Seattle on Wheel

There is so much to check out in Seattle but there is never enough time to go see it all. There are simply to many attractions in Seattle to see, no one wants to go see it all in a car, the best affordable solution is bike tours. All over Seattle there are good affordable bike options possible, ranging from four hours to four days! Not only that but the bike tours take you all over Seattle and allow you to see everything in Seattle and not just at a glance.

The specific tours I looked into were taking you around downtown Seattle. which may not be the most desirable for all but that alone has so much history of the west coast that its worth it. Another tour takes you through Woodenville to see all that it has to offer, a separate tour is seeing the falls of Snolqualmie. Biking around town sure is a good way to be at your own pace and still be able to see everything for at least a little while.

This is not a way to travel all of the time, or a recommended way to visit seattle but the bike tour can give you an idea of what you would like to visit again and a very good idea of where you’d like to spend even more time.

A bike tour in Seattle is free if you have a bike and know where to go, inexpensive if you need to rent a bike and just a little bit more when you hire a tour also. One thing for sure is that a bike tour is a good option, so go grab a bike and peddle to your dreams.

Quick Asian eats

Many of us are running around town, doing multiple things at once but each and everyone of us must remember to eat! Now here in town we have all sorts of food and I myself have eaten successfully at nearly all of them so lets take a look at which Asian food is best.

My personal favorite place here in town to eat is probably between Jenny Pho and ISushi. Both of these places are well priced and both are right here, close by in town. Jenny Pho is a must especially if its raining outside. the restaurant is covered in windows and very well lit. infarct, the corner eat is covered completely by windows on two sides so natural light is very accessible. The warm, cozy restaurant is named after the owners daughter Jenny, the owners make sure all the service is at 200%. With so much to choose from on the menu this close by unknown restaurant is a must.

My next favorite Asian food here in town is definitely ISushi. The modern interior mixed with so many Japanese dishes and desserts is accommodated by quality service. ISushi is located in the same plaza as the other restaurants, this eat is of coarse serving sushi, but not just that; it is on a conveyor belt also. the small comfy eat is updated to be very modern so naturally there is always at least one game on the TV and the food is always matched in quality.

So overall both eats are good and well priced. Both eats are high recommended by this blogger.

Haunted Issaquah

Issaquah brings about much attention through its local attractions. I would consider myself a weekend warrior, and among many adventures this weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the haunted house on Issaquah Hobart Rd. Now if your interested in haunted houses or have friends that are I highly recommend that you visit this haunted house. Around every single corner lies something that should make you scream and run. The haunted house is located Just a couple miles away from the High school on Issaquah Hobart Rd at the Fox Hollow Farm. The owners of the farm has such a fascination in amusing the public that they even put on a haunted house. This haunted house total takes about 30 minutes to complete but trust me it seems like you just cant get out fast enough before all the sudden you want to go back through. At a cheap price, the haunted house is well worth it. you could go in alone or in a large group. And if you’re concerned about the parking, have no fear they have so much land you could bring the whole family along. I enjoyed myself there it was very wonderful. I recommend this haunted house to anyone that is seeking a good time. Thats it fot the blog this week my fans, until next time…. stay spooky and have fun. Tune in next week as we talk all about Halloween and how to enjoy it best in town.

Tourist in Issaquah

Hey guys, it’s CSpice here coming at you with a new thread all about being a tourist in your own small town. I myself have always found myself wondering what is there to do in the local area in which we live.

Now being a tourist is fun but how long can it last. In order to satisfied on  a weekly basis for my interest I will be writing about my experiences with different local attractions here in town. Now depending on your interest level and motivation you may find yourself following in my foot steps or commenting your own experiences. Issaquah use to be a small town as many of us know but as is in the world today people move all over the place and everything is growing, Issaquah is no exception. Just 15 years ago Issaquah had no highlands and just 50 years ago Issaquah was used as a base for military purposes, just 100 years ago Issaquah was just a small mining town.

