Summer Jobs

Hey y’all!

Weird to think that there are is just a little over a week left of school, and really how many days are actually full days. And of those short days how many consist of actual school work. So when you think about it, there truly is hardly any school left.

Kind of sad. But only kind of. Because no school means summer, and I have been counting down the days until summer, and I would bet money that everyone else has too.

Anyways, I’m not sad that I will no longer be a freshman, because really who wants to be a freshman. And the fact that this time next year I will be well on my way to being a junior…well that is just crazy. Hopefully these next couple of years don’t go by too slowly.

What I was trying to get to, though to be fair I wasn’t trying that hard, was summer plans and more importantly, summer jobs.

Now being a freshman, I wasn’t really planning on getting a job this summer. I figured, nah, I’m too young, what’s the point? Well ladies and gentlemen, the point is that you get paid ten dollars an hour to work with a bunch of cool people, make new connections and, to be honest, have fun.

At least, that’s how I’m feeling now…I’m pretty sure that in a couple weeks I will be way past the honeymood period, but I’m going to enjoy this while it lasts. Besides, it’s a really cool feeling to have other people trust you with responsibilities and treat you as an adult. It is just so…so professional. And I like that.

Now I may be absolutely insane and y’all are in complete shock that I can even say that I enjoy work, but hey, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? Find a job you love? Maybe not everyone is lucky enough to have a job they actually look forward too, but I think that is a good thing to strive for.

But either way, this summer I’m getting paid, and that’s rewarding all in itself…I highly recommend it.

xoxo Freshmeat

Yearbooks; Picture Yay’s and Nay’s

Hey y’all!

Oh yearbooks how I have missed you. So glad my awkward freshman face is now immortalized in approximately 2,000 glossy pages of unflattering color. I have never been more happy.

06 08

I really don’t understand why we have to get such horrible pictures taken, I mean, if we have to have a picture in our school yearbook, then we might as well actually use a picture we like. AND if the school let us submit our own pictures they wouldn’t have to reserve an entire day just for pictures. Also they wouldn’t need to hire photographers to come in and snap each and every students unflattering headshot.

Personally, I am awful at taking pictures, especially school pictures, they’re just too posed or something. So I believe that it really would benefit everyone, specifically those that struggle to take a decent photograph, if the school allowed you to submit your own picture. I am talking major benefit. Because that is how you are going to be remembered forever.

Although the flip side to taking bad pictures is that if you get lucky a take one really good one, it really does look really good.

And also, at your high school reunion twenty years from now, everyone will be blown away by how great you look because all they’ve seen of your face for the last couple decades is a squinty eyed sophomore with braces mid sneeze.

I should be clear though, I love my yearbooks. Each one holds so many memories, some I would rather forget, but some I want to remember for a lifetime. And even if that picture on the last page of the freshman section makes me want to scream and pull a bag over my head, at least I’m there, because this is one high school experience that I won’t ever want to forget.

xoxo Freshmeat

Pre-Finals Panic

Hey y’all!

Well, here we are, another Wednesday. Only not really just another Wednesday, because this is our third to last Wednesday…so yeah, actually it really is just another Wednesday. I’m sort of wishing it was our last Wednesday right about now, as I’m trying to force feed my brain information on five different subjects at once.

In one hand I’ve got an almost finished math packet on probability, in the other I’m trying to fit a highlighter, two pens and a pencil, my Spanish notes are all over the floor, William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is balanced precariously between my knees along with every analytical note ever, wedged between my feet is a biology textbook and my half done history study guide is just leering at me from the table, unabashedly mocking my misery.

You could say I’m a little stressed.

But here is the thing, right about this time last year, I was getting ready to say goodbye to middle school. Eighth grade was wrapping up and I was pretty much on top of the world. Most importantly, there was no such thing as finals.

Nope. No projects, no plays, no essays, no one hundred question history finals…and that’s just the multiple choice.

Oh, no, last year, I was just starting to relax, we weren’t learning anything new, all of the teachers were starting to finish up just about everything and no one felt like assigning anything else. This time last year, it was party time.

High school however, not so much. I mean sure for seniors, this is the best time ever. But for me, the lowly freshman facing three more years of haunting these same halls, well, not so much.

I guess it’s not all bad, Friday we’ve got yearbooks, next week there are some cool things going on, like the end of the year movie. And hey, at least finals mean that school gets out at 10.

