Champions Collide

The NBA finals are underway and matchup  couldn’t be more epic. both of these teams lead the league in three-point percentage and have both MVPs of the last four seasons on their team. LeBron James is looking for his third title Stephen Curry is looking for his second. Unfortunately for one another they have to play each other which could result in some bad blood between the two MVPs. Clay Thompson has been going off this season helping the Warriors to defeat the thunder in the Western Conference finals.  The supporting cast of the Golden State Warriors it probably is best in the league which is a big reason why they had the best record ever. Both of these teams have major star power that can produce big points on any given day. For the Cleveland Cavaliers they have a post presence inside to beat the Warriors but they can’t really run with them because the Warriors have great guard play and can get the ball up the floor very quickly. Everyone is looking forward to seeing the matchup of Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving and how he can match up with Steph defensively.  Andre Iguodala will be matched up against LeBron James probably for most of the series they will also use clay Thompson who is a great defender in his own right. Kevin Love is the relaxed factor in the series and if he can produce the Cleveland Cavaliers have a great chance of winning this finals. This could be one of the best finals ever and also on the most exciting ones.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have won the conference finals by defeating the Toronto Raptors in six games. The cavs started out two games ahead of the raptors but they took both games back on their homecourt to tie the series up at two games to two. The cavs then turned it on in game 5 at home beating the raptors by double digits. The Cavs are the better team but the Raptors had a shot at getting the upset. In game six in Toronto the Caviliers won on their opponents home floor making a statement and advancing to the nba finals for the second straight season. Toronto has a bright future with two great young guards that almost beat one of the greats to ever play the game. Lebron was with out Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving in last years final but this year he will be fully loaded and ready to go this time around. As for the Western conference finals the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder have been trading blows all series. It’s now tied after the thunder went up three games to one but you just can’t count out the golden state warriors and MVP Steph Curry. Curry and Thompson have led the Warriors all year long and will continue to lead them to the finals. But there will be a game seven on the Warriors home floor in Oakland. Kevin Durant and Russ beat them in game two on their home court but it could be a different story this time around.

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Conference Finals

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The NBA conference finals are under way. The Western conference match up is what many NBA fans wanted to see. The number one seed Golden State Warriors face off against the number three seed Oklahoma City Thunder. Both these teams have high powered offenses with superstars at almost every position on the floor. Arguably three of the five best players in world are playing in this series, those players include the likes of Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and the most valuable player Steph Curry. The first game of this series was under way on Monday as the Thunder took game one of the series. They were down for most of the game but the splash bro’s struggled in the fourth quarter making only one combined three pinter. Kevin Durant also only made one field goal in the fourth quarter but it was down the stretch to give the thunder the lead late. Russell Westbrook brought the Thunder back from a halftime deficit by scoring 19 points. He was on fire and nobody could contain him but early in the game he was off so something must have happened during halftime. Dion Waiters had a surprising game by leading all scorers off the bench. His clutch three pointers late in the game really gave the thunder momentum. The Warriors did bounce back though by beating the Thunder by more than twenty points in game two. The Thunder had no answer for the MVP Steph Curry as he had thirty five points leading all scorers. Kevin Durant had another nice game but Westbrook struggled.


The first round of playoffs has officially started this week. The Houston Rockets made the playoffs as an eight seed to face the top seed the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors got off to a two to zero lead in the series, making it look like its gonna be a cake walk. But the Warriors lost the season’s most valuable player, Steph Curry due to injury. Curry has only played one game in the series so far but they won that game by more than twenty points so its clear that with Curry n the floor he Warriors seem unbeatable. But with him out of the lineup its a whole different story. Game three in the series the Rockets controlled the game and kept golden state on their heels. Klay Thompson who is the league’s second best shooter next to Curry, went O for seven from the floor which really hurt the Warriors on the offensive end because they rely on Curry and Thompson to make their three’s if they want to win. The Rockets were in the lead the entire game because of heir superstar James Harden. Harden had thirty five points including a game winning shot on what some believe that he pushed off his defender which could have been a foul call but the ref let them played on and the result was an easy jumper a little bit in front of the free throw line. The Rockets took game three of the series which makes a game 5 necessary.


