Carrot Soup!?

I know I may be taking the clean eating thing a slight bit too seriously when I start making soup out of CARROTS. Strange…yet so good and good for you! Off of All Recipes, here is the recipe for vegan carrot curry soup:

-2 tablespoons vegetable or olive oil
-4 large chopped carrots
-1 white onion, chopped
-1 can vegetable broth
-1 tablespoon curry powder
-3 minced cloves of garlic
-salt and pepper to taste

On a stove top in a medium pot, simmer oil and onions until transparent. Stir in carrots and garlic and simmer on medium heat to let the carrots sweat out their juices. Add in broth and curry powder and stir and cook for about 5 more minutes. Puree all of mixture in a blender and serve! It is a crazy different idea but trust me it is actually so tasty.

Chicken, Avocado, & Mango Salad:
-2 tablespoons brown sugar
-1/4 cup of water
-4 cups shredded cooked chicken
-1/3 cup lime juice
-1/2 cup chilli garlic sauce
-2 diced avocados
-2 medium diced mangoes
-1 10 ounce spring lettuce package

Stir brown sugar and water together in a saucepan over medium heat. Bring t a boil, then set aside in a medium bowl with the garlic, lime juice, and chilli sauce. This will be the dressing for the salad.

In a separate large bowl, toss the chicken, mangoes, and avocado. Dish out spring lettuce on to the plates first, then top with the chicken mixture. Pour over dressing and serve!

Avocado is your healthy fat in this recipe, and the sugar is in a small amount. Sugar is bad if not worked off and stored, so do not feel too bad about the dressing. Over all these are two very health beneficial and delicious recipes.

may 23

My favorite poems: Augustus Gloop! Augustus Gloop

hullo dreamers,

here is another one of my favorite poems.


Augustus Gloop! Augustus Gloop

‘Augustus Gloop! Augustus Gloop!
The great big greedy nincompoop!
How long could we allow this beast
To gorge and guzzle, feed and feast
On everything he wanted to?
Great Scott! It simply wouldn’t do!
However long this pig might live,
We’re positive he’d never give
Even the smallest bit of fun
Or happiness to anyone.
So what we do in cases such
As this, we use the gentle touch,
And carefully we take the brat
And turn him into something that
Will give great pleasure to us all–
A doll, for instance, or a ball,
Or marbles or a rocking horse.
But this revolting boy, of course,
Was so unutterably vile,
So greedy, foul, and infantile
He left a most disgusting taste
Inside our mouths, and so in haste
We chose a thing that, come what may,
Would take the nasty taste away.
‘Come on!’ we cried, ‘The time is ripe
To send him shooting up the pipe!
He has to go! It has to be!’
And very soon, he’s going to see
Inside the room to which he’s gone
Some funny things are going on.
But don’t, dear children, be alarmed;
Augustus Gloop will not be harmed,
Although, of course, we must admit
He will be altered quite a bit.
He’ll be quite changed from what he’s been,
When he goes through the fudge machine:
Slowly, the wheels go round and round,
The cogs begin to grind and pound;
A hundred knives go slice, slice, slice;
We add some sugar, cream, and spice;
We boil him for a minute more,
Until we’re absolutely sure
That all the greed and all the gall
Is boiled away for once and all.
Then out he comes! And now! By grace!
A miracle has taken place!
This boy, who only just before
Was loathed by men from shore to shore,
This greedy brute, this louse’s ear,
Is loved by people everywhere!
For who could hate or bear a grudge
Against a luscious bit of fudge?’

keep dreaming


The Redskins

The name “Redskins” has been almost always been considered controversial. Nearly every season it seems that the Redskins are being urged to change the name and nearly every season they navigate around that pressure.

50 United States senators have signed a letter addressed to the Redskins organization urging them to act against racism just as the NBA did. The NBA has banned Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, from the league for life and has issued him a fine for his racist comments. This is the drastic approach that senators what the NFL to take with the Redskins organization.

