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Hopefully everyone has enjoyed my recaps of major tournaments, or my other opinions on events occurring in tennis. I am logging off now, since this is the beginning of the summer and the end of the school year, and also the end of my time blogging for all of you guys. I hope that my post prompted you to at least watch a tennis match, and it is always fun to write about and share what I love to watch, one of my hobbies that I am really passionate about.

Remember that there have been so many amazing tennis tournaments throughout the past year, and this is not the end. The end of me blogging does not mean the end of tennis, so make sure this summer during your free time to tune into some of the major tennis tournaments coming up. Wimbledon is a major tennis tournament with a lot of attention and famous guests in attendance, and the great traditions offer a very fun and classy atmosphere, this tournament is in England each summer so make sure to watch that. Another famous tournament coming up, usually in August or September is th US Open, which is a tournament that is very important to watch. So make sure to keep being an audience for this amazing sport, and have a great summer filled with activities and fun and relaxation. It has been a fun year writing for everyone, make sure to keep watching so you can always be up to date when I can’t keep you updated.

French Open

This competition was an interesting one, Djokovic in the mens tournament taking the title, breezing through matches to win in the finals. Some interesting matches were Gasquet and Nishikori, Nishikori being much higher in ranking, however must have been having a bad day because a long match, but Gasquet won the first two sets, lost the next one, and won the fourth set. Many on viewers were surprised, but maybe Gasquet had a home advantage this time.

Serena Williams actually lost this tournament, which did not come as a shock to any spectators or anyone else. Many think that she has not been putting in as much time or practice as usual, which they thought could end up hurting her. She lost in the finals, in a very close game, and was quoted saying she was not playing well, and was frustrated and thought she could do what she was doing better. She even went to twitter to share with her followers that after this loss, she was prepared to put in some more work this time to conquer at Wimbledon. She claimed that she cannot just show up to a tournament and think she can win, which is what some have been discussing about her the past month. She has recognized something that was not successful, and is attempting to change it. Hopefully by Wimbledon we will see her most amazing skills and play yet. The French Open overall was very entertaining to watch, and I can’t wait for more of the tournaments over the summer.

Serena’s Tennis Domination

She has done it again, not to many peoples surprises. She had a victory over Madison Keys in the finals of the tournament in Rome earlier this week. This surprises and shocks many because many people think Serena has been not focusing on playing recently, and more focused on managing her career.

This shows many how she can take off some time to focus on other stuff and not train as hard and still manage to dominate the court. A lot of people felt she was not prepared for the tournament but she still managed to win the entire tournament, even with her being rusty. She is so talented, she simply does not need to play tennis to dominate it, as Washington State Journal puts it.

Many have been talking about the fact that she has only appeared this season in four tournaments and played a total of twenty one matches, and this last one she won she played on clay, where she had not played on clay all season. The last time she has played a match was in March, two months ago in Miami. Most tennis players can not just walk on a court, and win a tournament after not playing on clay for the entire season. Some say this could give her that refreshed wave of playing well many players get after taking a few weeks off from the sport.

This definitely speaks to Serena’s talent as a tennis player, and she continues to wow onlookers as one of the most talented players of all time.

Gearing up for clay season

It’s the time of year again where tennis players are gearing up for the clay season on courts. This is the hardest season for many tennis players, and requires some extra practice to get ready for this type of court. ESPN reports Serena, number one woman in the world right now, as maybe not on her A game in preparing for the clay season. The article noticed her growing celebrity appearances, where she will make sure to send out a tweet at least once a day, and share on instagram the various locations her career is taking her. While none of this is negative, spectators are concerned for her readiness to enter this part of the season. She has only played sixteen matches since her loss in the US Open, which was more than half a year ago. Many professional spectators involved with ESPN are worried she is not in the most tip top shape, like she usually is, to begin to play these types of matches again. Many also wonder if her spot as the number one girls tennis player in the world is still safe, or if it could begin to be challenged. Azarenka could be the new challenge for her, as she has began to win some tournaments, like Indian Wells and Miami, and is breaking some records as well. Williams visible weakness when it comes to her season is her emotions, and if players begin to take advantage of this the rankings could be looking different next year.

Raymond Moore’s comments on women’s tennis

Director of the tennis tournament in the California desert as of right now, has been under scrutiny for his open comments on women’s tennis. He claims¬†women’s pro tennis players “ride on the coattails of the men” and describes them as “physically attractive and competitively attractive.” Many complain this is sexist and uncalled for, and undermines serious players such as Serena Williams, whose serve speeds tops that of some men’s. He also later says, “If I was a lady player, I’d go down every night on my knees and thank God that Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal were born, because they have carried this sport.” Many players, both men and women, refute statements made by the director. Moore later apologized for his comments, but not before being condemned by social media and other big names and stars in the tennis world.

