Candid Copies (CandySwipe VS Candy Crush)

Last year I discovered Candy Crush on my android device and it is the only mobile game I have been able to play without becoming bored in a month. The Saga has engrossed billions of dollars in ad revenue and money from players. King, the creator of Candy Crush, thus took steps last year to insure there would be no copy cats of Candy Crush. It makes sense that King wants to protect its investment. However to do so King has tried to trademark the words Candy, Crush, and Saga this is where CandySwipe comes in.

Albert Ransom president of Runsome Apps a smaller indie game developer is the creator of Candyswipe, a game that shares quite a lot of similarities with Candy Crush. The twist is CandySwipe was made two years prior to Candy Crush back in 2010. In 2012 during the rise in popularity of Candy Crush Albert begin to receive messages calling his game a knock off version of Candy Crush. This did not bother Albert, but after King’s attempt to trademark the words Candy, Crush, and Saga Albert filled a claim against King. In response King bought out a different trademark the game Candy Crusher, which shares not similarity to either game. As of now Albert has resigned in defeat posting a disheartening letter on his website of what happened in his perspective.

Link here:

I feel bad for poor Albert being the underdog indie developer you want him to win, but having now played both games in my personal opinion Candy Crush is a more polished sleeker version of Candyswipe. Candyswipe is fun and addicting, but has less content and a less fun aesthetic compared to Candy Crush. I won’t stop playing Candy Crush or Candy Swipe because I think their both incredibly fun mobile games. In my opinion I do believe that King owes a lot to Candy Swipe it was unethical to crush its competition with Trademarks. A billion dollar company stepping on a small indie developer like Albert that’s just low.

First three super bowls ever

I am in a post super bowl depression and I am sure most of the country feels my pain. In honor of that here are the first three super bowls ever.

Super Bowl number 1

This game took place on January 15 in 1967. Football has had a professional league for over 100 years but a super bowl was not played until 67! The legendary game was held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The Green Bay Packers took on the Kansas City CHiefs. In the game the Packers cleaned up the Chiefs winning 35 to 10. For this super bowl half time act was not a mini rock concert and it certainly did not include a lip syncing pop star. The half time performance was done by the Arizona and Grambling state marching band.

Super Bowl Number 2!

The second of the biggest games in America was played January 14, 1968. The game was held at the Orange Bowl in Miami. Again the Green Bay Packers surpassed the others and defeated the Oakland Raiders 33 to 14. Apparently the Grambling state marching band was quite talented because they made a repeat appearance at this super bowl.

Super Bowl Number 3!

The third installment of this amazing game was played January 12, 1969. Again the Orange Bowl proved to be the perfect arena but this year the Bowl saw two fresh faces in the New York Jets and the Baltimore Colts. The Jets one 16 to 7. Joe Namath won the MVP award for the Jets. The half time show decided to mix things up a bit with the Florida A&M and a few high school bands.

So there you have it! All you need to know about the first three super bowls!

Northern Trust Open

This week on the PGA Tour is the Northern Trust Open, played at Riviera Country Club. This is one of the most famous courses on tour, and pretty much all of the players like to play here, similar to Pebble Beach. In the lead at this tournament after the second round is South Korean Sang-Moon Bae. Bae is heading to the weekend with the lead at -9 mostly because of the consistency of his first two days of play. He has only posted one single bogey in the first 36 holes, to go along with 10 birdies, and is obviously in great shape as we head to the weekend. Bae won once last year in Texas at the HP Byron Nelson Open, and has had a ton of great rounds at Riviera in the past few years of this tournament. Close behind and looking to catch up to Bae once the weekend gets going are Aaron Baddeley and Robert Garrigus at -8, followed by notables like Dustin Johnson and Jim Furyk (both at -6) and Keegan Bradley at -4. Dustin Johnson is really looking good at the beginning of this year, as the American came close to winning last week, only to be beat slightly by Jimmy Walker at Pebble Beach. However, after a first round of five shots under par, he didn’t do as well today, only carding a round of one under par.

This week’s tournament will also be significant as some players will be trying to qualify for the Accenture Match Play next week. Only the top 64 players in the world play in the tournament.


