Super Bowl Predictions

Football fans!!! Only two days until the Super Bowl. Well really only one and a half now. A game against two number one seeds is bound to be awesome. Seattle Seahawk fans are excited as an ape named Eli living at a zoo in Utah has picked the hawks to win in this weekends match up. He has not been wrong since 2006. In fact last year he even predicted that the Ravens would win by a field goal.

Across the country, a Manatee in Sarasota, Florida has chosen the Denver Broncos as this year’s Super Bowl winner. The Manatee has also not been wrong in the last six years. Obviously one of their records will take a hit; the question is who? Most critics are favoring the Broncos because of Peyton Manning as well as their playmakers such as Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker. The Broncos are also favored as the weather at Meadowland stadium should be milder than expected. When the conditions were expected to be more severe, Seattle was favored as they have a superior running game under Marshawn Lynch.

According to the Madden 25 video game, the Denver Broncos will come out on top after an overtime battle. The predicted score is 31-28 after a 48 yard field goal by Bronco’s kicker Matt Prater. Other sources such as Nate Silver have picked the Hawks. Silver made his decision of a Hawks victory over a year ago. Whose guess will hold true? A video game or Silver? An ape or a manatee? Who knows? We must wait until Sunday to determine how how this historic game will finish.

Beauty tips #2

Hello Fashionistas,

I decided to take a small break from some fashion posts since I’ve been doing a lot of those recently. Because like I said, beauty& skincare is equally as important as fashion! Today I want to share some great hair tips because I love changing my hairstyle very often. I know lots of girls also struggle with styling their hair well in the morning, so here are some great 5 min hairstyles!:

1) The Braid
Braids can really save the day when you’re running late. It can make it look like you tried to do something with your hair, when you really didn’t. There are tons and tons of pretty braids out there that would work great with longer hair. There are tons of step by step tutorials to show how to do different braids such as : french braids, fishtails, dutch braids, and much more!

2) The Classic Bun
My go-to hairstyle for days where I wake up a lot later than I was supposed to. Buns can look classy to casual depending on how you style it, but I like it either way. There are lots of tutorials on how to do neat buns, braided buns, and messy buns. I usually use a sock bun because it wraps all my hair into a perfectly shaped bun. Sock buns are really cheap, and great for forming buns!

3) Use a hairband!I noticed that not a lot of people from my school do not wear hairbands to often, but to be honest– its a great way to style your hair.

Gluten Free Super Bowl Snacks

With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend (S’go Hawks!!) Super Bowl party snacks are always a good thing to have. But gluten free can be harder. However, there are many ways to get around this.

1. Pretzels. Gluten free pretzels are not bad at all, and they are always great to eat during the game. Glutino makes some good ones in different shapes (even chocolate covered). I even just found out that Snyders of Hanover, the classic pretzel brand, has started to make their own gluten free in sticks and the classic shape.

2. Chips. Chips are almost always gluten free, just watch and make sure the vinegar is not malt vinegar. Put these on the table and they will go fast.

3. Chili. This classic superbowl dish is naturally gluten free, as long as it is thickened with something other than flour. Cornstarch works great for this, as does gluten free all purpose flour.

5. Tacos or nachos. Corn tortillas and corn chips are gluten free! Make some beef, pulled pork, or chicken, and have cheese and guacamole available. This is a delicious way to get something more filling on the table.

6. Ice Cream. For dessert, go with the classic. Just make sure there are no brownie bits or anything in it. Everyone loves ice cream, and with some hot fudge and whipped cream, it is a real crowd pleaser.

Remember these tricks, and GO HAWKS

Weekend Diet Tips

I feel like the weekend is a really good excuse to slack off, miss workouts, and consume extra calories. Maybe we feel obligated to enjoy ourselves and relax after working tough to reach our goals during the week? But at the same time taking Saturday and Sunday off from the gym can actually be healthy for you body. Either way, it happens. But ” Men’s Fitness” has some random helpful tips for avoiding the weekend negligence.

-people who weight themselves often, are actually better at weight control. Being more conscious of something with more often re occurring thoughts, can help you to control it better. Random, but same  thing goes for dreaming. The more you think and care about what you dream about, the better you are actually able to control your dreams.

-Eat before going out with friends, so you are not tempted to do all the fast food runs and cheap deals at happy hours that they could be partaking in.