Djokovic especially went under attack as well for some of his comments in response to Moore’s interview and statement. Djokovic claimed men should be payed more than women in tournaments because they have more viewership. Djokovic got attacked in social media over these comments, even though this is a shared opinion by many. The unequal pay distribution is a very big debate in many sports. Tennis tournaments for men typically have the most viewership, so it seems fair that they are the ones getting paid the most, because they are bringing the most viewership to the sport. However, the wage gap is still a widely disputed topic, so Djokovic later choose to clear up his comments.

Sharapova Scandal

The Sharapova scandal has winded down a bit, after the initial blow up of the scandal a few weeks ago. Sharapova failed her drug test in the Australian Open, and lost many sponsorships, including a huge million dollar worth sponsorship by Nike. Fans still supported Marie Sharapova, saying they should have stuck by her. The circumstances surrounding her failed drug test were not illegal drugs or steroids, it was a common drug prescribed in eastern Europe, where she is from. She was taking the medicine, which was prescribed by a doctor and something she really needed to take. However Marie Sharapova admits to knowing this was on the drug test, and is taking responsibility for her actions.

Critics think that Nike should not have abandoned her in her time of need. She was not purposefully taking steroids because she believed it would improve her game, she was taking a prescription drug that had recently been banned from the tournament. Nike potentially will resign her, and forgive her for this mistake. Although this will most likely not be as lucrative and beneficial as her first and initial deal, it will be a step in the right direction for the tennis player. Nike is potentially giving her a second chance, saying “athletes are humans just like the rest of us.” The global brand head hinted that she could possibly be resigned. “each time those situations happen, you are saddened and disappointed, at the same time, there are many athletes that inspire us.”

Sharapova Fails Drug Test

Earlier this week, reports were rampid over Sharapova, famed Russian tennis player, failing her drug test in the US Open. She tested positive for meldonium, a newly recent banned drug from tournaments.

Meldonium is common in Eastern Europe, where she is from, and has been taking the drug in the form of Mildronate for ten years, receiving her prescription from ¬†a doctor. Grindeks, a doctor, says that “Meldonium cannot improve athletic performance, but it can stop tissue damage in the case of ischemia, and doesn’t constitute doping.” Studies completed however, have said otherwise. Scientists agree that Midronate optimizes oxygen consumption, which could potentially give athletes an advantage, like improved aerobic abilities and increased endurance. Sharapova does need to take this drug for her condition, however she was aware that this drug was now banned from the tournament as of the new year.

Nike has for now suspended their contract with Maria Sharapova, her losing 50m in euros. Nike was the one big company sponsoring her, along with others like Porshe that suspended and held back on their multimillion dollar contracts. Some fans think that this was a little harsh for the tennis star. Sharapova was not taking the drug intentionally just for better performance, she was taking it because she needed it, and is still at fault for not getting off it and competing when it was banned, but it is still different story than some other athlete-drug scandals. This is certainly the news people will be watching out for in tennis for the seasons to come.

World Sportsman of the Year

Announced earlier this week were the nominations for the 2016 Award, of the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year. Djokovic is the famed nominee, who has already won this prestigious award twice, and is now in the running for his third award. Other winners include other well known and respected nominees Usain Bolt, Stephen Curry, and Lionel Messi.

Djokovic’s season has been his best so far, winning eleven ATP tour tournaments and three grand slams. He ended his year with a winning-losing match number of 82-6, winnning 82 of his matches and losing just six. The award will be given out in Berlin in a few months.

Slow February

02 29

This month, in tennis, has not been very eventful in the past few weeks. Sports, in general, have been slowing down, with the Super Bowl and other major events, however tennis is still continuing, but players are not yet playing in a high class tournament as of right now.

The Dubai final, a less high profile tournament, is underway as of right now, with Wawrinka heading to the finals to compete for the the title of the winner. To many fans and watchers surprise, Djokovic did not even make it past the quarter finals, forfeiting his match after one set, most likely due to some injury or impeding reason why he could not play, giving other less well known players the opportunity to continue on. A surprising turnout to what other wise would have been an easily predicted win for Djokovic.

Baghdatis and Wawrinka are competing in the final in the Dubai final. Wawrinka is a more well known player, Baghdatis was formally no 8 however it is uncertain whether or not he will prevail in the final. He has only won four ATP World Titles, he has not done as well in the past five years, and is hoping to use this tournament as a way to resurge back into the tennis community as provide a challenge for some of the players.

This tournament is a real change from the predictable win, mostly because two players retired out with an injury, offering an exciting and very new and unexpected outcome.

Results of the Australian Open

The Australian Open was a big tournament, like it is every year. It is one of the big grand slams on the ATP tour, a big destination for many players during the season. This was also the first tour in 2016, and will predict some good players and possible people and outcomes to look for in the upcoming season.

Such things I discussed in the first paragraph are in fact, what insured at this tournament. The discovery and emergence of a British player Johanna Konta, who was a semifinalist in the tournament, provides an interesting spin on the events of the tournament, and what is yet to come. She used to be no 47, however she has been rising in the rankings, and perhaps this will be another Andy Murray of surprisingly rising to the charts. In the womans singles overall, a lot of esteemed and expected stars ended up not making it very far in the tournament, even Williams and Sharapova, the only widely predicted star to actually make it very far was Azarenka, who was beat eventually by Kerber.

