A Spark in Seattle

Sunday’s resounding victory ignited a spark in Seattle when we needed it most. Despite how the NFL analytics confidently pointed to an Eagles victory, the Seahawks defied the noise, standing triumphant at perhaps the most critical time. Now, the Hawks are 8-4, ahead of other wild-card contenders and poised to make a powerful playoff push. And recent history suggests a favorable record for the Seahawks in December. There are only four games left–the Jaguars, Rams, Cowboys, and the Cardinals. Can we run the table? I say maybe, and some may even say probably. But there is one thing that supersedes a donut in the loss column. The NFL pundits are correct: the Seahawks must establish a reliable running game before it’s too late.

As it stands right now, Russell Wilson is the Seahawk’s leading rusher. Wilson is also accounting for over 82% of our offense’s total yardage. This stunning statistic speaks to the appreciating value of our quarterback. However, by examining the last 50 years in NFL history, we won’t find a super bowl team with so much depending on one player. That is why we must use the last quarter of the regular season to develop a more multifaceted attack. After constantly shuffling through a list of erratic running backs–Eddie Lacy, Thomas Rawls, C.J. Prosise, and J.D. McKissic–Coach Carroll may have finally struck silver. Against a formidable Eagle rush defense, Mike Davis rushed for 64 yards on 16 carries. And, Davis caught four passes for 37 yards, showcasing his dual-threat ability. Let’s see how he performs this Sunday against the Jaguars number-one ranked defense. After beating the Eagles, the Seahawks point in a promising direction.


Week 14!

Little late with the post for week 13 but here are the game previews (and one review)

Falcons 20 Saints 17 FINAL Thursday

The NFC south could easily be the best division in the NFL at the moment. With two teams in playoff spots,  and one team a game behind, this divisional race is heating up. Especially when the one, two and three seeds in the division are within a game of each other.

Vikings @ Panthers 10:00AM Sunday

Both teams come into this leading their respective divisions and one team with a highly contested one, the other able to clinch theirs soon. The Vikings can clinch the NFC north with a win and a shot at the first round bye. The Panthers however are barely in the lead, and because the Falcons beat the Saints if they lose, they will be second to them.

Seahawks @ Jaguars 1:25PM Sunday

This will be a matchup of two of the NFL’s highest rated defenses. The Seahawks are in second place in the NFC west currently, and can move towards first with a win over the Jags. The Jaguars are tied with the Titans and can keep that tie with a home victory over the Seahawks. As of now, both of these teams are playoff bound.

Eagles @ Rams 1:25PM Sunday

The Eagles have began to loosen up, with one win against a team over .500 they have shown laziness last week with a big loss to the Seahawks. If the Eagles are for real they must show it this week in a crucial game. The Rams are barely in the lead of the NFC west and they need every victory they can get. A loss here would hurt their playoff chances.

Around the league

-Saints QB Drew Brees blasts the NFL because players that play on Thursday have a disadvantage because of the little rest they get. “Thursday games are absolutely unfair” says Brees, who lost 20-17 against the Falcons on Thursday

-Hated NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has signed a new 5-year contract. On Wednesday the NFL and Roger signed a deal where he would accumulate $40 million per year over the next five years. There are incentives that could total to more than $45 million

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State of the Seahawks

            Look, the sports media can underestimate the Seahawks all they want to. Given Seattle’s past several performances, including that sluggish offensive performance in the first half against the 49ers, as well as our liabilities in the defensive secondary, we should not be viewed as legitimate super bowl contenders. Not yet. Of course, the media’s assessment may spin 180 degrees if we can pull off a home upset against the invincible Eagles. It won’t be easy. But if anyone in our conference can show Philadelphia who the real NFC powerhouse is, it’s Seattle. Over the past five years, we have demonstrated consistent excellence like no other team outside of Foxborough. The Hawks have already lost two home games at CenturyLink, despite apparently having the strongest home field advantage in the league. One of those losses was just embarrassing. Since their morale-boosting win against us, the Washington Redskins have lost three straight, against the Vikings, Saints, and Cowboys. The Seahawks must redeem themselves by grabbing a monumental win this Sunday. They aren’t as bad as some people think they are. We will make the playoffs. In fact, in my estimation, we will probably win the NFC West. The Los Angeles Rams are one of the most overrated teams in the entire league. Okay, I still view them as a solid team with encouraging playoff aspirations. But NFL experts prematurely assume that they are a lock to win our division. No. Week 15, the Hawks face the Rams—in Seattle. Remember that we already beat them in their house, though it was a close game that we could have easily lost in the waning seconds. If we win in Week 15, in a pivotal division matchup, we win the division. Yes, even if we lose against Philadelphia this week. But I am optimistic about both games. The Seahawks have a record of lighting up towards the end of the regular season. To the rest of the NFL, I wish you luck for the crucial month of December. I wish every team a merry Christmas. But be warned. Seattle will show up in December, and dare I say it—January.

