Parking Lot Dispute Fuels Murder

Three students were shot to death in Chapel Hill, Carolina earlier this week.

The reason? The students parked their car in the spot supposedly belonging to 46 year-old Craig Stephen Hicks; a man his family and neighbors called a hot head.

This triple homicide has been cast to the public as a hate crime, while any facts gathered so far would only give evidence away from this. While he was a hardcore atheist, his only post talking about Muslims is him defending them from other religions. However the teens parents claim Hicks started to act differently once his daughters started wearing traditional clothing (the head wrap in specific), there is a chance that it was a hate crime but there is a higher chance he saw them in his spot and the fuse in his head was lit.

Hicks claimed when he saw them in his spot he went into a blind rage, possibly trying to steer away from the idea it was a hate crime.

“Abdullah Antepli, director of Muslim affairs at nearby Duke University, issued a statement calling for people not to jump to conclusions over the motive for the killings.” We should never jump to conclusions especially with today’s media, lies and accusations spread too quickly and impede justice. Instead of people focusing on the what they think happened people should be focusing on the fact that three people were shot because of a parking dispute, this man was sent into a murderous frenzy over a parking spot; and I think that is where we should start. But jumping to conclusions on race without much factual proof is only going to harm investigations.

Keystone XL Pipeline Passed (sort of)

The house has passed the bill allowing the Keystone XL pipeline to be built, and when I say built I mean expanded. President Obama has said he will veto it the moment it hits his desk.

From my understanding the pipeline now expands from Canada, over the border going into five states and then into Illinois where it ends, the bill would allow it to continue on into the southern United States

From my understanding the pipeline does not directly benefit the United States, it’s actually for Canadian use; but while the pipeline is being built (and afterwards) it would create a large surplus of jobs in construction, management, etc. It would also give the us the ability to buy more oil from Canada as apposed to Russia, Saudi Arabia, essentially it will reduce the amount of foreign oil we purchase.

So it seems like a good thing, why does he want to veto it?

Well it has the potential to damage the land around it, contaminate the water, and displace a lot of animals. But personally I do believe it is safer for the environment to build this pipeline than to transport it by trucks and boats.

But after paying closer attention to the news station I had on I noticed the Fox logo in the corner…so that of course would explain the entire lack of the environmentalists’ side.

I won’t go into depth on it, you should dig around if you are really interested but the pipeline will create a lot of problems, such as building this pipeline will trigger a rise in the earths temperature of at least 2 degrees celsius.

Also after this pipeline is built wont the amount of jobs decrease? Less people will be driving boats and cars, sure some people will left to manage and maintain the pipeline, but think of the long line of people who will be unnecessary if this is built.

Would you give up $90,000?

The university president of Kentucky State, agreed to give up about 90,000 dollars from his own pay check of about $349,869; making his yearly pay $259,744.

Why? Well before he signed the contract he requested to take part of his paycheck to fund higher hourly wages for two dozen workers. Raising them from being payed minimum wage ($7.25) to three dollars more an hour ($10.25).

He says the paycheck boost will last even after he no longer works at the university; which may mean he just set a new paycheck for whoever succeeds him- a paycheck that is $90,000 less, there goes that Porsche or yacht payment. It is an immediate pay boost and will be given to all new hires as well.

He says it’s not a publicity stunt, he just did it for the people. I don’t see how it could benifit him other than morally, so I’d say he is telling the truth. He did not mean to put himself up on a pedestal and for others to look down on the presidents to come, he was simply in a position where he could do something that would make a dramatic change in someones life and he did it.

Raymond Burse (the Kentucky State University president) stated: “My whole thing is I don’t need to work. This is not a hobby, but in terms of the people who do the hard work and heavy lifting, they are at the lower pay scale.” He was an executive at the massive company General Electric for 17 years, 10 years of which he was a senior executive; after which he retired with some amazing benefits. So I would assume he is pretty well off and the 90,000 dollars is not a major dent in his life style, never the less it is a lot of money to ask to give away.

