DIY Packing pt.4

Finally the last post going with the 4 part blog posts is packing. For many this is easy, for others this is a nightmare. But I was able to break it down into a few simple steps that can help many

What you will need

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Garbage bags
  • Tubs
  • Tape
  • Boxes
  • Space to put tubs / boxes

First start off by doing one room at a time, easiest in my opinion is the bathroom, usallally we place all the items except soap, a towel, and Toilet paper in the container we are moving with. Usually leave the certain items out for well you know why. Clean off every item before placing them into the conatier so nothing spills. If you are afraid of something leaking out the lip, take the lid off, place clear wrap over the open hole of the containers and re put the lid on, this usually stops spills. When done label the tub “BATHROOM #_____.”

Then do living room / game room. I have one giant tub with all my electronics including, 2 computers, wii, ps3 and other items al in some so I do nto loose them. Same with the bathroom clean each item off before placing them into the box. Also place things in their so it is easy to not get mixed. I usually place cords into sandwich baggies so they do not get tangled.

Kitchen is a easy but hard one


Closet: place garbage bags over your clothes and cut a hole for hooks to slip into at the bottom of the bag, then tie the ties on the bottom and your clothes should end up damage free.

DIY getting ready to move out pt.1 List

05 16 2

Hey! This weeks DIY is going to be a big one! I am currently getting ready to move out so this shall be a part 1 of possibly 4 DIYS for helping people get ready to move out. This is going to be such a big one because they will go like this

Part 1 – List making

Part 2- Place hunting

Part 3- Budgeting

Part 4- Packing

This move will count as # 15 for me so I am a little big more experienced than others would on there first move out. But this will be the first time I will be “leaving the nest.” So lets hop to the DIY

This list will be my personal list, I will be including what I already have just so I don’t leave anything out. List making can be seen as one of the harder things to make because most people do not actually know what they need for when they move out.

List: best way to get this started if you are stumped is go around your kitchen and see what all you have in the place you are living in, and or go on amazon and just start looking up things you need / want.

Kitchen :

  • Bowls (3 -6)
  • Large plates (3-6)
  • Small plates (3-6)
  • Knife set
  • Silverware (3-6 of each)
  • Baking pans (this number is up to you I have about 6 but thats because I bake and cook a lot.)
  • Pots and pan set
  • Toaster
  • Oven Mitts
  • Mop
  • Broom
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Rug
  • Dish towels (5-10)
  • Mixing spoons
  • Spatula
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Cooling racks
  • Skillet
  • Cutting boards
  • Dining table
  • Chairs
  • Garbage can
  • Storage container
  • Tin foil
  • Clear wrap
  • Wax paper
  • You can add more to your liking this is personally all that I need for 2 people.

Living room

  • Couches
  • Coffee table
  • Rug
  • Picture frames
  • Blanket
  • TV
  • Entertainment center ( something to go around / under your tv)
  • Movie Storage
  • Light
  • You can add whatever you want.I have a lot more to add but others wouldn’t add.


  • Shower Curtain
  • Shower Liner
  • Shower storage
  • Personally ( shampoo / conditioner / body wash dispenser)
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Candle
  • Matches
  • Hand-soap
  • bathroom storage
  • 2-4 face towels
  • 5-10 Shower towels
  • Plunger
  • Decoration
  • Bathroom rug
  • Toilet seat cover
  • Extra shampoo / soap / other materials
  • “Night light”

laundry room

  • Clothing hamper
  • Laundry soap
  • Laundry softener
  • Dryer sheets
  • Mr clean bar
  • Rug
  • Movable small hamper
  • Trash can


  • Bed frame
  • TV
  • Dresser
  • Light
  • Rug
  • Storage containers
  •  Night stands
  • Book rack
  • Hamper
  • Trash can
  • Picture frames
  • Anything else you think you might need.

This list could go on for ever but this is just a basic list of things youd need. ♥ Queen of Craft

DIY Staying on task for school

05 16 on taskHey everybody! How’s your may going so far? Mine went pretty well so far and one of the things I’ve noticed is, as the school year comes to an end the act of staying on task can be harder than it needs to be. This DIY has helped me so much throughout the years and I hope they help you too.

