The “Penalty” Box… Or maybe not

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Today we will talk about the most hated and most wanted to be avoided cars in the country of America. The subcompact economy series. The weirdest thing about this series is that it tends to be highly expensive at rental car companies compared to some other bigger cars, mainly for its high gas mileage and easy to use interiors. Most sales are through rental car companies as most consumers would rather spend the same amount of money for a compact car or a 3 year old BMW 3 series sedan. As a car enthusiast myself, I am not the biggest fan of the segment, although I really have a soft spot for a couple of these entries.

The party consists of entries from most regular brands. The list goes Chevrolet Sonic, Ford Fiesta, Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio, Mini Cooper, Nissan Versa, Toyota Yaris and iA, Volkswagen Beetle. Since there are so many I will list my top three.

Third place goes to the Toyota Yaris iA. It is pretty much a rebadged Mazda 2, a subcompact car in other parts of the World. The regular Yaris is a totally different car, and it did not make this list because of how unrefined and how expensive the car is for the money. The Yaris iA was a pleasant surprise to the American market, even though it only makes 106 horsepower, it tends to have sporty characteristics and a very upscale interior for a subcompact car with navigation as an option. It also has low speed pre collision system which will stop the car for you. This car has very good value.

The Ford Fiesta takes second place, although practicality and reliability are both concerns, it has the most luxurious interior in the class and has a good amount of engine choices. It also drives very well, with a lot of personality as well as having a very high fuel economy when you opt for the 3 cylinder model. When it comes to features, it has creature comforts like heated seats, Sony speakers, smart key access and many more.

The Honda Fit wins my ratings and mainly because of how consistent it has been. The magic seats are the biggest plus about the car, and I really enjoyed the new sport model they added this year. The Honda Fit also has pretty good power out of its 1.8 liter four cylinder.

These are the subcompact vehicles and I hope you all have a great week before mid winter break!

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The Microcar… (or city car)

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Today I wanted to talk about a very unique segment in the automotive world, the microcar segment. This segment has some of the most quirkiest and interesting cars in the United States.

All over the world, the micro car is incredibly popular. Since gas prices are atrociously expensive in foreign countries, having a tiny car really helps to save money. In fact in Japan, they have a class called a kei car, which has a 0.6 liter engine with around 50 horsepower, which is the definition of weak. Besides the point, city cars in the States grew in popularity when the Smart Fortwo debuted back in 2009. All of these have around 100 or less horsepowerAfter these years, the American automobile world has seen plenty of these.

These are the micro cars available as of now in the States. The Chevrolet Spark, Fiat 500, Mitsubishi Mirage, Mitsubishi i, Smart ForTwo and thats about it. The surprising part is how all of these passed government tests and are available in the United States.

If there is one car I would not recommend, its the Mitsubishi Mirage. It is actually an old nameplate dating back to around 2003 when it was a decent compact car. Ressurected as a city car, and its one of the worst cars to buy in America. Mitsubishi just did not really spend time on fine details and had a measly 1.2 liter three cylinder engine with 78 horsepower. This combo with a sluggish CVT or 5 speed manual makes this car feel anemic and antequated after 5 minutes of driving. The only good thing about this car is it came with automatic climate control, other than that avoid this expensive car.

The Mitsubishi i has a weird proposition, its just an electric car imported from Japan. While there is not much performance data in America, what I can tell you is the styling is very quirky and its interior does not really suit up to American tastes. Seats are very tiny, controls are small and just does not really fit here.

The ForTwo will always be known as the reason why the microcar class came back, but that does not mean its a great car. It has one of the worst transmissions in all of time, a 5 speed sequential manual, which has clunkly and crude shifting. Its fun to drive though.

The Sparks a korean car dressed up as a Chevrolet and its actually not a bad car, it is probably the most practical in the class and it has a four cylinder which is nice. It feels decent inside and it is roomy.

The micro car to buy is the Fiat 500. There are millions of ways to configure this cute car. You can even get an electric version of the 500 and you can get a hyped up turbo Abarth model with 160 horsepower which makes this car super fun to toss around! I would honestly drive one anyday since you can find one in the used market for a really good price and they are selling like hot cakes so get yours while they last!

Overall other than the 500, this segment of cars is one I would completely avoid if you can, its worth getting a subcompact since you get more for your money. But for now I hope you all have a great week! Stay tuned!

