161 Days Until Football

Some of the past week(s) news around the NFL

  • Brady last player from 2000 draft class still on same team.

With 39 year old kicker Sebastian Janikowski release from the Raiders, Tom Brady remains the only player drafted in 2000, on his original team the Patriots. Janikowski has enjoyed 18 years on the Raiders in oakland having a fruitful career, and now will seek a challenge elsewhere. Brady looks to win his sixth super bowl in history, still with the Patriots.

  • AJ McCarron will become a free agent.

Once one greatest college QBs of all time is now an NFL backup. Having thrown for less than 1000 yards and been on the Bengals for three seasons, he now wants to seek a challenge elsewhere, most likely in a starting role. He won 2 national titles at Alabama, threw for over 9000 yards and 70+ TDs. He is expected to leave to only backup another quarterback elsewhere, with only Cleveland looking like they will give him the starting role.

  • Aqib Talib will be leaving Denver.

Talib used to be one of the best corner backs in the game. He still is good do not get me wrong, but he is far from the greatest. After four years on Denver which brought him a Lombardi Trophy, he is ready to leave and free up a chunk of salary cap for the Broncos. During his time in Denver he averaged a PD (pass deflection) per game and racked up 11 interceptions, returning SIX of them for TDs! He will be missed but the Broncos do have the depth to back him up as they already have Chris Harris Jr., Bradley Roby, and Michael Hunter.

  • Can the Steelers tie down Le’Veon Bell

Bell is one of the best running backs in the NFL currently, and the Pittsburgh Steelers will need him in the future. Le’Veon will not resign with Pittsburgh and is showing a few signs that he wants to leave. Another option would be a franchise tag, where they pay him an average of the top 5 players at his position, which would be a lot BUT he would be forced to accept it. If Big Ben is to retire soon, the front office should attempt to keep him for life after Rothlisberger.

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A Season In Review

The internet blew up last week when fans discovered the new Google search results of “New England Patriots Owner”. Yes, the top result was Nick Foles, though only momentarily. It seems the majority of National Football League followers are dancing in glee at the Super Bowl shortcomings of Brady and Belichick. Well, I guess waiting this long for retribution, albeit indirect, is the new quintessence of wisdom. Of course I’m joking. It’s pathetic. The New England Patriots are the coverboys of dynastic achievement in American sports; they’ve qualified for three Super Bowls in the last four years, not to mention eight out of the last 17. Brady and Belichick are 5-3 in Super Bowls, which isn’t perfection, but it’s the closest thing to perennial preeminence we’ve seen since Ali. I enjoyed rooting for the Seattle Seahawks all season, through euphoria and heartache. But in retrospect, what the hell was I doing supporting the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Conference Championship? Yes, I know how good Sacksonville’s defense was; it was pretty darn outstanding. But to put Blake Bortles in the Super Bowl is to drive millions of Americans to the mental asylum. In a country with unprecedented levels of anguish and anxiety, we don’t need any more. We need competence. And if Bortles strikes anyone as remotely competent then we’re all living in an episode of The Twilight Zone. So I could go through all the major turning points in the regular season, I could even pause at the most thrilling games. But that, in the grand scheme, is futile. The New England Patriots will face off against a mighty NFC opponent, hopefully the Seahawks, and nearly everyone outside of the Northeast corridor will unite against Brady, as they always do.



Take The L Patriots Fans

In a game for the ages, backup quarterback Nick Foles took down the maybe GOAT Tom Brady in a thrilling 41-33 Super Bowl win for the Philadelphia Eagles. Looking at the statistical side of it, the Patriots seemed to run around the Eagles, however the momentum switched sides throughout the game. Here are the three major things that won the Eagles their very first Super Bowl

Nick Foles played like Brady

In a masterclass from the former Arizona Quarterback, Nick Foles threw for over 350 yards, and 3 Touchdowns (and catching a TD!). He had one interception (that was not his fault), and a passer rating of 106.6 which is one of the best in Super Bowl history. He was calm in the pocket and he wasnt sacked the entire game. He threw some amazing Touchdowns and had an MVP performance to remember.

The Eagle receivers outmatched the Patriots DBs

While Brady threw for more yards than Foles, it was the Eagles receivers who also made a huge difference. Cory Clement came out of nowhere and doubling his receiving yard total in one game with 100 yds. and 1 TD. Nelson Aholor, Alshon Jeffrey and Zach Ertz all had 65+ yards and 2 TDs between the three. They completely outperformed the  depleted Patriots Secondary who was without Super Bowl winner Malcom Butler due to disciplinary issues. The game became a shootout in the second quarter, and Foles continued to torch the Patriots secondary with their receivers.

