The time has come for another goodbye–and this time, the final one.

These past 4 years of high school have been amazing. I’ve met some fantastic people, made many wonderful memories, and learned a lot. I’ve grown not only academically, but also as a person.

It’s funny to look back on the person I used to be when I first stepped into the halls of Issaquah High School and compare that shy, horribly nervous, awkward girl (who by the way had the worst braces) to the girl I am today. But I know that as I grow even older, it’ll continue to be weird to look back upon the person I was when graduating high school. That’s just part of life, I guess. You live, you learn, and you burn all your old ugly pictures.

I think it’s safe for me to say that I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m not perfect by any means, and I’ve made plenty of mistakes. What makes me happy though is the fact that I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I’ve learned to take risks and enjoy new experiences. I’m beyond excited (albeit still pretty nervous) to enter the next chapter of my life at college, and although I’m terrified to be stepping out of my comfort zone and leaving behind everything I’ve ever known for my entire life, I’m confident that this is going to be good for me.

I am so lucky to have so much support from my friends and family and to lead such a privileged life. I used to take it for granted that I had all these things, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize that I am truly blessed. And for that, I am incredibly grateful.

As I leave behind this blog, my biggest piece of advice is to just live. Take things day by day. You’re going to make mistakes–we all do. Don’t let that be a negative thing, because that’s what separates you from all those other miserable people who never achieve what they want to in life, and you don’t want that to be you. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You don’t want to look back regretting decisions you made, or regretting not taking advantage of an opportunity. Life is short, and you’re lucky to have it. There are no limitations to what you can accomplish, and I know that sounds cliché, but as an experienced high school senior who has been through the craziest stuff imaginable I can tell you it’s true. Life is a gift, and you can do whatever you want with it.

So yeah. All I have to say is, just live.

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lots of love,

how to survive freshman year

hey friends!

Freshman year can be really scary. Stepping into the halls of a gigantic high school filled with a bunch of older kids is certainly not easy. But, lucky for you, there are a few things you can do to hopefully ease a little of your tension and help you have a successful, fun, stress-free freshman year!

  1. Become friends with upperclassmen: Having an in with the older kids is definitely a good thing. Not only will you get great advice on things to do and mistakes to avoid from people who very recently experienced the same things you’re experiencing, but it’s also just nice to know you have some friends outside of your own grade. Branching out is never a bad thing.
  2. Join a sport/club/activity: Being on a team not only allows you to have fun doing whatever activity it is that you enjoy, but it also helps you meet a ton of people. Having a constant group of people you enjoy spending time with and who share your passions can be really awesome and add a sense of security knowing you have a place where you belong.
  3. Be nice to everyone: Freshman year is not the time to be cutting ties with anyone. You want to create the best possible impressions on everyone so definitely try to stay on people’s good sides. As you get older, you figure out who your real friends are and all that, but you want to be keeping your options open as much as you can while you’re a freshman.
  4. Be as prepared as you can be: Headphones, Tylenol, Kleenex, deodorant for after PE, extra glasses if you wear contacts, and lots of lined paper are necessities at school. You don’t want to be left having to ask people for this stuff every day–it’s going to annoy them, and you should be independent anyway. It’s the scariest to be needing one of these and not have it when you’re a freshman and you’re already overwhelmed by high school.
  5. Make an EFFORT: A lot of people regret not trying in their classes or with other people their freshman year. It’s important to get off to a good start!

05 31
Joining a sport can be a really great way to meet people! It’s a lot of fun!

ADVICE OF THE DAY: At the end of the day, don’t stress too much. Even if your classes seem tough, or the upperclassmen scary, you’re going to survive and it’ll all be fine 🙂


being healthy

hey friends!

I’ve never exactly been extremely unhealthy or anything, but I recently made a commitment to really genuinely being healthy. I’ve completely changed my lifestyle and it feels great! This isn’t for everyone, but this is what I’ve been doing to feel good about myself. I don’t really crave tater tots and mac ‘n’ cheese and cookies as much as I expected, and I don’t feel disgusting and hate myself after eating an unhealthy meal cause I don’t have any of those anymore!

