Adios forever (jk I’ll be back)

hey friends!!!

As the year draws to a close, so does this blog. I am so very sorry to say that this is my last blog post.

That’s right. I am graduating from this horrific junior year and entering a summer of solace. Only to be bombarded with COLLEGE APPS and SENIOR YEAR! I am not excited to be a senior because I am going to miss all the previous seniors so much. Especially the one sitting next to me right now (S/O to @melodicmusiclover). I’m going to be so lonely and sad 🙁

But life goes on, and we grow up. We leave our childhoods behind for an uncertain future. We may not know what lies ahead, but all we can do is march on in all our glory and be as prepared as we possibly can for the challenges and obstacles we’ll have to face. So as senior year and college life loom ahead, despite my persistent fear that I will have to leave my home and family behind, all I can do is keep going. Keep going, and enjoy the little things as I go. Because life is short, and we can’t keep looking back to the “good times”–these are the good times. If there’s one piece of wisdom I’d want to share from my 3 years of high school, it’s that you’ve got to cherish every moment. Experience things, explore, take risks, and just let it be. Everything happens for the best, and it’ll all be over before you know it.

No regrets 🙂

lots of love,

babies :)

hey friends!

So I might have touched on this topic before just a little, but as you probably know, there are lots of parents who are vegan who have kids who they want to be vegan as well. There is a lot of controversy surrounding whether kids, who are growing and developing, need the meat and animal byproducts to grow tall and healthy and strong. Of course, vegan parents feel like they’re just teaching their kids valuable lessons on how to live life the way they think is best.


A Texan mother, Marisa Wolfson, has recently been getting a lot of attention for the way she has raised her two children–as vegans. She says, “The kid, when you mix it in with other stuff, they don’t even notice the difference. We found out that it is, in fact, very healthy and an appropriately-planned vegan diet is appropriate for all life stages.”

The father of the children was not originally vegan, but chose to become vegan along with his family. He says, “I feel it’s the healthiest choice for [my wife and the kids]. This is not a hippie philosophy. This is science, and science today is showing that in well-respected journals, from well-respected doctors, that this is the most healthy diet.”

Whether you agree with how these parents are feeding their children or not, I guess it’s just something to think about. I know I say that a lot lol but I honestly can’t imagine being raised as a vegan child, but maybe if you’re used to it from such a young age, it’ll just feel completely normal to you. I don’t know.

Have a fantastic day 🙂 😉

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PETA on snapchat?!?!?!?!?!

hey friends!

I don’t know about you, but I am a huge fan of Snapchat. From sending the occasional “when someone you hate is talking to you” or classic ugly face snap to the “check out how cool this party is that I am at and subsequently how cool I am” snaps, Snapchat is a great way to communicate with people without having to use too many words. It’s not too personal, and frankly I use it a lot more than I text people because it’s just way more fun and visual which I love 🙂

I am a couple months late on this, but guess what? As you probably already figured out from the obvious title of this post, PETA is on Snapchat! HA!

As I said in a previous post, I know I bashed PETA a while ago for being horrible and killing animals in cold blood, but nonetheless their snaps can be a versatile form of educating yourself on the world of veganism. They snap a lot of pictures of exciting protests and tips for vegans and cool worldwide events and get to meet (not really meet but see a picture of I guess) vegan activists! How exciting!

PETA says, “Follow us to see office dogs, food, & more .”

Have a wonderful day! I am very excited for summer and hanging out on the beach and eating otter pops and laying in the grass and getting mosquito bites all over my legs!

lots of love,

dos cosas

hey friends!

So I was looking around the vegan news for something to share with you guys today, and I was debating a lot between these two articles that sounded really interesting. So I decided I’d just talk about them both because they are both pretty cool and why not 😉

Story 1: So apparently there was this Italian couple that was divorced and had joint custody of their son. The mother was apparently a very staunch vegan, but a special type of vegan called “macrobiotic” which is an extreme form of veganism. Kind of crazy because veganism is already considered (by some people) to be extreme and then a macrobiotic diet is an even more extreme version of an already extreme diet! So anyway, the son basically ate pretty much only boiled rice when he was with his mom, but with his dad he would eat lots of meat. The mom got really pissed off at this so she took the father to court saying that the meat gives their son stomach aches, but the father ended up winning. Here’s the original article if you want to read it!


