The Big Money

Hello survivor fans in Jeff We Trust is back to tell you what is up in the survival. Well as we all know Jeremy took the W home and the big money 1 million. Jeremy’s decided to spend his money wisely on many things. One of the first things he did when he got home was to lose his fellow firefighters and just say hi to them and he made a quite nice donation to the station. It was muchly appreciated. Another take you before I was his baby coming on the way he knew that the baby in poverty so he found out a way to make it no more welfare environment. It is also said that he’s helping out many charities that I need that need second chances like he also got a second chance. Many believe Jeremy won because he was a humble man most of them other competitors were non humble and aggressive in trying to go for the main prize for themselves. Jimmy wasn’t like that he was looking at the prize but thinking about other people like his family is firefighters and everyone else we could help out. So all in all Jeremy’s Bentleys money wisely helped out the community health don’t anyone that needed help anyone that needs a second chance he was there to give them that second chance like the second chance he got.

In Jeff we trust signing out see you next week survivor fans💯💎😂

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The Aftermath

Hey survivor fans it’s your boy in Jeff we trust coming back from the dead. As we all know my boy Jeremy Collins who won the whole show of Survivor. At the beginning of the game Jeremy said he was going to play this game for his family and win the game for his family and then all the firefighters out there. Initially in his first season he played with his wife Val Collins but she got eliminated. Three words to describe my boy Jeremy would be athletic straightforward the best attitude in the world. The amazing Game of Survivor who won a million dollars it was bizarre. His wife have announced to him during the middle of the game that she was pregnant with a baby on the way so that motivated him to win even more. At the end humans pull out the every competitor from Joe the keys from all those second chances people that try to win but no one could Jimmy was determined to do this. It wasn’t about the money it was about the family the game of the part of the game. Jeremy later in the season found out that Keith was a firefighter so he got inspired and also want to do it for Keith and all the people just like them. You today Jeremy lives a happy life with his wife and three daughters now the baby that was born was amazing. Jaime got the second chance of a lifetime only some can pull this off and he was one of them.

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Immunity Challenge

This one is commonplace – Keith and Jeremy both played some time recently. Jeremy was first out. Keith won amid his season of Survivor. The test included adjusting a ball on a round plate joined to a rope. As the test advances they have to move their hands more remote down the rope, which make it more hard to adjust. Ciera, Wentworth and Wiglesworth are out very quickly. Abbi, Stephen and Savage take after. Following 10 minutes they move further back on the rope. Kimmi drops out, trailed by Tasha. It’s down to Keith, Joe and Spencer. They drop back further on the rope. Spencer drops first. Following 30 minutes Keith and Joe have two balls on their sheets. Joe wins.

Tribal Council

Joe and Savage need to vote out Stephen. Joe converses with Wentworth, she’s ready to vote in favor of Stephen. Wentworth converses with Ciera she’s fine with Stephen. Jeremy’s not and changes that whole arrangement. Savage doesn’t care for the arrangement yet he’ll oblige regarding Jeremy on this one. The center gathering running the appear (as per Ciera) is Jeremy, Savage, Tasha and Stephen or Joe. She makes another hard case to the others to make a move yet nobody tunes in. Wentworth plays her resistance symbol and catches unaware everybody!!! Nobody saw that coming and the nine Wentworth votes are voided. It was Savage who might go home, and Ciera, Abi and Wentworth get the credit. Ouch. He was crushed. A tasteful player, so it’s miserable to see him go. As his light got snuffed, Abi energetically offers, “in any event you made it to the jury.” Not acknowledged. Savage flips her off as he exits. How could they have been able to they not think about a potential invulnerability icon and consider part the vote.

Bye In Jeff we trust

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Three strikes your out

Savage very quickly reunites with Jeremy to share mysteries. Savage trusts the first Bayon can go to day 30 on the off chance that they stick together. He’s an old-school visionary, yet that is the thing that I like about him – he’s playing a respectable amusement. Savage supposes they got Jeremy, Tasha, Kimmie, Stephen, Wiglesworth and Joe on their side. Kelley and Kass are strong, they think they have Ciera, Keith and Abi. The special cases are Spencer and Joe who are force players and could go either way.survivor

Tasha unleashes the brute in Kass by not being in advance with her and it’s all out Kass versus Tasha. Kass has the high ground and truly disturbs Tasha’s brain by playing with her words and making some uncertainty amongst Tasha’s organization together. Ciera gets on the Chaos Kass and begins adding some more falsities to the discussion, essentially throwing questions around Savage. Exactly what he needs in his as of now uplifted condition of disturbance.

Insusceptibility Challenge

Adjusting on a shaft while adjusting a ball on an oar is the test. It’s the same amusement that was played amid Brawn Vs. Brains Vs. Magnificence, so Spencer, Kass and Tasha effectively played this. Tasha really won. Jeff Probst scarcely said go and Stephen effectively lost. Keith, Ciera and Kimmi dropped out after around nine minutes. Abi dropped out one second after the begin of the second round. Kass, Wiglesworth and Kelley took after. Following 20 minutes everybody moved to the third round, Savage was first out, trailed by Tasha and Jeremy. It came down to Joe and Spencer. Nothing unexpected. While Spencer did some really noteworthy moving to keep that ball on the oar it wasn’t sufficient, and Joe wins the first individual safety.

