Bye guys

See ya guys, I’m off to college now. Super excited to move on from high school and do some crazy cool things with my life.

This class was a decent time I had fun doing the blog and talking about Seattle. It was a good year and I wish all non-seniors good luck in high school and all seniors good luck with their futures! Crazy that these four years went by so fast and I gotta say I’m excited to blast off. Catch me at Bellingham studying kinesiology. Peace out.


The Seattle Boardwalk Rocks!

Hey guys!


Recently I got a Fitbit, which is a fancy watch that not only tells time, but also tells you the number of steps you have walked in a day, heart rate, how many miles traveled, how many active minutes you exercised for, and how many calories you have burned. You can also use the phone app to set “silent alarms” which when synced to the watch, go off and vibrate on your wrist until you wake up. The watch also tracks when you sleep and tracks the different cycles of sleep that you went through, which is super nifty. I have been enjoying using this watch and in order to reach my daily goal of 10,000 steps, I decided to go on a long walk!

I walked along the Seattle boardwalk, which stretches from downtown all the way to Ballard! This is a beautiful stretch of sidewalk which has a portion for bikers and another portion for walkers and runners. You can choose to travel as far as you would like to along the walk but the whole thing has amazing views of the Puget Sound and the ports. We set out on this walk during sunset time on a warm evening, which was wild, and very pleasant and along the way there were plenty of dogs to observe and plenty of other people exercising.

I highly recommend walking along here on a summer evening, it’s a gorgeous view and if you feel ambitious you can travel along the whole thing into Ballard! I also highly recommend investing in a Fitbit if you are looking to be more active.

See ya next week

Tulip Festival

Hey guys,


The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is one of the destination events for the Pacific Northwest, held during April and will sometime go into May. This festival celebrates the millions of tulips that are blooming. The tulips however, are not always predictable, and each year their blooming season varies. This festival also celebrates the beauty and agriculture of Skagit Valley. The festival depends on an abundance of volunteers to keep the office up and running and to host other festival activities and shops and whatnot. The festival is designed as a driving tour since there are many tulip fields that you can explore. The fields of tulips are scattered throughout the Skagit Valley as are the numerous events and activities going on during the festival season. The location of these fields vary from year to year depending to the constantly changing quality of soil. The fields are very popular destinations for photographers, who will often set out and take cool photos of the flowers. This festival has been going on for thirty four years now and they gladly welcome people from all across the United States and from all across the world to enjoy. Last year during the festival, people from all 50 states and 93 foreign countries attended the festival!

Although the festival ended last weekend, I highly recommend that you give it a go next year! When I went only one field was still open since it was later in the season but the weather was beautiful and I got some awesome photographs!

See ya next week.


Hey guys


I have been volunteering at Lifelong, an organization based in Seattle for a few months now. Lifelong’s mission is to produce meals and distribute them to the homes of people living with chronic illnesses. This organization was first formed during the time of the AIDS outbreak during the 1980’s and was originally called the Chicken Soup Brigade. The founder of Lifelong sympathized with those suffering from AIDS and was a part of the gay rights movement that occurred because of the blame being pinned on the gay community during this time.

My job is to prepare, package, and sort meals for the patients that we serve so that the delivery drivers can easily transport people’s care packages. I come in to the location on Lucile St. which is located in the Sodo area of Seattle once a week. On an average day I will chop vegetables and meats, mix together ingredients, transfer cooked foods into packages, and prepare them to be delivered. We prepare all of the meals in a small kitchen and use high quality ingredients and whole foods and also accommodate to all sorts of different diets that each patient can choose (vegetarian, non-spicy, soft foods, dairy-free, etc.). Once a week our delivery drivers will go on various routes to deliver each patient a week’s worth of home cooked meals and other items like fruits, veggies, peanut butter, pasta, etc. so that the patient can have some variety.

Lifelong has its main location where all the food is prepared, which is where I volunteer at, and they also have a thrift shop and a market where people in need can come and pick up free groceries. It’s a really cool place to volunteer!