For my workout routine, I’ve been running 2 miles every day. Beyoncé does it so obviously it’s a good thing 😉 Rain or shine, no matter how sore I am from a previous workout, I will always run. Even if I have a ton of work to do, it’s a necessity. I have found that as hard as it is to sometimes force myself to start it, I always feel really good once I do start running. The fresh breeze and listening to pump up music and just having time to myself where there’s nothing else to really think or worry about feels so nice. I prefer to run outside rather than on a treadmill. Running outside just feels nicer in this cool weather and the varied steepness is good too. In addition to my running, I’ve been focusing on toning for a different part of my body each day–the four parts are my abs, arms, legs, and butt. I know this isn’t a super demanding or difficult workout routine, but it’s what fits nicely into my schedule because I don’t necessarily have the time to be spending 3 hours at the gym. If you’re super busy, I would recommend getting the 7 minute workout app! You can do as many cycles as you want and it’s backed up by a ton of research for being super effective! I always shower after I work out–I shower twice a day, once real quick to clean myself off in the mornings, and a more thorough one in the evening.

As for my diet, I’ve been watching what I’m eating pretty carefully. I love having 2 scrambled egg whites with chopped up peas, corn, carrots, and beans, and a homemade smoothie (using my favorite juicer!!) for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, I’ve been really enjoying eating salads, zucchini pasta (check out the Kitchen Supreme spiral slicer which you can use to make spaghetti noodles out of vegetables), lots of quinoa, and as many veggies as I can fit into my diet. Some good snacks have been nuts and quinoa/veggie/kale chips, but I try to stay away from those as much as I can.

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It is also important for me to be drinking as much water as I can throughout the day. Not only does it keep me from getting super hungry, but it also is great for my skin and body in general.

A weird thing I like to do when I’m working out my abs is to only be wearing a sports bra and running shorts, so I can physically see my abs flexing which is cool and motivational. Maybe it’s a weird thing only I do but I really enjoy it 🙂

ADVICE OF THE DAY: The way you’re going to be healthy is different for everyone! Don’t stress or think you have to follow certain rules–everyone is different and you can choose some of my ideas if you want and they interest you. Being healthy feels good and I’m proud of myself. I love that feeling.


how to feel better if you’re sick

hey friends!

So I haven’t been feeling too great the past couple of days, and I decided it might be helpful to let you guys know some of the things I do to make myself not feel so terrible while I’m sick!

  1. Organize: This may just be a weird thing I like to do, but when I’m sick, I like cleaning and organizing things. Usually I don’t have that kind of down time, so I like to take advantage of it when I am sick. It helps you feel productive and not like you were sitting around doing nothing all day, and it always feels good to organize things like your closet or desk.
  2. Indulge a little: I’m not a big fan of giving into my bad habits like eating cake or watching TV all day, but if you’re really feeling sucky, it can be nice to let yourself indulge just a bit. Don’t go overboard, though. A little is good without letting it become harmful 😉
  3. Be prepared: If you have a runny nose and have to go to school, make sure you’re carrying Kleenex around with you. Having none when you really need it would make an already bad situation even worse.
  4. Go out: This might sound a little counter-intuitive, but being cooped up sniffling in the couch at home just makes me feel worse. When I’m sick, I like to get out of the house and be doing things so instead of focusing on how sick I am I can be doing something fun.

05 16
Going out and indulging in a little dessert can make you feel better. It definitely made me feel pretty good.

ADVICE OF THE DAY: Everyone’s different so you might feel better doing different things, but maybe pick a couple things that you feel work best for you! And don’t be afraid to try new things 🙂


prom dress shopping! | part 1

hey friends!

As prom season rolls around, it’s important that any girl or guy who is going to prom finds a dress/tux that he/she feels AMAZING in. This can be really tough–some people spend many hours on multiple different days trying to find the perfect dress/tux. You’ve got to get it approved by all your BFFs and make sure it’s THE ONE.

