Top Underrated Things in the Parks

Hey it’s Fastpass Master here! I wanted to talk about some of my favorite parts of both Disneyland and California Adventure that I absolutely love but sometimes feel like are underappreciated. Sometimes the most popular attractions can overpower these other gems and I think they deserved to be shared. So here are my top five most underrated favorite things about the parks!  

  1. The Disneyland Railroad is such a fun way to get around the parks. You get to relax while you watch the scenery change around you as you go from land to land. Not all guests utilize the Railroad, but I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a different view of Disneyland. One of my favorite things about the train in the semi-secret Lilly Belle Train Car. This special caboose is only attached to the trains every once and awhile and was built for Walt and his family. He named the train car after his wife. Not many people know about this special car, and if they do, it is pretty challenging to get a ticket to ride in it. Persistence is key, however. The last time I went, my family and I asked City Hall every day if the train car would be running that day. Some Cast Members didn’t even know what we were talking about it’s that under wraps. But finally, on our last day, we got lucky and scored tickets for it. It was truly magical riding in the vintage car while having a conductor tell us more about the history of the Lilly Belle and Disneyland.
  2. I’m an avid fan of the background music of the parks (weird I know). But not many people pay special attention to the music that is constantly playing in both Disneyland and California Adventure. The music definitely adds a special something to the atmosphere and it’s fun to listen to all the different melodies. There’s surprisingly a lot. I even looked it up on Spotify and there’s an extensive playlist. There was also a soundtrack for many of the rides that I had barely even noticed. I find it pretty entertaining to listen to, and it usually puts me in a good mood.   
  3. California Adventure is a great part and it often seems overshadowed by Disneyland. One of my favorite places in California Adventure is the Disney Animation Building. Right when you walk in you’re surrounded by huge screens that play the animation process behind some of your favorite Disney movies. Inside is also the Animation Academy where a Disney Animator shows you how to draw classic Disney characters. The setup of the Animation Academy is really cool and the Animators are very friendly and helpful. If you go further into the Animation Building you can find the Sorcerer’s workshop to see how animators are made and Beast’s library where you can take a quiz to see what Disney hero or villain you’re most like. I definitely would not miss the Disney Animation Building if you find yourself in Hollywood Land in California Adventure.
  4. Also in California Adventure is Pacific Wharf that was modeled after the vineyards of Napa Valley and the famous Cannery Row in Monterey California. The area is an amazing place to grab a snack or meal as they have everything to clam chowder in bread bowls (a personal favorite of mine) to Thai coconut curry (also fantastic). Pacific Wharf also strongly reminds me of San Francisco as the area is home to both the Boudin Bakery Tour and Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate shop. I love Boudin’s bread. A lot. SO much that a friend of mine went to San Francisco and I made her bring me back some bread. Their sourdough bread has the perfect amount of tang and can only be found in a few places. I really enjoy the tour they offer as well. It might be because of the free bread they offer at the end too. But anyway, I would definitely check out Boudin’s if you’re looking for a bakery that might change your life.

These were just some of my favorite parts of Disneyland and California Adventure that I believe highly underrated. I hope this list offered some insight on things to look for or enjoy in the parks!

And remember, “To all those who come to this happy place: Welcome.”

~Fastpass Master

Hidden Mickeys

It’s Fastpass Master here! One of my favorite things about Disneyland and all of the Disney parks is the special attention to detail. There are many hidden gems around the parks that brings just a little more excitement to the whole experience. If you’re someone who at least knows a little about the parks, you probably know what a “hidden mickey” is. Hidden Mickeys are some sort of representation of Mickey Mouse that are usually hidden around the parks. The object is typically in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head and comes in unique shapes and sizes. Disney fans love going out of their way to hunt for them as it always seems like you can find a new one. Here’s a list of some of my favorite ones!

  1. On the Main Street Magic Shop, there’s a window display that has tokens to Harry Houdini. On a playing card in the display is the Ace of Clubs playing card that has been changed to resemble a Mickey Mouse shape.
  2. In the Haunted Mansion’s ballroom scene, located on the table are three plates that are arranged so that they resemble a classic Mickey.
  3. In the Alice in Wonderland ride in Fantasyland, there is a red paint splatter Mickey on the topiaries that is a popular hidden mickey.
  4. Located in Adventureland, Tarzan’s Treehouse has three barrels that are strategically placed in the position of a classic hidden mickey.
  5. There are countless hidden mickeys in Toontown, but one of my favorites is located in the paint job of Clarabelle’s Frozen Yogurt; one of the white patches blatantly resembles Mickey.
  6. At the beginning of the queue of Splash Mountain in Frontierland, there is a hidden mickey in the knot of a tree.
  7. On Buena Vista Street in California Adventure, there is a hidden mickey in the 1930s ear television in the Julius Katz & Sons.
  8. In Carsland, there is a hidden mickey found in the lace of a bonnet in Ramone’s House of Body art.

