The fantasy football hangover has definitely hit those who look forward to Sunday’s all throughout the fall. I have come across multiple tweets referencing the sadness people have felt now that the fantasy season is over. However, there is good news for fantasy lovers. The NFL Playoffs still provide an opportunity for people to play fantasy, but just in a little bit of a different way.

This “different way” mostly pertains to selecting which players are on your team. Because there are some many variables with players (byes, teams being eliminated, a maximum of 4 games per weekend), these games use an open pool of players. Although every website has their own added spin, you mostly just have to choose the guys you think will perform best. Unlike regular season, players can be owned by more than one team. Also, in the playoffs, there are no matchups. Everyone competes against an entire pool of people for the 4 week stretch. This makes winning that much tougher because you have to outperform a number of people rather than just 1.

Multiple sites have playoff challenges of some sort. However, ESPN is not one of them. The worldwide leader in sports fell into some legal trouble after another website claimed that a part of ESPN’s rules infringed on a patent of theirs.


My roster this week

I would suggest using It has pretty straightforward rules and allows users to pick whatever players they want, regardless of how good they are. Also if you do really well and then get really lucky, you could win a trip to the Super Bowl in 2017.

Good luck and Go Hawks!


Year Almost Over

Well, this is my second to last post of the year. Our school year is nearly over, and all of the students at the UW have gone home if they are not staying in school over the summer.

It was a pretty disappointing year to be a Husky fan to say the least. The football team had so much talent on the defensive side of the ball, yet finished 80th in team defense, and team as a whole only went 7-6. Coach Chris Petersen came to Montlake with the best winning percentage for any college coach in college football. However, that number 1 spot will soon leave his grasp if the Huskies continue to play like this in the next couple years. Next year does not look very bright either but maybe Coach Pete will find his stride in year 2 and show everybody why he was called one of the best coaches in the country.

The basketball team was undefeated and ranked 13th in the country in late December. That is when everything changed. The Huskies began to lose, and lose a lot. The star player Robert Upshaw was dismissed from the team after some personal mistakes. More losing took place after that. Once the season was over, there was an exodus by the returning players. Our leader and PG Nigel Williams-Goss betrayed us and left to Gonzaga. Other guys expectedly left to find better situations for themselves. However, Lorenzo Romar was not phased and rebounded with the number 12 recruiting class in the nation. They will be looked upon next year to bring back the winning ways to UW.

I’ll post one last time Friday to say my goodbyes!

Dickerson Commits!

Just like I had previously said a couple weeks ago, Noah Dickerson was that extra guy from 2015 that would end up a Washington Husky basketball player. And boy was it a big commitment. This is extremely exciting. A couple months ago, multiple players, including two starters, decided they would leave Washington and head for greener pastures. Fans were absolutely in the dumps about our chances to win in the next couple of years with Lorenzo Romar at the helm.

However, Coach Romar did not use this as an excuse to field a worse team next year. He went to work on the recruiting trail to make up for these transfers. Thursday was the icing on the cake. Noah Dickerson is a player that will surely start and be ready to make an immediate impact next season. With him added to our roster, our front line has so much depth I am not sure who exactly will be getting a lot of the minutes. We now have Marquese Chriss, Dickerson, Malik Dime, and Devenir Duruisseau as for sure guys next year. I’m also hearing that the coaching staff is making a big push to get Matthew Atewe cleared to play next season. I don’t think UW fans are ready for the amount of athletic big men we will have in the rotation next season.

We may be starting 3 or 4 freshmen but it will be 3 or 4 very talented freshmen that will hit the floor in our first game. And it will be quite a scene to see these guys step on the floor and try to lead us back to the NCAA Tournament.

Mr. T

Noah Dickerson Visit

Just when you thought the 2015 recruiting class was finally finished, Lorenzo Romar is closing in on another prospect. Noah Dickerson, a top 100 recruit, is very interested in coming to play at the University of Washington. Dickerson is a 6’9″ post that is a banger down low. Dickerson had previously signed with Florida until coach Billy Donovan left to become head coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder  (little does he know that he will never win there because of the Curse of the Sonics). Because Donovan left, Dickerson was released from his letter of intent.

Dickerson had shown a little bit of interest in the Dawgs before committing to the Gators. He had taken a visit up here last summer and participated in the Tony Wroten Skills Camp in Seattle. He got to know many of the present recruiting class, as well as many of the former players that have helped inspire and train the guys that will soon be at UW. From everything I heard, Dickerson absolutely loved these guys.