SurvivorBack at camp Savage thinks Ciera is open adversary No. 1 with her verging on authentic untruths. Be that as it may, it would seem that the lion’s share are voting against Kass. Indeed, even Keith is with them, which leaves just Kelley, Ciera, Abi and Kass. In any case, Kass goes to Spencer and approaches him to vote in favor of Tasha so they will have five votes, which would beat the Kass/Ciera split vote. Spencer says he’s going to do it., as Kass as of late spared him however he doesn’t.

Tribal Council: It’s the greatest Tribal Council Survivor has ever had. Ciera is steamed she needs everybody to play to win (yet who isn’t?). She’s reasoning to play as a performance player, not as group, not as #6, #7, #8.But that is on account of she’s in the minority. The votes go: Kass 6, Ciera 4, Tasha 2 Savage

In Jeff we trust signing out

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Fried Chicken

The prize test was for broiled chicken and macintosh and cheddar. The test combined restricting tribe individuals in one-on-one fights where they expected to oil up their bodies and slide down a slip-and-slide like track, get a ring and toss the ring – attempting to snare it on to a stand. Fishback makes a weak endeavor at the test and gets educated by Jeremy who lets him know that he needs to have confidence in himself, as the tribe does. Both tribes were tied up, so the last minute came down to Wiglesworth versus Wentworth. Wiglesworth wins.

Later, back at the Bayon camp, Stephen was a passionate chaos — like truly crying over the likelihood that he won’t not have the capacity to persuade his kindred tribemates to vote out Joe so they could take control of the amusement when they really have a shot. “This would be the move that sets the tenor for the entire season.” But Stephen’s been “bothering” — Jeremy lets him know in irritation, and he can’t help contradicting Stephen’s course of action trusting Joe to be a benefit in quality furthermore a diversion for him (Jeremy wouldn’t like to be the main solid man remaining on their tribe). Safety Challenge

We’ve seen this test 14 times in different cycles — it’s the muffle actuating, sustenance eating test — this one highlighting neighborhood Cambodian delights. Kimmi and Tasha tackle Woo and Spencer. The test: eating two tarantulas. Spencer devastates the thing in his mouth and is first to wrap up. Charm and Spencer win. Next up it’s Keith and Jeremy versus Savage and Ciera. Ciera battles with the monster water creepy crawly and Keith and Jeremy win. Abi and Kass tackle Fishbach and Wentworth eating pig nose. Fishbach is done first (see he can do difficulties), trailed by Wentworth. At that point we go to individual match ups where Joe tackles Wiglesworth. Wiglesworth beats Joe! Since we weren’t anticipating. Charm is prepared to tackle Kimmi — their test is pigs mind. “I haven’t had pig in 30 years,” Kimmi tells Probst, and relinquishes to Woo. At that point it’s Ciera versus Wentworth eating scorpions. Wentworth wins.

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Its a bumpy road

The test includes three individuals being entwined and moving their fourth colleague, who is inside a barrel, to gather various sacks loaded with balls. Nobody is excessively bleary eyed by the test. They utilize the balls to finish a skeet ball like test.

Sitting out this test:Dietz and Cass, and Fishbach and Wiglesworth.

In the barrels: Woo, Monica and Wentworth.

Monica sucks at the test, and Probst cheerfully tells her, reasoning she’s moving as moderate as … a Sunday outing at a congregation.

Keith wins the test for Ta Kao – they get a super sweet solace reward, which incorporates seats, cushions, covers, a loft and refreshments.  Charm takes second for Angkor. They win a canvas.

Concerning Bayon, it was an aggregate failure. Jeremy battled with the skeet ball so Spencer ventured in and doubtlessly offered them some assistance with catching up, however it wasn’t sufficient for a win. Back at their particular camps, Dietz says winning has been the “solution” and certainty manufacturer for Ta Kao. Be that as it may, while Dietz is out snorkeling later, whatever is left of his tribe is in cahoots figuring out who they — they being Keith, Cass, Wentworth, Joe and Sierra — think will be the last five.

The Immunity test included utilizing a slingshot to hit an objective. Evidently Joe officially played this one and lost in his season.  Sitting out for Ta Kao are Sierra and Kelly Wentworth.  Bayon sits out Jeremy and Monica.

It’s in the Tribal Council of Wiglesworth and Spencer to the extent who is going home, as they weren’t in the first Bayon tribe. Monica, then again, botches things by recommending that possibly they don’t vote out Wiglesworth, and rather she and Kimmi ought to consider an all-young lady partnership later not far off. “Monica is playing for Monica,” Kimmi later spills to Jeremy and Fishbach, recommending possibly it’s Monica’s a great opportunity to go. Goodness, however that gets muddled, as it may botch their general all-Bayon partnership when they combine.

