Experience Music Project Museum

The EMP is where prom was held last weekend and is a really awesome place. Out of the surrounding high schools I am glad Issaquah was able to have our prom there because it was much more impressive that other locations and just made the entire prom experience that much better. I had a great time and had never been inside of the museum itself and was pleasantly surprised. Not only is the outside an abstract colorful shape but the inside is just as interesting and unique. If you do not know where it is located it is directly next to the Space Needle and Seattle Center.
Especially if you are into music this is the perfect place to go, they have music genres for everyone and so many exhibits you are sure to find one you like. Some of their featured exhibits are; Star Wars and The Power of Costume, Infinite Words of Science Fiction, Nirvana Taking Punk to The Masses, Indie Game Revolution, We Are 12, and Fantasy Worlds of Myth and Magic. Many of their exhibits include hands on experiences while learning how to be a DJ, playing instruments with the tap of a palm, and learning how recording studios work.
There are also so many events held here such as The Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festival and Seattle Mini Maker Fair. Another great thing that is overlooked is the fact that some of the exhibits have a timer on them so you are ensured to actually get you turn during you time there. You can’t go wrong with visiting this museum filled with modern and classic music styles that everyone enjoys.


Lime Kiln Point State Park

Here in Washington we have a ton of state parks but Lime Kiln Point State Park is especially great. It is a 36 acre park on the ocean and is a perfect spot to relax and have some fun. It is actually located on the San Juan Islands like many of the great attractions in the area. What is really special about this park is that it is one of the best places to see whales. I know I brought up the whole whale watching thing before but that is honestly just because whales are super awesome and not something you see everyday. The park is popularly known for wildlife viewing, and to be specific bird watching is the main attraction apart from the aquatic life.

The park itself has everything you would expect such a tress and bushes and rocks and whatnot. Additionally it includes a light house at the end and beach areas which is cool because it sort of offers everything. The only negative is that it in on the San Juan Islands so to get there you have to take a ferry and have a pass which can be sort of a hassle.

According to the Washington State Parks website from the park you can see many animals such as Minke whales, orcas, porpoises, seals, sea lions, and otters. The Washing State Park website actually has a lot of information about various locations and activities and is a great place to look up things to do if you want specific details about passes, permits, and history.

Mount Si

Mount Si is great place to hike and its close to other attractions like Twedes Cafe and Premium Outlets. On the actual Mountain Si there are a few trails that can be takes depending on your desired distance and effort level. Last weekend I did the smaller trail called Little Si with my mom in the morning.
It is about 4.7 miles round trip and is really great because the trail is very interesting and holds other activities. One of those is rock climbing. A little ways into the hike you can stop and watch people rock climbing which is awesome. It is not often that you get to watch real people climbing on real rocks and not just kids on elementary school rock walls that are 5 feet high.
Generally speaking there are quite a few hiking trails in the North Bend area and it is a common place for people to be doing outdoor activities. From what I could tell the trail is for all ages because I saw people of every single age hiking, including a group of 7 year old children alone. I also saw quite a few dogs so it is a pet friendly trail.
The top was quite foggy which is sort of disappointing but still makes for an interesting picture when you can’t see more than a few feet from the edge. Like all good hiking trails there is never enough parking which is unfortunate. I would suggest hiking any of the trails in the area but maybe Little Si to start off with.

MountSi MountSi2


Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach is not a very well known beach but I personally think it is one of the nicest beaches in Washington. It reminds me a lot of Cannon Beach which is a well known beach in Oregon so if you know what cannon beach looks like just picture that same beach but in Washington. The only main difference is that Cannon Beach has a charming town connected to it for tourists, and Ruby Beach does not really have this. It is actually part of the Olympic National Park and is located off of highway 101.
There are obviously different types of beaches, and this is no Hawaiian beach with white sand and clear light blue water. I know that sounds like it is a bad thing but I think beaches like this that have big rocks and driftwood and bigger pebbles are quite underrated. Maybe it is because I grew up going to beaches like Ruby Beach and have nice memories of eating lunch with my grandparents sitting on a wood log. Either way, beaches like Rudy Beach are still just as great as a tropical beach because you get a different experience that can be just as nice.
The hike to Ruby Beach is about a quarter of a mile so really not very far, it is barely even considered a hike. There are also many bald eagle sightings in that area so you might see one or two. Once you get there I promise that you will enjoy your short 1/4 mile hike.

Pike Place Flowers

There are a lot of places to buy flowers in and around Pike Place but specifically Pike Place Flowers is one of the best and most famous. They are not in the pike place building but still considered part of the market and are located on the corner of First and Pike. When we think of a market we often think about fresh food because obviously everyone loves food but fresh flowers are also a great perk.

This flower shop has so many different types of flowers it is really incredible. You walk in or even walk by and immediately see various vibrant colors and can smell them too. They have flowers for every event and occasion too; corsages, office space, gift basket, weddings, birthdays, anniversary, Christmas,Valentine’s Day, and any other occasion needing flowers.

