Perfect Timing


This photo was taken while I was on a small trip in Seattle. I was walking through the city to find interesting photos and subjects for my portfolio. One type of photo I always wanted to capture was an airliner or a jet in the air. I wanted to capture one when I was in San Francisco, but I could never take a good photo with all the fog in the air. But, when I was walking in downtown Seattle I heard the faint sound of a plane getting louder and louder. For anticipation I pointed my DSLR into the sky and looked above for any sign of the plane. I could not see anything, which confused me. I could hear the sound of the plane, but I kept searching for it. I even jogged a block to see if I could be a shot. As I came to an intersection I finally saw a plane emerge from the clouds. Once I got it into frame in my viewfinder, I took the photo. What I like the most about this photo is that the plane is between a bunch of tall buildings. It made the photo more pleasing instead of having the plane with a bare white background. I finally had the picture I always wanted. Sure, some may say that I tried a little too hard to capture this moment, but I think it was totally worth it.

photo by bmphoto

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


The next stop on my trip in San Francisco is the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art or SFMOMA for short. When arriving to this museum you will first notice the building’s unique architecture. The building has many aspects to its design. One side is made of traditional brick with a boxy structure while the other side is very modern with wavy cement covering the sides in a sloping manner. It is very tough to explain, but the building is very pleasing to the eye. As you walk into the entrance you will be greeted with a grand stair case. If you walk a little more forward and look up, you will see the view from the picture on this post. SFMOMA is a special place in San Francisco because of the art it displays in the museum. It is not just regular art that is showcased here but also works by local artists in the San Francisco area. This allows more people’s works to be shown so that these artist can be represented. SFMOMA is also a very photogenic place, so if you are a photographer it is a wonderful place to take pictures and spend valuable time with friends.

photo by bmphoto

Standing Act: Fisherman’s Wharf


This picture was also taken at Fisherman’s Wharf, and it was a notable moment for me during my San Francisco trip. My brother and I were walking down Fisherman’s Wharf when I saw a bunch of big rocks aligned across a tiny beach. I thought it was going to be a nice photo opportunity to capture an artistic representation of the incoming waves hitting the rocks. Once I got to the rocks there was more than I thought was there. I saw small crabs and sea animals, and further down the rocks where the water was about one foot in depth I could see small fish. It was a great experience for me because I had never seen so much wildlife in such a small ecosystem. I got my DSLR out and started taking pictures of the rocks with the various animals in the shot, but then a couple of children ran to the rocks and tried to play a “balancing game.” This caused a crab to run away, which I was trying to capture. I did get a little annoyed, but I was alright after I peered into my viewfinder the next second. I saw a child’s feet trying its best to balance on a rock with incoming waves in the background. I did not wait another second to capture this because the moment was so special. I pressed the shutter button hoping that I had captured the scene correctly because the child had hopped off the rock. I pressed the play back button and I was excited to see I had captured it successfully. These types of photos are the ones that make me take a step back and say, “I took that?” -And those are the photos I cherish the most.

-Photo by bmphoto


Sailboat and Alcatraz (1/6)


This is one of the views from the left side of the San Francisco Bay. I was using a Nikon super zoom lens. Since I was using a camera with a crop sensor and a 300mm lens the actual focal length was 450mm. It was actually a gloomy day in SF, but with some Adobe Lightroom help I was able to make it seem like a clear blue sky. Onto the story, this shot was also taken near Fisherman’s Wharf. As I walked down Beach Street in San Francisco I was greeted by a small boardwalk where I was able to walk all the way out into the bay. Coincidentally there was a sailboat right in front of the world famous Alcatraz jail, which made for a rare (in my opinion) photo opportunity. One thing I noted about the boat was that there wasn’t anyone visibly inside the vessel it seemed to simply float in the bay. It was interesting considering that all other sailboats in its vicinity were active. But, I took this opportunity as an advantage because without anyone is the boat it offered a “cleaner” picture. I carefully framed the photo so that every part of Alcatraz fit in the background of the shot with a slight blur (due to the small aperture). The foreground encompassed the sailboat. Overall, this is one of my favorite photos from my San Francisco trip. In my next blog I will share a photo of the Space Needle from New Years day.

Battery Spencer at the Golden Gate Bridge (12/30)


This is a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge that was taken at Battery Spencer, a old military facility during WWII. The site is open to the public has a historical landmark and it offers sweeping views of the Golden Gate Bridge. When on the site you get a much more closer and higher view of the golden gate bridge. The journey up to Battery Spencer was not easy. While it is walk-able, it is very steep and tricky for cars to get up with the narrow road. Once you get a top the steep hill, you are greeted with a peeking glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge. Walking through the trail with the abandoned buildings at Battery Spencer it gives you an idea about of how things were during the 2nd world war. As you make your way up the trail you will be able to see an amazing view of the right side of San Francisco bay (I will share this photo in the next blog). Finally, you will make it to a mostly flat dirt viewing area where you will be able to view the bridge at all its glory (see picture above). One thing to note is that the winds are extremely high at the Battery Spencer viewing area from my experience. Over all, the journey was well worth it because of the amazing view.

Fireworks at the Space Needle


This photo was taken on New Year’s Day here in Seattle. As you can see it is the Space Needle in all of its glory. I actually did not bring my DSLR on this once-a-year moment because of the predicted rain showers. As much as I wanted my DSLR my phone sufficed. For this shot I used the Adobe Lightroom mobile app which allowed me to shoot in the RAW format (DNG). I was impressed with the shot since it came from a phone. I later edited it on Photoshop to make it Flickr worthy. Onto the story..