The point of this blog is to show what there is to do around Issaquah you may have not experienced yet or not have even know existed. so for the remainder of the year I will do my best to show you the flavorful spices of Issaquah at in depth simple glance. I hope everyone is interested to learn about their own city. Seeing as it is fall and my personal favorite spice and flavor is cinnamon and my blog is about flavorful spices of Issaquah its only fit my blog name be CinnamonSpice.

Seattle Bike Tour

There are so many amazing things to check out in Seattle, but often times there just is not enough time to travel to every single of Seattle’s attraction. Also, nobody wants to spend all day in a car driving from one place to the next. The solution to this is bike tours. In Seattle you can take a four day cycling tour and it takes you all over Seattle where you have time to stop at all sorts of different places. You have been to Seattle, but you have never experienced it quite like this.

Now the first day is not really a place for teens because it involves sampling wines in Woodinville, but the other three days are perfect for just about anyone. On day two you have the opportunity to visit the Snoqualmie Falls a beautiful place with a nice, fairly easy hiking trail. I actually wrote a previous blog post about it and I was there recently and it sure is something. Biking there would make it even more fun.

On day three you get to catch a ferry and head over to Bainbridge and once you get there you can visit vintage bike museum. Personally, I do not find it all that interesting, but everyone that I knew that went said they enjoyed it. Then on the last day you can head over to Ballard locks and just got exploring.

Just like that the bike tour is over and not only did you get to see so many different parts of Seattle, but you got in some exercise riding those bikes. On a weekend it is supposed to be nice and sunny this is what I suggest you spend your day doing. If the tour is not something that interests you, grab your own bike and head over to Seattle and do some exploring of your own, it is an awesome way to explore the city.


Poo Poo Point

In my last blog post I talked about a hiking trail that I had visited and really enjoyed so I thought I would do the same thing today. The trail I am recommending today is Poo Poo Point. This is an extremely well known hike, especially where I live. It is probably the trail I hear people go and hike the most. Just like so many other trails here in Washington it has an incredible view and that is always so rewarding to see after making it to the top. Once you reach the top it is a great place to just hang out for a bit and enjoy the amazing view. Also, paragliders actually take off at Poo Poo Point so depending on when you decide to go you might see some paragliders taking off.

I would recommend this trail to just about anyone. Even if you are not really into hiking I think this trail would still be a great place to check out. It can be difficult though because it is mostly uphill, but there are a few flat areas to give you a bit of a break. I believe it is eight miles round trip and personally I found that was just perfect for me. I really enjoyed this hike and I have recommended it to a lot of people so if you have not already checked out Poo Poo Point I really encourage you to! Below is a picture of the beautiful view. That alone should make you want to go check it out!


06 03

Goat Lake

One of the greatest things about the Pacific Northwest would definitely have to be all of the amazing hikes a person could go on. Today I am going to talk about Goat Lake. It is in the Northern Cascades and as for the distance I cannot remember how long it is and I tried to look it up, but every website I checked had a different number, but it I remember it being a few miles both ways. It is an extremely popular hike that so many people take to get some exercise as well as enjoy some breathtaking views.

At Goat Lake there are all sorts of different waterfalls and there is a beautiful lake and in the picture I have below you can see that there are beautiful snowy mountains that surround the lake. Hikes are always a great way to get active, but this one in particular is one of my favorites just because it is one of the most beautiful trails I have ever been on. Most of the time trails do have a great view, but this one is different than a lot of the other trails that are closer to where I live. They all have a pretty similar view, but this one is a refreshing change.

I would definitely recommend that everyone take a trip up to Goat Lake and hike the trail. You will get a good workout as well as a rewarding view. One of my favorite things about hikes is that even if it is a long one or tiring once you see a view like the one at Goat Lake you will know it was all worth it.

05 27


Seattle Center Monorail

Today’s blog post is not exactly a place, but an awesome way to get around in Seattle. This form of transportation would be the Seattle Center Monorail. It was created for the 1962 Seattle World’s fair. Although it does a help a lot of people get around Seattle now everyday it is also an extremely popular attraction because it is the first commercial monorail system.

