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It’s The Horror Tribute again and today I will be reviewing some horror movie blogs that I recommend. The first one I will be talking about is Bloody Disgusting! ( http://bloody-disgusting.com) and the admin behind this blog talks about horror news and new movies that are coming out. They also review movies and TV shows in the form of news articles. They review the movies with a lot of details and they also evaluate the characters and give opinions and thoughts of the them. Anyone could post on this blog. There are different sections of this blog that are Movies, TV, Video Games, Music , etc. which could be very useful in some ways to get updates for example if you finished watching a show and was bored you could look at their reviews online and pick one to watch. This blog is very popular in the horror blog world.

The next blog i will be reviewing is Anything Horror (http://anythinghorror.com/) . This blog is very different than the last one because they only talk about movies and reviews them. This admin honestly states his/her opinions which is very good when writing blogs or reading them. The person behind this blog is very detailed and he/she is very humorous. His/her rate the movies by gore, plot and even zombie mayhem. I would trust this blog and read it daily because of their honest reviews and opinions and they are very funny too. I hope you enjoyed reading my post.

My first blog post!

Hi, I’m The Horror Tribute and i’m a horror movie addict and i will be reviewing some movies.I will be reviewing the movie Stephen King’s 1980’s “The Children Of The Corn“. This movie first starts out when a child talks about what happened three years ago in the town called Gatlin. He went to church with his dad and they went to Hansens, a restaurant in Gatlin. His dad wanted to call his wife because he was worried about the boys sisters Sarah because she had a fever. He went to talk about how he saw Malachi and the others in the restaurant. His sister was drawing something while in s 104 degree fever. The others starts to kill the adults in the restaurant. He explains that Sarah draws pictures of what is happening when she is nowhere near that pace in particular. The music choice and editing are pretty good considering it was made in the 80’s. The main two characters besides the children are Peter Horton as Burt Stanton who basically tried to save his girlfriend from the “cult”. And Linda Hamilton as Vicky Baxter, who gets captured by the children and sacrificed to Isaac, the cult leader. They first were planning to go through Nebraska to go to his new job. They accidentally hit somebody on the road who turns out to be a child who’s throat that has been slit and they put him in the trunk. They take a suitcase who belongs to the boy that covered in blood. They find a old gas station, and they meet an old man who doesn’t want to help because he has an agreement with the cult where he supplies the children with oil and the kids will spare his life. Then when the couple leaves Malachi kills the man.

Burt and Vicky end up in Gatlin. While trying to find someone in an abandoned house, they meet Sarah, who says that she is hiding from Malachi and Isaac. Vicky stays with Sarah while Burt goes into town. Vicky gets attacked by the children and Malachi and she gets sacrificed and ends up surviving. She and Burt end up burning the corn fields and escaping after “he who walks between the rows” shows himself. The music choice and editing are pretty good considering it was made in the 80’s I highly recommend this movie because it’s enjoyable and its most importantly, a classic. I hoped you enjoyed reading my brief review and summary of The Children Of The Corn.


Breaking Dawn

Hey there, fellas!

It feels like forever since the last time I have written everything, and to be honest I’m feeling a little lazy XD not to mention that I am really not in the mood to write this one.

So anyways, today I’m going to talk about the fourth part of the Twilight saga:Breaking Dawn.

This book was cut into two parts in order to make the movies, something that actually seemed a very smart think to do since the book is basically cut into two parts. Something that I did like from this last book was that we could see the event from Jacob’s eyes instead of Bella’s even if it was just for a little while. Although, I didn’t like the fact that they simply dragged it too much.

The first part includes the wedding (which simply took too long,did they really needed to show almost five minutes of her walking to the altar? didn’t they had anything more important to show?), and their honey moon in the island Carlisle had brought for Esme after they married for the first time, Esme Island in Brazil. Bella and Edwards are spending what seems to be a very calm and relaxing vacations until Bella convinces Edward to share a night of passion even though she is still human (and quite breakable). A few days after that Bella realizes she missed her period for the first time and suspects she might be pregnant and Edwards immediately packs their bags in order to go back and have Carlisle take the possible baby out of Bella’s body.

Of course , we can all guess that didn’t go well and Bella asked Rosalie (Rosalie, people!) and we know from the previous movie that she wanted a child of her own more than anything, so learning that the little human she so much detest is asking her help to keep a baby, so yeah, she is so going to help the “little human.”

Anyway, this pregnancy is obviously not normal, firstly because its developing faster than a normal one, and secondly because the baby would be a hybrid half-vampire, half-human, something that apparently has never happened before.

Things actually get complicated when Bella decides to tell Jacob about her pregnancy, and the rest of the pack learn about it through the mental link and decide to kill the baby?

Isn’t that just lovely?

What I personally like about this book i that not only we are able to see part of the story from Jacob’s point of view (including comments that just made me want to piss my pants while laughing like his calling the vampires ‘blood sucking leeches’ and his fights with Rosalie, I personally liked when she got him a dog plate with his name printed on it) and that we re able to go a little more in depth into the Cullen’s family history (it makes you really, really understand that the Cullens are actually really old) since in the second part Carlisle calls all of his acquaintances so that they are ‘witnesses’ in their favor to save Reneesme (what kind of name is that? Poor child. Honestly. Renesme Carly Cullen-Swan would be her whole name. That’s just… bah!)

Also, Bella FINALLY becomes a vampire, after three whole other books where we have to suffering seeing her almost kill herself by complete accident, in this book she finally becomes nearly indestructibly (with the exception of fire) and was granted with the ability of mental shield and self-control (with in my opinion, the reason they give for it is total bullshit, excuse my language, but it is.)

Overall, it’s basically the same teen novel we have grown accustomed to, but with a little more fighting and exciting scenes. That’s all. Oh, and a couple of deaths here and there if you watch the movie (I read the book years ago and I don’t remember very well if there was a fighting scene there or not…

It is actually a  pretty good book, the only downside is that you actually have to read (or watch the movies of) the three first in order to get it and enjoy it.

Rating: Good, definitely better than the previous three.

The best: Jacob without a doubt. You always have a good laugh when you are reading his point of view, and it is written in a nice and enjoyable way.

Worst: The happy ending. For once, I would have liked a little more of melodrama. A few (permanent) deaths here and there, but not overly exaggerating.

Will I read it again?: Yes, but only individually. I would probably add the third one there just because it is my favorite one out of the four ones.

Would I recommend it?: Yes, but only if you are in thing genre, and mostly young adults/ teenagers. It seems the type.


Hello, nerds!

I finally came back and I brought with me the third part of the Twilight series: Eclipse.

