I’ll Be Back

If you spoke that in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice, I am proud of you.

Yes I will be back. If I don’t come back on this site however, check out my new blog, spookyspork@blogspot.com 

My blogspot may not be up until several weeks after the school year ends (between 6/17-7/3) but I promise you the spooks will be back.

I’ve honestly enjoyed writing this blog. I’ve been able to learn so many facts and things I never would have learned before, and in all honesty, it’s something I’m passionate about! It’s a great outlet for my spooky side that most often I can’t express.

If you loved reading this as much as I did writing it, again be sure to check out my new blog. It’s been a pleasure to write.

I’ll see you shortly.

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Rant… Part 2

Things I Hate Described: 

Nicknames from kids-

Don’t get me started on how much I LOATHE being called “sweetheart” or “honey” by some kid the same age as me. You do not have the right to belittle  me that way, nor do you have my respect to do so. Call me that crap and you get nothing from me. NOTHING.


It’s kind of ironic that I used to put ketchup on EVERYTHING. Now, please leave it out of everything but my meatloaf. It’s too tangy. The color is hideous, and it stains horribly. Not to mention it overpowers any food you put it on.


Why was this even invented? You may see a trend here concerning condiments and I, but not only does it smell bad, it’s color should never have existed, and just like it’s brother demon ketchup it overpowers anything and everything and leaves the stain of it’s horrible soul on anything it touches.


Taste the rainbow? I didn’t think the rainbow tasted like grains of sugar. The texture is horrible, the taste is horrible, and each granulate of sugar scrapes over your tongue. Literally it’s just high fructose corn syrup and sugar. The two things you specifically aren’t supposed to have. Hey, at least other desserts and candies mask it. This doesn’t. At least it’s being honest.

Radio talkshows- 

I don’t mean any radio talkshow. No, I mean music radio channels where the host tends to go off in 5 to 10 minute talks when clearly their channel is supposed to be for MUSIC. I did not come to listen to you talk about your sponsor for 20 minutes, I came to hear some quality music.


Coming off of the radio talkshow tangent, commericals drive me insane. Sure, some can be amusing, especially the era of commercials during the 90’s when they were all color and that loud dude voice and over excited kids hyped up on crack. But other than that, yeah, they’re just unecessary.


Yes, I feel bad for them. They are people too. But still, don’t companies know telemarketers are the most hated people in all of existence? aybe they should just use it for punishment or something.

Donald Trump- 

I can’t. I can’t even begin. It was funny at first, now it’s not. IT’S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE AMERICA.


If you don’t know what this is, GOOD. I wish I still didn’t know. To sum it up, it is the fear of holes in human skin. No, not like piercings. Like a bunch of holes all bunched together in someone’s skin, deep. Even writing it is making me so grossed out. I hate it.


Beetles. Ever since I’ve watched the Youtuber Brave Wilderness I haven’t been as grossed out or scared, but they still are so disgusting and horrible. Their pinchers. The BANE OF EVIL.

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Rant… Part 1

20 Things I Hate Described:


Sure, it hurts and it looks ridiculously stupid but the part I hate the most? When you try to rip it off. It just keeps going, right into the very freaking depths of hell no matter which way you twist or turn the stubborn piece of dead grotesqueness. It’s like so desperate, clinging to your finger with every fiber it has left. I hate it.


You don’t understand cramps, until you’re a female. Sure, cramps you get while running feel like someone is jabbing you with their fingers again and again into your side until you feel like your very lung is being ripped out, but being a girl, and having those cramps down further where it feels like the priestess of hell (see the theme) is summoning every demon in existence to punish you for being a female and ripping your insides up into tiny little pieces is so much worse. Case closed.


Me and wasps don’t get along. Where do I start? The time I was running a cross country race and one flew down into my shirt and got stuck and bit me over 30 times? Or the time where I stepped on a nest in a camp shower and was bit all over my completely nude body?

Sassy Adults-

Don’t get me wrong, it’s entirely amusing when adults are sassy. But there’s a certain line where it’s acceptable and then not so. Passive aggressive adults who use sass as that outlet bother me the most. For example:

Teacher: Why Spooks, how nice of you to join us. What, does it take this long for you to do your hair in the morning as it does to get to class? (everyone knows I never try with my hair at all)

Me: ….sure (slowly seething inside)

T: Well, maybe if you tried harder to get to class, you’d have better grades! Don’t you want that? 

