Issaquah Men’s Tennis Team


The first stop on the Underdog Train is the Issaquah Men’s Tennis team. Tennis isn’t usually a sport that many people pay attention to. In fact lots of people don’t even know that Issaquah has a tennis team! which is a shame cuz I think that we have a pretty good one.

I went to a match for these guys and MAN was I impressed. For having such little courts to move around on these guys sure do give it their all. In fact there was one kid who even had a two and a half hour match (I didn’t stay the whole time of course, I gotta eat sometime)! The team lost the match, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many smiling faces after a loss.

“We don’t take our matches too seriously,” said one player; “of course we want to win but a loss just shows how much better we can be.” I think that this quote perfectly describes the team. They care about playing, but it’s for the fun of the game.

Another example of the fun they have is their nicknames. They actually gave each other nicknames and USE them while introducing each other to the other team. You should’ve seen the look on one kid’s face when he was told that he would be playing a 6’2 giant named “Fi-Fi.” Nothing matters to them as long as they have their team by their sides.

Not only that the matches were amazing. On our team we have a player whose ranked in the top thirties of the nation. Don’t tell me that that doesn’t pique your interest just a little bit.

Game, Set, Match
(Translation: see ya later)

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A.K.A. Bruce Wayne who is a billionaire playboy philanthropist.
The origins of Batman are that having witnessed the murder of both of his parents, he vowed to avenge them by taking down all the criminals in Gotham City. He has made sure to be at peak physical condition so that he can easily defeat all criminals. He first appeared in “Detective Comics.” Since he has no actual superpowers, he is considered a vigilante and has to break laws in order to protect the city. He is very skilled in interrogation, excels in hand to hand combat, can endure large amount of physical pain, and is a master of escapology and disguise.

Batman uses the bat costume as a way to intimidate criminals and to protect him from gunfire and and other harmful impacts. His most important characteristic is his unwillingness to kill in any situation. His most important equipment and gadgets are the bat-mobile and his utility belt which holds things like batarangs or bat-cuffs. These are important, because he refuses to use a gun considering how his parents died. The bat-signal is something the Gotham Police use to get Batman’s help.

Batman has a very important sidekick, Robin, who is originally Dick Grayson who eventually becomes Nightwing another crime fighting superhero. Then he gets Jason Todd who is supposedly killed by the Joker, but actually comes back as a villain the Red Hood. There are other Robins some who are girls, but they are not as important. He also has helpers such as Huntress and Batgirl.

His biggest enemy is the Joker, who is a psychopathic clown, while he has others such as Riddler, Penguin, Bane, Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, Two-Face, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Ra’s al Ghul. These are all the main recurring villains who make his job very difficult.

I will have more on Batman and his adventures in the future.

Twitter- The Start

Twitter was founded on March 21, 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone in San Francisco, California. was launched in July of 2006. Twitter happens to be considered microblogging. Since 2006, Twitter’s popularity has shot through the roof. In 2012 there were 500 million registered users and on average those users posted 340 million tweets every day. Twitter has now become one of the 10 most visited websites.

Twitter has attracted lots of celebrities as well. The number one followed celebrity is Justin Bieber with just over 44 million followers. Katy Perry comes in second with 42 million followers. Justin Bieber even has more followers than President Barack Obama who comes in fourth with 36.2 million followers. Sadly, the Twitter account itself comes in 12th place with 22 million followers. It is crazy to think that in just seven years Twitter has grown from a new company to a place where tens of millions of people are wanting to know what the President is up to.

Twitter has made itself very unique and different than other social media websites. You are limited to 140 characters as I mentioned in my first post. Also, Twitter invented the use of a hashtag as a reference to a common theme of your tweet. It has revolutionized social media. It has allowed for easier to search for posts about a common idea. Using hashtags has become so popular that other popular social media such as Facebook and Instagram have implemented the hashtag on their sites as well. As Twitter begins to grow, it will continue to change as well.

September 29 Picture

blog review

For this post I am putting aside my own opinions and I will not be commenting on what to expect this weekend from your favorite teams. Instead today I will be reviewing two other blogs, both focusing on professional football.