This is actually my favorite book of them, although it is a little cheesy and kind of melodramatic because it is based on the love triangle between Edward, Jacob and Bella. The book’s cover features a red tie torn in half, which the author herself represents the strain and break in the relationship between Bella with Jacob, on the one hand, and “cutting” Bella with her human life on the other.

The title is also symbolic, since the eclipse from the moon, the sun and the earth represents Edward, Jacob and Bella, respectively. Jacob Bella will be the sun when the moon disappears and dusk arrives (representing the period when Edward leaves Bella), but the sun will be “overshadowed” by the moon when Edward comes back, hence the title: Eclipse.

The story begins with a letter from Jacob that received Bella, where he expresses the pain he felt when Bella chose Edward over him when she left in the previous book to save him from the vulturi, so Bella finds herself in a hard place, since not only she wished to continue her friendship with Jacob, the shape-shifter who loves her more than a friend, and Edward, the vampire who she fell in love with.

Meanwhile, Alice is having visions of the return of Victoria, which is aiming to kill Bella due to her part in James’ death (book one) so the wolf pack and the Cullen coven decide to form a pact that will allow them to, not only protect Bella, but also the rest of Forks population.

The book mainly focuses in the love triangle presented by Meyer. Bella spends the majority of the book trying to choose between Edwards, her first love, ort Jacob, her childhood friend.

We also go more in depth with other characters, like Rosaly -who reveals the reason why she feels so bitter towards Bella, as well as her life before she became a vampire- and Jasper -who lived during the Civil War period and was turned by a vampire named Maria who wished to expand her territory through the south and Mexico. We also learn more about the pack, and their origins, as well as Sam’s personal opinion about it. The events of this book are also crucial for the next book, Breaking Dawn.

The last chapter of the book is also told form the prespective of Jacob instead of Bella like we grew used to, which is a nice change, although a little confusing in the beginning, but it is definitely moer interesting than form Bella’s prespective.

So in short, the book is definitely entretaining, and is also kind of the prelude of the nect volume of the saga, Breaking Dawn, which many consider the best but… meh, I still like this one better.

Rating: Good.

The best: Entertaining. You don’t really expect the wolves to do anything to help Bella since she kind of betray them for the vampires. (BAD BELLA!)

Worst: That’s a total teen soap opera. Bella shows that it is silly with capital S.

Would I read it again?: Mmm, tough question. I guess if I’m on the mood, the books are definitely better than the movies (in my opinion), so I guess it’s a posilibity.

Would I recommend it?: If you want to know the end of the whole saga you have to read you all the books.

Well, that’s all! Hope you liked it!


-WorldWanderer out!


New Moon

Hello there!

I came back with the second part of the Twilight saga: New Moon.

New Moon by MiaHeartnet

This is the worst of the whole saga, but that’s just my opinion. The book starts with Bella’s 18th birthday party. The Cullen family organizes a party and she cuts her finger while opening a gift (she couldn’t have been more clumsy… seriosuly,) and seeing/smelling the blood, Jasper tries to attack her, Edwardtryin to protect her pushed her out of the way, but instead makes her crach on a crystal table (seriously… vampires…) so the whole family has to leave the house with the exception of Carlisle who can tolerate blood and patches her up.

After this, Edward takes the decition to leave Bella in order to force her to move on with her life, het married, have children and die; to have a harry human life. So he leaves with his family and abandons Bella in the forest after breaking up with her in a horrible way that breaks her heart and will to live, causing Bella to fall into a deep depression and to lock herself for 4 months in her house, not wanting to do anything and simply waiting for her ex-boyfirend’s return.

It is due to Charlies insistence and eventually threats to send her to live with her mother in Jacksonville that Bella finally leaves the house and starts to interact with her childhood friend, Jacob Black. At one time during her missadventures with the Indian boy, she realizes that when she is in danger she hears (or at least imagines she hears) Edward warning and pleadind her to stay safe. Therefore, becomes involved in all kind of dangerous situations only to be able to hear his voice. Like riding a bike that Jacob repaired after she brought it to him.

This book is the least entretaining one and the slowest of the bunch. Bella’s depression is very boring and you reach a point when you think she might actually might have become crazy due to heartbreak. Luckily Jacob appears, and he is undoubtedly the best character in the entire series. He’s just so enthusiastic and makes the story more relaxed with his jokes and good humor. The Vutouri are also introduced, and they kind of fit it the typical stereo-type vampire we knew before the whole Twilight series. They are dark and cruel towards the human race, only seeing them as food, but they are also greedy in respect to have more powerful vampires as servants or “guards.”

In general, it is a good continuation, although Meyer could have made it more interesting and a little less… I don’t quite know which word to use to describe it, but Bella should definitely be less self distructive.

The best: That Jacob (GO JACOB!) and the Volturi appear.

Worst: Bella and her moods.

Would I read it again?: Meh, maybe…?

Would I recommend it?: Yes, but I only to those who like this type of romance.

That’s all! I hope you enjoyed it!


-WorldWanderer out!


Hi, there!

I come here with a new saga, BEHOLD! Twilight by Stephanie Meyer!

(Yup, pic is mine :3)

And so, the lion fell in love with the lamb…

So, I actually read this books when I was around eleven or twelve. One of my friends brought her book to school and I asked what it was about. Of course I wasn’t really interested in the story, it seemed like the typical romance novel you found frequently, but I couldn’t say no to her when she made me promise I would watch the movie. I kept it a secret of course, since my mom thought I was too young to be watching/reading those kind of books, needless to say, I was hooked. I had to beg to my mom to buy the the books, and after being throughfully scolded for not listening to her, she bought me the books and allowed me to read them after she herself read them, accidentally making her a fan of the saga.

So the book tells the love story between a 17 year old human girl named Isabella “Bella” Swan, and a vampire teenager who had been frozen at the age of 17, Edward Cullen. The protagonist of the story, Bella (everything is told from her perspective) lives with her mother in Phoenix until she gets married to a baseball player and the couple decide to move to Jacksonville. At the beginning of the book we can see Bella moving to live with her father Charlie Swan with the excuse that she wants to give the newlyweds space.

Everything is new to Bella, from the weather, to school, to living with her father. Obviously at puberty, she is lonely and misunderstood. However, shortly after entering the school meets a group of students who seem very strange and beautiful. One of them, Edward, called her attention, and gradually Bella discovers that they are vampires after Edward saves her from being crushed under a van, and therefore, killed.

Fromt then on the dangerous and forbidden romance between the human and vampire starts.

So, as stated above … the lion fell in love with the lamb.

I cannot say it’s very good, because now that I’m a teenager and re-read it I have found a lot of faults in it, but that might be because I’m a teenager and I’m looking at the world in a different prespective than Stephenie Meyer, who is an adult and might had have problems creating Bella, a teenager even though she herself is an adult with a family.