It really is crazy though, this is our last normal week of school, and it’s halfway over. More than halfway over, seeing as how Wednesday has pretty much already happened. I don’t know about you all, but I’m having a pretty hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that next year, I’m going to be a sophomore.

Now that may not sound like much to all you upperclassmen, but for me, the lowly freshman, well…looks like someone’s moving up the food chain.

xoxo freshmeat



16 days and counting

Hey y’all!

I’m not even going to pretend that I’m not excited about school ending, because let’s face it, everyone is more than ready to get out of this place. Not that school is awful or anything, but compared to summer, well, nothing is anything compared to summer. Except maybe sunsets…but summer sunsets are the absolute best.

5 27

And summer is just sixteen days away ladies and gentleman, 16 days. That isn’t counting weekends, because when you do that it just makes it seem longer, and I want summer to be as close as it possibly can be.

Summer is starting to sound like paradise right about now, what with end of course exams, essays, projects, Spanish speaking finals…not to mention the endless flow of worksheets.

I hate worksheets. Not really, I mean they’re better than pop quizzes or essays or…actually they’re better that really anything at this point. It’s just when teachers assign worksheets on top of essays and tests and projects that things start to get crazy.

I know I shouldn’t complain, this is just my freshman year after all, and it might be harder to be a sophomore or junior right now. It does bug me though, that just because I’m a freshman it’s like I’m not allowed to even mention homework, or lack of sleep or hard tests. Sure stuff I’m doing in school right now may not be as hard as what upperclassmen are doing, but it’s hard for me, and I bet it was hard for them when they were freshmen too.

And, news flash, they aren’t the only ones with huge tests, and major projects. Upperclassmen aren’t the only students losing sleep over finals, and they sure aren’t the only ones with homework. So yeah, maybe it isn’t as hard to be a freshman as it is to be a junior, but it is hard to be a freshman while you are a freshman, just in case you’ve forgotten.

xoxo Freshmeat

17 days and counting

Hey y’all!

Let me start out by saying happy Friday and thank goodness that this weirdo week is over. Not that really matters considering there is another couple days with messed up schedules next week as well. But on the bright side, we are now one week closer to summer vacation and I’m willing to bet money that I’m not the only one that has a countdown going.


Summer is just around the corner…that was cheesy, but it’s true so you really can’t blame me. What I was trying to get at though, is the slight, no complete lack of focus in the majority of my classes.

Honestly, kids that sit by a window, so zoned out it would take a fire drill to get their attention. It’s pretty interesting actually, they really don’t notice anything.

And it’s not just this year, this happens every spring. It gets close to the end of the year and half of us just check out. Unfortunately most of the teachers don’t, although there are a few that do, so count your blessings if you’ve been playing games for the past week.

Ultimately what happens though, when there is a combination of zoned out students and way too zoned in teachers, is big tests, huge projects and not so good grades. It’s really a lose-lose situation for everyone. We have to do projects that cause major stress, but we’re usually too out of it to really do much decent work, then the teachers have to grade 100 or so mediocre projects. Teachers end up having to give bad grades, which surprisingly they don’t enjoy (I asked), and students receive bad grades, which isn’t so fun either.

So I know everyone wishes they were at home, maybe at the pool, the beach, who knows, whatever you do in the summer, but for the sake of your grades, and your teachers, I’m asking you to please, please hang in there just a little longer. It’s just 17 more days, that really isn’t that hard…right?

xoxo Freshmeat

State Testing

Hey y’all!

So this week is weird isn’t it. First Tuesday off, then the abnormal normal is Wednesday schedule, and then testing on Thursday and Friday means short periods both days. I personally don’t mind all that much, considering I don’t have testing so I get to sleep in Thursday and Friday. Yeah I am most definitely OK with that.

I think its kind of weird how they put off testing until the very end of school. Here we are, about a month left of school, and pretty much every week from here on out includes a final or two. Not very much fun if you ask me.

But I figure, you have to do it all at some point, and if we take all of our tests now, it means we’re only in school for, what, four hours each day?

Well maybe not each day, but a good number of them at least. And four hours is much less stressful than seven hours, so I really shouldn’t complain. Besides, finals really shouldn’t be that hard. I mean, we’ve been in these classes all year, as long of you’ve been paying attention, you should know what you’re doing. Then again if you haven’t been paying attention, things are about to get a little bit difficult.

The hype about tests is sort of insane though. I know people that will stay up all night studying, but I feel like that makes it harder to concentrate during the actual test, but maybe I’m wrong. Who honestly knows. Obviously not me. Anyways, good luck with testing!