The first blog that I found interesting was According to the NFL this is the only official blog representing pro football. What I found the most interesting was the attention to individual players. Many of the entries focused on injuries, or how certain players have been impacting their teams. This blog would be most helpful for those that are super interested in fantasy football. It’s a great place for injury updates and possible fantasy picks.

A second blog that would appeal to the die hard NFL fan would be This blog seems to go into deeper detail on information that fans need such as ticket deals and team apparel. It also has weekly schedules and an in depth preview for fantasy fanatics. It also has tabs for both AFC and NFC news as well as information on each individual team.

Both blogs prove to be a valuable source of information for the football fan and everyone should check them out. Especially those that participate in fantasy football. Ok I lied when I said that I’m not going to comment on what you can expect this weekend, because I just have to say that you can expect the Patriots to beat the Falcons… by a lot.

The Blogging World

Similar to current events concerning any subjects, science and technology news derive from various media sources. Along with traditional newspapers and magazines, the number of blogs are becoming increasingly prevalent and science blogs are not an exception.

One interesting blog is called Body Politic, and it is worth to take a look at this website. The author of this blog, Melinda Wenner Moyer, is a science contributor to many renowned magazines and also a freelance science writer. Her blog is captivating because of the diverse topics and the extensive research and information provided in each post. Most of the posts are related to health and medicine such as how certain foods affect health and the connections to certain diseases and health conditions. In addition to the information in each posts, external links and citations are often included for readers who want to more in depth information. This. blog is definitely worth checking out, especially for those interested in health and medicine

Another great science blog is the Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog. John Hunter, the author of this blog, interacts with technology on a daily business since many of his other professions involve the internet and uses of other technology. With his background, most of this blog is focused on bioengineering and how engineering has affected medicine, food, and health. Furthermore, this blog is frequently updated with current news of some of the most intriguing topics. The posts generally include many videos and other supplements. Each post provides a substantial amount of information and presents some of the complicated concepts and vocabulary in ways that general readers are able to understand. This is a blog that many science lovers would find to be interesting.

For those interested in science news, be sure to check out these two blogs because the information may be surprising!


Bonjure from Paris!


I couldn’t start my blog without discussing the ins and outs of Paris!

If you eventually have the opportunity to tour Europe, be sure to add Paris to your list of locations to visit. Upon arrival, it was instantly my favorite location that I have had the chance to visit abroad. Each aspect of Paris adds to the overall interest and beauty of this vibrant city.

Some of these aspects that are worth further exploration include…

1. The Eiffel Tower – We are all familiar with this iconic monument that is universally recognized as a symbol of Paris. However, taking the time to visit this tower in the evening is an opportunity that is missed by many tourists. Snap all your pictures before the clock hits midnight so that you can step back and enjoy the fantastic light show that causes the tower to light up and sparkle daily at 12am sharp.

Bonjure from Paris

2. The Louvre – If any of you don’t know, the Louvre is an art museum that is recognized worldwide for its diverse collection of rare pieces of art, including the Mona Lisa. A visit to the Louvre is a fascinating experience, as the building is a piece of art in itself. Just don’t spend too much time in one area of the museum, as there is more than enough to explore. (Hint: Don’t waist your time trying to squeeze through the crowd in front of the Mona Lisa just to snap another picture. Just get close enough to appreciate the painting and then move on to the next section, as it will take to long to get in position for a quality picture to be taken.)

If you begin to get a little fidgety after many hours spent looking at art, take a walk outside for a change in environment and some much needed fresh air. Right next door to the museum is a beautiful park that acts as an escape from the museum crowds, as you can lie in the park’s grass and do a little people watching – my favorite past time while touring a country.

Some parting words:
As you are exploring these tourist “hot spots”, you should consider setting out on foot as you move from one location to another. Going on foot allows you to take in more of your surroundings while helping you to further immerse yourself in the Parisian lifestyle.

Stay tuned for more of my posts next week. We have yet to explore the most important aspect of Paris…FOOD!