  1. Bring something cold
    1. Usually a water bottle full of ice or even just an ice pack in a zip lock bag. As the school year gets warmer it tends to lead to people complaining about how warm it is or how thirsty they are. So if you stay hydrate you’ll feel a lot cooler than others.
  2. Bring small snacks
    1. These snacks can be to your liking. I tend to just bring in a small bag of granola / chips for each period. It makes you less hungry and more able to stay on task if you challenge yourself with the food. For example if you are doing a test review you can say “if I get this one right I can have ____ if not then next time.” You are rewarding yourself and dependent on making sure your learning off your own.
  3. Take constant notes
    1. This can get really annoying really fast but the more notes you write down the better chance you’ll have with remembering what was said in class. You don’t need to write down every single work that is said but it helps.
  4. Clean out binder
    1. This is a thing ill usually do in class if it is going slow / you already know what is going on and find it a waste of time. Clean out your binder from all the old junk you do not need anymore. This tends to allow you to more space for new papers but it also is a way to help you see what all is in there. I tend to forget what exactly is all in m binders and it tends to affect me more negatively then positively because I’ll find missing assignments that I thought I turned in.

Hopefully this DIY helped in some way. It tends to help me year round. Have a great weekend. ♥ Queen of Craft

DIY Healthier looking hair

A constant battle for someone who wants long hair but loves coloring it, the other night I found the best recipe and now I am in love. My hair is so poofy because I have curly hair that has been being bleached and dyed for almost 6 years, and I have only recently started deep conditioning it.

04 20

What you will need / where you can find it

  • Dollar Store 6 FL OZ Simply Shea deep conditioner
  • Amazon 16 FL OZ Organic Extra virgin Coconut Oil
  • Amazon 5.5 FL OZ Mane ‘n Tail Leave – in cream Therapy
  • Safeway 32 FL OZ Mane ‘n Tail Conditioner

♦Some products you might not find (Dollar Store Deep conditioner) I have only found it at one dollar store in the state of WASHINGTON but others might act the same.


  1. In a 6 FL OZ container mix
    1. 3 FL OZ of Simply Shea Deep conditioner
    2. Clump of coconut oil the size of your fist or smaller.
      1. Break into smaller than a m’n’m size clumps
    3. 1 FL OZ of Mane ‘n Tail Leave in
    4. Fill the rest of the space with he Mane ‘n Tail conditioner
  2. Mix all together very well.
    1. I noticed that when I mixed it all together it didn’t reach the bottom of the container so try to get it all mixed.

This self made type product can be so helpful to damaged hair, I personally put the conditioner in just as a conditioner and it made a big change to my hair and I loved it already. Have a lovely weekend ♥Queen of Craft.

DIY Quicker Laundry

This DIY is my personal favorite only because I am horrible at keeping track or what laundry needs to be done.  There are several ways you could go about this so I will be listing several ways you could do this.

    1. Set an alarm on your phone for a set time every week / day to do laundry, but also set a reminder so you do not forget about this alarm.
      1. This is usually only helpful if you are good with timing things.
  2. Sorted loads
    1. I usually start out with things I always need but never have time to wash, pants and sweatshirts do not always need to be washed first so I tend to just throw all the light clothes in one, this is includiong socks and personal clothing.
    2. Then you do pants in their own load
    3. Then sweat shirts / shirts (if you have room to put shirts with pants then do so if not don’t.
    4. Towels and heavy items last.
  3. Lay them out
    1. This method is only good in a place where they is a lot of space and you know your stuff will not get touched / isn’t out in open
      1. Separate clothing into colored piles
      2. Place each color into their own load and if there is enough space for another color then you can add it in.
        1. Just do not mix red/white/dyed recently with anything in the load.

The whole effect of this DIY is to do the fastest stuff first then the longest stuff last. Personally I hate having to have a whole day designated to laundry because of not having it organized. I hope this simple DIY is helpful and I hope you guys have a good day! – Queen of craft♥

03 29

DIY: laptop backgrounds

Hey everybody! I know I have posted quite a few for this week but heres another one that I personally love to be able to do. This is very simple and basic but the turn out can be amazing.

What you’ll need:

  • Electronic Device
  • Internet access
  • Access to art tools


  1. Open internet to this link
  2. go to Kaleidoscope affect
  3. Hold up a pattern or blanket and take a photo when you like what you see.
  4. If you like it now you can keep it or go to Paint
  5. Insert whatever pictures you would like on top and set as your new background.

This DIY can be made into however big or however small you would like. I have been doing this for years since I can never seem to find the right type of background that I want .