Mid-Size Crossovers

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Hope you all did well on your finals! Today I wanted to talk about one of the most competitive segment in the American car class, the mid-sized crossover class.

As Americans are starting to buy more crossovers than standard cars, many automakers have to make sure they do the absolute best job to satisfy American tastes. Mid-sized crossovers outsells minivans and mid to full sized SUV’s. Most Americans prefer to not have a minivan for the stigma and only the Toyota Sienna offers all wheel drive. And SUV’s have terrible gas mileage.

Every automaker joined the mid-sized crossover party. Its so large it had to be subdivided into two categories, two row and three row. Nissan currently has their Murano, which is not very attractive in my eyes with interesting cutlines on the windows. Ford has the Edge. It has a bunch of great engine choices but has dreadful reliability. These two choices aren’t awful but it is worth upgrading to get a substantial choice.

The third row class offers stronger engines, much more cargo room and a lot more features. The lists pretty long, with the Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse and GMC Acadia siblings, Dodge Journey, Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot, Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sorento, Mazda CX9, Nissan Pathfinder and Toyota Highlander. In my book, I recommend the Mazda, Honda and Toyota.

The first CX9 was known to have a cheap interior and rather interesting packaging, however Mazda stepped up to the game when it came to materials for this year. Supple nappa leather, authentic rosewood and genuine aluminum accenting the dash. The CX-9 also has the largest passenger volume in the class so everyone feels comfortable. My gripes with this car is the engine, it is only a turbo four cylinder, which only makes 227 horsepower which feels lethargic at times.

Any Honda Pilot is a solid choice. Its always had a great reliability, comfortable seats and always came available with 8 seats. Its always had a very inoffensive, friendly look that attracts families that also has a good sticker price. I only have minor gripes with this car, like how the glove box is not damped on earlier models.

The Toyota Highlander is a great crossover. After 2008, the Highlander tended to win the numbers game in performance. The Highlander also has many different configurations on how to customize this car to make it unique compared to other cars. The Highlander was also the first in its class to offer a hybrid 12 years ago. Now at 295 horsepower, it has plenty of zip to go places. Gripes are that earlier models had a one piece third row, but rectified in 2011.

In conclusion, this segment is gargantuant and is very competitive. And in all honesty, pick any of the three crossovers mentioned and I hope all of you have an amazing week!




North American International Auto Show

Hi guys!

This past week, Detriot debuted many redesigns of cars. While most of the cars were not debuted as brand new, they were just redesigns.

The biggest debut for the auto show was the brand new 2019 Toyota Avalon. This replaced the already sleek and streamlined Avalon that ran from 2013 to now. I have one in my garage, a 2013 Avalon Touring, and it drives great. The steering feel is much better compared to the older one, with slightly more feel and nice bolstering extensions. The brand new Avalon delivers higher quality leather on the steering wheel and seats, plus suede on the ultra sporty models as well. The paddle shifters on my Touring model have a very chintzy plastic feel. Toyota offered 5 trim levels in the past, with Base XLE, Plus, Premium, Touring and Limited. For 2019, Toyota made sub categories and decided to make Luxury and Sport trim lines. XLE and Limited, and XSE and Touring for Luxury and Sport, respectively. The exterior creates a much more dramatic stance with a wide grille on sporty end trim lines. The interior materials also got a major improvement. There were bits of hard plastic in the previous Avalon, but they are all gone. Replaced by quilted heated and cooled leather seats, and the fake wood trim and silver tone plastic was changed out for Yahama sourced authentic wood trim and contemporary aluminum trim, respectively. Overall, Toyota stepped up with the availability of Alexa capability, which can do basic functions through an amazon device.

The Volkswagen Jetta finally got a redesign. And it needed one. Gone are the awful cheap, nasty plastics and welcome to the new leather trim and the heated and cooled seats. The interior also got larger with more legroom, and the trunk also was improved. The car now looks Audi like, and it was a pleasant surprise coming Volkswagen.

For now these are the two cars at NAIAS, there will be a couple more out debuting so stay tuned for part 2! Have a great week and good luck on finals everyone!


