thanksgiving football

Tomorrow is thanksgiving and in honor of one of the days many traditions, I will be giving a history of turkey day football.

The NFL football tradition stemmed from college games. Yale and Princeton as well as Michigan and the Chicago Maroons played thanksgiving games. Pro football has been playing thanksgiving games since its inception.

It has become customary to see the lions playing on thanksgiving. This game was started by the lions owner, G.A. Richards, to bring attention to the team. Other teams began to join the lions, such as the Chicago Bears, the Packers, and the New York Giants.
During World war two, no games were played on thanksgiving as the pro seasons were shortened. After WOrld war two only the lions had a permanent thanksgiving game. In 1966 the Dallas Cowboys began hosting games on turkey day and they continue the tradition today.

In 2006 the NFL began a third game on thanksgiving evening. In the last decade it has become customary for teams to wear throwback jerseys to commemorate the teams history.

The lions have lost every thanksgiving game since 2003. The Detroit Lions are hoping to end that embarrassing record tomorrow agains their rivals, the Green Bay Packers. In 2008 the lions were crushed by the Titans, 47-10. The lions became the first team to have a record of 0-16. With the lions losing streak there has been talk of removing the team from the thanksgiving schedule but the NFL has taken no actions to peruse this,
So tomorrow go out and throw the football around and participate in the tradition of NFL watching.

Heisman Race

This is one of the weirdest Heisman races I have ever seen. There usually up to five players that can be agrued to be the Heisman in a single year. This year, however, there is barely any strong Heisman frontrunners. Marcus Mariota has taken himself out because of the losses to Stanford and Arizona. The lack of trying in the Arizona game knocked him out of the race to me. Johnny Manziel was my frontrunner, until his absolutley awful showing against LSU last week. Texas A@M hasnt exactly won a big game, with loses to LSU, Auburn and Alabama, and wins over non-sec teams and bad sec teams. You can go ahead and check Manziel off of my list. So, who are the remaining stronger candidates?

1. Jameis Winston The red shirt freshman has had an outstanding year. He has thrown for 3100 yards and 32 touchdowns, with only 7 interceptions. He has pinpoint accuracy and pocket presence, and he has made Florida State an elite team again. If he gets the Seminoles to the National Championship game, he should win the Heisman trophy.

2. Jordan Lynch You have to love this kid. He is senior QB at Northern Illinois. His main argument  is that he has over 20 throwing and rushing touchdowns. That is incredible. Now, we know that he isn’t in a great conference and doesn’t get much competition, but where would NIU be without him? That is what the Heisman is all about. He has a legitimate chance to win if he can get his team to their second straight BCS bowl game.

3. AJ McCarron I don’t really understand why McCarron has been always overlooked in the Heisman race. He is a very solid QB at the best team in the country. He has won back to back National Championships with Alabama. A lot of people think it is all Saben, but i think McCarron deserves a lot more credit. He is having another near flawless year with only 5 interceptions and a passing percentage of almost 70 percent. His team is also, again, undefeated. AJ McCarron get a lot of help by his defense and running game, so this takes off some legitimacy points for his Heisman candidate.

More Black Friday Deals!

Black Friday

Ahhhhh it’s that time of the year where we get to be thankful for all that we have. Then in a few hours comes Black Friday where we trample people to get the best deals. Last time I did a look at gamestop’s Black Friday deals now will be looking at places like Toys R’ Us, Walmart, and Best Buy.

Toys R’ Us

Buy one get 40% off: Buy one game and you get a second 40% off. Including PS4 and Xbox One titles.                                                                                                             Custom 3DS with Luigi’s Mansion ($149.99)

Best Buy

PS3 deal: (250GB) that comes with The Last of Us and Batman Arkham Origins ($199.99) Xbox 360 (250GB) comes with Halo 3, Tomb Raider, Batman Arkham City, and Darksiders II ($189.99)


Rumored that a custom Zelda 3DS XL with Zelda a Link Between Worlds will be ($150) Buy Assassins Creed 4 on Xbox 360 and get a $20 Target Gift Card


AC4,Batman Origins, NBA 2K14, GTA V all have been reduced to ($35.00)     Battlefield 4, Saints Row 4, Injustice, Lego Marvel Superheroes ($25)                   PS3 (250GB) Last of Us and Batman Origins ($199) or PS3 (12GB) is ($149)       Xbox 360 (4GB) will go for ($99)                                                                                   2DS ($99)

Steam: will be having sales from November 27 – December 3rd. New sales are announced every 8 hours.