Me: …(gives an internal sarcastic response) oh no, you know, I don’t give a crap about my grades. Totally. 

This is not legit at all but you get my point.

Lip Rings- 

It’s not that I don’t like the people who wear the lip rings. It’s not that at all. It’s most just so unappealing. Who wants to kiss someone with a piece of metal sticking out of their lip? How do they eat? It just makes life so much harder! Last time I had piercings, I’d constantly get infections. Imagine getting an infection in your freaking lip 


If you’ve ever met me, you’ll see I never EVER wear jewelry. Maybe it’s just because I’m a huge sports person and you can’t wear any jewelry in gameplay, but still. Jewelry is cumbersome, unnecessary, and just gets in the way. There’s too many to pick from! The art is beautiful of course, and I admire jewelry, but leave me out.


Why do skirts ever freaking exist?! Sure kilts are hot and all, but I’m not wearing a skirt. No. They blow up in the wind, it gives any guy the basic “hey look up my skirt” invitation, and they ride up. And don’t get me started on those skimpy skirts. When you’re walking upstairs in a skirt, you basically squeeze your butt together so hard to keep it from riding up. And then there’s pencil skirts. You can’t pull your legs apart and you’re essentially trapped in a constricting piece of fabric. A freaking leg corset. Case CLOSED.


I do not respond to begging. Begging is the lowest of lows. Acceptance is key. If someone says no, it’s no. Especially the tone of the voice used. It seems like it’s the traditional expectation to have that stupid tone.



High heels- 

These were specifically made so women can’t run away. Sadistic. Completely sadistic.


This is sppokyspoon, feeding you creepy, from day one.

20 Things I Hate

While browsing the internet the other day, I came across a blog where an individual makes a list a week. Each list is always a hundred things long, and it can range from “what to brush my teeth with” to “things I’m afraid of.” I thought I’d take a shot at this list taking thing. Yes, it’s nothing haunted, but it seems I go through bouts where I don’t write about haunted stuff. My first list? 20 things I hate. These won’t be in any particular order.

20 Things I Hate: 

  1. Hangnails
  2. Cramps
  3. Wasps
  4. Sassy adults
  5. Lip rings
  6. Jewelry
  7. Skirts
  8. Begging
  9. Mcdonalds
  10. High heels
  11. Kids the same age calling me “sweetheart” or “honey”
  12. Ketchup
  13. Mustard
  14. Skittles
  15. Radio talkshows
  16. Commercials
  17. Telemarketers
  18. Donald Trump
  19. Trypophobia
  20. Beetles

In the following Post, I will articulate on why I hate these things.

This is spookyspoon, feeding you creepy, from day one.

A Spooks Compilation

Yes, we’re up for round 3 of Spookyspoon’s “Best Websites” Compilation. This time, we’ll be a little bit more organized than we have been previously. Now, let’s begin.

Boxes In The Mail: 

Birchbox.com- For all you makeup lovers

Lootcrate.com- sponsored by Pewdiepie, this is a nerds fantasy box

Doteable.com- For college girls and guys. Perfect affordable box of must needs

Getcandybox.com- What the url says in itself

Article Websites: 










There’s just a few of the great websites spookyspoon has collected over the past several months, that I have enjoyed or found useful.

This is spookyspoon, feeding you creepy, from day one.


Secret Organization??

Within the past several years,many secret organizations (such as the Illumanati) and Urban creatures (Slenderman) have rose to fame, being the butt of jokes, and integrated deeply within social media. It is rather common to come across it in your daily browsing. But, although some have rose to fame, there are still many under the radar.

Cicada 3301 

Known as the most mysterious and enigmatic group on the Internet, the name “Cicada 3301” was given to an unknown organization who has created vibrant complex puzzles and riddles nearly none can solve. Since 2012, on January 4th of every year, one such puzzle is posted on the Internet, and also physical copies are distributed in several capitals worldwide.

