World Series is over!

Back on Saturday, it was Jason Vargas for the Royals up against Ryan Vogelsong for the Giants. The Royals sent Vogelsong to the showers early after driving in four runs off of him in just two and two-thirds innings. At that point, the Royals were up four to one, and it looked like the Royals might take a three to one lead.

But the Giants weren’t just going to give the Royals that kind of lead, and they stormed back by scoring ten unanswered runs. The final score would be 11-4, Giants tying the series up at two a piece.

In Game 5, Madison Bumgarner was on the mound, and he was dominant.

The Giants scored five runs, which was way more than enough, as Bumgarner would pitch a complete game shutout. The Giants took the series lead three to two.

Yesterday, the Royals needed to win this game to force a Game 7. The Giants just could not get any of the Royals out. Yordano Ventura, who had RIP OT on his hat for Oscar Taveras who got in a car accident over the weekend in the Dominican Republic and died, pitched a gem. He went seven scoreless innings, as the offense exploded with ten runs. The series was tied at three, and we were headed for a Game 7.

Game 7 exceeded expectations by far. It was a great game as Jeremy Guthrie and Tim Hudson were on the mound. They both left the game early as both teams wanted to give the ball to the bullpen.

Each team scored two runs in the 2nd inning, then Michael Morse hit an RBI single in the third to give the Giants a three to two lead. Madison Bumgarner came in in the 5th inning in relief on two days rest. He pitched great, and he went all the way into the 9th.

But with two outs, Alex Gordon got to third on a single and an error by the center fielder. Salvador Perez could not capitalize on the situation, as he would pop out to the third baseman Pablo Sandoval, and the Giants have won the World Series.

That is all that I have for you today! See you later MLB fans!

Game 3

After the series was tied a one a piece, this important Game 3 would decide who would take the crucial two to one lead in the World Series. With Tim Hudson on the mound for the Giants and Jeremy Guthrie for the Royals, you knew you were in for a good one.

The Royals jumped out to an early one to nothing lead with a Lorenzo Cain RBI ground out scoring Alcides Escobari in the 1st inning. That score stayed the same all the throughout the 5th inning.

In the top of the 6th, Alcides Escobar scored for a second time on an Alex Gordon double. In the same inning, Alex Gordon scored on an Eric Hosmer single. Hosmer has had an amazing postseason, coming up cluthche in many situations.

Guthrie went a solid five scoreless innings, and the Royals unbelievable bullpen came into play. In the bottom half of the 6th inning, Michael Morse hit an RBI double and Buster Posey hit an RBI ground out to cut the Royals’ lead down to one.

But there was no way that the Royals’ bullpen would accept the loss and give up another run. In the last three innings, no one scored any runs, and the Royals would come out with the victory. This gave the Royals a two to one lead advantaged in the World Series.

I have not made a prediction about the series and it might be too late, but I predict that the Royals will win in six games.

That is all that I have for you today! See you later MLB fans!

Two games in!

The series is close, as expected by many people. But the games themselves were far from it.

In Game 1 of the World Series, the Giants started with a bang as they scored three runs in the 1st inning, highlighted by a Hunter Pence two run shot. The Giants would then add two runs in the 4th and two runs in the 7th. The Giants were up seven to zero in the first game of the World Series, with their ace, Madison Bumgardner, dealing. This game was pretty much in the books.

Except for a home run by Salvador Perez in the 7th inning, the Giants controlled the whole game, Bumgardner going seven innings allowing only one run, adding to his historic postseason. The Giants would win the game by a final score of seven to one.

Game 2 was a different story. After Gregor Blanco hit the first franchise lead off home run in the World Series, Royals fans thought that this was going to be the same story as the night before.

But in the bottom of the inning, Billy Butler hit a clutch RBI single tying the game up at one. In the bottom of the 2nd, the Royals took their first lead of the series with an Alcides Escobar double bringing in Omar Infante, who came up clutch later.

After the Giants tied it up in the 4th, it was all KC Royals. Butler had another RBI single, Salvador Perez had a two RBI double, and then Infante hit a clutch two run bomb, all in the 6th inning. This made the game seven to two, and with the Royals’ stellar bullpen, that was more than enough, and the final score was seven to two.

