Divisional Round!

Only seven games remain in this NFL season, and the Super Bowl is approaching fast. Here are the four Divisional round matchups this week-

Falcons @ Eagles Saturday 1:35PM

The Falcons coming off an upset over the Rams, are looking to do it again, but this time in the snowy grass in Philly. The Eagles are without Carson Wentz at qb and their offense has stuttered without him. This will be a challenge for both sides if they want to make it to the NFC championship game next sunday

Saints @ Vikings Sunday 1:40PM

Both teams are on hot streaks and are looking like two of the best teams in the confrence. The Vikings have exploded behind Case Keenum and their defense is one of the best in the league. The Saints are led by Drew Brees and their fiery offense. This game will most likely produce the NFC super bowl candidate but at this point who can tell.

Titans @ Patriots Saturday 5:15PM

The Titans coming off a huge comeback win in Kansas City look to continue their upset streak against Tom Brady and the Patriots, even though an upset like this in Foxborough seems impossible, just remember the Titans just did the impossible a week ago.

Jaguars @ Steelers Sunday 10:05AM

A rematch of a week five beatdown which was won 30-9 by the Jags and their stout defense. Big Ben and the Steelers look to take revenge and book their spot in the AFC title game next week.

Other News

-The Bears made multiple moves this week, hiring former Kansas City OC Matt Nagy to be their Head Coach, and former Oregon Head Coach Mark Helfrich to be their offensive coordinator.

-The Raiders made Jon Gruden the highest paid coach in the leage with a staggering 10-year 100 MILLION dollar contract. Hopefully he can return the team to the big game in the coming years.

-The Seahawks have two vacancies to fill now after firing their OC Darrell Beville and Offensive line coach Tom Cable. The Seahawks have already interviewed a few coaches but no decisions made yet so far.

Check back here next week for the Confrence Championships!

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Wildcard Week

Welcome back!

Only ELEVEN more games until another NFL season is in the books. this week we have four wildcard games that should be fun to watch


Match up 1-

Titans @ Chiefs Saturday 1:35PM

the Titans have not had a playoff win in 15 years. however for the Chiefs, the playoffs have almost become a routine procedure, but not winning much in them. Depending on the other playoff game in the AFC whoever wins will either face the Patriots or Steelers
Match up 2-

Bills @ Jaguars Sunday 10:05AM

Both teams have waited ten or more years for another shot in the playoffs. The Jaguars have gone through the season with a top defense and they look to shut down the Bills on their home turf. The real question is, can their defense stop the Patriots or the Steelers in the next rounds?


Match up 1-

Falcons @ Rams Saturday 5:15PM

The Falcons are looking to return to the big game after the famous upset last year. They need to go through Todd Gurley though, who has been tearing up the league. They will not have home-field advantage at all and that could mean the end of them later on.

Match up 2-

Panthers @ Saints Sunday 1:40PM

A rematch of week 13 for these divisional rivals in N.O. The Panthers are not consistent but have been underestimated this year, but who knows if their defense can stop Drew Brees? and can their highly inconsistent offense break through the New Orleans defense? the Saints might make it out alive

In the NFC, the lowest seed will travel to play Philly at home. the highest remaining will go to Minnesota to play in the stadium that will eventually host the Big Game. However, the AFC’s lowest remaining seed will go to New England to play the Patriots, and the highest will play in Pittsburgh against the Steelers.Image result for nfl playoffs

2 Weeks until the playoffs!

This is the playoff picture heading into week 16!


  1. Eagles 12-2 (clinched NFC East+first round bye)
  2. Vikings 11-3 (clinched NFC North)
  3. Rams 10-4 (very likely to keep spot)
  4. Saints 10-4 (very likely to have playoff berth, could be division or wildcard)
  5. Panthers 10-4 (very likely to have playoff berth, could be division or wildcard)
  6. Falcons 9-5 (likely to have playoff berth, also most likely team to lose its spot)     In the hunt-
  7. Lions 8-6 (need to win out and have Falcons lose last two games)
  8.  Seahawks 8-6 (need to win out and have Falcons lose one game)
  9. Cowboys 8-6 (need to win out and have Falcons lose last two games

-The NFC is still tightly contested with two teams already clinched and four spots up for grabs. The Falcons do have two very tough opponents in the final two weeks of the season (Saints & Panthers) which if they are to lose both of them, the Lions, Seahawks or even the Cowboys could claim that spot. The game between the Seahawks and Cowboys this week will determine who is most likely to get that spot if the Lions are to lose one of their final two games.