Good Luck and don’t get trampled!

The Flash


Three people have been known as The Flash Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, and Wally West.

Jay Garrick is the original Flash from 1938. He gained his powers when he accidentally inhales hard water vapors after falling asleep in his lab. He then realizes he can run at superhuman speeds and similar reflexes. He has a short career as a college football start until putting on his red shirt with a lightning bolt and metal helmet like Hermes and becomes The Flash. He wears the helmet, because it was his dads during WWI. He is a founding member of the Justice Society of America and was good friends with Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). He also lost his powers, because of a super villain the Rival (Reverse Flash). He regains them after defeating the Rival. He keeps his identity secret by vibrating so people can’t get a clear look of his face or take a photo, but his girlfriend Jane figures it out.

His powers include:

  • Ability to run at the speed of light (Speed Force)
  • Superhumanly fast reflexes

Barry Allen is the next Flash and is a police scientist. He is very slow, deliberate, and always late, which makes his fiancee Iris West upset. One night a lighting blot strikes a case of chemicals and it spills all over him and he develops his superhuman speed and reflexes. He dons the red suit with a lightning blot and names himself Flash after his favorite comic book hero Jay Garrick. Iris’s father Ira West made Barry his costume and ring which stores the suit when he must act as a civilian. The ring ejects the suit whenever he wants it and shrinks it with the help of a special gas. Ira also builds his cosmic treadmill which allows him to time travel. Barry is know as the nicest superhero and someone who everyone one loves. Batman said that if his parents wouldn’t have died Barry is who he would’ve liked to be like. He helps to found the Justice League of America and is also best friends with Green Lantern (Hal Jordan).

Iris finds out about Barry’s secret identity, because he talks in his sleep. She never says anything, but he eventually tells her of his own free will. Iris is found out to be from the 30th century and is killed by a supervillain Professor Zoom form the 25th century who is also in love with Iris. Barry eventually kills him and is put on trial and convicted for his murder, but escapes. He finds out from a juror possessed by a mind form the future that Reverse Flash (who he thought was dead) brainwashed the jury to convict him and he must now clear his name. He fights the Reverse Flash who is actually Abra Kadabra and defeats him. He then travels to the 30th century, because he learns Iris’s spirt has inhibited a new body and that she was the mind possessing the juror. He is finally reunited with him and he lives happily ever after for a while. He is then captured by Anti-Matter, but escapes and foils his plan to destroy the world. While he is doing this he is killed and resides in the Speed Force, which is a mystical force for all speedsters who die and the place living ones get their powers from. Iris who is pregnant has two kids who become the Tornado Twins. His sidekick Wally West or the Flash kid becomes the new Flash.

His powers include:

  • Super speed (Speed Force)
  • Self-molecular control
  • Time travel
  • Cyclone/tornado/highwind generation
  • Steal SpeedMass Punch
  • Universe Travel
  • Frictionless aura
  • Veloctity sharpened perceptions
  • Probability prediction

Wally West is the next Flash and Barry’s nephew. He is the Flash people most commonly know. He gains his powers the exact same way Barry does and becomes the Kid Flash. He created the Teen Titans and was good friends with Dick Grayson (Robin). He is also good friends with Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner). He finally becomes Flash when Barry dies as I said before. He is not quite as fast as the past two Flashes and is only faster than the speed of sound not light, because of a mental block he had placed on himself so that he would not replace Barry. He must also eat a lot of food to keep his metabolism up. He eventually has to overcome his mental block, so that Reverse Flash wouldn’t replace Barry. He actually ends up being faster than Barry, but can’t recover Barry’s ability to vibrate through things until the Speed Force gives it to him. He also gains new powers of his own. He is killed at a certain point and Bart Allen becomes the new Flash this does not last long though, because Wally comes back to life.