If you are looking for a collective list, head over to and select the “Hidden Mickeys” tab to view every Hidden Mickey possible to organized by land and surrounding areas of both Disneyland and California Adventure. They even include the location of hidden mickeys in parades and during specific holidays. There is also a book, “Disneyland’s Hidden Mickeys: a Field Guide to Disneyland Resort’s Best Kept Secrets,” that gives a detailed list of hidden mickeys and where to find them (I personally have this book and it is amazing). The book also contains three scavenger hunts for finding some of these hidden gems complete with hints and a scoring system.


And remember, “To all those who come to this happy place: Welcome.”

~Fastpass Master

20 Quirky Facts About the Disneyland Resort

It’s Fastpass Master here! One of the main reason I absolutely love Disneyland is because of all of the quirky little facts that really make it the Happiest Place on Earth. I used to watch video after video on some of the best Disneyland facts. So here are some of my favorite facts about Disneyland and California Adventure! 
1. In Disneyland’s New Orleans’ Square, there is an exclusive club called Club 33. Located directly above Cafe Orleans and The French Market, Club 33 is extremely hard to gain access to as members pay a steep price and typically have waited on a long waiting list. Club 33 is also the only place in the Disneyland park where you can buy alcohol.  
2. The gold trimmings that accent It’s a Small World is made out of real 22 karat gold. 
3. The Matterhorn actually has a basketball court located inside of it, even though it is very small. Anaheim regulations would not allow the Imagnieers to build something so tall without following certain regulations. Therefore the Matterhorn had to be considered a sports facility to pass these regulations. Employees go there during breaks to shoot hoops.  
4. The World of Color show uses 1200 fountains.  
5. The skeletons in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride used to be all real. Yet one real skeleton head still remains and is located above the bed in the treasure room.  
6. Tower of Terror in Disney’s California Adventure is the tallest ride at the Disneyland Resort at 183 feet. 
7. Over 2.8 million churros have been sold at Disneyland as of 2012.  
8. The props in the Indiana Jones ride queue are actual props from the Indiana Jones movie.  
9. The Enchanted Tiki Room was at first envisioned to be a restaurant. That is why it is one of the only attractions in both parks that has its own bathrooms.  
10. Walt’s private apartment is location directly above the Fire Station on Main Street. A lighted lamp is always lit in the window as a token to Walt.  
11. Radiator Springs Racers is the most expensive ride built in both parks at a crazy $200 million.  
12. On Buena Vista Street in California Adventure, there are several personal mailboxes that have the names of former cast members of Disneyland. There are also the names of former Imagnieers lining the windows on Main Street.  
13. Trash cans are strategically placed in the parks so that guests are never more than 30 steps away from one.  
14. Tower of Terror is the fastest high-speed elevator in the world. You fall fast than the speed of gravity; cables pull the elevator down to increase the distance between you and your seat.  
15. There are many “hidden mickeys” located throughout the Disneyland Resort. I’ll probably dedicate a whole blog post to these mickey shaped easter eggs because there are so many!  
16. Disneyland purposefully does not sell chewing gum or peanuts to try to keep the park as clean as possible. You can also often spot cast members drawing Disney characters with their mops!  
17. If you go to City Hall on Main Street, you can receive a number on special pins, including ones that celebrate your first visit or your birthday. You can also get a special birthday call from a special Disney character if you tell them it is your birthday!  
18. Each popcorn cart in the parks has a different character turner that is special to the cart’s location.  
19. The Morse code that you can hear at the train station in New Orleans Square is actually the first two lines of Walt’s speech at the opening day of the park.  
20. The drawbridge of the Sleeping Beauty Castle is actually functional. 
That’s all I have for now! I might write another post with more facts later as there are endless secrets about the parks.
And remember, “To all those who come to this happy place: Welcome.” 
~Fastpass Master  