  1. Patriots 11-3 (clinched AFC East, high chance of homefield adv.+bye)
  2. Steelers 11-3 (clinched AFC North, high chance of bye, low chance of hf adv.)
  3. Jaguars 10-4 (clinched AFC South, low chance of bye or adv.)
  4. Chiefs 8-6 (likely chance of clinching, need a win and Charger loss to clinch)
  5. Titans 8-6 (likely chance of clinching wildcard, need Charger loss to clinch)
  6. Bills 8-6 (likely chance of clinching wildcard, need Charger loss to clinch)

-The AFC is more closed up because there are only three spots open at the moment. The Chargers are the single factor in the AFC, if they lose, the playoff race closes up because they are out, and the other teams are all in. Seeing the Jaguars in the playoffs will be crazy.

Check here after winter break for more updates!

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Week 15

The playoffs are just three weeks away! With two weeks left in the season here is the current playoff picture-


1 seed- Eagles(11-2)(clinched NFC east)

2 seed- Vikings(10-3)

3 seed- Rams(9-4)

4 seed- Saints(9-4)

5 seed- Panthers(9-4)

6 seed- Falcons(8-5)

Teams in the playoff hunt(NFC)

Seahawks(8-5), Lions(7-6), Packers(7-6), Cowboys(7-6)


1 seed- Steelers(11-2)clinched AFC north)

2 seed- Patriots(10-3)

3 seed- Jaguars(9-4)

4 seed- Chiefs(7-6)

5 seed- Titans(8-5)

6 seed- Bills(7-6)

Teams in the playoff hunt(AFC)

Ravens(7-6), Chargers(7-6), Raiders(6-7)

Playoff Highlights:

-The NFC is emerging as the dominant conference this season and many of their divisional races are over except for the NFC west which will be decided by a game between the Rams and the Seahawks later in the season

-The AFC west is also a highlighted division because it can have three teams all win it. The Chargers, Raiders, and Chiefs all are within one game of each other and can win it on a weeks notice.

-The Jaguars have a chance to make history and end their 10 year playoff drought with a win this week, which can clinch them their division, or a playoff spot in general. This year they have shown they can compete with anyone including dominant wins over the Steelers and Seahawks.

-Like the AFC west, the NFC south also has three teams within one game of each other, except in this division the third placed team is better than the best team in the AFC west. The Falcons, Panthers and Saints are all performing amazingly this year and have a big chance at the playoffs. The Falcons are looking to avenge last years super bowl comeback with a return to the big stage.

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Week 14!

Little late with the post for week 13 but here are the game previews (and one review)

Falcons 20 Saints 17 FINAL Thursday

The NFC south could easily be the best division in the NFL at the moment. With two teams in playoff spots,  and one team a game behind, this divisional race is heating up. Especially when the one, two and three seeds in the division are within a game of each other.

Vikings @ Panthers 10:00AM Sunday

Both teams come into this leading their respective divisions and one team with a highly contested one, the other able to clinch theirs soon. The Vikings can clinch the NFC north with a win and a shot at the first round bye. The Panthers however are barely in the lead, and because the Falcons beat the Saints if they lose, they will be second to them.

Seahawks @ Jaguars 1:25PM Sunday

This will be a matchup of two of the NFL’s highest rated defenses. The Seahawks are in second place in the NFC west currently, and can move towards first with a win over the Jags. The Jaguars are tied with the Titans and can keep that tie with a home victory over the Seahawks. As of now, both of these teams are playoff bound.