Some speculate Cicada 3301 is searching for the most intelligent individuals to join their team (those who can solve the riddles and puzzles alone), while others believe it may be the CIA itself who is the mastermind behind Cicada. Although no one can be for certain, as none have come forward to take claim for the puzzles.

Other theories surrounding Cicada 3301 believe that the goal or purpose of the puzzles is to enhance anonymity, cryptography, or even privacy. Each puzzle has been seen to get more difficult than the last, with multiple layers and ever still more being discovered daily.

For authenticity of the signs posted by Cicada 3301, each has been signed with the name “GnuPG.” Some speculate the meaning behind that name as well.

Will you be chosen? Can you crack the code? Who knows.

This is spookyspoon, feeding you creepy, from day one.



This story is one I have read several times on the internet. I remembered this due to talking to a friend earlier in the hall. I’m going to tell this story by my memory of it, so some facts may not be hard evidence and others might be vague, and not seem as legit. So, sorry.

My friend D, was talking to me about how they were sitting at their place when they looked out the window and saw the dumpsters. Besides the dumpsters was a pristine looking monitor. They booked it out of heir house, picked it up, and now have a huge monitor at home that seem to be working perfectly. Them telling me this story reminded me of a story I had heard.

Similar to my friend, a man took a computer he discovered from a dumpster. When he set it up, he found within the files a video. The video was tiled “Barbie.exe.” Intrigued, and a bit confused, the man clicked on the video.

What he found, was just as alluring and eerie as he may have thought it would be.

The footage is over an hour long. It depicts a blonde woman sitting at a chair facing the camera. Throughout the video, she talks about how much she loathes her body– more importantly, her skin. The video goes on or her to explain she is planning on getting her skin removed.

Research into her hatred for her skin is a disorder where the individual wishes to remove some part they don’t think belongs on their body. In this case, the woman wished to replace all of her skin with a plastic version, thus why the video is believed to have been named “Barbie,” in her desire for that plastic flawless body.

It is also shown in the video that the woman is missing a arm. Some speculate that at one point this disease may also have convinced her to remove her arm for perhaps she had a previous hatred for that as well.

The man uploaded the video, but not before deep inspection of it. In the video, he heard what he believed was a train passing, and checking the location stamp on the video, which was filmed in his city. So, he chose to go explore the only place he knew train tracks were. When he found the local train tracks, he followed them, until he came to an abandoned house. With eagerness (and perhaps a little fear) he entered the house. As he explored the graffiti covered walls he comes across the room in which the video had been filmed (as due to the graffiti covered walls, the wall behind the woman had been unique in its appearance, being a muddy multiple colored mess.) Although this gave no answers and only raised more questions, the man was interrupted by the sound of a scuffle and immediately fled the area.

You can definitely go view “Barbie.exe” on Youtube. Perhaps you can come up with some answers others cannot.

This is spookyspoon, feeding you creepy, from day one.

Creatures of Time

As a little kid, we liked to dream of Unicorns, dragons, griffiths, and every magical creature that was spoken of in whispers and fairytales. However, what if some of the stories were true? What if they really did exist?

Now, I’m not going to touch on the stereotypical mythological creatures nearly everyone knows (The Minotaur, Lochness Monster, Bigfoot) rather, I will touch on creatures not well-known, yet just as impactful in multiple religions and areas.

The Grootslang

Origin- Dahomey, South Africa

Location- “The Wonder Hole” Cave

Legend- The Grootslang was one of the first creatures created in the beginning of time. The Gods who created the creature realized the grave mistake they made (as the creature was cunning, intelligent, and quick). Thus, to protect the world, they split the Grootslang into two well-known animals today, the elephant and snake. However, The original Grootslang is said to still linger in a cave, where it protects diamonds from any hiker that attempts to uncover them.

Characteristics- The Grootslang is said to have the head of an elephant and the body of a snake with ram-like horns. It is as long as one would say a dragon is, and is green skinned.

Dover Demon

Origin- Dover, Massachusetts

Location- Farm Street, Springdale Avenue, Miller Hill Road

Legend- 3 witnesses purportedly laid eyes on the mysterious creature known as the Dover Demon, in a span of 24 hours. Two of the witnesses were 15 and 17 years old, while a man of 25 also witnessed the creature on April 21, 1977. At all sightings, the creature seemed dormant, sitting or standing atop or in the shelter of wooded areas.