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

It’s Fastpass Master here! It’s a big day for avid Star Wars fans; Star Wars the Last Jedi just came out! With the Star Wars hype in full swing, I wanted to talk about the upcoming Star Wars land that is coming to Disneyland in 2019. This 14 acre expansion is expected to cost $1 billion and will be the largest expansion in Disneyland history for a single land. Several attractions were closed in Frontierland in order to make way for the new land, including the petting zoo and Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue. Although fans we sad to see these places go, Disney lovers are thrilled to have the addition of a Star Wars land. The new land will be called “Galaxy’s Edge” and will consists of two rides including the one that will simulate piloting the Millenium Falcon. There have also been numerous renderings of what the land is expected to look like. The land is said to be on the “never-before- seen planet of Batuu; a remote trading port on the outskirts of the galaxy. A similar land will also be opening in Disney World in Disney’s Hollywood studios, however that will be opening sometime after the land opens in Anaheim.

Some people are also worried about how the opening of Galaxy’s Edge will impact the current Star Wars takeover of Tomorrowland. In Tomorrowland, guests can visit their favorite Star Wars characters Star Wars Launch Bay and can even become jedis themselves at Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple. Tomorrowland also sells a host of Star Wars themed merchandise that cannot be found anywhere else. Space Mountain had also experience the Star Wars takeover as the ride resembled a spaceship takeoff similar to one in the movies. The popular Star Tours ride, that already was Star Wars oriented, received a special guest recently; Mark Hamill himself rode along with guests during the ride to excite guests over the recent Star Wars movie.  Star Tours is even offering a ride possibility of visiting Batuu during your galactic adventure.

Even though not much is known about Galaxy’s Edge and the status of Tomorrowland, I for one am extremely excited for what is to come! I’m also very excited because I’ll be seeing The Last Jedi tomorrow!  

And remember, “To all those who come to this happy place: Welcome.”

~Fastpass Master

How to Maximize Your Time at Disneyland

It’s FastpassMaster here! With the holiday season in full swing, I wanted to dedicate this post to giving some of my top tips for having the most magical experience in Disneyland and California adventure, if you choose to get the Park Hopper Pass which I 10/10 recommend.  I haven’t been to Disneyland in a few year (tragic), but the last time I went, no joke, I planned for weeks. I was so stressed from school that researching all the tips and tricks when visiting the Happiest Place on Earth genuinely made me even more excited to go. I looked at almost every Disneyland based blog, bought every book and watch too many Disneyland vlogs. I even made an itinerary for what I wanted to do when once we got to the parks. It was bad. But through all of my research I learned so many tricks that people often don’t know about!

I’m a firm believer that if you play your cards right, you can experience everything Disneyland and California Adventure have to offer in three days. But you have to know what you want to do. Buy your tickets online beforehand to avoid spending time in lines that can get extremely long. Also print out a map, or pick one up at the park so you are very prepared when you walk through the gates. Also, I could not recommend getting the official Disneyland App enough, before you go to the park. It not only has an interactive map that displays your location, but it also includes menus for restaurants, the ability to track where your favorite characters are in the park, manage your Fastpasses, and check wait times for all the attractions. If you really want to minimize time spent waiting in line, check which rides get the busiest during specific times during the day, days in advance to make a prediction of when the best time is to ride an attraction .  

When planning your trip, I really recommend staying at one of the Disney Hotels. I’ll probably dedicate a blog post to describing each one in detail, but the Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier, and the Grand Californian all have their own special themes and perks. Staying on location offers several key benefits; the guests receive magic hours where the park is opened only to them for an hour certain days in the park. Staying in a Disney Hotel also allows for the park to very close for those who prefer a short travel time. Your occupancy also allows you to charge merchandise directly to your room!

To maximize time, I would also use transportation systems as much as possible. The railroad and monorail for example offer a fun experience that can also  take you throughout the park. The monorail even runs through Downtown Disney. To maximize time, one should also determine when it is a popular time to have meals or not, to reduce wait times at a sit-down restaurant. Also try to have an open mindset; realize it is not the end of the world if you don’t go on every possible ride. Prioritize to get the most out of your trip!

I hope these tips will help you in the future to maximize your time in Disneyland!

And remember, “To all those who come to this happy place: Welcome.”