Coach Mike Holmgren has joined those pressuring the Redskins to change their controversial name. He along with the US Senators believe that the term “Redskin” is a derogatory, racist slur. Nearly all of the Senators that signed the letter were Democrat with two Independents thrown in. The letter was drafted by Maria Cantwell and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. There were no Republican signatures on the letter. The letter continues on questioning the message that punishing slurs against African Americans while continuing to support those against Native Americans.

This name change issue has been going on for decades and has recently gained more support and media attention. Redskins owner Dan Snyder has repeatedly said that the name will not be changed. Snyder stated that the Redskins are in fact launching a program meant to support Native Americans across the country with the “Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation.

Who knows where the Senators will take this argument, Snyder has been insistent that the name stays and I do not think that the Senators letter will change anything.


Hello friends!

Time for another new country!

This time: Greece

Greece is a beautiful country that I personally have always wanted to travel to. I have seen plenty of pictures of beautiful beaches, homes, and have heard wonderful stories about Greek culture.

To start off (as always) let’s explore some interesting facts!

  • Greece is one of the oldest nations in Europe, and it is a country very rich in culture
  • Greek mythology plays a huge roles in a ton of their traditions and in their culture (however we will be exploring a bit of this later in future blogs)


  • The population of Greece is around 11 million people
  • The area of Greece is 50,961 square miles
  • The capital city of the country is Athens
  • Main language spoken: Greek
  • Their main agricultural products are barely, sugar beets, wheat, corn, olives, tomatoes, and wine
  • Their currency is Drachma


  • Voting is actually required by law for people age eighteen years and older. You cannot decide NOT to vote
  • Nearly 80% of Greece is mountainous, and 50% of the land is covered in forests
  • The country has about 3,000 islands but amazingly only around 100 of them are inhabited.
  • Greek is one of the oldest spoken languages in Europe. It has been spoken for over 3,000 years!
  • Greece has the lowest crime rate in Europe
  • Most women wear modern clothing, however some still wear tradition attire in rural areas
  • Kids often do not celebrate their birthday, but celebrate their name day instead. Their name day is on the day of the saint that they were named after.
  • The Greeks were the first the establish the Olympic Games

Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial

This week the PGA Tour heads to the Crowne Plaza Invitational at the prestigious Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas, one of the most storied annual stops on tour. Currently in the lead, although not all players have completed their second rounds, is Brice Garnett, with a score of -7 through two rounds. He shot a 67 the first day and a 66 today at the par-70 Colonial. Also right near the leader board are three players at -6, one shot back, and Dustin Johnson at two shots back. It should be another exciting week on the PGA Tour.

Another major thing going on in the world of golf this week are the NCAA national championships, this year held at Prairie Dunes Country Club in Kansas. Out of the teams from Pacific Northwest, Washington comes in strong after placing second in their regional tournament and really looking like a strong team going into the championship. Also, University of Oregon is coming in strong after winning their regional tournament, which was a little bit of a home match as it was in the state of Oregon. Currently, the Oregon boys are leading the tournament with a -3 team total, however, many of the top contenders like UW, Alabama, Stanford, and Oklahoma State have not yet teed off. This was because of a lengthy delay this morning. Cal Berkeley is also a big contender for the championship this weekend.

Also, it appears that the University of Georgia seems to be producing an excellent crop of future PGA Tour players. For example, five different UGA alumni have won on tour this year alone, including Harris English, Bubba Watson, Russell Henley, Chris Kirk, and last week Brendon Todd. Way to go UGA.

Dustin Johnson at the Crowne Plaza Invitational

Pac 12 North Predictions

Today, I will be predicting the standings for the PAC-12 North, probably the most competitive conference in America. A lot of the teams are so easily matched, and it is making the conference become thought as the second best in the country, behind the SEC of course.

1. Oregon This Oregon team is really, really good, In my opinion, the second best team in the country. Their problem is Stanford, as they lost to them to end their championship dreams two years in a row. Barring copious amount of injuries, this team has the talent both offensively and defensively to make the playoffs and win the PAC-12. Marcus Mariota is probably the most talented quarterback in the country, and coming in to the 2014 season with more experience and less nagging injuries will only make him better.

