Spring Sports

03 14

Hey Issaquah High School sports fans! It is Issy Tribe Brothers back for another update on everything Issaquah events! This weekend marks prestigious Issaquah High School lacrosse’s first game. (Insert Picture here) The guys o n the team are excited for this season as a state championship for them is well in reach. Good luck to those guys in their first game against a team who is not as good. That team is Newport and i am sure they are scared to face our eagles. In other news, track has just started up and those girls and guys are very excited for this season. With time trials next week everyone is excited to get a basis on their times so they can race against not only the other kids but there own times too and go for personal records. Boys baseball is excited to dominate the field this year as senior Will Langan says that they will definitely make a run at state and hopefully win. Boys soccer also has a solid squad this year with a lot of returning starters. It sounds like this season is going to most likely be a dominant one for the eagles as all of our squads sound like they are stacked. Well that is all for me. Until next time, go out and watch some of our athletes compete.

Stinky Sneaker

Hey Issaquah Fans. Back from the dead with my latest blog post here and tonight is the highly anticipated stinky sneaker game. The biggest and most famous rivalry on the west coast is back and twitter is hot. There has been smack talk back and forth from both schools all day with some kids being called down to the principals office because of inappropriate tweets and comments. The basketball game tonight tops it off and everyone is at the edge of their seats waiting for this match-up. Coming into the game Skyline looks confident but but they should not be confident because Issaquah has a far better record and has beat skyline by a large margin in the early parts of the season. Good luck boys, go beat skyline. TRIBEBROTHERS signing off, see you next week.

Fall Sports Playoffs

Hey I am here with your newest Issy Events. Yesterday was a pep assembly for all of the fall sports that made it to the playoffs. Issy had a great turnout with four sports making it to the playoffs. Issy girls swim and dive made it to the playoffs with a lot of qualifiers. Cross country made it with a lot of qualifiers. Varsity volleball made the playoffs as well. Girls soccer has done very well recently with sophomore Claudia Longo leading the charge. Longo takes the free kicks and more times than not the ball sails over both teams and the goalie for a score. In a game mid season she took a corner kick and scored without the assistance from anyone on either team. Football made it to playoffs with an official regular season record of 6 and 3. This friday they play the olympia bears. The bears are a solid team and are one of the teams that dished out one of issaquahs losses earlier this season. The key to this game is stopping the run. Olympia has shown over the season that they run about eighty percent of the time so when issy stops their run they will only have twenty percent of their game and no one can win with only twenty percent.

Football Playoff Seeding

The talk around football playoffs for the eagles this football season is alive. The eagles currently sit in the fifth spot in KingCo which is the toughest league in the state. The top four teams in the KingCo league go to the state playoffs. This is a very interesting situation the eagles are in right now because the two teams that are ahead of the eagles are Woodinville and Mount Si. Interestingly enough the teams that are in both fourth and third place are Woodinville and Mount Si. If the eagles defeat either team they will most likely secure a spot in the state playoffs. This eagles team is arguably the best they have had and will have for a while to come. As the eagles stand at three and three we are all interested in what the season holds for them.


Hey blog readers! This friday our Issaquah Eagle football boys face off against the Olympia Bears. The bears are 4-0 and have an average of 45 points per game. With the eagles looking a little thin due to injuries, it is gonna be a tough game. The game is at Olympia at 7:00 PM. I play football and was injured in the game last week where i tore all the ligaments in my ankle. Obviously I wont be playing this week but still cheering on the team. Unfortunatley since the game is in Olympia I suspect that not many of the students will make the one and a half to sometimes almost three hour trip. Since the traffic will be bad around that time the trip will be closer to three hours. This is another problem becasue the last thing you want to do before a game is sleep alot and with this long bus ride, the players have to sleep because it makes you so tired. Sometimes this effects peoples play. I know when I have to go on long bus rides before games it affects me greatly. When you go onto the feild you feel like you are lethargic and kind of in a fog. Hopefully this will not hinder our eagles as they have a big challenge in front of them. Although this game does not count for their playoff seating, it can be a big momentum gainer or loser especially with the record of 2-2 the season could go either way.

The Color Run

Hey ISSY event followers. TRIBEBROTHERS here where you can get all your information about upcoming, past, and future events here at the school. I hope you like all the topics we will be talking about here. Today’s topic is the “Issaquah High Scool Fun Run.” This is an awesome donation event put on by ASB along with Seattle Children’s and Strong Against Cancer. It is fifteen dollars to join and you get a shirt. It is a two point two mile run and people will through colored corn starch stations where volunteers will through colored corn starch at the white shirts which is a fun turn on the run when everyone gets covered in color. Also today there is an assembly and football game. A really cool addition to this day is that at half time at the football game when all of the homecoming royalty is on the track there will be more corn starch thrown all over the stands. I have seen other schools do this at their football games and it is so cool. On top of that all these events are centered around cancer prevention which is very strong to me because my family has greatly been affected by the disease. Students, teachers, and administration alike are excited to run, jog, or walk their way to the finish line in the name of defeating cancer.