His powers include:

  • Super speed augmented by the extra-dimensional Speed Force
  • Can vibrate through solid objects, causing them to explode
  • Time travel
  • Cyclone/tornado/highwind generation
  • Steal Speed
  • Mass Punch
  • Universe Travel
  • Frictionless aura
  • Veloctity sharpened perceptions
  • Probability prediction
  • Ability to share/steal speed
  • Super heal others
  • Use his speed to kinetically upgrade his attacks
  • Regeneration
  • Limited Flight
  • Increased Perceptions
  • Supercharged Brain Activity

Harper’s story part 5

hullo dreamers

I am super exited about this installment of HS because we get to meet a new person.


The walk back to my home was silent and moist. As I climbed up the plateau to my little apartment, I couldn’t shake Damian DeLuca’s face from my mind. His very presents irked me. He was only coming to ‘help’ because it was his punishment for getting too cozy with his daddy’s secretary. He, like the rest of the DeLuca family were a bunch of liars. Just helping others for the public image, looking for their names in papers. My thoughts were jarred by a pair of speeding headlights rushing in my direction. I smelled burnt rubber of the car that looked more expensive than my life.

reeeet-reet-reeeet the car skidded to a halt just before it killed me. My breath caught in my throat and I saw my short life flash before my eyes. Who the heck did this guy think he was- driving as if he owned the streets of Chanal.

Enraged, I stalked to the driver’s side of the car and knocked on the tinted window. I know that this wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but I was mad. First my school got busted by some stupid earthquake, Natalia and Angelo’s dad probably wont be able to use his leg for the next million years, now this lunatic is behind the wheel of a zillion dollar car trying to assassinate me. I knocked on the tinted window once again and the driver lowered it smoothly.

“mira por donde usted conduce, maníaco” watch where you drive, maniac! I ranted at the careless driver. Then I remembered that this wasn’t America, I didn’t know the traffic laws here. Still, I stood my ground; I was mad and I was going to let somebody know.

The driver looked forward, as if I was beneath him. But then he stared right at me, eyebrows raised, pompous look on his face, he said,

“es éste su camino?”  Is it your road? He sassed. His accent wasn’t genuine, like it was mixed with a few others.

“No.” My cheeks burned. What was this guys deal?

In the dark of the Chanal streets, all I could make out were the sharpness of his features, and the new car smell radiating from his car. The man put his face into the dim light of the street lamps and said, “mira por donde caminas. watch where you walk. He had a presenting scowl on his face, and his features were influential. His cocky eyes were squinting at me, staring me down. His eyebrows were arched, as if was expecting something more. And his mouth was pulled into a pompous scowl, as if I he was accusing me of the worlds crimes.

Who did this guy think he was? I took a breath to yell at him, but then stopped just as fast. By the look of his car, and the gold watch that was glinting on his wrist, this man looked like he had friends. Big strong friends that could make me ‘disappear’ without a second glance.

“Lo siento.” sorry I muttered, swallowing my pride.

“que está bien” it’s all good he said dismissing me and looking back onto the road before him.

I took an awkward breath and strode away, not looking back. It was crystal clear that this guy had his own problems, LOTS OF THEM, but they were his business.

I heard a honk from behind me and realized that he hadn’t left since we argued. I looked back in confusion, what more did he want?

“Salir de la forma” get out of the way! He yelled out of his widow. I looked down to see that I was standing in the dead center of the road, making his way quite impossible. I stepped to the side and he zoomed by, but not before showing me a hand gesture that my mother would call, “totally inappropriate for any setting!” But since my mom wasn’t here with me, I made the same gesture back to him. With a bright satisfactory grin pinned on my face, I walked home preparing for my next official day of conquering.

The next day, I woke bright and early because I had to go down to the market to get groceries, which was made a bit harder because I had a low stock of Pesos, and the rest of my small fortune was in American dollars. I reminded myself that I needed to get my money converted. I had gotten a frantic call from my mother asking if I was okay, and when she should book the tickets for me to come back home….

My walk to school was again accompanied by Natalia and Angelo whom I had picked up on the way, they looked amazed when I had come to pick them up, as if I was only a one-time- thing.