Story 2: Ellen is starting this new reality TV show on NBC that follows singles around as they date each other and find love 🙂 And guess what? They are looking for vegan singles!! Apparently, “unlike certain other dating reality shows…the series promises ‘no competition, no eliminations.’ The hour-long series is slated for eight episodes and will begin filming in Chicago this July.” Anyone can apply for casting! Here is the original article.

Hope you have a wonderful day filled with love and happiness!

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diabetes & veganism

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According to this new pilot research study, going vegan can make the terrible nerve pain you get along with Type 2 diabetes a lot more bearable?

Apparently “More than half of adults with Type 2 diabetes may develop diabetic neuropathy, a type of nerve damage resulting from poor blood circulation and high levels of glucose in the blood, previous studies have shown. Diabetic neuropathy can lead to ulcers and other infections on the legs and feet, and is the primary cause of limb amputation for people with diabetes.” And there’s no cure for this–doctors just give patients medications to help ease the pain and symptoms, but there’s really no way to stop it 🙁 But that just makes this research being done on veganism and diabetes all the more crazy!

This study was published in the magazine Nutrition & Diabetes and was done by doctors and nutritionists at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which is an organization that promotes veganism. Now you can choose to be skeptical about the accuracy of their findings because obviously their purpose is to promote veganism, and I totally support that.

But anyway they basically had “17 overweight adults with diabetic neuropathy on a 20-week low-fat diet that emphasized fresh vegetables and high-fiber, complex carbohydrates such as beans and whole grains. The participants also attended weekly nutrition classes and took a vitamin B12 supplement, a nutrient that is important for proper nerve function but found naturally only in animal products” and then compared them to a control group of 17 adults who just ate their regular non-vegan diet. According to the study, “tests revealed improved circulation and nerve function, and [the] participants lost, on average, 14 pounds.”

I think that’s pretty cool! Again, you have every right to be skeptical, but I guess it’s just an interesting thing to look into 🙂

Here is the article by LiveScience in case you would like to read it!

Have a fantastic day with fun in the sun cause you’re the one to have fun hun (:

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more news!

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So I know a lot of my posts lately have been just talking about current vegan news. Well whether you like them or not, here is another one because I just really enjoy reading the vegan news for you lovelies 🙂

This one is called, “Texas Cattle Rancher Becomes Vegan.” Just a couple days ago, I saw a different article titled “Wife Corrals Texas Cattle Rancher Into Becoming Vegan” on ABC so I don’t know I guess the wife succeeded lol. I laughed for a long time at this. I could use some more sleep I think.

Source of photo

So basically this woman Renee Sonnen who is married to a man named Tommy Sonnen have this ranch (Sonnen Ranch) in Texas. They were divorced for six years, and during that time Renee decided to go vegan. Then they got back together. Kind of crazy, I mean how often does that happen? This is some Parent Trap stuff right here.

So Renee wasn’t cool with sending the cows to the slaughterhouse, and she made sure to let Tommy know. She’s all, “I started gaining insight into their [the cows’] souls and naturally started gravitating to the animals in a loving way. The mother cows would cry into the night and I’d go out and cry with them even at midnight.” If that wasn’t enough, she told her husband that if he didn’t go vegan, she’d divorce him. Again. Poor Tommy didn’t want to lose Renee, so he agreed to go vegan. The two opened Rowdy Girl Sanctuary for rescued farm animals.

If you don’t find this story crazy then either you are crazy or I am suffering from significant sleep deprivation.

Here is the source of the article I’m referencing in case you would like to read the original article rather than my summary with commentary 😉

lots of love,

Tofu all in Beyoncé’s mouth like vegan food (;

hey friends!

