s or Area 51 (which is not paranormal but you never know what is happening there).

  1. Shadow People

Shadow people are apparently a spirit that has not been to the other side yet. This one person has seen one in their house and they see it all the time. Their family and their house guests has seen it around too.

2. The Taos Hum

In Taos, New Mexico, a low hum could be heard by 2 percent of the population. Some say it is a natural occurrence, some say it is something paranormal. No one could explain this sound or find the sound’s origin.

3. Bigfoot

This large 9 ft, 900 pound, hairy beast was reported first in 1811 near Jasper, Alberta Canada and a man named David Thompson found a footprint that was fourteen inches long. There was no evidence that concludes that Bigfoot actually exists, though.

4. Ghosts that leave noises on Audio Recordings

On shows like “Ghost Hunters”, they frequently have recordings of voices that supposedly came from ghosts. In reality, this phenomena is called pareidolia, which makes the brain recognize noises that aren’t even present.

5. The Wow! Signal

In 1977, SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) were scanning radio waves from space. After awhile, they started getting a signal that lasted 7 seconds. They got the word Wow! out of it. This signal came from seemingly nowhere and they can not trace it back to its origin.


Top 5 Serial Killer’s Last Meals

Hey Guys, today I will be writing about serial killer’s last meals, I find this subject kind of weird but also interesting.

  1. Ted Bundy 

This serial killer named Theodore (Ted) has killed 35 people and was sentenced to die by electric chair in January 24, 1989. His choice was steak, eggs, hash browns, toast with jam and butter, milk and orange juice.

2. Victor Feguer

Victor Feguer was hanged in 1963 for kidnapping and murdering someone. He was also the last person to be executed in Iowa. He asked for one olive with the pit in it, in hopes that an olive tree would grow in his dead body.

3. Velma Barfield 

Velma Barfield was a serial killer who killed six people and was executed in North Carolina in 1984. She died from lethal injection and she decided she wanted Cheez Doodles and a 12 ounce can of Coca-Cola.

4. Dobie Gillis Williams

This guy named Doris killed one person in 1999 and was put to death in Louisiana. He ate twelve candy bars and some ice cream. He said “I just want to say, I don’t have any hard feelings against anybody. God bless y’all. God bless.”

5. John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne was lethally injected for 33 charges of a rape and murder. He asked for 12 fried shrimp, a bucket of KFC chicken, french fries, and strawberries.


    Timothy McVeigh

This mass murderer named Timothy killed 168 people by making a car that explodes in Oklahoma. He asked for 2 pints of mint chocolate ice cream when he was sentenced for death.


Top 5 Haunted Objects

Hey Guys, this week I will be writing about haunted artifacts that will cause some bad things to happen to you if you are near it.

  1. The Dybbuk Box 

This box was put up on Ebay for auction in 2003. The owner said he had it for the purpose of storing wine when he bought it at a garage sale in Portland, Oregon. The person he bought it from was a 103 year old Jewish woman who always said there was an evil spirit in the box. The new owner said his mother had a stroke when he first brought it in the house, his sister was freaked out because the box would not close. He sold it at one point to receive it on his doorstep with a note that says “this has a bad darkness.”

2. Annabelle the Doll

The doll was purchased in 1970 from a hobby store and was terrorizing a pair of nursing students and then paranormal investigators helped them. Apparently there is a spirit of a young girl in the doll.

3. The Myrtle Plantation Mirror

This is the most haunted southern plantation. Sara Bradford Woodruff and her three children were poisoned and their spirits are in the mirror that resides in the house. Sometimes there is lots of scratches on the mirror that the owners can not explain. Sometimes there are hand prints.

4. Robert the Doll

A Bahamian servant gave this as a gift to a wealthy person who was sacrificed in a voodoo ritual. This doll is said to be possessed by demons.

5. The Eye of Bahama

A black diamond on a chain was stolen from a Hindu temple. Many women who owned it committed suicide and the new owner, Charles F. Winson split the crystal into three pieces to break the curse.


Top 5 Haunted Places in Washington

Hey Guys,

Today I will be writing about haunted places in Washington. Hope you enjoy..

1. Northern State Mental Hospital, Sedro-Woolley

2,000 people were killed at this mental hospital. Some were killed naturally some were killed from surgeries, lobotomies, etc. Some said they saw a man in wheelchair that mysteriously disappeared.

2. Meeker Mansion, Puyallup

Eliza and Ezra Miller were pioneers and they are supposedly haunting the place. Some people has seen Ezra’s ghost and smelled Eliza’s perfume.

3. Rucker Mansion, Everett 

The Rucker Family helped establish Everett, and gained their fortune from that and built this mansion. Mrs. Rucker is believed to haunt the home since she jumped from the balcony, and everyone said they heard her playing the piano.

4.  Tacoma Old City Hall

This old city hall was around for a long time. In 1974, Tacoma News Tribune reported that the police were called several times because of the alarms going off but no one was there. There has also been reports of lights flickering on and off but no one was found in the rooms or around the area.

5.  Campbell House, Spokane

Apparently in this house the 3 children that lived there in the early 1900’s were murdered and the fourth child was missing (This is kind of like the plot of Sinister, kind of) but the Campbell family only had one child who lived to adulthood. In this house apparently there was a report of the eyes of a person in a portrait were following them.


I might be able to go to Northern State Hospital during break so in my next blog, I will write about my experience.

Top 5 Scary Characters

Hey Guys, today I will be listing off some creepy creatures from horror movies.

  1. Samara (The Ring, 2002)

Samara is, was a little girl whose parents decided to drown her in a well. In the movie, people watch a tape and she comes to kill her victims through the TV, after seven days. The plot itself does not scare me but the way she looks scares me.


2. Boogeyman ( Sinister) 

This boogeyman is named Bughuul, a pagan Babylonian god who eats the souls of children. He’s super creepy to me.


3. Sam ( Trick ‘R Treat) 

This innocent looking little boy is actually originates from Samhain, the origins of Halloween. He basically is wearing orange pajamas and a burlap sack over his face. His presence in the movie is creepy itself.



4. Pennywise ( It)

Pennywise is a killer clown with razor sharp teeth. He targets little children every twenty-seven years.


5. Regan MacNeil ( The Exorcist) 

Regan gets possessed by Pazuzu, a demon. Her face creeps me out, and her movements freak me out.