In short, the book is clearly aimed at women, especially teenagers. But this does not mean that an adult can’t like them, especially if we talk about women who are in love or like this type of genre.

Rating: Good.

The best: It’s a different series. Mix the vampire theme with the adolescent awakening seems a good partnership. It is very facilitated to read and very entertaining.

Worst: A Book niche. For teenagers, perfect. For young women, have a pass. Male gender, excluded. As I mentioned, it goes with sugar…

Would I read it again?: Meh, it will depend on my mood.

Would you recommend it?: Yes, but only young women and those who like this kind of genre.

до свидания

-WorldWanderer out!

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Hi there~!

Reporting with the third part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy: The Return of the King.

(Pic is not mine)

The story begins with the story of how the (former) hobbit Smeagol came to possess the Ring of Power, killing his friend Déagol, who had found him at the bottom of a river (where it had been lost many years before after the orcs killed when Isildur, who had cut the finger of Sauron in Barad-dur Site, which ended the War of the Last Alliance, and had kept the ring despite the warnings of Elrond). Thereafter continues the story where it was left as Gollum leads Frodo and Sam through the entrance near Minas Morgul, where they see their armies go to war.

After the victory in the Battle of the Hornburg, a company of soldiers of Rohan, along with Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Éomer and Théoded,headed towards Isengard, Saruman’s citadel from which the attackers had left. They found completely destroyed by the Ents, and returned to reunite with Merry and Pippin. Among the ruins of the city Pippin found the palantir of Saruman, and Gandalf quickly took it under his custody (in the extended DVD version, there is a deleted scene in there.)


After the celebrations of victory, Pippin was curious to see again the stone and takes it off Gandalf’s arms while he’s sleeping. He saw in it the eye of Sauron, who tried to get information from him, but Gandalf was able to act quickly, and made Pippin release the stone before he gave away any information, not that Pippin was going giving any. Pippin, however, did get to see something important: a white tree. The wizard understood that it was the White Tree of Gondor, which meant that Sauron planned to attack Minas Tirith. Gandalf immediately set to warn, and also taking Pippin to protect the city. But upon arrival found the Steward Denethor II saddened by the death of his favorite son, Boromir, and completely indifferent to everything else. Feeling partly responsible, since Boromir died defending it, Pippin to Denethor serves as a soldier. Denethor distrusted Gandalf knowing that comes accompanied Aragorn, who must regain his throne as heir of Isildur, which would mean the overthrow of Denethor. For all this, Denethor refuses to follow the recommendation of Gandalf about asking Rohan to help them, but Gandalf chooses to invoke the aid of Rohan anyways and sends Pippin to light the beacons of Minas Tirith. Aragorn to warn the request for assistance communicates it to Theoden, who despite having hesitated to do anything about the matter, finally decides to gather his army to go to war.

The forces of Rohan take a few days to gather their riders, before leaving for Minas Tirith; Theoden regrets to see that not all subjects respond to the call and you will not have enough forces to defeat Mordor, but decides to continue the march. Aragorn receives a mysterious visit Elrond: his daughter Arwen saw a future that could have children with Aragorn and it was decided to remain in Middle-earth, so Elrond offered his help in the war reforging the great sword Narsil who had defeated Sauron at the time (the fragments of the sword that were preserved for centuries in Rivendell were reforjados in a new sword with the name of Andúril, Flame of the West), and reminding Aragorn with that weapon get the cooperation of the Army the dead (who had made a promise to meet the king Isildur). With this sword, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli leave the rest of the army of Rohan and became embroiled in a cave where dwells the army of the dead. These ghosts helps Isildur had promised but not provided, so after his victory over Sauron cursed so that, even after death, they had no peace. Only if one day paid their debt they could do. Aragorn claimed his help, promising as King of Gondor would give his debt fulfilled.

Gollum, meanwhile, having said Frodo that Sam wanted to stay with the Ring, for which I would ask to take it at some point, he took bread was left, left crumbs on clothes Sam and charged him having eaten all . While Sam repeatedly hits Gollum, Frodo and Sam suffers decompensation, seeing offered help with the Ring, Gollum and Frodo manages to make suspicious of Sam and apart from his journey, just as it did to the step of Cirith- Ungol and antrum of Shelob. Still, he managed to break free and attack Gollum. Gollum claimed to be innocent, that the Ring forced him to do what he did, and then finally Frodo told what was going to Mordor to destroy it. Gollum attacked again, but fell into a ravine. Shelob caught Frodo after that, but was chased away by Sam. Sam thought Frodo was killed by the poison injected him and took the ring to continue the mission, but then came a few orcs. Sam hid, and orcs and found the body of Frodo, who commented that he was not dead, but only unconscious for several hours away. Sam infiltrated the fortress and released, and continued their journey disguised as orcs.

Denethor sent his son Faramir on a mission to failure because she hated him deeply and he blamed for the death of his brother, to retrieve a stronghold of Minas Tirith Osgiliath, previously conquered by orcs. Faramir accepted this suicide mission only by his desire to show his father that he was also a loyal and competent warrior, and open the preference hurt by his father always had by Boromir. His group just returned alive, and was about to be annihilated by nazgul, but for the help of Gandalf and Denethor to see her son wounded by several arrows went mad, believing him dead. While the bulk of the forces of Mordor were advancing on the city, Denethor (forgetting defend Minas Tirith) was with his son to burn alive on a pyre. Gandalf managed to remove from the fire to Faramir, who was still alive, but Denethor was incinerated, falling from Cuidadela vacuum.

Furthermore, the hosts of Mordor begin the siege of the White City. Gandalf organizes troops to defend Gondor waiting arrives Theoden and their riders, although it is too late. For a whole day the men of Gondor maintain their positions on the shade thanks to his courage and proven value against Mordor for many previous clashes, causing heavy casualties in the army of Sauron. However, due to the large number of forces of Mordor could barely be contained, and the great battering ram Grond tore down the gates of the city, entering Minas Tirith and forcing the soldiers of Gondor to retorceder the second level. With these events despite the great resistance offered by Gondor in every street, every house, every man fighting to the last breath, believing lost hope of surviving and when Sauron’s victory seemed near, appeared on the horizon riders Rohan, who returned to match the situation thanks to its powerful cavalry charge. Given this powerful reinforcements brought Mordor: an army of Southern (Haradrim) with war elephants, and painstakingly men of Rohan were spared some of them and showed great resilience despite the casualties suffered.

