The Bathroom cockroaches are gonna turn ME into a american psycho

THESE ROACHES ARE EVERYWHERE! I figured if I was staying in the library, the pests would be bookworms. Anyway, since I was living in a bunker for 40+ years I have been questioning my mental state. I keep seeing the ghosts of all of those cans of beans I ate. So i decided to do some research on psychosis. So I “Goggled”(I think thats what its called) a movie on what was going on in my head. I found this film called American Psycho. It was released in the year 2000, and was directed by Marry Harron. The film is set in 1986 Wallstreet and follows the ever increasing blood lust of a young businessman named Patrick Batemen. The plot is very slow but it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Pat is very spontanious and its very hard to predict what he is going to do next. The climax of the film is one of the most chaotic and explosive endings to a movie and it seemingly is out of place, until you get too the twist at the ending. I highly recomend this movie. Its very complicated and definetly worth a watch. But ill tell you whats not a worth a watch. Watching these GOSH DARN ROACHES EAT MY SHOES! WHY ARE THEY LIKE THIS?! Ill get back to you guys when I handle my roach situation. Stay safe out there, yoyu never know how many roaches are in the water.

The Kernel Is here to stay, and he brought 33mm

I wasn’t expecting this…. The Time seal on my bunker opened too early.  But the world hasn’t ended,and The soviets are gone. The world has changed so much since I Left, I wonder what I’ve missed. I went to check the library to figure out what I missed. while I was there I found this wonderful thing That I think is called the interwebs? anyway while I was looking up my dead neighbors I found this Man named Roger Ebert. He seems to be making money by reviewing movies! What a slacker, He should get a real job. Anyway it seems like he is respected in this “movie review business”. His web zone is filled with movies from all over the globe and range from artsy fartsy films, to big budget popcorn movies. The reviews on his website are very in depth and give any reader with any level of experience plenty of information to help he reader decide if the movie is worth their time. Maybe this Ebert guy actually knows what he’s talking about. Maybe I can do this sort of thing too. Must be a lot of cash to be made in this blogging thing. So from Here on out I will be releasing a film review every week. Ill focus on movies released in the new millennium. Hopefully the public Library won’t mind me living in their bathroom. Anyway stay safe out here kiddos, you never know whats in the water.   Self Potrait