Week 13

The playoffs are a month away, and this week has a few crucial match ups that can change around the playoff mix

Patriots @ Bills 10:00AM Sunday

The Patriots have a controlling lead in the AFC east over the Bills, who are in the wildcard hunt. The Bills made an abysmal decision benching Tyrod Taylor last week and it came to haunt them. This week he will start as the Bills are currently in a wildcard spot. The Bills control their destiny right now, but a loss could throw them completely out of the mix.

Lions @ Ravens 10:00AM Sunday

Both teams have a 6-5 record and are second in their respective divisions. The Lions remain one game behind the Seahawks who sit in the wildcard spot. The Lions need help to gain a spot as well as continuing to win out. The Ravens sit behind the Bills in a wildcard spot and with the Bills in a tough game against the Patriots, a win is Ideal for the Ravens and would put them in the wildcard spot.

Panthers @ Saints 1:25PM Sunday

This should be a fun game to watch, with both teams tied for the division lead at 8-3 this game will be crucial to the playoff race. Whoever loses this matchup will remain in the wildcard spot while the winner takes control of the NFC south.

Eagles @ Seahawks

The Eagles are one win from a playoff spot already, and are very close to clinching. The Seahawks come from an opposite way, they are sitting second in their division behind the Rams and need a win to get in control of the division. Only one team has won in Seattle this season, also from the NFC east, the Eagles hope they can do the same and cement a playoff spot early on.

Around the League

-The NFL is offering $89 million to give a group of about 40 players to end the anthem protests. The NFL has openly allowed its players to protest, which it should, and is now trying to stop the protests, hoping to gain back a little lost viewership.

-Former Patriots back-up quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will finally make his 49er debut against the Chicago Bears, with two losing teams out of the playoff races, this is Jimmy’s chance to prove if he is the solution to Shanahan’s terrible season.Image result for garoppolo

Check around here week 14 for more previews and updates!

Seahawks Fall To Falcons

Don’t blame Blair Walsh on this one Seattle fans. Yes, if not for a couple Walsh misses, the Hawks would be 8-2. But for every Seahawks player or coach not named Russell Wilson, do better.

At first glance, it appeared certain that the 52-yard field goal was going in. Replay showed the kick missing by inches. But the Seahawks should not have relied on Blair Walsh’s juice to save the day—it was Pete Carroll who made the uncharacteristic risks that ultimately cost us the game.

Coach Carroll, who usually uses his challenges wisely, was ill-advised to believe that Doug Baldwin had completed the catch with less than ten minutes left in the fourth quarter. By throwing the challenge flag for an indisputable incompletion, the Seahawks lost a pivotal timeout that could have spared another 20-30 seconds on the final drive. With extra time, Russell Wilson could have comfortably rallied his offensive troops closer to the goal line, potentially giving Blair Walsh a shoe-in three pointer. Alas, a 52-yard kick was all we got—just one yard closer, and there would be overtime, with all the momentum on Seattle’s side.

One more thing. What in the world was that fake field goal? Aside from the embarrassing execution, I cannot conceive a logical argument for why Carroll pulled the trigger with less than ten seconds left in the half. Was the special team’s unit committed to scoring a 25-yard touchdown on that play? If not, why not just take the field goal going into halftime? I strongly admire Pete Carroll, the heart of the Seahawks organization. But there were several coaching decisions last game that left me shaking my head.