See ya next week

Seattle Great Wheel

Hey guys,


I went to ride the ferris wheel on the Seattle boardwalk this weekend. I have only ridden it once before but it was during the day and I was curious what it looked like with all the downtown lights on. I went on it around 10 o’clock at night and tickets were $14 for an adult which is very pricey. This ferris wheel is pretty big and in 2012 when it was first built, it was the tallest ferris wheel on the west coast. Pretty impressive stuff. When I was there it was a very short line but even then it took a good chunk of time to load everybody in the gondolas so I would not recommend coming here during a busy part of the day. After loading everybody on the ride finally started and I was honestly disappointed. The wheel only went in three or four full revolutions which went by really quickly and was not worth the price of the ticket or the time it took to load everybody on the gondolas. Once it got going though, the view was really pretty. One direction was of the Puget Sound which was sparkling this night and was really pretty and you could watch ferries and other ships cruise on by as you were on the wheel. The other direction was of the downtown and was really cool because of all the skyscrapers and bright lights on. You could even see the Space Needle if you looked out of the side window which was cool. Honestly I think this rise was not worth the money but if you are with somebody who is willing to pay then give it a whirl!

See ya next week.


Hey guys,

Usually I write my blog posts about Seattle attractions but to mix it up I wanted to write about my recent trip to Portland, Oregon.


The drive from Seattle to Portland is about two and a half hours if you are able to dodge the traffic like I was and closer to three or three and a half hours depending on the amount of congestion you run into. I needed to hit the road soon after parking in Portland because I was road tripping further down south to Seaside, Oregon. My first stop was heading to Stumptown Coffee which I do not know a whole lot about but I see the name a lot throughout Seattle and I think the original location is the one I went to. They are a coffee shop based in Portland and have loads of tasty drinks and pastries. After getting a drink in the cafe I head on over to some suburb in Portland that I heard has amazing breakfast and lunch food. The neighborhood was sunny and all the houses were cute and small and had luscious gardens and I have decided I want to live here sometime in the future. The cafe we went to was really cool and I ordered chocolate milk, a BLT, and a slice of chocolate cake. Very satisfying. After spending some time here I really want to go back for a day trip and be able to explore some more of the downtown and neighborhoods outside the main downtown. You all should spend some time in this neat city!

See ya later

Mamma Mia!

Hey guys,


This is the ceiling of the Paramount.

Wednesday night I went to see the show Mamma Mia at the Paramount Theatre. The theater is located on Pine Street and is a really pretty venue. Seattle’s Paramount Theatre has enjoyed a long and storied history, beginning with its grand opening as the Seattle Theatre in March of 1928. Residents and visitors alike have been entertained at the magnificent theatre and millions have delighted in the theatre’s architectural majesty, viewed countless films, and enjoyed thousands of performers from all corners of the globe.The Paramount is a thriving landmark theatre. ┬áThere is a huge assortment of performances including dance, jazz, live concerts, speakers, comedy, special events, and family shows. I saw Mamma Mia here with my sister and it was awesome. I’m not normally super into musicals but this one is hilarious. I am a big fan of the movie and was hoping that they would do it justice. They did. The cast was perfect and all really good at singing. The costumes were super well done as well. My sister had gone to Mamma Mia in Broadway and said that the show at the Paramount was equally as good as the Broadway version! The cast is performing this play until April 2nd so I highly recommend that you guys check it out before it is too late. It is hilarious and even if you do not like musicals you will for sure have a good time.

See you guys next week!

Showbox Presents!

