University of Oregon

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The admissions office is back to bring you another college and this time I am going to present the University of Oregon. The University of Oregon (U Of O) is located in Eugene, Oregon about an hour away from Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1876, this campus covers about 300 acres and is located along the Willamette River. The University is organized into 5 main colleges (Arts and Sciences, Business, Design, Education, and Honors).

Oregon is mostly known for being the “Nike School” because Phil Knight is the founder of Nike and is a UO alum who gives a heavy amount of money back to the school. This is why Oregon athletics constantly have uniforms that are out of the ordinary and almost never the same. For one football player, he never wore the same uniform over his entire career because of the wide variety the school has. Along with this, many Nike headquarters, specifically the employee store, is located in Oregon and many people make the trip for the discounted prices.

Oregon athletics participates in the PAC 12 conference and is mostly known for being a football school. Even though they have won a grand total of 0 national championships. The Oregon track program is a perennial powerhouse winning almost every mens and womens national championship in recent years. Their track field is known as “Historical Hayward Field” or “Tracktown USA” and recently hosted the Olympic trials. The stands are so large they feel like you are watching a football game.

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University of Washington


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The admissions office is back and this time I am going to tell you about a college located in the beautiful pacific northwest, the University of Washington. The University of Washington, or UDUB, is a public research campus located in downtown Seattle, Washington. The university was originally created to aid urban development within the city and bring younger citizens to the city in the mid 1800’s. The University of Washington covers a whopping 703 acres and the campus runs through a majority of the city. UDUB is most commonly known for its advanced and competitive medicine school. There is also a village nearby for students to enjoy food and shop at “U-Village”. Although this is an inner city school, the village is a beautiful area that many people will spend their day shopping or eating.


UW has 22 varsity programs and is a Division 1 school participating in the PAC 12 conference. The newly renovated football stadium is known as the “greatest setting in college football” because of its palace like appearance and view of Lake Washington. People can even travel to the football games by boat if they would prefer to avoid the walk. The football and basketball team are a hot topic for people in the area as both programs have a rich history of winning. The football team recently has finished as a top 10 program in the nation while the basketball team has numerous players who are playing professionally and thriving from their experience at the university.


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University of Southern California

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The admissions office here and this time I will NOT be bringing you an Ivy League. Rather, I will be sharing information regarding University of Southern California, or USC. Located in Los Angeles and founded in 1880 USC is the oldest private research university in California. USC has leveraged its location in Los Angeles to establish relationships with research and cultural institutions throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim. USC even contributes around 8 billion dollars annually to the economy of the LA metropolitian area and California. USC has around 42,000 students with 18,750 undergraduates and 23,750 postgraduates in many different programs such as business, law, engineering, social work, and medicine. One program that is extremely competitive at USC is the School of Cinematic Arts, because of the LA location students are constantly seeking acting jobs after graduation so this provides them with an excellent opportunity. USC is often ranked in the top 25 universities academically in the United States and the location of LA provides students with many opportunities for potential internships. USC also ranks in the top 3 external contributions and alumni giving rate, so being a USC alum is a tight nit community.

USC athletics participate in the PAC 12 Division 1 conference. USC has a large tradition of championships, in total they have won 127 championships. The football team is constantly one of the top ranked teams in the country with 7 players winning the heisman trophy for the best player in college football and plays in the memorial coliseum which was once a home for the Olympics.

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Princeton Univeristy

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I am sorry but yet again I bring you another Ivy League school and this time it is the prestigious Princeton University. Founded in 1746 and was one of the nine colonial colleges chartered before the American Revolution. This makes Princeton the 4th oldest institution of higher learning in America. Through 2001-2017 Princeton held the top spot among national universities for 15 of the 17 years according to U.S. News and World Report. Obviously, the school is a challenging one to get into and ranks top 5 toughest schools to get into in the country so do not feel shame if you get rejected by Princeton. Of the notable alumni, 2 are U.S. presidents, 12 U.S. Supreme Court justices and multiple billionaires. So, safe to say you will most likely be set for life if you take on Princeton.