The battle seemed to lean in favor of the army of Theoden, but then this was mortally wounded by the Witch-king of Angmar, who ordered him to his flying creature that feast on the flesh of the fallen king was given. Éowyn appeared to defend and was also defeated by the spectrum, which reminded that no man could kill him. At that moment Merry appeared from behind and stabbed his dagger in the calf; Eowyn took off his helmet and revealed that he was not a man but a woman, and immediately went through his face with his sword. The Witch-king finally disappeared, overcome not by man but by a woman and a hobbit.

Then also appeared several pirate ships Mordor expected to dock at the piers of Osgilliath, but to the surprise of the orcs, of those boats down Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, who had taken the approach. With them came the army of the dead, who wiped Pelennor fields completely: all kinds of creatures Mordor had led to war were pulverized in seconds. After the battle, the king of the dead Aragorn called on its promise to release them. Gimli advised not to do it, Mordor was still a danger, but Aragorn kept his promise and finally the spectra dissipated.

Gandalf said during a deliberation, to resist the attacks was useless because Mordor was much more powerful and ultimately prevail. His only hope was that Frodo had succeeded in destroying the Ring. The only way we could help was marching toward the Black Gate, to keep Sauron’s attention focused on them, and distracted from the presence of Frodo and the Ring in his own territory. All survivors marched to the Black Gate, where Aragorn demanded Sauron to surrender, but instead the doors opened and she appeared Dark Lord’s army, and a sea of ​​enemies surrounded them. Challenging Sauron last men of the West led by Aragorn charged against the armies of the Dark Lord. For a long time they maintained their position and killed thousands of orcs, but the number of enemies didn’t seem to decrease and the army was starting to get tired.

Frodo and Sam finally came to Mount Doom, where Gollum reappears to retrieve the ring. But once at the edge where Frodo managed to pull away from the ring before he is tempted by the ring once more. Gollum came then fought Frodo while he was still invisible due to the ring and managed to take it, but Frodo pushed him off of the cliff and he falls into the Mount of Doom, dying and taking the ring with him. Gandalf rescues Frodo and Sam from the Orodruin (Mount of Doom) riding on the back of Gwaihir, the Lord of the Winds. The hobbits were honored in Gondor during the coronation of Aragorn as king by all its inhabitants and also of Rohan because thanks to them their world  was now safe and they had a chance to finally start living in peace. Then they return to the Shire, where Sam married Rosita (the girl she had wanted to dance with during Bilbo’s birthday party at the beginning of the first movie.) Frodo wrote his memoirs, leaving Sam the end of the book, and sailed to the Undying Lands with Bilbo, Gandalf, Elrond, Galadriel and the other elves. The film ends with the return of Sam to his house, where he is received by Rosita and her little baby, after dismissing his friends in the Grey Havens. Sam says, “Well I’m back.” (words with which the book ended), come home together, and finally closing he door, that way ending the movie.

UFFF! This took practically forever but it’s finally done. I had to have a lot of help from the internet and my dad hehehe, my mermory is like it used to be and I haven’t have time to watch the movies. Gah! my head has been all over the place!

But anyways, I hope you all liked it.


-WorldWanderer out~

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Hi, nerds~!

I’m back with the second part of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy: The Two Towers.

(Pic is not mine)

So, the second movie starts pretty much after the first one ends. After going deep into Emyn Muil, Frodo Baggins and Sam Gamgee find the creature called Gollum, who tries to take away the Ring forcefully but ends up loosing and instead promises the hobbits to guide them to Mordor.

After getting out of Emyn Muil and crossing the Dead Marshes, they arrive to Morannon, the ‘Black Gate’ of Mordor. However, because of the great protection Gollum suggests he take them through the secret path of Cirith Ungol.

During the journey, they encounter a troop of Rangers from Gondor led by Faramir, son of the steward of Gondor and brother of Boromir, who takes them as prisoners and discover that they, or more precisely Frodo, carry the One Ring. Faramir tells the hobbits that Boromir is dead and that was found in an Elvish boat. This makes Frodo think that Boromir was killed for wanting the ring. Faramir decided to bring them to his father, but, as it passes through the ruined city of Osgiliath, Gondorian soldiers are fighting the forces of Sauron conducted by some Nazgûl. Realizing the evil power of the Ring to Frodo, who almost captured one of the Nazgûl, Faramir decides to free them to complete their mission.

Meanwhile, the Uruk-hai carrying prisoners Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took are killed by riders of Rohan exiles and hobbits manage to escape from the battle, into the forest of Fangorn. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, who had gone after them, they find the remains of the battle and follow in the footsteps of his friends to the forest interior. It is reunited with Gandalf, who believed dead after his fall from the bridge of Moria, and once informs them that he has left Merry and Pippin in good hands, they go together to Edoras, the capital of Rohan, to talk to King Théoden. However, this is bewitched by Saruman with the help of the king’s counselor, Grima, working secretly for the magician. Under his influence, he banished his nephew Éomer Théodred after the death of his son and heir to the throne. Gandalf and Théoden decides achieved liberate his people sheltering in the fortress of Helm’s Deep in order not to risk an open conflict with Isengard in Edoras.

Saruman sends a huge army of Uruk-hai to destroy Helm’s Deep while Gandalf goes in search of exiles rohirrim for battle. The elf Haldir goes to the forest of Lothlorien, and arrives with a small army of Galadhrim aid of Rohan and together are able to resist until the arrival of Gandalf, Éomer and numerous Rohirrim, who defeated the orcs.

Meanwhile, Pippin and Merry, who had been rescued by the ent called Treebeard, go with him to a council of several members of his race in which they will decide what to do about the war. After a long time talking, they decide it’s not their business. However, when Treebeard takes the hobbits out of the forest, they discovers that Saruman has taken down many trees and their cry attracts the attention of all ents, forcing them to march towards Isengard and destroy their enemies.

After these victories, Gandalf and the rest believe that it is time for the final battle that will be decided in Gondor and where everyone will play his last letters about the future of Middle-earth.

Okay, that totally sounded like I was advertising the movie -.-‘

Anyway, so sorry if it was a little short and confusing, even I don’t completely know what is going on, I had to do a lot of research on the internet as well as ask my dad.

Tạm biệt

-WorldWanderer out~

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Hi~ I’ve come back with more of Tolkien’s works! This time we’ll be talking about The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

(Pic is not mine)

The Fellowship of the Ring begins with the narration of the existence and creation of the Rings of Power.

“Three rings for the Elven-kings under the sky. Seven for the Dwarf-lords in stone palaces. Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die. One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne.”