Eagles @ Rams 1:25PM Sunday

The Eagles have began to loosen up, with one win against a team over .500 they have shown laziness last week with a big loss to the Seahawks. If the Eagles are for real they must show it this week in a crucial game. The Rams are barely in the lead of the NFC west and they need every victory they can get. A loss here would hurt their playoff chances.

Around the league

-Saints QB Drew Brees blasts the NFL because players that play on Thursday have a disadvantage because of the little rest they get. “Thursday games are absolutely unfair” says Brees, who lost 20-17 against the Falcons on Thursday

-Hated NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has signed a new 5-year contract. On Wednesday the NFL and Roger signed a deal where he would accumulate $40 million per year over the next five years. There are incentives that could total to more than $45 million

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Week 13

The playoffs are a month away, and this week has a few crucial match ups that can change around the playoff mix

Patriots @ Bills 10:00AM Sunday

The Patriots have a controlling lead in the AFC east over the Bills, who are in the wildcard hunt. The Bills made an abysmal decision benching Tyrod Taylor last week and it came to haunt them. This week he will start as the Bills are currently in a wildcard spot. The Bills control their destiny right now, but a loss could throw them completely out of the mix.

Lions @ Ravens 10:00AM Sunday

Both teams have a 6-5 record and are second in their respective divisions. The Lions remain one game behind the Seahawks who sit in the wildcard spot. The Lions need help to gain a spot as well as continuing to win out. The Ravens sit behind the Bills in a wildcard spot and with the Bills in a tough game against the Patriots, a win is Ideal for the Ravens and would put them in the wildcard spot.

Panthers @ Saints 1:25PM Sunday

This should be a fun game to watch, with both teams tied for the division lead at 8-3 this game will be crucial to the playoff race. Whoever loses this matchup will remain in the wildcard spot while the winner takes control of the NFC south.

Eagles @ Seahawks

The Eagles are one win from a playoff spot already, and are very close to clinching. The Seahawks come from an opposite way, they are sitting second in their division behind the Rams and need a win to get in control of the division. Only one team has won in Seattle this season, also from the NFC east, the Eagles hope they can do the same and cement a playoff spot early on.

Around the League

-The NFL is offering $89 million to give a group of about 40 players to end the anthem protests. The NFL has openly allowed its players to protest, which it should, and is now trying to stop the protests, hoping to gain back a little lost viewership.

-Former Patriots back-up quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will finally make his 49er debut against the Chicago Bears, with two losing teams out of the playoff races, this is Jimmy’s chance to prove if he is the solution to Shanahan’s terrible season.Image result for garoppolo

Check around here week 14 for more previews and updates!

Week 12!

We are closing in on the home stretch for this years NFL season! with 6 more weeks in the season many divisions are still wide open.

Best match-ups this week-

Vikings @ Lions Thursday 9:30AM

The NFC north is still up for grabs, and these two teams look to be on top of it. Both teams on winning streaks of three games or more. The Vikings are looking to cement their grab on the division already up two games. A win for the Vikings, and they can possibly clinch the division in three weeks. A win for the Lions means they are now a game behind them, and one slip up from the Vikings and the division could be theirs

Buccaneers @ Falcons Sunday 10:00AM

The Falcons, coming off a major road win against the Seahawks, are looking to extend their wining steak to three and try to close the gap on the NFC south with the Saints leading it at 8-2. The Buccaneers need to start winning if they want a wildcard spot.

Jaguars @ Cardinals Sunday 1:25PM

The suprise team of the year, the Jaguars are looking to continue their defensive hot streak. Coming off a 4-game wins streak, they look to keep their lead on the AFC south and try to gain a playoff spot which has eluded them for over 5 years. The Cardinals in a competitive NFC west need to start winning here, and continue to do so if they want a playoff.

Saints @ Rams Sunday 1:25PM

Probably the game of the week in my opinion, with both teams performing exceptionally and controlling their divisions, this is surely worth it to watch. The Saints started 0-2 and are on an 8 game win streak and looking to continue that against the NFC west leading Rams. Both teams with hot offenses and shut-down defenses, this will be a fun ride for anyone.

