Another Trufant

The NFL Scouting Combine began just last week, being held in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium. This is where everyone expecting to join the draft this season will show off their skill sets and try their best to impress the NFL scouts that are present. They all have a lot to prove both in pure physical abilities and the skill sets that are necessary for their position. For Desmond Trufant, it is living up to the family name and proving that he can play at the next level. Desmond would join his two brothers that already in the NFL, one of whom, Marcus, is a long time Seahawk and is still currently on the squad, even after being cut and immediately resigned last season. Desmond is moving towards joining his brothers and becoming one of the lone families if not the only one to have three members in the NFL. Being the only UW player at the combine, Trufant has to represent the entire team in the combine. Not only that but he also has to represent the Trufant name.



Lucas Oil Stadium by bbmcshane

“Lucas Oil Stadium” by bbmcshane

Personal Hygiene

As the weather starts to warm up and the layers start to peel off, personal hygiene is something that everyone should remain aware of. It isn’t quite hot enough for the windows to be open and it’s just cold enough for the heater to still blast through the classrooms, and to be brutally honest, no one wants to sit in a stinky, stuffy classroom for an hour.

The thing about body odors is that, a lot of the time, we can’t smell our own. If it’s something that we’re just used to smelling, it doesn’t really bother us. But of course, in a school with over 2000 students, it is given that we should be considerate to our peers. It can be easy to brush it off as unimportant, but those extra couple of minutes in the morning can make a big difference throughout the day.

My advice: Don’t think of it as a chore. I know that a lot of people probably think, “Ugh, I’m busy enough without having to take a shower!” but think of it as a chance to relax, a chance to take care of yourself. If you take showers or baths at night, use that time to reflect on your day and clear your mind of unnecessary clutter. If you shower in the morning, use it to prepare yourself for the day ahead. You might be surprised to find that those couple of minutes can have a big impact on the direction that your day takes. Your body will thank you, and your peers might even too!

A Young Writer’s Haven


Have you ever imagined what a young writer’s haven would be like? For some, it might be cuddled up with a blanket, pen and paper in hand with an afternoon of fanciful writing to look forward to. But today I thought I’d talk about my experience at what I consider to be the perfect young writer’s haven.

Last summer, I participated in a young writer’s workshop at Kenyon College sponsored by the literary publication, The Kenyon Review. Kenyon College is located in Gambier, Ohio. I know, it sounds like the middle of nowhere, and it is (cornfields galore!) But the rural setting is just so beautiful and if you’re not afraid of getting caught in rainstorms, I assure you, you’ll fall in love with the campus and the town. It was my first time ever participating in a writing program, and let me just tell you: it was beyond awesome, it was wonderful.

You know that feeling you get when you meet someone who is insanely compatible with you, and you just click instantly? Well, that’s how I felt with everyone I met there. We all just had a common passion for creative writing and it was so amazing to form a community. Besides the writing, my favorite aspect was sharing and hearing the creative thought processes of fellow writers. One minute we’d be talking about Sylvia Plath and Bukowski and the next we’d be immersed in a discussion about religion. Let’s just say, it was nice to be understood.

Well, I could take you through my entire experience there, but I prefer to provide you with a haiku:

Rainstorms deplete light

For five days (but it’s alright!)

Write with all our might

What made my time at The Kenyon Review Young Writer’s Workshop was the fact that I was able to create my own memories there, with instructors, fellow writers, and myself. So I really encourage you to pursue your own opportunities. And if you’re hesitant to dedicate your precious summer to any single endeavor (I know, the thought of spending a summer at writing camp sounds far from entrahlling), don’t worry, because the program only lasts two weeks. Also, there are two sessions so that gives you some flexibility as well!

I’ve provided a link to the program’s website below. If you’re a young writer who not only has a passion for writing, but also wants to be surrounded by other writing junkies, I strongly encourage you to check it out! The application deadline is fast approaching so embrace the opportunity while you can!


Thanks for coming down the rabbit hole!