~Fastpass Master

The Holiday Season in Disneyland

It is officially the Holiday Season in the Disney parks! Disneyland is dazzling during the winter time; with its revamped holiday inspired rides, various events, impressive decorations and amazing seasonal food, there is no absence of holiday cheer in this park! Personally, I’ve never been to Disneyland during this time, yet I really hope to someday, it’s definitely on my Disney-related bucketlist! Until then though, I don’t mind watching videos and looking at pictures that display the Holiday festivities that take place around the park! I have never seen a place so decorated covered in lights and pine wreaths! From the second you enter Main Street, you are greeted by a 60 feet tall Christmas tree covered in colorful lights and ornaments. As you go down Main Street you can see Sleeping Beauty’s Castle decorated in icicle style lights. The castle looks breathtaking and is an amazing location to take Winter Wonderland inspired pictures.

Although most of Disneyland is experience by the Holiday season in terms of decorations, there are specific ideas that experience a special change during this time. One of my favorite rides the “Jungle Cruise” becomes the festive “Jingle Cruise.” In addition to elements of tinsel and mini pine trees in the ride queue, the skippers of the ride offer new holiday-related jokes as you travel through fruit cake and hippopotamus infested waters. Unfortunately, the Jingle Cruise has been struck by unjustifiable tragedy. It was announced that this year that the ride will not experience its festive takeover, and might not ever again. Even this makes me unreasonably sad, there are still plenty more rides that experience a holiday takeover. For example “it’s a small world” is covered in lights and experience a holiday celebration of traditions all around the world inside of the ride. The “Haunted Mansion” in New Orleans Square becomes “Haunted Mansion Holiday” and experiences a complete renovation modeled after “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

During this time, Disneyland also offers an array of seasonal events. Guests can enjoy “A Christmas Fantasy Parade” during the day and “Believe in Holiday Magic” Fireworks at night. Disneyland during the winter season also creates a collection of food. The most famous is probably the homemade candy canes that sell out almost immediately. Disneyland also offers candy cane flavored beignets (!!!), chocolate coffee yule logs, and peppermint ice cream.

I hope this post shed some light on the magic that happens at Disneyland during the holiday season!

And remember, “To all those who come to this happy place: Welcome.”

~Fastpass Master

Top 5 Favorite Disneyland Sweets

It’s Fastpass Master here! Since I did my top five favorite rides in Disneyland last week, I wanted to now share my top five favorite treats in the park! People often don’t think about amazing food when they think of Disneyland, yet the delicious food should not be overlooked. I have looked at many Disney food blogs and have spent too much time flipping through amazing treats. Also, this list is limited to only the Disneyland park, and does not include treats in California Adventure as that list would be extremely difficult to create and I’ll probably save that for a later post! So without further ado, here’s my top five favorite Disneyland treats!

  1. Beignets- These baked treats will change your life, they for sure changed mine. These delicious treats are deep fried and covered in powdered sugar. There first time I tried them with my family we were near tears. Disneyland makes them fresh everyday, making them warm when you buy them. You can get them from both Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square and Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney, or their express location. Yet the ones sold at Cafe Orleans are Mickey Mouse shaped, somehow making them a million times better. They also offer different flavor based on the season including candy cane, pumpkin and butterscotch. They are out of this world and easily make it onto my list.
  2. Dole Whip- If you have any knowledge about foods at Disneyland, you probably know about this classic Disneyland treat. Dole Whip is a frozen pineapple-flavored soft-serve dessert that is found in the Tiki Juice Bar in Adventureland. The line is always very long as people cannot get enough of this treat. Pro tip: there’s a line inside the waiting area for the Enchanted Tiki Room that is always shorter! My family and I love the classic Dole Whip in addition to the Dole Whip Float they serve that is just Dole Whip but covered in pineapple juice. I feel as if getting Dole Whip at Disneyland is a rite of passage that everyone who goes should experience.  
  3. Churro- Disneyland is known for its churros; for a good reason. These churros are always were and are completely coated with a thick layer of cinnamon and sugar. You can find these classic treats at various churro carts around the park. There’s about thirteen between Disneyland and California Adventure. In Downtown Disney, they also have a cart with various flavors of churros including strawberry, apple cinnamon, and piña colada. I once had an Oreo flavored churro that was filled with Oreo cream and it was out of this world! You have to try this widely popular Disneyland treat.
  4. Matterhorn Macaroons- Disneyland has a rollercoaster ride in Fantasyland called the Matterhorn, which is modeled after a mountain in the Swiss Alps. Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe makes the Matterhorn Macaroon; a coconut macaroon that is shaped to look like the Matterhorn ride. It’s also covered on top with white chocolate and dusted with white sprinkles to resemble snow. This treat is so tasty and the tall shape of it makes the macaroon even better. My family and I once found a recipe online and attempted to recreate them. They actually turned out surprisingly well and were pretty similar to the original. I 10/10 recommend this dessert!
  5. Tigger Tail- If you like marshmallows covered in caramel and dipped in white chocolate, you need to try Tigger Tails. Located in Pooh’s Corner in Critter Country, this treat resembles the tail on the classic Tigger from Winnie the Pooh! This treat is perfect for marshmallow lovers. I have recommended Tigger Tails to many of my friends who have gone to Disneyland and they have loved them! I can’t suggest these treats enough; they are definitely worth the try!

