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Seems like just yesterday I was trying to find the perfect way to introduce myself and tell you all about my view as a blogger. Now, as the year comes to a close it seems like the longest and simultaneously shortest year of my life. Getting to write about something that wasn’t very deep, like my favorite new products or shoes was a good constant in this rocky year for me. What I want people to take away from my writing is that it is ok to love yourself. Be self-centered! Focus on your own needs! We are constantly told that we should put others first, and while that in the end should be the goal, I think we need to realize that we have to put ourselves first and make sure we feel good, before focusing on others. You can’t keep giving if you don’t have anything, so take some time to make sure YOU feel good. Put your own health and happiness before anything else, because in the end, all we have is ourselves. If that means an expensive face mask, or some retail therapy, knock yourself out!

As for me, I’ll be continuing my stylish ways on the east coast, studying in New York City. I can only imagine the trends and style challenges I will get to see in the most fashionable city in the world. Best of luck,

The Blonde Blogger

Prom Prep

This weekend is Prom. For many seniors, the word “prom” elicits not only excitement and fun, but also dread at the preparations and cost. Planning with a group can be horrible; “where will we eat? Where will we take pictures? Who is driving who? When is it?” etc. Then there’s the actual prep for the event, which for many girls has evolved to much more than slipping on a dress and heels and heading out the door.

06 06

All of the friday before prom is reserved for my prep. I am starting out with a manicure pedicure appointment with two of my friends. Afterwards, I head home and get completely clean of the lotion and scrubs used, only to head back downtown for my tanning appointment. I am getting an airbrush spray tan, not because I don’t like my ghost appearance, but because of a combination of some stubborn tan lines and a backless dress. Eight hours later the tan must be washed off, and my hair prepped. This means a round of shampoo, and a deep conditioning hair mask. Then my hair will be blow dried for good styling texture, and I’m off to bed.

Since it is something I enjoy doing so much, I have decided to do my own makeup. I really recommend doing this if you are capable because it not only saves you a lot of money, but nobody knows your face like you do. You know what looks good with your eye shape and what you usually do for makeup, so you don’t show up looking like a complete stranger with 20 new makeup techniques you’ve never tried before. I am doing individual false lashes instead of a band, since it is more natural and so much more comfortable. No jabbing or lifting at the inner corners, you can basically not tell you’re wearing them. For hair, I am still trying to find a good hairdo for my short hair, but I will probably try some different things saturday to find a style that looks good.

Then it is dress and heels time, but a good tip is to bring a pair of flats or sneakers. Once you have taken the pictures, you can switch and enjoy the dance without pain.

Have Fun!
The Blonde Blogger

Met Gala Fashion Review

Although the Met Gala was a couple of weeks ago, there’s one dress I just can’t get out of my mind, so I decided to do a belated Met Gala review. The 2016 theme was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. This theme was approached in a couple of different ways; one was the differences between machine and handmade clothing. The other was how technology is incorporated into fashion. There were a lot of silver robot gowns and mini dresses, which I found predictable and boring. The showstopper was Zac Posen’s glow in the dark ballgown for Claire Danes. Initially it just looks like a beautiful, perfectly crafted light blue princess ball-gown, but in the dark it lit up like a galaxy. It was adorned with subtle LED lights, enough to light up a whole town, but small enough to not look tacky or like a craft project. It was absolutely stunning and totally outshined all the Tron-lookalikes and crafty Louis Vuitton mini-dresses. Like always, Beyonce was gorgeous in a skin-tight beaded latex Givenchy dress. Lily-Rose Depp wore a white Chanel, and Alicia Vikander wore the only good Louis Vuitton look of the night, a manus-inspired red, gold, and printed mini. Although Olivier Rousteing is one of my favorite visionaries and designers, as creative director of Balmain, his looks were pretty, but not new. His most noted look was that on Kylie Jenner, and although it was a beautiful fitted silver metal dress, it was nothing new, especially not on her. He creates beautiful shapes and bedazzled designs, but for a theme with so many innovative possibilities, it did not live up to my expectations.