Hey guys,


Showbox is a cool music venue located near Pike Place market. The address is 1426 1st Avenue Seattle, WA 98101 in case you are interested going. A lot of big as well as smaller artists play at this venue. Showbox has been open for over seventy five years. This entertainment hot spot is on the smaller side and has beautiful art displays throughout. There is a nice bar area on the upper region of the floor and then the general admission dance floor section. This venue has played all sorts of music genres starting from the Jazz Age to the Grunge Era and to now. Popular artists like Prince, Pearl Jam, Mackelmore, and the Ramones have all performed at Showbox. Last week I saw the artist “Big Wild” play here and I am seeing another group perform tonight. Pike Place is not the only Showbox location, there is another one located in Showbox Sodo which is south of downtown. This venue was added in 2007 and once was a warehouse and was converted into a cool concert venue! Loads of artists have played in this venue with beautiful wood-beam and brick architecture and amazing production capabilities. Artists like Kid Rock, The Hives, Dropkick Murphys and many more have played here. I highly recommend keeping up to date with the schedules of these two venues because both are really fun! I would keep in mind however that Showbox Sodo gets really hot so make sure you bring water money so you do not overheat. See ya next week.

Seattle Traffic



Traffic in Washington state seems to be getting worse and worse everyday. Issaquah used to be a humble town with a low population…but now look at it. The city of bumper to bumper traffic on every road during what seems like most every hour of the day. Seattle too is a nightmare to drive in, and always has been but now is worse than ever! Rush hour heading out of Seattle used to start around 5 but now it’s starting at 3 or even earlier. It is absolutely absurd how overpopulated the city has become. Hoards of Amazon and Microsoft employees will be driving home at various times throughout the day and it seems like none of these young workers adhere to similar schedules, making downtown traffic consistently bad. Fifth Avenue is certainly a hot spot for evening rush hour traffic because major office buildings and Westlake shopping center are on that street but nowadays every street is backed up. Just today actually, attempting to leave Seattle on second Avenue, I made it about 2 blocks every 5 minutes. Absolute chaos. The rush hour heading towards Seattle in the morning has gotten earlier and earlier as well, and lasts longer. It seems like it is rush hour the majority of the day now, which is scary and a somewhat recent development. My severe condolences go out to those who drive into Seattle for work and head back to Issaquah every day. It is a horrendous and dangerous commute. We need to fix the Washington traffic epidemic!!!


The Alaskan Way Viaduct (nicknamed Bertha for short). ┬áThe original viaduct which is an elevated section of Route 99 in Seattle, Washington. This fragile viaduct was build in the 1950’s and after years and years of wear and tear since people utilize it as a more direct means of traveling within the city, it has become more delicate and needs to be fixed. The amount of cars traveling on it on the daily has taken a toll on the viaduct and especially since “the big one” earthquake is thought to happen in the near future, its vulnerability makes it especially important to prioritize this project. Since public safety was at risk the city decided to come up with an alternative.


This alternate project is called “Bertha” and is being led by the Washington State Department of Transportation, King County, the City of Seattle and the Port of Seattle according to the official department of transportation. Bertha is currently in construction and is going to be an underground tunnel running through the city. This project involves a two-mile long tunnel beneath the city, a stretch of new highway that connects to the south entrance of the tunnel to the stadiums like Century Link and Safeco, a new overpass at the south end of downtown that allows traffic to bypass train blockages near the busiest port terminal in the city, and a new Alaskan Way surface street along the waterfront that connects SR 99 to downtown.

This new project is intended to alleviate traffic and increase the safety of Seattle citizens and is projected to be open to the public to drive in early 2019.

See ya next week!

Kiki Ramen

Hey guys!


A new ramen restaurant called “Kiki Ramen” just opened this Wednesday. This small ramen bar is located on 7th avenue in South Lake Union area. Josh Henderson opened the restaurant right next to his small burger joint and is a very prolific chef in the Seattle area. As a huge ramen and soup fan, I made sure to try out this restaurant on opening day.

The restaurant itself is very small and is more or less just a bar, with a couple of tables and stools set up. It is not able to seat many people but it is very good looking on the inside, with nice lighting and modern decor. It is also a very casual restaurant, you order at the counter, take a number, and they bring out your food. Bowls of ramen here run for about $10-12, and are a decently hefty portion. I got the miso ramen and the broth was absurdly good and the noodles were plentiful. Ten out of ten. They also have Jones soda which is respectable and have loads of appetizers which were overpriced but sounded good.