The Eagles Defensive Line came in clutch

In the end, Tom Brady looked to have a game winning drive with roughly 2:30 left to go in the fourth quarter. Momentum was turning their way until the Eagles Defensive Line finally got to Brady for the first sack of the game. They had 9 QB hits and put him under pressure 11 times, but the one sack was very important. With 2:16 left in the game, Tom Brady dropped back to pass, and the Philly DE Brandom Graham came off the edge, and knocked the ball out of the hands of Tom Brady to force a fumble. Fellow Defensive lineman Derrick Barnett recovered the ball and the stadium erupted in cheers. The Eagles were able to close out the game from there.

Congratulations to the Eagles and we hope that the next football season arrives swiftly!

We are only have roughly 210 days until that happens!!

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One for the Ages

I still remember the day I watched my first Super Bowl. It was 13 years ago, on a cozy winter afternoon. The New England Patriots against the Philadelphia Eagles. Tom Brady versus Donovan McNabb. Bill Belichick and Andy Reid. The game ended 24-21, spawning the enduring dynasty of the 21st Century. Five Super Bowls later, the same two teams faced off in a rematch for the ages.

4. That’s how old I was the first time they met in the big game. Barely. That’s how much football I understood at the time.

But last night, I experienced the most exhilarating Super Bowl I can remember. From the opening kickoff until the zero-second hail mary, I could feel myself trembling in uncertainty of the victor. I’m sure Eagles and Patriots felt the same, only more amplified.

Nick Foles played the game of his life, throwing three touchdowns and catching a TD as well. But Brady wasn’t too shabby either, with over 500 yards passing.

Brady and Belichick, in the middle of all their greatness, are now 5-3 in the Super Bowl. Losing to the Giants twice, and the Eagles once. Qualifying for the ship for three out of the last four years. Is the dynasty over? 31 teams and fanbases wait patiently for the answer to that question to become yes. But in all likelihood, we will have to wait a little longer. Brady’s committed to coming back next year, and that means we might as well declare them division champs.

Will the Seahawks make Super Bowl 53? Let us wait and see.

2017 – A Season in Review

The 2017 NFL season has been full of ups and downs, upsets and Cinderella stories. Here we review 5 of the most exciting moments that occurred this NFL season

The Bills end their 17-year playoff drought

Who ever thought Andy Dalton would decide if the Bills go to the playoffs. After the Bills won their week 17 matchup, Bills players, fans and supporters were huddled in locker rooms, bars, and living rooms across the nation. Andy Dalton then threw a huge TD pass late in their game against the Ravens, it would turn out to be the winning TD, therefore sending the Bills into the playoffs for the first time in over 15 years.

The Cleveland Browns become the second franchise to go 0-16

eight years ago, the Detroit Lions became the first team in NFL history to go 0-16 in a single season, just weeks ago the Browns managed to duplicate it. Sadly their loss was cemented by a drop by WR Corey Coleman in the final second of the game that would have ensured a Browns TD and a win. Maybe next year they can go 1-15? (they are 1-31 in the past two years)

Nick Foles upsets two teams as a 2nd string QB to make the Super Bowl

A week after Stefon Diggs made one of the clutchest plays in playoff history, catching a 60+ yard touchdown as time expires to give the Vikings the win over the Saints, keeping their dreams of a home super bowl alive. However, when the ventured to the chilly streets of Philly, Nick Foles led the dominant Eagles offense and they cruised over the favorites to a staggering 38-7. Hopefully the Napoleon Dynamite look-a-like is the same type of kryptonite as Eli Manning.

The Jacksonville Jaguars end their 10 year playoff drought and go to the AFC championship.

A team that couldnt go over .500 since 2007 has finally made the playoffs once again, going 8-24 in the previous two years has no effect on the AFC south champions who have built a legendary defense and an average offense (who needs a QB!) They posted impressive victories over the Seahawks, Steelers, and a 44 point destruction of the Ravens. Can they replicate that success this season?

Tom Brady completes yet another historic comeback to arrive at an eighth career super bowl

The GOAT has a chance to earn his 6th championship of all time, equaling the all time record that is held by the Steelers, He led the Patriots from 20-10 down in the fourth quarter, to win the 2018 AFC championship and go to another super bowl. He is 40 and rumors are circulating that if he wins he may retire.