Hopefully I’ll do many more posts about food in Disneyland!

And remember, “To all those who come to this happy place: Welcome.”

~Fastpass Master

Top 5 Favorite Rides

It’s Fastpass Master here! This week I wanted to discuss the rides, or specifically my favorite rides, in Disneyland! Although I love all the rides in both Disneyland and California Adventure, except for Snow White’s Scary Adventures, it’s a 0/10 from me, I have developed a list of my personal favorites! Even though my top 5 favorite rides is biased based on my own experiences, most can agree that these are fan favorites. Just because I feel pretty guilty for not including these on my list, I have to also include some honorable mentions: Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage,Star Tours, Splash Mountain and definitely Indiana Jones. Although it is a fantastic ride, the only reason Indiana Jones did not make the list because I was terrified the first time I rode it; when you are staring down at your feet in fear, you realize how spasmodic the ride is and painful the ride is when you are not in awe of the giant snake and bolder. So in no particular order, simply because it was hard enough to pick 5 already, here is my top 5 favorite rides in Disneyland!

  1. The Jungle Cruise- This boat rides takes you on a wild adventure through the rivers of Asia, Africa and South America. Lifelike animatronic animals including elephants, hippos and tiger add to the exotic journey. The primary reason I love this ride is because it’s extreme attention to detail; from its rusty lanterns to giant cargo nets, even this ride’s queue line is very elaborate. The boats’ skippers are also hilarious as they all have their distinct personalities with their own array of punchlines. This ride has always amazed me as a kid and will forever be a personal favorite of mine.
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean- This ride is definitely a family favorite. My family and I adore this classic ride located in New Orleans Square, which is alive with the theme of Mardi Gras. When I was younger I was absolutely terrified of this ride (if you could not tell by now, many things scared me, and continue to scare me even to this day). Yet as I got older I really grew to appreciate the story the ride tells through its wild cast of animatronic characters. The ride is also a lengthy 15 minutes, and the wait time is typically very short in comparison to most rides, both major bonuses of the ride. Pirates of the Caribbean is an extremely memorable ride that I will always love.
  3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- This ride is truly wild; with its speeding turns and drops and beautiful surroundings, this is so much more than your typical roller coaster. The Wild West theming of the ride is perfectly incorporated into the ride as you coast through canyons and an exploding mine. This ride has always been a dear favorite of mine as I always look forward to adding an element of thrill to my magical day at the park.
  4. Peter Pan’s Flight- This ride is one of the most classic rides in almost every Disney theme park ; located in Fantasyland in Disneyland, Peter Pan’s Flight is a popular favorite among guests. The ride itself is dazzling, especially after its renovation a few years ago. My absolute favorite parts is gliding over the sparkling city of London as :You Can Fly” plays around you as you are on your boat. The ride takes you through the vivid scenes of the movie in this amazing dark ride which will always have a special place in my heart.
  5. Space Mountain- This ride is for the thrill seekers at the Disneyland park; this mostly dark roller coaster takes you through a flashing launch into the galaxy at top speeds. From the second you walk inside of the building you know you are in for a ride that is out of this world. I love how your initial surroundings are very futuristic; it really adds to the theme of the coaster. The ride itself is accompanied with vibrant soundtrack and darkness of space. Once I was stuck on the ride towards the end of its duration and when the lights came on I was shocked to see how close together  and intricate the tracks were! This ride is truly a “high-flying adventure into the unknown.”

I hope my list was able to shed at least some light onto some of the amazing rides Disneyland has to offer!

And remember, “To all those who come to this happy place: Welcome.”

~Fastpass Master


A Brief History

It’s Fastpass Master here, back with a second blog post! I wanted to dedicate this post to a brief history of the Disney parks, focusing primarily on Disneyland and California Adventure! I wanted to give a short historical perspective so that one can have prior knowledge on what I am so eager to share!