Travel News: Cruise Ship Trouble

Whether you are aware or not, national news sources have been focusing on the cruise ship disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. It has been reported that a ship part of Carnival Cruise Lines experienced some problems due to an engine fire that caused the ship to lose its electrical power and plumbing. As a result of the fire, the ship was stranded and unable to operate. The ship had an inadequate supply of food and sewage- flooded rooms after the disaster started on Sunday, leaving over four thousand passengers stranded until Friday when the passengers finally departed the ship. Obviously, passengers were quite frustrated with their situation, and many were not satisfied with the five hundred dollars Carnival agreed to pay its passengers. According to stories in the news, people in the lower levels of the ship away from the windows and balconies suffered significantly due to the lack of sanitation . For the people in the upper levels, the conditions were better, but far from acceptable. The ship is going to go under investigation, but hopefully a problem of this magnitude will not happen again in the future.

Recently, there have been many problems with cruise ships, so just how safe are they now? Are cruises worth it anymore because there has been several incidences of mechanical and navigation problems that have caused passengers to be stranded? I think the problems with cruise ships need to be investigated more thoroughly, and that the companies should focus less on profits and more on the safety of their customers. When will cruise lines realize that when a city on the ocean is stranded, it is a big problem and that new solutions need to be proposed?

Felix Arrives in Peoria

All of the pitchers and catchers are now finally down in Arizona. All but one pitcher had already reported in for Spring Training and that was Mariners Ace “King” Felix Hernandez. The deal that Hernandez signed with the team was finalized just two days ago. At the public signing and press conference, Hernandez signed a contract making him the highest pitcher ever. Maybe it was the emotion in the moment or the money talking but Hernandez seemed to have a difficult time speaking. Clearly he was emotional but he began to nearly cry a few times and his voice cracked more than once. He even went on to say that he believed the Mariners to be a playoff caliber team, something we have hoped for. The talent is there and it is growing but with this Ace in our pocket, we can do some damage. He said it himself; he will do everything he can for this team and try to help it succeed.


Photo by Marianne O’Leary

Felix by Marianne O'Leary

Singles’ Awareness Day (aka S.A.D)

Happy S.A.D! Actually, it isn’t so happy, is it?

Seeing all of the happy couples together on Valentine’s Day can be really hard. It feels like a slap in the face–a brutal reminder that you don’t have someone special.

But it doesn’t have to be sad! There is a reason why you aren’t currently in a relationship, and think of it this way: somewhere out there is someone that is waiting to meet someone just like you. It may be cheesy, but it’s true! Everyone has different qualities that make them unique, and everyone has qualities that they look for in a potential partner.

As my grandpa says, “There is a lid to every pot.” So don’t give up hope; love will find you when you open up your heart to it.

February Playlist

It’s weekly playlist time! This one isn’t really cohesive but the songs are just ones that I’m listening to this month and I feel like they all kind of fit the mood of February for me. The most obvious example of a song fit for this month is “February Air” by Lights, a personal favorite of mine. So I hope you enjoy! These songs tend towards electronic/indie/pop but even that may be too big of a generalization. Anyways, hope you have a wonderful February and maybe give this playlist a listen.

1. February Air – Lights
2. Falling Away With You – Muse
3. Such Great Heights – The Postal Service
4. Retrograde – James Blake
5. Visitation of the Ghost – The Brobecks
6. Mutual Core – Bjork
7. Little Dreams – Ellie Goulding
8. Hundred Dollar Suit – Husky
9. Lucie, Too – Now, Now
10. Love Love Love – Of Monsters And Men

Modding Brawl

Game modifications can be used to extend the life. I don’t mean passive downloadable content or anything officially sponsored. I’m talking about full blown, hardcore, fresh off the internet game mods. I primarily use these to change up my copy of Super Smash Bros Brawl, but there are also plenty of incredibly good mods for games like Skyrim, Half-Life, Arma II, and Portal.

Take Super Smash Bros. Now, technically by downloading any unapproved content you void the warranty on your Nintendo Wii, but in practice nobody actually checks. Also keep in mind that unapproved doesn’t mean illegal, and provided you keep your modified content off the game’s competitive internet services (you usually fail to connect with modded games anyways) you can’t get banned for modding a game. Even then, in practice nobody cares as long as you aren’t using your mods to get a cheap edge. Do that, and the banhammer awaits. I prefer to keep my mods offline entirely just to be on the safe side, and there are many more options for mods in single player games than there are multiplayer anyways.