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Who will Win SB52

The Patriots have been one of the most dominant teams in the NFL in recent years. These are three reasons why I believe they are going to dominate the Eagles

  1. Their Defese Vs. The Eagles offense – The Eagles offense has exploded without Carson Wentz, but rarely against a good defense. They weren’t able to score 20 against the Falcons. The Patriots with a strong Defensive Line and Secondary should be able to have its way with Nick Foles
  2. Tom Brady is The Goat – Tom Brady has it all, and he wants more. He is looking for his sixth ring, and while the Eagles Defense is above average, the Patriots offense just cannot be stopped. Even with a tough first half against the Jags, Tom Brady was able to come back. He should be able to tear up the Eagles Defense.
  3. The Patriots Never Quit – They never count themselves out until they hear the whistle. The Super Bowl of last year cannot be forgotten, and the AFC championship game was also an impressive feat. They should be able to get the lead early against the Eagles, and they shouldn’t lose it.

The Eagles are coming into this game as an underdog, but they have their reasons why they can pull off the upset.

  1. They have an outstanding Offensive Line – While the Patriots are boasting a monstrous defensive line, the Eagles possess an even more developed offensive line that should be able to give Nick Foles all the time in the world against the Patriots secondary.
  2. Nick Foles isn’t alone in the backfield – Nick Foles is not an elite QB (just saying) but he does have two very good Running Backs to help him out, as well as a few great receivers. He should always have his targets and an option to give it to the backfield, hopefully they can tire out the Patriots by doing this
  3. Just like the Pats, their D-Line is outstanding – Fletcher Cox has been the player of the postseason from both sides of the line, he and the rest of the Philly defensive line should be ready to wreak havoc on Tom Brady. The losses Brady has this year are all to teams with great d linemen, and people who could rush the QB.

Hopefully we can have another Super Bowl as exciting as last year. See you next week!

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Super Bowl 52

Umm, okay then. Just like that, the NFL playoffs have been reduced to two teams. The Philadelphia Eagles will be representing the National Football Conference in the Super Bowl. (Hold for applause). And they accomplished all this while embracing their underdog role. Minnesota was favored, though the game was played in Philadelphia. Remember when the Vikings pulled off the Minneapolis Miracle last week? Time and time again, the teams that win in unprecedented fashion fall flat the game after. It happened to the Packers last year, when they got annihilated by the Falcons after scraping by the Cowboys the week before. It happened to the Seahawks in 2016, when Blair Walsh missed a 27-yard-kick to send Seattle to Carolina, where they underperformed.

On Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles triumphed in commanding fashion. So now they must face the Patriots in Minneapolis, as the underdog once again. Ever since Wentz went down, the NFL universe considered Philly a lost cause. They had so much promise, seemingly all squandered by the unprecedented injury of their star player. Remember when the Hawks took Wentz and company out to lunch at CenturyLink a few months ago? That’s right, no one remembers. Frankly, no one cares about the Seahawks anymore. We don’t deserve the attention.

The perennial favorite. The home of the most dominant player-coach combination in NFL history. Of course, I’m talking about the New England Patriots, in again for the third time in four years.  Super Bowl 52 will feature a tale of two opposites: Mr. Inevitable and Mr. Underdog. As always, the two weeks of waiting could not feel any longer.


What now?

Okay, now what? The Seahawks aren’t in the playoffs. Even the Rams, with all the unexpected regular season success, were knocked out immediately. As a loyal Hawks fan, you may be thinking: who should we root for? Who do we root against?

Wild Card Weekend was, shall we say, an eventful several days. But admittedly, I couldn’t less about what happens in the AFC. The Bills, Jaguars, Chiefs, and Titans never for one second struck me as Super Bowl contenders. But for the sake of analysis, I’ll say a few words about my thoughts on the two AFC games. It’s amazing to have seen the Kansas City Chiefs, once a 5-0 team that thumped the Patriots on opening night, sink so low. Sad. Marcus Mariota’s performance last Saturday, on the other hand, may very well end up in the history books. Now, he must duplicate the same performance in Foxborough, all while hoping the Patriots self-destruct amid the flaming rumors coming from their front office.

Jaguars vs. Bills, a matchup between two of the regular season’s biggest surprises, was perhaps the most mundane playoff game I’ve watched in years.

In the NFC, things were more interesting. The Rams, probably due to their several inexperience, stunk. Despite being the highest scoring regular season team, the Falcons held them to a meager 13 points. For the Saints, Kamara and Ingram did not disappoint. But even with all their efforts, the Panthers were 20 yards from a game-winning touchdown. The Saints did not control that game by any stretch.

I will be rooting for the Minnesota Vikings from here on out. This Sunday will be a tough test for them against the Saints, but if they win, they may become the first team to host the Super Bowl. What a story that would be.

Divisional Round!