05 09

Here are some of my friendly tips to find your perfect dress (since that’s all I have experience with):

  1. Don’t be afraid to try new things: I ended up getting a two-piece, which I really wasn’t sure about at first. I really wasn’t looking for when when I first started looking for a dress. But when when I did try one on, I knew it was the one for me.
  2. Bring honest people: You need to know when when you’re looking ugly.
  3. You don’t have to be typical: Everyone knows there’s a pretty generic type of prom dress. Of course it is gorgeous in its own right, but you don’t have to settle for that if you feel pretty in something different, like @theblondeblogger, who went for a stunning black glam mermaid silhouette dress rather than a typical baby blue a-line princess dress. Both looked amazing on her, but the mermaid dress was more unique to her aesthetic, which is mostly black.
  4. ALTERATIONS!!!! The price you see on the price tag isn’t necessarily all you’re going to have to pay to wear the dress. It’s nearly impossible to find a dress that fits you perfectly everywhere, especially the hem. Alterations can be anywhere from an additional $100-200. Keep that in mind when when you decide to splurge on that $550 dress.
  5. You’re beautiful. 

ADVICE OF THE DAY: Ultimately, it’s your prom, so whatever you like and you feel beautiful in is what you should wear. Don’t stress too much 🙂


preparing for a new adventure

hey friends,

Decision day has come and gone. And with that, a lot of pressure has finally been taken off of millions of seniors everywhere.

A lot of people struggle with the decision of choosing a safe school close to home versus moving far away and really starting fresh, which can be incredibly scary. So what’s the best decision?

Honestly, I’m terrified to be moving far away from home–I’m literally moving across the country. Having lived in relatively the same area for most of my life, the prospect of going somewhere new by myself to make new friends, become familiar with a brand new place, and figure things out for myself is a little daunting. Making the decision between taking the safe option of staying close to my family and going to a school where a lot of my friends would be going vs. taking the risk of moving somewhere completely different was tough. Someone very important to me, however, reminded me that I can’t live my life settling for safe options because I’m too afraid to take a chance that may very well lead to the best 4 years of my life. It’s just not fair to myself to have worked this hard for it and then to be too afraid to try something different. I have this amazing opportunity, and I’m not doing myself any good by giving it up out of fear. I realized that this is my time to explore the world and live my life independently and I’m just going to regret it too much if I give it up.

05 04

ADVICE OF THE DAY: Don’t let fear be your motivator to settle for something less. A little risk can be good, and you could end up making the best decision of your life.


your people matter

hey friends!

I had an amazing weekend at this year’s sports med state competition with my fantastic team. It dawned upon me there–it really matters who you surround yourself with. While some of the other schools there were partying and only came because they wanted to miss school, we were staying up late studying and quizzing each other and working our butts off. A big reason why I was working so hard and constantly studying was because I was surrounded by other hard workers who motivated and pushed me to do the same. It came as no surprise, as a result, that we won for the 4th year in a row up against some 50+ schools.

04 25

As I prepare to head off to college, I’ve been thinking about how I need to work on finding people that I know will encourage me to be a better person and student rather than people who will lead me astray and distract me from achieving my goals I’ve worked so hard towards throughout all of these years.

It’s going to impact you a lot more than you may realize if you’re spending time with people who don’t have the same values as you. I definitely was one of those people who fell prey to the idea that I’m capable of handling myself and it’s fine if I’m surrounding myself with negative people because I won’t let them affect me. Now that I think about it, though, it affected me a lot, even though I’m not the kind of person who’s very easily influenced by others.

ADVICE OF THE DAY: Choose your friends carefully. You don’t want to inherit bad qualities from them!


run, baby run

hey friends!

A very important thing you need to do in life is exercise. A lot of people love to make excuses, like that they don’t have enough time or they’re skinny anyway without exercising–WRONG. BAD.

I’ve been under a terrible amount of stress these past couple of weeks, and the only thing that’s kept me sane is having at least an hour a day dedicated to working out. Exercise releases endorphins, makes you feel good about yourself, and is just plain good for you. It can clear your mind and when you’re running or working on abs or whatever there’s nothing else for you to focus on but what you’re doing, in the moment, and that’s what makes it so freeing.