In Jeff we trust Is signing out.

Bad Starts for some

A lot is on the line for the starving Angkor tribe. The prize includes sustenance and they require it urgently. This is the first remunerate test of the season and it requires the tribes to wade out in water to a flatboat that holds three sandbags. They have to recover each of the sandbags – each one in turn — take it back to shore and after that utilization a board (bouncing on it) to sling the sandbag into a wicker bin. The primary spot group gets a BBQ set and sustenance. Second place gets a downsized form of the BBQ set. Third gets nothing. Presently the stinger — one and only tribe part is contending. Jeff Probst calls it a legend’s test. It’s the old gentlemen who venture up to the plate for every group — an amazing move given how physically requesting the test is. On the off chance that Joe ran this thing Ta Koe may have delighted in an alternate result. Rather it was Savage for Angkor, Terry Dietz for Ta Koe and Jeremy for Bayon. Savage makes a marvel rebound and wins the test. Dietz takes second. Jeremy, shockingly, completes last primarily in light of the fact that his shot. The night was super crazy. At the end Jeff Varner was voted off of the show and did not get to get his second chance. The vote was split in between because they didn’t want to vote out the other guy because he was physically stronger. So they would need him in the long run.

See you guys later, In Jeff we trust

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The Early Merge

Wednesday’s episode of survivor was such a thrill. They kicked off the show with a merge of three new teams. When the tribes got to what they thought would be a prize test, Jeff astounded them with a turn – “Drop your buffs.” The tribes are merging! All things considered, not precisely. Rather they were attracting straws to break into three new tribes. The new Bayon and Ta Keo tribes would come back to their unique camps, however the new tribe, Anghor, would need to construct another asylum. With that, the tribes reconvened at the Immunity Challenge. The three tribes would need to explore a moving truck through an impediment course. Getting keys to open mid-sections to stack onto the truck as they experienced the course. Toward the challenge’s end they would need to utilize the pieces in the mid-sections to collect a monster riddle. The tribes were neck and neck going into the riddle, however at last it was just Ta Keo and Bayon who won insusceptibility. Anghor was made a beeline for tribal chamber. At tribal Council, Jeff’s Immunity challenge minute came up and uncovered the split in the tribe. Jeff admitted that Andrew and Tasha had figured out how to get in the position of being the choosing votes in spite of being a clear minority pair. The castaways began voting with everybody hazy who was going home, however when the votes were tallied it was Peih-Gee who turned into the third individual voted out of “Survivor: Second Chance.” She was blindsided. Jeremy also had gotten the immunity idol in one of the challenges.

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Let’s Jump into the Jungle

We have finally kicked the school year off with another great season of Survivor to start. As everybody started to get off of the boat Jeff announced a challenge right away. In the wake of winning the first challenge, Ta Keo took off to construct their camp and the diversion began when they hit the shoreline. One gathering, drove by Terry and Kelly, began making sanctuary. A gap soon developed between the “new school” players from late seasons, who started deliberately plotting immediately, and the “old school” players from prior seasons who concentrated on survival before stressing over partnership.

For the immunity challenge the two tribes had to swim out and push a flatboat holding a flame and lights passed a progression of lights, lighting all of them as they went. At that point, one individual from every tribe had tribes needed to unfasten sticks to design a post sufficiently long to recover an arrangement of keys to open an entryway where one more light was holding up. The main tribe to light the last light won immunity and a flame building pack.

At tribal council, Probst squeezed the tribe to check whether they thought somebody irregular would be voted out or in the event that they had strategized enough before the test to know where they stood. Jeff Varner proclaimed that there was without a doubt a gap in the tribe between old fashioned players and new school. Then Vytas Baskauskas became the first person voted out of survivor.

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Trust Jeff’s First Blog

Hi everybody my name is in Jeff We trust. I am hoping that all of us will have fun throughout the whole year as we talk about the number one show ever Survivor. Survivor is my muse I love this show so much I wish it could be on every day. I will be giving you the fans the exiting highlights of the game and the awesome recaps. You will not want to miss my blog. This year survivor is on their 31st season and it’s a great one. This year the games will take place in Cambodia. This is going to be one of the best seasons because this year it’s all about second chances for past contestants. There will be 16 men and 16 women. All from the 16 prior seasons. All of these people were die-hard fans who lost. Now all of them have a second chance to redeem themselves.

The season premiere for the season will be on September 29, 2015. Make sure to stay tuned every Wednesday to watch Survivor. If have forgotten the channel the channel is the CBS Network. I am so pumped for the season pumped. I really like how they have brought the old players back. I really want either my boy Keith or Joe to go off this season. They both really worked hard last season. This is there one shot of redemption and they will use it wisely.

Thank you to all of my fans from your boy, In Jeff We Trust I am signing off.

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