Only seven games remain in this NFL season, and the Super Bowl is approaching fast. Here are the four Divisional round matchups this week-

Falcons @ Eagles Saturday 1:35PM

The Falcons coming off an upset over the Rams, are looking to do it again, but this time in the snowy grass in Philly. The Eagles are without Carson Wentz at qb and their offense has stuttered without him. This will be a challenge for both sides if they want to make it to the NFC championship game next sunday

Saints @ Vikings Sunday 1:40PM

Both teams are on hot streaks and are looking like two of the best teams in the confrence. The Vikings have exploded behind Case Keenum and their defense is one of the best in the league. The Saints are led by Drew Brees and their fiery offense. This game will most likely produce the NFC super bowl candidate but at this point who can tell.

Titans @ Patriots Saturday 5:15PM

The Titans coming off a huge comeback win in Kansas City look to continue their upset streak against Tom Brady and the Patriots, even though an upset like this in Foxborough seems impossible, just remember the Titans just did the impossible a week ago.

Jaguars @ Steelers Sunday 10:05AM

A rematch of a week five beatdown which was won 30-9 by the Jags and their stout defense. Big Ben and the Steelers look to take revenge and book their spot in the AFC title game next week.

Other News

-The Bears made multiple moves this week, hiring former Kansas City OC Matt Nagy to be their Head Coach, and former Oregon Head Coach Mark Helfrich to be their offensive coordinator.

-The Raiders made Jon Gruden the highest paid coach in the leage with a staggering 10-year 100 MILLION dollar contract. Hopefully he can return the team to the big game in the coming years.

-The Seahawks have two vacancies to fill now after firing their OC Darrell Beville and Offensive line coach Tom Cable. The Seahawks have already interviewed a few coaches but no decisions made yet so far.

Check back here next week for the Confrence Championships!

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A Season of Surprises

What a turbulent season. Injuries to the once-vaunted secondary, embarrassing offensive struggles, missed field-goals at the last second. These are the marks of a 9-7 team. For the first time in six years, the Seattle Seahawks will miss the postseason.

However disappointing the result, Seahawks fans should not regret the “ending of an era.” This team needs a major shake-up if we wish to see Pete Carroll coach in the Super Bowl again. Otherwise, mediocrity will become the norm.

Clearly, the Seahawks defense wasn’t the impenetrable wall we fell in love with. The Legion of Boom, despite their consistent dominance in the five years before this season, are certainly not our future. It is possible, perhaps probable, that Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, and Earl Thomas have all played their last games in Seattle uniforms. And don’t forget to add Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril to the list of names, all forever enshrined in Seattle Seahawks glory.

No one knows what our roster will look like next year. However, a few things remain certain. Surely, Carroll and Schneider will feel a powerful urgency to fix up the offensive line. The team will be reshaped, with Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner becoming the permanent core to build around. And needless to say, Blair Walsh’s services will no longer be needed.

The NFC West is only growing stronger. Both Los Angeles and San Francisco boast plenty of cap space to add to their promising young quarterbacks, and Arizona won’t just disappear. Pete Carroll and the Seahawks must have their best offseason yet.

Wildcard Week

Welcome back!

Only ELEVEN more games until another NFL season is in the books. this week we have four wildcard games that should be fun to watch


Match up 1-

Titans @ Chiefs Saturday 1:35PM

the Titans have not had a playoff win in 15 years. however for the Chiefs, the playoffs have almost become a routine procedure, but not winning much in them. Depending on the other playoff game in the AFC whoever wins will either face the Patriots or Steelers
Match up 2-

Bills @ Jaguars Sunday 10:05AM

Both teams have waited ten or more years for another shot in the playoffs. The Jaguars have gone through the season with a top defense and they look to shut down the Bills on their home turf. The real question is, can their defense stop the Patriots or the Steelers in the next rounds?


Match up 1-

Falcons @ Rams Saturday 5:15PM

The Falcons are looking to return to the big game after the famous upset last year. They need to go through Todd Gurley though, who has been tearing up the league. They will not have home-field advantage at all and that could mean the end of them later on.

Match up 2-

Panthers @ Saints Sunday 1:40PM

A rematch of week 13 for these divisional rivals in N.O. The Panthers are not consistent but have been underestimated this year, but who knows if their defense can stop Drew Brees? and can their highly inconsistent offense break through the New Orleans defense? the Saints might make it out alive

In the NFC, the lowest seed will travel to play Philly at home. the highest remaining will go to Minnesota to play in the stadium that will eventually host the Big Game. However, the AFC’s lowest remaining seed will go to New England to play the Patriots, and the highest will play in Pittsburgh against the Steelers.Image result for nfl playoffs

Pummelled by Rams, Hawks’ playoff chances look dim

What a loss. Absolute annihilation, to put it mildly. Yes, I know what the score was—but don’t ask me to mention it. On Sunday, the Seahawks sucker punched the most energetic fan base in sports. No one knew we could play so atrociously. Seattle got outplayed in virtually every facet of football.