-If you do go out to eat with friends, ORDER FIRST. This way you can order something healthy and set the tone by peer pressuring everyone else in to also ordering something healthy.

-Drink with dinner, not before. Consuming liquid before a meal makes you more likely to indulge on something you did not really even want.

-Start Saturday and Sunday with a healthy breakfast to boost your metabolism early in the morning!

Some random and easy tips to avoid too much slack on the weekends. Good Luck!

Mid week update

Due to the huge time difference between here and Dubai, the second round of the Desert Classic has already finished. At the turn to the weekend, the former number one in world Rory McIlroy is leading the tournament at -11 under par. In the second round, he was only 2 under, but had a 63 yesterday and is in the lead. A win this week would really propel McIlroy, who did not win any big tournament last year, and really needs to start winning again. As for Tiger, it looks as if he is off to another week to forget. He shot -4 Thursday, and then a round of +1 today for a -3 par total. The number one player in the world is currently tied for 44th place (tied with 54-year-old Fred Couples, among others).

Meanwhile, in the valley of the sun, after many, but not all, of the players have finished their second rounds, the lead is tied at -12 par between Bubba Watson and Matt Jones at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Bubba is another former top 10 in the world player looking for his first win in a while this week, and after consistent rounds of 64 and 66 to start the tournament, which might seem to favor left-handed players, as it has been won by Phil a couple times, and Phil is currently at -2, a decent start. Rising player Harris English is near the top of the leader board at -10, and former Fedex Cup champ Brant Snedeker has also started well and is at -8. It should be one of the most entertaining tournaments to watch this weekend as the leaders come down the stretch.

Tiger and Rory shake hands after playing together.

Harry Styles leaving One Direction?

Recently the One Direction boys are having some issues because of Kendall Jenner. In December, Harry Styles left the boys in Paris and went to London o spent a romantic dinner date with Kendall Jenner.  The couple is getting really serious into relationship but it is causing some serious problems to the group.

“Kendall’s a sweet girl, but the band sees her as a bigger threat than Taylor Swift ever was,” a source told OK Magazine. “She seems to have cast a spell over Harry and it’s disrupting other areas of his life because he’s always wanting to spend time with her or chat with her on the phone when they’re apart. It’s causing a lot of unrest.”

Kendall is worse than Taylor and now that’s saying something! But that might actually be spot on Kendall causing so much tension within One Direction that the boys arguments are actually getting physical! “The other day, Harry and Niall Horan almost came to no. “Things got out of hand before Zayn Malik stepped in to break them up.”

Miley Cyrus tell Harry Styles to “get your act together!” via twitter and also explains that singers are the center of the music and need to work more professionally. Then after Miley’s tweet, Niall Horan also wrote “boys before hoes” on twitter. According to Twist Magazine, Niall Horan twitter post defines the situation of the boys and the group.

Kendall negative influence on Harry and the One Direction boys are overstated and if not, I hope they all get along and work together professionally and joyfully.

Kendall Jenner Harry Styles Leaving One Direction

I’m Gonna Do the Opposite Since…I Love Art!


Hey Internet!

Happy Friday and congrats on surviving the first month of January! Today, January 31st is Backwards Day! and Inspire Your Art with A Heart Day!

Starting with the classic Backwards Day:

This holiday is one that many are familiar with. If you recall elementary school when you were much younger…and probably a little brat at times. When your teacher would tell you do something you really did not want to do, you would smugly retort, “It’s backwards day, so I am gonna make a bigger mess instead of cleaning up!” Sound familiar? Maybe you were not the kid who disobeyed the teacher, but even a “goody-two-shoes” recalls a former classmate who said this at one time or another, and the moral is…

We can actually get away with this comeback today!

So be sure to have some fun and inform others of this quirky holiday.

For the adventurous:

  • Wear your shirt on backwards
  • Try talking backwards
  • Try to do the opposite of your normal daily routine
  • Create a list of words that are the same backwards as they are forwards

The second holiday today is Inspire Your Heart with Art Day!

This holiday is pretty easy, and handy considering Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

To celebrate this, you must make an effort to appreciate art. You can do so by going to an art museum, cinema, theatre, concert, or music venue festival. A lot of modern art is based on trying to shock it’s audiences; they lack the beauty of older art. Try to look for art that dates before 1967. Truly think about each song’s lyrics, the meaning of the movies, and the emotions that each artwork creates.


Enjoy these two holidays!