We must remain patient. At 6-4, there is still a lot of time left in the regular season to make a seismic statement. Let’s not forgot the one advantage of losing a game—it compels the team to properly reflect on why the game was not won.

Monday Night Showdown

At 6-3, Seattle seem well-positioned to make the playoffs. But if the Hawks want a realistic shot of advancing to the Super Bowl, they need to win the NFC West. With the Los Angeles Rams sitting at 7-2 in the current standings, winning out must be the mentality.

In our final seven regular season games, the Seahawks will face the Falcons, 49ers, Eagles, Jaguars, Rams, Cowboys, and Cardinals. This final stretch, which includes several NFC powerhouses, will determine whether the Hawks are truly Super Bowl contenders.

On Monday night, the Hawks must beat Atlanta at home. Although the Falcons are only 5-4, a major surprise after their incredible performance in last year’s playoffs, they have the same quarterback and the same wide receivers who dismantled our defense in the NFC divisional round just ten months ago. We will desperately miss Richard Sherman this Monday, but Matt Ryan certainly won’t. Hopefully newly-acquired cornerback Byron Maxwell can give Seahawks fans a nostalgic reminder of how dominant he was opposite of Sherman in our 2013-2014 Super Bowl run. Maxwell could not find individual success on any other team, shown by his brief runs on the Eagles and the Dolphins. But it seems increasingly likely that Seattle’s defense will rely on Maxwell for the rest of the season, including January.

Staying in the west, NFL pundits are starting to jump on the Rams bandwagon—which seems premature given the easiness of their schedule thus far. To Sean McVay’s credit, LA looks much improved from last season’s pitiful 4-12 squad. But it should be noted that the real test for LA has yet to come; in the next five games, they will duel the Vikings, Saints, Eagles and Seahawks. In my estimation, they will not exceed 10 wins this season. The Seahawks will win the NFC West; count on it.SeahawksVFalcons

Week 11

Week 11 will be a crucial week in terms of the playoffs. This week has many good games that can decide the playoff race and division winners early on.

Matchup 1- Steelers 40 Titans 17 FINAL Thursday

The Steelers extended their lead in the AFC north with a huge win against Tennessee. They are now at 8-2 and have a four game lead on the Ravens. The Steelers can clinch their division next week if they win next week, and the Ravens lose their next two games

Matchup 2- Falcons @ Seahawks 5:30 Monday

The Falcons at 5-4 are third place in a thriving NFC South division. With two 7-win teams ahead of them, their hopes turn to the wildcard. They face the 6-3 Seahawks, who are looking to take back the NFC West from the LA Rams. This is a crucial game for the Falcons if they want their wildcard hopes to turn up.

Matchup 3-  Rams @ Vikings 10:00 Sunday

Two division winners on hot streaks going into a game, this is sure to be a good one. The Rams have a slight divisional lead and are looking to extend it with a win over the Vikings. The Vikings however, have a 2.5 game lead on the NFC North and are not far from clinching it early. No matter the stakes, this game is worth watching.

Matchup 4- Eagles @ Cowboys 5:25 Sunday

The Eagles are the closest team to clinching their division, and they can do it next week. With a win over the struggling Cowboys, a win next week will clinch them the NFC East. The Cowboys are looking to prove without Ezikeil Elliot, but have not manage to do that yet.

Other News-

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will be needing to get his jaw re-aligned after a big hit during their 22-16 win against the Arizona Cardinals. He may need surgery but there is a good chance he will start Monday against the Falcons

The NFL is attempting to remove Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones for “Damaging the League” NFL reported that he violated multiple by-laws of the league and the Cowboys organization. The NFL also wanted to punish him for his actions he took towards players during the anthem protests. The NFL has not made an actions yet.

Next year there is already one guarenteed game that will be played in Mexico City, in the Estadio Azteca. The New England Patriots will face the Oakland Raiders in the Azteca. No date has been determined yet, but it is sure to be an exciting one. The average ticket prices are just about 95$(US). and in the USA the average ticket prices are around 172$(US) for the league and can range from 380$(Patriots) to 86$(Bengals).