The Clash of Mid-sized Sedans

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Today we will talk about the most average car in the United States of America, the mid-sized sedan. This car class alone has the best selling car (not truck) in America. The Toyota Camry. There were three of these cars redesigned this year, the best seller Toyota Camry, the runner up Honda Accord and the Korean Hyundai Sonata. While the Mazda 6 got a refresh. Both the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord have been going neck to neck in sales for the past two decades. The unchanged other cars are the average Chevrolet Malibu, radical Ford Fusion, Kia Optima, Nissan Altima and the Volkswagen Passat.

I have personally had experience with the Ford Fusion, Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry. I must say, all these cars are very different from each other. Starting with the Ford, our family has rented two. A 2009 SEL V6, and a 2016 SE 2.5. To be honest, the SEL did not feel luxurious what so ever, mainly due to its dreadful navigation system and rather hard leather seats, but has potent performance and great looks. The SE for a four cylinder, drove very nicely and it had stunning looks. It also had a very roomy interior. But when you do not get the optional MyFord Touch system, the 4.2 inch screen is pretty sad to look at. Overall, the Fusion is not a bad car.

The Nissan Altima, oh boy this car has a lot of issues. After six trips with six Nissan Altimas in a row, I have had a very unfortunate relationship with this car. We have always rented the 2.5 S trim, which is the value package. To be completely honest, its not a horrible car. It is incredibly spacious, and has amazing zero gravity seats. But being paired with a straining CVT and a weak engine, it feels very gutless when accelerating.

The best seller, Toyota Camry hits the spot each time. Yes I know practically everybody has seen one of these daily, but honestly it is such a great car. It is actually quite luxurious, especially when you get it fully loaded. Like the air purifier and the very convincing faux wood trim. All the engine choices make sense, a 4 cylinder, v6 and hybrid. Now adays most car companies use just turbocharged four cylinders, which is deemed unreliable and less refined. I have owned 2 Camrys so far and both were great. The old 4 banger drove smooth while the v6 turned out to be one of the smoothest cars I have ever drove.

That pretty much wraps it up, if there is a family sedan to buy, get yourself a Toyota Camry. It only makes sense why it is best selling and luxurious.

Why you should love minivans

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Today I am going to share with you the most useful, practical and one of the safiest vehicles. The minivan. Yes… I know this car is not everybodies first choice, but everybody will have to own one of them when life changes. It started out in America with the introduction in 1984 with the Dodger Caravan, and became a huge hit in the late 90’s era. In 1999, every mainstream company had their own minivan and this segment became really popular. However in the late 2000’s, companies decided to kill their minivans due to slow sales. Which lead to people switching over to three row crossovers.

The reason why these minivans still on the market however, is because there are people that need to haul a lot of people while putting all the sports equipment in the back seat. In a normal three row crossover, you just cannot do that because there is not enough room behind the third row. The other reason why a minivan has an advantage is because of how much passenger space there is. Unless your 7 feet tall or have a very large stature, you will never have to worry about feeling cramped in the back seat of a minivan. If you get higher trim levels, you also have automatic sliding doors, which is a great feature when you have a ton of groceries and you just do not have room to open the doors for others. When you go for the ultra high trims, there are options such as a double sunroof and dvd players, having a double sunroof helps with motion sickness and clearing the air out in the back seats, and the dvd players are perfect for long road trips.

Now there are only 5 minivans standing, the Chrysler Pacifica, Dodge Grand Caravan, Honda Odyssey, Kia Sedona and Toyota Sienna. I actually own a Toyota Sienna and heres why I picked this one specifically. The Sienna is the only minivan available with all wheel drive, which is great for the snow. A fully-loaded Sienna also has some small little details that most minivans do not have, such as 12 cupholders, ultra bright headlamps, and a three mode backup camera.

These are the reasons why you all should enjoy minivans. And stay tuned for many more posts!

Summing up the 2017 car year

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The year is almost officially over, and that means that the 2017 model year calendar has also come to a conclusion. So it is time to reroll the tape one last time on how things went this year for new cars.

Lets start off with the highlights, starting with the new Swedish flagship the Volvo S90 and V90. These two cars are simply put, two of the most elegant and luxurious cars Volvo has ever made. In fact, the V90 is actually only available through a special order and you have to obtain it by going to Sweden and shipping it yourself. Mercedes redesigned a lot of cars this year, the new C Class Coupe and Cabriolet, S Class Cabriolet and GLE Coupe. You cannot forget about the E-Class, which I recently have had the pleasure to drive. It had a very smooth ride and upscale amentities for your hard working business person. The new Honda CR-V got Motor Trend SUV of the year honors and the Mazda CX-9 rolled out with a deluxe interior. You also cannot forget the one and only Bentley Bentayga, which is now the most expensive and powerful production SUV. Although it starts at a whopping $229,000, there is an option with a clock with diamonds that will set you back $300,000 just for the clock. Thats a lot of money.

