Memorial day weekend

Hello all, we are coming up on memorial day weekend and I am pumped. I am going to my bestfriends cabin in wenatchee and it is super fun. I go there about twice or three times a year so I am looking forward to it.

The weather has been very nice lately and I am estatic we are so close to summer i cant even wait. we have 15 school days left and only 8 of them are full days so that is nice.

In math i have two assignments left, my unit 7 test and math final. My class ends next friday so it is time for me to prepare myself properly for the final scores. I have an 81 in the class so that is a plus. Also, I am taking semester two algebra over the summer so that sucks (sarcasm).

Also I have learned this s much in journalism this year, i am really glad i got to take thiis class. I have become a much bette journalist and thats what i wanted when i sined up for this.

so here I am just had the time of my life in Wenatchee, and it was super fun. The lake was literally 50 degrees, and I jumped in and jumped right out. I went kayaking and there was a current for some reason so my arms are very tired.

now here I am going to camano an island an hour up north. My cousin has a cabin here so that’s really fun. I’m very tired though. Summer will come soon.

Back To Reality

IMG_2441Hello all, as you know my last couple of blogs were pretty positive. I was having a good couple of weeks, it felt weird and I knew it was going to end soon. Well, this is the week where I came back to reality. Now, I am more of the glass is half full kind of guy then half empty. However this week was a battle when it comes to school work.

I was building in chemistry. My grade was climbing slowly but surely and then boom I get a 7/14 on our test thursday. I am not going to lie, that was rough, Now I usually shrug it off and not worry but i was genuinly confused on how i did so bad. I studied for an hour the night before and felt confident. So that was a bummer.

Work this week was pretty awful too, one of our bussers quit and a new busser came on staff. I know what you are all thinking right now, “hey thats great you have a new busser!!!” well not exactly. I was supposed to train him and wow I learned i do not have as much patience as i thought i did. Being a Bus boy is not a hard job to understand and get the hang of. I trained him for three days and he still has absolutely no idea what he is doing. This is testing me but I have to be nice and respectful.

My math final is in two weeks so i have to go hard this weekend and get as far as i can through my last unit before my final so i have time to study for my final and get ready. It is a big portion of my grade so its time to put in the work.

Also – I always wear ankle socks (hence the pic) Anyways, have a good weekend and enjoy the sun!

6 weeks

IMG_2359Hello all, we have six weeks left of school! Can you see the finish line?! We’re almost there. Now last time we checked in I was telling y’all about my grades and stuff and I plan to update my day ones again.

Math is at an 81% can you believe it? Math is not my strong suit but I’m sure performing as if it is. I am proud of myself and know I can’t let up and give up. Science I have a 77% so it’s still climbing surely and slowly.

So every Friday my friends and I play basketball at the Community center and last Friday my friends car got broken in to and these people took some pretty valuable things. It sucks because there was nothing we could do for him but it is a very tough way to learn your lesson to remember to lock your car.

Midway through May and Washington is starting to look like May, it’s beautiful. What’s amazing is washington in the summer may arguably be the most beautiful place in the US. I’m not being bias either, it is so pretty and refreshing mid May to early September.

I am still torn on deciding whether or not to play football my senior year of school because it’s senior year and why not play with your friends right? But the dedication is a whole other level. Mid June to late November it’s practice everyday for 2-3 hours. So I’ll get back to y’all on that. In the mean time enjoy the weekend and happy Mother’s Day!

May Is Brewing.

IMG_2302We Have officially less than 30 days of school!!! Let’s go this is the best news of my life. I can’t believe it I am so happy! Hahah summer is my favorite time.

Also I am doing running start next year andnim looking forward to not being at the highschool as much. It’ll be a change but one I’m willing to achieve greatness in.

School this week was a breeze and I’m doing well in my toughest classes math and science. I gotta keep my foot on the gas pedal and not let up. I’m so close and my parents will be very proud of me if my grades stay where they are or even improve.

so this week was going pretty well right? Well guess what happened Friday. My friends and I were playing basketball at the local gym and my friends car got robbed. The person took his backpack and his laptop. We have no idea who did it and we called the cops but there isn’t much they can necessarily do at this point.

I am pumped for the new marvel movie, I am a big fan and I am planning on seeing it tomorrow with my bros. this is a good time in my life.

I am starting to look at colleges to attend and I have officially narrowed my list to five schools. Oregon, Hawaii, Kansas, Missouri, and NorthWest Missouri State. All are so different and offer me many different things. I most likely won’t go to college with any of my friends so I’m prepared to make more.

We Are Almost In May

imageHello, I am back and I am here to say we are almost in May.  School this week was relatively easy and hey weather is getting better too. Now our winter and spring have been awful, I hope summer is super dope – come weather wise.