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The Blonde Blogger

Dream Team | Fashion & Life Role Models

We all have role models and people we look to for guidance. Whether that is regarding lifestyle, fashion, relationships, beauty, career, or anything else, we look to them for inspiration. I’ve compiled a list of people that inspire me/my dream squad:

05 20

Olly Alexander: as the frontman of the group Years & Years, Olly shines with his amazing voice and personal style. He is carefree and unapologetic, often wearing interesting pieces to their performances and speaking up for important issues. Their music is inspiring and captivating, and their performances are breathtaking. Olly is one of the only singers I know of who is good at doing covers. Often times, I am a firm cover-hater, but Y&Y’s Darkhorse Bling puts Katy Perry’s original to shame while being a great Drake tribute simultaneously. Fun fact: Olly likes to put little Destiny’s Child twists into their songs, which is absolutely to die for and reason number 2033845 why we need to be best friends. Favorite looks: glitter eyebrows, bleached hair, matching painted denim set at Coachella 2016, anything sparkly.

Rihanna: The queen herself, standing up for women everywhere. Her style is groundbreaking and provocative, as she challenges social norms and encourages young girls to take charge. She has managed to stay relevant throughout my whole adolescence, using her problems to fuel her career and blow everyone away. Favorite looks: thigh-high boots, fuzzy overcoats, Puma x Fenty slippers, and my all-time favorite look, her 2014 CFDA look, the sparkly see-through dress.

Eileen Kelly: the social media star turned sex educator known under the username killerandasweetthang is a walking revolution. She doesn’t apologize for anything, as she confidently flaunts her stuff and rocks everything from oversized tshirts to mini dresses. She is a passionate self-care advocator, acting as a big sister for teen girls everywhere. In the face of mental problems, anxiety, and depression, she is an inspiration to everyone to do what you love and take care of yourself for the better, instead of turning to prescriptions. Favorite looks: fur coats at brunch, her 2015 halloween costume, the blue velvet dress, and of course our matching haircuts.

The Blonde Blogger

Welcome to the Family | Glossier Balm Dotcom Trio Review

Just when we thought Glossier didn’t have any more tricks up their sleeves, they gave us a sneak peek of exactly what was to come: three new variations of the Balm Dotcom. I was able to get my hands on the trio early and have a reaction/review/overview here. Previously there was only the classic salve and the coconut scented version, but the new ones were more than just pretty scents.


The first of the three is Rose. Glossier calls it “a subtle pink tint that smells unlike any other rose.” The packaging matches that of the other Balm Dotcoms, but to make it more fun, they gave this one a pink and green combination, like a rose. The balm itself is a pale and pretty pink color, and it has a very prominent rose scent, with sweet and fresh undertones. The color is just enough that it may give some color but nothing crazy and definitely good for an everyday nude look.

Then there is Cherry. “Think of candy; sweet, slightly tangy, and with a juicy red tint,” is what Glossier notes about it in the description card that comes with the trio. I had heard from Glossier that it would be tinted but didn’t realize until I tried it that they meant the cherry colored description. It is very red, but with a thin layer it is not too overpowering. I understand why they used the word candy; the scent is very fun and like any cherry candy. It comes packaged in a pink and cherry red tube. I was very excited about this product, since I don’t like using a lot of lip products due to easily chapping lips, but sometimes still want some color to liven up my look. Of all of the products they have launched recently, the Cherry Balm Dotcom was the one I got most excited about when trying and can’t wait to incorporate into my life and everyday routine.

Lastly there was Mint. The box had my favorite model and role model Ceilidh on, which of course only made me more excited to try it. “Formulated with peppermint and menthol to not only smell, but feel like a fresh start.” It initially gives that fresh-but-sweet peppermint gum scent, and the untinted balm gives a refreshing cooling feel and scent. Probably a good morning pick-me-up, or for those times when you’ve been neglecting lip care and run into the burningly-chapped phenomenon.

Overall, this trio was a very good surprise. I feel like Glossier could somehow see all the products and things I was using and found exactly what I didn’t even realize I was missing. The mint one is just another great flavor so I keep using it and taking care of my lips, and the rose and cherry ones are amazing for slight lip color. My main problem with lip products is often that lipsticks are drying and glosses chap and come off, but chapstick is boring. This really changes the whole game. 10/10 once again.

The Blonde Blogger

Glitter Brows

One of my new favorite trends is the burst of glitter. With concert culture especially, we’ve seen everything from glitter roots, extra-glittery highlighters, and of course, glitter brows. I decided to try this trend for myself as a part of my look for the Years & Years concert. They make electronic indie music, and their front man Olly Alexander is always experimenting with fun new and different fashions. At their previous concert, in Vancouver, Olly had rocked glitter brows, so it seemed like the perfect occasion to try it.