Flowers are also just a nice gesture because for the most part everyone loves flowers. I personally love flowers and cannot get enough of them and actually dry a lot of the flowers I receive. So for example the flower I wore in my hat for my uncles wedding two years ago I dried upside down and have in my room along with the flowers I received for senior night. My room is filled with dried flowers and each of them sort of has a significant event or memory attached to it.

If you happen to go to Pike Place soon make sure to stop by Pike Place Flowers on the corner in front of the market sign.


Tree House Point

Tree House Point is a private event center and overnight retreat available to anyone who wants to live their childhood dream and spend the night in a cool tree house. They are located just 30 minutes from Seattle so not in the middle of nowhere. You can turn off your technology and have some fun up in a tree! The treehouses have private bathrooms below on the ground floor which includes a shower, toilet, and sink but still better than camping where none of those are available. Inside the treehouse there are beds and lighting giving each tree house a comfortable atmosphere.

This is one of the reasons I think Washington is so great, they have unique opportunities such as glamping in huge tents and renting treehouses build in actual trees. It is really cool to be able to experience nature and trees and not have to sleep on the cold ground and get bug bites.

There are numerous tree houses available to rent based on needs and number of people. This company also can accommodate for weddings and events. If you aren’t already impressed they also offer hatha yoga. What better way to get in touch with nature than to do yoga in the middle of a forest? If you are looking for a unique experience this is the place to go. Especially if you have younger children in your family it will make their day to be able to spend the night in a real tree house. We are lucky enough to have countless green trees in Washington and need to appreciate it more.

Bellevue’s Snowflake Lane

Yes I recognize summer is starting, at least for us in high school. The weather is getting warmer which is really exciting but it still makes me sad that we basically had no snow this past winter. The Seattle area especially has such mild weather year round which some people like and some people do not. What I am getting at is that I wish we could have had at least a few snow days.

One of my favorite parts of the winter time is Bellevue’s snowflake lane parade at Bellevue square. It goes on from November 28th to December 24th. There is great music, confetti, lights, and performers. The atmosphere is really fun and exciting to be part of, especially when you are surrounded by your friends. Whats really great is how the performers are in all age groups, elementary school, middle school, high school, and older.

There is also ice skating in the area along with Christmas decorations everywhere (if you are into that sort of thing). What reminded me of this celebration is how I go every year and when I was talking to my parents about college and we discussed how I will definitely be coming back to Seattle over winter break. Even though I will be living in a different state this is something that I will still go and see every year when I come back to visit!

I know I should have made a post about this back when it was actually winter but I completely forgot and wanted to add it now because I think its something everyone should experience.

Bellevue Snowflake Lane

University of Washington

If you have ever been to the Seattle University of Washington campus then you know how beautiful it can be. In the spring all the trees and flowers bloom around campus and the grass is green. It is really a picturesque campus year round. Many of the buildings are still very old and have an interesting architecture and cool look to them. The campus has quick and easy access to downtown Seattle and the freeway.

The University of Washington is the largest University in Washington state and a great school. The Seattle campus is also in a great location right on Lake Washington in down town Seattle. It is surrounded by the University district also known as the U district. Basically it includes shopping, restaurants, and activities. By mom went to the University of Washington for five years and absolutely loved it and enjoyed the area.

The actual campus has a huge glorious fountain and even has a row team that you can sit and watch from the bridge. You can rent canoes and boats on Lake Washington just down the street and enjoy the water. The campus is a traditional layout of a big university with clean pathways and groomed grass to sit on. In additional to restaurants and shops there are dorms and Greek houses in the area. You can even go to a husky football game in their large stadium right on the water and watch the amazing purple and gold. The entire area is really awesome and worth checking out whether you are new to the area or already live here.

Pacific Science Center

The Pacific Science Center was created for the World Fair in Seattle in 1962. I recently talked about the Gay Pride Festival that happens at the Seattle Center and the Pacific Science center is on the south side of the Seattle Center. There are so many exhibits you could spend days there. I really like the message that it sends too which is to help raise environmental and nature awareness.

It has not one but two IMAX theatres which is awesome for anyone who likes movies and documentaries. They have showings of movies such as Humpback Whales 3D, D-Day 3D, and Hubble 3D. It also has a butterfly house which is personally my favorite, and mostly everyone’s favorite. There are so many butterflies with different designs and colors flying around and eating fruit it is really an experience that everyone needs. In fact the science center imports about 500 tropical butterflies’ weekly from Central and South America, Africa, and Asia.

There are even more exhibits from the naked mole rat to the sonic bloom. They have everything you can imagine there it will not disappoint. There are mathematical games like extra-large chess sets and visual games that you actually interact with that are hands on. When we think of science most of us think it is boring and difficult but every single aspect of the Pacific Science Center is very interesting. Regardless of age I have never met anyone who had a bad time while visiting it. This is a picture of a butterfly from their butterfly house.

Seattle Science Center

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls is that super cool waterfall you have seen in pictures with a bridge standing over part of it. It’s part of the Columbia River and right on the border of Washington and Oregon. It really is just that type of place where you look at a picture of it and say to yourself I need to go there. Technically it is on the Oregon side but hey Oregon is still part of the Pacific Northwest so it is okay in my book. It is a pretty awesome waterfall, it has two parts to it and the observatory bridge is right in-between. From the bridge you can basically see the waterfall in every direction, left, right, up, and down.

