NFL: Wild Card Weekend


Paul Richardson of the Seattle Seahawks makes a circus catch for a touchdown in their win against the Detroit Lions.

Last weekend was the first round of the NFL playoffs. None of  the 4 games were that good of games, none of them were even within single digits. The Seahawks beat the Lions handily thanks to a stellar defensive performance. It also helped that the Lions QB, Matthew Stafford, had an injured middle finger on his throwing hand. I could tell that it was affecting his throws. The Seahawks travel to Atlanta next to take on the Falcons and their high powered offense. The Packers and the Giants were the other game in the NFC, and it was a blowout. Aaron Rodgers continued his hot streak in a 38-13 victory after a very poor offensive outing from the Giants. Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb converted on a hail mary right before halftime which really changed the flow of the game. Rodgers threw 2 more TD passes to Cobb in the second half. In the AFC, the Steelers offense was too much for the Dolphins to handle. I really wanted the Dolphins to win so it was tough to see them go down 30-12 like that. Antonio Brown and Leveon Bell had 2 TD’s each. In my opinion they are the best RB-WR combo in the NFL. Steelers play the Chiefs next week. The Texans took down the Raiders 27-14 in the closest game of the first round. No surprise after the Raiders QB broke his tibia last week and they had to start a non-experienced rookie Connor Cook who didn’t pay very well. The Texans move on to play the super bowl favorite New England Patriots next week.

The Playoffs Are Here!


Tom Brady throwing a pass Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. He threw 3 TDs and had 276 passing yards.

The Patriots finished the season strong with a big win against the Miami Dolphins, in Miami 35-14 behind Tom Brady’s 3 TD passes. They hold onto the 1 seed in the AFC, and the #1 power rank in the NFL. Tom Brady will probably win MVP even though he missed 4 of his teams 16 games due to suspension, he is having an amazing season. The former super bowl match up of the Panthers and the Broncos both missed the playoffs this year. I don’t think anyone would have guessed that would happen in the start of the season. The first 4 games of the playoffs are…

Lions vs Seahawks

Raiders vs Texans

Dolphins vs Steelers

Giants vs Packers

My prediction is that the winners will be the Seahawks, the Raiders, the Dolphins, and the Packers.

I chose the Dolphins to win mostly because they’re my favorite team left, so I have to believe. The Steelers offense is amazing and I think that Miami will struggle to stop Bell and Antonio Brown. The Raiders will beat the Texans because theyre at home and Brock Osweiler is he worst QB in the NFL. Even though Derek Carr is injured, I think the Raiders could win this game with Conner Cook starting. The Seahawks will win because they are usually pretty good in the playoffs, especially tough to beat at heir home field. Lastly, the Giants vs. Packers game. This is the best game in the first round in my opinion. The Packers are hot right now, winning their last 6 games on the back of star QB Aaron Rodgers. I want the Giants to win because I love Odell Beckham Jr, but Aaron Rodgers is tough to take down in the playoffs.

NFL Week 15: Bucs Show They’re For Real


Tampa Bay Running Back Doug Martin runs through a New Orleans defender. Martin scored the only touchdown in this defensive game, helping his team win and improve to 8-5.

Tampa Bay beat the New Orleans Saints 16-11 in a game that consisted of pretty much all defense. The only touchdown scored was a 1 yard run by Tampa Bay Running Back Doug Martin. The rest were field goals and 1 safety by the Saints. Pretty Boring game in my opinion. Just about the opposite of that happened in the Falcons vs. Rams game. The Falcons had complete domination scoring 42 unanswered points and ended up winning 42-14 due to the Rams scoring twice in garbage time. The Rams simply are just not a good team. Following this game, head coach Jeff Fisher was fired. This loss tied Fisher for an NFL record, not one he should be proud of though. Most losses of any coach of all time. Ouch. Anyways, the Panthers took down the Chargers 28-16. Although they are out of the playoffs, its good to see them winning again. Hopefully the end of this season can be something to build off of for next season and they can go back to the playoffs and maybe even another Super Bowl. I’m not going to get too far ahead of myself though. We just need to sign or draft good players to improve our offensive line and defensive backs, because they got exposed this season. The Dolphins picked up a win against the Cardinals, keeping them in the competition for playoffs. Hopefully QB Ryan Tannehill’s injury isn’t too serious or they could be in trouble.

