Where is Kim Jong Un?

Kim Jong Un has not been seen in a month. The rumors are that his little sister, Kim Yo Jong, is currently running the country.

Word is that Kim Jong Un is sick with gout, diabetes and even has some knee problems.
Recently Kim Yo has began to surface as a person of power in the country. Maybe this means they are trying to prepare people to accept her as a substitute? Or maybe she’s about to slip into power succeeding Kim Jong Un.

The defining moment will be October 10th at the 69th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Workers’ Party. Kim is expected to attend, as he attended last year; if he is missing it will be assumed he is no longer in power. But even if he appears experts will be watching his every move, inspecting his body language to decide on his health and mental state.

I would expect people to be extremely worried about such a young person taking control of a nuclear country, not that it was any more stable before, but she seems to be more serious about the job than her brother. She has taken more responsibilities and has began to receive intelligence like White House chief-of-staff would”

So I guess it’s a toss up of what would have the better outcome, or who will be the better leader. It’s just an opinion of which I have yet to form.