Album Review: Bad Blood – Bastille

While some of us Americans might have already had the album for a while (oops), Bastille has now officially released their new album Bad Blood in the United States. This London-native indie electronica group has been growing in popularity since its debut in 2010. Fun fact – Bastille actually originated as singer/songwriter Dan Smith’s solo project. Dan also has really awesome hair. Very important. Just thought you should know.

Perhaps you’ve heard “Pompeii,” the band’s best-selling and most internationally popular song. This was the song that first introduced me to Bastille – it’s insanely catchy, and I honestly don’t see how you can resist joining in when the song begins with its first chorus of “ey-ey-oh-ey-oh”s. The synth bounces underneath Dan’s endearingly British-accent-tinged voice, and the drums beat a thundering march through it all. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times my friends and I have burst into song whenever we hear “Pompeii.”

Bad Blood is more of that addicting sound you got a taste of in “Pompeii.” The songs are irresistibly catchy, with pounding beats, pulsing synthesizers, flowing strings, and Dan’s standout voice soaring over it all. Seriously. I can’t get enough of his voice. Especially when he goes up into his falsetto (sigh). The other singles on the album, besides “Pompeii,” are “Overjoyed,” “Bad Blood,” “Flaws,” “Laura Palmer,” and “Things We Lost in the Fire.” The album has been incredibly successful in the UK, debuting at number one, and is now gaining popularity in the US.

Golf in the Northwest


The win by Henrik Stenson that was the end of the Fedex Cup season was very exciting. It marks the end of this year’s PGA Tour season, though the always-entertaining President’s Cup is coming soon. This is a team event, so it is unusual for professional golf and is a fun format. The teams are the U.S. vs. the rest of the world except for Europe.

On Tour however, it was a season highlighted by major wins by two Americans and two international players. Adam Scott won the Masters, Justin Rose won the U.S. Open, Phil Mickelson won the British Open, and Jason Dufner won the PGA. We also saw 19-year-old Jordan Spieth rise from the ranks of the unknown and became the youngest winner on Tour in decades, and finished the season in style by placing in the top-10 in the Tour championship.

Even though all of this main International golf tour stuff is exciting, the Pacific Northwest is also a place of golf interest. Even though it is not particularly well-known across the country as a great golf destination, we have a lot of premier courses around western Washington and the rest of Washington and Oregon. One of these courses is Sahalee, which is the only course in the state to ever host a major, and which I had the opportunity to play yesterday. As an added bonus, I saw PGA Tour player Kyle Stanley before I teed off, which was pretty cool. Stanley grew up in western Washington, and frequently visits courses in the area. There are many other courses around here that I’m sure I will talk about in the future, but one of my other favorite places is Sunriver, Oregon. Here is a picture from the 16th hole at the Woodlands course there:


Libertarian Aura Among More of the Internet

If you are going to try to beat someone at something, you need to check out the competition. In the blogging world, this means reviewing other blogs.


A leading Austrian economics blog with a very liberal appeal. Maintained by Don Boudreaux and Russ Roberts of George Mason University. Their basic belief is that “government should be guided by majority opinion makes sense only if that opinion is independent of government.” This blog extends a bit farther than sole politics and dips a bit into a philosophical feel. The articles provided are all very good and reliable. The op-eds are interesting. I’d say check it out! A great place to start would be to choose a category from their “categories” section on the bottom left of their home page. Civil society, “Cleaned by capitalism,” and archeological economics are just a few of the sections you can look through for a variety of spectated articles.

Roland Dodds is a post-activist post-advocate for the socialist left. Currently he spends his time “defending the Responsibility to Protect”—an organization that stands for universal rights and liberty. What’s interesting about this blog is that it features Guest Posts from around the political debate.  You’ll read about everything political on this site in a liberal manner—from international relations to Marxism. I say, check it out! Opinionated and controversial, this is one of the more lively political blogs.


Daniel’s amazing weight loss story.