03 11 web cam toy

This picture is of me/ my hair. and my cat puzzle, but you can not even tell that I am in this picture, nor that that is my hair or that is a cat puzzle behind me. This DIY is so amazing and it makes it so much easier to have a personalized background that make people say ” OMG what did you look up to get that photo” and all you have to say is ” I made it”

I hope these mass posts this week isn’t to much, I am trying to get it back on track. I hope you enjoy this thought and use it at some point in your life even if it is in 20 -50 years. – Love Queen of Craft♥

DIY: Closet Clean out

Hey everybody! This DIY has been a recent favorite of mine since I m currently working on moving out of one place and into another. I tend to over buy clothes like most people and never end up wearing them so this DIY is ways you can put those clothes to use that you do not ever wear.

03 04 late post

Closet clean out:

  1. Find a day where you have a day off and no plans and put all of your clothing onto your bed.
  2. Try on every Single item, and find a outfit / pair that go with it, if it fits keep it , if not toss it.
  3. Once you are done going through what fits, think about how many times you have worn each item and how I do it is, if I have worn it less than 5x in the last 3 months I toss it, Only because It isn’t something I will dreadfully miss.
  4. Closet should slim down after these steps

Trade / other

  1. Invite friends over and ask them if they see clothes you never wear and they want and see if they have something to trade them for / or give them away. I tend to trade sweatshirt because I always need them .
  2. Sell the clothes you do not wear anymore on apps or at stores but make sure you get the correct $$$ you deserve.

These couple DIYs have helped me make so much space in my little closet and it has also helped me slim down the number of clothes I actually have / use. Have a great weekend. – Love Queen of Craft ♥

DIY: Making functioning playlists

This DIY is short and simple but it ends up helping me out a lot so I figured it would be a good DIY to share. Usually I tend to struggle with what music I play when around certain people. For example, around my boyfriend it is usually techno or something we both found and like to listen to together, but with my mom I play only a couple artist and usually rush towards my phone when a certain song plays that I do not want her to hear.

02 26 late post


  1. Figure out what type of playlists you want
    1. EX: Car rides, mom, dad, bf, workout flow, slow, fast, etc.
  2. Put certain songs into each of the files but make sure they don’t have more than a certain amount of the same songs on multiple playlists because then you pretty much have the same playlists and its just taking up space in your phone.
  3. Set a picuture of what you have / who the playlist is for so when someone wants to play one you can tell / show which one is theirs.

Other options

  1. Make CD’s for each of your friends and have them in your car, these can be songs you like to listen with them or they can be songs you know they enjoy
  2. Have your friends make a CD / Playlist on your phone / theirs and have a CD of their music in your car, then if you ever want to listen to different types of music you have it within arm’s reach.

I hope this DIY is helpful in any way, for the month of March I will be doing posts based on making yourself happier, and music makes me happy personally.Hope you all have a good week! ♥ Queen Of Craft

DIY: How to make your room warmer

02 22 warm room

Since I recently downgraded from a 2 story house with 4 bedrooms to a first floor 2 bed room apartment I have had to down grade with all my items in my room. At first when I moved I had a lot of what my mom calls “garbage” basically items that I found valuable but she didn’t. But with this move my room has become more clustered. I have many containers are in front of my floor board heater, this causing me to not be able to use my heater. These DIY’s are a small one but it helps out in the end.

Age: ALL

Prep time : 2 minutes – A couple hour

DIY#1 How to make your room warmer: This DIY is super simple, many of my friends and family do this

  1. Materials needed
    1. Blankets (these can be blank simple colors or any ordinary blanket
    2. Pushpins (Tacks, Nails, wall hooks)
  2. Steps
    1. Choose which blankets you would like to use
      1. These should be thick but not thin
    2. Place blankets up against the windows
      • Make sure these aren’t being placed next to any type of burning flame of some sort, the last thing you need is for your room to catch on fire.
    1. Pin each corner in
      • If you want to keep these pins up all year long then I’d suggest using hooks for in the walls, they can hold other objects besides blankets
        • Hooks Pro’s and Con’s
          • Pros: Screw into wall, hold lots of weight, durable.
          • Cons: Screw into wall, they poke holes into blankets.

DIY#2 How to make your floors warmer: Since I have hardwood floors I have started doing this more often than not

  1. Materials needed
    1. Blanket
  2.  Steps
    1. Make sure your floor is clean and the entrance to your door is wide open
      • You want to make sure that this blanket cannot be a tripping hazard because it will be put on the floor.
    2. Place blanket on floor that usually gets very cold but far enough away from the door
    3. Open door at night just a little bit to let some of the heat from other rooms come in
      • This might be very hard for you if you are the type of person who cannot sleep with their door not shut
        • Don’t worry it is always hard one for me
      • Clean the blanket regularly because you will be stepping on this
        • This is just a cheap altercation for your room if you currently don’t have the money to buy a rug.

