New grip

What’s up everybody?

So a question I imagine a lot of experienced players get is does a grip matter or make a difference. Not the positioning of your hands, but the grip on the shaft itself. Well, I guess you could say that I learned that it does. I recently found a club next to the trash. And not any club, but a Ping K15 in almost pristine condition. The only problem that it had was that the grip was absolutely awful. It was the stock grip with almost no grip to it. So I took it to my local sporting goods store and bought their most expensive Golf Pride Grip. And after waiting for it to be done, the man came out with what seemed like a new club. I took it to the simulator that they had, and gave it a few whacks. I was instantly hitting better with that club. I was not slicing as much, and it brought my yardage up around ten yards. What I love most about is the crazy color pallet of this club. The head is silver/black, the shaft is blue, and the grip is now red.

Today I learned one thing, If you watch pro colf then you have probably heard the Lamkin commercial saying something along the lines of, “a great shot always starts with a great grip.” And today I learned that that is absolutely right. I think I may re-grip all my clubs!

Have a good night guys,


US Open

What’s up everybody?

So, its official, I am going to the US Open! I absolutely cant wait. The only problem is that I may not be able to watch Rory. The reason for that is the chance that he may get cut! He shot 9 over in his first round of the Irish open. Regardless it may be pretty fun. I need to watch the first few days to know what group I want to follow, but I know that if Rory is still in, then I will definitely be following  him.

In tiger news, he is already here. He has already played chambers bay twice. And you know what? He is still gonna suck. He is gonna choke on his short game, and he will be unable to hit a single shot straight. His terrible performance wont over shine his son though, who apparently has a better swing than he does.

”He’s got some parts in his swing that I’m trying to do,” Woods said with a laugh. ”It’s a little frustrating at times.”

What I love is how tiger plays with his son. As he says he adjusts the par so that him and his son can be a little competitive. I like this because its a good way to keep the kid interested in the game we love. And apparently, his father did this too:

”It’s about them enjoying the attention that it takes to try to get to par,” Woods said. ”What my dad did was genius because it kept me interested … ‘My dad shot 2-over par and I shot 3, and I almost beat him.’ Even though I was making 11 and 12 on holes.”

Good night guys


Ragin’ Rory

What’s up everybody?

While he is still my favorite golfer, I have to admit that Rory Mcilroy has quite a temper.

Im not sure if you guys remember but at the Cadillac Champs not too long ago Rory threw his 3-iron into the water after a less than spectacular approach.

Well, Rory is at throwing his clubs again, or at least banging them on the ground.

At the recent BMW PGA Champs, Rory bashed his club onto the ground after a fairly poor shot. IT only hurts his image, right? Wrong. A European Tour official confirmed that “Rory will be disciplined under the players Code of Conduct for the club throw.”

Even with all of this I still am rooting for him tomorrow at the Irish Open. I mean, golf is a very frustrating sport. I have started raging fairly fast even when I go to the neighborhood park to practice chipping. But regardless, to know that there are little kids out there watching Rory and learning from what he does, it is a little bit upsetting.

On the better side of Rory, he will be sporting some wicked shoes this weekend. The shoes look insane, and I love them, I wish I had the ones he will wear on Sunday.

But what makes these shoes so special is the fact that they were all designed by kids who are affected by cancer. They are on sale at, and a portion of the proceeds do go to Rory’s Charity

Thats all for tonight guys.

Good night


Driving range

What’s up everybody?

So a couple of days ago a new driving range opened up at Bellevue Golf course, so I decided today that I would go check it out. It was the best experience I have ever had at a driving range. For around ten bucks I got a GIGANTIC bucket of balls. I spent roughly an hour hitting balls non stop, thats how many balls there were. The mats that were there were very nice, and it was great to have a nice new facility to play on. All of this actually lead me to hitting the ball better than I ever have. I was hitting straight and clean on most of my shots, and I was hitting the back net with my driver. The nice thing about the mat was that it was thick enough that I could get under the ball when I was hitting straight off of it. I was hitting 175+ with my irons. And that is pretty good for me.

I have to say though, my favorite part was the ball retrieval. After the range picker has made its rounds, it comes back and a machine is turned on. Its a long PVC tube that leads all the balls back to the ball machine. Just imaging thousands of balls dribbling through a PVC pipe right over your head. Sounds annoying, right? Wrong. I think it might be my new favorite sound in the world. I cant help but smile when I hear it.

Good night, Guys



What’s up everybody?

So, it is about time that Rickie Fowler won!

I was at work, or rather just getting off, so I ran home to see if I could hear the last of the players, and little did I know, that I was catching the playoffs. I could not find it on TV so I went to my computer and listened to the radio of it (and followed videos on twitter). I was getting on just as Sergio Garcia was eliminated from the playoffs. The highlight of my day was when I heard the crowd roar through that radio broadcast at the 17th…

I don’t think that this video does the audio any justice, but the sound was beautiful! I think that this victory just goes to show that we cant count Rickie Fowler out as a competitor. When you see the he played this weekend, it is really hard to! He had the longest drive of the week, and the way he was performing on that short game was miraculous. I love the idea of his mother and sister boarding the plane and getting the call to come back to TPC Sawgrass because Rickie was about to win (true story by the way.)