Characteristics-  3-foot tall, large eyes, “tendril-like” fingers, and glowing eyes with slick pale skin stretched over a thin skeleton, no hair seen.

Theories- Some believe what may have been witnessed was a foal or moose calf


Origin- Philippines

Location- Visayas Islands

Legend- This creature is said to leave it’s lair during Holy Week, to suck blood at night and take the Hearts of Children to keep for amulets. Some believe families known as the Sigbinen control these creatures, supposedly keeping them in jars of clay, and commanding them to do their will.

Characteristics- The Sigbin walks backwards with its head between it’s hind legs, and has the appearance of a hornless goat. It has large ears, which it can clap together and a tail with the use of a whip. When desired, this creature can become invisible to any animal or being it wishes to disguise itself from. It’s faeces are said to be gold, and it comes with a putrid odor on its body.

Theories- The creature is said to perhaps be a relative of a cat-fox species.


Origin- Japan

Location- Unknown

Legend- The Kaijin is said to be a seaman that comes from the sea to spend several days ashore, before once more returning to the sea. He is said to be a god of the wind, who comes to take sacrifices from the local villages to calm the winds.

Characteristics- Has the appearance of a man, and some additional flaps of skin between the limbs, as well as hair on the chin and eyebrows. It is said to wear a Hakama (a traditional japanese trouser), and another flap of skin around the waist. When in the sky, it was surrounded by a purple cloud.


Origin- Australia

Location- South-Eastern Australia

Legend- This creature is said to lurk in any waterbed around or within Australia. It appears to be mostly harmless, with no attacks recorded, although the meaning of its name roughly translates to “devil and carnivore.”

Characteristics- It has the appearance of an enormous starfish. Others say it is shrouded in seaweeds and plants one cannot see it’s characteristics. However some say it has a dog-like face, a crocodile head, dark fur, horse-like tail, and walrus-like tusks or horns. It’s appearance is widely debated.

Theories- Some believes it may be a special breed of seal, while others think stories from yaers before had been twisted and manipulated as one would play the “Telephone” game and the original message is lost.


I hope you guys enjoyed this list of creatures! There is so many out there, especially within multiple religions and cultures. Could they really be true? Could there be creatures out there we just haven’t faced yet? After all, yearly we discover hundreds of new species that we had never recorded before. Perhaps it is a possibility….

This is spookyspoon, feeding you creepy, from day one.

Where is Atlantis?

Atlantis— I’m sure you’ve heard of the story. Atlantis was an ancient technologically advanced city that perished into the seas, never to be seen again. Some believe it’s fiction and was merrily a metaphor. Others believe the story might have a lot of truth and reality to it. Here, we will question the possibilities and theories surrounding this ancient civilization lost to time and lore.

Atlantis’ story rose with Pluto. Pluto was philosopher who lived in Classical Athens, Greece, between his birth in 428 B.C.E to his death in 348 B.C.E. He studied underneath another great philosopher (Socrates) and is well known today as being the founder of the Academy of Athens and his intellectual writings in the Western World, many of which touched on topics such as the philosophy of language, cosmology, and theology. Although many of his theories may have turned out to be incorrect, he was still a man of great knowledge (eventually teaching Aristotle).

Atlantis was first mentioned in two of Pluto’s dialogues; Timaeus and Critius, two of which are characters in his writings. In these, he describes the city of Atlantis as being politically and technologically advanced. It was located on an Island of great size, larger than the Asia Minor, and was made of three rings, making it a protective barrier against all atacks. Atlantis was also said to be located past the “Pillars of Hercules.” Today, the pillars of hercules is thought to be located along the Strait of Gilbatrar. Regardless, Atlantis was protected by the God Poseidon, and was led by a leader named Atlas. As they began to thrive and become a great trading post, their power widened, eventually overtaking sections of Europe, Africa, and Asia. In punishment for their loss of ethics and remembrance, within a ‘night and a day’ around 9,600 B.C. Atlantis was shook by a great earthquake and volcano, and sunk into the Ocean never to be seen again.