Now for the not so great cars. Starting off is the new Mitsubishi Mirage G4, oh boy this is by far one of the worst new cars on the market. With an unforgiving and a very cheap interior it is a huge dissapointment. Whats worse is that even though its a class below the subcompact class, its unbelievably expensive at $17,000. The Lincoln Continential, while it is not an awful car, was noted to copy the living daylight out of Bentley for its Continential Flying Spur. So there has been some controversy over that.

This year was not horrible by any means, in fact this year is probably one of the best years so far in cars. Stay tuned for more everyone and have a spectacular Holiday!


Must needed features for the winter season

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Its starting to get very cold outside and its time to get prepared for the snow. It is time to think about the must have features for this incoming winter.

Four wheel drive or all wheel drive is a must have feature. Most crossovers will come with all wheel drive while four wheel drive comes on truck based SUV’s. All wheel drive is a system that primarily runs just on front wheel drive until wheel slippage happens, then the back tires will supply traction. This is to save fuel economy. Four wheel drive is a much different system. There are two different four wheel drive systems, there is part time and then there is full time. Part time is where the car will be rear wheel drive and then the driver can select the drive train to the desired position. Full time is where the car will always stay in four wheel drive. Some four wheel drive cars have a transfer case, where a driver can select high speed or low speed depending on off road conditions.

One of the most important features to have is heated seats. Most cars that are fully loaded or have seats in vinyl or leather have this feature. It makes a huge difference because on those cold days, the heater may not kick in as quick and therefore you will be stone cold. Instead, you do not have to worry and you can just flick a switch and then the heat will come out.

These two features are probably the most important to have on a vehicle, they are also very easily attainable because you can always option in leather from an aftermarket shop as well. For now, get your fuzzy blankets on and stay warm Issaquah!

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Having fun in the snow

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Its almost that time where people need to start thinking about those cold, brisk nights where the roads are puffy with ice. The good news is, there are many great vehicles ready to take on the snow, the problem is that people seem to just think basic crossovers are the only way to get a car for the snow. In fact, there are many fun cars to toss around in the snow and can perform well in those circumstances.

Starting with the Toyota 4Runner. Oh boy, this is probably one of the absolute best off-road machines out in the industry. You can choose from 3 different four wheel drive configurations, and each trim level is built specifically different compared to others. I recommend the top two trims, the Limited or the TRD Pro. The Limited is very luxurious and has features like a 15 speaker sound system, heated seats and 4 power outlets for those times you get stuck in the snow. If you have a family, a third row is also an option on the Limited. The Limited’s four wheel drive system is comfort-oriented so those bumps will not make you go crazy. The Limited has also was tested by motor trend on the most dangerous highway in Alaska. The TRD Pro is so dedicated for off road events that Toyota tested it in the the snowiest of climates and it has prevailed. The TRD Pro has features that are dedicated for the snow, with controls for different ride selections and suspension changes.

The Subaru Impreza is also a good choice. Yes its incredibly boring, and pretty much every neighborhood has one. But the Impreza actually shines bright when you option in the Sti package. You add in a turbo charger, and you also get around 300 hp. These rice rockets are very good in the snow for its power when going up a slope, and they are very fun sliding around and it has that playful nature that most four wheel drive cars have.

If you have a lot of money in your wallet, get yourself one of the most exotic cars in the business, the Lamborghini Aventador. Yes, its a car that is worth half a million, but in theory it works out because of it has 740 horsepower which can make the car go very quick in snowy situations. This car is incredibly enjoyable to drive, but its incredibly expensive.

In the end, there are many cars to choose from, and these three cars are extremely amazing for snow. Just be safe and have fun everybody!

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Los Angeles Auto Show 2018 (Part 1)

Hey Guys!

In Los Angeles, the auto show was held and had incredibly important debuts. Each brand brings out some very class competitive cars out to the automotive field. This year, there was a lot more debuts than last year, with a lot of concepts coming out. The show is ten days long, so there are many more vehicles to come.