Hawkman A.K.A. Kartar Hol or Cater Hall

Karar Hol was a imperial prince of the planet Thanagar. His faher was Paran Katar a renowned ornithologist and inventor. When Katar Hol turned 18, a alien race called the Gordanians invaded and began to loot the planet. Paran then sent Katar Hol to infiltrate their nest and bring back info on the invading aliens. Paran then used the information to create a hawk-like battle suit containing advanced technology. Katar Hol then used the suit to dive the aliens known as “Manhawks” away from Thanagar.

Thanagarians had now learned the concept of stealing from the Manhawks and this lead to an increase in crime. A special police force was formed known as the Hawk-Police. They used Paan Katar’s hawk-suit and equipment. Katar Hol was one of the first recruits and one of the most skilled.

When a groups know as he Rainbow robbers began committing crimes, Katar Hol teamed up with rookie Shayers Thal to track and apprehend the criminals. They two partners then fell in love and got married and work together as partners for life. After ten years they were sent to earth to track down a Thanagarian criminal known as Byth. While on their mission they met George Emmet, police commissioner of the Midway City P.D. They told George about their alien origins and he helped them get jobs as museum curators, since George’s brother Ed was retiring. They adopted the names Carter and Shiera Hall. After they captured Byth and sent him back to Thanagar, the two chose to stay on earth and work with human police as Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

Hawkman joined the Justice league and befriended the Atom and oftnen argued with Green Arrow since the Arrow often questioned authority. He had to leave the Justice League for a while after Thanagar was hit with a plague. The plague made all Thanagarians equal in height, physical, and mental talents. Hawkman eventually reversed the effects, but this brought new problems. Thanagaians then wanted to expand and went to war with the planet Rann, Hawkman and Hawkgirl decided to fight against the Thanagarians and were exiles to earth. Eventually Rann and Thanagar make a truce and plan to take over earth, but Hawkman fights them off in a “secret war’ for years.

Hawkman often gets help from a large red hawk known as Big Red and a teenage orphan Charley Parker known as Golden Eagle. He also teams up with Hawkgirl obviously and she eventually becomes Hawkwoman when she joins the Justice League.

His powers include:

  • Flight; super strength
  • Hawk Cry
  • Nth metal mace that can produce lightning channeled by Hawkman’s inner power and that can also resist magic
  • enhanced vision and hearing
  • ability to converse with and summon birds telepathically
  • ability to endure electricity

Hawkman v3 0.jpg


Russian Cuisine in Spirit of the Winter Olympics

Hello friends,

Ever wondered what traditional Russian dishes are popular in the country? Of course you have.

Unfortunately, there are not many Russian food restaurants around in the United States. Many people who travel to Russia are pleasantly surprised by the amazing food, different flavors, and creative dishes that they are served.

So, what are some of these ever so popular dishes?

  • Borshch: Borshch is a beet soup that is very popular in Russia. The soup is flavored with lots of meat and vegetables.

  • Caviar: Caviar on buttered bread is very popular and a delicious dish. Although caviar can be expensive, this is a very simple dish you can prepare and eat at home. If you are not a huge fan of bread, you can try it on blini, which is like pancakes or crepes.


  • Kebabs: Kebabs can be served with meat and vegetables or a variety of both. This is a dish many Americans are already familiar with and are usually pretty popular at barbeques. If you are not a fan of meat, you can pile on the vegetables and cook those instead! And, of course, if you are an “All Meat, No Vegetables” type of person, there are plenty of options for you as well. Beef and chicken are popular on kebabs, and so are onions.


  • Beef Stroganov: This is an easy dish to make at home as well. Just add some sauteed beef in sauce and sour cream and you have yourself a very delicious and popular Russian dish!

Because most of these dishes are pretty easy to make, and most of the ingredients are pretty widely available, I challenge all of you to pick one night of the week and dedicate it to culture. Maybe make some caviar and bread as appetizers and beef stroganov or kebabs as the main course while you sit back with friends and family and enjoy the Winter Olympics!

Valentines Day Outfits

Hello Fashionistas, Today is Valentines Day (obviously)… Whether you are going on a date with your special one, a hang out with your friends, or eating ice cream and watching netflix at home, it is always a good idea to wear either red, pink, or purple on this very special day! Valentines day is a very good excuse to wear cute outfits and dress up.