Meet Daniel, the Austrian Rebel Who Dropped 109 Pounds

Meet Daniel, the Austrian Rebel Who Dropped 109 Pounds

Daniel is a 24 year old Australian man who changed his habits for the better and lost 109 pounds! Daniel was bullied in high school and spent the greater amount of his time coping by playing video games, he says “I would wake up around 10 AM, do some work, and watch random stuff on Netflix. By 12:15 PM I’d ride the bus / subway to the station close to work and grab a doner kebab. I would work until 10 PM, and at lunch I would take a break with coworkers and go eat at the next door Chinese restaurant or burger joint. After work I’d go out (occasionally) or go home and eat more crap, while watching something on Netflix or playing a videogame, getting to bed by 3 AM.”  As we can see, he had a very unhealthy lifestyle.

These habits took over his life and it got to the point where Daneil was having a mental breakdown because he thought he was patetic. Finally he started to value him self and said he was mentally so ready to take on his own personal challenge to get back in to shape. The rebelious night owl said his new scedule looks a lot healthier. Daneils says, ” Now I’m looking to reorient my career; I didn’t want to spend any more 8 + hour days in front of a computer. These days I have more time to focus on health. Then I do a bodyweight workout (here’s a beginner NF bodyweight routine) using an iPhone App I enjoy called “You Are Your Own Gym”. Once that is done, I go cook a breakfast and make coffee. My favorite breakfast are banana omelettes:1 Banana

  • 4 eggs
  • 1 tsp of ground vanilla
  • mixed in the food processor
  • Fried on a pan

THEN the rest of my day starts. ”

Daneil says now that he is psychically changed, there is also many other aspects to his transformation. Such as his social life, which has bloomed! Due to him being more comforatble and confident, he has been more outgoing and social. His life has improved so much and he says if you are doubtful on trying, “Do it. You’re worth it.”




Miley Cyrus raps in new video

Hello everyone!!!

We are not sick of Miley Cyrus yet because the twerk girl is rapping. The 20-year-old singer is rapping in Mike Will Made It’s video “23” which released on 24th September on Vevo. “Drinking out the bottle/ I got no respect/ Looking like a model/ Who just got a check/ I back it up ’cause I don’t give a f–k/ If you a lame that’s a shame you can’t hang with us,” she rhymes.

Miley is undoubtedly the star of the video, which also features Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa. In this video they are doing a tribute to legend basketball player Micheal Jordan. In the video, Cyrus twerk, smoke, sticks out her tongue, spreads her leg and give her signature look. In this video, “we can’t stop” singer is playing a role of skimpy cheerleader. After her break up with Liam Hemsworth, she finally moved on and started to get cozy and romantic with Mike Will. She was also spotted in the arms of Mike Will when she completed her iHeart Radio music festival in Las Vegas on Saturday. Mike Will  told  Fader magazine how he talked Miley into performing and appearing in the video, shot after Cyrus’ VMA appearance.”I was like, I’m gonna let Miley hear this and see if she wants to get on it,” he said. “I was like, Man, you can’t pull it off. And she was like, Yeah I can. We just made sure she stayed in the right pockets and rode the beat right.”

We wish Miley Cyrus good luck on her new album “Bangerz” and hopefully get to see Mike Will and Cyrus relationship. Thank you 🙂Mike WiLL Made It, Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, and Juicy J appear in the ‘23’ music video together.

Cultural Traditions: Different Blogs to Visit


I have recently reviewed a couple blog that I would like to share.

The first blog (which I love) follows the Thailand social norms and traditions. It was informational, but mainly very entertaining. I really like how the author of the blog chose to go into detail about certain traditions, and also chose very interesting facts about their everyday life. For instance, did you know it is considered rude to touch someone on the head? And making derogatory remarks about the Royal Family could land you 3-15 years in jail? If you want more interesting facts, please visit this blog! The URL is:

Below is a picture of Thailand. More pictures are included in the blog I mentioned above!

Another blog I’ve recently visited that I want to share with you is about Croatian cultures and traditions. The author of this blog does a beautiful job at not only describing these traditions, but also giving reasons and explanations as to how these traditions came about.

Traditions actually differ depending on what region of Croatia you are in. For instance, in the flatlands, people celebrate folklore traditions. They celebrate with chants, and also special recipes that the author lists on her blog! However, some of the culture of Croatia was actually founded based upon other cultures. Because the country was so often invaded, they began to pick up different traditions that the new invaders brought with them.