Math I am getting better at and hope I can really improve my grade. Having an online teacher is different but nice, now I’m not pro technology but this is nice and worth a chance.

science I need help in, chemistry is really shaking my boots!!! However I got a 8/9 on my quiz. We get to do test corrections and I can earn an 9/9. You know that would really help my grade.

we had our first history test in awhile and it was the first one I did relatively bad on. I got an 80% so it’s a bummer and I’m mad about it, however I feel great about the final in the class.

English is going well for me and we have a research paper soon, it’s been a process but I’m always ready.

sports med is a really fun and intriguing class I’m so happy I took it. Now it’s cool learning so much about the body, now I don’t always find my self into this stuff, but sports med is an exception and I enjoy it.

my last and final class. JOURNALISM. Man what I ride right. We have grown as friends and colleagues.  Now I’m glad to have been here. Also I really these chips.

Week After Break

IMG_2231Hello friends, this week we are back from spring break and wow we are so close to summer. The thing I love about Washington is that when summer gets close and summer hits the weather is absolutely beautiful and perfect. It makes up for the 250 rainy days during the year. October through March are tough times to be in Washington.

Now, coming back to school this week was hard. Waking up at 6 everyday was a challenge I’m not going to lie. However the urge for summer is the only reason I’m able to be waking up this early.

Work this week was pretty easy. It’s becoming a trend. We are getting more people on staff and it helps every time. At the end of the day having three bussers is clutch. Oh, we all had to work on Easter and I was the only busser who actually showed up on time. And wow working 9 AM – 4 PM is a struggle on a Sunday I can tell you that! Also – on a side note I lost my work shoes so I’m wearing converse ha-ha

School this week has been pretty chill I’ve just been going to class and doing my thing. I start my research paper in English and I’m going to write about athletes and how we have advanced so much with technology and such in the olympics.

Chemistry is a really hard class I’ve realized and I’m not a fan of science anymore at all. So let me know when I don’t have to do that again!

The Week of Spring Break

IMG_2155Alrighty i am back everyone and since you last saw me a lot of stuff has happened. last you heard from me the ducks were in the final four and about to play UNC. The ducks magical run is over after they lost a heart breaker to UNC 77-76. There were some controversial calls in the end but I am so proud of my squad. If players come back like they should, this team could be national championship bound.

TOLO was fun, our party bus took us to dicks and that tasted good. All around was a good time and I am glad I ended up going to the dance again this year.

Spring break is next week and I am officially ready for summer, it is time for school to be over. Weather has been drastically nicer lately and it makes me want summer even more. I can not wait for my summer and how fun it will be.

i had work this week on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s and it was super chill. We aren’t as busy anymore because we have three bussers so we are really vibing together.

Now, I got new converse today because it was time. They are pearly whites and oh boy I love them. Now I usually am not a fan of shoes and all the prices but converse are reliable and cheap. I’ve had a white pair for like two years so they really got there use. Now have a great week and see you soon.

Tolo week

IMG_2060Yo guys so first things first my ducks flipping did it!!! We are in the final four for the first time in 78 years. We beat Kansas in Kansas City 74-60. Basically a home game for Kansas as they had 17,500 fans compared to Oregons 500. I don’t want to jinx anything because they play UNC tomorrow but this duck team has me wondering if it’s fate.

anyways work was super chill this week. I worked Tuesday and Wednesday and with three bussers we are never really stressing anymore. What makes me angry however is my boss wants me to get my food handlers permit which I got and turned in when I was hired all the way back in August. So I have to keep reminding them I guess because there is no chance I go through the hour class again when I already did it.

also my blazers are making a playoff race right now. We have a 2 game lead on the 8th seed so that’s good however we just lost Jusuf Nurkic to injury for two weeks and the season basically ends then. I am mad because we are finally clicking. I swear this team is cursed, however it’s a good time for basketball in the state of Oregon, which is my roots.

School this week was a breeze it’s basically whatever. I’m ready for spring break which starts next Friday. It’s time for a nice break ya feel me?

anyways tolo is tomorrow and I’m excited it should be a good time. Next week I’ll update y’all on how it went and how Oregon did.

Ups and downs

IMG_2040Hello all I am back. So this week was odd, I haven’t truly been sick since middle school. But I was finally hit with something Sunday night that kept me out of class until Wednesday. I couldn’t even breathe well and I was so fatigued it was crazy. I feel much better now and I am a fighter.

This week I had to catch up in many classes and make sure I wasn’t behind and by Friday I have caught up so that’s good. I’m really trying to prove to my dad that I’m ready to try BC.

Work was well this week, i only worked Wednesday because I was still sick Tuesday. But we bussed well and got the job done so that’s all that matters. Work is really not as bad anymore because each night I work there are three bussers. We are sharing this load well, we got that chemistry.