Well, Dickerson is back up to Seattle this weekend on a visit to the campus. I really hope he likes his stay enough to give his commitment for next season. He would be a huge pick up for our front line. With not much experience left for next season, adding more talent is exactly what this team needs to compete for an NCAA bid. His presence down low would help get us some needed post buckets. If Romar can seal the deal, this class will pay off big time in the future.

Huge Pickup for Coach Pete

Coach Chris Petersen had a pretty rough transition into the PAC 12 this season. He came from the underdog turned powerhouse of Boise State to a historic program itching to make it to the top once again. At Boise State, Petersen could do no wrong and amassed one of the highest winning percentages in coaching history. The man was a saint in Boise, Idaho. However, things changed when Coach Pete came to Montlake. It almost seemed like he could do no right. He was blamed (with reason) for multiple losses throughout the season. People were not seeing the greatness they expected with his arrival. Some were even saying he should be on the hot seat after last season. Although the team performed very poorly I do not agree with that statement.

This upcoming season does not look like it will be very successful either. The Huskies have one of the toughest schedules in the nation, no quarterback at the moment, and a slew of great defenders to replace. However, the future looks pretty bright. The Huskies have done good work recruiting in the class of 2016. Their most recent pickup is a giant one. It happens to be a man small in stature however. Sean McGrew, a 5’8″ running back from Bellflower, CA recently pledged his commitment to Petersen and the Huskies. McGrew is ranked by some as the number 1 running back in California, as well as the entire West Coast. He runs a 4.44 40 yard dash. He is the 4th commit for the class of 2016. That class looks like it will shape up to be Petersen’s first class to make a big impact for the program. I just hope more follow McGrew and Chris Petersen leads the Dawgs back to the glory days of Don James.

Mr. T

Recruiting News

I know I have been talking a lot about the changes going on with our basketball program, but there has been emerging news nearly every week. Just in this past week, some big developments have come along.

Coach Lorenzo Romar has recently said in an interview they are close to bringing in another commit for the 2015 class. Well, there is a definite of idea of who this may be. It’s Noah Dickerson, a recent decommit from Florida following the departure of Billy Donovan to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Dickerson really enjoys Seattle and has created a great bond with the incoming class after coming on a camp/visit in the area last August. Dickerson is a top 100 recruit on ESPN and would give the Huskies a ridiculous class. With him, the future will be even brighter than it already is.

05 15

Some more news is the decommitment of 2016 recruit Jaquori McLaughlin. He was looked at as a big part of the backcourt in the future. However, I am personally not sure that it is as great a loss as many are making it out to be. I believe he is a good basketball player but many were blowing his ability out of proportion due to hype and rankings. I have personally seen him play and I think the Huskies can upgrade at that spot with other recruits. Also, I hope that his decommitment means another good point guard or shooting guard is coming in.  reason for him to reopen his recruitment may have been because another guy would have come in and taken his spot.

Mr. T

Nigel Williams-Goss Goes Full Traitor

Well, Nigel Williams-Goss officially betrayed the program. He is heading Spokane to play for the rival Gonzaga Bulldogs. It’s pretty hard to believe to be honest.

I can understand the guy would possibly want to explore other options for colleges and where he plays basketball for the rest of his college career, but to do it like this is disappointing. Yes, Williams-Goss was not producing the attention from scouts he desired. Yes, UW’s program was in flux. I’m not mad at the guy for deciding to leave. However, it is a low blow to go to Gonzaga.

I know the Huskies and Bulldogs have not played in quite some time, but the rivalry is being renewed starting as early as next year. Bottom line is, UW fans don’t like Gonzaga, and Gonzaga fans don’t the UW. When you call yourself a Husky for two years, it is pretty much against the rules to leave for the enemy.

I don’t want to hear the talk about coaches and teammates being happy for you to try and excel in another situation. You make it pretty clear you aren’t on great terms with the coaching staff to choose to play for the Zags. And beyond Nigel, I hate that transfers make up stupid excuses for why the new program will fit better. People transfer for three reasons. First off, a bad relationship with the coach. Secondly, to get to a winning program. And finally, to get more playing time. The fact that Williams-Goss says the up and down style of play at GU will suit him better makes no sense. The Huskies are a run and gun team. Nigel led the show. I could go on for days but I’m just disappointed that I looked up to the guy so much as a basketball player.

3 Huskies Taken in the First Round

Thursday night marked the beginning of a new journey for 32 NFL prospects. It was the first round of the NFL Draft in Chicago. Players were given the chance to further achieve their goals in the world that is football.