NFL Week 14: Seahawks Make Statement


Seattle Seahawks running back Thomas Rawls runs for a 45 yard touchdown in the second quarter in a 40-7 route of the Carolina Panthers

The Seahawks blew out the Panthers at home on Sunday Night Football behind 106 yards and 2 TD’s from Thomas Rawls. Finally completely healthy again, Rawls has dominated in his last 2 games. Being a Panthers fan like I am, it was tough to watch this game. As bad of a season as it has been for the Panthers it would’ve felt great beating my local team to gain bragging rights over my friends. Oh well. At this point I am fine with Coach Ron Rivera tanking the season so we can get a high draft pick next season. Panthers need a Cornerback or any good defensive back, and offensive linemen. This year the offensive line was trash, Cam Newton wasnt able to produce his MVP numbers like last year, not even close actually, and he is on pace to be sacked the most times ever in one season in his career. Also the secondary of our defense has been sad. We can’t guard recievers! Julio Jones put up 300 yards in 1 game against us earlier in the year. That was a hard game to watch. The Dolphins got killed by the Ravens 38-6 to end their 6 game win streak. They are now 7-5 and on he edge of making the playoffs. They have a big game against the very up-and-down Arizona Cardinals next week and it is a must win game if they want playoffs.

NFL Week 13: Thanksgiving Games


Ezekiel Elliot after scoring a touchdown to cap off the first drive on Thanksgiving.

There were 3 games on thanksgiving this year, as usual. First, the Dallas Cowboys beat the Redskins 31-26 to win their 10th straight. They stay at the top of the NFL Power Rankings with the best record. Who would have thought that this would be possible with a rookie quarterback and a rookie running back? Amazing. They are playing great football. Also, the Lions handed the Vikings yet another loss. They won 16-13 on a game winning field goal from Matt Prater. The night game on Thanksgiving was the Colts versus the Steelers. The Steelers dominated all of this game. It hurt the Colts that star quarterback Andrew Luck had to sit out due to injury, and their replacement, Scott Tolzien, just isn’t good at all. Not very much experience, not enough talent. Big Ben threw for 221 yards and 3 TD’s, all 3 of his TD’s going to all pro wide receiver Antonio Brown. Leveon Bell rushed for 120 yards and a touchdown on the ground. Pittsburgh went on to win this game 28-7. Anyways, onto Sunday, the Browns lost yet again. What a joke of a team and an organization. All these years I have been an NFL fan I don’t remember the Browns having a good team. Always the laughingstock of the league. The Panthers lost by a field goal. Again. That is the fifth time this year they have lost by 3 or less, they could easily be in the playoffs if they didn’t get so unlucky. It is ridiculous. Oh well, there is always next season.

NFL Week 12: Raiders Roll in Mexico City


Amari Cooper scores a TD on a 35 yard pass from Derek Carr in Mexico City on Monday Night Football against the Houston Texans. Carr threw 3 TD’s to lead the Oakland Raiders to a victory.