I love making pump-up music playlist for my runs, buying new workout clothes (who doesn’t lol), and setting new goals for myself. I love getting new apps like the Nike Run app or the 7 minute workout app to keep my workouts exciting. For me personally, doing the same thing all the time gets boring, so I like to have that variety.

04 21

A great way to motivate yourself is to just leave your workout clothes right outside your room. On weekends I like to run in the mornings, but with school so early on weekdays, I prefer running in the evenings. Either way, seeing those clothes first thing when I get up or first thing when I come back home is a kind of motivator to force me to do it. It can be hard to start getting into the habit of working out daily, but once you do, it’s hard to stop.

The main thing, though, is you don’t have to do crazy ab workouts for 7 hours or run 20 miles to feel good. Everyone has different limits and preferences, and you can do whatever works best for you.

ADVICE OF THE DAY: please exercise, it’s a good thing


college bound

hey friends!

It is sooo tough to decide on a college! A lot of people already at the very beginning of the admissions process had a specific school in mind, got in, and committed without even having to consider it any further. I am really at a loss for what college to choose, but here is a list of things to consider/do that may help you narrow down what college you want to choose if you are also struggling with that!

04 08

  1. General environment: Is it cutthroat and competitive? Relaxed? A party school? Where do you see yourself and what matches up with your goals the best?
  2. Size: Big schools may have many opportunities to meet people, but you might get lost in the crows. Small schools will be nice and cozy but it might get boring being with the same few people for 4 years, just like in HS.
  3. Proximity to home: Do you want to go far away or stay close to home? Really consider this. Are you dying to start fresh or do you think you’ll be happier with all your good HS friends and family nearby?
  4. Major you’re interested in: You always want to consider the opportunities available in your field of study–how good of an education will you be receiving in regards to your specific interests/whatever career you want to pursue?
  5. City vs. Isolated: Isolated has a negative connotation, but I couldn’t think of another word. What I mean by this is are you going to be surrounded by a bustling city life or is college the only thing going on and there’s nothing much for you to do outside of hang out at school? Which do you prefer?
  6. Student body: What are the students like? Do you want to be surrounded by high-achieving kids or ones who are a little more relaxed? Do you think the type of students there match up with you so you could make good friends?

There are tons of other things to consider but I think these are the POWER 6. To me, they’re the most important. Of course other aspects like food, housing, and how nice the campus is could be things that help you make a final, narrowed down decision, but these 6, at least for me, are the ones that matter most because they’ll have the biggest impact on your college experience. Most of all, though, don’t just pick the most prestigious school you get into. A lot of people do this and then have a tough time in college because they didn’t consider the actual logistics of attending a certain school. Make sure to really find a place where you can be both happy and successful, so that you’re setting yourself up for a good time in college.

ADVICE OF THE DAY: If you are a hard worker who is good at prioritizing, you’ll be successful wherever you go. Make sure to really evaluate all aspects of each college you’re considering so you can make the best possible decision though!


don’t be afraid

hey friends!

I’ve noticed lately that a lot of people, just for the sake of avoiding conflict, won’t actually face any of their problems. I honestly don’t think anyone likes conflict (except for sadists I guess lol), and I have definitely done this before, but I realized it’s time for me to put on my bad girl boots and be honest instead of pretending everything’s okay just because I’m afraid of getting involved in an argument.

It can be hard to just deal with problems head on and it may at first feel like you’re making things worse instead of better, but what’s a solid friendship if you can’t be honest with yourself and your friend? Sometimes, working through conflicts together can actually strengthen your bond with someone and make your relationship even more rock solid. It sucks in the moment, but it’s not worth bottling up all your feelings and thoughts just because you’re afraid to experience some temporary discomfort.

Some of my best friends are people that I’ve been able to have mature conversations with about any sort of conflict we’re having, so we can be honest with each other, listen to what we each have to say, and work through it as a unit. I can say for certain that it’s made my friendships with them all the more better. All you’re doing is slowly destroying your trust in someone if you’re having to hide the way you really feel from them. I’m so glad for the friendships I have that I’m able to keep going strong because of our ability to tell each other when something is bothering us.

