Happy Tails

05 18

Next week my family and I will be leaving for my brothers graduation. However, there are three furry members of our family that will not be making the journey to California. Whenever we go on vacation we leave Darcy with my grandpa. She loves his house. In fact, when we drive up to his house she barks out the window and jumps out of the car to go and see him. There is something about my Grandpa that is just warm and welcoming and even dogs love being around him.

Lucy and Brinkley would also love Grandpa’s house. Between the twice daily walks, the big fenced in backyard and the food scraps that he gives them under the table, Grandpa’s house is the place to be. However, we could never give anyone all three of our dogs at once. They would physically and emotionally destroy anybody who tried. So we take Lucy and Brinkley to Happy Tails. Happy Tails is like the Westin for dogs. It’s got a huge field for running around, a pool for swimming and a five star restaurant. Okay, I may have exaggerated on the last one, but if I was a dog this is where I would want to be. Not only is it good for the dogs, but it is also good for us. The person who runs Happy Tails is a dog trainer extraordinaire. Every time the dogs come back home they are better trained than when they left.

I am excited for my brothers graduation, but I am also excited for my dog’s vacation. If they only new what was in store for them next week.

Until Next Time,
Three Dog Man

Stop the Shedding

IMG_7449 (1)

Anybody who has ever had a dog that sheds knows the absolute mess that their fur makes. Anybody who has ever had two dogs that shed can attest to the layers of dog hair that coat all the furniture. Anybody who has ever had three dogs can tell you, without a doubt, that there is no limit to the of amount of dog hair that piles up on the hardwood floor. And anybody, who has ever had three dogs, during shedding season, that shed yellow hair all over the house, can understand why I leave home every day covered in dog hair and why we have to vacuum the house at least once a day.

If I could change one thing about my dogs it would be their ability to shed unlimited amounts of hair. I can’t stand having to take a lint roller and removing all the hair off of my clothes every day. I can’t stand seeing dog hair float around our house like snow in December. And I especially can’t stand finding dog hair everywhere… And I mean EVERYWHERE! I find it the fridge, I find it in my sock drawer, I find it in my backpack, and I even find it in my car that my dogs have never set foot in.

Dog hair is like a magnet that is attracted to every other object in the world. You will find it sticking to things you never thought possible. It is the most annoying thing in the world, but it is the price you pay for having three awesome dogs.

Until Next Week,



Wake-Up Call

05 09

Every night I fall asleep with zero dogs in my bed. You would think that when I wake up there would still be zero dogs in my bed. Wrong. At about 6:45 in the morning my dogs wake up and start running around my mom’s room. They try and wake up my parents and get them to either play with them or feed them. Of course, my parents do not want to start their day by throwing a tennis ball or chasing a dog around their room, so they kick them out.

Once the dogs are out of my parent’s room the house is theirs. Brinkley immediately runs downstairs to see if there is food on the table that he can grab and Lucy picks up the first tennis ball she can find. After about five minutes of surveying the house they decide that it is time to wake me up. So they nudge open my door and pounce onto my bed. Lucy lays directly on top of me and paws at me, trying to get me to wake up. Brinkley sits on the end of the bed and barks at me because he wants me to pet him. I push them off the bed and doze off to sleep, but their resilience is second to none. They just jump back onto my bed and continue their attempt to wake up and annoy me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dogs and think they are adorable, but they obviously don’t understand the importance of sleep. Which is ironic because the only thing they do all day is nap.

My dogs are really funny and full of surprises.


Until next time,


Turf Wars

04 29

The weather these last few weeks has been great. Besides the few more recent days of rain, the sun has been shining and the temperature has been perfect. On warm sunny days we love to leave the door to our back porch open so that the nice breeze can cool the downstairs. However, when the sunshine and summer air comes into the house, our dogs go out onto the porch. They love to go outside on the porch. They wag their tails whenever the back doors open up and then bolt onto the deck. Their noses sniff all the potted plants and they love to watch the birds fly across the sky. But the thing they love to do the most is bark at our neighbors’ dogs.

Lucy and Brinkley have it drilled into their brains that the neighbors’ dogs are our enemies. They always run to the railing and bark as loud as they can at the dogs who are only twenty feet away. Of course, the enemy dogs have to bark back and the Battle of the Bark begins. Lucy’s fur on her back stands straight up as she begins to howl and show her teeth. Brinkley joins in and screams his rather weak and high pitched yelp.