Marcus Mariota

2. Stanford The back to back PAC-12 champions will finish just short this year, but are still a top 10 caliber team. Kevin Hogan is coming into is one, and really one of the more underrated players in the country. The Standford defense is about as stout as it comes, and they will wear down teams like Washington and Oregon St. to get victories.

3. Washington State WOOOOAH. Yeah, you heard it here first. The Cougars finish in front of the huskies. Why? Connor Halliday is back for his senior season, a traditional pocket passer with a big arm. He showed great poise last year and should continue to grow, and I think he will have a breakout year. The WSU receiving core are big, stong and fast. And with many recruits coming in to greatly improve the defense, the Cougars will shock some people this year.

4. Washington I do not care about new head coach Chris Peterson, this is going to be a rebuilding year for the Huskies. They lose a lot of their secondary, their starting QB, and possibly the best running back in the country last year, Bishop Sankey. The QB situation is a disaster in Seattle, with off the field incidents with Cyler Miles making it questionable if he will be on the team this fall. This would leave a red-shirt freshman to start. With a new QB, RB, defense, and coaching staff, the Huskies will just be rebuilding this year.

5. Oregon State While this is a very solid team, they just do not have the talent to keep up with the top four in this division. This team relies heavily on QB Sean Mannion. While he is very good, he loses his #1 target in Brandin Cooks.

6. California Awful defensively and offensively. Not getting good recruits. Horrible attendance. Everything is going wrong for California, and it will not get any better this year. Maybe not for a while.

Kim and Kanye West’s Glamorus Wedding

Finally, Kim and Kanye’s big day began on May 23 around 1pm when they arrived at Valentino’s home for per-wedding brunch.

Kim and Kanye certainly knows how to put up glamorous wedding, everything is marvelous. Kim kicked off the day at fashion designer Valentino‘s amazing palace, Chateau de Wideville in France on May 23. Andre writes in his blog that multiple photographers waited outside the gates for “Kimye” to arrive and they pulled up in black cars at 1pm.


We told you that Kim wore a gorgeous Valentino dress for the occassion. We know that Kim’s sisters were all there, Kris Jenner, and Jonathan Cheban. Andre writes that Valentino toasted the couple at the end of the brunch in both English and Italian: “I would love to toast these two beautiful people here before me,” and then in Italian: “I wish you much success, a lot of love, and a long life.”

Kris Jenner also made a toast,“I first want to toast Kim and Kanye, who love each other, and I say for all of us, this is the most beautiful place we’ve ever been.”

Also, in case you wanted to know what they ate at this glorious brunch, they had, “artichoke hearts salad and poached egg with hollandaise, for their first course. Then for their second course they had: baked sea bass with zucchini, a mix of vegetable tempura and saffron risotto Milanese,” reported J-14 magazine.

Kim Kardashian also celebrates her bachelorette party with her girls in Paris!

Kim Kardashian and her friends struts with pals infront of the Louvre museum Thursday two before her wedding.

The gorgeous castle was purchased by Valentino in 1995 and Kim along with her guests, posted several pics to Instagram of the sprawling grounds. Valentino gave them all a tour at 3pm and baby North West didn’t cry once!

Here are some pictures from Kimye’s wedding:


Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian stun while leaving the Four Seasons George V Hotel in Paris, France.

Have a Happy 3-day weekend!

Celebrity Outfits #8

Good afternoon Fashionistas,

You all probably know today’s celebrity if I mention that she is the main star of the Disney show, Victorious. If you guessed Victoria Justice, you guessed right! I only saw this Disney star in Victorious, but apparently she was made appearances in other Disney shows like Zoey 101, ICarly, The Troop, and more. Though I still view her as a Disney star, she is 21 years old and she is actually planning to release her own album very soon!

Anyway, even though I definitely do not see any of her shows or any Disney shows anymore, I still really like her fashion. Here are some outfits inspired by her style!


A fashion look from May 2014 featuring Pull&Bear tops, Miss Selfridge jeans and Giuseppe Zanotti sandals. Browse and shop related looks.

Victoria’s style is a lot more adventurous than my style. She rocks a crop top and high waisted jeans or shorts! She also always wears heels. I made an imitation of one of her street style outfits. This outfit is much like her more bold style.