Vaccinate Your Self

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the recent outbreak of measles that occurred at the happiest place on earth (Disney Land).

The measles as described by the CDC: A highly contagious respiratory disease caused by a virus. It spreads through the air through coughing and sneezing. Measles starts with a fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes, and sore throat, and is followed by a rash that spreads all over the body. About three out of 10 people who get measles will develop one or more complications including pneumonia, ear infections, or diarrhea.

Now most people have a vaccination, just a little shot to protect you from a awful disease. However some people rely on “heard immunization”, which is essentially an idea that if everyone else is vaccinated then you won’t contract the disease. The concept works in theory, unless someone else has also thought of this and now their is a risk; or if a whole bunch of people thought of this there is a big risk.

Some people choose not to get the vaccination, which people will say is a bit selfish because they are also risking infecting those around them. But some people can not get the vaccine yet, which is what I think makes not getting the vaccine a selfish choice. Babies and people who’s bodies are not strong enough can not get the vaccine yet, so they are at risk to contract the decease; these people deserve to use heard immunization as they have a legitimate excuse. They literally can not get the shot.

In two of the most recent complaints, a baby has been quarantined and a father has tried to ban all of those who are not vaccinated.

The little child went in to a medical center with a small illness, but later they received a call that a child with the measles had been into the office as well. Measles is highly infectious and can liner in the air for hours, so as a young child you are now quarantined due to your dissabilty to get the vaccine.

The fathers son did something remarkable, he survived 4 years of chemo treatment for his Lukemia, but even after 1 and a half years of remission his body is not strong enough to get the vaccine for measles. If he contracted the disease there is a good chance his body would not be able to fight back enough to survive, there is also the chance that even if he survives his body will be left so weak that if he needed to go through another round of chemo he could not do it. Due to his innability his father wants all of those who are not vaccinated removed from the school until they recieve the vaccination. While I see how this is unfair, I think this should be mandatory, if you can get the vaccine you should do so in order to protect those who do not.

Disease immunity needs to be reserved for those who have no other line of defense.

Another Loan Wolf Attempt

Several months ago 20 yearold Christopher Lee Cornell came to the attention of the FBI due to some social media posts where he expressed his support for violent jihad.

Using a highly controversial tactic the FBI contacted Cornell through another man who was cooperating with the FBI in exchange for favorable treatment. Cornell told the man that he had contact with people over seas and had sided with ISIS.

Cornell wrote: “I believe that we should just wage jihad under our own orders and plan attacks and everything … I believe we should meet up and make our own group in alliance with the Islamic State here and plan operations ourselves.”

Cornell had plotted with the undercover opperative to plant and set off pipe bombs at the U.S. capital and open fire upon people as they fled.

CNN stated the following:

“Cornell and the operative allegedly met in Cincinnati in October and again in November.

He researched the targeted government buildings and the construction of pipe bombs, saved money for the attack and bought weapons and ammunition, the complaint said. Cornell was arrested Wednesday.”

His father does not believe his son could have hurt a fly, and remains with the idea that his son would not have been able to complete the brutal act.

(During the investigation the plot posed no real threat, they did stop it in it’s late stages but before it went too far.)

Cafe Takeover (Sydney, Australia) Brief

If you flipped on any sort of news (I guess social media counts as well) this week you would have heard what happened in Australia.

The general happenings:
Man Haron Monis (the hostage taker) took 17 people who were in a cafe and turned them into hostages. The only demand we know about is that he wanted a black ISIS flag, further details have yet to be released.
The hostages were made to place their hands on the windows of the cafe and some were made to hold up a black flag.
After many grueling hours police stormed the building, the fight lasted for around 5 minutes; in the end three were dead, two hostages and the gunman- a officer was injured as result of a bullet to his head (hopefully he will be okay.)