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Sherman Out For Season

Sherman Injury

Like most NFL experts had predicted, the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Arizona Cardinals without any significant last-second drama. However, the 22-16 victory against an unfriendly division rival seemed to generate more regret than revel. This result arises from accomplished and outspoken cornerback Richard Sherman’s season-ending achilles injury. After the game, Coach Pete Carroll expressed wholehearted disappointment on the massive blow without mincing words. Carroll said, “I don’t even know how to address this right now…We’ll miss the heck out of him. He’ll be with us every step of the way when he can, but we’ll miss the heck out of him.” Needless to elaborate, the Seahawks path to this year’s Super Bowl just became a lot harder.

On top of Sherman’s news, several other Seattle players suffered minor to severe injuries last night. Recently-acquired left tackle Duane Brown limped to the locker room in the first half and never returned. Just when our front office finally negotiates an encouraging addition to Seattle’s awkward offensive line! In addition, emerging defensive end Frank Clark suffered a thigh injury. We can expect Clark to return to our main lineup soon, along with Brown and defensive tackle Jarran Reed. For now, let’s see if Seattle can overcome the absence of key players against the next challenges: Atlanta and Philadelphia.

Sorry if this week’s edition painted a somewhat dim portrait of the state of the Hawks. The truth of the matter is, in spite of all of our costly injuries, Seattle’s success will depend on Russell Wilson far more than any other Seahawk.  As long as Russell Wilson continues to save the day with his unparalleled football IQ and his late-game heroics, the Hawks will surely outlast the Rams to win the NFC West. I have never felt more confidence in the ability of our quarterback.

Week 10 Updates!

Week 10 is here! and there are some exciting games his week that are surely worth watching! Here we will review 4 important games this week, and other exciting news

Thursday 11/9 5:25PT Seahawks @ Cardinals

The 5-3 Seahawks look to take the lead in the NFC west coming off a home loss to the Washington Redskins. Without Carson Palmer, the Cardinals will turn to Adrian Peterson to pick up the major workload of the offense, which makes the Seahawks look like favorites, but in a rivalry game anything can happen.

Sunday 11/11 10:00PT Packers @ Bears

The Green Bay Packers without Aaron Rodgers are not looking good, even with the offensive weapons they still posses. The Chicago Bears have been going up ever since starting Mitchell Trubisky, and they are starting to turn the season around. This is THE rivalry game to watch in the NFL, and if the Packers want any sort of playoff chance, this is the game to win.

Sunday 11/11 10:00PT Saints @ Bills

Both teams are in the playoff picture and have chances to clinch their divisions late in the season. The Saints are leading the NFC South and can add a win to try and extend the lead with a win. The Bills are one game behind the Patriots and they can tie them for the lead if the Patriots lose this week. This game could become crucial if the wildcard spots are decided by a game or less.

Sunday 11/11 1:05PT Cowboys @ Falcons

The Cowboys are going into Atlanta to face a very good falcons team. With both teams at/above .500, this game will surely entertain viewers. Two good offenses going against each other could pose for a shootout.

Other News around the NFL-

The New England Patriots claim former Bears and Packers TE Martellus Bennet off waivers. Bennett, 30 will return to the team where he won a title a year ago, hoping to win another before his planned retirement, which is after this season.

Ezekiel Elliot will not play for the next six games as the Dallas Cowboys running back is suspended due to actions over the off season. His absence will prompt veteran running back Darren McFadden to start for the Cowboys until week 16, where he will be eligible to play against the Seattle Seahawks.

A.J. Green will not appeal his 42k fine for his fight with Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey. In week 9, Ramsey was seen to push Green during a run play, which prompted Green to put him in a headlock, and throw punches. The NFL said it would not suspend players for the incident, but only fine them. Green was fined 42,000$, Ramsey was chastised by the Jaguars executive VP and former NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin, and it was unknown if Ramsey was fined for the incident.

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The Regular Season is Halfway Over!