The Oakland Raiders captured their 8th win of the season in Mexico City on Monday Night, placing them on top of their division. Derek Carr threw for 295 yards and 3 touchdowns. Once again the Cleveland browns lose, this time to the Pittsburgh Steelers 24-9. The Cowboys extend their win streak to 8 games and a 9-1 record in a 27-17 victory against the Baltimore Ravens. Dak Prescott continues to impress throwing for 301 yards and 3 TD’s, 2 of them to star receiver Dez Bryant and 1 to Cole Beasley. The Detroit Lions have won 5 of their last 6 games with a win against the Jaguars. They had a pick-6 and a 55 yard punt return TD to help them win. The New York Giants won their 5th game in a row against the Chicago Bears, Rashad Jennings had 85 rushing yards and a TD. The 1st pick in the NFL Draft, Jared Goff, got his first career start against the Miami Dolphins. He threw for 134 yards and no TD’s and the Rams lost 14-10 thanks to a 4th quarter comeback by Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins offense, including a touchdown to Devante Parker with 36 seconds left. The Dolphins have now won 5 in a row. I sure hope they can keep winning and knock off New England for the top spot in their division. I hate the Patriots, besides Gronk. Gronk is super funny and probably a top 10 player in the league.

NFL Week 11: Zeke!


Ezekiel Elliott on his game winning 32-yard rushing touchdown with 9 seconds left.

Another huge week for the NFL’s #1 ranked tam, the Dallas Cowboys. Ezekiel Elliot continued to show his dominance in this league, rushing for 114 yards and 2 TD’s plus an 83 yard receiving touchdown in the first quarter. The combination of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott has been too much for opposing teams this year. WR Dez Bryant had a crucial 50 yard TD reception in the third quarter to take the lead back. After a 35-30 victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers the Cowboys move to 8-1. In other news the Cleveland Browns lost- again. They are an NFL worst 0-11. Only 1 team has went 0-16 before in NFL history, and I think the Browns will be the second. This was a depressing week for me. The Panthers lost by a field goal. Again. That is the 4th time this season they have lost because of a field goal. Also this week was depressing because I lost in fantasy football again and I am now eliminated from the playoffs. First time I haven’t made the playoffs in Fantasy Football. This year was a mess for me. My first round pick who I got #3 overall was a complete bust. DeAndre Hopkins barely did anything for me. My 3rd round pick Doug Martin has been injured and barely played. Anyways the Miami Dolphins are continuing to show that they have playoff potential, beating the San Diego Chargers 31-24. Phillip Rivers threw 4 interceptions in their loss, including the game losing pick 6 by Kiko Alonso. That’s all for this week.

NFL Week 9: Latavius Murray


Greg Olsen celebrates after a touchdown reception in a 13-10 victory against the Rams.

Huge win for the Oakland Raiders on Sunday Night Football last week over the tough Denver Broncos, and now the Raiders are in 1st place in their division. Latavius Murray exploded for 3 rushing touchdowns. He was on my bench in fantasy football so that was frustrating, I still won though. My team is finally coming together, a great game by Dak Prescott led me to a victory. The Cowboys won 35-10 against the Cleveland Browns, moving the Cowboys to 7-1 and the Browns to 0-9. The Browns are continuing to show everybody they are a joke of a team. I would be surprised if they won a single game all year with that scrub, Cody Kessler at quarterback. The Ravens got a huge win against the Steelers 21-14 fueled by a big game from former-Steeler Mike Wallace. He had a 95 yard touchdown catch! The Steelers high powered offense could not get things rolling against their rival. The Miami Dolphins won another game against the New York Jets, and yet another 100+ yard rushing yard game for Jay Ajayi who also had a 20 yard touchdown run. The Detroit Lions beat the Minnesota Vikings in overtime tanks to a 58 yard field goal from Matt Prater at the end of regulation and a game winning TD catch from Golden Tate who broke 2 tackles and flipped into the end zone for a victory. The Panthers won again, putting them to 3-5 on the season. I really hope they don’t lose another game because they probably will not make the playoffs if they do. I know they can do it.

NFL Week 8: Cowboys!

Dez Bryant hauls in the game-tying TD in the 4th quarter against the Eagles to force overtime.

Dez Bryant hauls in the game-tying TD in the 4th quarter against the Eagles to force overtime where the cowboys would win 29-23.