Sauron, the Dark Lord, was the creator of most of them, and  also created the Three who were kept by the Elves, though he never touched or tainted them. But the rest of the rings were subjugated under the power of the One Ring, with which Sauron the Maia sought to dominate Middle-earth. Through these rings Sauron corrupted their owners, making it easier for his armies  to conquer Middle-earth. But the Last Alliance of Men and Elves troops was formed and together they defeated the evil Sauron. It is in the final siege of Barad-dur, the Dark Tower in Mordor, where Sauron loses the Ring at the hands of the son of the king of Gondor, Isildur. He could have destroyed the Ring by throwing it to Mount Doom, but before doing so he changed his mind and decided to keep it for himself.It is in this moment when you think just why in the world didn’t Elrond didn’t just kill him and threw him to the volcano alongside with the ring like Frodo pretty much did in the last movie, but well, I guess there wounld’t be a movie otherwise.

Anyway, this scene suggests that the ring has a mind of its own and the power to corrupt the owner. Isildur was later slain by Orcs in a river, and the Ring was lost in the bottom of it, until a hobbit named Smeagol found approximately 2500 years later by accident and took it deep inside a mountain, guarding it for a few 500 years, although he was warped and corrupted in mind and body by the power of the Ring and turned it into a creature called Gollum. But finally the Ring was found (apparently this was not the “intention” of the Ring) by Bilbo Baggins from the Shire, a hobbit who was heading to the Lonely Mountain, as narrated in the novel The hobbit, mentioned in previous posts.

Bilbo kept the ring for almost 60 years without knowing anything of its true nature, and thinking of him as a mere ring that allowed him to become invisible when worn. Furthermore, although the was completely ignorant of the fact, the ring had given him a strange longevity. During the celebration of his birthday No. 111, Gandalf the Grey pressured Bilbo to abandon the Ring, and at the strange and aggressive attitude of Bilbo, becomes suspicious about the true nature of the Ring. Gandalf persuades Bilbo to give the ring to his nephew Frodo who is then advised by Gandalf  to take care and to keep the ring a secret while he travels to Mines Tirith to investigate.

During his research, Gandalf discovers that the ring that was previously on Bilbo’s possession was nothing less than the former Ring of Sauron. He immediately returned to the Shire and sent Frodo and Samwise Gamgee, his friend/gardener/follower, and later Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took, to a trip outside the boundaries of the Shire to prevent the ring from being found by the enemy. In this moment of the film we can pretty mush guess that Frodo will have to destroy the Ring. Frodo and company goes to Bree while Gandalf hurriedly goes to Isengard to consult with the head of his order istari, Saruman. By the time the Hobbits reach Bree they soon find that Gandalf has not yet arrived. Later it was revealed that Saruman betrayed and imprisoned him in the tower, but Gandalf escapes with the help of Gwaihir (although the film its name and the fact that he was an old friend of Gandalf are not revealed), the Lord of the Eagles.

In Bree, Frodo and his companions meet Aragorn, rightful heir to the human kingdom of Gondor, although at the time it he is only presented as a Dúnedain Ranger called Strider. With his help they are able to evade the “Ringwraiths” or Nazgûl and continued their journey to Rivendell. It passes some time and Frodo is attacked and wounded by a Nazgûl at the top of the Winds, which almost kills him, by was saven in time by borth Aragon and Arwen, and elven woman, who plunged to Nazgûls in a river with her magic, and took him to Rivendell where Gandalf was waiting and thanks to the magic of Elrond, Lord of Imladris, Frodo is cured (though not entirely) from the poison leaf the Nazgul attacked him with.

In Rivendell the council is held by Elrond, where representatives of races and peoples of Middle-earth decided that the Ring must be destroyed met, but to do so they would need to venture deep into Mordor up to the Mount of Doom to throw the ring inside the fires, the only way it could be destroyed. Frodo took the mission, and was promised the company of the wizard Gandalf, Aragorn heir to the throne, the elf Legolas Greenleaf, prince of Mirkwood, the dwarf Gimli, Captain of Gondor Boromir and the hobbits Sam, Merry and Pippin. Together, they formed the Fellowship. There are also mentions about the love between Aragon and Arawen who turn out to be the daughter of Elrond and a princess.

Part of the trip involved crossing the Misty Mountains, but could not do so due to spells of Saruman and instead they tried to go through the mines of Moria, Gimli’s cousin’s home. However, they were welcomed with the horrible surprise that the dwarves were killed by orcs. Eventually they succeeded on crossing but at a high cost: Gandalf faced a Balrog and was dragged deep into the abyss, and died when he reached the bottom, after hours of falling (it is not know just how many exactly). Then they passed through the forest of Lothlorien, where the Lady of the Forest Galadriel and the elf Celeborn allowed them to stay in order to rest. Galadriel also lso warns Frodo that his destiny is to continue his journey to destroy the ring and that any failure will submit them back to the slavery of evil. Meanwhile, Saruman orders his faithful Uruk-Hai and orcs to serve him and capture the hobbits.

They traveled mainly by boat until they are attacked by orcs sent to capture Frodo, but without being given any details that might motivate their betrayal, they were just told to bring him “alive and intact”, on the grounds that he held an alleged weapon of war that they needed to kill the elven race.

Later, Frodo is attacked by Boromir who is corrupted by the ring, and decided it was best to continue its journey only by a small breath of Aragorn. While they were being attacked by orcs, Merry and Pippin drew their attention to them in order for Frodo to get away. They were taken prisoners after Boromir was killed by a poisoned arrow. Aragorn found him and tried to heal him, but was too late. Boromir then asked forgiveness to Aragon and the company for trying to steal the ring from Frodo in his attempt to protect his people in Mordor, but Aragorn told him he kept his honor intact and that they would defend the White City instead. After that, Boromir died after swearing he would have followed Aragon as his king.

Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli lift him on a boat with the weapons of fallen enemies and let the Anduin take him to Gondor to be buried with honor. Then they went to rescue Merry and Pippin. Frodo had taken one of the boats, with Sam following close and after insisting on accompany him, Frodo caves in.

And the move ends ^.^

Rating: Good.

Would I watch it again?: Yes.

Would I recommend it?: Definitely.

Hope you all liked! Peace!

La revedere!

-WorldWanderer out~!

The Host

Yup! Happy Valentine’s Day, dorks!

Today I’m going to talk about a romance kind of type of move: The Host by Stephenie Meyer.

(Pic is not mine)

This is a science fiction book with the kind of futuristic plot with a little bit of romance sprinkled somewhere in between. I read somewhere that this is the first in a series of 3 volumes, as Meyer decided to continue writing other 2 books after the publication of this first. The novel is autoconclusive, so you can read this one and not need to read the next two which are in fact not being written as of yet.

The story revovles around the beings that called themselves “souls,” which are actually an alien species that has invaded Earth and opted to “occupied” its inhabitants, literally. They think humans behave to violently and it is theur right to put a stop to it, deciding to take control of their bodied with a “sould transferre” that esencially traps the real person unconcious inside the body until it desappears, effectively turning the “souls” into the “hosts” of the body they are now possessing.