I think that with what I saw this weekend, that we could expect to see Rickie competing with Spieth and Mcilroy. He has come a long way from his days as a red bull star, and I cant wait to see more from him

Congrats, Rickie!


The Rivalry

What’s up everybody?


I am calling it. It is time to pick sides.

Ever since I started watching golf, there have been a lot of boring parts. Why? Because there have been no rivalries. But one is emerging that is going to take the golf game by storm: Mcilroy vs. Spieth. Its a matter of which style you prefer, really. One one hand you have Mcilroy, who has power that can send the ball 300+. And then you have Spieth who is an overall player. Who do I choose? Mcilroy. I dont know what it is I like about him. He does just enough of a job controlling his temper and his emotions to the point where you see them every once in a while, and it shows that he is human, and I think that is why I like him. The only thing I see in Spieth is that he likes to win. The man is a fantastic golfer, no doubt, but he reminds me of a robot. And it is hard to feel emotion for a man who doesnt show his own. On top of that Mcilroy was the first golfer I was a huge fan of. Granted, the only times I had actually FOLLOWED him was at the Honda classic (every other time it was me just watching replays or watching without following any player.) And there is some sort of sentimental value with Rory. He was like my segway into golf.

I’m off to bed guys,


Playing with strangers

What’s up everybody?

Have you ever fallen into a group you don’t know out on the course. I usually avoid doing this but with the amount of people  that were on the course yesterday, I had to jump in with a couple of people I had never played with before, and to my surprise it made the game a lot more fun. Not only did I shoot better, but I was having fun and really enjoying myself.

I was also playing with my dad, who has a military background, so he is always in a hurry. Every place he goes he needs to do it as fast as possible. The nice part about dropping in with these folks is that it forced him to slow down, which made me take it easy and play better.

This also got me less afraid of talking with people who actually play golf well. I thought these guys would be stuck up or something but as it turns out, they were really nice guys. In fact, one of the guys ended up giving me a sleeve of balls when I ran out of mine (it was a difficult course and I lost a lot of balls…)

If you are being trailed by someone on the course, I would highly suggest inviting them to join you, it makes the game way more enjoyable, and I found that it can even make you play better!

So how about you go out and play with a stranger! 🙂


Mack Daddy 2 PM-Grind Wedge

What’s up everybody?

So just decided to look at a part of the Golf Channel website that I had never seen before: The Equipment insider section. And it is a cool place to look aside from the fact that they rarely post. And I came across something that caught my eye. I came across the new Callaway Wedge. It may not have been released recently but I rarely pay attention to what the happenings are in equipment. All I know is that this wedge looks cool and would allow to play aggressively with that extended toe and a grind that covers the whole club face. It would also help since I have been learning lob shots and the only problem that I have been having is spin. That grind will definitely help with the club face being so open. The club in general is beautiful though. Just look at it:

Mack Daddy

I love the green jewels on it, and I AM a Callaway guy so It would look great in my bag. They have already had the pros try it out, and It has been going well for them. The club doesn’t come out until a couple months from now (to the public) and it is going to be selling for around 150 dollars. It goes up to Phil Mickelsons 64 degree wedge, which is probably going to be the one that I will pick up. I only have 12 clubs in my bag, so 13 would give me one away from regulation, and the exact number of Rory’s when he is around Donald Trump (references)…



How far have I come?

What’s up everybody?

So yesterday I went out golfing, and shot a terrible round. During a silent drive home I thought about why I had played so bad, when it hit me. These were the good scores I was playing when I was just starting. I used to never even come close to shooting par, and now I can shoot par on a couple holes each round. While I may not be the best at golf, I feel like I have already come a long way. While I hit the ball with little accuracy, I make good contact with the ball on nearly every shot now. It used to be normal for me to shoot 7 on one hole, but now and average hole for me is around 5. My chipping used to be aim for the green and hope for the best, but now I aim for the cup and put backspin on the ball.

For those of you who have not seen it yet, apparently Bubba Watson thinks he can rap. He comes in at about 3 minutes in and the difference is definitely noticeable.  You knnow that he cant rap when he starts saying: “Lemme talk about how I’m supposed to be a Christmas party right now, but y’all keep keeping me in here. My wife’s not gonna let me be on fleek, if y’all don’t hurry up” 

I’m sorry but I don’t think that golfers should rap about their caddies or anything, nor should they rap at all.

Good night guys


Congratulations Jordan Spieth

What is up everybody!

Unfortunately, the masters has come to an end. And it may not have been a spectacular win, but Jordan Spieth is now the sixth (I think) person to have a wire to wire finish in the masters ever!

But what got my attention was Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods’ finish. Tiger came in at 17th and Phil rocked a solid 2nd place. This leads me to think that I may have been wrong in the past. I think that there still may be a win in the arsenal of Phil or Tiger.

Have you seen Rory’s Ex Caroline Wozniacki’s tweets congratulating Jordan? It looks like this:

Congratulations to @JordanSpieth on winning @TheMasters! Extremely impressive how he came out firing from the start and never looked back!

Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds like she may not be over the fact that Rory called off their engagement. And I am not the only one. Colm on twitter says:

let it go love, he dumped you. Move on.

She then responded with:

Tweeps I was congratulating Speith on his win, nothing else.. It’s time for some of you to move on from the past. Thank you!

I still think she might be a little bit upset…

Either way I do congratulate  Jordan Speith. He played some great golf at the age of only 21 and he absolutely deserves this victory.

Good night everybody.

Go play some golf for me.

Putt Protege

Spring Break!

What’s up everybody?

Guess what I got? I actually got a new golf bag!

Up until recently the bag I was using was my dads bag that he was using when he played golf when he was a kid, way back in the 70s. I was at the range today and was trying to fix the slice I had on my recently purchased driver. Afterwards I decided to go to the pro shop to gawk at all the expensive stuff that I couldn’t have. A certain bag caught my eye, and so I walked up to the Wilson brand bag and sighed as I looked at the tag… I fully expected that it would be 200 or more dollars, but to my surprise, it was only $40! I instantly ran it up to the counter and purchased it. Here is a comparison of the two bags:

As I walked out, I felt a sense of sorrow… This bag that I had used for quite a while, had been outshined… I loved the old bag, it had character and it had history… But unfortunately for it, I have moved on to bigger (and I am told better) things. I will truly miss my old bag, and I will more than likely love every second of the new one. No longer will I have terrible soar shoulders at the end of the day because of the terrible strap on the old one. All I can say is:

Rest in Peace Ram FeatherLite

You served me well


My club

Whats up everybody?

So it took me a while too make this decision, but I think I have my favorite club. It was a serious competition before I made the decision but there were two competitors: my sand wedge, and my hybrid. On the one hand, some of my best shots have been with my sand wedge. And on the other, my hybrid just feels good… There is something that just feels right about getting under the ball with a hollow club. hitting that light club with such a high speed and whacking weeds in the process is what makes me love that club so much.

Anyway, have you guys seen the conversation between Rickie Fowler, his girlfriend, and an internet troll on instagram? It goes like this…

Troll: What up Gold Digger. Must be nice getting **** for free in life and not have to work for it

Rickie: Might want to get your facts straight before you talk to my girlfriend like that… (original grammar was worse)

Troll: Bout time you stood up for your girl proud of you now win a major once in your life k

Girlfriend: Hahah that’s hilarious. I work my butt off to be able to fully support myself in NYC. I’m out here grinding to live a nice life

Troll: amazing that’s good congrats if you do but you always have back up

I don’t know if this guy ever went to school, but he really is not that good with his grammar. I know I am bad, but dang. Anyway, I just wanted to share that funny exchange

Good night


Facts of Golf

What’s up everybody?

I had absolutely no clue what I was going to write about, so I went to the internet… Naturally I stumbled upon a page or two of fun facts about golf, so I thought I would share some with you!

1. When I saw this one, I felt good about myself: 80 percent of golfers will never get below an 18 handicap.

2. And when I saw this one, it made me feel bad about my putting skills: The worlds longest recorded putt was 375 feet.

3. In America, the person that hits the hole in one just buys drinks for his buddies he played with. In Japan, you are expected to throw a party and buy gifts for ALL of your friends.

4. Jason Zuback holds the record for the longest drive. Coming in at a whopping 468 yard!

5. The youngest and oldest person to with the Masters is the same person! Jack Nicklaus won in 1963 at the age of 23, and again in 1986 at the age of 46.

6. At TPC Sawgrass’ 17th hole (one of the hardest in the world) 125,000 golf balls are lost every year… I did the math, and that is about 342 balls every day!

7. The first golf balls were simply leather sacks that were stuffed with feathers. The ones that were stuffed the tightest flew the farthest. These balls were used until 1848.

8.  The reason Phil Mickelson is a left handed golfer (he does everything else with his right) is because he used to literally sit there and mirror his fathers swing.

Have a good night


Does Arnold Palmer have Memory loss?

What’s up everybody?

So I don’t know who was watching the API, but there was a rather extraordinary shot hit by Daniel Berger. He ended up hitting a double eagle on the 6th hole. For those of you who do not know what a double eagle is, it is hitting a par 5 in only two strokes. It is (believe it or not) more rare and more exciting in the golf world than a hole in one.

During an interview, Arnold Palmer claimed that there had never been a double eagle at Bay Hill. It appears that he was wrong. Not only was he wrong, he even knew about it! After that shot, a lady named Christine Snyder posted thin on face book:

“My husband and I just heard Arnold Palmer tell Jimmy Roberts on NBC that no one ever had a double eagle on #6. However, my husband Richard Snyder did in 1993. See the attached photo and he also witnessed Daniel Berger’s this morning at the tournament.”

Here is the attached photo:

I’m not sure what happened there, but I’m sure that during that interview he meant that there had never been a double eagle in tournament play.

Let’s not forget about the next day, though. Zach Johnson got a double eagle as well!

I do not know if two double eagles in one tournament has ever been done before, but congrats to both Zach Johnson and Daniel Berger. You both had one hell of a shot.

Have a good night everybody.