Hostages behind the cafe's window hold up a black flag with Arabic script on December 15.Hostages were lined up near the windows and made to hold a flag containing Arabic-writing on it.

Hostages run toward police officers on December 16.

Several hostages run toward the safety of police

The gunman (seen above) had been involved in a murder, a sexual assault, and others. He really should not have been allowed to walk around the streets, he should be in jail. But sometimes the system does not work, and I want people to understand that this can happen anywhere. Bad things happen to good people because someone bad got away with something and this happens EVERYWHERE, not just in America. As I went online to grab these pictures from CNN and the NY Times I spotted an article about a school shooting where 120+ people died, bad things happen everywhere and instead of shaming the country due to “lax gun control” or something of the sort just realize it can happen anywhere no matter what laws are put in place.

I would say the gun laws for Australia are fairly strong, and yet someone was able to do this. I am not a gun activist, I do not care if people have guns or do not. But I know that even if it is illegal bad people can and will get guns, if we banned police from having guns all that does is now you have a very dangerous person now has to be stopped by a group of officers who are under prepared. So instead of fighting against guns why not try to better train those who need to have guns, and try and get those who misuse weapons some help.

How Media Portrays Police

Recently a video was posted, with the title “Man Stopped by Police for Walking with Hands in Pocket.” It sparked outrage and calls of police racial profiling.

But really I’ve found that this is the new trend, spread half sided stories that make the police look like a brutal military force.

Now if you were given JUST the video you would be shocked at the profiling that was supposedly displayed, an African American man stopped for simply walking with his pockets in his hands.

However if you add in the facts then it starts to look better.

So what really happened, a man was seen walking back and forth in front of a small business while his hands are hidden in his pockets. The employees in the store notice this unusual behavior and call the police, now if you are thinking that they are being racist to be fearful of a man walking then you need to consider that the store has been held up more than 10 times-so when someone keeps walking in front of your store and you can’t see his hands you might get a bit antsy.

When the officer arrived he simply approached the man and asked him what he was doing, the man in light of recent events smartly took out his cell phone and recorded and so did the officer. Of course the man feels that this is a case of racial profiling, however we have to remember that this is the officers job and when they get a call they have to check it out. They do not get to decide over the phone what is just skepticism or what is real so they have to check it all because they are entrusted with our safety.

So I would encourage you to not believe whatever you read off your social media posts; please do some research before you hit share because I guarantee you there are two sides and you are missing some valuable information.

Ferguson Riots and the U.S. Does Too

About noon the jury reached their decision not to charge Mike Brown’s killer, Officer Darren Wilson. However it was not until hours later, around 8:30 that the verdict was released to the public.

The verdict came to the public in an unapologetic tone, almost as if they did not care a man had died; actually the tone was more annoyed due to the negative media coverage, which did not help calm down the moods of the people.

And of course it had to be released at night because by all means let’s release information that was certain to spark a massive protest, while it is dark outside. So who’s moronic decision was it to wait so long to release the verdict? Well, do not ask the governor because he does not seem to be on top of this; he did not even think to release the national guard until after things got way out of hand. But you know he is only the governor.

However there is a slight amount of beauty on the situation; citizens across the US have launched protests to support the Brown family in over 100 cities. People everywhere are fed up with police brutality.

But I would like to make a note that you always hear about the bad things police do, how they beat someone up, racially profiled, or they gave you a ticket and of course you are mad at them. But this is not even a majority of officers Just yesterday I watched to officers help someone whose engine had gone out get up a hill. One officer drove directly behind the broken down car and pushed him up the hill, while the other ensured their safety by informing the cars behind them that the lane they were in was having an issue and that we needed to go a different way. Not all officers are bad. There are always a few bad picks but not a lot.

Sorry for the blurry cell phone picture, but below is a photo of the reaction brought upon Washington D.C. due to the verdict. People of mixed race can be seen protesting right in front of the nations capital, and no one is stopping them; how often can you form a large crowd right outside the White House? (Well, unless the government supports you.)