Not sure if you got the reference of the title because it’s so convoluted haha but if you do then good on you!

So apparently, it seems that Beyoncé is launching a vegan meal delivery service with her trainer! I don’t know if you already knew, but a couple years ago, Bey and Jay-Z did a 22-day challenge where they had to go vegan. She must have liked it or something because she and her personal trainer, Marcus Borges, are making a 22-day meal service that kind of models the challenge she did with Jay before!

According to ABC News, “The meal plan, dubbed, ’22 Days Nutrition’ lets you choose meal plans with options between one to three meals per day for as many days of the week as you’d like, all delivered to your doorstep. The dishes are organic and gluten, soy and dairy free and run $9 to $16 per meal.”

Borges says: “We all know the importance and value of eating plant-based foods but often times find ourselves trapped in a series of bad habits that sabotage optimum wellness. The Vegan Meal Delivery program makes it easier to reset your habits with healthy and delicious plant-based foods. Twenty-two days is going to be successful for a few reasons,” Lorenz said on “GMA.” “It taps into a lot of what consumers want, it is healthy, it has Beyoncé and the price point is good!”

Yoncé says: “I am so grateful that I took the challenge and credit Marco with leading by example,” she said in a statement. “He is the most energetic person I know and it’s all because of his decision to live a healthy lifestyle. He came up with a great program to get people motivated to make better nutritional choices. All you have to do is try. If I can do it, anyone can. I am excited to partner with him.”

Here is an article about it in case you would like to read more.

Are you up for the challenge? 😉

lots of love,

“God Help Me, My Daughter’s Gone Vegan”

hey friends!

Today, other than crying at my hilarious snaps, I also did a little research on vegan news just for you 🙂 So I found this article (here is the source in case you want to read the original one) that basically talks about how “coming out” about how you are going vegan or vegetarian is really hard. Basically this French girl, Ophélie Véron, decided that she wanted to go vegan but had a really hard time lol.


Here are some quotes I pulled from the article to give you a sense of what it’s all about 🙂

  • “They just couldn’t understand it. It’s as if I had a mental illness!,” Ophélie explains.
  • Her mother tries to underplay the family’s reaction: “It wasn’t as if she’d joined ISIS or something,” she quips. “But it was very strange, it cut her away from the others’ food, and so from us.”
  • Inside families, the “conversion” to the vegetal cult doesn’t always happen in harmony. The memory of that fateful moment is still fresh in everybody’s minds. “It was on my 17th birthday,” says one, “April 5, 2014,” says another, “While I was Christmas shopping with my mom,” or “My New Year’s resolution in …,” recall several. Reactions are not necessarily enthusiastic in the land of gastronomy — what about the sacrosanct family meal, Sunday’s roast leg of lamb?
  • Camille and Cécile, twins who became vegetarian when they turned 18, still remember their mother’s panic when they told her that they’d become vegetarians. “What are you going to eat then? You’re making our lives so difficult!” The two decided to help other young people in their dietary transition and created an online forum for vegan living.
  • “You’re being manipulated,” was how the parents of 17-year-old Alexandre Rozenblum responded at first. Then came the coup de grâce, “It’s just teenage angst!”

I think it’s pretty funny how the article employs such dramatic language to describe what the different people’s experiences were like (:

have a great day!!


life is good :)

hey friends!

As you can probably tell by the title of this post, I’m in a pretty good mood. And that’s because AP exams are finally over for me so I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I’m just so happy!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 But at the same time I’ve completely lost motivation to get things done because I’ve kind of mentally checked out of school lol. At this point in life, the highlight of my day is getting to cuddle up in my bed at night and fall asleep to watching The Suite Life of Zack and Cody because it makes me feel nostalgic and it was just a good show okay.

Anyway I didn’t mean to get so off track reminiscing about the fact that I am so at peace with the world. My point is, I am happy, and I am kind of thinking a lot about summer and spending late nights at the beach or having picnics or eating out of FOOD TRUCKS. Which brings me to the topic of today!