I went for a gold brow to complement my hair color, and I am really happy with how they turned out, and the look was super easy to achieve. I started with a somewhat sticky gel eyeshadow in a clear gold and silver glitter. This was applied along my already defined eyebrows as a base for the actual glitter. Then, with a small precise brush, I applied a loose gold glitter over the base, making sure to hold my head back because of major shadow fallout. Then, set the eyebrows with any makeup setting spray. This last step is crucial in order to get the glitter to stay in place, especially through a concert.

05 06

In the end, the glitter brows were a success. I loved the look, and had a lot of fun with it. Olly even noticed, as my glittery squad and I had the front row. It was definitely not the last time I rocked a pair of glitter brows, the only question is when the next appropriate time will be. I’m sure gold and glittery eyebrows would look great with my cap and gown in a couple of weeks 😉 just kidding, but it did really teach me the benefit of trying new and weird trends, you never know if it will look good until you try it.

Best of luck,

The Blonde Blogger

College Sweatshirts

This sunday is the beginning of may. To most, that is just another month and turned page on a calendar. However, if you talk to a high school senior, you will find that it is so much more. Also known as Decision Day, May first is the day by which incoming college freshman must commit to a college or university. The colleges have read our applications and picked us, now it’s time for us to choose them as well. On monday, high school seniors across the country will be repping their new schools in logowear and merch.

So what am I going to wear? Since there are very few schools whose spirit colors are black, white, and grey, I have to step out of my comfort zone and wear some yellow too. The sweatshirt says “PRATT” and represents one of the top art and design schools in the country, because the Blonde Blogger is officially going to be blogging from New York City. It is comforting to have this plan set, but as of today, many of my peers still do not know the logo they should wear on monday. It is nerve wracking and exciting to get to this milestone and huge decision, yet bittersweet to see one’s friends all split up, especially as I leave for the opposite coast.

05 02

In the end, what I am trying to say is that not every sweatshirt fits everybody. Not everybody is going to be comfortable in the same thing, and not every shirt will look flattering on everybody. College sweatshirts are not a one size fits all, Brandy Melville style. Everything is going to be o.k. and work out, as long as you pick what YOU want to wear.

Good Luck,

The Blonde Blogger

Welcome to the Family | Glossier Phase 2 Review

To honor my traditions, I am here with a review of Glossier’s newest products. They recently launched their Phase 2 Kit, their take on makeup. As you may recall, their Phase 1 Kit was skincare (the Rose Spray has been switched with the Milky Jelly, but both are still available individually as well). The kit includes the Boy Brow, Stretch Concealer, and Generation G sheer lipstick. I’ve tried everything, and I am still a big fan. I have already reviewed the Boy Brow, and it still works well (I wear Blond). The Stretch Concealer is dewy and medium coverage, but a super light feel. It never cakes up, and can be combined with their Perfecting Skin Tint for a flawless complexion. I wear the Stretch Concealer in the color Light, and initially I worried it would be too pigmented, since my under eye area is super light, but it is sheer enough to blend perfectly. For matte full coverage I set the concealer with my Chanel powder I’ve previously mentioned by packing it on with the puff, and then lightly dust it over the rest of my face to mattify the skin tint using a large fluffy brush.

04 08

I got the Generation G in the shade Cake, which is their most natural and neutral shade. The color is perfect for everyday use, and it feels very moisturizing and soft. I am really looking forward to trying the three other colors, all of them more dark and colorful. Glossier’s idea was that it should be easy to do your makeup, no tools or even mirrors necessary. I think they have done very well in keeping to this, as you can just easily swipe this across your lips and not worry about lipliners or crisp lines.

I also finally got my hands on the Coconut Balm Dot Com, which is their most popular seller and is thus constantly sold out. I really like using it specifically on my lips and I’ve started mainly using my plain Balm Dot Coms on other dry areas, since the coconut tastes and smells so much better. It definitely makes a big difference using the salve instead of a typical lip balm, and I highly recommend it.

For a simply and natural everyday routine, I highly recommend getting your hands on some Glossier.

