The northwest is the best!

Hello! I am Northwest Calling and I will be writing to you about why the Northwest is the best! And why it is very different from other states in the country. I will be posting all year so stayed tuned for all upcoming blogs.

Now the flow to how this blog will be ran is quite simple, why the greater area of Washington and the coast of Seattle is simply better than all other parts of the country. Now to those who have been born and raised in Washington know that the state is one of the best! But unfortunately not everyone has, that is why I will be blogging to you all, so you can find your way to the best hikes, foods, and activities that all of Washington has to offer. Most of the blog will have to do with local areas within Seattle, a more convenient area for people to go to. But I will also bring us to all of Washington seeing the upper Olympic forests and to the eastern deserts of our state. I will take all of you on a “guide” into other states so that we can all see what other states have, and why that makes them unique. Lets have a blast with this and I hope you will all have as much fun as I will.