Xoxo freshmeat

End of School Shlump

Hey y’all!

Woohoo! Friday, thank goodness. This week seemed to last forever, no idea why, but it was ridiculous. And annoying but mostly just tiring.

Although I might just be tired because I stayed up way too late working on a project that—wait for it—wasn’t due today.

If you couldn’t feel the annoyance in my voice there, then I’m telling you now, I’m annoyed. Pretty sad too actually, I put a ton of work into this project and I was kind of looking forward to presenting. I have to say, ninth grade Shakespeare curriculum is spot on, I’m loving Romeo and Juliet.

And that last sentence wasn’t as random as it seemed, considering my project is on Romeo and Juliet.

I’m curious though, why all classes can’t be as interesting as English is right now? Is it really that hard to find curriculum that appeals to students, is fun to teach, and hits all the key points? That is an actual question though, I am honestly wondering.

Sometimes my classes are super cool and interesting, on a really good day they can even be fun, but it seems like lately all of my teachers have sort of given up. Although, as a student, I completely understand, the need for sleep grows stronger everyday while the motivation for doing any school work whatsoever is slowly dying. I’m just hoping I can make it to the end of the year.

I bet teachers are thinking that same thing. At least, that would explain all the guided notes and worksheets that seem to be multiplying by the minute. I sympathize though, because graded a page of ten questions is much easier than editing a ten paragraph essay, and I have to say the latter is also much harder to complete.

So while school may not be the most intriguing thing right now, at least it isn’t all that difficult—although now that I’ve said that, I’m almost positive it’s going to come back to bite me. Whoops.

xoxo Freshmeat

*Congrats to Issaquah Lacrosse, second state championship in a row–check!


Issaquah Girls’ Lacrosse Semi-Finals (on the road to the championship)

Hey y’all!

So guess what tonight is?

If you said the girls’ lacrosse semi-finals then you sir would be correct!

And guess who is in the semi-finals…

That’s right, Issaquah girls’ lacrosse!

We’re totally going to bring home another state championship, because girls lacrosse kicks butt. I definitely recommend coming out to support the team, both tonight in their game against Snohomish and Friday, because we all know they’re going to win tonight and ride that win all the way to state.

Sports are such a cool way to meet people and bond, I love playing lacrosse and I love my team. It’s also a really good way to stay healthy and also a good way to make sure you stay on top of homework and other commitments. I swear, it takes way longer for me to do thirty minutes of homework on a night when I have no lacrosse than when I have two hours of practice and don’t get home until 8.

Now that lacrosse is over for the junior varsity team, I feel way less productive, even though I’m still doing the same amount of school work. Without practice I just don’t really do anything, which makes no sense, considering I’ve spent the last couple months trying to juggle two hours of lacrosse, with school work and the rest of my commitments, so you’d think that all this time would make me happy. It really doesn’t.

Sports are a huge part of the world that we live in today, and I feel like honestly they always have been a big part of life. They’re just fun.

That wasn’t really the most school related blog but hey, sports kind of go hand in hand with high school nowadays, what with football and basketball, so maybe it is school related. Oh well.

xoxo Freshmeat

*Issaquah won 15-7, Championship game is Friday at Eastside Catholic, be there!

Friday My-day

Hey y’all!

Ah, Friday again. Isn’t relief such the most beautiful feeling, that calm relaxing wave that seems to settle over you like the sea kissing the ocean shore.

Wow that was stupidly poetic.

Ridiculous romanticism aside, Fridays are amazing and sun is even better. Here in Washington sun isn’t quite as rare as people like to make it out to be, but still, we Seattleites are much more used to an inconsistent gray drizzle than clear blue skies and sunshine. So this weather is very much appreciated.

05 08

However it only makes it harder to be in school. And it makes school feel as though it is NEVER GOING TO END.

That was a little melodramatic, but honestly, only one three day weekend from here until the beginning of summer? It is as though the school district wants us to die of absolute insanity.

The principle at Issaquah Middle School, though he was the vice prinicpal when I was there, likes to say that this final month of school is like the end of a race. You have been pacing yourself all year, steadily forcing your feet forward, struggling for breath, all in anticipation of this moment. And now it is almost here, we are so close, but all you want to do is collapse and breath deep, maybe take a nap, chug a gallon of water and forget you were ever running. Except you can’t. So instead you have to sprint, becoming desperate for that finish line.