Whenever I hear this going on I immediately run outside and try to stop the barking madness. But this is no easy task. In order to cease the barking I need to grab my dogs by the collars and practically drag them inside. I wish they could go out onto the back porch without causing such a scene. This summer I will have to add “No barking at other dogs” to the top of my training list.


Until next time,


Hot Tamales

04 22

Last Saturday night, my dad and I were in the living room watching one of our favorite TV shows. It was about 11:45 P.M. and we were into our fourth episode of the night. My mom had already gone to bed and taken the dogs with her. My sister, who had fallen asleep on the couch, had just woken up and zombie walked up the stairs to her bedroom. All the lights in my house were off and besides the sound of the T.V. it was completely silent. Suddenly, my dad told me to be quiet and pause the TV. “I think I hear something,” he said. “It is just the laundry machine,” I replied. But then I heard it too. It was not the laundry machine. It was a “crunch… crunch…crunch.” As my dad and I sat in fear, my mind began to think of all the awful things it could be. After about ten seconds of listening to the terrible sound I was convinced it was someone breaking into our house. But then my dad said, “Wait a second… Brinkley?!?!”

We both got up and headed into the dining room. Brinkley had snuck out of bed, creeped down the stairs, grabbed a box of Hot Tamales from an open kitchen drawer, carried them underneath the piano and begun to eat them. When I crawled under the piano I found that he had spit most of them out. Apparently he doesn’t like hot candy.

My dogs are full of surprises. This wasn’t the first time I thought they were a burglar and I am sure it won’t be the last.

Brinkley on the Prowl

04 08

Its 1:30 A.M. You have been in bed for thirty minutes and are trying to fall asleep. As you try to find a comfortable position you hear a noise. “It was just the dishwasher,” you tell yourself. But as you try and fall asleep you hear the noise again. “Thud….Thud… SMASH!” You jump out of bed at the sound of breaking glass, grab a five iron out of your closet and go to the top of the stairs. Tentatively you call downstairs, “I’m armed… I have 911 on the phone!” Suddenly you hear footsteps. Something is running. It heading up the stairs! It sounds big and scary! Its…. Brinkley? He has a dinner fork in his mouth and looks up at you like, “What?”

It turns out that the house invader wasn’t a house invader at all. It was Brinkley, prowling the house for food that you left out. And lucky for him you fell asleep on the couch after dinner, woke up, left your dishes on the coffee table and crawled up stairs.

Now when I say, “You” I really mean me. I always leave my dishes too close to the edge of the table and Brinkley always seizes the opportunity for a midnight snack. The first time this happened, I truly thought someone was breaking into my house. But it was just someone capitalizing on my laziness.

Brinkley is so motivated that he might as well be a burglar. He waits for you to fall asleep (like a burglar), he sneaks around the house (like a burglar), and he takes/eats things that don’t belong to him (like a burglar).

You would think I would learn to take care of my dishes and to not let Brinkley roam around the house at night. But I don’t, and he will continue to prowl.

Until next time,



Unleashed… Unafraid

040 3

For the last few days we have gone on walks with Brinkley and let him go off-leash. I know it sounds crazy, seeing that we have no control over him and he could bolt at any dog or person at any minute. But the trail that we have been taking him on is very secluded. In fact, it is practically brand new and nobody really knows that it exists.

When Brinkley is off-leash he has so much fun. He runs around, sniffs bushes, and explores the forest. Watching him run around like he does, brings me great joy. He loves it so much that his happiness rubs off on me.

We have not let Lucy off-leash because we know that she is not ready. She would definitely run away from us and there is no way we could catch her. Brinkley on the other hand, always comes back to us. He may run up the trail twenty or so yards, but he always comes back. Darcy has been this way for years. I can’t remember the last time we had to put her on a leash when we were on a walk. She isn’t bothered by other animals, dogs or people like the puppies are. I hope that they will lose their bolting nature as they mature and we will be able to let them all go off-leash when we go on walks in the future.

I love going on walks with my dogs. The fresh air, the exercise and the time we spend together reenergizes me. I can’t wait for our next adventure.

Big Babies

03 24

I have lived with dogs all my life. But one thing I will never understand is why they sleep so much. It is like they are babies. All they do is eat, sleep and poop. I wake up in the morning and have to step over their sleeping bodies as I walk through the halls. I get home from school to find them sleeping on the stairs. And I even have to go upstairs after dinner to lift the blankets on the dog bed, so Darcy can climb under them and go to sleep.