Both the children chatted endlessly about what it would be like to have someone like Damian DeLuca here in Chanal, as he were some gift from God. And as we walked down the cobblestone streets, I tried my best not to beg to differ and to explain to them that this was all just one big ego booster for him and his family. Something to cover up his  big mistake.

As we approached the school, the number of black vans started to multiply, and soon we heard the exited muttering and saw the endless camera flashing of the paparazzi.

Normally, I would avoid situations with large sweaty crowds, but Natalia and Angelo seemed exited to see what was going on (and I was a bit curious myself) so I took both their hands and we made our way through the crowd.

There was violent pushing and mindless shoving, someone had stuck their elbow in Angelo’s mouth, as if to get a better picture of the man standing at the ruins of the south wing. The man had cocky, influential eyes, as if he were the best thing to happen to Chanal. His pompous mouth was sporting a winning smile; as if to say ‘yes, I’ve arrived.’ It was the next moment that I was hit with shock. The pompous smile and cocky eyes… it couldn’t be… but it was.

Before I could confirm my suspicion, Natalia and Angelo both quietly said, “Damian DeLuca.”

Then the realization hit me. The man whom I had so kindly shown a rude gesture to was the same person who was to be funding my future.

To be continued…

Have a good long weekend.

Keep dreaming



Fourtune Favorites: 2013 LA Auto Show

One of the largest annual car shows opened in LA just last Friday. The show will stay open through December 1st, so make sure to stop by if you happen to make a trip to LA anytime soon.

Cadillac Elmiraj

photo credit: worldojeff via photopin cc

The Elmiraj concept release was one of the many beautiful displays that got people talking. Impressive and on-point, Cadillac has been getting good at producing the next modern trendsetters. The Elmiraj was probably one of 2013’s most anticipated concept releases by car enthusiasts who have been suggesting that Cadillac could be the next biggest consumer luxury vehicle. Personally, I haven’t been fancying the rear view of Cadillac’s most recent concepts too much, however they have always been on my favorites list as they have never failed to execute luxury, individual design and probability into and of their models.


Nissan GT-R Nismo

Ah, the Nissan GT-R Nismo. For everyone who’s been anticipating the Nismo’s release in 2014, it was actually revealed to the public at the show! Even more exciting news, the GT-R Nismo’s twin-turbo V6 engine is said to hit 62 in just 2.4 seconds– keep in mind that the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport hits 60 mph in 2.4 seconds… impressive.


Maserati Ghibli

Look familiar? Well, that’s because this Maserati Ghibli resembles the Quattroporte, one of Maserati’s more famous supercars. Though the Ghibli is not quite at that level, it was one car that many were surprised to find at the LA Auto Show this year. Why? Primarily because it is a Maserati, one of the most renown supercar producers, secondly because of its outstanding affordability, and lastly because of its quality, ‘almost-supercar-like’ features. This 8-speed, V6 turbodiesel engine with a V8 engine simulator comes with an economy price of just $48,000. For a Maserati, that’s quite a big deal.


Though the cars above were just a few of the many cars that were presented at the 2013 LA Auto Show, here are just a few of the handful notable mentions I didn’t get a chance to cover:

Honda FCEV concept

Jaguar F-type Coupe

Kia K900

Mercedez AMG Vision Gran Turismo Concept

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG

Corvette Stingray

Volkswagen Design Vision GTI

Volkswagen eGOLF

2015 Subaru WRX

BMW i8

BMW 4 Series Convertible

Porsche Macan


Photo credit:

Caddy: <a href=””>worldojeff</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>oto Credit:

Nismo: <a href=””>Janitors</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>

Ghibli: <a href=””>Automotive Rhythms</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>


Twitter and Thanksgiving

Because Twitter has grown so large, it has become a hotspot for holiday activities. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and there are a good amount of Thanksgiving related topics you can find. Whether it is embarrassing moments, cooking help, or football, there is something for everyone.