Academically, the main undergraduate and post graduate instructions are in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering. Some of the main buildings in the school are the Woodrow Wilson School of Economic Affaris  the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences , the School of Architecure and the Bendheim center of finance.

Athletically, Princeton competes in the Division 1 Ivy League conference and their mascot is the tigers with colors of black and orange. In 2007 the principal wanted to change the mascot but the alumni stopped him before it could be changed. Surprisingly, the most common boys varsity sport at Princeton is rowing and makes up 130 students, even more than the football team!

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Harvard University

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It is the admissions office again and unfortunately I’m here to bring you another ivy league school. I am sorry but this is one of the most prestigious school in the entire world: Harvard University. Harvard is located in the beautiful Cambridge, Massachusetts and this city loves Harvard. If you travel outside the gates of Harvard you are welcomed with Harvard square which has many bookstore, shops, and other places that are filled with Harvard colors and apparel. Harvard is actually the oldest institution in the world founded in 1636 and I bet you were not alive when the school was founded. Some interesting features around the campus is the Harvard Library. It is well known for being the largest academic and private library with 79 individual libraries. The most astounding number is that of the notable alumni 8 of them are U.S. presidents. That is almost a sixth of the presidents have attended Harvard. By that number you can guess that Harvard is one of the most challenging schools to get into with an acceptance rate hovering around 6%. So, do not get too down on yourself if you get rejected.

The sports teams participate In the ivy league of the NCAA division 1 level. Surprisingly, Harvard football was once the best in the country in 1920 and actually won the rose bowl. Harvard’s football stadium is made of mostly concrete and was built in around 1903. Unfortunately,  ivy league football can not offer scholarships so if they want you to play athletics you have to pay full tuition. Hope you learned a lot about Harvard!

Dartmouth College

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Today I will be discussing another Ivy League School (yes i am sorry i will change it up soon). But, Dartmouth is a private Ivy League research university in Hanover, New Hampshire. When you drive to get to the campus it honestly feels as if you are driving through snoqualmie there is literally nothing but trees. But, that is where it gets its nickname “Big Green”. Because of this isolation Dartmouth is often referred to as a college town because Hanover is all Dartmouth all the time and also because there is not much else to do there. Historically speaking, Dartmouth is one of the nine colonial colleges chartered before the American Revolution. Although because it is an Ivy League school the acceptance rate is relatively low at 10.4%. This is scene in its very prestigious alumni that consists of 10 billionaires, a U.S. Vice President, and 170 members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. Dartmouth has a 269-acre main campus and is well known for its undergraduate focus, strong Greek culture and wide array of enduring campus traditions.

Athletically, Dartmouth has 34 varsity sports that compete in the Ivy League of the NCAA Division 1 conference. Of the students there 20 percent of the students participate in a varsity sport which only adds to the diversity of students among the campus. One of the more fun traditions Dartmouth does once a quarter is known as “big weekends” or “party weekends” where they celebrate school spirit.

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Claremont McKenna College

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Today I will be discussing a small liberal arts college located 35 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles. Originally, Claremont McKenna was an all boys schools until 1976. Like I said Claremont McKenna College (CMC) is a liberal arts college with an academic emphasis on economics, finance, international relations, government, and public affairs. CMC is a part of the five college consortium consisting of Harvey Mudd, Pomona, Pitzer, and Scipps. A student attending any of these colleges has the freedom to take classes at any of the five colleges. All of the colleges have a curricular emphasis which allows the students an opportunity to dive into many challenging classes at all of the schools. Along with this, the admissions rate is extremely low right under 10% of applicants are admitted and the school is ranked the 2nd best liberal arts school in the entire country by Forbes.

CMC is also an extremely attractive campus with a 69-acre campus that is safe for most students. There is three regions on campus: North Quad, Mid Quad, and South Quad. These makes up the housing for a majority of the students. Only 4% of students live off campus. While on the meal plan, students have the ability to obtain food at any of the school’s cafeterias. So, if I am a Claremont student I have the ability to go to any of the other 4 schools for meals. This is why the Claremont schools is considered to have the top food options in the entire country.