I often wonder what could possibly make them so tired. It is not like they go to school all day, go to the gym and work out and then come home and make dinner. In fact, in the few moments they are not sleeping they do nothing. They literally are the most dependent creatures in the entire universe. Besides bringing laughter and joy to everyone around them, they literally do nothing for the betterment of society. They are literally like babies.

But isn’t that why we love them? Isn’t that why we decided to get three of the furniture destroying, mess making, nap taking, fur balls? As purpose driven humans we long for the codependent relationships that bring joy into our life. And what better codependent relationships are there than the ones between a dog and his master? Maybe that is why dogs are “man’s best friend.” Maybe that is why you still keep your dog around even though they ate your only good pair of headphones. And maybe that is why they hang around us even when we are in the post bad-day-at-work mood.

Dogs are the biggest babies of all. They are the babies that never grow up and never leave your house. Well, I love my dogs and don’t ever want them to grow up…. I could go for less shedding though!

Ulterior Motives

03 18

It always makes me so happy when my dogs follow me around, sit on my lap or meet me at the door. No matter what happens throughout my day, my dogs always make me feel better. There is nothing like a wagging tail and puppy dog eyes that can lift my spirits and brighten my day.

But I am often disappointed when I find out what is truly behind their desire to be around me. For example, Lucy will sometimes jump up on the couch next to me and lay her head down on my lap. At first I think she is the sweetest dog ever. But after she about five minutes I realize what she is really up to. Her nose slowly starts moving towards my hand and she begins to search for food. If I do have any food on me, she will stop at nothing to get it. She will put on her biggest set of sad eyes and try to get me to give her my food. If I do not have food on me, she forgets all about me and runs off to do something else.

Brinkley is the same way. He is all buddy buddy when you have a handful of peanuts, but as soon as you eat them all, he is off to the next person. Their desire for food is greater than their desire to be by me. They think that I don’t know what they are really up to, but I do.

My dogs are food oriented and thats all there is to it. They do love me, but they probably love food more. It is a sad truth, but a truth that I must learn to accept.

Until next time,


Puppy Robbery

03 14

For some reason my dogs have a desire to steal everything that belongs to me. Every time I make myself something to eat, Brinkley always tries to jump up on the counter and eat it. Every time I have a snack in my hand, Lucy tries to snatch it away from me. And every time I leave a glass of milk on the coffee table, Brinkley picks it up and drops it on the floor, then licks it up.

But their thievery doesn’t stop with food. Anything you leave on your bedroom floor will be gone when you go back for it. I can’t even begin to explain how many socks have been gobbled up off my floor, or how many shoes I find all the way across the house. I once spent 30 minutes looking for my right tennis shoe, only to find it in my parent’s bathtub! Another time I found my sandal underneath the blankets on my sister’s bed! What use do my dogs have for my shoes and why do they love to play hide-n-go-shoe?

Brinkley has even been known to jump up on the hallway desk and steal car keys. You will often search for your keys only to find them… underneath the piano. But even if your valuables are out of sight, they are no match for my dogs. Just last night, I came across Brinkley digging through the pockets of the jeans my dad had left on the floor. He had pulled out a five dollar bill and a pack of gum. When I confronted him, he didn’t even act guilty. He just continued to munch on the gum while he starred down the cash.

Of all the robberies my dogs are guilty of, there is on that stands out. No, it is not the time they ripped apart my brother’s college textbooks, the time they pulled my backpack out of the closet, unzipped it and ate my lunch, or the time they opened my mom’s purse and shredded her new glasses. It was the time that they stole the dog training book off of the shelf, ripped out and ate the pages, and left the book open to the chapter on “How to get your dog to stop chewing things.” Yes, that actually happened.

My dogs may be dirty rotten thieves, but they are also the funniest, cutest, and most lovable dogs of all time. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lucy On the DL

03 07

A couple of posts back I talked about how Lucy starts limping after she runs. We still haven’t figured out what it is. The doctor told us to not let her do any running for two weeks. For most dogs, not running for two weeks would be very difficult, but for Lucy it is almost impossible. She loves to run and it makes me so sad to see her on the DL.