In boys singles however, the predicted route of Djokovic conquering took place as before. Nadal was expected after coming back to do well, however his resurgence has not taken place yet. Federer still struggles against Djokovic, losing in a set of four. Whether or not its his aging, or not being able to compete with a young player, He has not been doing as well this season as normal. A lot of fans were disappointed, because expected talented protegies did not end up performing as well as expected.

Australian Open

In the midst of a believed and accused cheating conspiracy, Novak Djokovic has again taken another major title. Winning against other well known and respected players like Federer and Murray, he goes home to his wife and child with another trophy, title and prize money. He played three sets in his final match against British Andy Murray, and won all three sets, last set having to settle with a tiebreaker. He now claims seventeen major titles.

Djokovic is still holding the spot for number one in the world, mostly because he is coming to rise at about the time most of his competitors games and possibility for more success is going down. This is perfect for Djokovic’s career. Some have called his success the Djoko-era, because this is much like what happened with Federer’s career in the early 2000s. Right now, Djokovic has found so much success, with no rising tennis star to challenge the titles he keeps snatching. His domination is certainly great success for him, and there is no clear answer as to when he will be done.

There is discussion going around about Nadal’s performance versus Djokovic’s. Nadal is a player from Spain, however is not predicted or has had the same success that Djokovic has had and has been experiencing. Most people who predict outcomes and predictions think he will fail to even reach the semifinals, because he has not been able to win any major titles this year. Djokovic’s success will ensure him a long lasting impact on the sport of tennis.

02 08


Throughout the past few weeks, new feeds have been spilling and spitting out articles having to do with a controversy floating and circling around high profile tournaments in tennis.Tennis has been the most recent sport involved in a cheating and corruption scandal.

How do people exactly cheat in tennis? Well there are a lot of grey areas in tennis,especially when it comes to coaching during a match. Many players have been accused of getting help or “coached” during a match, like a subtle nod. However this could just be speculation.

However this most recent scandal has to do with people offering players money to lose matches. Djokovic claimed he turned down $200,000 to lose a match early off in his career. Many other players claimed they have been offered about $50,000 to lose a match.

These are often done in the first few rounds of a tournament, so more prominent players will not lose early on during a match. Some layers have been investigated, however investigators claimed they did not have sufficient evidence to act on these accusations.

All this offering of money is often the result of gambling, which is in itself legal, however this might be the cause of corruption in the sport. The tournament which shed light on this scandal was the Australian Open. The scandal had to do with “match fixing”. Djokovic is accused of match fixing, which he claims is “absurd”, and whoever is accusing him doesn’t have enough evidence to prove anything.

However this scandal will eventually unfold, and shows us that even our favorite sports can deal with corruption.

2016 Season

The new year is here! This means a fresh start and attempt at change for the upcoming year for countless people around the world. Tennis players are getting reading for the new year and the new tournaments coming up as well. Big name tennis players are gearing up for the new list of tournaments in titles coming up. The first big ATP tournament coming up in the new year is the tournament in Monte Carlo.

The Australian Open is already here too coming up this month. Djokovic is predicted to continue his winning streak here in Australia. He has been playing well this entire season, and has won four titles in Melbourne, Australia, and is not predicted to lose this on fire season anytime soon. Andy Murray is not predicted to go far in this tournament, mostly due to distractions at home like his kids and no former titles here. Federer is getting older, but is still capable of beating Djokovic on hard courts, so there is a possibility for him.

Women in the Australian Open also have some matches to watch. Serena Williams did recently hurt her knee, so her match performance is unpredicable. However she is a fan favorite. Maria Sharapova could do well, but she is also in Williams side of the draw which means she might have a difficult time getting to the semifinals or the finals.

The Australian Open is the major tournament coming up in tennis, however there are a few interesting tournaments to watch out for over the next few months of 2016.

Djokovic in the gradual end of season

It was announced yesterday that iconic tennis player Novak Djokovic is named the player of the year in the tennis season this year. This was decided after a long season of countless impressive matches won by him this season. This year Djokovic dominated the headlines, much like Serena Williams did this year too. Their are many similarities between the two players. They both have had an amazing season, with Williams running a campaign on social media called Serena Slam, and Djokovic having a winning streak. They also have upsetting matches of loss, Djokovic with Federer and Williams with the emerging Italian player Vinci. Djokovic this year has a 82-6 match record, and this also includes eleven tournaments over all. This is an insane record, and 2015 will be a year remembered. The point gap the number one has with the number two player, Andy Murray, also shows the dominance Djokovic has in the tennis season this year. He has almost double the points that the number two has.

Djokovic has no intention or signs of slowing down. However Federer seems to be his closest threat to the gathering of his titles and match wins. Federer has been introduced and hired a new coach, and this could threaten the trend Djokovic had of beating him in the two biggest matches they have played together. However Federer is beginning to be able to break Djokovic’s playing during the match and beating him. This will be an interesting factor to watch in the upcoming matches.