Student Debt, is it worth it?

Student loans grew to 1.2 trillion dollars last year.

With so many students in debt for years after they graduate (or don’t graduate), most have trouble getting a car or house loan. However it has been reported that the monthly loan rate has remained the same since the early 90’s. But his data excludes graduates who have been stuck at home, and are not the head of their household (you know because they can’t even get a house loan).

The average time it has taken to pay off a student loan has increased by 5 years; it used to take an average of 7.4 years, now it takes an average of13.4. Less than half of the students are paying their loans in time.

So if you go to just a four year college, starting at the age of 18, and you graduate at the age of 22, you are paying your debt until you are about 35/36. By then you probably have a family and a spouse, which you might not be able to provide for in the ways you desire to. Because you are still paying off your debt.

If you leave with your higher education and a strain on your life for such a long period of time you may be missing opportunities that you would have been able to do if you had some disposable income. Maybe college ends up setting you back because you are stuck in your parents basement not able to afford the rent on a one room apartment.

Secret Service

Two months ago, in september, a man made it over the fence. Omar Gonzalez (the fence hopper) was undetected, due to the secret service agent who was on his PERSONAL cell phone. The officer was not paying attention, did not have his ear piece in nor did he have the second radio he was supposed to be carrying on him because he left it in his locker.His dog did not pick up on Gonzalez’s scent so he could not warn or subdue the intruder, probably because he was inside a van…

Another problem occurred after several officers were in pursuit, another officer was unaware of the problem because the emergency communication system at her station had been muted. (Why is there a mute option on a emergency system!? That entirely defeats the purpose, you can not just turn an emergency down.)

So if an unarmed man can infiltrate the white house, home to the leader of the United States; what can a group of heavily armored terrorists do?

Well if anyone has seen the movie White House down they can do a lot, I mean it’s hollywood but you get the picture. If an unarmed man can simply hop the fence and make it inside the White House, then surely a group of organized men/women could make it into the White House with deadly force.

Luckily with the amount of press this got it meant major changes for the Secret Service, hopefully some employees who do not slack off and some alarms that are not mutable.

ISIS Goes to Egypt; & Ferguson Escelates

As if they were not a big enough problem already the brutal terrorist group ISIS (or the Islamic State)-known for not just killing their captives but for torturing, raping, and beheading- supposedly has a new ally.

Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, or ABM has claimed it’s allegience to ISIS, in a 10 minute video rant blaming “Jewish agents and their allies”. ABM has killed hundreds of Egyptian police officers and soldiers; it is believed the group numbers somewhere in the thousands.

However there are many checkpoints along northern Sinai, in order to attempt to slow movement of weapons and fighters; which may slow the problem of ISIS in Egypt.

One of the reasons ABM was allowed refuge in wherever it is they are hiding, is because they appear to the public around them as the local hero fighting for them. So before ISIS rose to power ABM had denied any allegiance to al Qaeda because if they were in known relations to al Qaeda they would no longer be the local hero they would become the foreign agent residing in their town.

Hopefully ABM joining ISIS will not make ABM more of a threat, hopefully it backfires and the town hero becomes the town zero. (That was corny but at least it rhymed.)

The slain Ferguson teenager’s parents have gone to the U.N. for help to get the man who shot their son fired. They have asked for the U.N. to pressure the United States on the issue, hoping for the officer to be removed from the force.

To make matters worse for the government gun sales have apparently shot up… Hopefully just because people want to go hunting, and not because they are preparing for another riot; this time with guns in their hands.

Puff Puff Passed

(I’ll start off by saying I stole that phrase from one of my friends.)

Washington state and Colorado started off the national controversy by legalizing marijuana, for those 21 years of age and up.