However, how did Pluto come up with such a wild story of some great civilization? Pluto wrote that his father was told by his grandfather, who was told by an Egyptian Priest. Many think Pluto would not have written of Atlantis unless he had believed it himself. His pupil, Aristotle, came to believe his master’s myth, however in later centuries many thought of it as a joke.

There is many theories surrounding the location of Atlantis and the facts behind the story, (if it be true). Some believe it was located in present-day Sweden, and that languages and cultures (many believe which stemmed off Atlantis’ culture itself) centers there. However, the most widely believed location for Atlantis today, is Santorini, Greece.

Santorini Greece is an island located off the shore of Athens. It is a ring of an island, the center seemingly having been blown away. Research began in the early 80’s. Many thought i was possible Santorini could be the location for the lost Atlantis. Teams discovered several factors that would help support this fact (you can watch this on History Channel for more description of their discoveries).

Firstly, Atlantis had to have the three rings. X rays of the ocean floor within the center of Santorini discovered massive land buildups. It was announced and proven that at one point, Santorini had multiple parts, that had sunk away into the ocean, around the time Atlantis was said to have sunk. They also found artifacts on the Ocean floor, pots and vases of a special particular design (a funnel shape) only having been seen in Atlantis. Workers at Atlantis, which were said to have been more developed, had also created a way to track trade (which at that time had not been technologically advanced or possible). They found slabs of clay with such tracking on it. At the time, workers created their own seal to press into their clay and pots. They found multiple of these seals at Santorini. A map/painting they discovered of the supposed Atlantis showed a thriving ecosystem with great fertilized soil, and colorful cliffs around main ports on the outer ring of Atlantis. Santorini had colorful cliffs that matched just those represented in the painting. However, the present land on Santorini today is sparse, and uninhabitable for plants. Digging on Santorini through multiple layers discovered the remnants or fossilized remnants of oak trees- which today is unable to grow on Santorini. This proved that at also around the time Atlantis sank, Santorini had been a thriving island with great growth of all sorts of plants.

Since Pluto was given his information from an Egyptian, researchers traveled to Cairo, and the great pyramids and tombs. On these, they found paintings of which depicted a great civilization, originally believed not to be connected to the Atlantis myth at all. However upon closer inspection, they discovered Egyptians in the paintings were holding the unique funnel vases discovered at and only at Santorini. This proved, the Egyptians may have also witnessed Atlantis’ demise centuries ago, and possibly even traded within Atlantis’ bustling ports.

Although Atlantis may not seem like anything special, they were, from stories, a very advanced society for their time. You may not be interested in Atlantis at all, but imagine the possibilities if we discovered the remnants of this Ancient city. The knowledge we would have, of cultures long lost, who may have traded in those ports. The mythology. The people. The possibilities!

This is spookyspoon, feeding you creepy, from day one.

Midnight Questions

You might have gotten the idea that due to the title, this post was going to be one of the usual Spookyspoon’s terrors.

Actually, no.

Have you ever had those groggy moments, you’ll be halfway between sleep, halfway between reality, falling in and out, your mind straying over random thoughts, coming and going like waves? Well, if you haven’t, I’d suggest you try this.

Some of the greatest ideas and questions appear during that time. Not that you would remember them, though. Chances of you remembering anything like that is less than 10% if you don’t again linger on such. As more time goes on, the chance of you remembering drops exponentially.

Anyways, spookyspoon has this happen occasionally. But me? I try hard to remember them. Sometimes I don’t of course. But sometimes I do. And in all honesty, these thoughts can be hilarious. Here are some of the few.

Did you know that sucking on watermelon doesn’t get any water out but biting into it releases the water? Why is that? (don’t ask me, these are my midnight questions after all)

Weird, right? Well how about this one.

Can bugs feel pain?

Now, I doubt you’ve read this far into the post. I wouldn’t. But ask yourself that, really. All those poor little evil skittery multi-legged things all over the place, the hundreds upon hundreds you’ve crushed in your lifetime so far. Did they all feel pain?

Now, spookyspoon was curious about this. And so I decided to look it up.

Scientists believe bugs cannot feel pain. The belief is that bugs can’t feel other types of emotions, and so pain also falls into that category. Another belief is that since bugs don’t have vertebrae or a spinal cord it is physically and literally impossible for them to feel pain. Ever. Now, they aren’t sure, but that’s the philosophy. Personally? I think they’re just saying that crap so they don’t feel guilty for being mass murderers of thousands of innocent bugs. (Hypocrite not included)

Now, here’s what spookyspoon is asking.