Around the League

-The Chiefs sign pro-bowl corner back Darrelle Revis. He was a free agent for nine months before talk of retirement, and there was talk of him joining the Seahawks because of their injuries in the secondary

-President Donald Trump calls for the NFL to suspend Raiders Running Back Marshawn Lynch because he did not stand for the national anthem, but stood for Mexico’s anthem during their game in Mexico City. Family members of Lynch have responded to Trump, and with the current state of our country, many fans including me understand his actions and think they are justified.

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Be back here for week 13 where more football awaits!

Week 11

Week 11 will be a crucial week in terms of the playoffs. This week has many good games that can decide the playoff race and division winners early on.

Matchup 1- Steelers 40 Titans 17 FINAL Thursday

The Steelers extended their lead in the AFC north with a huge win against Tennessee. They are now at 8-2 and have a four game lead on the Ravens. The Steelers can clinch their division next week if they win next week, and the Ravens lose their next two games

Matchup 2- Falcons @ Seahawks 5:30 Monday

The Falcons at 5-4 are third place in a thriving NFC South division. With two 7-win teams ahead of them, their hopes turn to the wildcard. They face the 6-3 Seahawks, who are looking to take back the NFC West from the LA Rams. This is a crucial game for the Falcons if they want their wildcard hopes to turn up.

Matchup 3-  Rams @ Vikings 10:00 Sunday

Two division winners on hot streaks going into a game, this is sure to be a good one. The Rams have a slight divisional lead and are looking to extend it with a win over the Vikings. The Vikings however, have a 2.5 game lead on the NFC North and are not far from clinching it early. No matter the stakes, this game is worth watching.

Matchup 4- Eagles @ Cowboys 5:25 Sunday

The Eagles are the closest team to clinching their division, and they can do it next week. With a win over the struggling Cowboys, a win next week will clinch them the NFC East. The Cowboys are looking to prove without Ezikeil Elliot, but have not manage to do that yet.

Other News-

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will be needing to get his jaw re-aligned after a big hit during their 22-16 win against the Arizona Cardinals. He may need surgery but there is a good chance he will start Monday against the Falcons

The NFL is attempting to remove Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones for “Damaging the League” NFL reported that he violated multiple by-laws of the league and the Cowboys organization. The NFL also wanted to punish him for his actions he took towards players during the anthem protests. The NFL has not made an actions yet.

Next year there is already one guarenteed game that will be played in Mexico City, in the Estadio Azteca. The New England Patriots will face the Oakland Raiders in the Azteca. No date has been determined yet, but it is sure to be an exciting one. The average ticket prices are just about 95$(US). and in the USA the average ticket prices are around 172$(US) for the league and can range from 380$(Patriots) to 86$(Bengals).

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Week 10 Updates!

Week 10 is here! and there are some exciting games his week that are surely worth watching! Here we will review 4 important games this week, and other exciting news

Thursday 11/9 5:25PT Seahawks @ Cardinals

The 5-3 Seahawks look to take the lead in the NFC west coming off a home loss to the Washington Redskins. Without Carson Palmer, the Cardinals will turn to Adrian Peterson to pick up the major workload of the offense, which makes the Seahawks look like favorites, but in a rivalry game anything can happen.

Sunday 11/11 10:00PT Packers @ Bears

The Green Bay Packers without Aaron Rodgers are not looking good, even with the offensive weapons they still posses. The Chicago Bears have been going up ever since starting Mitchell Trubisky, and they are starting to turn the season around. This is THE rivalry game to watch in the NFL, and if the Packers want any sort of playoff chance, this is the game to win.

Sunday 11/11 10:00PT Saints @ Bills

Both teams are in the playoff picture and have chances to clinch their divisions late in the season. The Saints are leading the NFC South and can add a win to try and extend the lead with a win. The Bills are one game behind the Patriots and they can tie them for the lead if the Patriots lose this week. This game could become crucial if the wildcard spots are decided by a game or less.

Sunday 11/11 1:05PT Cowboys @ Falcons

The Cowboys are going into Atlanta to face a very good falcons team. With both teams at/above .500, this game will surely entertain viewers. Two good offenses going against each other could pose for a shootout.