This is the PERFECT date night outfit! I love love love the bright red skirt and the simplicity of the outfit. It is absolutely adorable and I would totally, 100% wear this outfit on Valentines Day or any day! Peter pan collars spice up any outfit; and would totally work well this striped shirt.

2) asdf

I know a lot of people who would rather wear a nice pair of jeans over skirts or dresses, and this is may be the perfect outfit if you prefer jeans. I absolutely love this shirt because of the nice accents on the collar; and the mauve heels look fashionable and classy. This bright Kate Spade bag may be a bit too bright for usually occasions, but on Valentines Day it is THE bag. It brightens up this whole neutral outfit, and it looks great!



This outfit just speaks to me! Obviously, I love any collared necklaces, dresses, shirts, and etc. To add a classier feel to it, I added my favorite type of shoes — oxfords. Since its not warm enough to not wear any leggings of any sort– I added knee high socks!

Happy Valentines Day!

-Fashion Femme

Harper’s story part 23

hullo dreamers,

On to the drama.


I looked down at his diamond encrusted watch and said, “You’ve got five minutes.” I wasn’t sure why I gave him a time limit; it wasn’t like I had to be anywhere… any more.

Damian started, “Growing up, I didn’t really have any repercussions limiting my actions. I admit I was spoiled. I was raised like that. I got whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. There were no boundaries for me. I was so unrestricted that I didn’t have any ground to stand on, no consequence. I started to get into trouble just so that my parents would talk to me, but they would always pass me to one of my handlers. When you’re a kid like me, you could be surrounded by a million people and you’ll still feel alone, because they all want the same thing. All I was really good for was status, fame. They either want a picture; they want to borrow some money, anything.” Damian’s face turned bitter, and so did his tone.”Everyone wants to be friends with ‘The Damian DeLuca. No one really wants to be friend with just Damian.” He looked sad and defeated as he said that.

“Get to the point, Damian!” I snapped harshly. More harsh than I wanted to sound, but I did not know what else to say. Confused, the same way that felt when Natalia was telling me the truth about Damian, or lies…or… I really didn’t know who to believe anymore.

“My dad had yelled at his secretary one time and she quit, Dad really didn’t like her that much either. After that she was out of a job and needed money, so she tried to sell some sort of a scandal to the press that my father was into drugs. I caught her, but instead of getting her in trouble, I told her to change her story to get me in to trouble. It was the perfect plan, I would get some attention from my parents for once and she would have some money while she looked for a new job. My parents saw the tabloid and freaked out, but I didn’t care what they did to me as long as they acted like my parents, for once.”

So Damian wasn’t ever with the secretary? A flame of hope ignited inside me, maybe there was a happy ending to this whole misunderstanding.

Damian had paused, looking at me. Waiting for some sign of acknowledgement. “Go on.” I said to him nodding, emotionless.

“My father freaked out because this was bad publicity, so he sent me here for some damage control. When I first came here, I thought that I would snap some pictures with the people helping the school. Then you came and everything…” Damian’s eyes narrowed as he searched for the right word. “Everything… changed.” he finally said.

I  was at a loss for words.

“The earth quake happened right before I came. I went to see the school and then I saw you. I almost ran you over …” he trailed off as the memory brought a slight smile to his face. Despite all the tension at the moment, the tension of the school and the sabotage, I couldn’t help but smile as well.

Damian continued as the smile on his face continued to expand, I looked down at his watch to see that he was well over five minutes. “You were totally different, your weren’t afraid to say what you felt, you showed some pretty harsh road rage, and you’re smart, funny, you’re not like other girls that I’ve ever met. When I met you, I didn’t feel so alone.”

He down into my eyes, not at, but into my eyes. As if he was trying to tell what I was thinking, if I felt the same way… Now I was sure. Damian was innocent, I didn’t need proof, it was just a feeling, like… like… finding something you’ve been looking for. Like a new beginning.