Melanie (one of the few remaining humans without a “host”) is captured after luring the enemy away from her boyfriend and little brother, and inserted inside her the “soul” of Wanda. A very old “soul” that has already possesd many bodies before reaching Earth. But despite being aware of the changes required to inhabit a human body (emotions, feelings, memories of the human, etc.) Wanda is facing a problem: Melanie refuses to relinquish possession of her mind, and are now charing an unconcious.

Wanda explores the thoughts of Melanietrying to undermine her resistance. But then, comes across the memory of the man Melanie loves: Jared, a human who still lives hidden. Soon Wanda is unable to separate herself from her body’s desires and falls in love with Jared due to Melanie’s influence on her and decide to ally with Melanie to look for Jared.

I quite liked this book, its a nice change from Meyer’s previous saga: Twilight. Admittedly, in this case the romantic plot has a heavy weight in the novel unlike other science fiction books, not to mention the idea of aliens possesing humans and living like them instead of exterminating them to later habitate the planet. In addition, there is a teenage love story sweetened like the Twilight saga. But unlike the vampiric novel, this romance is more mature and less sugary.

On the other hand, note that Meyer’s writing has evolved from her first deliveries for teens. The book is better written, the characters are more believable, have a solid personality structure and also evolve throughout the novel. Meyer “grows” and their stories do with it.

I like her characters, both the fighter and temperamental Melanie as well as her female counterpart, docile, suffering and delicate Wanda. Also, there are two interesting male characters, the revolutionary Jared, and the charming and paternal Ian, who deiced to embrace Wanda’s nature and good intentions and support her, forming a love quartet. On the other side, we see Wanda establishing a relationship with Melanie’s little brother, Jamie, sho she starts to think fondly of.

Good novel, very interesting and well told. Meyer is an expert in describing the feelings of the characters in this novel and makes the reader empathize with them and live in their skin while they go throught their adventures and misadventures. I read somewhere and am looking forward to the second part, “The Soul” although there is no date of publication as of yet.

Rating: Very good.

The best: The mixture of science fiction and romance. How lovely is Ian. Wanda struggle with Melanie, i.e. herself. How we literally suffer with the stories of the characters.

Worst: That is not science fiction to use. If you’re looking for that, this is not your book. You don’t really feel like they are dealing with aliens here.

Would I read it again?: Read it two time already, and there will be more to come in the future.

Would I recommend IT?: Yes.Especially to romace fans.

That’s all! Hope you liked it.

وداعا وداعا

-WorldWanderer out!

The Great Gastby

Wow, I think this is the first post in a while that isn’t going to be rushed…

Huh, who would have thought…?

Anyways, Today I’m going to talk about both the book and the movies (the new and old one) of The Great Gatsby.


Year: 2013

Director: Baz Luhrmann.

Screenplay: Baz Luhrmann, Craig Pearce.

Based on the book by Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, Elisabeth Debicki, Jason Clarke

So first I read the book while on my Junior year (last year) and even though I thought it would be a waste of time and I would probably not like it, it ended up being the total opposite.

There had been other four versions of the work, being the 1974 film of Jack Clayton best known for having Robert Redford alongside Mia Farrow. Of course it is more relaxed than the version that has now rolled Luhrmann, without falling too typical excesses of the 70’s for this reason that both director and an actor DiCaprio had it difficult to forget this magnificent version.

A young man named Nick Carraway is in a psychiatric trying to cure his addiction and overcome the problems of his life when the doctor recommends him to write about something that distresses him. It is then admits he has no regard for anyone who has known before except Jay Gatsby, the only honest, optimistic guy he met long ago, and decided to write about him and how he met him when he was younger.

The story begins in the summer of 1922, hi’s in the the Midwest, eager to try his luck in the city of opportunities, and has been working as a stockbroker in New York, renting a small house next to multimillion-dollar mansions of Long Island. It’s around the twenties, and the money runs baskets, wealthy people just want to have fun and forget the horrors of the last war. Parties are common although the house next to Carraway usually the most famous in the area and very known for this parties.

Meanwhile, Daisy Buchanan and her unfaithful husband Tom, who live across the bay, introduced Nick to the world of carefree holidays and loose morals, as well as to one Jordan Baker, a young woman who plays professional golf with whom he starts a relationship later.

One day, he receives an invitation from his mysterious neighbour and both Gatsby and Nick soon become friends. A friendship that will help us understand more about Jay Gatsby, his intentions and a little bit of his past while allow Gatsby to get closer to his objective: Daisy Buchanan.

The book is very well written and the movie form the 70s is stays very truthful to the original script, the version of 2013 however, while it does remain close to the original script, it does have some variations in it, not to mention that it is a little bit modernized and you feel like you are feeling the real deal.

Rating: Good.

Best: The plot.

Worst: There is too much explanation. And I don’t like Daisy. How they modernized it a little.

Would I watch it again?: Only the original version.

Would I recommend it?: Yes. But mostly the first version and the book.

Big Hero 6

So yeah! Another real quick post!

I absolutely love this movie It;s so cute! So please, please, please, watch it! NO SPOILERS!

Big Hero 6 - B-MAX by MiaHeartnet

(Drawing IS mine. Enjoy!)

Year: 2014

Director: Don Hall, Chris Williams

Writer: Don Hall, Jordan Roberts, Robert L. Baird

Based on the comic Big Hero 6 by Marvel Entertainment

Music: Henry Jackman

Cast: Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, J. Miller, Jamie Chung, Damon Wayans Jr.

The story begins in the city of San Fransokyo (a fictitious city that is a mix between Tokyo and San Francisco featuring the Golden Gate bridge with style oriental pagoda) where the young Hiro Hamada (Hamada Hiro in Japanese as the family name comes first) lives. Hiro is a 14  year old with a brilliant mind for science and robotic head mills, but prefers to waste his talent in illegal remote control robot street fights.. His brother Tadashi, sick of Hiro getting into trouble, takes him to the university where he works making technological projects to encourage him to apply.

The faculty is full of young researchers and advanced technology, and like his fellow inventors, Tadashi has something to show Hiro. His greatest work: Baymax. A  robot, shaped like a white balloon that is programmed to give medical care to patients with a friendly attitude and empathy. Hiro meets Professor Callaghan, who was impressed with his inventions and encourages him to submit a project for the science fair and thereby obtain a scholarship and join the faculty. Hiro makes a great presentation with a few nanobots that attracts the attention of everyone present, but soon a tragedy occurs and Tadashi dies.