Ever since 2014 when the Subaru Tribeca was axed from Subaru’s lineup, there was a void with the Subaru Forester being the largest car. The Forester is a compact SUV, so Subaru needed to do something quick to increase their sales total. Unfortunately though, they never had great success with mid-sized crossovers. The B9 Tribeca came out in 2004, and critics were infuriated with its “donkey like” grille and a very large rear overhang. The interior felt cheap and the passenger space was a bit too cozy for enthusiasts. They updated it for 2008 but everything stayed the same except the donkey mouth and the B9 nomenclature being lost. Now in 2018 as a 2019, Subaru brought back a three row crossover, called the Ascent. With a more rugged, and conservative approach, the Ascent turned heads with this massive car even though it is pretty much an extra large Forester. It competes in one of the fiercest markets and in my honest opinion. I think it will sell really well, especially in Seattle because tree hugging families will adore this Ascent.

In 1999, the best selling luxury SUV was introduced, the Lexus RX. The RX was a Toyota Highlander except it had much better sales and had a plethora of luxury features. However, even though it had impeccable sales, it lacked something that the Toyota Highlander had which was a third row seat. The reason was because the Lexus GX and LX SUV’s offered third rows already, even though they are just Luxury-laden 4Runners and Land Cruisers, respectively. The problem with these two SUV’s is that the rides are awful and are not car based. So for 2018, the brand did two things, first off there is an option to ditch the third row in the LX to increase cargo room while in the RX you can now get a third row seat. Lexus was able to add a third row by stretching the length by 4.3 inches. This will indeed increase sales and I predict next sales for the RX will go up by 33 percent.

Minor debuts were the questionable Nissan Kicks, since it is a subcompact SUV and Nissan just debuted the same sized Rogue Sport. Mazda refreshed their 6, as well as Infiniti did for their QX80 full-sized luxury SUV.. Lincoln changed names for their mid-sized SUV. But for the first wave this concludes the action at the Los Angeles auto show. Stay tuned for next weeks updates guys!


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Some Cars to Avoid for 2018

Hi Everybody!

It is me again, the Car Guy, and today we will talk about some of the cars that you all should cross off your shopping list for your next cars. These cars are dinged for their reliability, owner satisfaction and other elements.

The first car goes to the brand new Fiat 500L. It essentially is a stretched Fiat 500 with two more extra doors. Although the Fiat 500 is a worldly known car for its “cutesy” looks and its “bang-for-your-buck” nature, the stretched version is just a failed car. There is only 1 engine, and its a miserable 1.4 Liter 4 cylinder with 160 hp. That doesn’t sound too like failure, but according to consumer reports, the car rides terribly and is also very busy, with problems going up the hills. The car also has one of the worst reliability records this year due to faulty transmissions, and electrical elements which could leave you stranded. Overall avoid this car at all costs. If you would like a car in the Subcompact class, you are better off getting a Honda HRV, which is a reliable, and more attractive car.

One of the most popular cars, the Ford Explorer, has been a reliability disaster for 27 years. After the firestone tire recall, the car never recovered itself. In all honesty, the car is not horrible. It has 3 engines that produce powerful numbers, and the amenities are very upscale, but the MyFord Touch system is a complete disaster to use and is also known to break down quick. Just avoid this car, and you are better off getting a Toyota Highlander and a Honda Pilot.

Some other cars are avoidable as well, the Mitsubishi Mirage, which is puny in power. The Cadillac Escalade, for its known electrical problems and for its reputation for getting stolen, the Toyota Yaris, which is a very spartan vehicle. But other than these bad cars, there’s a lot of great options to choose from. Try to go Japanese for reliability, because reliability is the most important aspect of a car in the long run.

In the end. Please avoid these cars for your safety! There’s so many better cars than these, remember to look at owner costs, reliability records and fuel efficiency to buying your best car. Happy shopping and hope you all had a nice thanksgiving!

Rain…Rain…Go Away

Hey everybody!

Its about that time of year where the weather is starting to become super rainy and in fact, quite stormy. We just encountered those crazy winds on Monday and there have been quite a number of power outages. These both will impact driving, as there has to be many precautions to be thought about before driving out in these conditions.