The Blonde Blogger

Not Too Fast Fashion

When looking at my wardrobe, I have started to notice a pattern among pieces I keep and continuously wear, and those that I immediately grow tired of. The difference was also highlighted to me in the documentary The True Cost. There is a concept called fast fashion and is defined as, “a phenomenon in the fashion industry whereby production processes are expedited in order to get new trends to the market as quickly and cheaply as possible.” When fashion moves at this pace, it exhausts trends fast, and as new designs roll in on a biweekly basis, what one has becomes outdated or old faster than ever. The big names in the fast fashion industry include Forever21, H&M, Topshop, and many more. This is not only difficult to keep up with on a trend basis, but as the documentary reveals, horrible for the industry. As things become cheaper and faster, corporations find shortcuts and workers as well as the environment get hurt.

What I am trying to do is remove myself from this cycle. Although the idea of shopping all the time does not sound unpleasant to me, the amount of waste financially and physically is tremendous. My strategy is to invest more money into fewer, but more well-made, pieces of clothing. Although the upfront transaction at the register might seem pricier, by investing in timeless high quality clothing, one can not only create a killer staple wardrobe, but also stop helping the mega corporations.

One of my favorite brands is Are You Am I, a clothing and accessory company started by Rumi Neely in California. They make beautiful neutral clothing especially in silk, leather, and velvet. It is a very pricey brand, but the pieces will last and unlike a new shirt from F21, a silk and lace top won’t be out of style anytime soon.

I’m not saying the only way to be good to the earth and its people is to buy expensive clothes, but look into where the companies you buy from are sourcing their fabrics and work force from. Often times, if that new dress is incredibly inexpensive, it is worth thinking about what the company probably had to do to get it to that low price. Look for handmade, honest companies with good ethics and morals.

04 03

The Blonde Blogger

Lip Tips

For super soft lips, one must constantly be paying attention to them. Here are a couple of ways I take care of mine.


For really chapped lips, I use my Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub to scrub off the dead skin cells. I then follow up with a high quality pomade like The Dior Creme De Rose, or a salve like Glossier’s Balm Dot Com. A cheaper alternative to the Balm Dot Com is Vaseline, but I really like the formula and smell of Glossier products. Also, I really do not like products I have to stick my finger into in order to retrieve product, which the Dior Creme De Rose unfortunately is, but unlike Vaseline, The Balm Dot Com comes in a tube for easy application. For everyday use, my strategy is just keep chapstick everywhere. One on your nightstand, one by your toothbrush, one in your purse, one in your pencil pouch, one in your car, you name it. This way, it is not some forgettable chore, but an easy habit, to constantly be aware of. This means buying a lot of random cheap chapsticks, and then using nicer ones at night time. I like EOS, except I honestly feel like their packaging is so excessive. Chapstick brand also makes good ones, and SoftLips has a smoothie line that all have fun fruit and berry flavors.

Even if your lips aren’t horribly chapped, every flaw becomes visible once you put lipstick over it. For that, I use my MAC prep and prime under and over the lipstick. It creates a smooth canvas, and blurs over the top for a clean finish.

The Blonde Blogger

Classy and Fabulous

With makeup and skincare, one runs into the never ending battle of affordable vs. high quality. It is especially difficult because having a high price and sought-after label doesn’t always ensure that a product is actually better quality. On the other hand, sometimes paying more means that better materials and more care is put into the product, and thus less chance of cheap chemicals and sloppy production. In the end, it is not one or the other. I think it is important to find out where to invest in nicer products and where it doesn’t hurt to save a couple bucks.

Growing up interested in beauty and fashion, it is impossible to avoid the name Chanel. It signifies elegance, sophistication, and very high luxury, not to mention historical significance. Some of my favorite quotes to live by are from Coco Chanel including “a girl should be two things, classy and fabulous,” and of course, “the best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.” So here is my experience with Chanel:

Chanel holds a pretty important space in my makeup and skincare routine. The best moisturizer I have ever tried is the Chanel Hydra Beauty Creme. Beauty comes at a great cost, and with a name like Chanel, it happens to be $87.00 for 1.7oz (before tax). The silver lining is that a little goes a long way, and you do not have to worry about investing in a new pot of it every month. Since I have extremely dry skin, investing in a moisturizer that really worked for my skin was a life changer, but that also means that there is no reason to spend almost one hundred dollars on something like this, if your skin is happy using a drugstore moisturizer. It is important to find what works for you, not just blindly follow the big brands. I notice such a big difference with this moisturizer, that I think for my skin type it is a worthy investment. But remember, you don’t have to guess! Either get a sample, or have them try it on you in store before you commit to it.

