Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor of IT Magazine,

I just read your article in the May 2016 issue titled “Finance Class” by Ciarra Cornish. I would like to inform you that we do have a class at Issaquah High School to teach students everything you were saying you want to learn. It’s called Financial Algebra. It replaces Algebra 2 as a graduation requirement and teaches students how to live financially independent after high school. This year there are 3 classes of FA, and next year there will be 4. Its popularity is increasing. Students learn such things as banking, consumer credit, Income taxes, renting an apartment, buying a house, investing in the stock market, automobile ownership and auto loans, employment including benefits and deductions, budgeting, retirement investing, and business finance. Each topic has a real-life simulation project which includes choosing a bank, buying a car, finding an apartment to rent or a house to buy, doing taxes, budgeting your money, and investing in the stock market. It’s a math class, but it’s much more than math.

I will quote a few students from this year. Sam W says, “This class offers both a math and CTE credit. The math you learn here stays with you and is actually useful. This is a great opportunity.”  Alex H. says, “It’s very informational. It will really help with the real world and it’s a real eye opener to adulthood.” Ariana S. says, “Taking other math classes helps you academically, but in my opinion this class helps you grow up.”

I’m including my brochure for you to see other quotes and more details about the class. You are welcome to visit my class anytime and see it for yourself.

Kathleen Myers

Financial Algebra

Issaquah High School

Repressive Rally Retraction

The Repressive Rally article published in the November 2014 issue of IT Magazine generated a lot of feedback.

In light of information learned from an administrative investigation, IT Magazine hereby issues a retraction of some of the statements the author made in her article, Repressive Rally. In particular, we retract the following statements:

  • “The definition of support has become incredibly ‘murky.’ Shows like Friday Night Lights exhibit them as ‘high school prostitutes.’ This seems unfair, but many students confirm the unspoken sexual undertones.” While it was not the author’s intent to call Issaquah High School rally girls prostitutes, she did make an implied comparison. Additionally, the “sexual undertones” reference to Issaquah High School rally girls and football players were not substantiated and thus baseless.
  • “Systma defines them as “not cheerleaders, but they ‘provide stuff’ for the football players. Sometimes it’s cookies, sometimes it is not totally appropriate.” Given the earlier statement, with the implied comparison of a sexual nature, this student quote may have been taken out of context.
  • Finally, the author also wrote that football players sometimes “manipulate” rally girls and that “stories have long circulated around IHS about football players abusing the role of ‘recipient’ to rally girls.” These statements were opinion and not substantiated and thus baseless.

IT Magazine apologizes to rally girls and football players for associating their relationships as anything inappropriate, and/or manipulation. The author’s purpose in writing the article was to prevent another May Madness sort of incident rather than hurt the feelings of rally girls or football players. We failed to uphold the district policy requiring journalists to present various viewpoints in a more substantial way when writing about controversial topics, and to check and verify all facts and the accuracy of quotations. Furthermore, Adviser Ellen Jarvinen apologizes for not providing the author with better guidance in working with sources who want to remain anonymous and learning aspects of proper attribution, and she is committed to helping all her students weigh their legal freedoms and journalistic standards.

The article can be found here: https://drive.google.com/viewerng/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnxpaHN5ZWFyYm9va2pvdXJuYWxpc21qYXJ2aW5lbnxneDo1OWJkZDc0NDAyMWVmMGVk