03 28

ADVICE OF THE DAY: Don’t be afraid to be honest with your friends. The key to a strong, solid relationship is honesty.


the end is near

hey friends!

Just a heads up, this post is going to be a lot more of me just sharing my thoughts with you than me giving you a concrete piece of advice. So, let’s get started!

03 21

That right there is me and my dance besties. At our second to last competition. 🙁 Dance in general has been a huge part of my life since I was 3, and dance team has been with me all through high school. It’s kind of terrifying for me to think what I’m going to do with the hours and hours of free time I’m going to have now that every single day isn’t taken up by 3 or more hours of practice. Unlike most sports, dance team is year round, so when it ends, it’s especially weird. It’s especially weird that this Friday will be the last time I get to go out and compete with these girls that I love so much.

I know I technically still have a decent amount of time before I’m graduating and heading off to college, but it’s never felt as real as it does now. I think everyone has that initial excitement that they’re going off and doing their own thing, studying what they genuinely have interest in. As the time draws nearer, though, you start to realize that you’re leaving 18 years of your life behind for a new one. All your friends and family, people you’re used to seeing every single day aren’t going to be such a constant part of your life anymore. You can call and FaceTime every day, but it’s really not the same.

While I’m super excited for the next chapter in my life, I’m also pretty nervous to leave behind this cozy monochrome life that I’m so used to. Starting over on my own will be scary, but everyone does it, so I know I can too.

I guess my advice would be to really live in the moment. Don’t keep waiting for the future, because you’re going to miss the past. I know I will.



hey friends!

So I’ve been getting into the terrible habit of sleeping ridiculously late every single night, only to wake up exhausted the next morning. I’m torn between wanting to stay up doing things or living live and wanting to go to bed.

An important thing I learned is that our minds organize all the information stored in our brains that was learned throughout the day while we sleep. Pieces of information are moved from short-term memory to long-term, and your brain diligently sorts through it all. If you don’t sleep enough, you’re not allowing this to happen, so you won’t really retain anything you learned that day, and will have a harder time even keeping things in your short-term memory the next day since it’ll be so clogged up.

Aside from that, from personal experience, not getting enough sleep is a dangerous habit that can become a cycle. You don’t get enough sleep, so you’re tired and can’t focus in school the next day, which makes it hard for you to concentrate and get homework done, so you stay up late trying to finish it all, and it just keeps going on and on. I know as a teenager it’s hard to tell yourself to go to bed when at that time, it doesn’t seem to make a difference to you whether you wait another extra hour before sleeping or not. But trust me, sleep is important. If we want to function well and live our lives to the fullest, we need to take care of ourselves and part of that includes sleeping well.

Of course there are going to be some nights when you don’t sleep very much. Maybe you’re at a party, or maybe you really do have a ton of work to do. But try to keep those to a minimum, because they can really throw you off for a while afterwards.

I’ve experienced firsthand the negative effects of not sleeping enough, and I can tell you it really sucks. I just tend to feel like I have a much better handle on life when I feel well-rested, and that can make me a lot more productive, efficient, and able to enjoy myself.

03 14
This lion gets it. Sleeping rocks. He lives in Disneyworld so he’s living the life.

ADVICE OF THE DAY: Please sleep. It’s important.


preparing for rejection :(

hey friends!

So, college admission release season has officially begun. With a mixture of fear and excitement, we all wait to hear back from schools we’ve dreamt of going to our entire lives.

03 14 a

So far, I’ve been accepted by all 3 colleges I’ve heard back from, but none of them are my reach schools (I’m not hearing back from those until April ugh). I know I don’t technically know how to deal with rejection from colleges quite yet, but I know I’m going to have to at some point, and I’ve been telling myself that it’s all going to be okay. An important thing to remember is it’s not everything to get into an Ivy or some other really difficult school–I mean, what are the chances you’re actually going to want to go there? You’ve got to keep in mind that you don’t want to burn yourself out. I personally cannot handle being in an environment where I feel stupid because I’m surrounded by incredibly high achievers. I need a balance where I’m being challenged but I also don’t feel too overwhelmed and diminish my self-esteem.