As far as makeup, I use the Chanel Double Perfection Lumiere Long-Wear Flawless Powder Makeup. It is a powder with broad spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen. This is really important for me in an everyday powder, because I am trying to prevent early sun damage. I really like the color match for me, 12 Beige Rose, the finely milled feel, and not going to lie, the luxury and fanciness of the feel of a Chanel compact. I only use the sponge puff under my eyes to set my concealer, and use separate a powder brush to lightly dust the rest of my face. For days when I don’t want the full sheen of my glossier routine, this mattifies and sets it all. This powder comes to a cost of $55. 

I also have their quadra eyeshadow Les 4 Ombres in the shade 47 Dunes. This is their  most neutral combination, and thus right up my alley. It has a matte light golden highlight color, a shimmery pale rose and a shimmery beige, and a dark matte brown. These eyeshadows are a great combination, and I feel like I can create great looks with just those four colors. I like using this on the go, as it is small, compact, and has everything needed for a great smokey eye. The quad runs at a starting price of $61, which is honestly pretty decent for four great colors. Although it comes with the little foam applicators, those are like my worst nightmare, so I recommend using this with a flat eyeshadow brush for the lid and blending brush for the darker crease, which may also require a little investing.

I also own the Chanel Joues Contraste powder blush in the shade 72 Rose Initial. It is a very pink shade with slight shimmer and coral undertones. It is hard for me to give fair critique of this, since I try to stay away from blush, however my one problem with it is the shimmer. It is very visible, which is great for some looks, but for everyday wear I am a little weary of it. I have found myself using it as an eyeshadow more than anything, as it gives a beautiful rosy sheen to your eyelids. It is only $45, so it is one of the less expensive options at the Chanel counter. Once again, for easy travel, this compact comes with a sad excuse for a blush brush, which works alright for light use like how I prefer it, however, for perfect application I would once again recommend buying a good fluffy brush.

03 18

Overall, I am very happy with these high end purchases. I will definitely continue to use their moisturizer, as well as probably try out other parts of their skincare lines that go with it. It is going to take me quite a while to hit pan on any of the other products, but I guess if I ever even make it that far, it will be a sign of good use. I think the most important part was really consider why I was buying each item, in order to only invest in products that one feels are worth it, not just because they have the word Chanel on them.

The Blonde Blogger

I Don’t (Hair) Care

Although my hair is cut short, keeping these blonde locks styled and healthy still requires some effort. Keep it healthy and clean using my Toni & Guy shampoo for damaged hair, so that it is not too harsh, as well as the Toni & Guy conditioner for normal hair. I have never been so excited about a conditioner before, and it always leaves my hair super duper soft and pretty. I was recommended it by my cousin, who colors and styles her hair a lot, yet with this duo manages to keep her hair soft and voluminous. To prevent extensive hair damage, I try to let my hair air dry as often as possible, but if I do decide to blow dry it, I first use my Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat-tamer Leave-In spray to prevent heat damage. I also use this spray when I curl or straighten my hair or do any other heat treatment. If I am styling it and looking for glamorous volume, I use my Oribe Volumista mist for volume, which was recommended to me by my hairstylist. It is great for short hair, so that it doesn’t fall limp on one’s face.

For travel, I like to bring my Lush Sea something whatever shampoo bar. A shampoo bar is basically like a bar of soap, except it lathers into a great shampoo. This is super travel friendly, as it is in solid form, and you get endless uses out of it. I usually only get two maybe three uses out of those tiny travel size bottles, so for any real(ly long) vacation, I would recommend opting for a bar. My go-to styling tool on vacations is Lush Sea Spray, because it gives effortless beachy hair. This messy look is great for vacays, when you don’t want to constantly worry about styling or bringing styling tools. If I go somewhere where I will be swimming or washing my hair without conditioner, I bring my Pantene Moisture Mist Detangler. It makes brushing your hair totally effortless, even if it is super tangled.

My last hair secret for super healthy hair is Biotin. This is basically just vitamin B, which is the vitamin that goes to supporting healthy hair and nail growth. If you suffer from extremely damaged hair, taking this supplement daily may help you.