The 2017-2018 NFL season is halfway over! With the playoffs beginning to come into the picture we start to see which teams have a shot, and which teams do not. As expected, the New England Patriots lead the NFC East (6-2) with the Buffalo Bills in hot pursuit(5-3). The Patriots and Bills still have two games against each other, and those could determine who has a first round bye, and who has the wildcard. The AFC West is led by the Kansas City Chiefs (6-2), who have a 3-game lead on the second place Denver Broncos (3-4). The Chiefs can clinch their division in three weeks, if the Broncos and Raiders both lose three straight games. The AFC North is headed by the Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2), who are two games in front of the Baltimore Ravens (4-4). Because the Steelers beat the Ravens in week 2, they already have an advantage against them. The AFC South is led by the Tennessee Titans (4-3). They are ahead of the surprising 4-3 Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville has not made the playoffs in 11 years, and are looking to break that streak.

Now we move to the NFC, where the NFL-best 7-1 Philadelphia Eagles lead the NFC East. They currently have a winning streak of 6, and they have not made the playoffs since 2013, the earliest they can clinch the division is in three weeks. The NFC West is led by our 5-2 Seahawks! They are on a current winning streak of 4, and look to continue it next week against the Redskins. Second place in that division are the 5-2 LA Rams, who are behind the Seahawks because of the head to head tiebreaker. The NFC North has the 6-2 Minnesota Vikings, on a win streak of 4 games. The Green Bay Packers are 4-3 in second, but are forecast to drop after the terrible injury to Aaron Rodgers. The final division, the NFC South is led by the 5-3 New Orleans Saints, with the 5-3 Carolina Panthers sitting in second. The Panthers play the Saints again later in the season, and can steal that number one spot if they keep winning.

The trade deadline for the league was October 31st, which was Tuesday. There were many noticeable, beneficial, and just god awful trades. The Duane Brown trade was beneficial for both the Seahawks and the Texans. The Seahawks received an offensive lineman, who can help their below-average blocking statistics. The Texans received a 2018 third round draft pick as well as a second rounder from 2019. The Texans also gave away a 2018 5th rounder to balance the trade out. The win less San Francisco finally obtained a quarterback by way of Jimmy Garappolo. Garappolo started games last season for New England because of Tom Brady’s suspension, and performed extraordinarily. The Patriots were not eager to give him up however, because of their plans that he will start once Brady retires. The 49ers had to give the Patriots a second round draft pick for the quarterback who should be starting against the Cardinals. One last noticeable trade was Jay Ajayi to the Eagles. With LeGarrate Blount at age 31, and becoming less reliant, the Eagles gave a fourth round pick for the 23-year-old pro-bowler from Miami. In my opinion, this trade was terrible for Miami, and a complete steal for Philly. The Eagles, already 7-1 now can rely a lot more on their running game, if they are to go past the regular season, with a roster as stacked as theirs, at the moment they look like the NFC favorites.

With the season halfway over, there are many surprises in the NFL standings this year. As the season rolls on we can see which teams manage to flop out, and which teams have a chance to book their tickets to Minnesota.

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NFL: Wild Card Weekend


Paul Richardson of the Seattle Seahawks makes a circus catch for a touchdown in their win against the Detroit Lions.

Last weekend was the first round of the NFL playoffs. None of  the 4 games were that good of games, none of them were even within single digits. The Seahawks beat the Lions handily thanks to a stellar defensive performance. It also helped that the Lions QB, Matthew Stafford, had an injured middle finger on his throwing hand. I could tell that it was affecting his throws. The Seahawks travel to Atlanta next to take on the Falcons and their high powered offense. The Packers and the Giants were the other game in the NFC, and it was a blowout. Aaron Rodgers continued his hot streak in a 38-13 victory after a very poor offensive outing from the Giants. Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb converted on a hail mary right before halftime which really changed the flow of the game. Rodgers threw 2 more TD passes to Cobb in the second half. In the AFC, the Steelers offense was too much for the Dolphins to handle. I really wanted the Dolphins to win so it was tough to see them go down 30-12 like that. Antonio Brown and Leveon Bell had 2 TD’s each. In my opinion they are the best RB-WR combo in the NFL. Steelers play the Chiefs next week. The Texans took down the Raiders 27-14 in the closest game of the first round. No surprise after the Raiders QB broke his tibia last week and they had to start a non-experienced rookie Connor Cook who didn’t pay very well. The Texans move on to play the super bowl favorite New England Patriots next week.

The Playoffs Are Here!