The service was a bit wacky, but considering it was the first night of being opened I was pretty impressed. Employees were very nice and offered free soda refills which is a plus. I would highly recommend this restaurant to everybody who can enjoy a quality bowl of soup. It is on the pricier side but is still reasonable and much better than the ramen restaurant in Issaquah.

See ya next week.

Bainbridge Island 2.0


Hey everyone!

I went to Bainbridge Island this weekend as a pleasant Valentine’s Day date. We drove to the ferry docking station but got lost on our way and missed the ferry we were suppose to go on. If you plan on going to the island I suggest you give yourself plenty of time to get to the station, especially if you suck at navigating like me. We made it to the ferry after that one though. It was really easy to get my car loaded onto the ferry! We drove through a ticket booth, which cost $14.60 for me and my car. Once boarded, you are able to step off your car and onto the deck so of course went to the very top outside, and looked at the city get smaller and smaller as we set sail.

After being on the ferry for about half a hour or so, we had to get back into the car, and when the ferry docked we could drive off the boat and just like that, we were on Bainbridge Island! Right off the bat we entered the downtown Winslow area which was full of restaurants, bars, cute shops, an art museum, movie theater, and loads of other fun things to do. If you do not bring a car to the island all is well, because there was plenty to do within walking distance of the unloading area, but we wanted to explore the entire island so we made sure to bring our vehicle.

After staying on the island for several hours we decided to sail back, which was just as easy of a process as it was heading to the island.

See ya next week, tune in to hear about some interesting things to do on Bainbridge Island!

Bainbridge Island Part 1

Hey guys.


Bainbridge Island is a city off the coast of the Puget Sound in Seattle. To get to this island you have to take a ferry from downtown Seattle and boat about 35 minutes to the island. Once you get there you can find plenty to do for the day, or you can even stay the night at many of the air bnbs and hotels there. The population of this island is 23,025 which is in a similar range to Issaquah’s population. CNN magazine rated Bainbridge Island as the second best place to live in the United States, so clearly it is a very nice place.

Once you land on the island, you come to Winslow which is the downtown part of the island. Here there are loads of restaurants, such as a very nice American pub. There is also a very well known crepe shop and ice cream parlor that are famous for being delicious. Throughout the islands there are loads of different parks and trails that you can explore. There even is a historic Bainbridge Island art museum which dives into some of its history.

Bloedel Reserve is a neat spot. It is a beautiful nature reserve that has lots of plant life, Bainbridge Island has a historical reputation of being a gardening land. Japanese rooted plants are flourishing here. From this area located in the north portion of this island are loads of different hikes.

Fort ward is the highest point of the island and is home to an abandoned fort which is very creepy but when I visit this weekend I’m going to check it out.

See ya next week

Dahlia Bakery

Hey guys,


Dahlia Bakery is a small attachment to Tom Douglas’ famous restaurant Dahlia Lounge. Both the restaurant and the bakery are located on 4th and Virginia. Home to the world famous Triple Coconut Cream Pie, the bakery has a huge assortment of other delicious baked goods. There are just three local chefs who work hard to create the good offered at this hole-in-the-wall Seattle hot spot. The menu consists of a huge assortment of breakfast sandwiches, donuts, soups, pastries, pies, and cakes. There is truly something for everyone here, they even offer a couple of vegan options so everybody can eat something to their liking here. They also have an impressive array of bread loaves here, all of which are baked in this small spot. This bakery is a famous yet humble shop with very friendly and efficient staff and pleasing decoration. It is extremely small so on a busy day it may feel cramped and there is no place to sit inside. Still worth it. I went and tried the brownie bites which were absurd. I never thought something as simple as a miniature brownie that you can just pop in your mouth could be so decadent. The baked goods are pricey, which makes sense because they are very quality and made in small batches but even then I would recommend taking a hot date or somebody else who would be willing to pay for you. If that is not an option however, it is well worth shelling out pennies on. \

Come here: 2001 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

See ya next week!