This blog is very detailed and insightful and I suggest you check it out! Go to:

Like both of these blogs, I hope to provide a lot of detail, background knowledge, and fun facts in my entries. Not only this, but their use of pictures was very powerful and made the blog fun to read. These are all things I hope to apply in order to make this blog better!

The Boy Who Played with Fire


Hullo Dreamers,

I’ve had a good few days to myself dreaming up this next story. I really like to explore different sides of the story spectrum (which is a real thing, it’s really beautiful like a rainbow but with colors that haven’t even been invented yet). So totally opposite to my last one, this is a bit more serious. It starts like this…

There once was a boy named Jack. Jack was a risky boy, pushing his luck for sport. He liked living on the high wire. The rush of his pulse, pounding in his ears and chest; like the drums solders use to stay in rhythm. The light in his eyes every time he took a risk, like a thousand stars flashing in a clear night sky. Jack loved risks.

It was one moist autumn night and Jack was wandering around his street, looking for risks to take. He had run away from making fun of Timothy’s widow. The woman whose husband died right before the birth of his twins, Fate hated her. Jack had been spanked by his step father (Fate hated him too), but Jack sneered at his stepfather as well, making fun of his stepfather’s luck. The day after Jack’s mother’s second wedding, she was mugged and cut down right in front of Jack. That was the only day in his life that Jack had been confused; why would someone kill something so good, so full of light? Jack had gotten his answer soon enough: it was because it didn’t make a difference whether Jack’s mother died or lived, but it was better to shut up your victim permanently. Jack often made fun of his own luck, laughing at Fate for hating him when he did nothing wrong. Jack laughed at people who were wrong. Like his stepfather, Jack often laughed at him because he had made the wrong decision by marrying Jack’s mother setting himself up for depression and anger. Jack made fun of depression and anger. Now Jack, Jack is a cunning boy, he can make you do all the work in the world, and enjoy it too. He just has that effect on people. His looks don’t hinder his progress either.

Jack has messy brown hair, the shade of wood in the springtime. His eyes are blue and calculating, as if he is sizing you up for a big scale project. He has a knowing smile, like you are where he wants you to be. And when he wants, Jack can speak so sweet, as if his lips are dripping honey. When Jack wants to make you hurt, he can speak so sharp, as if his words have sprouted thorns. Jack knows how everyone should feel.

The moist autumn day that Jack had been wandering in began to be dryer. When Jack looked up he saw the strangest thing. A fire, not that he hadn’t seen other fires before; Jack had seen plenty of fires for cooking and warming. But never one like this. This fire was being swung around by some man on the street, he had his cap down and people were putting money in it. This man who was swinging around fire must be hated by Fate as well. Jack bent down as if to put money down into the cap, but pocketed some instead. He took a closer look at the fire. It seemed to be hanging by string, but the string wasn’t catching fire at all. The man swung the fire and made it move in circles, like an infinite ring. Jack’s eyes widened. He wanted to do that. Jack wanted to make something infinite, something perpetual. Jack had thought his mother was perpetual, till she died. Jack wanted something permanent now, something to stand on, because Jack had nothing.

On Jack’s way home, he was thinking of ways to replicate the fire like the man on the street. Jack opened the big wooden door to his small wooden house. The smell of beer was thick and made Jack’s eyes water, his stepfather had been drinking again. He grabbed some string and made it wet so that it wouldn’t catch on fire. Then he got some rags soaked them in alcohol, so that they would burn better. Before Jack set it on fire, he thought about what his mother always said about it. She said never to play with fire, but then again, this was a risk.

“Fire,” Jack thought to himself. “Too much, you’re dead. Not enough, you’re dead. It’s a kill-kill situation.” And with that thought, Jack bravely lit the rags.

All at once the rags caught on fire, and blood started pounding in Jack’s ears and chest, his eyes shone like shining stars. Jack set about making the circles but they were harder than he thought, so Jack just swung the fire and tried to make it look good. All at once the wet string slipped out of his fingers and hit his wooden wall. The wall burst into flames. Then out of panic, he let the other string go and it hit the other wall.