Thursday night brought us the selections of 3 former UW Huskies in the first round. You’d think Alabama, Ohio State, LSU, or Oregon may have led the draft in this category, but no, the UW had the most first round selections of any college in the country. The sad part about that is that UW’s defense ranked 80th in the nation last year in defense. 80th!

The first Dawg off the board was big DT Danny Shelton at number 12 to the Cleveland Browns. Shelton was expected to be taken by either the Chicago Bears or the Browns. Some said Chicago made a mistake on passing on Shelton, and everybody praised the Browns for their pick. Danny was a big hit on draft night due to his excitement and major bear hug of commish Roger Goodell.

Next up was CB Marcus Peters at number 18 to the Kansas City Chiefs. Peters was rated by many as the top CB in the draft but due to his attitude (was kicked off the team at UW) and off the field issues, he was the second CB selected in the draft.

And finally, the jack-of-all-trades Shaq Thompson. Thompson was selected 25th to the Carolina Panthers. For some, this was sort of a surprise. For Husky fans, it would have been crazy to see this guy not be selected on the first day. The dude is a gamer. The Panthers got a steal with this guy.

Congrats to these hardworking young men!

Mr. T

Romar Not Stopping

Last week, I wrote about how basketball coach Lorenzo Romar was making me optimistic. Well, Romar is not stopping. He continues to do amazing work when it comes to recruiting. Since last Wednesday, two more players have committed to play basketball at the University of Washington.

First, it was a local product in Renton’s Dominic Green. He is a lengthy (6’6″) wing that can stroke it from the 3-point line. Green sort of blew up last year during the Summer AAU circuit and was a hot commodity out on the west coast. He originally committed to play basketball at Arizona State. However, Green was released from his letter of intent following the firing of Herb Sendek. He then chose to stay home and play for the Huskies. That moved the Huskies’ class of 2015 to 7 total recruits and 5 that were ranked in the top 100 on That gives UW the most top-100 recruits in the country.

Wednesday morning, the Huskies received a commitment from Sam Timmins, a 6’10” center from New Zealand for the 2016 class. There had been some anticipation for a commitment, as many fans had heard rumblings about the coaches securing another great prospect. However, nobody came close to guessing it would be Timmins. The big man looks very promising, as he chose UW over ten other big time schools throughout the country. He has been playing as an amateur in New Zealand’s top professional league since he was 15 years old. There has also been some speculation that Sam Timmins may reclassify and come to Montlake this fall.

I’m pumped!

Mr. T

Romar Making Me Optimistic

I am a die hard Husky fan so I’m easily sucked in, but Lorenzo Romar has me fired up about next season. I recently wrote about the departure of Nigel Williams-Goss. I referenced how the move was a big hit to the team on paper but that I had heard some rumblings that made me feel uneasy.

The more I read and the more I hear Lorenzo Romar conduct interviews, the more I feel like lots of these transfers were mutual and will benefit the team. Coach Romar has not blatantly come out and spoke against how Williams-Goss acted when he was a Husky, but he has made lots of suggestive comments that pretty much say that Nigel put himself and his aspirations in front of the team’s success. Because Romar has come as close as a college coach can come to criticizing one of his (former) players, it seems like there is a chance of addition by subtraction in that case.

Beyond these comments, all of the coaches have also made some suggestive comments about possible commitments from players. Romar said on a radio interview that “a lot of our recruiting is done or is about to be done for the next two years.” The Huskies currently have three open spots for next year at the moment and only have one player committed in the class of 2016. It is definitely looking like some exciting things are going to be happening very soon. Coach Chillious has recently even told my dad, “Good things are happening.”

I’m not sure exactly what this means but I’m very anxious for what is upcoming.

Mr. T










Nigel Williams-Goss Transferring

Last week, Nigel Williams-Goss asked for his release from the men’s basketball team. It was very surprising news and raised many questions among fans.

With Lorenzo Romar already on the hot seat due to three consecutive years of mediocrity, he needs an NCAA bid to stay on the job following next season. However, the loss of Williams-Goss hurts those chances quite a bit on paper. It also marks the third transfer by a player this offseason, and that does not include the departure of Jahmel Taylor, who left in the middle of the season for Fresno State. Three of the transfers were expected and are actually beneficial to the program because they free up space to bring in more talent. Williams-Goss’ decision looks like bad news.

Image result for nigel williams goss

I say it looks like bad news and hurts the team quite a bit on paper because there have been a good number of rumors and signs that Nigel wasn’t the leader and teammate people thought he was. There have also been rumors that some highly ranked prospects decided to pick other schools because of him. I cannot confirm any of this but there have been lots of rumblings that make me feel uneasy. I respected Nigel’s game quite a bit so it was saddening to see him leave, but some of the rumors make me feel like it might be best for the program.