03 14

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Beauty Buddies | S^3

For beauty insight, it is important to have more than one source, since everybody has their own experience, preferences, and look. I had the honor of interviewing one of my beauty icons and fellow bloggers; . Here’s what I found out about…

Makeup: I like to keep my routine overall simple and my makeup looks clean and refined. I am not big on trying new products, because it took me a long time no narrow my products down to the most amazing one’s for me. Every item in my collection is the product of years of searching and testing, and I really feel that I have built a very strong collection. I always have to start off with my MAC Studio Fix Foundation in the shade NC30, I’ve been using it for about three or four years now, and I really like the full coverage effect and great color match. For concealer, I’m in love with the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. It really last all day without ceasing and has an amazing texture. I used to always use Laura Mercier translucent powder to set my makeup, but my skin has been acting up this year, so I’ve switched to using the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation over top of my foundation for extreme blemish coverage. For eyeliner, I love Kat Von D.’s liquid tattoo eyeliner in the shade Trooper, which is their blackest black eyeliner. It stays beautifully all day, even with a tear or two. (this is also one of my favorite eyeliners). I apply a medium thickness line along my upper lash line, ending with a clean and sharp wing. I curl my eyelashes, and coat them with Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara or Bobbi Brown’s Smokey Eye mascara. (I use the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara everyday and love it. It gives incredible volume and lift to your lashes) I am blessed with naturally perfect thick and healthy eyebrows, so I do not have to fill them in or anything.

03 07
Skincare: Since I have combination skin, with oils in my T-zone and dry cheeks, I have to balance my cleansing with my moisturizing. Too much cleansing will strip my skin of it’s healthy natural oils, thus drying me out, while too much moisturizing will cause uncontrollable oiliness. I use my Apsara Neem facial cleanser mixed with Josie Maran Argan Exfoliating Powder everyday. I got this idea from my favorite YouTuber ever, Kassie of cloudyapples. It is one of the few cleansers that gets off the dead skin buildup without being too harsh or drying. I love to use Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Serum followed by the Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer all over my face every night following my cleansing. If I am really pampering myself or feel that my skin needs a little extra love, I use the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. For really intensive moisturizing I use castor oil or avocado oil. It is really important that it is cold pressed, unprocessed, and unrefined. I massage into onto my face and leave it on until my face feels replenished and the wash it off with my cleanser, or wipe it off with a warm, damp washcloth.

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Mad About Shoes

Shoes. Such an important accessory and topic to talk about, and so many to choose from. I recently noticed that the majority of the shoes in my collection are from one brand – Steve Madden. Sometimes when I don’t know how to deal with difficult things, I simply go shoe shopping to distract myself from the real problem. Unintentionally, I tend to gravitate towards Steve Madden shoes, even when I don’t realize a certain pair is from that brand. It has become a joke amongst my fashion friends that I will buy anything suede by Steve Madden, and I guess I have yet to prove them wrong. Within the past two weeks I have added two new pairs to the family, both black and suede.

The first pair of Steve Madden shoes I distinctly remember owning was a pair of black leather combat boots (the same as my bff blogger, actually). I loved these shoes and wore them constantly, which showed after a while. They became extremely worn down and gross, but I needed a pair like that in my collection. I managed to track down the exact same style in the newer collection, and the only difference is the leather quality. These boots are the perfect amount of warmth for fall or spring, but with a thick pair of socks peeking out, they work great for winter too.  

Of course, I also own a pair own black suede Steve Madden booties, a pair of chunky suede grey platform heels (I’ve never been so tall before in my life), and leather quilted slip-ons.

From their newest collection, I fell for a pair of tie-around pointed toe ballet slippers, in black suede of course. The suede bands criss-cross across the top of one’s foot and then tie around the ankle. It can be tied in the front, or brought around to be tied on the back, it is up to you. Just a couple of days after purchasing those cuties, I ran across a stiletto version and swooned. They were essentially the same, criss-cross bands, pointed toe, black, suede, but they had a thin heel as well. At this point, 10% of me was saying, “don’t buy them, you have a pair that is so similar,” while 80% of me was saying, “OMG, I don’t have anything like these, I NEED them.” Finally, there was also 10% going, “at this rate of shoe buying, I’m going to need to find a job again.” In the end, I got the shoes, and am extremely happy with them. I wore the stilettos on Valentine’s Day with a girly dress, but they also go very well with black skinny jeans or skirts.

Overall, I feel that Steve Madden’s designs are so great because of their simplicity and versatility. Although I have a pair for almost every outfit, the important thing is that each pair of shoes can be worn with almost any outfit.

02 29

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