DIY#3 How to make your bed warmer: I recently started this on 11/24/15 and since it has made my bed so much warmer

  1. Materials needed
    1. Old comforter: can / Does not need to match the bed ( just depends on how long it is)
  2. Bed
  3. Materials that go onto your bed
  • Steps
    1. Tear everything off your bed down to the sheets
    2. Place old comforter above or below sheet it is up to you
      • Tonight I am changing it to under (the type I have makes it cold to the touch whenever I move in my sleep.
    3. Put your bed back together

Some of these DIY’s might seem basic but they are meant to be simple and help you out with getting warmer at night, granted some might pay a lot more money for certain items to keep their bedroom warmer, but since being on a student budget, and not wanting to burn my bed ( I had an electronic blanket burn holes in our bed) these are just some common things I have learned recently. Hope you all have a good week! ♥ Queen Of Craft

DIY Wreath

This weeks DIY is based on making a wreath. Wreaths can be used for all around seasons or holidays and the DIY we are doing today is a Spring/Easter theme wreath.
02 22 wreath
You can be any age to make these but adult supervision will be needed.
-Foam circle
-Faux flowers
-Rubber cement
-Stuffed animal
-Faux leafs
-hoop screws
1.Envision what theme you want to have and start to plan accordingly.
2. Place stuffed animal in a position I am placing mine in the middle for a center piece. When putting nails into the stuffed animals make sure fur covers the nails completely.
3.Place big flowers near the bottom to make it bottom heavy.
4.Screw in the hoops in the back on the top of wreath 1 inch from each other and then on the bottom place them 2 inches apart.
5. To make the process go faster put rubber cement on the back and put moss all over it. Cover only one side in moss( you can do both sides but I didn’t)
6. When glue is dry place green faux leafs where you would like to and place flowers or other objects how you would like to accordingly use a nail or glue to secure it in.
7. Place faux grass through the back and across each other and slide each stick into a hook
8. Place wire in top hooks and make it tight so it can’t fall apart.
9. Spray with hair spray on the moss and flowers to make it easier to clean and keep together.
That is it for this DIY I hope you enjoy how yours turns out – Queen of craft♥

DIY: Packing for hospital

Hey everybody sorry I haven’t been posting anything, a lot has been going on and I plan on posting a few more this week in return for the ones I missed. This DIY is what to have for an emergency bag for hospital visits, I didn’t believe one of these were important till about two weeks ago.

02 02

Prep time: 1-2 hours

Materials needed:

  • Bag
  • Water
  • Spare Charger
  • Loose fitting clothing
  • Head phones
  • Money
  • Trail Mix
  • Shower care
  • Bathroom Care
  • ETC

DIY: Emergency bag

its best to not over pack for a trip and especially a hospital trip. A couple weeks ago my boyfriend went to the hospital and none of us had anything prepared for him. What I list in this DIY is what we brought him and didn’t cause and inconvenience in any way.

  1. Grab a bag big enough to hold a blanket and other materials and set them next to each other.
  2. Place the foods that you want to pack into a Ziploc bag and make sure it stays sealed cause you don’t want that all over the bag.
  3. Place drinks in bags too for the same reason
  4. Role Clothing up to make more space and place the clothing around the edges to create a bumper on the inside ( I didn’t do this at first and when moving around a lot things poked me and it was causing bruises.
  5. Place activity’s and chargers together in a grocery bag and place that in the middle.
  6. if you have a spare pillow place that in the middle of the bag and then place the blanket above the pillow. If their is no space for both grab a second bag and place it in those.
  7. The bags I used for this was a cheap $12 travel bag from Wal-Mart and a backpack that was just laying around the house.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY or plan to use it in the future

Queen Of Craft ♥

How to make easy Christmas Presents fast!

Hey everyone! Sorry another post is late, I’ve had a lot of homework to do over the last few weeks and this post slipped my mind to post. But lets get into this DIY!