Embarrassing Thanksgiving Moments on Twitter- Recently, Jimmy Fallon shared a story of his most embarrassing Thanksgiving moment. He told everyone that one year his mom had to bail his sister’s boyfriend out of jail. He added that it was definitely a table topic at dinner later that night. He then asked his Twitter followers to tweet their most embarrassing moments from past Thanksgivings. Some of people’s moments were really funny. I thought the funniest (it is sort of mean to laugh at but whatever) was from @lstimnotthatguy. He tweeted that his brother proposed to his girlfriend before dinner and got shot down. He said it was the most awkward dinner he had ever been at. It is fun to look users’ most embarrassing Thanksgiving moments and then have laugh recalling some of your worst Thanksgivings. Feel free to entertain your followers with some examples.

Cooking Help- For the third straight year, Chef Mark Makovec is responding to tweets at @Wegmans with the hashtag “Turkey911”. This can actually be really helpful because Makovec will give tips and help on all types of Thanksgiving foods. If your family members struggle to make a tasty Thanksgiving meal make sure to help them out by giving this option to them in hopes of improving the food’s taste.

Football Entertainment- If you’re bored and sitting on your couch and only watching football, make things a little more exciting and interactive. Follow Bill Shea (Bill_Shea19) to help out with the boredom. According to, “Bill will be live-tweeting utterly subjective commentary, game updates, statistics, trivia, photos, possibly some videos, sports business and financial news, concession and merchandise info, stupid jokes, links, sleazy gossip, non sequiturs and whatever else he finds interesting or funny or weird or exasperating from the third-row of the press box.

He’ll answer your questions, too.”


Twitter has grown so large that it has become a necessity for people. It must be used everyday and has now become a part of holidays as well. The growth has just proven the brilliance of this website/app.

Australian Golf

Obviously, golf is a sport that is primarily played in the summertime, especially here in rainy, boring, old Washington state. Therefore, there isn’t really much going on in the world of golf right now, right?

Well, Australia is also a place where golf is popular, and even though it is winter here, in the southern hemisphere, it is summer right now, so golf goes on. In addition, some of the best golfers in the world are Aussies, including top five player in the world and winner this year of the first ever Masters by an Australian, Adam Scott. Not only has Scott accomplished the great feat of winning the Masters this season, he has also won two out of the three big Australian tournaments this year, and is in contention to take all three. Earlier in this month, he won both the Australian Masters and the Australian PGA, and this week his in search of the triple as he competes in the Australian Open. This would be a big achievement for Australian golf, and would really mean something on the world stage.

Australian golfers have had a pretty good history. Greg Norman, who is certainly one of the best to ever play the game, hails from down under, and he won PGA player of the year several times throughout his career. However, Scott became the first and only Australian golfer ever to win the Masters, which is really a big deal. If Scott could manage another win this week to cap off his extraordinary season, it would be a huge achievement for Australian golf.

Scott after his win at The Masters



Hello Internet!

As you all know, Thanksgiving is fast approaching, this Thursday, November 28th.

Thanksgiving is one of those truly American holidays, but many Americans could not tell you where it all began. Most would tell you the classic elementary story of how the holiday has “something to do with Pilgrims and Indians spending time together and sharing the good harvest.” This may be true, but history shows that this is not exactly the case. The colonists or pilgrims were selfish people. They were not “friends” with the Native Americans as the classic stories claim. The colonists wanted the land for themselves and were willing to do whatever it took to keep it.

The truth is that on the first Thanksgiving in 1621, the pilgrims were celebrating their rare harvest and only a couple Native Americans attended the feast. So the broad concept of families coming together to give thanks and feast has some accuracy to it.

The original and traditional Thanksgiving is important to the majority of families, but while you are giving thanks, think about the diversity of America.

By diversity I mean anywhere from religion to food restrictions. Have you ever thought about what it’d be like for a vegetarian on Thanksgiving? What if you were allergic to gluten, dairy, eggs, and/or protein? What if your religion did not allow you to eat turkey?

I can personally relate to those who have a million allergies, so I have discovered some recipes which are perfect for the Thanksgiving Day feast:

Even though the relatives can be irritating and stress levels can be high, try to remain calm, enjoy the food, and appreciate the fact that everyone is alive and well on this Thanksgiving.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Yours truly,

Halloween Queen

Staying Fit over the Holidays

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we all know this means a national feast. This day is all about the blessings we are granted in life, but always ensures family and food, a lot of food. So, hopefully these tips from Web Doctor can help!