The smoke tied itself up in Jack’s throat and he couldn’t breathe. Jack’s lungs were on fire. The fire made it hard to see and Jack’s eyes were burning, he couldn’t keep them open. He felt a searing sensation and realized that his whole shirt was on fire, he quickly ripped it off. Pretty soon he had no protection from the fire. The walls of flames were descending around him and he couldn’t understand anything, Jack wanted to scream but his throat was sealed shut by the smoke. At some point Jack had been completely overwhelmed in flame. He didn’t feel the pain anymore; he was just waiting for the fire to end. Then he felt it a pleasant cooling sensation, like a cold glass of water. This feeling was surrounding something, or someone. As it drifted closer, Jack saw that it was his mother. She was waiting for him, her hand outstretched, inviting him. He took her hand and what felt like a cool breeze greeted him. Jack followed his mother into endless light…

Well I guess that, that’s all for now…Keep dreaming!



The rise of the Pac-12


For the last seven years, a team from the SEC has won the National Championship. LSU has won it once, as well as Auburn. Florida won two under head coach Urban Meyer. And Alabama has won three of the last four championships, two under the composed, accurate A.J. McCarron. What conference can compete with the heavyweights of the SEC? They have many more teams always in contention, such as Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas A@M. The once conference that can compete with the likes of the SEC is the PAC-12

It could be argued that the PAC-12 is a lot deeper of a conference than the SEC. A more lower tier PAC team, such as Arizona, would destroy the likes of Kentucky and Mississippi State. The PAC is off to a strong start in 2013, with almost all teams, not including Utah and Colorado, having very strong teams. Lets go through my top 5 PAC-12 teams.

1. Oregon (#2) Wow… with an explosive offense and a much improved defense, Oregon looks hard to beat. Their offense has showed no sign in slowing down under new head Coach Mark Helfrich. They have not just played awful teams either. Oregon slaughtered Tennessee 59-14 in week three. Sophomore quarterback went 22-33 with 456 yards and 4 touchdowns.Their defense stopped Tennessee’s Worley to 126 passing yards. The thing that Oregon needs to improve is the running D. Tennessee gashed them for 4.8 yards a carry for 178 yards. If Oregon can fix that up, they are the most complete team in the country.

2. Stanford (#5) Impressive looking sophomore quarterback Kevin Hogan, two strong running backs, and one of the best Offense lines in the Country. Stanfords defense is just as strong as last year, and the Cardinal put up a solid win over Arizona State last Saturday. Oregon will have its hands full come week 10

3. Washington (#16) The Huskies got off to a great start this year, destroying #19 Boise State 38-6. Their offense is possibly just as explosive as Oregon’s. Senior Keith Price leads them, and he appears to be on the comeback from his bad year in 2012. The O line looks very improved, especially against the very solid line of Boise State. The most exciting thing for the Huskies is they have one of the best running backs in college football in Bishop Sankey. He has already rushed for 446 yards and four tds through three games. Washington also has a very strong, young receiving corp, including freshman John Ross, who has looked extremely impressive over the last three games. The defense still needs work, especially on the running side of things. They gave up 24 points and 327 yards to Illinois. Expect UW to put up a good fight in both of their next two games at Stanford and home against Oregon.

4. UCLA (#13) Here we have another explosive offense team, led by sophomore QB Brett Hundley. Junior RB Jordan James has had a great year so far, with already 424 yards on the ground. UCLA put together a very impressive win over Nebraska week 3, coming back and winning 41-21 after being down 21-3. Hundley is an awesome duel threat QB, already with 157 yards rushing. The problem again here is the defense. The looked very weak, especially in the first half of the Nebraska game. Of course they allowed 0 points in the 2nd half, so head coach Jim Mora must have figured something out.

5. Arizona Arizona has had a strong start to the season, starting out 3-0. Led by RB Ka’Deem Carey, Arizona is another team with a strong offense. The receiving core needs some work though. The thing that has impressed me the most by this team is the defense. They have allowed only 26 points in three games. We’ll see how good this defense really is this weekend, when Arizona travels to Seattle to play #16 Washington.


David ShawStanford coach David Shaw