A fashion look from May 2014 featuring Monki t-shirts, Helmut Lang shorts and Grenson oxfords. Browse and shop related looks.
The original outfit Justice wore was a striped crop top and leather high waisted shorts, but I could not find a decent looking high waisted leather shorts, so hopefully this will be just as good! Justice likes to keep it comfortable and casual with her high waisted shorts, crop top, and a nice little black hat. I thought oxfords would match this outfit, but it can be paired with sandals, heels, sneakers, or anything!
Victoria Justice has a great style, that can easily be imitated!
Happy Shopping
-Fashion Femme

Big 10 East Predictions

So, I am going to keep going along with these conference predictions, as I very much enjoy doing them and as there is not much else going on with the College Football world. The Big 10 has realigned, and the East looks to be a pretty powerful division. Here is how I think it will play out:

1. Michigan State Out of nowhere, Michigan State won the Big 10 championship and then went on the win the Rose Bowl, spoiling Ohio States season and championship hopes. With a  fairly new offense at the beggining of the season, the Spartans defense led the way in this remarkable season. As the season went on, big sophomore Quarterback Connor Cooks began to mature as a runner and a passer, helping engineer a pro style offense that did just enough to get the win. With Cooks and two very solid running backs returning, as well as another stout defense, this team is silently the best in the country.

2. Ohio State Ohio State loses defensive stars and stud running back Carlos Hyde. However, Braxton Miller will stay, which is a huge bonus. He is a top 5 QB in the nation, and he can lead this team to great things. But again, I believe the Buckeyes will fall just short and lose to Michigan State, therefor missing out on the championship game.

3.Michigan Michigan loses their star receiver Jeremy Gallon. That seems to be the biggest missing player this year. Michigan still is undecided on their starting QB, but it will probably be senior Devon Gardner. He has great games, and he has horrible games. This is a very inconsistent team that new Offensive Coordinator Doug Nussmeier will hope to turn around, and I think he will help the program greatly. Still, Michigan’s defense is horrid. I only have them ranked 3 in this division because the rest of the teams are… well not good.

4. Penn State New head coach James Franklin is a nice hire for the Nittney Lions, and their team in overall looks pretty good for next year. However, they are still rebuilding, and without postseason play possible, there is not much motivation.

Rutgers, Maryland, Indiana: All these teams are awful, and will give little to no competition to the other four teams in this conference. Actually, in overall, the Big 10 is very weak , with a few powerhouse teams, Ohio State and Michigan State, both in the East division.

Stem Cells to Meat

With the increase in global consumption of meat, scientists are investigating new, more environmentally friendly possibilities for meat. Interestingly, scientists believe that making meat from stem cells will satisfy the demands.

This new research suggests that meat can be grown from stem cells, which could potentially lead to small cultured meat factories in each town. This proposal arises with the other new methods that are believed to meet the rising demands for meat since energy consumption and environmental pollution can not sustain these demands. One of the other new ideas include eating more insects because they can provide protein, but certainly not everybody is keen towards eating insects. Therefore, stem cell meat could be an alternative.

It is already known that meat can be formed from stem cells because the first lab grown hamburger was unveiled last year. Scientists explain that meat can derive from stem cells through a specific process that begins with vial cells. Once created, scientists also have to consider how reasonable this cultured meat will be. First, the price of cultured meat will have to be less than normal meat. In addition, concerns about how “unnatural” the new meat will be will need to be addressed. Will cultured meat be able to provide the same nutritional benefits and is this ethical? It is difficult to predict if public opinions will evolve because the idea of eating lab created meat is not the most appealing now. So, will the future of foods embrace more vegetarianism?

Tweeting the Right Things (Being Positive)

I wonder quite a bit about people’s motivations for using Twitter. What makes this social media site interesting and attractive? I definitely think the main reason is because it is entertaining and provides users with many different things that are exciting. After that, I think motivations change. People like being a leader of thing and having followers that care what they say. On Twitter, anybody can become that “leader” and gain a massive amount of followers that are excited everyday to see what you think.