Who can beat the Golden State Warriors in a seven game series? The Spurs and Warriors played last night in Oakland, which was a highly anticipated game and the last match up between the two best teams in the west. All of the Warriors losses this season have been to teams that are most likely missing the playoffs. The Thunder have the star power to compete with the Warriors but some don’t think it will be enough in a seven game series. Russell Westbrook has tied Magic Johnson for the triple double record at 17 triple doubles in a season. So with Russell Westbrook putting up numbers like that they have a shot but if the surrounding cast can contribute, the Thunder have a legitimate shot at winning a title. Now in the East the Cavs look to be the contender to face either the Warriors or Spurs. Toronto really has the only shot at beating the Cavs in a seven game series. But the Cavs are one injury away from missing out on a back to back final run. They sustained an injury to both of their key stars in Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. With those two back, the cavs think its their year to win it all. We all know the Spurs will bounce back from their loss last night against the Warriors and Coach pop will get them going in the right direction. But will their old team hold up in the playoffs? The past few seasons the spurs have surprised us, so it will be curious to see how they do in this playoff.

Playoff Race

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With the season winding down the playoff race has thickened. The battle for the seventh and eighth seed in the west is between three teams, these teams include the Houston Rockets, Utah Jazz, and the Dallas Mavericks. In the east the top spot is locked down by the Cavs. In the west the warriors have it pretty much locked up but the spurs are only a few games back. The Lakers completely out of the playoff picture but they are projected to have the number two overall pick in the draft. That means either Brandon Ingram (Duke) or Ben Simmons out of LSU. You really can’t go wrong with either player because they both have star potential in the NBA. Ingram play style has been compared to Kevin Durant because his body type is very similar to Durants slender frame and long arms and legs. The Spurs and Warriors play in a few days which will likely be the Western Conference Championship match up. Also likely is the winner out of this conference will win the NBA title. The Chicago Bulls had a very tough and unsual season this year as expectations were high. Derrick Rose has not come back to his old MVP form or at least all star form by having a very below average season by his standards. Now the season is really starting to come to a close each gane matters for seeding in the playoffs, also to gain momentum for teams knowing what seed they will get.

March Madness

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March Madness is arguably one of the best times of the year for people. March Madness is iconic because it gets everyone involved. Even if you don’t know any know any basketball at all you could still have a good bracket because the games are so unpredictable. so far the round of 64 is over and there are probably no perfect brackets left in the world. Middle tennessee has knocked off a favorite to win it all in Michigan State. That is probably the biggest upset of all time in NCAA March Madness history. A one seed has still never lost to sixteen seed in all the of the years of March Madness. There were plenty of upsets on the first two days that some predicted would happen and some did not. In my bracket I have North Carolina winning it all and they looked really sharp in their first game of the tournament with one of the best players in the country Brice Johnson. Oklahoma could also make a deep run with Wooden award contender Buddy Hield leading their front court. Guard play always plays a huge part in a teams success because managing the game comes in to play towards the end of the game. In NBA news the Golden StaTe Warriors, the best team in the NBA, play the second best team in the NBA, the San Antonio Spurs tonight on espn at five thirty pacific time. This is the best matchup in the NBA right now with the two hottest teams playing each other.

Passing of the Torch

Kobe Bryant is arguably the best player of his generation and then slowly Lebron started to take over. These two future hall of famers faced off for one last time last night in Los Angeles. The Cavs have had a much better ear than the Lakers have had but the Cavs were struggling and the young Lakers have played pretty well in their last few games. The match up didn’t mean really anything for both sides but it was a very entertaining to watch Lebron and Kobe to go back and fourth at each other. For Cleveland Kevin Love sat out of the game with a knee issue, Love has not been involved in the offense consistently which is hurting the Cavs ability to space the floor. Kyrie Irving told Stephan A. Smith that he is unhappy in Cleveland and wants out. It doesn’t look like Kyrie is gelling with the Lebron in the offense because they both need to dominate the ball in order to be most effective. Los Angeles could be a likely landing spot for Kyrie next summer when free agency hits. KObe actually outplayed the 4 time MVP, having twenty six points and Lebron only having twenty three but getting the win which Kobe would much rather have. The Lakers played pretty well but the Cavs were just too talented of a team. The Lakers kept the game entertaining but they just couldn’t keep up with the Cavs. Once these young players get experience they should be more competitive.

Playoff Picture

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Damien Lilllard has been playing at a all star level lately and is keeping the Trailblazers a float in a tough western conference. The Golden State Warriors are so it’s off the Western Conference but the San Antonio Spurs are right behind them. Steph Curry still looks like this year sure MVP pick of the season. The Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder have been going at it the last few times they have played. With the Warriors squeaking out to two victories against them. Many thought the Houston Rockets were going to be a power in the Western Conference but they have disappointed those who had faith in them but they’re starting to pick it up and then playing well lately. In my opinion Harbor comes out of the Western Conference will win the finals but the East does have some contenders such as the Cavs and the Wizards. The Raptors are playing the best in the east. Their guard combo may be the most underrated in the league. Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozen hit big shots every game but somehow these guys go unnoticed. The Boston Celtics have quietly made their way up in the east now becoming third. Isaiah Thomas looks like the all-star that he was named playing a very high level and getting everyone involved. There’s been no surprises with Cleveland staying atop the Eastern Conference with four time MVP LeBron James. There has been some talk that Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland which could hurt the team chemistry.