In the dim light of the city square, he looked so good…so good. I wanted so badly to apologize for yelling at him, for thinking bad about him, for slapping him… Oh my God, I slapped Damian DeLuca. But the boy standing close to me then was not The Damian DeLuca, it was just Damian. The look in his eyes changed from hopeful to serious, nervous, and confused. He came closer and closer. So much that the distance between us was a few mere centimeters. Although one thought still nagged, pinching in the back of my mind, I could still hear Natalia at the amusement park,

The company is owned by Damian DeLuca’s papa. The stuff that they gave us for building the school is messed up.   

“The sabotage,” I said loudly, causing Damian to pull away. “The wall was obviously sabotaged, you didn’t explain that.” I was trying to use the most gentle tone, but I still sounded harsh. Suddenly, I wasn’t the only baffled one there, Damian’s eyes were consumed by the look of confusion, but was quickly replaced with the look of determination.

Damian shook off the denial and smoothly grabbed my hand, to my own surprise: I let him. “I don’t know about the sabotage, or the wall, or whether my dad was involved. But I promise, I’m gonna make this right.”



to be continued.

keep dreaming


2014 Top 5


As the recruiting season is over, and teams are almost set, I have decided to make a top 5 for next year. Now this is a way too early top 5 of course, and injuries and various things  can still happen. Lets kick this off.

1. Florida State In my mind, this is undoubtably the best team in the country going into next year. With Jameis Winston, heisman trophy winner in 2013, and a solid stable of unique running backs, the offense will have the capability to be just as deadly as last year. Winston will only improve his skills, and will be much more experienced next year. Hopefully for State fans, he will avoid the dreaded sophomore slump.


2. Oregon Speed. Speed. Speed everywhere. Oregon will place number two on my list due to the fact duel threat quarterback Marcus Mariota has decided to stay. The Oregon offense is the most deadly in the country, while there defense is vastly improving. There was a learning curve last year for first year head coach Mark Helfrich, but i believe he will be adjusted and ready to put out a Pac-12 champion team.

3. Auburn Auburn surprised the country last year with there shocking SEC championship win and the run to the BSC National Championship. New coach Gus Malzahn is one of the best in the business, and he had Auburn playing sound defensively while being pretty much unstoppable on offense. Nick Marshall will return to be the starting QB again next year, and he is very good at running the option offense.

4. Michigan State Sparty is loaded with talent on defense, having the best defense in the country in my opinion. The offense isn’t too bad either. Connor Cook lead a fantastic season last year and gave Sparty a Big 10 championship as well as a rose bowl win. With this team being in a weaker division, look for them to definitely make the playoffs if they can beat Michigan

5. Georgia Coming off a very disappointing 2013 season, the Bulldogs are in prime posistion to rebound and have a spectacular 2014. With the hire of new defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt this offseason, Georgia will have a revived and explosive defense. There is so much talent there that former DC Grantham could not take advantage  of. Top recruit Lorenzo Carter will add fire to this defense has a true freshman. The offense is the second best in the country, behind Oregon. With insane wide receiver depth and Todd Gurley, Georigas offense will be scary. 5 year senior Hutson Mason will take over the team, and a lot of Georgia’s success will depend on him and if he can run the offense. He has the supporting players to do it. It Mason can be successful, look for Georgia to make a playoff run in 2014.

Why is Cocout Water so Popular..?

First of all, personal update.. I finished in the top 5% of my class on a 2 mile class run today and was congratulated by the same P.E. teacher that had me as a student two years ago when I was not in the best shape so that felt AMAZING. My weight training class is going so well too and i love learning all about new exercises and strategies for weight lifting. But yes, among health freaks, I hear of coconut water often and I have been super curious as to why it is so healthy so here is what I found:

-low in calories
-naturally non-fat and cholesterol free
-a serving has more potassium than four bananas
-extremely hydrating

Coconut water is straight from the center of the green fruit and is clear like water, not the coconut milk that is thick and UN clear. It is supposed to have a sweet and nutty taste. Compared to a sports drink, coconut water has fewer calories, less sodium, and more potassium. Not to mention, much less of these substances than soda and even fruit juices as well. Celebrities and athletes have even vouched that it helps hangovers, hydration, cancer, and even kidney stones. A study on Black Doctor even suggests that coconut water lowered blood pressure in 71% of people with hypertension. It is 94% water and also loaded with vitamin B..and I am really craving it now!!