Thursday was the big game. Oregon vs Michigan in the sweet 16. Everyone was writing my ducks off saying we haven’t played well and Michigan was going to run the floor on us, that Michigan was a team of destiny after the recent plane crash they were in. Well sorry all, time to deal with the ducks one more time! In absolute ineffeciant game from both teams on offense it was the ducks amazing defense that led us to a close victory. We play No. 1 Seed Kansas in the elite eight Saturday and it will be a very challenging game.

Friday was a relatively chill day and I am team chipotle firmly after how well they have been lately compared to qdoba and the sus vibes.

The Best Week Of The Year

IMG_1988Ah friends, it’s finally here. March Madness is here and ready to bust your brackets. Now you all know me, I’m the biggest duck dan around. Oregon grabbed a three seed in the Midwest region, top seeds being Kansas, Louisville, Oregon and Purdue. In my honest and not biased opinion I think Oregon will meet the ultimate team Kansas in the Elite Eight and find a way to grind out a win. Oregon played Friday against IONA and won 93-77. Offense was flying but our defense needs some work if we want to make a run at the final four. With that being said much more has happened this week.

I am scared to take my unit three math test as I don’t feel prepared but I plan to study of the weekend as much as as I possibly can. Besides that school is going very well for me.

Work has some news here. I’ve changed my days to Tuesday and Wednesday from 6- Close so I work two days still but now back to back. I am happy with that.

Also mariner baseball starts soon so I’m excited for the Mariners to finally make the playoffs and make some noise this year, what do you say mariner fans?

Also side note – my car has horrible MPG and I have to fill my tank quite frequently and it pisses me off!

Also at school today you already know I was decked out in my Oregon gear as much as possible. GO DUCKS!

Another Week, Another Dollar


I need a new pair of shoes desperately.

So friends we are officially into March. I have the SAT Saturday as well. I already rescheduled myself for the ACT in June. I am making move. It is time to get into a nice university. One where I can exceed academic expectations, be away from home, and most importantly party every weekend. OK I am done being motivational.

This is the week we can sign up for Sports Med 2 if we’d like to. I am in sports med one and I did have an A first semester and have an A right now, with that being said I don’t see a future for myself in sports med. although right now it is a fun class and I am enjoying it.

I was not able to work Tuesday as I called in sick because I had a lot of homework to do. I worked Thursday and it was fine, we had four bussers, I know crazy right? I am thinking of looking for a new job soon because I am ready for change. It gets tiring bussing tables in an old folk home for so long.

Online math is jolly right now, I have an 83% and I don’t even know when the last time I had that type of grade in math was. Wednesday I had my unit 2 test and got an 85% on it. I am pleased with my score but know I can do better.

Tolo is in an April and I already found myself a date. We are going as Kelly and Zack from saved by the bell. I am excited I actually like that show a lot.

Anyways, I will check in next week. Wish me luck on my SAT

Week after break

IMG_1868So we are all officially back from mid winter break. Wow was that fast, feels like we should be out of school right now! Anyways, school is actually almost out we only have two more articles for journalism and that shows we are almost done with school! So march madness is this month and I can’t be more pumped, my duckies are about to bring it and go to the final four. If you do bracket challenge trust me you want them going far.

So last week at work i don’t know what I ate but it was not edible or good. I was stuck on the toilet for like 20 minutes when I got home, therefore I’m not really down to eating at work anymore, as fun as that sounds.  I was not able to work Tuesday this week because I was very sick but luckily I feel better now.

I got a hair cut on Wednesday and I think it looks decent so that’s good. I got it so I won’t need to get one fright before TOLO (girls ask guys dance). We got our Great Gatsby Tests back in English and I got the second highest score. It doesn’t surprise me because I actually really liked the book so I was actually focusing and paying attention during it!

Also my friend has joined us as a busser so that’s awesome and my other friend moved his work day to Tuesday. I am never bussing alone anymore and I’m actually super happy about that.


i will be taking a picture of my article because I was published and on the first page!

Week Before MidWinter Break

IMG_1745Hello all, checking in again for my weekly blog. This is the week before midwinter break. As I type this it is the friday right before break so technically my first day of break if that makes sense. I will be hanging with my best buds from middle school so i am really looking forward to that, its been awhile since we had a kick back.

Tuesday was valentines day. Another year of having no valentine, to my defense I didn’t ask anyone so its not like I got rejected or anything. I worked that night too, and wow to say it was busy is an understatement. It was packed and I had to bus tables but i got through it because it is what i do best. Thursday i worked again with my friend and it was much easier. Like usual when we have two bussers it goes by much easier so that was not a surprise.

My online math class is going by very well and I am a major fan so far and am thinking this was the right move for me. My history class is super boring now that I transferred. We do not do any work with partners or anything so that sucks but it is what it is.

I am playing basketball with friends afterschool and a lot of them are talking trash so I really need to win and prove them all wrong. I will be playing at my local gyms court. Well thats all folks have a great break!