12 15 presents

Age range: All

Time required: 5 min – 10 min (depends on if you already have the materials)

Price Range: $0 – $ 10

Materials(That ill be using)

  1. 4 Plastic bags
  2. 8 Candles
  3. 8 Strips of sting about 5 -6 inches long
  4. 4 Mugs
  5. 4 Toy Dinosaurs
  6. Confetti
  7. Wrapping paper
  8. 4 Bows
  9. 4 Fortune cookie’s
  10. 8 Pieces of tape
  11. ID holders

Fast and meaningful present

  1. Layout all of your items to the object you are placing them in
    1. Its best to separate before you start making these gifts because you want to make sure its all even.
  2. Candles
    1. IF they are smelly
      1. Place them in a zip lock bag on top of each other in a corner of the bag
      2. Twist the top and tie it off
      3. Make the bow tight cause it can come loose
    2. IF they do not smell
      1. You can just place them in, or you can wrap them as if they were smelly
  3. Start by placing the big things in first. This is how I placed my items in
    1. Candles
    2. Dinosaur
    3. ID holder
    4. Fortune cookie
    5. Confetti
  4. Since I’m placing these inside a mug I had the choice to wrap them and I did.
  5. To wrap mugs
  6. lay mug on side and role sideways with paper attached to it
  7. Tape the side down and it should look like a tube.
  8. Tape the bottom together and when it comes to the top I just twisted it a little bit and tied it with a string.

I hope this DIY is a fun one, I hope you all have a happy holidays! ♥ Queen Of Craft

DIY: Night before Christmas Box

Hello everybody! This DIY is something I saw on Facebook that I thought would be a great gift to more people than just little kiddo’s. For the last couple months I have been struggling to look for presents for my nephew that he would like, and when I found this idea I thought it was perfect, I just needed to add more things to it. In this DIY I will be showing you how to make a night before Christmas box. I choose not to upload a photo of what mine looks like due to I wanted mine to be 1 of a kind and not let people copy how I made mine.

NIGHT before christmas

Prep time: 20min-1 hour

DIY# Night before Christmas Box : Explanation

  1. Materials needed
    1. Tape
    2. Box
    3. Tissue paper
    4. Pajamas
    5. Small items: Candy, Popcorn bags (un-popped), Toys
    6. Anything you want to put in the box
  2. Steps
    1. Place the box so it can be opened easily but doesn’t fall apart.
    2. Wrap the pajamas in tissue paper and place it in the box

****For mine I’m doing it a little bit different like I said, I am adding a Movie to his box. ****

    1. Place whatever items in the box that you want, just remember the older the person is the more different types of gifts can go in.
      1. Different types
        • Video games
        • Hot chocolate
        • Movies
        • Music
        • Gift cards
        • Money
        • Electronic
        • Clothing
        • Etc.
    2. Wrap the present if wanting to
      1. This gift itself will have all sorts of items inside the box should look nice so if it is not, id recommend wrapping it.

This DIY has made Christmas presents so much easier for me to do / hand out. You wont have to worry about oddly shaped presents to wrap since it is in a box. Hope you all have a good week! ♥ Queen Of Craft

DIY: Staying warm

DIY: How to make yourself warmer
Hello everybody! This DIY is a late one, sorry a lot has been going on over the week / weekend also sorry this DIY will be short but it is has different ways you can fight the coldness outside. So let’s just jump into this DIY.
11 30
Age: ALL
Prep time: 1min -5 min
DIY#1 How to make your legs warmer: This DIY is super simple, many of my friends and family do this
1. Materials needed
1. Tights / leggings
2. Jeans
3. Thick socks
4. Warm shoes
5. Tank top
6. Shirt
7. sweatshirt
2. Steps
1. Choose your outfit like you would normally do but before placing your pants on put tights / legging on
1. These should be thick but not thin
2. The key is to layer correctly
1. You could place
 Tights – Leggings – Jeans (Depending on how cold it is)
 Leggings – Tights- Jeans
 Leggings – Jeans
 Tights- Jeans
3. Wearing thick socks helps maintain the heat throughout your body. Key spots you always want to keep warm are the
1. Chest
2. Feet
3. Back of head
4. Fingers
4. Layering Shirts
1. Place a thick or think shirt below the main shirt you want to wear
 This allows you to be able to take off one layer
 If you were wanting a thick look wear a thick shirt under the thin
 If you want a thin look wear the thin under the thick.
2. You could place them like
 Thin- Thick – Sweatshirt
 Thin – Thick
 Thick – Thin
 Thin – Sweatshirt
 Thick – Sweatshirt.

Sorry this DIY is short, it is very simple but it does help out tremendously when it comes to the cold weather. Hope you all have a good week! ♥ Queen Of Craft