Song of the Day: September – St. Lucia

This may not be their most well-known song, but since I started listening to St. Lucia’s debut album When the Night, “September” is the one song that I really can’t get enough of. Haven’t heard of St. Lucia? I just saw this band at the Sasquatch Launch Party last week, and as it turns out, St. Lucia is actually considered a solo artist. Jean-Philip Grobler is a Brooklyn-based synth pop/electronic artist who has done remixes for the likes of Passion Pit, Foster the People, and Charli XCX. He does play with a band for live performances, however, which really amps up the energy and sound of his music.

Anyway, “September” is quite the track. It’s a dance/electronic song, begging you to move from the very first pulsing notes of the arpeggiating synth.The beat evolves with more fabulous synthiness until the percussion kicks in, a drop that tops my favorites of all electronic songs ever. Grobler’s soaring falsetto blends in perfectly with the beat, leading us into a chorus of drawn-out vocals: “I just want you to remember / Before you get carried away / What happened just this September…”

Really, you’ve just gotta hear it. I could hear it being played in a dance club, but at the same time it remains perfectly indie synth pop to suit my taste. Go check out the rest of  When the Night, too – it really is a stellar album.

10 Ways Single Celebrities Are Spending Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but how are celebs spending the most romantic day of the year? Some are totally coupled up like the adorable Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards, but what about the celebs who haven’t made things official with anyone just yet? (We’re talking to you, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift.)

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift know how to rock her single relationship. She is always hanging out with her BFFs Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale and others but she tell J-14 that sometimes she feel “lonely.” There is only one thing Taylor Swift might be doing this year which is dancing around her room with a hairbrush!

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy probably going to spill all their secrets about ex at a sleepover.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles didn’t confirm her relationship with Kendall Jenner so lets all think he is single! He is going to play Taylor Swift’s song over and over trying to figure out which song is about him.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is probably going to cuddle up in her blankets.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is going to watch Chick Flicks and eat all the popcorn. 201 goal: lets get fat!!

Niall Horan

Niall Horan is going to relax in a bubble bath and shave his mustache.

Pretty Little Liars

Lucy Hale is going to dig up some dirt on old boyfriend with her BFFs.

Camila Cabello

Old cutey couple pics? Camila Cabello is going to get rid of them one by one.

Liz Gillies

Liz Gillies is going to devour whole pin of ice cream. And love every second of it.


Zendaya is going to spend the day taking selfies with all her friends.


Gluten Free Popovers

These popovers are from the King Arthur Flour website, a brand that has recently begun producing gluten free products. They make good quality flours and mixes, so their recipes should also be great! Popovers are delicious, versatile breads that can be made easily and fairly quickly, and taste good with a variety of toppings.

  • 1 cup King Arthur Gluten-Free Multi-Purpose Flour or brown rice flour blend*
  • 1/4 teaspoon xanthan gum
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/4 cups milk, slightly warm
  • 4 large eggs
  • 3 tablespoons butter, melted
  • *See recipe for this blend below.


1) Preheat the oven to 400°F. Grease a 12-cup popover pan or standard muffin pan.
2) Popover batter is easiest made in a blender. Blend eggs, butter, and milk on medium speed in the blender until the mixture is uniform. Whisk the flour or flour blend in a bowl with the xanthan gum and salt. Spoon or pour the dry ingredients into the blender, then blend at medium-high speed until batter is smooth. A few tiny lumps are OK, but if you have more lumps than that, keep blending till they disappear.
3) If you don’t have a blender, whisk together the eggs, butter, and milk in a large bowl. In a separate bowl, whisk the flour or flour blend with the xanthan gum and salt, then gradually sift and whisk into the liquid ingredients until you have a smooth batter. If, despite your best efforts, there are more than a few tiny lumps, strain them out of your batter with a sieve.
4) Pour the batter into the prepared pan, filling each cup about 2/3 full.
5) Bake for 25 minutes, then reduce the oven heat to 350°F and bake for an additional 15 minutes, until the popovers are deep brown.
6) Remove from the oven, prick the side of each popover with a sharp knife to let the steam out, and let popovers rest for 5 minutes to finish setting. Remove from the pan, and serve immediately. Or, to keep them crisp longer, allow them to sit in the turned-off oven for 10 to 15 minutes before serving.