First things first, make sure to have some tires that are not the cheapest in the world. It is vital to have a good brand, since there have been tires that are prone to be slick and lead the car to ultimately spin out in the rain. Although tires are very expensive these days, especially Michelin and Continental, it is worth every dollar to pay a little bit more for your tires. For example, my sister was driving her car with some very cheap tires, and her car kept sliding all over the place when it was raining and she hit a post. The good news is the car is fine, the bad news is that it could have been a lot worse, so make sure you all have some quality tires!

Having just good tires is not going to make the bill just yet. It is incredibly important to understand how to drive in the rain. A lot of people tend to hydroplane while driving, which is incredibly dangerous. Hydroplaning is where rain mixes with oil above 35 miles per hour. Why is it an issue? You have the chance of spinning out and hitting other people in traffic. To make sure it does not happen, try to drive below 3-5 miles an hour under the speed limit, while trying to drive 30 miles per hour when there is not heavy traffic!

To wrap it all up, driving in the rain can be a serious hazard, but with these solutions I hope they can help you all drive a little bit more safer!

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Seattle International Auto Show

Hey everybody!


So over the weekend, there is a huge car show going on at Century Link Field. I was fortunately able to take part of the action and got to witness some amazing masterpieces shown to me.

There was a lot of cars that were flat out wonderful. First off, Acura brought their redesigned Acura NSX from the dead. After a 12 year hiatus, Acura decided to bring back their legendary coupe and it was a great site to see! It transformed into the hyper-car status while maintaining a decently affordable price compared to it’s competition. it had perfect lines and angles as well. I was completely in shock of how wonderful the car looked in person! It should be a hot seller, since many car enthusiasts were awaiting for this car to happen.

Next up, the brand new Lexus LS flagship sedan. This car turned out to be a much needed redesign since the last one was in it’s tenth year and was becoming a little lackluster compared to the competition. It was absolutely stunning! The car grew, and it came with some cool interior trim as well! It became the first car in production to have glass interior accents. However, the starting price got steep, and I wonder how many people are going to shell out their wallets to get one of these cars as the last generation proved to be popular.

Last but not least, the Kia Stinger GT. This car is trying to change Kia’s montage of cheap, disturbing and in fact, copycats. Since Kia now has a plethora of sedans, they needed somewhere to position this car, and designated it as a really sporty Optima. At first I thought the aesthetics of the car were very interesting, but of course after looking at it a second time I found the car to be somewhat intimidating and “in your face.” I wonder how it is going to do in the market because this car is going to have to face tough competition

The car show had a lot of interesting cars! There were a lot of great cars and I was extremely impressed in the turnout of people and the cars that were taking place this year! If you have time, you should go to the car show sometime this weekend! It is totally worth it!

What’s New for Cars in 2018?

It is about that time when the car calendar rolls, and there’s many cars being released or to the public! Whether it’s revolutionary redesigns, brand new cars or just nice refreshes, there’s a lot of automobiles that have just hit the market in the United States.

Starting off with the best selling Toyota Camry, and the near best-seller Honda Accord! Both automakers tried their best to be much sportier, aggressive vehicles. Last year’s Camry came off a bit weak, so Toyota needed to make a better car.  This version has quad exhaust outlets and can be available with red seats! The Accord had built a great car previously, however wanted to also spice things up with a new manual transmisssion to bring back old-fashioned driving. Buick went this route as well, with both their Regal wagon and touring sedan models! Buick is trying their best to lower the demographic of their vehicles. It is a nice change of climate with these two cars. Kia also brought a dramatic vehicle to the lineup. The “Stinger” impressed me and a bunch of enthusiasts for its sleek styling.

There were some cars that went the complete opposite route for 2018, think of the brand new Hyundai Kona and the Toyota CH-R. These two funky vehicles were made for fuel economy reasons yet possessing some pizzazz. These subcompact crossovers tended to bring some flair to the younger crowd! The Nissan Leaf also got a redesign, with a much cheaper price to provide American’s with a cheaper car.

Some cars also grew, the Buick Enclave full-sized crossover got much bigger to keep up with the competition, with some more aggressive styling. So did the Lexus LS full sized sedan, which needed a major redesign as it was getting a little stale, the redesign deemed a great car!

These are the highlights of the vehicles for the 2018 calendar with many more to come! There is going to be so many creative and great cars coming out very soon and will keep all of you posted when there are more cars coming out. So stay tuned issy!