Walt Disney always had the dream to create a place where both children and adults could have a fun time together as a family. A place that would have both educational and amusement value.  Disney originally wanted to have his theme park be built on his his Burbank studios but his plans continued to grow! He had the vision of building waterfalls, mountains and rivers and needed the space to make his dreams a reality. He wanted to keep the park near the Los Angeles area and eventually settled on 160 acres in Anaheim. Walt needed additional financial support to fund Disneyland; he turned to television to launch the “Walt Disney’s Disneyland” program which allowed the public to witness the progress of the park.

Construction for the park began on July 21, 1954; Disneyland was planned to open about a year later. Walt decided he wanted to have five themed lands in the park. Main Street U.S.A. would be where guests would first enter and would be modeled after where Walt grew up for a small amount of time. The other lands were Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland. New Orleans Square and Toontown would be added in later years.

The staff worked as hard as they could so that Disneyland would be ready by opening day. The park took $17 million and was ready to open on July 17, 1955. Yet opening day is remembered as a disaster. 28,000 guest poured in, with most of the ticket being counterfeit. The new park was not ready to accommodate for so many people. There were not enough water fountains, the asphalt was so wet that high heeled shoes sunk into it, and the Mark Twain Steamboat almost capsized because of the passengers. Yet Disneyland soon recovered with the introduction of new rides such as Snow White’s Adventure, Jungle Cruise (one of my personal favorites) and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

Disney parks would continue to expand and be built in new locations. There are now 12 parks around the world in six locations around the world. New rides and lands are constantly being added as the parks seem to never be finished!

I hope I was able to shed some light on the wonderful history of the Happiest Place on Earth!

And remember, “To all those who come to this happy place: Welcome.”

~Fastpass Master


First Post!

It’s Fastpass Master here! Welcome to where you can find all things related to the Happiest Place on Earth! I have had a passion for the Disney parks for a few years now, especially Disneyland. I hope to explore and report all upcoming news of the parks in addition to giving information about the history of them. I also will give my personal opinion on the best rides and food in the parks, as well as sharing secrets and tricks I have learned to make your experience at Disneyland the best it can possibly be!

I want to begin by reviewing some of my favorite Disneyland blogs. These blogs offer extensive knowledge of the parks including vital information to optimize your park stay. They also contain insider tips and detailed reviews and recommendations for all ages.

The blog “The Happiest Blog on Earth” gives one of the most vast collections of Disneyland knowledge I have ever seen. The blog consists of various articles that range for all audiences from fun ways to cool down on a hot day, to the best rides to enjoy with young children in California Adventure. I adore the complexity of their articles. The blog offers multiple sections that include almost every aspect of the Disney Parks. I especially appreciated the tab for “Holidays and Events,” as it is often difficult to find such valuable information that encompasses so much. The blog includes events of each season in addition to special events that depend on what is occurring in the Disney-related sphere. I also have a passion for the food in the parks and this blog covers almost every restaurant the parks, and even the Downtown Disney district have to offer. My only critique is with its organization; you have to comb through articles related to a wide topic. I would prefer these larges headings to be divided for the subheadings so that people searching for restaurants specific to the Dinseyland park have an easier time finding what they are looking for.

The second blog I wanted to review was “The Disneyland Tourist Blog.” They provide an extremely complex guide to not only the Disneyland parks but international parks including the newly opened Shanghai Disneyland park. As someone who has never visited any international parks themselves, I love reading about exciting upcoming news about new additions to these parks. Included in these news updates are “rumors” or speculations about upcoming events that many do not know about. I was also very appreciative of the blog’s inclusion of several subheadings that I do not see often. One of them included various itineraries based on your stay and which park you were going to. It is often overwhelming for people who wish to go one day to attempt to prioritize what they would like to experience, as there are so many things to do in the parks. This information is very useful and I have great respect for whoever put in the effort to make this plan. I was also very pleased to see information regarding how to buy you tickets; people often have the misconception that all ticket prices are clean cut, when that is not always the case. I truly have no major complaints of this blog as it is has everything I would ever want and then some.

I hope my introduction to these blogs will compel you to check them out further which I truly recommend; you will not be disappointed! Hope this information involving Disneyland sparks an interest to read my future blog posts!

And remember, “To all those who come to this happy place: Welcome.”

Fastpass Master