This drives Hiro into depression and only Baymax seemes to be able to help Hiro overcome his emotional problems by helping him catch the one who caused the fire that killed Tadashi. Soon after, Tadashi’s friends and colleges join Hiro and Baymax in this adventure.

The movie is really good and has good plot twists. The thing I like best about this movie is the blend between modern cartoons with a pinch of Japanese cartoons (anime) that makes it all the most interesting and appealing to the eye (and here I feel like I’m taking about food or paintings… how weird am I?). It had enough drama that doens’t make it super dramatic, but it doesn’t lack either.

Rating: Very good

Best: The story of Baymax robot and his relationship with Hiro, and the wisdom the character develop.

Worst: The Japanese styled heroes are not attractive to everyone.

Would I watch it again?: Duh!.

Would I recommend it?: Yes. OBVIOUSLY!

So that’s all. Hope you can enjoy this film as much as I did!


-WorldWanderer out~


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

So, yeah. I’m making this real quick.

Today we’ll be taking about the second part of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

El Hobbit - La desoalción de Smaug Poster

(This pic is not mine)

Basic Data

Year: 2013

Director: Peter Jackson.

Script: Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Guillermo del Toro, Peter Jackson.

Based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit

Cast: Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Ken Stott, Benedict Cumberbatch, Evangeline Lilly, Orlando Bloom, Cate Blanchett, Stephen Fry.

We are back with the second part of the trilogy of The Hobbit based on Tolkien’s book. Which is also the prequel of The Lord of The Ring movies and books.

This movie starts immediately where the last one left off. Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf and the unusual group of dwarves the hobbit joined in order to help them against Smaug are in the vicinity of the Lonely Mountain. Bilbo has acquired a magic ring after a “duel” of riddles with Gollum, which allows him to become invisible just by putting it on his finger, and which is proved useful when he is sent to steal the Arkenstone from Smaug. But first, the must enter the Lonely Mountain, and to do so they have to go through a forest full of giant spiders that is “sick”. Unfortunately they are soon captured by the elves with the exception of Bilbo who manages to slip by them with the help of his new ring.

The dwarves are taken to Mirkwood by the elves, among them the prince Legolas and his seemingly best and closest friend Turiel. After they are imprisoned in the dungeons, Legolas informs his father, the King of Mirkwood and Thiranduil quickly order for Thorin to be brought to him.

Thiranduil tries to find out what intentions they have, and once he realizes the truth, the tries to make a deal with Thorin, which the dwarf refuses. The elven king, enraged by the reply and dismissal Thorin gives him, order his guards to throw the dwarf back in the dungeons. Sometime later Bilbo finally manages to find his way inside the castle and then the dungeons, and quickly free them before making their escape through barrels. Of course, nothing is ever easy for them and just before they manage to leave Mirkwood through the stream the elven city (or town? village?) is attacked by orcs and everyone is put to fight. Using the commotions as a distraction, Killi is able to open the doors that prevented the barrels from going with the stream, but is hit by a poisoned arrow just as he was leaving.

The group of dwarves finally are able to lose the orc(although kill them all would be more accurate), but they discover they can’t really go anywhere. They don’t have weapons, nor food, nor medicine. They are stuck. Or at least they are until they met a man by the name of Bard that is passing by on his boat (canoe?) and lives in the city of Esgaroth, that was once known for being very prosper.

Dwalin is able to make a pact with Bard and the man take the dwarves to the city hidden in barrels filled with fish. There were a few bumps in the road so to speak but they were able to reach Bard’s house safely. Once night arrived the dwarves left the comfort of the house in order to look for weapons but a sickly Killi messes up everything and they are caught. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you see it, the leader of the city welcome them if only because Thorin promises to return the “golden that is rightfully the town’s” and they dwarves are immediately swarmed with attention and gifts.

By now, everyone had noticed how sick Killi looks and he is ordered to stay behind alongside with a few others that agree, or not so much, to stay and look after the youngest of the company.

The company arrives to the “secret door” but they are unable to open it by the time the sun sets and everyone is disappointed, that is until Bilbo manages to unravel he riddle and opens the door. Once inside he is quickly set to work against his desires, but complies nonetheless.

Bilbo is confronted by Smaug when he accidentally wakes him up, but the dragon does’t immediatly tries to kill him, instead he starts asking questions about him, and Bilbo is able to answer without lying (since Smaug would have been able to tell right away), but without saying the truth either.

A few minutes goes by and Smaug gets bored and tried to attack Bilbo, but it’s soon stopped by the company who try to help him. There is a battle where Smaug is seemingly defeated after he is submerged in liquid gold, but this is proven a mistake minutes later when the old dragon emerges and tells them with smug satisfaction that he is going to burn the city in surrounded by water and it was all going to be their fault.

It was a pretty dramatic ending if you ask me.


Rating: Good.

Best: The introduction to the story that puts us in history, like all makes Jackson. Personal maturity of Martin Freeman as Bilbo improvement in this part.

Worst: I think they made it too long, but that might be my opinion.

Would I watch it again?: Yeah, I’m a fan of the movies (nor a hardcore fan like others I know *coughdadcough* but I do like them.

Would I recommend it?: To everyone who likes the type of fantasy, action with a little thinly-tiny bit of romance.

That’s all. Hope you liked it.


-WorldWanderer out~

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Hello, my lovelies!

So today I’m going to talk about the movie, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey by Peter Jackson.

(Pic is not mine… again…)

Basic Data

Year: 2012

Director: Peter Jackson

Based on the book The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien

Cast: Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Ken Scott, James Nesbitt, Graham McTavish, William Kircher, Stephen Hunter,

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is the first of the three parts in which it was divided the novel The Hobbit, by the British writer J.R.R. Tolkien for a movie adaptation.

An elderly hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins, who is about to turn 111 years, decided to write to his nephew, Frodo, the full story about his unexpected journey that he embarked sixty years previous. He begins telling the story of the amazing Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor, under the Lonely Mountain, where the dwarves mined precious metals under the reign of the king, Thrór. However, such wealth aroused the greed of Smaug, the largest of the North dragons, and attacked Erebor and the City of the Valley, driving the dwarves out of their kingdom and claiming it as his own, and seizing the enormous treasure hidden inside its walls. Since then, the Dwarves of Erebor became a wandering people and wandered through many lands, but never forgot the attack of Smaug and the old kingdom that belonged to them. After telling the story of Erebor, Bilbo goes on to relate his adventures, which began years ago when, in a quiet morning while smoking in front of his hobbit-hole, he meets the wizard Gandalf the Grey.

Gandalf was looking for someone adventurous, but Bilbo flatly refuses, as well as the adventures hates all hobbits of the Shire. However, not to be rude to the magician, invites him for tea tomorrow in the afternoon, before going home hastily.