America’a team is back and in good shape. Led by star rookies QB Dak Prescott and RB Ezekiel Elliott the Dallas Cowboys have won 6 straight games improving to 6-1, the second best record in the league behind the 7-1 New England Patriots. In a Sunday Night Football Thriller against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Cowboys won on a game winning TD pass from Dak Prescott to veteran TE Jason Witten in overtime. Dez Bryant returned from injury and looked great in a 113 yard outing to go with a nice touchdown catch. I hope Tony Romo doesn’t expect to start when he comes back from injury, because by the way Dak Prescott is playing almost nobody would be starting over him. Anyways, another week and another loss for the Cleveland Browns. We are halfway through the season and they haven’t won a game. The Carolina Panthers came off a bye and looked good in a 30-20 victory against the Arizona Cardinals behind 2 TDs from Jonathan Stewart. The New England Patriots continue to roll and Tom Brady has another insane game, 315 yards and 4 touchdown passes. This guy is 39 years old and hasn’t shown a single sign of being rusty or too old this season. My fantasy football team took another loss, this is by far my worst season of all time. My time is terrible and I am 1-7. Whoever I play against has a great week. I am one of the few teams in the league who has scored 100+ points every week yet I have the worst record. Frustrating.

NFL Week 7: Vikings Finally Fall

A red hot start to the season, the Minnesota Vikings and QB Sam Bradford went to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles. This is Bradford’s old team and he had a disappointing career there so the fans tried to rattle him all game long. It seems to have worked as the Eagles handed the Vikings their 1st loss of the season in a 21-10 victory.

Sam Bradford of the Minnesota Vikings getting strip-sacked in their first loss to the Eagles.

Sam Bradford of the Minnesota Vikings getting strip-sacked in their first loss of the season in Bradford’s return to Philadelphia

The Carolina Panthers, my favorite team, were on a bye week. They are really struggling this season so hopefully they can bounce back after a week of rest. My fantasy team lost by 0.3 points. That is 3 yards. That’s just how my luck is this year in fantasy football. I need to win every single game for the rest of the regular season to make the playoffs, so my team needs to turn up. I just picked up Jay Ajayi, the running back for the Miami Dolphins and he might save my season. He has led the dolphins to back to back wins and has had back to back 200 yard rushing games to go along with 3 TD’s in those 2 games. That has only been done 5 times in NFL History. He has had 33 and 28 fantasy points in the last 2 weeks which is amazing. The Cleveland Browns continue to show they are the worst team in the NFL losing yet another game to move to 0-7 on the season. Quarterback problems, horrible defense, 2 of the many problems for the Browns.

NFL Week 6: OBJ Makes a Statement


Odell Beckham Jr. scoring on one of his 2 long touchdown catches against the Ravens.

This year has been a slow start for superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Not a single touchdown in the first 4 weeks, fantasy football disappointment, looks very frustrated. He even said he wasn’t having fun out there. When you have the talent of Odell Beckham, you  can  have a breakout game at any time. He decided for it to be in week 6. He caught 8 balls, 222 yards and 2 touchdowns in an important victory against the Baltimore Ravens. Terrelle Pryor continued to shine at WR, catching 9 balls for 75 yards and 2 TD’s. However that wasn’t enough for the Cleveland Browns to get their first victory. They lose 28-26 to the Tennessee Titans and red-hot Marcus Mariota. Carolina Panthers secondary is torched once again against the New Orleans Saints, and they lose 38-41 in a shootout. The #1 team going into the season is now 1-5. They will have a bye week next to get their team together. The Buffalo Bills destroyed the 49ers off LeSean Mccoy’s 3 touchdown outing. David Johnson and Ezekiel Elliott once again dominated and led their teams to victories. My fantasy team once again lost… I am now 1-5. This is the worst start to a season I have ever had in fantasy. DeAndre Hopkins has disappointed me after I picked him #3 overall. Once again, Tom Brady showed no weaknesses in an almost perfect performance against the declining Cincinnati Bengals. Lastly, Jay Ajayi broke out for the dolphins and had 204 rushing yards to go with 2 TD’s. I will be picking him up in fantasy and hopefully he can save my season.