Trade Deadline

The NBA trade deadline was yesterday and there was no notable moves that were made. There were some moves that were made like Jeff Green going to the Los Angeles Clippers giving them a small forward that can score and defend. They needed that with Blake Griffin still sidelined with an injury. Another move that was made was Brandon Jennings and Ersan Ilyasova of the Detroit Pistons get traded to the Orlando Magic for small foward Tobias Harris. This trade makes a lot of sense for both sides because the Pistons already have Reggie Jackson who has been their guy this year leading them in scoring. The magic needed a point guard that can score and brandon Jennings can do that. The have a bunch of young talent and they do have pieces in place to be a rising team in this league. Zach Lavine a home grown talent who defended his slam dunk crown against Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic. Lavine was incredible as many expected but Gordon did give him a run for his money. Many around the league thought Gordon deserved to win that one dunk contest because he had arguably the best dunk in the contest. Most of lavines dunks we’re from the free throw line which is also incredible and probably won him the contest. It was a dunk contest to remember because the last few were definitely forgetable. Klay Thompson faced off against the former 3 point champ and partner in crime Steph Curry and he took his crown.


Kobe vs. Lebron

Hello NBA fans I’m going to be discussing the great matchup of are you leave the two best players to ever play the game. Kobe Bryant has five NBA championships, and one MVP. LeBron James has two NBA titles and also 3 MVPs. LeBron James is lost to NBA Finals which has hurt his career in the eyes of many. But he does deserve some credit for bringing two teams literally on his back to those two finals appearances. Kobe Bryant has had a lot of help along the way in his career with the likes of Shaq and Pau Gasol helping in reach the finals. Kobe could go down as arguably one of the best scores of all time, he’s a pure scoring matchine. LeBron does it all passes shoots and plays great defense. Let’s not forget Cody has arguably the best coach of all time in Phil Jackson and his grade triangle offense. LeBron is never really had a great Coach help him along in his career but he has had many great mentors. Both of these great players came right from high school to the NBA. Some might say Kobe is a better player because the number of championships he’s won but LeBron hat does have more MVPs and some also say he is the overall better player. Kobe is retiring at the end of this year so his career is pretty much done while LeBron is only in his thirties so he has probably another good solid 5-6 years in him.

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White House Visit

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Today the Golden State Warriors visited the White house in Washington D.C. with president Barack Obama. The Warriors were celebrating their NBA championship with the president as every team does each year they win a NBA title. THe tradition of a championship team visiting the white house has been around for decades and each year it is a very memorable moment for those players. The night before the Warriors played the Washington Wizards, it was a very competitive game, which has been unusual for the warriors this season because they are simply blowing out every team they play. The Wizards have a ton of young and fresh talent and it seemed to give the Warriors defense some trouble. The all-star point guard out of Kentucky, John wall had 41 points and was electric in the open court. His counter part MVP Steph Curry bested him by getting 51 points which is two points shy of his season high of 53 points from back in October against the New Orleans Pelicans. The game was close till the 4th quarter when last years champ and reigning MVP decided to blow the gates open and gliding to 134-121 victory. Also last night, the “mamba” Kobe Bryant turned back the clock by scoring 38 points against former number one overall pick Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins also had a strong showing by dropping 30 on the lakers. A notable part of the game was when Wiggins hit a post fade away shot on Kobe then Kobe said “that looks familiar”, Wiggins replies “I got that from you”. It was like a passing of the torch after that play.

All-Star Selections

The 2015-2016 All-Star selections are in. Isaiah Thomas, the hometown talent out of Tacoma, WA is going to make his first all star appearance in his 4th season in the NBA. Thomas was the last selection of his class by the Sacramento Kings which makes him the lowest drafted player ever to make the all-star game. Thomas went to Curtis High School then attended The University of Washington to become one of the best guards in the country and becoming famous for his Pac-12 championship game winner to beat Arizona. Another notable selection was draymond green who has now proven himself as being one of the best forwards in the league. He’s been the catalyst for the Warriors so far this season and is dishing out his fare share of assists for a big man to the best shooters in the league. The Warriors led the way in all star selections with three players and one in the starting lineup. Some surprise snubs we’re Damian Lillard and Dirk Nowitski. This year will be held in Toronto, Canada which is home to the Raptors. They have two all star selections who include Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozen. These two have been a major part their 10 game win streak and being one of the best teams in the east.

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