Multnomah Falls also has some history behind it, Lewis and Clark passed by it when they were exploring years ago, and it is actually unknown who exactly named the falls. It is said to be the fourth tallest waterfall in the United States but is still controversial and might not be true. There is also a Multnomah Falls Lodge that looks like a small cottage nearby along with a gift shop.

The only negatives are that during certain days and times it can quite crowded and there is barely any parking in the parking lot so many people have to park on nearby streets. The positives are that you get to see an incredible waterfall and all other nature and get some exercise out of it all. Overall this is a must see and a great representation of the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle’s Gay Pride Festival

Seattle’s gay pride fest happens every June and grows bigger and bigger every year. Apparently it is the largest free pride festival in America and biggest LGBT gathering in the Pacific Northwest! This year it will be held Sunday June 28th at the Seattle Center right next to the space needle. They actually fly a gay pride flag on top of the space needle too and it’s pretty awesome. It is their 41st annual pride festival this June in 2015. The festival includes many individual events plus a parade at 11 am that lasts about two and a half hours with the festival starting right afterwards.

What I really love about the festival and parade is that all ages are present and generally speaking everyone looks like they are having a great time. I think it is really important to teach kids from a young age to accept everyone and be able to celebrate everyone. There are also games and great food, drinks, and booths everywhere selling colorful items. In 2013 the event even had over 100 performers in various stages throughout he festival and now in 2015 there will be just as many if not more performers and artists.

If you are looking for music, fun, and good food this is definitely the place for you to check out. It is a great place to bring all ages, especially kids since they love all the games and colors everywhere. This is a picture of the last gay pride festival last June that me and my mom went to.



Tacoma Dome

The Tacoma Dome opened in 1983 and is used for a variety of events, but specifically concerts and artists on tours. It is able to seat 23,000 people which if you think about it that is quite a lot of people in one area. A fun fact about it is that it is the largest wooden dome arena in the world. Like I said it has hosted many things such as the NFL preseason exhibition games in the 1990’s and the Seattle SuperSonics in the 1990’s as well. It has even hosted sports such as soccer, gymnastics, and figure skating in the Goodwill games.

The arena is not just used for sports though, it famously hosts concerts. Countless famous singers have performed there and they even host shows such as Nitro Circus! Some of the people that have performed concerts there are; Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, U2, Maroon 5 and Imagine Dragons.

I have only been to one show there when I was younger but most people have been there and has had a good time. Even at my mom’s age she goes out with friends to concerts there and has a great time. All ages can find an event that suits them, and afterwards can wander around Tacoma which is one of our biggest cities here in Washington. Regardless of what your personal taste in shows is you are sure to find something here. I mean who wouldn’t want to go to the Tacoma Dome, its a huge dome!

Pacific Northwest Sunset

Part of the Washington experience is watching the sun set. I suppose you can do this anywhere but I would like to think that a Pacific Northwest sunset is one of the best ones out there. Watching a sunset is a pretty easy bucket list item because you can be anywhere and see it, even from inside a car or building. I personally think watching the sun set should be one of the top things you have to make sure you do in Washington.

Sunsets are pretty incredible. Some are nicer than others but no matter who you are, you can admire a beautiful sunset. There are some really incredible places to be while watching a sun set too in Washington. Bellevue and Seattle are great because having the skyline be the backdrop of a sunset makes the experience even better. For example my favorite place to watch the sun set is probably gas works park in Seattle. It has the best view of the entire Seattle skyline and when the colors of the sky reflect on the water it creates an amazing picture. It is also a great spot because it is on a hill and it has grass to sit on to be comfortable.

Between pinks, reds, yellows, and oranges mixed together the sun setting can be one of the most scenic views you will see in Washington. This is a picture of the sun setting two summers ago that I really love from my house in the backyard. 



The Museum of Flight

As I might have mentioned before I am not the biggest fan of museums, I actually dislike museums a lot. I have been to countless museums all over North America and even more in Europe but I can say one of the most tolerable ones is the Museum of Flight here in Seattle.  My mom worked at Boeing as well as her father, mother, and sister which is why they really wanted to take a look around, but I will admit I found it very fascinating just walking around and seeing all the modern and historical information and visuals they have.

The Museum of Flight has so many exhibitions and activities available it is awesome. They have over 150 aircrafts and vehicles which is a lot if you think about how expensive and big they are. There are some really amazing photographs around the museum too if you like that sort of thing. There are quite a few exhibits, you can check them out online on their website but some of the cool ones include; sitting in a planes cockpit, the Boeing story, and the Apollo 17 mission models. Their newest exhibit is on how birds fly and the science and history behind that which is also fairly interesting.

Overall this is really just a place that anyone will find interesting. It is great for kids, teenagers, adults, and even seniors. I went with my grandparents and younger cousins and everyone did their own thing but still had a great time because of all the exhibits they offer.