The train has two stations it departs from. You can either catch it at the Seattle Center station or the Westlake Center Mall station. The great thing about the monorail is that it is a quick ride and you can use it at anytime because one leaves about every ten minutes or so.

To ride the monorail it is $2.25 for adults, $1.00 for youth and children age four and under ride for free. It is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. all the way until 11:00 p.m. Then on Saturday and Sunday the monorail is open from 8:30 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.

The monorail is always so exciting because it is placed up high so it is different than any other train ride and it is a big attraction in Seattle. Sometimes we forget about it just because it is a short ride and there is not a ton of stuff do like other famous attraction such as the Space Needle, but it really is a fun ride. If I am in that area in Seattle I always find an excuse to get on the monorail. It is a quick and fairly inexpensive trip and I recommend everyone go check it out.


Golden Gardens Park

Things are starting to warm up here in Washington and summer is quickly approaching. This means there will be a ton of people looking for new things to do outdoors. A great place to check out is Golden Gardens Park. Golden Gardens is a park located in Ballard. The park is a great place to spend the day because it is right on the Puget Sound and it was one of the few beaches in Seattle that looks great and has a ton of stuff to do.

While at Golden Gardens not only can you just set up a couple towels and lay out in the sun, but there trails to walk, a playground, and places to have a picnic. Every great thing to do outside in the summer can all be done right there at Golden Gardens. Also, it is a great place to get some friends together and maybe have a party because they do have volleyball nets and a fire pits so bring a volleyball and some marshmallows and you are set up to have a great night where you are sure to make lots of memories.

Golden Gardens has such an incredible view and the sunsets there during the summer are breathtaking. When it comes to going to the beach in Seattle we do not really have too many to choose from, so I really appreciate Golden Gardens and in the summer I spend a lot of time there. I hope all of you take advantage of a nice summer day and you go explore Golden Gardens Park.

05 20 15


A New Kind Of Starbucks

In a previous blog post I wrote about the very first Starbucks. Now I am going to write about one of the newest Starbucks around and certainly the most interesting. This Starbucks is located in Capitol Hill and actually has it’s own name, Starbucks Reserve Roasting and Tasting Room, a bit of mouthful to say, but that is exactly what it is so it fits perfectly. This is no ordinary Starbucks, it is a ginormous place you can go and taste different coffees and have a completely different experience than any other coffee shop. It is unlike any other Starbucks you have visited before. The coffee is actually roasted in that very room just a few feet away from you.

You are not just limited to coffee; this Starbucks actually has more food and pastry options then your local Starbucks. Also, this Starbucks has so many different spaces to see and hang out at, a few include the Coffee Library and a main bar. The main bar is where you get to see the coffee being made and enjoy their delicious menu and the coffee library is a great place to just hang out and enjoy your food and maybe get some extra work done or read a book.

This new and innovative Starbucks is unique and brand new. If you are a coffee lover and getting tired of getting the same old drink at your local Starbucks this the place for you! You will not find anything else like this, it is something that can only be experienced here in Seattle. If you get the chance I would recommend checking out the first Starbucks and then making your way over to the new one. Personally, I was amazed by the difference and how much Starbucks has grown. I recommend anyone who loves Starbucks to check this out!

– SeattleGirl

Bellevue Downtown Park

It is really beginning to warm up outside here in Washington and with heat means a lot more opportunities for outdoor activities. Whither that’s throwing around a football or going on a picnic with some friends it is always great go out and get some fresh air. A perfect place to do a number of fun activities would be the Bellevue Downtown Park. It is located right next to the Bellevue Square Mall. The park has a huge grass field, a great trail around it for walking and beautiful trees surrounding the whole the park.

If you do not live near Bellevue it may not seem ideal to drive all the way out there just to go to a park, but it is actually in the perfect location. Since it is right next to the mall you have all sorts of stuff to do. Personally I enjoy catching a movie with some friends at Lincoln Square and then grabbing a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants Bellevue has and then we usually end the night by taking a walk around the park. Another great thing about the park is that it is actually lit up at night. There are lights circling around the entire park and at night they all come on.