Playoff Talk

With the BSC out, a new, much anticipated system as been placed into college football: the four team playoff. For years, people have been complaining about the BSC system and dreaming of a playoff. Well it is finally here. But it may not be all we had hoped for. For example, conferences like the SEC and Pac-12 have conference championship games, while the Big 12 does not. This gives a playoff advantage to a team from the big 12, as they would have to play one less game. This puts the team in a conference championship having to win that game, as well as two in a row against top-tier oppenents in order to win it all. This brings up the question on if conference championship games should be eliminated. For bigger conferences (SEC for example), there are 14 teams. There is not enough games in the season to play each of these teams, and I don’t think you can crown a champion but just playing around 9 or 10 of them. In order to have a conference champ, you need to have two divisions, and the winner from each division meets to decide the champion. This is the only fair way to determine the best in the league. I believe a Conference championship should  be added to the Big 12. It would be much less work than to make every conference 10 teams so a championship isn’t necessary. Either way however, a conference champ is necessary. This puts a lot of pressure on players however, and most teams will have to beat three elite teams in a row to win it all. This will cause stress and frustration with fans. The playoff will be fun, however, i do not think it is everything it’s cracked up to be.

BSC Best Moments

The BSC era has come and gone. There were many criticism, complaints, and harsh words towards the system. But to be honest, it worked quite well (most of the time) and dawned some unforgettable moments. Here, in my opinion, are the three best moments from the BSC era.

3. 2003 Fiesta Bowl, BSC National Championship: “Pass Interference” Miami and Ohio State met up in the 2003 National Championship, with Miami being heavy favorites. It turned out to be a great game that went into overtime. After scoring on their first possession, Miami held OSU to a 4th and 3 from the 5 yard line. It was either, first down, touchdown, or Miami would win the game. Ohio State QB Krenzel took a short drop and threw a pass to the right side of the end zone. It feel incomplete, and for a few short seconds, Miami had one the game. However, after a little delay, the referee threw a flag, calling pass interference on the cornerback. This became one of the most controviseral calls in football history. This call gave Ohio State the ball and another chance, and they eventually went on to win the game in 2nd overtime, making it the biggest upset of the BCS national championship game.

2. 2007 Fiesta Bowl: Statue of Liberty Oklahoma and Boise State met up in this game. Boise State, an undefeated team in a much smaller conference with less competition, had been trying to get itself on the map for the past couple years. After finishing a 12-0 season in 2007, they had a chance to prove to the world they were legit by getting matched up with Adrian Peterson and the Oklahoma Sooners. The game was won by Boise State, a legendary win with three of the most remembered plays ever. On a 4th and 18 with 17 seconds to go in the game and down a touchdown, BSU looked down and out. But they had a trick up their sleeves. The qb comlpeted a 15 yard pass across the middle, which the receiver then lateraled to fellow WR Jerard Rabb who would score on a 50 yard touchdown to force overtime. Then, after Oklahoma scoring on the first possession of OT, Boise had the ball and a 4th and goal. They then called the 2nd play, a running back pass. It worked to perfection. The Broncos then decided the go for two and for the win, making one of the most memorable plays in history. They pulled a statue of liberty. The qb faked a WR screen pass to the right, and then handed it off the his running back who galloped into for a conversion, winning Boise State the game 43-42. The biggest upset in bowl history, on three fantastic, unforgettable plays.

1. 2005 National Championship, Vince Young Texas quarterback Vince Young capped off a legendary season and one of the greatest single player performances in a year. He had the best single player national championships in BSC history.Young accounted for 467 yards of total offense, 267 passing and 200 running. Down 4 points with two minutes left in the game, Young lead Texas on a 54 yard game winning drive to beat USC and win the national championship. The drive included a third and 12 conversion, a completed pass by Young. The touchdown was on a 4th and 5, where Young dropped back, scrabbled, and ran it in for a 9 yard touchdown. A great drive to cap off a magnificent season.