Also, college apps are super holistic. It all depends on whether the person reading your application is tired or annoyed, and whether they just read a bunch of terrible applications or amazing applications right before reading yours. College admissions officers could really connect with an essay you wrote because they experienced something similar, or you may remind them of someone they hated in high school and they could unconsciously mark you down.

Rejection can be hard. I’m not saying you don’t have a right to be sad if you don’t get into a school you’ve always wanted to attend. But, comfort yourself with the thought that you can be just as successful anywhere else. And who knows, you might find that you come across opportunities you would never have had in the school of your dreams at some other school.

ADVICE OF THE DAY: No matter where you end up going, if you are diligent, focused, and hard-working, you’ll be successful. Getting rejected says nothing about your potential, just whether or not you fit the exact equation that school may have been looking for. Everything happens for the best, and maybe you were meant to blossom elsewhere.


how to handle life

hey friends!

I am a very busy person. Somehow I still end up getting things done and staying happy! I think I’m pretty good at time management, so I decided I’d come up with a few of my favorite tips for those of you who are also incredibly busy and struggle with staying on top of things. I know life can get crazy.

  1. Keep a clean room: I feel so much more frazzled when my room is a mess and I can’t find things. Just put everything away after you use it, so you don’t keep accumulating a bigger and bigger mess that you have to clean up at the end of the month which sucks.
  2. Calendars: I couldn’t possibly manage my life without all my calendars. It just makes me feel so much better. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is get on my phone, and one of the things I do on it is to check my calendar for that day and the next day. It’s also nice because when another commitment comes up, like say someone invites you to a movie screening, you don’t have to wonder if you’ve got something important that day. You can simply whip your phone out and check if there’s anything on your calendar; if not, you’re good to go! It’s a stress-free process!
  3. Get ahead: I love making use of my time to get ahead in homework and just any other work in general. During the school week, I barely have an hour or two a day to do all my homework and eat dinner and do my nighttime routine each night, which is definitely not enough. So, I like to use the spots of extra time I have, which may be on Sunday mornings or even Saturday super late at night (I seem to like staying up till 4 on Saturday getting ahead on HW for some reason) to get more things done so that during the week I don’t have to worry so much. It’s not a big deal to stay up ridiculously late over the weekend, but it is a terrible thing to do during the week.
  4. Find time to relax: It’s important you’re not constantly doing things. Being busy is nice, but it’s going to get old really fast if you don’t make time for yourself to relax. This can mean just spending some quality time with your family, reading a book, watching some Netflix, treating yourself to a massage, attending hot yoga classes, or cooking. While you’re relaxing, do not keep thinking about all the other things you have to do once your relaxing is done. Be present and in the moment so you can utilize your time to its fullest.
  5. Plan outfits the night before: This probably sounds weird but I hate freaking out about what to wear the morning of. It’s nice when I have my clothes all laid out. Sometimes I’ll wake up really tired and not actually end up wearing those clothes and instead opt for a sweatshirt and lulus which is fine, but at least I had something pre-planned.
  6. Just pack everything the night before, for that matter: Pack your backpack, gym clothes, etc. the night before. Then in the morning, it’s just grab ‘n’ go.
  7. Hardest first, easiest last: I do my hardest homework first, and save the easy/fun things for last. My concentration dies down a lot the longer I’m sitting down and working, so if I attack the harder things first, I am able to focus on them and do a much better job. It’s almost rewarding to only have easy homework left after all that’s done.
  8. Do not commit to anything unless you’re sure: I don’t like saying “maybe” to events if I know that day is already going to be crazy. Instead, I either move things around to accommodate if it’s really important, or simply say no. And don’t feel bad about having to say no; I used to always feel terrible about it and try to go out of my way to still make it even though it’s practically impossible, but I’ve realized that it really doesn’t matter.

02 29
Laying out outfits the night before sounds simple, but it’s a huge time-saver and can relieve you of a lot of stress.

ADVICE OF THE DAY: At the end of the day, if you don’t enjoy being busy, you might want to take steps to lighten your load. I’m one of those people who enjoys being busy, but sometimes I need to take a few extra steps to keep it from getting too stressful. Hopefully they can help you too 🙂