But hawks bashing aside, let’s take a moment to quiver about how scary the Rams look. Make no mistake of it. To be the bully, you have to beat the bully. The Los Angeles Rams have become the bully of the west. Their fans have every reason to feel excited heading into the playoffs.

Sure, I’m disappointed. Just several months ago I was writing about how promising the Seahawks looked this season. In my eyes, I could already see our beloved players and coaches hoisting the Lombardi trophy. I was optimistic. And now hindsight reveals how blind my optimism truly was. But strangely enough, I would do it all over again. I would express, in my words, the same outlandishly unwavering confidence that makes me so excited to wake up every Sunday morning. I haven’t doubted the Seahawks for one nanosecond, and I never will. Not even if the rest of the world thinks I’ve lost my sanity. Writing these blogs, it is simply my way of communicating my hope in my favorite team. That’s all there is to it. And it’s enough to keep my writing, even if they don’t make the playoffs this season. But they better make it next year.

2 Weeks until the playoffs!

This is the playoff picture heading into week 16!


  1. Eagles 12-2 (clinched NFC East+first round bye)
  2. Vikings 11-3 (clinched NFC North)
  3. Rams 10-4 (very likely to keep spot)
  4. Saints 10-4 (very likely to have playoff berth, could be division or wildcard)
  5. Panthers 10-4 (very likely to have playoff berth, could be division or wildcard)
  6. Falcons 9-5 (likely to have playoff berth, also most likely team to lose its spot)     In the hunt-
  7. Lions 8-6 (need to win out and have Falcons lose last two games)
  8.  Seahawks 8-6 (need to win out and have Falcons lose one game)
  9. Cowboys 8-6 (need to win out and have Falcons lose last two games

-The NFC is still tightly contested with two teams already clinched and four spots up for grabs. The Falcons do have two very tough opponents in the final two weeks of the season (Saints & Panthers) which if they are to lose both of them, the Lions, Seahawks or even the Cowboys could claim that spot. The game between the Seahawks and Cowboys this week will determine who is most likely to get that spot if the Lions are to lose one of their final two games.


  1. Patriots 11-3 (clinched AFC East, high chance of homefield adv.+bye)
  2. Steelers 11-3 (clinched AFC North, high chance of bye, low chance of hf adv.)
  3. Jaguars 10-4 (clinched AFC South, low chance of bye or adv.)
  4. Chiefs 8-6 (likely chance of clinching, need a win and Charger loss to clinch)
  5. Titans 8-6 (likely chance of clinching wildcard, need Charger loss to clinch)
  6. Bills 8-6 (likely chance of clinching wildcard, need Charger loss to clinch)

-The AFC is more closed up because there are only three spots open at the moment. The Chargers are the single factor in the AFC, if they lose, the playoff race closes up because they are out, and the other teams are all in. Seeing the Jaguars in the playoffs will be crazy.

Check here after winter break for more updates!

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Playoff Paranoia

With the regular season winding down, the sports universe prepares its annual revolution around NFL playoffs. Yes, the month of January will surely be an exciting one. What troubles me, however, is the double-digit percentage chance of the Seahawks not making the cut, a number that flew north after last week’s loss to Jacksonville. Seattle’s playoff campaign was also not helped by unexpected victories by both Atlanta and Carolina, formidable teams that would earn a wild-card spot if the season ended today. Of course, the Hawks probably don’t need to worry about those teams at all if they beat Los Angeles this weekend, as a home victory against the 9-3 Rams would likely give us the NFC West division crown. I say likely because I am not confident the final two games of the season–against Dallas and Arizona–are guaranteed wins. In fact, the Cowboys will almost certainly be favored when we play them in Dallas. Especially with Ezekiel Elliot on the field.

Simply put, this Sunday’s game is a must-win for Seattle. An 8-6 record is not a good place to be in mid-December for teams with serious playoff aspirations. It’s also not a place that Seattle is particularly familiar with. In the last five seasons, the Hawks have consistently clinched playoff berths early, sometimes long before Christmas. Oh well. This year’s different. But hopefully not too different.

We can still win our division for the fourth time in five years. To realize that perennial goal of ours, our defense must step up. And the running game must improve. And Jimmy Graham needs to show up. Sure, this is a lot to fix in such a short period of time. But I do believe in miracles. This belief was introduced to me when I became a Seahawks fan. Since then, my faith in my favorite team has only grown stronger.