Whenever my mom takes Brinkley out to the field to run around, Lucy gets left behind. She always goes to the door with them and thinks she is going outside, but always gets the door shut in her face. She does not understand that she is being left behind for her own good and will bark out the window. The entire time that they are outside she will sit in the living room chair and gaze out the outside. Her face is all sad and you can tell she feels abandoned. No matter what the people who are inside the house are doing Lucy won’t leave that chair. She only cares about the fact that her brother is outside and she is not.

Hopefully after these two weeks of no running, the problem will go away. I hope that she has strained a muscle or something simple like that. Otherwise we could be looking at more medical investigation that is no where near cheap. But most of all I hope Lucy will be able to play soon and will no longer have to sit inside as her brother runs around and taunts her.


Sibling Rivalry

02 24

Like all brothers and sister Lucy and Brinkley love to compete. They love to race, they love to wrestle and they love to compete for your affection.

Whenever we go on walks my mom will give me the dogs and she will go a few hundred yards up the path. Then she will call the dogs and I will let them go. Lucy and Brinkley immediately bolt out of the gates and sprint towards her. Lucy has the quickest starts but Brinkley always is able to catch her after a few seconds. Once he catches her he tries to bite at her and do anything he can to get in front. Lucy just focuses on the path ahead.

Lucy loves the tennis ball. Brinkley, on the other hand, has no interest in the tennis ball… Until Lucy starts to play with it. As soon as Lucy goes for the ball Brinkley is all over it. He will do anything he can to take it away from her. Sometimes he will just pick it up and try and hide from her. He is such an annoying brother.

Brinkley and Lucy love to lay right next to you and cuddle. However, if one of them is laying next to someone and getting attention the other one has to be even closer. If Brinkley is sitting on the coach next to someone Lucy will jump up on the couch, squeeze her way in between them, and whine for attention. Brinkley doesn’t like this. He will start to whine too, leaving you with two crying puppies.

Lucy and Brinkley act like any other siblings. They are competitive, playful and loving.

They Are Friendly!… I Promise!

02 09

This is Lucy. I know she looks vicious, but she is really sweet and friendly.

One of the best parts of having a dog, or three dogs, is going on walks. Its so much fun to go on long hikes or even short strolls with your dogs. I love to see my dogs on walks because they are so happy. They always are wagging their tails, sniffing bushes, and chasing bunnies.

All we have to say at our house is, “Lets go on a walk,”  and our dogs run to the door and prepare to em-“bark” on a new adventure (You will understand this spelling later). But when we leave the house, our friendly little dogs turn into ferocious killers.

They seem to think that they are the meanest, baddest, most protective dogs in the world. Whenever they see another dog, biker or hiker they go crazy. They bark and growl and jump at them and scare people to death. But all they want to do is lick your feet and sniff your dogs butt. They aren’t mean at all. In fact, if we were to let they go, they would bark like mean dogs and run up like they are going to attack you, but simply lick and sniff you.

So whenever we are on walks and we see somebody up ahead our stress level goes to a new high. We get so nervous that our dogs will turn into the hulk and scare people that we tighten our grip on the leash and walk as fast as we can. We can’t get our dogs to stop barking and we have to yell, “They are friendly! They won’t attack! We are so sorry!” over the sound of their intimidating growls.

Of course this is the result of awful training and we must work on it. But for now we will just avoid anybody we see when we take our dogs on walks.


Tired Pups

02 08

One thing that my dogs are very good at is sleeping. They can fall asleep anywhere, in any situation, laying in any position. Its the funniest thing to see them running around and chasing each other one minute, and then completely asleep the next.

Brinkley falls asleep faster than anybody. All you have to do is call him over towards your, get him to lay down, pet him, and he is out. Lucy on the other hand will fall asleep, but on her own pace. You can make Brinkley fall asleep, but Lucy is more stubborn.

When my dogs sleep they do the funniest things. They always run in their sleep. It makes me think that they are chasing bunnies or running after a tennis ball. My favorite thing they do is bark in their sleep. They usually bark or growl in a playful manner, but every once and a while they bark and whine like they are having a bad dream. I usually wake them up when this happens.

Lucy and Brinkley always fall asleep in the same position as each other. Its hilarious. You can definitely tell they are twins because they always mirror each other when they sleep. If one of them is laying on their stomach with their paws curled to the left, the other is laying parallel to them in the same position.

Lucy loves to cuddle up to Darcy. It alway makes me laugh when I find her laying right up next to Darcy, sometimes even on her. And Darcy seems to like it which is even better.

My dogs are too funny….

Until next time,

Three Dog Man