Because of this, there is a constant search for spreading your thoughts across Twitter and gaining more followers. So now the question is, what do you need to tweet to gain followers? I’ve recently noticed that being positive on Twitter is a big key to getting retweets and new followers. Even if you are criticized for being too sensitive or cheesy, there is a great chance many of your followers will enjoy your bright outlook on life. This idea has developed due to watching the changes of one of my best friend’s Twitter account. In the winter, he was dealing with some issues and decided to defend some bad decisions with arrogant and negative tweets. He bad mouthed others and lost friends because he was trying to prove to the world that his mistakes were okay. After a lot of soul searching, he has become a totally different person. Now, every tweet is positive and uplifting of others. Every day, I scroll through my timeline and see that almost all of his tweets are some of the more popular ones I will see all day.

The bottom line is that if you are tweeting things that other people want to see, you will see an increase in popularity on Twitter.

X-Men Days of Future Past

This Friday the newest X-Men movie comes out. It has been a year since the Wolverine came out and 3 since X-Men First Class. In this movie they are set in the future where the deadly sentinels have started a giant war against humanity and mutants. They have caused a lot of damage and death, so in order to the fix their future they send Wolverine back in time. He travels to the time set near the ending of “First Class.” He must now convince the past mutants to do things different in order to change the future for the better. This comes as a very difficult challenge though, because the mutants do not get along very well in the past after the events in “First Class.” Wolverine then has to get the mutants to get past their problems and work together in order to achieve the ultimate goal of saving the future from sentinel destruction.

I’m extremely excited for this movie, because of how great the Wolverine was. It also incorporates the whole team and great actors that will have great performances. It also seems to have a very interesting and exciting plot that will provide entertainment until the very end. X-Men have become some of the greatest superheroes know to our generation, because of how good the movies have been. The rival the Avengers and if this weekend goes as it should for the movie it will be the blockbuster of the summer. Go check this movie out on May 23rd and I guarantee you will have a blast.

NFL Lawsuit

As of late it seems that the NFL has had its share of lawsuits. One regarding head trauma and involving around 4000 former football players remains in court. Readers might know of this case after the tragic suicide of Junior Seau. Seau reportedly shot himself in the chest so that his brain could be studied after the repeated trauma that comes with playing over a decade in the NFL.

As if that was not bad enough, it has come to light in a recent lawsuit filed by former NFL players that some NFL teams gave players illegal narcotics to serve as painkillers. The lawsuit was filed by eight players including three members of the 1985 Chicago Bears team. The players are reportedly seeking a class action lawsuit and around 500 players are prepared to become involved if that proposal passes.

The players argued that the NFL administered illegal drugs to players in order to allow them to return to games faster. The players had no information regarding side effects or other issues and were returned to play before they had time for their injuries to properly heal. Some of the players that have come forward say that they became addicted to said drugs and suffered in the long run due to the illegally administered narcotics. The NFL has yet to review the case.

These two lawsuits have exposed the underbelly of the NFL and what team, owners, and coaches are willing to undergo in order to ensure that their player make it through a game despite great injury.

Weekly Playlist: Sleepless Nights

Do you ever lie awake late at night, thoughts racing through your head that make it impossible to fall asleep? Maybe you’re really stressed out, or maybe you just overdosed a bit on your coffee intake for the day. Whatever the reason, music can be the perfect companion to a late and sleepless night. I get the urge to listen to a certain vibe of music in this situation – the kind of sad, ambient, beautiful songs that can only be fully appreciated in the silence and darkness of lying in bed past midnight. Your atmosphere allows you to concentrate on nothing but the music and to completely absorb it in a way you never can during the daytime. These are the moody, quiet songs that I want to crawl inside and fall asleep to, with soothing voices and melancholy chords.

1. 505 – Arctic Monkeys

2. Empty Man – Orla Gartland

3. Forest Fires – Lauren Aquilina

4. Youth – Daughter

5. Transatlanticism – Death Cab For Cutie

6. Lost & Found – Lianne La Havas

7. The Power of Love – Gabrielle Aplin

8. Crowd Surf Off A Cliff – Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton

9. Iscariot – Walk the Moon

10. Corner of Your Heart – Ingrid Michaelson

11. And Counting… – Lights