With the many players leaving, the Huskies are left with 3 open scholarships heading into next season. Many believe the Huskies are the favorite to land Rainier Beach star and former Louisville player Shaqquan Aaron. He has tremendous upside but there have been some questions over his character and work ethic. The Huskies are also receiving a visit from former Auburn center Matt Atewe. During his freshman season, Atewe averaged 1.5 points and a little over 3 rebounds. This year, Atewe was sidelined all season with an injury, so he should be able to play immediately if files a waiver with the NCAA.

The Huskies may be better than people think next year. Just sayin’…

Mr. T


Starting QB?

Spring practice has kicked off for Chris Petersen and company. After a disappointing season last year, Husky fans are looking for improvement in the win-loss column, as well as having a more entertaining team. Many holes will have to be filled the offensive line and the front seven on defense, but the biggest question sits at the quarterback position.

Who will be our starting quarterback when we take on Boise State in our first game of the year in Boise? Nobody has that answer right now. Not even the coaches are close to knowing yet. It is at least a three horse race, with the status of Cyler Miles uncertain at this point. Miles has reportedly taken a voluntary leave from the program at the moment. I’m not sure what that means but I personally hope it turns into a permanent leave. If he is gone, that would mean it’s between the returning Jeff Lindquist, redshirt freshman KJ Carta-Samuels, and incoming freshman Jake Browning. Although Lindquist has the most experience, I would really prefer for one of the latter two to take the job. It would just be a fresh start that fans could get excited about.

For now, all three guys have split time with the first team. Carta-Samuels came out with the first team to start practice but with how early it is in the Spring, I wouldn’t read too much into that. I am biased, but I do think it will come down to one of the freshmen. Both of them are recruited by this staff and ready for their chance.

Mr. T

Romar’s Last Chance

It is official, Lorenzo Romar will be back next season. Athletic Director Scott Woodward said earlier this week that Romar will not be fired. However, coach Romar is skating on very thin ice. Many fans have wanted him gone for a couple of years.

It is pretty safe to say that Romar’s job is dependent on how successful the team is next year. With his best recruiting class ever coming to Montlake next season, it is dance or get the ax for one of the greatest coaches in UW history. If both Nigel Williams-Goss and Andrew Andrews (a potential transfer candidate) come back to school next year, the Huskies should make the tournament next season. They have a couple of top ranked prospects in Marquese Chriss and Dejounte Murray that will bring UW some help as well.

I am a huge Romar fan and I definitely hope he finds success next year. He does much more than coach on the court. He develops these college players into better men. He has a staff full of men that genuinely care for their players as people, not just guys that win basketball games for the team. I have been lucky to talk to coach Romar on multiple occasions and he was just an awesome human being. In a business where it is easy for coaches to have large egos, Romar just makes you feel good about life. He deserves success. A man with such high character deserves to keep his position of coaching young men. It is what’s best for the University of Washington. It is what’s best for college basketball.

03 27

Mr. T

Softball Strong Once Again

Unsurprisingly, Heather Tarr has the Dawgs rolling once again. The Huskies are currently off to 30-7 start and currently ranked 17th in the USA Softball Collegiate Rankings. Although the Huskies lost last year’s star in Kaitlin Inglesby, the Huskies have rebounded like always.

This year’s squad is an offensive powerhouse. Their runs per game average of 8.09 is currently 5th in the nation and 1st in the PAC 12. The offense is led by Courtney Gano, Kylee Lahners, and Ali Aguilar. Gano is 4th in the nation with 13 home runs. Lahners and Aguilar are 4th and 6th in the PAC 12 in batting average at .457 and .437. Aguilar is also 3rd in the nation in doubles per game and Lahners is 3rd in the nation in walks. All three have been very productive throughout their careers and coach Tarr will be relying on them to lead the team down the final stretch of the season.

The Huskies have had a little bit of a tough start to the PAC 12 season, going only 2-3 in their first 3 games. However, they took on two top-25 teams in Arizona State and UCLA. UCLA is ranked #10 and has been around the top 10 all year.

This weekend they have a huge 3 game series against Oregon. Oregon is currently #3 in the nation. Last year, the Ducks were ranked #1 going into the Women’s College World Series before losing in the semi-finals to #2 Alabama. The Huskies will face the tough task of traveling down to Eugene for the 3 games. It seems as even though winning just one game could be looked at as a successful trip for Tarr’s team. A win against such a good team will help UW’s seeding in the Women’s College World Series.