Be more attentive the next time you’re drifting in and out. And if you have a thought, or an ingenious idea that pops up during that time, WRITE IT DOWN. Repeat it over and over in your head so you don’t forget. Just think, you might come up with the next most popular model of car or how to survive on Mars. Or maybe even get the answer to a question you didn’t even think you  had.

This is spookyspoon, feeding you creepy, from day one.

Spookyspoon Rescue

This has NOTHING to do with horror. But it’s more a personal story of mine that just happened over the weekend.

I rescue animals. Anything in distress, and I’ll be there. I’ve rescued everything from a doe to a bear cub. I’ve handled these animals, healed them, and released them back into the wild. I also have raised many animals abandoned as babies.

My most recent save? Baby Bunnies.

03 15 rescue

Yes, bunnies aren’t commonly black. But at under a month old, bunnies have eyes closed, ears plastered to their heads, and black fur. They start smaller than the center of your palm.

The bunnies I rescued were less than a week old. They were surprisingly well fed, little roly poly things with big pot bellies. Before we took them out of the burrow, we made sure to see if the mother would return. We set flour around the hole, to see if her paw prints would be there. However, in the morning, the burrow had collapsed in, and there was no prints. Yes, perhaps there was a chance the mother was still out there, but mother bunnies only return to the burrow at 9 am and pm for feeding time, then leaving for the remainder of the time. By the time the mother would return, her babies would be dead.

We got them out of their burrow and into the house. As we own 13 animals (5 lizards, 1 dog, 3 fish, 4 chickens) we had small carriers or our animals. We took the mother’s fluff out of the burrow and put it with the three babies we retrieved. We then took towels and a heating pad. A word to the wise though, if you find an animal in distress CALL WILDLIFE RESCUE. Don’t always calls Animal Control (you can read on some of the atrocities that commonly happen with them). Wildlife rescue is the way to go!

Since the babies are so little, they required a lot of care and fragile handling. We decided the best course of action for the three little siblings was taking them to a Wildlife Clinic, because we knew they could care better for them. Although it was hard letting them go (Max, Ruby, and Morris) it was the right thing to do.

Spookyspoon saving wildlife, one animal at a time.

Let’s Play A Game

We’ve all heard of those games at parties, where ambitious kids search for ghosts and demons. It’s all in good fun of course. It seems people have always had a thing for the Supernatural and Paranormal. After all we have Ouija Boards, Psychics, Apparitions. The unknown is our desire.

So, let’s play a game. This game? It’s about all games. Games of the Haunted. Definitely a list to look back to when you’re looking for some “harmless” fun at parties. Just don’t blame me. Users Beware. 

  1. Charlie Charlie 

Most everyone has heard of this game, after it hit it’s highest craze in 2014. Here are the instructions.

-Get a piece of paper, draw two straight lines, one horizontal and one vertical. Write Yes, No, Yes, No, one word in each box. Take two pencils. Balance the pencils one on top of the other over the lines you drew. Say ‘Charlie Charlie, I want to play. Charlie Charlie are you there?’ Supposedly the top pencil being balanced on the bottom will move to yes or no. Continue with questions.

  1. Bloody Mary 

This game, was the epitome of fear during my childhood. And yes, spookyspoon IS afraid of this one. Don’t joke around about it.

-Go into the Bathroom. If possible bring a candle with you and light it. Stand before the mirror with the lights off, preferably as dark as you can get it (so at night). Then repeat Bloody Mary three times while looking directly in the mirror. Remain there for 30 seconds afterwards, staring into the mirror. Blow out the candle, and leave. Supposedly she will appear, and tear out your eyes.