1. Getting Active

Eating less and exercising more can be a simple solution to avoid the holiday weight gain. If you make your workouts this week a longer and burn the calories before you even indulge in the Thanksgiving feast, that will be extremely helpful to your body.

2. Eat Breakfast

People often think that not eating all day to save room for the feast for dinner if efficient, but it actually really is quite the opposite.  Eating breakfast can get your metabolism started early on with a head start. Having breakfast can curb your appetite and help you be more selective during dinner instead of splurging so hard because you have not eaten all day.

3. Healthier Recipes

Thanksgiving gravy,  mashed potatoes, and pie are a necessity. But, they are not necessarily helpful to your health In fact, they often use an abundance of unnecessary calories and sugar. Using fat- free chicken broth for the gravy and turkey basting is an easy fix to help eliminate some calories. Sugar substitutes instead of real sugar when baking goods and pies can be used. Use as little butter and oil as possible when cooking as well. Skip the seconds and use Doctor Kathleen Diekmans advice, “Don’t waste your calories on foods that you can have all year long, fill your plate with small portions of holiday favorites that only come around once a year so you can enjoy desirable, traditional foods.”

Enjoy your feasting!

Songs Stars Wrote About Other Celebrities

We all know Taylor Swift is popular for writing songs based on her feelings or experiences. But, there are other celebrities who also wrote song like Taylor Swift.

In a recent interview with E!News, Harry Styles admits that many of the songs the guys wrote on Midnight Memories were inspired by girls and relationships. “When you’re writing songs, it’s impossible to not draw on personal experiences, whether it be, you know, traveling or girls or anything,” he explained.

While he made sure not to drop any names, there are tons of celebs (Taylor Swift!) who have revealed who their songs are actually about.

1. Taylor Swift wrote Forever and Always about Joe Jonas
On The Ellen Show, Taylor admitted that she wrote “Forever & Always” about Joe after he dumped her over the phone (in 27 seconds!).Songs About Other Celebs 1

2. Selena wrote Love Will Remember about Justin Bieber                                                  Selena opened up to InStyle about the song she wrote for Justin and said, “Love Will Remember is the most personal track on the record, for sure. I think it’s a sweet way of releasing my emotions. It’s not an aggressive approach to what people are probably expecting. I’m sure Justin will love it too.”Songs About Other Celebs 2

3. Justin Bieber wrote Heartbreaker about Selena Gomez                                               After Justin released “Heartbreaker”, Selena spoke out about it and revealed that she loved it!”Honestly, that’s what so beautiful about music. He’s super talented and able to use what he feels and interpret that through music,” Selena said. “It’s what you do to grow as an artist; it’s what I’ve done and what many people do. It’s sweet.”

Songs About Other Celebs 3

4. Miley Cyrus wrote 7 Things about Nick Jonas                                                               Brett Ratner, the director of Miley’s “7 Things” music video, revealed that Miley wanted her video to represent her relationship with Nick, as well.”She had me come out to her house,” Ratner recalled. “She started showing me all of her personal items from under her bed that her ex-boyfriend gave her. So she pulled out his dirty socks and a bunch of photographs.”The necklace she’s wearing in the video is the necklace he gave her,” he said. “She’s wearing his diabetes or medical necklace.”Songs About Other Celebs 5

5. Justin Timberlake wrote Cry Me A River about Britney Spears                                  Justin didn’t admit “Cry Me a River” was about Britney until 10 years after its release.“Justin went to a concert and saw Britney, and Britney talked about him in the show and he was mad,” his producer Timbaland said.Justin explained, “I was on a phone call that was not the most enjoyable phone call. I walked into the studio and Timbaland could tell I was visibly angry.”And that’s how the song came to be!

Songs About Other Celebs 6

6. John Mayer wrote Paper Dolls about Taylor Swift                                                               When John was asked whether or not “Paper Doll” was about Taylor he said, “Yeah, songwriters write songs because of people, about people.”We think it’s only fair that John wrote a song about Taylor, figuring she called him out in her song “Dear John.”Songs About Other Celebs 8

7. Joe Jonas wrote Much Better about Taylor Swift                                                                  Taylor’s not the only one who gets to speak out about her exes. Joe called out Taylor in his song “Much Better” by taking a jab at her song “Teardrops On My Guitar.”Songs About Other Celebs 10

Gluten Free Thanksgiving

This is the final post for gluten free Thanksgiving. As you all know, Thanksgiving is tomorrow! It is a day of good food and family, so enjoy it. Here are some last-minute recipes for a great gluten free Thanksgiving.