That is all that I have for you today! See you later MLB fans!

ALCS is Done

It is over, the Royals are off to the World Series for the first time since 1985! The team who was down seven to three going into the 8th inning of the sudden death wild card game, has won their first eight games in the postseason to go to the World Series, who are the first team in Major League history to do so.

At the start of the game in the bottom of the 1st, Eric Hosmer reached on a fielder’s choice which scored Alcides Escobar, and Nori Aoki would also score on a throwing error to the catcher.

In the top of the 3rd, Ryan Flaherty proved that the O’s haven’t given up yet, hitting a line drive over the right field wall for a solo shot. This cut the Royals lead down to one run.

The pitching from then on was stellar, keeping that two to one score the same for the last six innings. The Royals complete the sweep!

This wasn’t the only game tonight. The Giants and the Cardinals battled in a tight game, the Giants looking to take a comfortable lead, while the Cardinals looked to tie up the series at two all.

The Cardinals had a sizable lead at four to one after a two-run top of the third. But in the bottom half of the inning, The Giants made it a four to three game. Then, after two costly throwing errors by first baseman Matt Adams, the Giants took a five to three lead, followed by a Buster Posey single to give the Giants a two run lead at home, which was easily enough as they would go on to win six to four.

Whoever wins the NLCS will face the Royals on Tuesday, October 21 in Kansas City.

That is all I have for you today! See you later MLB fans!

Start of ALCS

The game Friday night was definitely up to expectations. Another extra inning thriller for the Royals.This is the fourth game in five games that have been in extras for the Royals and they have won them all.

In the 3rd inning, Alcides Escobar hit a solo shot to give the Royals an early one to nothing lead. Later in the same inning, with the bases loaded, Alex Gordon hit a bases clearing double and advanced to third base, leading the Royals to a four to nothing league.

At this point, I, as well as probably many other fans, thought that this game was well over. But in the bottom half of the inning, Adam Jones singled to center scoring Nick Markakis, cutting the lead to three.

But Billy Butler hit a sacrifice fly to get back to a four run lead. Nelson Cruz then cut the lead back to three with an RBI double in the fifth. In the same inning, Ryan Flaherty singled to score Adam Jones and Nelson Cruz, making it a one run game.

After a 6th inning RBI single by Alejandro De Aza, the game was knotted up at five. The score stayed the same through the 9th inning, and off to extras we go!

Then in the 10th, Alex Gordon hit a solo home run to give the Royals the lead and gave himself four RBIs. And just to cushion the lead, Mike Moustakas crushed a two run bomb to make the scor eight to five.

But the Orioles weren’t done, scoring a run on a Delmon Young single who has been so clutch this postseason, making the score eight to six with runners on first and second. But Nick Markakis grounded out to second to end the fantastic game.

My prediction for Saturday’s NLCS game is that the Cardinals will win five to three to lead off the series.

That is all I have for you today! See you later MLB fans!

Off to the League Championships!

All of the Division Series are over! All of the games were very entertaining and were up to expectations.  Now let’s get to some scores and stats.

The Tigers bullpen woes continued as the Orioles put the Tigers away with a two to one victory on Sunday. A Nelson Cruz 2-run bomb led the Orioles to clinch a spot into the American League Championship Series.

The Royals stay smoking hot as they blew right past the Angels eight to three. Mike Trout ended his 2-12 series with the game ending strikeout to put the Royals into the ALCS against the Orioles. The two teams will face at 5:00 pm on Friday for Game 1 in Baltimore.

My prediction for that series is that the Royals will keep their hot streak going and win the series in six games. Their speed with Jarrod Dyson and Terrance Gore ready to be put in the game and steal a few bases will be too much for the Orioles.

Now onto the National League. Clayton Kershaw’s struggles continued as he gave up a 7th inning home run by Matt Adams to put the Cards up three to two and that is all that they would need.

With a tie ball game in the 7th, a wild pitch scoring Joe Panik put the Giants up on the Nationals three to two and that would be the final of that game too.

Now for the NLCS, the Cardinals are going to win in seven games. This is the 4th straight year with the Cardinals making it to this series, and their experience will be the Cardinals’ edge to beating the Giants.

