Review of the classic Bladerunner

With Bladerunner 2049 coming out last month, I thought it was about time to revisit the the neo-noir classic Bladerunner, Released in 1982. Bladerunner tells the story of Harrison Ford as Deckard, a man whose job is to hunt down human-like robots called Replicants in a futuristic Los Angeles. What makes the movie stand out from other movies from its time is its incredible dreamlike atmosphere. The soft, sometimes fuzzy synthesizer soundtrack paired with the gritty detailed visuals of the city make for an unforgettable experience. My biggest complaint of the movie is the pacing of the plot, which can be described as painfully slow. While Harrison Ford has a good performance, it’s Rutger Hauer’s character that stole the show for me. Hauer players a replicant named Roy, whose lifespan of four years is coming to an end. with this end, comes his own insanity, coupled with him literally meeting his maker.  Hauer’s performance was incredible, and was in my opinion the best part of the movie. Overall, Bladerunner is an amazing movie, and deserves all of the praise and accolades it has received. Thanks for reading, and next week I’ll be back reviewing another film.