Columbia University

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Today I will be discussing Columbia University located in New York City. Although the location is not exactly in the heart of New York, Columbia is located in Manhattan. Fun fact Columbia is the oldest college in the entire state of New York, it was even founded before the Declaration of Independence. This ideal location gives students the opportunity to be away from all the commotion and be able to have a college experience while living in New York. But, since the campus is in New York it is a fairly open campus with tourists constantly roaming the streets. With the location being so ideal, many students are provided with endless amounts of internship opportunities. Although these opportunities are for the very few students that get admitted into the school. Columbia is the third most selective college in the country with an acceptance rate of 5.8%. So, unless you are a genius this school is quite the challenge to get admitted into. This means the alumni list is quite impressive with notables such as 5 Founding Fathers of the United Sates (author of Declaration of Independence and Constitution), 20 living billionaires, 3 US Presidents, and 10 Supreme Court Justices.

The mascot of Columbia is the lions and because of the location being in the heart of Manhattan a majority of the athletic facilities are 15 minutes away from the actual campus. Meaning that athletes must travel by team bus to practice everyday. You can either look at this as a positive or negative. Although Columbia is not known for its athletics, being an athlete does provide some opportunity for students who may not have been admitted if they did not play sports. This creates more diversity of students around the campus.columbia

Yale University

Today I will be discussing the prestigious ivy league: Yale University. Located in downtown New Haven, Connecticut, it is described as another “inter city” school. This allows for Yale to be an open campus, but ensure student safety with closed gates around housing. On the topic of housing, the architectural design of the campus can be compared to Hogwarts in Harry Potter. Almost every building on campus has history with many notable alumni who once wandered the campus. Specifically, 5 former presidents, 19 supreme court justices, and 20 living billionaires. If you can not tell by that list, this school is exceptionally challenging to get into with an acceptance rate hovering around 7%. Yale is organized into 14 specific schools, the original undergraduate school, the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and twelve professional schools. Having visited this school over the summer, it allowed me to see all of these amazing features and truly get a feel for the brilliance Yale has to offer.

The sports teams participate in the Ivy League. There football stadium. the Yale Bowl, is the largest stadium in the Ivy League with a capacity of around 61,000. Although it usually does not get close to filling that capacity, the history behind the stadium being the nation’s first ever “bowl” shaped stadium is astounding. Along with the extremely large football field, the gymnasium is the second largest indoor athletic complex in the world. Recently in 2016, the Yale Bulldogs basketball team was the first ever Yale team to win a game in the NCAA tournament with a 79-75 upset win over Baylor.Image-1

Georgetown University

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I’m the admissions office and I will be coming to you with weekly information regarding colleges. For our first college, I will be discussing Georgetown University. Located right outside of Washington D.C., Georgetown is a private university serving around 7,000 undergraduates and 10,000 post graduates. With 48 potential degrees to pursue Georgetown allows for a variety of opportunity. Founded in 1789, the university is comprised of 9 schools, such as the School of Foreign Service, School of Business, Medical Center, and Law School. This prestigious university is full of notable alumni such as Bill Clinton, CIA Director George Tenet, and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Georgetown’s mascot is a Hoya. A common phrase exclaimed on gamedays is “Hoya Saxa” to show support for the teams. The georgetown football stadium (Cooper Field) is located in the heart of the campus which is highly convenient for students who want to catch a game in their free time. The most popular is the basketball team. With notable athletes such as Allen Iverson and Patrick Ewing who are now NBA hall of famers. Although, the basketball team does not play on campus, catching a game will for sure be worth the watch.

Not only is Georgetown an excellent university, but the location of the school is an essential portion of attracting students. Most people are aware of the historical significance of Washington D.C. with the white house, monuments, and museums. But, more appealing to college students, is the georgetown village which is within walking distance of the university. On a typical day, the streets will be filled with tourists and students walking around either shopping or traveling to a destination. It somewhat serves as a minimall for the students as a convenient location to hangout with friends or get shopping done.

Overall Georgetown is an amazing school with a high academic standard. Although it is located in Washington D.C. you are not in the heart of the city so it is not classified as an “inter city” school. Students still have the ability to enjoy a fun college life while being within close proximity of D.C. allowing for constant visits to monuments and potential internship opportunities.