Yours Truly,

Halloween Queen

See where your favorite celebrity lives

Have you ever tried to find your favorite celebrity house on Google Maps? I am sure you did! Well it is not secret anymore because the celebrity themselves revealed their house.

1. Justin Bieber

Well we all know who Justin Bieber is, no need of introduction. This 19 year old teenage boy live in the huge mansion worth of $6 million.

It looks like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber aren’t going to be neighbors after all. According to TMZ, the “Heartbreaker” singer is planning to move out of his mansion in Calabasas, California. Between the egging incident and police raid, sources say that Justin is ready to start over elsewhere.

While we can totally understand Justin’s longing to start over, we don’t know why he would ever want to move. His house is gorgeous! Judging by other celebrities’ luxurious houses, however, we have a feeling the pop star will be able to find something even nicer.

Justin Bieber

2. Ariana Grande

The 20 year old sweet singer recently bought a house worth of $1.3 million. She also said that she always love to throw pool parties.Ariana Grande

3. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has her mansion everywhere but recently she bought a house on London ( not for Harry Styles). She says that her house is perfect for getaway!

Taylor Swift

4. Josh Hutcherson

The perfect guy has the perfect house. He has new interior and so many cool stuff in his house. Recently in an interview he said that he has a movie theater in his house. How cool is that!

!Josh Hutcherson

5. Selena Gomez

Selena is a lucky girl and we all know it. A hot boyfriend, lots of crushes, fans, lovely family, and a perfect house makes her lucky girl! As if we weren’t already jealous of Selena’s life.

Selena Gomez





Best Super Powers

This article is my opinion on what the 5 best super powers are.

5) Super Speed- Just imagine being faster than the speed of light like Flash and being able to be where ever you want to be in the blink of an eye. No one would be able to see you coming and it is extremely hard to fight against you. You can also time travel if you go fast enough!

4) Time Control- People say time is money, so with this power you’re basically the richest person in the world. You can stop time, slow it down, go forwards or backwards, or change anything you want to. All you have to do is stop time and the world is at your finger tips you can fix any mistake or take down any criminal.

3) Telekenesis- This is the power to do anything with your mind. You can read peoples thoughts, control objects and people, and almost do anything as long as it is controllable. This makes it very easy to know what a villain is going to do and then stop them. You have multiple powers rolled up into one!

2) Teleportation/Time Travel- Basically you can be anywhere you want in the blink of an eye. Say someone tries to shoot you, well all you have to do is just move to a new spot. You could also just go to any time you wanted or get anything you need. You could fix any problem and not lose any time. Having this power makes you almost impossible to catch too.

1) Omnipotence- This is the greatest power of them all, because with this power you can do anything you want. You have every power and no one can defeat you. No one can rival you, because you could destroy them instantly and they can’t hurt you at all. You are basically a god anything you want to happen happens. Only limitations you have are the ones you put on yourself. Nothing is better than this, because you control everything.

Big Day for Me

Recently, I found major success on Twitter. I posted a tweet that received over 1,000 retweets and also over 800 favorites. Being a huge fan of Twitter, I have always searched for that perfect tweet that people would like and retweet. And as I have talked about before, gaining followers is easiest if you get your name out there by getting retweeted.

I was honestly shocked that this tweet gained so much attention. I didn’t have any long thought about how to perfectly compose this tweet. It was based off pure emotion. The tweet was in the aftermath of the recent NFC Championship. Obviously, the Seahawks won and Richard Sherman sealed the game with an amazing tip that led to an interception. Following his great play, Sherman had a very emotional and loud interview which included comments about the 49er’s Michael Crabtree and how he was mediocre. These comments led to Twitter and every other media outlet talking primarily about Sherman. People were making very ignorant comments, calling the Seahawk’s cornerback a thug, stupid, and some even used racial slurs. I could not believe what I was hearing and I did my best to defend Richard Sherman and his reputation. I tweeted saying Richard Sherman was not a thug or stupid, he was actually very intelligent. I talked about how well he did on the SAT’s and that he graduated from Stanford with the outstanding GPA of 3.9.

Within minutes, the tweet was being retweeted by people I had never met before. As the tweet reached 50 retweets, I tweeted about reaching the 50 retweet milestone. By the time I had posted that tweet, my tweet about Richard Sherman was already closing in on 100 retweets. It was the greatest moment of my social media career. I’ll have a tough time matching this tweet and I really don’t think it is realistic to try.