Back to the side of entertainment, a friend and I have been making some heavy alterations to our copy of Brawl. Our changes include adding master chief, batman and various other characters to the game. We brought back the fan favorite, mewtwo, and gave link his ferice diety armor and zora tunic. We then added several dozen stages and all of the stages from melee, threw the final boss’s impossibly cool looking boss stage into the standard game, and made all the characters have more interesting and balanced attacks. Read as: Explosions!

Safe Haven

So, I have yet to see the latest Nicholas Sparks novel inspired movie “Safe Haven” starring Josh Duhamel. But, I am debating if it is worth it. I have seen all of the others, and although every movie like this runs along the same lines, I always enjoy it. But, as I have mentioned in previous posts, seeing movies is not cheap. Is it truly worth the money to see what I have seen many times before? Am I really going to get the bang for my buck?

If I decide to see it, look for a new post reviewing it. I am sure I will need to bring a box of tissues as I usually do with Nicholas Sparks movies.

If Only…

Now I know it may be torturous, but sometimes I like to imagine what would be the first thing I would eat if I were cured of Celiac. It’s fun, if not somewhat saddening, but worth the imagination. Here are my top 5:

1. French Bread. Bread has come a long way, but gluten free is just not as good. Sorry. French bread is amazing and I really miss it sometimes.

2. Cake. What can I say. Cake is so good, and once again, non gluten free is just better.

3. Pizza. Sometimes I just really want some good New York style pizza. Being from the East Coast, I know good pizza when I taste it, and gluten free just doesn’t make the cut.

4. Breakfast Pastries. A croissant, a scone, anything. It just sounds good.

5. Pie. I haven’t had a good pie crust in three years, so needless to say I could really go for one.

Valentines Day

It’s Valentines Day today! It’s the perfect time to wear cute red or pink dresses whether you have a Valentine or not. Whether you’re dressing up for a cute date night, or dressing up to just look nice- here are some cute outfits to wear!

This is absolutely perfect for a cute date night with your Valentine! It’s Free People’s Sweet Valentine Dress- which is Free People exclusive.

Sweet Valentine Dress

This is another dress by Free People that is an awesome casual dress. It’s short, flirty, and cute!

FP New Romantics Could You Be Loved Dress

Another casual dress is this Crochet Dress! Its from WetSeal and it’s only $32.50 online, and that’s a good deal. It will look perfect with a denim jacket!

Crochet Lined Shift Dress - Dresses

– Fashion Femme

New Baseball Mound

It’s been a long wait, but it’s finally here. This Sunday, the school baseball field is making a new baseball mound. The original mound would dig in easily and where out quickly during games. The new mound that is being built has a clay base, which makes it tougher for cleats to dig it out. Two years ago, most of the field was redone, including the dirt infield, which is now turf. Originally, the grass outfield, outfield lights, and new batting cages were supposed to be created this year; however that has been put off for a later time. Playing on the dirt infield a few years ago was a pain since it rains basically every day during baseball season, making it tough to practice or play games on. Skyline just recently built an indoor baseball facility at their high school which is kind of unfair. Their school isn’t even that old yet their always getting renovations. Plus who needs an indoor facility at the high school? I think they went a little over board on that, I have no idea where they got the money to afford that.

Secret Admirer

Casual glances from across the room, subtle smiles in the hallway, just admit it: you’ve got it bad. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, now is the perfect time to confess your feelings! Sweep him or her away with a bouquet of flowers and homemade chocolate, what have you got to lose?

But let’s be a bit more realistic here–public declarations like that can be scary. Especially if you do not know for sure how the other person feels about you. So here’s another idea: be a secret admirer. Find a way to casually slip him or her a note that says something short and sweet, that will definitely get them thinking! Keep in mind that this is only creepy if you make it creepy.

If secretly admiring is not quite your style either, you can still be subtle about showing your feelings. Give the object of your affection something to let them know that you’re thinking about them. Buy or make a cheesy little valentine and give it to him or her, that’ll be sure to spark a conversation. And who knows, maybe your feelings will be reciprocated!

Best of luck,