Tom Brady throwing a pass Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. He threw 3 TDs and had 276 passing yards.

The Patriots finished the season strong with a big win against the Miami Dolphins, in Miami 35-14 behind Tom Brady’s 3 TD passes. They hold onto the 1 seed in the AFC, and the #1 power rank in the NFL. Tom Brady will probably win MVP even though he missed 4 of his teams 16 games due to suspension, he is having an amazing season. The former super bowl match up of the Panthers and the Broncos both missed the playoffs this year. I don’t think anyone would have guessed that would happen in the start of the season. The first 4 games of the playoffs are…

Lions vs Seahawks

Raiders vs Texans

Dolphins vs Steelers

Giants vs Packers

My prediction is that the winners will be the Seahawks, the Raiders, the Dolphins, and the Packers.

I chose the Dolphins to win mostly because they’re my favorite team left, so I have to believe. The Steelers offense is amazing and I think that Miami will struggle to stop Bell and Antonio Brown. The Raiders will beat the Texans because theyre at home and Brock Osweiler is he worst QB in the NFL. Even though Derek Carr is injured, I think the Raiders could win this game with Conner Cook starting. The Seahawks will win because they are usually pretty good in the playoffs, especially tough to beat at heir home field. Lastly, the Giants vs. Packers game. This is the best game in the first round in my opinion. The Packers are hot right now, winning their last 6 games on the back of star QB Aaron Rodgers. I want the Giants to win because I love Odell Beckham Jr, but Aaron Rodgers is tough to take down in the playoffs.

NFL Week 15: Bucs Show They’re For Real


Tampa Bay Running Back Doug Martin runs through a New Orleans defender. Martin scored the only touchdown in this defensive game, helping his team win and improve to 8-5.

Tampa Bay beat the New Orleans Saints 16-11 in a game that consisted of pretty much all defense. The only touchdown scored was a 1 yard run by Tampa Bay Running Back Doug Martin. The rest were field goals and 1 safety by the Saints. Pretty Boring game in my opinion. Just about the opposite of that happened in the Falcons vs. Rams game. The Falcons had complete domination scoring 42 unanswered points and ended up winning 42-14 due to the Rams scoring twice in garbage time. The Rams simply are just not a good team. Following this game, head coach Jeff Fisher was fired. This loss tied Fisher for an NFL record, not one he should be proud of though. Most losses of any coach of all time. Ouch. Anyways, the Panthers took down the Chargers 28-16. Although they are out of the playoffs, its good to see them winning again. Hopefully the end of this season can be something to build off of for next season and they can go back to the playoffs and maybe even another Super Bowl. I’m not going to get too far ahead of myself though. We just need to sign or draft good players to improve our offensive line and defensive backs, because they got exposed this season. The Dolphins picked up a win against the Cardinals, keeping them in the competition for playoffs. Hopefully QB Ryan Tannehill’s injury isn’t too serious or they could be in trouble.

NFL Week 14: Seahawks Make Statement


Seattle Seahawks running back Thomas Rawls runs for a 45 yard touchdown in the second quarter in a 40-7 route of the Carolina Panthers

The Seahawks blew out the Panthers at home on Sunday Night Football behind 106 yards and 2 TD’s from Thomas Rawls. Finally completely healthy again, Rawls has dominated in his last 2 games. Being a Panthers fan like I am, it was tough to watch this game. As bad of a season as it has been for the Panthers it would’ve felt great beating my local team to gain bragging rights over my friends. Oh well. At this point I am fine with Coach Ron Rivera tanking the season so we can get a high draft pick next season. Panthers need a Cornerback or any good defensive back, and offensive linemen. This year the offensive line was trash, Cam Newton wasnt able to produce his MVP numbers like last year, not even close actually, and he is on pace to be sacked the most times ever in one season in his career. Also the secondary of our defense has been sad. We can’t guard recievers! Julio Jones put up 300 yards in 1 game against us earlier in the year. That was a hard game to watch. The Dolphins got killed by the Ravens 38-6 to end their 6 game win streak. They are now 7-5 and on he edge of making the playoffs. They have a big game against the very up-and-down Arizona Cardinals next week and it is a must win game if they want playoffs.