Space Life for Humans

Many people are well aware that American spacecrafts have landed on the moon over forty years ago. After exploration of the moon, space programs have changed its focus to other planets such as Mars. Many have anticipated for the confirmation of life in space or whether or not outer space environments will be able to sustain humans. Despite these speculations, it doesn’t matter because researchers have discovered that human bodies are not suitable for living in outer space.

Since humans mostly consist of water, 60 percent in fact, the fluids would flow to the head and chest when people are in space, causing the head to bloat and pressure inside the skull to increase. While it is known that space can cause the bones to become brittle along with sleep and eating problems, there are still other health consequences that currently do not have treatments for. For example, radiation is currently the biggest threat towards human health due to the lack of protection from Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere, which increases the risk for cancer. Furthermore, too much time in space can also cause vision problems because the eyes tend to squeeze. Scientists believe that the vision problems occur because fluid is pushing against the back of the eye. Currently, there is not a solution for either of these problems, but scientists are creating simulations to experiment with possible solutions.

Finding solutions to these health problems are important to scientists because they are attempting to develop a program that would enable astronauts to go on missions to Mars. Scientists want to make sure that astronauts arrive to Mars in great health and return just the same. While this is an ambitious goal, maybe scientists will one day challenge the claim that humans can not live on other planets.

For more information, be sure to read this article from the New York Times.

Beast Mode

We are just mere days before one of the largest sporting events in the world, the Winter Olympics! Before that of course is the Super Bowl which is equally, if not more exciting. Well, at least for me.

As most football fans know, Marshawn Lynch is not fond of talking to the media. He has already been fined heavily earlier in the season for refusing to talk to the media and at media day he spoke for only six minutes. Lynch stated his reason for speaking as he did not want to be fined. Had he not talked he would have had to cough up 100,000 dollars. I have to respect his decision to stay silent to the press. He is a football player first and foremost. If he does not want to talk he should not be punished for is, like a type of reverse freedom of speech. Everything is politics, especially NFL football, well actually nearly all professional sports are politically run.

The NFL is a corporation and like nearly all others, it is run by bureaucracy. Football is a game and its athletes put their bodies on the line weekly for the entertainment of the public. the should be entitled to keep to themselves. The way I see it, Richard Sherman’s trash talking more than makes up for the silence of Marshawn Lynch. He can be silent off the field as long as he enters Beast Mode when he steps onto the turf.

This weekend is sure to be an epic one and everyone better tune in to see it.

New Jersey’s Free Pre-K and New York’s Applications of Such a Program

In New Jersey, students attend prekindergarten for two years, not one. Class sizes are limited to 15. Teachers generally have more training than in New York. It took over a decade to perfect this, for the districts faced a host of challenges, including persuading families to enroll and rolling out a robust curriculum. A top priority of Mr. de Blasio (mayor) is persuading state lawmakers and the governor to pass a tax on high-income city residents to pay for universal prekindergarten, and on Monday he is expected to present his case in Albany. But New Jersey’s example suggests that even if he is successful, he will face perhaps a greater challenge: making prekindergarten programs worth the money. Grover J. Whitehurst, a fellow at the Brookings Institution and a former federal education official. He suggested that rather than offering prekindergarten to all 4-year-olds, New York should focus its efforts on low-income children, who have been shown in studies to make larger gains than their counterparts. Such a program might not be politically palatable in New York, where preschool classes in middle-class neighborhoods often have long waiting lists.
New York City has long provided preschool opportunities to children — it educates about 58,000 4-year-olds, most of them black and Hispanic. About two-thirds of those children attend part-day programs, which last two and a half hours each day, compared with six hours and 20 minutes for full-day programs. Mr. de Blasio’s plan calls for expanding access to full-day prekindergarten to 48,000 more in the next five years. The number of low-income families in the city who choose to enroll their children in prekindergarten is still disproportionately low. About 52 percent of prekindergarten students qualified last year for free or reduced lunch programs, city data shows; across the city, 75 percent of students qualify. One of Mr. de Blasio’s most immediate challenges will be to find space to house new prekindergarten programs. Many schools are already strapped for classroom space, and some have reduced such programs in recent years to make room for an influx of kindergarten students. While the mayor wanted to ensure positive academic outcomes, that was not the only goal. With more children enrolled in prekindergarten, parents would be able to work more hours during the day.