In the afternoon of the next day, Bilbo hardly remembers what happened the previous day when he suddenly hears Gandalf calling at the door. Quite perplexed, see how many dwarves have at home waving as he does not want the thing. Finally, Gandalf comes with a dwarf who appears to be of high rank, and who turns out to be nothing more and nothing less than Thorin Oakenshield, the grandson of Thrór and next in line for the throne.Thorin and the twelve dwarves who have come with him request his help due to Gandalf’s recommendation, as they want to get their kingdom back. Bilbo can barely stand to hear that they want to bring it to an adventure and escape to hisroom to sleep not long after the dwarves finish explaining the plan.

Bilbo wakes up the next morning with the thinking that the visit of the dwarves was just a dream, to find that last night he left a note saying that if he wanted to take the job of their Bulgar, to meet with them OUT OF Bag End(?) Without knowing himself what he does, a strange feeling adventurous incites him out of his hole and hastily runs towards the destination to join the company of Thorin. There, with some regret, discover that most of the dwarves did not think that he would dared to join them and had made a bet that earn Balin and Gandalf quite the sum of money, confident in the hobbit.

The first problem arises through the Forest of Trolls, where the thirteen dwarves are caught by three trolls named Berto, Tom and Guille. Bilbo, despite shaking from head to toe, manages to entertain them enough until dawn, when Gandalf exposes them to sunlight and they turn to stone. Not far away are the three trolls lair, where Gandalf takes a sword that had stolen the trolls; and delivers a small dagger Bilbo (which puts the Dart name), which is illuminated when orcs nearby. Meanwhile, Thorin takes Orcrist. Near the ford of Bruinen, the group is one day suddenly with Radagast the Brown, a magician of the Order of the Istari, which Gandalf and other wizards belongs. Radagast Gandalf tells fearfully in Greenwood the Great, where he lives, evil is returning to the forest because a mysterious necromancer installed on Dol Guldur, an ancient fortress that belonged to Mordor, now in ruins, built before the second defeat of the Dark Lord. Just then, a group of orcs in Wargs mounted attacks the group, which escapes the secret valley of Rivendell thanks to Radagast distracting and a group of elves suddenly appears.

In Rivendell, Elrond, Lord of the elves, welcomes the company of Thorin, but the dwarfs are not very comfortable there because in the past, King Thranduil (from Mirkwood) did not help when he fell Mountain Erebor before the dragon Smaug. Galadriel (Lady of Lórien), and Saruman the White (leader of the istari magicians) are also found in Rivendell, because they are aware of the evil that has emerged in the Black Forest. So in Rivendell white council between Elrond, Galadriel, Gandalf and Saruman occurs. Gandalf suspects the Necromancer is none other than Sauron, since it was not completely destroyed due to the loss of single ring by Isildur. However, the view prevails Saruman, and believes that the One Ring is lost forever down the river Anduin sea, adding that the Necromancer is surely the witch king with a new offensive. Meanwhile, at Amon Sul, the orcs who had attacked Thorin and company in the ford of the river Bruinen warn his master Azog that the dwarf Thorin Oakenshield is alive. Several centuries before, Thorin had seriously injured Azog, at the Battle of Nanduhirion front of the mines of Moria, and Azog swore revenge on him since. In Rivendell, Thorin, Bilbo and the twelve dwarves start again as Gandalf continues on the council. To continue the journey must cross the dangerous Misty Mountains, where a stormy day on they witness an impressive battle between stone giants. To shelter from the titanic battle, take refuge in a cave. Bilbo, after seeing the dangers of the mountains, believes he has seen too much and prepares to return home on their own while the dwarves sleep. Bofur however finds out, and how you believe in it, Bilbo decides to stay. However, Thorin, the hobbit who does not like, believes that Bilbo is not interested in the issue and will only be a hindrance.

At that time, a crack opens in the cave and many goblins come out to meet them and capture the group, because the cave was one of many inputs of a system goblin tunnels.Bilbo and Thorin and Company are taken to the Great Goblin, who accuses them of wanting to steal and kill them. At that time, Gandalf appears and kill the goblin chief and some more. Thorin, Gandalf and the dwarves fled precipitately, but Bilbo falls and leaves the group, falling into a cave whose floor is a mysterious ring. Bilbo saved so without further and reach an underground lake, where Gollum, an old hungry creature who speaks with such a “treasure”, proposes you play puzzles. If Bilbo wins, Gollum will show off the tunnels, but if the winner was Gollum, the hobbit would eat. The two go throwing strangely similar riddles and Bilbo finally nervously fiddles with the Ring he keeps in his pocket, wondering to himself, “What I have in my pocket?”. Gollum interprets it as a riddle, and no acertarlo, instead of fulfilling his promise is preparing to go to his island in the lake, where he keeps his “treasure”, a magic ring that makes it invisible to whom it is put on the finger pretending to kill Bilbo by surprise. Not finding him, Gollum, very upset, he discovers that Bilbo has his ring, which should fall out while hunting a goblin. Gollum is about to kill Bilbo, but he sees him from afar and, incidentally, put a hand to his pocket, he slips the ring finger and Bilbo discovers that the item makes it invisible. Bilbo advantage of this property to follow Gollum and look for any output. At one point, he is tempted to slay Gollum with Sting sword, but a compassionate feeling makes you pity him.

Bilbo meets again with the group of Thorin to hear their voices, but do not tell anyone about the discovery of the ring. After a chase through the underground Goblin-town, the company of Thorin, Bilbo and Gandalf comes out only to fall far field of a herd of huge direwolves, it gets to chase them immediately. The fifteen members get into a fir next to a cliff to save himself from the Wargs when they discover that the pack was led by the Azog orc, who was in search of Thorin. Nothing seen, and Thorin Azog out to meet to meet, but Thorin get hit the orc him to the ground. An unexpected stroke of courage appears in Bilbo, which lowers the tree also to protect Thorin despite the fear he feels. The other dwarves continue to face the other orcs Azog in a desperate fight. Luckily, a group of eagles, friends of Radagast, down from the heights of the mountains and picking members Thorin’s company, brings them to a safe place that faces east, on the Grand River and the Black Forest, divisándose, far away, the Lonely Mountain. The group is already in the Wilderness, and Thorin, who was unconscious by the fall, revives and apologizes to Bilbo by their distrust, full of gratitude for having saved the hobbit. While travelers contemplate their fate, a thrush takes off and reaches the Lonely Mountain, where it captures a snail and strikes against a stone to swallow. The echo of the blows resonates inside the mountain where the dragon Smaug wakes giving way to the movie.

That’s all, hope you liked it!


-WorldWanderer out~