NFL Week 5

The story of this week was the return of Tom Brady. After facing a 4 game suspension, Brady returned to the field to take on the winless Cleveland Browns. He went off for 406 yards in the air and 3 touchdowns. I was playing against him in fantasy football and he pretty much single-handedly beat me.


Brady pumps his fist after throwing 1 of his 3 TD’s against the Browns in his return from suspension.

Sammie Coates decided to have a breakout game for the Steelers. He had 139 yards and 2 Touchdowns. Not very many people expected that from the rookie out of Auburn. Martellus Bennett had 3 Touchdown receptions. Ben Roethlisberger threw for 4 touchdowns in a big victory against the New York Jets. Ezekiel Elliott and David Johnson continued dominance as the top 2 rushers in the league, leading both of their teams to wins with 2 TD’s each. The Carolina Panthers continue their struggles, playing against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football. The Panthers were 1-3 heading into the game. Their MVP Quarterback Cam Newton is out with a concussion so it was Derek Anderson to start. They lost on a last second field goal after Cameron Artis-Payne’s 2 TD’s on the ground and Greg Olsen’s 181 yards in the air were not enough. The Broncos lost their first game of the season to the red-hot Atlanta Falcons. Backup QB Paxton Lynch started his first game replacing the injured Trevor Siemien. The Minnesota Vikings get a big win over the struggling Houston Texans to keep their perfect record. Brock Osweiler has not lived up to expectations for the Texans after a big contract in the off season.

Other NFL blogs

For this blog post I will be writing about other blogs  regarding my topic, the NFL, and how I will be incorporating their ideas into mine and such. The first blog I am looking at is found at the link:

This blog includes power rankings of all 32 NFL teams according to the writers opinion after week 3 in the season. I am going to do rankings of my own in my blog, whether it is rankings of the teams, players at their positions, The MVP Race, head coaches, and more. Also, not only will I just be giving my opinionated rankings, I will be providing detail on why I think that so my readers can see how I am thinking and why I am thinking that.

Another blog on the NFL I checked out was found under the link:

In this blog, the writer asks himself questions that can have various answers and opinions which intrigues readers. He gives a detailed explanation of why he chose an answer and keeps it interesting at the same time. It interested me so I think it will interest other readers as well so I am going to occasionally put some of that type of writing in my blog.

After investigating other blogs about the NFL from other writers, I think I am going to write from a readers point of view, and think to myself “what would I want to be reading about if I was reading this blog” and give information, stats, opinions and more from that perspective.


An Intro to an NFL Blog

Hello everybody. My name is ThadCastle and my blog will be about the NFL. Throughout the season I will be giving updates on scores, injuries, trades, suspensions, big games, and more. Also I will be writing about fantasy football, whether it is who had the best games that week and individual stats, or how my team did that week. So far this season my team is 1-3, I’ve been getting very unlucky with who I am playing against. Last week I was going against Julio Jones who went for 12 catches, 300 yards and a touchdown.

Julio Jones on his 75 yard touchdown reception.

Julio Jones on his 75 yard touchdown reception.

That is 48 fantasy points from one player, absolutely ridiculous. Anyways, Josh Gordon who was suspended for 4 games due to the leagues substance policy, has elected to go to rehab instead of playing again. He says that sometimes you have to do what is best for you. 3 years ago Josh Gordon was a top receiver in the NFL, and now he’s looking like a fool being suspended the previous years and now going to rehab. Also, Super Bowl favorite and pre season #1 Carolina Panthers have lost again. They are now 1-3 after only losing 1 game last year. Cam Newton was put on Concussion protocol after a hit to the head on a 2 point conversion late in the game. The Vikings move to 4-0 after a Monday Night Football victory versus the giants, the Browns are showing they are awful once again moving to 0-4, Odell Beckham Jr. struggles, the Steelers win big on SNF in Leveon Bells return, and Fitzpatrick throws 3 INTs against the Seahawks in a Seahawks victory. More to come next week on game details and occasional fantasy football insight.