welcome to my blog

If you know me – which you don’t because I am not supposed to tell you my name – you know I always have drawings on my arms. And if its not a drawing, its a note to remind me of something that I could have easily written elsewhere. The point is, I think tattoos and body art are the most beautiful things in the world. (Drawing on myself in pen is pretty much the closest I will get to one for a few more months). In today’s world, even with their growing popularity, tattoos are still viewed by most as a sign of defiance and that is absurd. Our body is our canvas, and inking it up does not devalue us! I think tattoos can tell so much about a person: their passions, virtues, loved ones, etc. Sometimes I see random people¬†with insane or really cool body art¬†and I will ask them about what it is and what it means to them because my obsession with tattoos overpowers my fear of strangers. Everyone has their own unique ideas and each have a meaning behind it, whether its beautiful or funny. I am so excited to write about them. I’m making this not only because I find the art and culture fascinating but I really want to get some inspiration myself! If this blog is still up by February 2017 I’ll be able to blog about my own tattoos. I’m going to get a lot. Johnny Gloom is my username because he is my favorite tattoo artist by the way, you should definitely look him up.


Gohnny Jloom (I feel like I am less likely to get sued if I do this)