From here we can see that metaphorical finish line, June 18, the last day of school. And right now, we are sprinting like mad…although some of us might rather be dryheaving on the sidelines. But we’re so close.

And the point of this was really just to leave you with these last three words…

Hang in there.

xoxo Freshmeat

Student Walkouts

Hey y’all!

Don’t you just love Fridays. I know I say that a lot, but Fridays are actually my most favorite days ever. Sure Saturdays are nice, but there is just something about the energy on Fridays that I love. And I can stay up late without having to do homework, which is a huuuugggeee bonus because when does that ever happen.

Speaking of homework, how many of you guys know about the student walkouts in Seattle. Okay that seemed random, but it actually makes sense to me, I promise. And I will get to how it makes sense.

See there is this new common core assessment that was scheduled to be given last Tuesday at Nathan Hale High School in Seattle. And the ENTIRE JUNIOR CLASS exercised their right to opt out of what they felt was an unfair test.


Not even the teachers wanted to give the test but for them, it was a job requirement. Students however are allowed to choose to abstain from partaking in the test, as it doesn’t affect grades and is simply a measurement of the schools progress.

And it wasn’t just Nathan Hale High School either, after the first walkout, many other Seattle schools, and high schools nationwide, have participated in skipping the test. Just going out on a limb here, but I’m going to take a guess and say that this test may not be procured in the future.

I think it is interesting that, as students, teenagers make up a pretty large demographic, and when groups of people, large or small, agree on something and decide to take action, remarkable things can happen. Just because you aren’t president of the United States, doesn’t mean you can’t make a change in this world.

So I applaud those students, not just for walking out on a test, but for choosing to do something and stand up for what they believe.

xoxo Freshmeat

Lunches Lacking Love

Hey y’all!

Wednesdays are…interesting. I mean, yeah it’s great that we get to sleep in and all, but I don’t know if a couple extra hours of beauty sleep are worth staying later and ultimately losing all the extra hours of much deserved rest to the greater amount of homework and later bedtime. It just seems cruel.

Also you have to wait longer to eat and that is not okay, at least for me it’s not. I get so used to eating lunch at ten in the morning and then on Wednesday-Surprise! You have to wait until one in the afternoon, ONE! And then you’re allowed to eat.

I can’t wait that long. And even after lunch I’m still hungry because a school lunch hardly qualifies as an actual meal. I mean it’s not like you can carry around a fresh green salad, hot panini and sparkling rosemary lemonade all day and expect it to still actually taste good…or look good for that matter.

For someone like me, who has sports everyday right after school, being hungry seems to be a constant pain that you just have to get used to. It sucks. I’ve taken to carrying around a box of energy bars in my backpack and just eating two or three of those for lunch instead of, you know, actual food.

And it’s not like the cafeteria is a legit option anymore, I don’t know about all of you but I’m not going to spend three dollars for a miniature triangle of cheese. That is a total waste of money that isn’t just unappetizing but completely lacks any substance.

If schools are going to charge students a ridiculous amount of money for lunches, they could at least serve something that could actually be considered food. I know that costs more, and I know schools already struggle with funding, but we kind of need food to survive.

I don’t buy lunch, but I know that in the last year school cafeterias have had to change what they serve because of new laws regarding health requirements for school lunches. My opinion-if you are going to insist that lunches meet certain requirements, you might want to actually make them healthy, offer real meal options with real nutritional value, not “healthy” versions of the same junk that cafeterias have been selling for years.

xoxo Freshmeat

Friday Ramblings

Hey y’all!

Is it just me or did this week feel twice as long as it should have? Last Friday was only, what, seven days ago, but to me it feels like 17 days ago. I don’t even know why.

Maybe it’s because of the very welcome break from homework that I’ve had the past couple days. Despite its many, many, many flaws, homework does fill the time, and this week it seems I had too much time. Oh well, today is Friday and Friday’s are good.

Also there’s a girls’ lacrosse game at Skyline tonight, and maybe people might actually come out and watch…or not, because everyone knows that’s not going to happen. For some reason people would so much rather stand around watching guys’ lacrosse than girls, although that may have something to do with the apparent lack of rules.

And that seems to be the case with almost every sport, unfortunately. Girls’ sports just aren’t as well attended…or as supported, sometimes they aren’t even mentioned. As a female athlete, I can say with 100% positivity that this sucks.