PETA recently named “Shimmy Shack” one of the best 5 vegan food trucks in AMERICA! Pretty exciting 🙂 Shimmy Shack is Michigan’s ONLY all-vegan food truck, and has been receiving a lot of attention lately 🙂 Maybe because there are so many people done with AP exams that they are spending more of their time at food trucks 🙂 lol. So anyway, PETA”s Executive Vice President, Tracy Reiman, said, “Shimmy Shack’s tasty and family-friendly vegan treats have won over fans throughout Michigan. With creative menus that are as delicious as they are convenient for diners on the go, all-vegan food trucks are helping more people spare animals suffering and improve their own health.”

Here is an article about it if you would like to read more! Have a fantastic day 🙂


BREAKING NEWS: Student says Cal Poly Pomona is trying to silence his vegan campaign

hey friends!

So this article just came out in the LA times and I thought I’d share it with you!

Basically, a student named Nicolas Tomas from Cal Poly Pomona was handing out leaflets promoting veganism to people at his school’s parking lot, and administrators said he had to leave and was required to get permits and badges from the Office of Student Life.

05 13

Many colleges have laws regarding free speech and student activism to keep other students from feeling uncomfortable or pressured. Tomas apparently violated the free speech laws at Cal Poly Pomona, but he argued that what he was doing was constitutional and the school’s refusal to allow him to hand out the leaflets was unconstitutional. So, he sued the university.

I think this is an interesting issue, because it begs the question of what the limits of free speech in universities should be. This is largely based on colleges wanting to avoid lawsuits by other students who feel offended by pushy activism, but I think it is pretty funny how the school was trying to avoid a lawsuit in this situation but ended up getting involved in a lawsuit regardless.

At the same time, some people think Tomas was being ridiculous and should have just gotten his permits and badges from the Office of Student Life instead of blowing the problem totally out of proportion. I personally understand why he feels that handing out leaflets should be allowed, but I think he should also respect the rules about student activism in his university.

Here is the article in case you wanted to read more.




horseback riding

hey friends and beloved amigos!

What’s everyone’s favorite thing to do on a warm summer day in Kentucky? Ride horses until the sun sets with your family or a close friend or a boyfriend/girlfriend! Honestly I used to be terrified of horses for some reason but I pretended I loved them. But now I’m mostly just scared of swallowing pills and popping balloons, I can’t handle that.

horseback riding

So anyway you’re probably here thinking, “come on, get to the point, I’m here to read about horseback riding in terms of its connection to veganism.” well I am just about to get there!

Lots of vegans, as I’m sure I have mentioned in numerous previous blog posts, are opposed to consumption/usage of animal products or byproducts mainly because they are opposed to animal cruelty. So how does horseback riding have to do with this, you may ask? Or maybe you have already figured out the answer(;

The use of “whips, spurs, and other devices that cause discomfort or pain to horses” as according to PETA is not acceptable.

PETA says, “With domesticated horses, PETA supports humane, interactive training. Horses are not equipment and can suffer from the heat, humidity, and overexertion. Horses don’t enjoy constant work any more than a human being enjoys being forced to do manual labor all day long. Just as a dog can be housetrained in a positive manner, gentle methods can be employed to teach a horse to tolerate a rider on his or her back. PETA does not support training methods based on punishment.

We do not support keeping horses in isolation and believe that they are happiest when kept in social groups.”

I know that I kind of bashed PETA in an earlier post of mine but I think their arguments regarding treatment of horses by vegans are valid. Animal cruelty should apply in all aspects, and horseback riding seems to be a common point of dispute. But again, this begs the question, why are you vegan? If you’re vegan for health reasons, this issue may not concern you. However, if you went vegan because you don’t agree with the exploitation of animals, this may be something you want to consider the next time you take a trip down to Kentucky.


¡ay caramba!

hey friends!!!

lol so reading over my last post is kind of weird because I honestly don’t remember writing half of that stuff…but on the bright side I slept really well that night! So anyway I was thinking (wow, crazy! I was thinking!) and I thought it would be interesting to do a blog post on the different types of vegans, if you catch my drift. So here it is!! Yippee!!