It was of course partnered with heavy taxes, which people are trying to get waved, the taxes raised billions for both states. Cutting taxes, which I believe would be impossible to pass do to the tax on it was why it passed in the first place. I mean if you don’t go get high after work you want to get something out of it as well, and that’s where the tax comes in.
Now the citizens of Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C. have voted go along with pass the recreational use of marijuana. However due to Washington D.C. being a district congress does have the right to overrule this, many people have made it known they wish this to be done.

Some people think that with marijuana plants growing in the back yards of people’s homes in D.C. it will become harder for congress to ignore the desire of some people to end prohibition. Some places, although few, do not even allow alcohol to be bought, sold, or consumed; it will not be easy to get marijuana legalized in these places, if it happens it will happen at their own pace. I think this applies to everywhere, people will move at their own pace and decide whether or not they want to live in a place where people can grow, buy, and smoke marijuana.

While I do not have an opinion on whether it should be legal or not, I like the amount of taxes it brings in, so I suppose that makes me for it. Who doesn’t like an extra two billion dollars?

Re: Eric Frein Cop Killer Captured

Frein is accused of killing one police officer and wounding another about seven weeks ago.

He had been spotted multiple times, they had found his belongings in several different spots, and he even turned on his cell phone and attempted to make a call. But he somehow evaded the hundred plus people hunting him down.

In the end he was not hiding deep within the woods like it was assumed, he was hiding in the comfy, well comfier than being on the run in the woods for murder, enclosure of an abandoned aircraft hanger.

Although the entire surrounding area, including the abandoned hangar, had been searched already authorities were back due to sever sightings in the area. It was during this search that authorities spotted Frein walking back towards his hiding spot.

Instead of the much expected gun battle between officers and Frein, Frein surrendered to authorities relatively peacefully-if we forget hiding out for seven weeks.

When he was arrested he was armed with two guns, a rifle and a handgun.

Now that the search is over residents may sleep much easier, no more buzzing helicopters searching the nearby woods 24/7, no more scares, no more schools closing (well good for the parents). Now justice can be served and the hundred plus men and women who were looking for him can be assured they have done a good job narrowing in on Frein.

Another man who suffered throughout all of this was James Tully, every day he walks 5 miles to work in order to support his family. To make his walk worse he gets stopped an average of 5 times each way due to his appearance. He looks somewhat similar to Eric Frein, and when you are searching for a cop killer/FBI most wanted, somewhat is enough to take action.

Tully eventually started wearing his employee id badge around his neck on his walk to and from work just so it was there for easy access whenever he got stopped.

However the man’s hard work was rewarded when someone who heard of his story and setup a donation for him,so he could buy a new car, it quickly raised $22,000 and that is where the fundraiser was closed. Even if the car is a little late it is still nice to know that a hard working man caught a lucky break.Pennsylvania Police Keep Stopping Man Who Looks Like Fugitive Eric Frein



Panic spread throughout Ottawa, Canada yesterday (Wednesday, October 23, 2014), as a corporal in the army reserve was fatally shot by a man wielding a shot gun. The shooter then ran inside the Parliament building and opened fired, which led to officers running in and open firing on the shooter killing him.

This is not the first occurrence, earlier this week a man hit a Canadian soldier with his car killing one officer in Quebec, Canada.

And today a man wielding a hatchet attempted to attack four New York police officers. I shouldn’t say he tried; he hit one in the head and another in the arm before the other two officers shot and killed him.

A 29-year-old bystander was also struck in the leg by a stray bullet and was taken to the hospital. The officer hit in the head remains in critical but stable condition. The other officer, the one who was struck in the arm, is expected to be released soon.

So far it is not known if these three men were in cahoots or not. The two who attacked in Canada were labeled extremists and their passports were revoked, as a result of them attempting to go join a jihad group not in correlation with this case. Their actions were labeled acts of terrorism. It is not currently known if the New York attacked has any connection to a radical group but i is believed he was not related in anyway.

(The radical group ISIS has called for ‘Westerns’ to attack “uniformed men and women”.)

Regardless this, the spree of attacks on uniformed men and women has law enforcement on high alert–at least I hope it does…