Sports are such a big part of the high school experience, playing on a team with people that you might not have known otherwise but now can’t imagine life without. I have played sports my whole life and I honestly don’t know how I would get through the week without my daily does of exercise induced endorphins. Not to mention the easy access anger outlet; lacrosse is so much more convenient than an impromptu fist fight…not that I would ever do that.

It’s just a shame that girls’ sports aren’t as, I guess the right word would be respected, as a guys’ sports. We work just as hard, we train just as hard, and we play just as hard. Just because I’m not a boy doesn’t mean I’m not an athlete.

xoxo Freshmeat

Cambridge, College and Coconuts (not really)

Hey y’all!

Isn’t it weird how the United States is all one nation, but people have different accents and ways of talking all across the country. I wish I had an accent, like British or Australian…mostly southern though, hence the “y’all.”

Here in the pacific north west we, sadly, do not seem to have accents. My theory–This was on one of the last places on the planet to be colonized, so we speak English in it’s purest most untainted form. Or, you know, we have accents but we can’t tell.

What we lack in accents, we make up for beauty though, the pacific north west I mean. Our school, Issaquah High, is located in one of the most scenic suburbs ever. That’s a fact if you were wondering. Actually not really so don’t quote me on that.

What I’m trying to get to though, if you call what I just did “trying”, is that Washington is a great place to go to school. And not just high school, actually I wasn’t really talking about high school but oh well, what I meant was colleges.

Now I know I’m just a freshman, but it feels like college is a huge part of life no matter how old you are. And recently I’ve been thinking about it a lot, college that is, not life, though I do think about that sometimes too. My most recent plan–apply to Cambridge, get into Cambridge, attend College in England, meet an English boy, live happily ever after as a novel writing, crime solving, bakery owning lawyer. It might need a little work, but the important part of that mess was the idea of going to school outside of not just the state, but the continent.

Thinking about it, my plan probably doesn’t really make sense unless you are me, which is logical since, well you know, it is my plan. Only plans change, and at the moment, no plan really makes sense to me, even though I was the one that came up with all ten billion of them.

And why would I leave, why would anyone leave, the pacific northwest. Washington is one of the most beautiful states in America, also a fact, and the colleges here are just as good as some pish-posh, fancy old university in England.

Besides how on earth could anyone leave a beautiful city like this, for a country that chooses tea over coffee, has trousers, and insists on calling flashlights “torches?”

april 22

Ah well, it seems I have a lot of planning and dream achieving to do in my not so distant future. But don’t worry about it, it’s not your life.

xoxo freshmeat

Post Spring Break Dress Code Deconstruction

Hey y’all!

So school’s back…no more break, but I’m surprisingly okay with being back in the classroom. Sure I’ve had to deal with a couple of tests already and maybe group projects aren’t my favorite, but at least I have something to do.

And it actually feels like spring so that’s cool, I mean, skirt weather is always nice…except for, you know, the skirts. Skirts at school are not fun, at least for me they aren’t.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this, so just try and stay with me for a minute while I figure out what I’m even doing right now.

Okay so I think I know where I’m going now…obviously you can’t tell but I just took a nice ten minute think break (Okay maybe I wasn’t really thinking, it was more of a snack break, but still eating helps me think.)

Anyways, school dress codes in the Issaquah School District…that’s where I decided to go with this. I actually wrote an article on this somewhat recently but with the nice weather we’re supposed to have the rest of the week I feel that it is totally relevant. As a female student, or teenage girl, whichever, both work, spring or early summer at school kind of sucks.

Guys get to wear basketball shorts, cargo shorts, khaki shorts, they could probably wear swim shorts for all the administrators care, but girls, well we can pretty much wear running shorts…but only if they’re at or below mid-thigh, and only if they aren’t above where your fingertips fall, and only if they aren’t distracting at all.

So that basically means we can’t wear shorts.

That whole philosophy or girls clothing being distracting kind of bugs me. I just don’t understand why girls get pulled out of class for being “distracting” when it isn’t our intention to distract anyone, it’s the guys that are being weird and getting “distracted.”

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always felt that the visible bra strap rule was also a little weird, I mean sure if anyone is showing too much it’s never good, but the two finger straps rule has always annoyed me.

I know dress codes are there to protect students and put reasonable limitations on what kids can and can’t wear to school, but some stuff just seems a little, old fashioned I guess would be one way to put it.

However, I am glad that we at least don’t have uniforms, because I would take a dress code over plaid skirts and purple polo shirts any day *shudder*.

xoxo freshmeat