  1. The Midnight Man 

This is another popular game. There is multiple instructions to this game, but I will share the one I am familiar with. (which is considered the most gruesome)

-Take a piece of paper. You can play this with multiple people. Make sure all the lights are off in your entire house. Write all participants names on the paper, and prick each finger, smearing one drop of blood on the paper. Take the paper to the front door, and pin it on the door. Knock on the door three times, then walk back inside. At exactly Midnight say “You are Welcome In.” Make sure each individual has a candle and matches with them. Roam around the house as you play the game. If your candle gets blown out you have 15 seconds to light it again, if not the midnight man will get you. You have to survive until 3:33 am, at which time you say “thanks for playing.” The midnight man supposedly leaves. No one has ever beaten the game.

  1. The Closet Game

This game is rather simple, and has a fun belief to it.

-Take an unlit match and walk into a dark closet, shutting the door(s) behind you. Once inside say “show me the light or leave me in darkness.” Light the match. Once you begin to hear whispers behind you, you can slowly leave the closet, at which point it will be haunted permanently by a demon and you must always have a light on when entering the closet. If your match gets blown out and you fail to light it quickly enough, it is said you are pulled into forever darkness.

  1. The Hooded Man

This is a fun one. For this game I will be copying the instructions down from http://www.wonderslist.com/10-paranormal-games/


This is spookyspoon, feeding you creepy, from day one.

Treasure Hunters Unite!

So much for the spooky. It’s always good to get a break from horrible things. Calm in the storm.

So we’re going to take an Indiana Jones shortcut back to the world of spookyspoon.

Yes. Let’s go Treasure Hunting.

  1. Mosby Treasure – Fairfax, Virginia 

Let’s take it back to the Civil War. The man of our story is Confederate Colonel John Mosby. Mosby and his men captured 42 Union soldiers while in Fairfax, and during this capture Mosby discovered a sack containing some of the most prized and precious heirlooms of wealthy planters within the area. Rumor was a battalion of Union Soldiers was heading their way, so Mosby shared the secret find with his most trusted soldier, and together they hid it in nearby woods, marking the tree so they’d be able to find it again. Unfortunately they had to retreat. When Mosby believed it was safe to get the treasure, he sent six of his best men. Unfortunately all were captured and hung, including the other soldier who knew the whereabouts of the treasure. Mosby never was able to return for his treasure, and so the secret died with him.

2. John Stillinger- Wisconsin 

John Stillinger was an infamous bank robber. Throughout all of his years of robbing, he evaded capture. At his multiple hideouts (this one stationed in Wisconsin) Stillinger hid some of his loot several hundred yards from his hideout cabin, so he could return for it later. Unfortunately he was captured. And his loot, has not been found.

3. Lake Guativita- Columbia 

Legend goes that there once was a great Emperor, and in favor of the Gods threw many precious golden coins into the lake to appease them. Hundreds of years later, in the 1800’s, some curious adventurers wanted to test this legend. So they drained Lake Guativita, where the legend was said to take place. Within the folds of mud they found gold coins. Several pounds of golden coins were recovered from the lake, but for preservation it was again refilled. Some still find golden coins today, within the multiple layers of mud at the bottom of the lake. Unfortunately today it is illegal to search for treasure within this lake any longer, but there is no doubt they definitely missed the apparent hundreds of coins thrown into the lake by the Emperor.


So treasurer hunters, who’s up to go looking for Gold with spookyspoon?


Amazing Websites 2:

I thought, since the last post was so successful, I’ll make another post about websites that I’ve found and collected.

crimereports.com –track crimes in your area, to better be ready to protect your own home and self from getting robbed

supercook.com –Type in what you have in your pantry and it will give you multiple recipes you can make with your resources available

snopes.com -Rumors/claims debunked.Ever wonder if what someone tells you is true? Well, snopes can let you know.

sleepyti.me -lets you know when you should go to bed and get up for the most refreshing sleep.

freerice.com -This is a trivia website, every question you answer correctly will donate 10 grains of rice to a person in need. You can even pick the topic of what trivia questions are asked.

coursera.org -get online credit by taking online college classes from multiple colleges, such as Stanford, ASU, UW, and more.

homestyler.com -design your own home and what you’ve always dreamed of

bubbl.us -Brainstorm with bubbles in a collective way

staance.com  -Agree or disagree with current politics or ideas

ourworldindata.org -exactly what the name says

howstuffworks.com -again, exactly what it says. This has such a WIDE collection of how things work. It’s amazing.

This is spookyspoon, feeding you creepy, from day one.