There were a great number of people in Seattle that night. Traffic was not great, so my dad dropped me about half a mile from the Space Needle so that he wouldn’t end up stuck in traffic. I walked the half mile which took about 20 minutes. As I got closer and closer to the landmark, I was greeted with a magenta hue in the sky. This was because T-Mobile was holding the fireworks event. When I got to the Space Needle I was surprised to find that there weren’t that many people under the structure. There was enough room to move around to have your own personal space. I was trying my best to juggle through social media apps and my camera app to capture every part of this event. It was 11:59PM and the ten second firework count started. As each second passed the fireworks were going up and down the Space Needle. After the count down ended, the real show started. A barrage of fireworks lit up the Seattle skyline and it was a great spectacle especially for me, who has never experienced something like this. Overall, this was a great way to start 2017, but next time I’m bringing my DSLR.

Photo by bmphoto

Photography: Fisherman’s Wharf


On arrival to Fisherman’s Wharf, many will notice San Francisco’s notorious gloomy weather. As visitors stroll through the shops and plazas they will notice a prominent beach theme across the street. Walking along Beach Street leads you to an intersection with Ghiradelli Square one side and Aquatic Cove on the other side. The photo you see is of Aquatic Cove- a very small bay home to small aquatic life like fish, crabs, and kelp. Aquatic Cove is also a small beach with a small layer of sand for people to play in. The rest of the area is covered in giant rocks which people sometimes balance on for fun. The rocks are covered in vibrant moss and occasionally crabs can be seen on top of the rocks. The Cove outlooks 4 points of interest. Visitors can see Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco Historical Maritime Park, and some historical vessels. The Cove also leads to a board walk (one which you can see in the photo) where you can get closer to the SF bay. Fisherman’s wharf is also known for it’s great food found on its two great piers- Pier 39 and Pier 43. Both piers offer a diverse number of seafood. Pier 39 is the most notable for its aesthetic and its numerous number of seals found sleeping next to the boardwalk. This photo is a piece of huge and diverse Fisherman’s Wharf is. Aquatic Cove (pictured) is the best way to get close and touch the blue San Francisco Bay water and experience the Wharf.

This photo was taken in 2016 on a D7200 DSLR by bmphoto


Feel The Beat

The music is pulsing through my ribs as I sing the lyrics to one of my favorite songs while standing with people who are singing along. This beat, the guitar, his voice, our singing, we all fit together. We clap in unison, we all sing at the same time. I’m at the Ed Sheeran concert in August, the first concert of his North American Tour. His silhouette comes on to the stage, then he’s illuminated by the stage light. It’s all about the music, he doesn’t even introduce himself before he dives straight into one of the most popular songs on his album “Multiply”. The audience is cheering, some are crying(myself included, just a little, maybe a lot.), we are all in tune to his beat. The first song finishes and the audience simmers down long enough for him to formally introduce himself. “For the next two hours my job is too entertain you and your job is to be entertained,” he said. He followed his set list from japan, a mix of old and new songs infused into an exhilarating concert. The night was filled with loud and obnoxious singing along, or filled with sincere silence and admiration for his talent. He knows how to fill a stadium, his voice can go from a mellow ballad to a fast paced rap about the struggles of rising to success so quickly. From being able to walk into a McDonald’s like a normal person to not even being able to walk around the mall. Ed Sheeran’s concert, personality and life are all the story of a normal ginger kid rising to fame based on his work ethic and talent.


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Sunset on Cougar Mountain

This photo,

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was taken on cougar mountain. I took this picture as the sun was setting down after a long fun filled day. My friends and I woke up at 4 in the morning to go hiking at 5 in the morning to watch the sunrise from the bottom of Snoqualmie falls. My friend Austin and I had to get up, get ready and go pick everyone up. All of our friends were surprisingly awake for the car ride to Snoqualmie despite the fact that it’s very hard for them to wake up at 6 in the morning for school. We got to the falls and it was cold like we had expected. It was so cold that only some of us hiked down to the bottom. I hiked down with April, Chris and Becca. Becca didn’t complain on the way down as much as we thought she would, it was quite a nice walk down. We got down to the bottom and there were too many clouds and too much fog to see the sun from the bottom. We ended up taking a few pictures of each other and hiking back up. After that we got breakfast at ihop and then we drove back to Leeza’s house. There we sat all day painting and watching movies and talking. I was in the middle of helping April paint when I saw the sun setting. We quickly decided to run outside and take some pictures of it. This picture is one of my favorites because it reminds me of all the fun that I had that day.

Sunset at Snoqualmie

Every good photographer knows that the best times to take a photo is during the sunrise or during the sunset. Most people don’t have the ability to wake up early enough to watch the sunrise on a normal day, so for those of us who want to take pictures every day, we take pictures around sunset. There is so much contrast between the light and shadows at that time. Anything can look beautiful at the right angle. I decided that one day I would go to Snoqualmie Falls and take a picture of the sunset there. This decision was spontaneous, so I dragged my mother to the falls that afternoon around six o’clock to take pictures. She wasn’t happy at first but when the sun started going down, she began to enjoy the way everything looked. I immediately started taking photos at the first sight of the sun sinking back down the horizon. The light waxed and waned through the trees near us. The key to taking good photos at sunset is making sure your photos aren’t overexposed or underexposed. I took various test shots with my camera to find the right ISO, for me at that time, an ISO of 200 was good. I also set the white balance to direct sunlight because the sky was clear and I was obviously in direct sunlight. White balance also changes the way your picture can turn out because of the different ways your sensor will receive the light. At the end of the day I found the right settings and took a photo that I really liked.