Los Angeles Auto Show 2018 (Part 1)

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In Los Angeles, the auto show was held and had incredibly important debuts. Each brand brings out some very class competitive cars out to the automotive field. This year, there was a lot more debuts than last year, with a lot of concepts coming out. The show is ten days long, so there are many more vehicles to come.

Ever since 2014 when the Subaru Tribeca was axed from Subaru’s lineup, there was a void with the Subaru Forester being the largest car. The Forester is a compact SUV, so Subaru needed to do something quick to increase their sales total. Unfortunately though, they never had great success with mid-sized crossovers. The B9 Tribeca came out in 2004, and critics were infuriated with its “donkey like” grille and a very large rear overhang. The interior felt cheap and the passenger space was a bit too cozy for enthusiasts. They updated it for 2008 but everything stayed the same except the donkey mouth and the B9 nomenclature being lost. Now in 2018 as a 2019, Subaru brought back a three row crossover, called the Ascent. With a more rugged, and conservative approach, the Ascent turned heads with this massive car even though it is pretty much an extra large Forester. It competes in one of the fiercest markets and in my honest opinion. I think it will sell really well, especially in Seattle because tree hugging families will adore this Ascent.

In 1999, the best selling luxury SUV was introduced, the Lexus RX. The RX was a Toyota Highlander except it had much better sales and had a plethora of luxury features. However, even though it had impeccable sales, it lacked something that the Toyota Highlander had which was a third row seat. The reason was because the Lexus GX and LX SUV’s offered third rows already, even though they are just Luxury-laden 4Runners and Land Cruisers, respectively. The problem with these two SUV’s is that the rides are awful and are not car based. So for 2018, the brand did two things, first off there is an option to ditch the third row in the LX to increase cargo room while in the RX you can now get a third row seat. Lexus was able to add a third row by stretching the length by 4.3 inches. This will indeed increase sales and I predict next sales for the RX will go up by 33 percent.

Minor debuts were the questionable Nissan Kicks, since it is a subcompact SUV and Nissan just debuted the same sized Rogue Sport. Mazda refreshed their 6, as well as Infiniti did for their QX80 full-sized luxury SUV.. Lincoln changed names for their mid-sized SUV. But for the first wave this concludes the action at the Los Angeles auto show. Stay tuned for next weeks updates guys!


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Rain…Rain…Go Away

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Its about that time of year where the weather is starting to become super rainy and in fact, quite stormy. We just encountered those crazy winds on Monday and there have been quite a number of power outages. These both will impact driving, as there has to be many precautions to be thought about before driving out in these conditions.

First things first, make sure to have some tires that are not the cheapest in the world. It is vital to have a good brand, since there have been tires that are prone to be slick and lead the car to ultimately spin out in the rain. Although tires are very expensive these days, especially Michelin and Continental, it is worth every dollar to pay a little bit more for your tires. For example, my sister was driving her car with some very cheap tires, and her car kept sliding all over the place when it was raining and she hit a post. The good news is the car is fine, the bad news is that it could have been a lot worse, so make sure you all have some quality tires!

Having just good tires is not going to make the bill just yet. It is incredibly important to understand how to drive in the rain. A lot of people tend to hydroplane while driving, which is incredibly dangerous. Hydroplaning is where rain mixes with oil above 35 miles per hour. Why is it an issue? You have the chance of spinning out and hitting other people in traffic. To make sure it does not happen, try to drive below 3-5 miles an hour under the speed limit, while trying to drive 30 miles per hour when there is not heavy traffic!

To wrap it all up, driving in the rain can be a serious hazard, but with these solutions I hope they can help you all drive a little bit more safer!

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Seattle International Auto Show

Hey everybody!


So over the weekend, there is a huge car show going on at Century Link Field. I was fortunately able to take part of the action and got to witness some amazing masterpieces shown to me.

There was a lot of cars that were flat out wonderful. First off, Acura brought their redesigned Acura NSX from the dead. After a 12 year hiatus, Acura decided to bring back their legendary coupe and it was a great site to see! It transformed into the hyper-car status while maintaining a decently affordable price compared to it’s competition. it had perfect lines and angles as well. I was completely in shock of how wonderful the car looked in person! It should be a hot seller, since many car enthusiasts were awaiting for this car to happen.

Next up, the brand new Lexus LS flagship sedan. This car turned out to be a much needed redesign since the last one was in it’s tenth year and was becoming a little lackluster compared to the competition. It was absolutely stunning! The car grew, and it came with some cool interior trim as well! It became the first car in production to have glass interior accents. However, the starting price got steep, and I wonder how many people are going to shell out their wallets to get one of these cars as the last generation proved to be popular.

Last but not least, the Kia Stinger GT. This car is trying to change Kia’s montage of cheap, disturbing and in fact, copycats. Since Kia now has a plethora of sedans, they needed somewhere to position this car, and designated it as a really sporty Optima. At first I thought the aesthetics of the car were very interesting, but of course after looking at it a second time I found the car to be somewhat intimidating and “in your face.” I wonder how it is going to do in the market because this car is going to have to face tough competition

The car show had a lot of interesting cars! There were a lot of great cars and I was extremely impressed in the turnout of people and the cars that were taking place this year! If you have time, you should go to the car show sometime this weekend! It is totally worth it!

What’s New for Cars in 2018?

It is about that time when the car calendar rolls, and there’s many cars being released or to the public! Whether it’s revolutionary redesigns, brand new cars or just nice refreshes, there’s a lot of automobiles that have just hit the market in the United States.

Starting off with the best selling Toyota Camry, and the near best-seller Honda Accord! Both automakers tried their best to be much sportier, aggressive vehicles. Last year’s Camry came off a bit weak, so Toyota needed to make a better car. ┬áThis version has quad exhaust outlets and can be available with red seats! The Accord had built a great car previously, however wanted to also spice things up with a new manual transmisssion to bring back old-fashioned driving. Buick went this route as well, with both their Regal wagon and touring sedan models! Buick is trying their best to lower the demographic of their vehicles. It is a nice change of climate with these two cars. Kia also brought a dramatic vehicle to the lineup. The “Stinger” impressed me and a bunch of enthusiasts for its sleek styling.

There were some cars that went the complete opposite route for 2018, think of the brand new Hyundai Kona and the Toyota CH-R. These two funky vehicles were made for fuel economy reasons yet possessing some pizzazz. These subcompact crossovers tended to bring some flair to the younger crowd! The Nissan Leaf also got a redesign, with a much cheaper price to provide American’s with a cheaper car.

Some cars also grew, the Buick Enclave full-sized crossover got much bigger to keep up with the competition, with some more aggressive styling. So did the Lexus LS full sized sedan, which needed a major redesign as it was getting a little stale, the redesign deemed a great car!

These are the highlights of the vehicles for the 2018 calendar with many more to come! There is going to be so many creative and great cars coming out very soon and will keep all of you posted when there are more cars coming out. So stay tuned issy!