  1. The Instagrammer: Nobody knows if this kid is really vegan, but pretty much her entire life is devoted to taking pictures of her food, posting them on instagram, and writing inspirational quotes about how her life is so much better and we should all go vegan.
  2. The Confused? This kid is talking all about how he’s vegan, but then he eats fish or cheese or there’s just something weird about him, maybe it’s just that he smells like pepperoni all the time. This reminds me of when I used to tell my kindergarten teacher, “I am vegetarian. I only eat chicken.”
  3. Ze Hippie! This is pretty self-explanatory I think.
  4. The ANIMAL RIGHTS girl: This girl is just all about animals and she’s always posting links about where our meat “really comes from” or pictures of dead animals and things like that. What can I say, the girl loves her animals.
  5. The crazy fit/ripped: This vegan is really into lowering his/her cholesterol and fat intake, so they go all raw and post pictures of their insanely toned body
  6. Me! just kidding. Got you!

I love making lists and I hope you like reading them! Have a fabulous day! 🙂


You’ve got it all wrong

Hey friends!

I am writing this while on a mild sleeping pill so I am super drowsy to say the least and I feel super out of it. I am taking my SAT tomorrow! That is why I took the sleeping pill, to make sure I would sleep enough because I knew that otherwise I would be staying up all night feeling anxious. I know sleeping pills are bad but I needed it I really need it 🙁 So I apologize if any of this doesn’t make much sense or my sentences are incoherent because honestly my brain just wants to go to sleep right now but anyway…

I’ve compiled a short list of things you tend to think are vegan but actually (surprise) are NOT vegan! Courtesy of the delicious living blog 🙂 Anyway here is the list:

  1. Glue: “animal glue is traditionally used in paper and wood processing, bookbinding, painting, conservation/restoration and for making musical instruments and furniture. Animal glue can be made of animal proteins such as gelatin, which is created by boiling animal tissues” – so you can’t read books or live in a house? WHAT?
  2. Photo prints: they’ve got gelatin in them! self-explanatory since I already explained it in the previous #
  3. Vaccines: “Modern methods include using cell cultures obtained from the tissues of animals, such as dog kidneys”
  4. LCD Screens “Liquid crystals found in screens on TVs, computers and cell phones may be based on cholesterol taken from animals”
  5. Batteries: again, gelatin!

So if you’re super vegan you can’t print pics of yourself, get vaccinated, watch TV/use the computer or do anything else involving most electronics? YOU SHOULDN’T EVEN BE READING THIS. CRAZY. HAVE A GREAT DAY.


top friendly vegan cities!

hey friends,

I hope you all had a great day because I did not and I only wish good upon others 🙂 But anyway, apparently certain cities are more vegan friendly than others. I’ve heard of like dog friendly and smoker friendly and nice people friendly but I did not know that there was such a thing as vegan friendly? But now that I think about it this makes sense. Some cities are known for seafood or great beef, and likewise it seems that some cities are better with vegan foods. So here’s a short list I have compiled of the top three vegan cities according to PETA (the quotes I have put in are from there as well!)

  1. Austin, Texas: apparently it is the vegan food truck capital of the world? Who knew! So if you’re vegan and you love food trucks I would recommend moving to Texas. It could be great. I can feel it.
  2. Portland, Oregon: wow that’s close to home! Not really lol but it’s the closest 😉 apparently it is home to the only vegan strip mall in the COUNTRY! pretty crazy
  3. Los Angeles: as PETA so eloquently puts it, “As more and more Hollywood stars go vegan, it’s no surprise that the City of Angels is high on PETA’s 2013 list of vegan-friendly cities” and I totally agree! (see my previous post on famous vegans for more info!)

Here is a vegan food pyramid that I would assume is generally used as a guideline for vegans, and would be important in determining if a city is “vegan friendly”:

vegan food pyramid

lots of love,