An Introduction to the Phone Zone

Welcome to my blog,

I will be covering the consumer technology and its adavancements ranging from phones to laptops and audio devices and unreleased tech. My passion for technology started when i unfortunately destroyed my poor iPhone 5s and went looking for a replacement phone. Only then did I trully realize the vast world of consumer electronics. As a highschooler who doesn’t have a full time job I dig through a lot of cheapo products to bring you the best bang for your buck. I will make a summary of the weekly to monthly tech news ever once and a while as things come up.

I’ll be honest, I personally love android’s software on smartphones compared to the IOS opperating system but that shouldn’t be much a problem as I will will be primarlily going into the hardware rather than software of phones as I know its no use to get into that rabbit hole. Just feel the need to put that out.