This park is the perfect place to just hang out and relax. You can put a blanket out and just lay down in the grass or you can take a seat at the many benches that are located all around the park. On the next sunny we get here in Washington be sure to take advantage of it and head on over to the Bellevue Downtown Square park.

05 13


Safeco Field

Today’s local attraction I am going to talk about is one that is extremely well known and almost everyone that lives in Washington has been there at least once, if not hundreds of times throughout their life. This place is the one and only Safeco Field, home of the Mariners. Of course the Mariners may not be the best team out there, but if Seattle is known for one thing it would definitely be our constant support for our local sports teams.

Safeco Field is the perfect place to go on a nice day. If you catch a game later in the day you can see a beautiful sunset and Seattle’s downtown skyline. Of course you also get an awesome view of all that is happening around on the field. There really is not a bad seat in the stadium.

A baseball game is perfect for all ages and it always so much fun. The game is always exciting and who knows you may even be lucky enough to catch a foul ball. Another part of what makes Safeco great is the food, personally I think it is one the best parts. Anytime I go to a Mariners game I make sure to get Dippin’ Dots, it is a fun twist on ice cream. I cannot really describe it to you, but if you ever find yourself at a Mariner’s game just do yourself a favor and get some.

A baseball game is an outing everyone will enjoy. Honestly even if that person is not a big fan of baseball; just the food and great views alone will make you want to go. It is a great place to go with friends or your family or whomever you want! Even if you have already gone to a Mariner’s game or you are like me and have been going to them your entire life it is just one of those things that is still just as fun as the first time!

05 08 15



Last week I wrote about a music venue for smaller artists called the Crocodile and I loved writing about it so much I am going to share another small venue like the Crocodile. This one is called Neumos. Neumos is located on Pike ST in Seattle. Just like the Crocodile it is a venue that is on the smaller side, but it does include an upstairs. The second floor is great for any show where it is all ages, but the adults in the crowd that are over 21 have a place to hang out.

The venue itself is not anything special, but its history and the artists that have preformed there make it a truly special and unique place. In 1994 Neumos was originally opened as Moe’s Mo’ Roc’N Café and then it was later reopened and named Neumos. Not only is how Neumos came to be interesting, but also so are some of the past artists that preformed there. Some shows include, Radiohead, Flaming Lips, Pearl Jam and even a show that brought out the President of the United States at the time, Bill Clinton.

The great thing about Neumos is that they showcase tons of artists whoa are local so if you are looking for a fresh new artists this would be the perfect place. Just walking through the streets of Seattle you can see tons of talented street performers and that is just the beginning, the city is crawling with talented people who begin at small venues just like Neumos.

In the beginning when Neumos was known as just Moes it was a place where artists could come and have a chance at launching their careers. To this day it is a place where all sorts of different people can come together and listen to great music and share in unforgettable experiences.

05 01


The Crocodile

For anyone that is looking for a new up and coming artist the Crocodile Café is the perfect place for just that. The Crocodile is a fairly small venue, but that just means the shows are a lot more intimate and it does not matter where you are in the venue because you will be able to enjoy the show even if you are in the back. Also, a lot of bands and artists get their start at the Crocodile.

Last year in May I went to a Hoodie Allen concert at the Crocodile and it was my first time attending a concert at this venue and it was incredible. It was an extremely inexpensive show and it came with a free meet and greet. Then once the show started everyone was on their feet singing and rapping along to every song and having the time of their lives. Hoodie actually performed a song he had just written the night before and we were the first show to ever hear it. Now the song is on his newest album called People Keep Talking.

The energy at all of these shows at the Crocodile is absolutely incredible. If you close your eyes and just listen to the crowd you would not be able to believe that the venue was so small. Since most of the artists and bands that preform are underground artists and are not as popular, all of the people that show up to see the show are true fans that know every word of every song. One of my favorite things about Seattle is the music scene and how we have so many great venues just like this one where smaller artists have their chance to get their big break.