Other News around the NFL-

The New England Patriots claim former Bears and Packers TE Martellus Bennet off waivers. Bennett, 30 will return to the team where he won a title a year ago, hoping to win another before his planned retirement, which is after this season.

Ezekiel Elliot will not play for the next six games as the Dallas Cowboys running back is suspended due to actions over the off season. His absence will prompt veteran running back Darren McFadden to start for the Cowboys until week 16, where he will be eligible to play against the Seattle Seahawks.

A.J. Green will not appeal his 42k fine for his fight with Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey. In week 9, Ramsey was seen to push Green during a run play, which prompted Green to put him in a headlock, and throw punches. The NFL said it would not suspend players for the incident, but only fine them. Green was fined 42,000$, Ramsey was chastised by the Jaguars executive VP and former NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin, and it was unknown if Ramsey was fined for the incident.

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The Regular Season is Halfway Over!

The 2017-2018 NFL season is halfway over! With the playoffs beginning to come into the picture we start to see which teams have a shot, and which teams do not. As expected, the New England Patriots lead the NFC East (6-2) with the Buffalo Bills in hot pursuit(5-3). The Patriots and Bills still have two games against each other, and those could determine who has a first round bye, and who has the wildcard. The AFC West is led by the Kansas City Chiefs (6-2), who have a 3-game lead on the second place Denver Broncos (3-4). The Chiefs can clinch their division in three weeks, if the Broncos and Raiders both lose three straight games. The AFC North is headed by the Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2), who are two games in front of the Baltimore Ravens (4-4). Because the Steelers beat the Ravens in week 2, they already have an advantage against them. The AFC South is led by the Tennessee Titans (4-3). They are ahead of the surprising 4-3 Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville has not made the playoffs in 11 years, and are looking to break that streak.

Now we move to the NFC, where the NFL-best 7-1 Philadelphia Eagles lead the NFC East. They currently have a winning streak of 6, and they have not made the playoffs since 2013, the earliest they can clinch the division is in three weeks. The NFC West is led by our 5-2 Seahawks! They are on a current winning streak of 4, and look to continue it next week against the Redskins. Second place in that division are the 5-2 LA Rams, who are behind the Seahawks because of the head to head tiebreaker. The NFC North has the 6-2 Minnesota Vikings, on a win streak of 4 games. The Green Bay Packers are 4-3 in second, but are forecast to drop after the terrible injury to Aaron Rodgers. The final division, the NFC South is led by the 5-3 New Orleans Saints, with the 5-3 Carolina Panthers sitting in second. The Panthers play the Saints again later in the season, and can steal that number one spot if they keep winning.

The trade deadline for the league was October 31st, which was Tuesday. There were many noticeable, beneficial, and just god awful trades. The Duane Brown trade was beneficial for both the Seahawks and the Texans. The Seahawks received an offensive lineman, who can help their below-average blocking statistics. The Texans received a 2018 third round draft pick as well as a second rounder from 2019. The Texans also gave away a 2018 5th rounder to balance the trade out. The win less San Francisco finally obtained a quarterback by way of Jimmy Garappolo. Garappolo started games last season for New England because of Tom Brady’s suspension, and performed extraordinarily. The Patriots were not eager to give him up however, because of their plans that he will start once Brady retires. The 49ers had to give the Patriots a second round draft pick for the quarterback who should be starting against the Cardinals. One last noticeable trade was Jay Ajayi to the Eagles. With LeGarrate Blount at age 31, and becoming less reliant, the Eagles gave a fourth round pick for the 23-year-old pro-bowler from Miami. In my opinion, this trade was terrible for Miami, and a complete steal for Philly. The Eagles, already 7-1 now can rely a lot more on their running game, if they are to go past the regular season, with a roster as stacked as theirs, at the moment they look like the NFC favorites.

With the season halfway over, there are many surprises in the NFL standings this year. As the season rolls on we can see which teams manage to flop out, and which teams have a chance to book their tickets to Minnesota.

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