One option for stuffing is to use Quinoa, an all-natural gluten free grain that is delicious. While you could always just use (as I have recommended) a gluten free bread or cornbread mix, you can also utilize this recipe. I have never thought of using quinoa like that, and this looked like an interesting recipe and idea.

  • 4 cups vegetable stock
  • 2 cups quinoa
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1 butternut squash – peeled, seeded, and diced
  • 2 small zucchinis, cut into 1-inch cubes
  • 1 bunch green onions, chopped
  • 1 cup diced dried apricots
  • 1 cup dried cranberries
  • 1 cup chopped fresh parsley
  • 1 lime, juiced, or to taste


  1. Bring vegetable stock to a boil in a saucepan, reduce heat to low, and stir in quinoa. Cover pan and simmer until quinoa absorbs the liquid, 10 to 15 minutes. Remove from heat.
  2. Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Cook and stir butternut squash and zucchinis in the hot oil until slightly browned, about 10 minutes. Stir quinoa into the vegetables and gently mix green onions, apricots, cranberries, and parsley into the stuffing. Drizzle with lime juice to taste.

Quinoa Stuffing Recipe


This recipe also looks very easy, only taking about 20 minutes to complete. So no matter if you’re gluten free, you can still have a traditional-style Thanksgiving! We should all be thankful for the ever expanding amount of delicious gluten free items on the market today.


Is the Tech Crew Technically Part of the Cast?

Haha. See what I did there? I crack myself up.

So with the onset of the school’s play White Christmas I thought that it would be a good idea to talk a little about all the behind the scenes work that goes into making a play.


The actors do a lot of hard work and it can be terrifying to stand in front of a crowd of people that you barely even know and be expected to not only perfectly perform your lines, but to also wow and amaze the crowd. But behind every actor trained army of techies that really make the difference between a bad play and great one.

Every prop, costume, light, and (if you’re going to a really amazing theater) pyrotechnic display is made by the crew. And in the case of Issaquah High School everything that you see on stage is made by students at school. (Except for the costumes. I think that we get a seamstress or tailor for those.) And every move sound and cue that the actors make has to be memorized by the technical crew so that they can get everything all set and so that the play can run smoothly. If you ask me, the crew is more valuable than the cast.

The members of the technical crew sacrifice so much time in order to put the play together. My “inside source” on the paly said that she starts working right after school and then doesn’t finish until eight at night!

I think that the Tech Crew is part of the, in more ways than they know.

The Issaquah Advertiser


Public stoning consideration is latest setback for Afghan women’s rights

Hey Readers,

I know it’s been awhile since my last entry. I had medical stuff that got in the way. Anyways, I’m back! And I’m excited to write about another happening in the world regarding women’s rights.

In the past, I’ve talked a lot about Afghanistan and the Middle East in general. These countries have been getting a lot of attention lately because they’re known as being especially oppressive towards women. Another recent event in Afghanistan supports that: public stoning. The Afghan government is considering bringing it back as a form of punishment for adultery.

Women’s rights advocates in Afghanistan have been fighting hard lately for their hard-earned rights and this is a major setback for them. The Afghan law reads that both men and women are at equal risk for getting stoned, but activists know that the government is more likely to punish women in this horrific way. I’ve also mentioned Sharia Law, the incredibly sexist Muslim law that imposes strict rules on women’s behavior. Coincidentally enough, the draft of the law permitting stoning was created by a committee that follows the rulings of Sharia Law. While the draft talks about physical punishment, it does not specifically mention stoning.

However, this does not mean that judges, law officials, etc. will not take matters into their own hands and sentence “adulterers” to being stoned. Women’s rights activists predict this will be a hard fight because of how central violence is the Afghan criminal punishment system. But, they still continue to fight on and try to gain support.


A support group for women in Afghanistan. These are becoming more common, especially at times when women are threatened with things such as stoning.