That is all MLB24 has for you today. See you later MLB fans!

Other MLB blogs

Hey everybody, today I am going to be reviewing a couple of other blogs who talk about the MLB as well.

There is this one blog on called Latest Leaders. It is a great site and it gives you all of the news on the MLB leaders at the time. It gives you a lot of news and updates and tells you about the people who might have the best chance at a World Series title.

The next site that I will talk about is Dodger Insider. They are on the top blogs for They are excellent and even though I am not really a Dodger fan, I think that it is a really cool blog and it is detailed and gives you all updates on everything Dodgers. Even if you are not a Dodgers fan, you guys should all check it out.

Now for playoff news. On Thursday, The Baltimore Orioles blew open with 12 runs in a 12 to 3 win against the Detroit Tigers. I think they should turn TBS from Turner Broadcasting System to Tigers Bullpen Sucks.

Also, in the Royals second game in a row in extra innings, the Angels and Royals were knotted up at two all going into the eleventh inning. That is when Mike Moustakas jacked a solo shot to right field putting the Royals up three to two. They won their second extra inning game in a row, and also not to mention, they won tonight in extras as well with an Eric Hosmer bomb helping them win four to one in the eleventh again.

Speaking of Tigers bullpen sucks, the Tigers had a three run lead going into the eighth and they gave it up and the Orioles won seven to six. The Giants also won today beating the number one seeded Nationals.

Clayton Kershaw gave up an astonishing seven, yes I said seven, earned runs today, becoming the only pitcher in history to give up at least seven earned runs in consecutive postseason games. The St. Louis Cardinals won ten to nine.

That’s all MLB24 has for you today! See you later MLB fans!


The playoffs are here! Last night was what Sportscenter was calling, “One of the best playoff games that we have seen in years.”

The game was 12 innings long between the Oakland Athletics and the Kansas City Royals. Everybody thought that the game was over when Jon Lester walked onto the mound entering the bottom of the 8th inning with a seven to three lead. The Royals ended up scoring three runs in the inning to shorten the lead to only one run.

In the bottom of the ninth, Nori Aoki hit a sacrifice fly to bring in Eric Hosmer to tie up the ball game at seven all. No runs were scored from then on until the top of the 12th inning when the A’s scored a run on an RBI single. The Royals fans thought they were out of the game and out of the playoffs.

But in the bottom of the 12th, Eric Hosmer hit a one triple. He was then driven in by an RBI single. Then, after the runner was bunted over to second, Salvador Perez hit an RBI single to win the game. It was a fantastic game and one for the ages.

Tonight, the Pirates and Giants faced off in Pittsburgh for the National League Wild Card spot. It was not nearly as exciting of a game, unless you are a Giants fan. The Giants shutout the Pirates eight to nothing! Madison Bumgardner through a complete game shutout allowing only four hits. After Brandon Crawford hit a grand slam in the 4th, the game was pretty much over.

So the Royals are facing the Angels, while the Giants are facing the Nationals. That is all MLB24 has for you today! See you later MLB fans

Intoduction to MLB24

Hello everybody! I am introducing you to my new blog MLB24. I will be keeping up to date on all the Major League news going on at the time. I will update you on things like playoff races, which I will talk about later, injuries, trades, scores, stats, controversy, and just about everything to do will the MLB.

Right now the season is coming to an end with only a couple of games left. In the American League, the hometown Seattle Mariners still have a fighting chance being two games back of the Oakland Athletics. The Los Angeles Angels have clinched the American League West Division title and home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

The Baltimore Orioles have clinched the American League East Division title. Both the Detroit Tigers and the Kansas City Royals, who are both in the American League Central, have clinched a playoff spot. They are both fighting for the American League Central Division title, the Tigers being ahead of the Royals by one game.

Now for the National League. The Washington Nationals have clinched the National League East Division title and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Los Angeles Dodgers have clinched the National League West Division title.

The San Francisco Giants have clinched a wild card spot. The Pittsburg Pirates and the Saint Louis Cardinals are battling for the first spot in the National League central. The Pirates are one game back of the Cardinals.

That is all that I have for you today! See you later MLB fans!