U.S. Open

Our national open championship takes place this week at the historic Pinehurst No. 2 golf course. This was the place, where in 1999, Payne Stewart barely bested Phil and Tiger to win the U.S. Open, only a couple months before dying in a tragic plane crash.

Since then, however, the course has undergone many significant changes. Even though it is only a par 70, it is still mammoth in length, as it will probably play over 7,500 yards every day this week. The course is also quite dry, and stands out from most Open setups in its lack of rough. It essentially has not rough on the entire course, but instead sandy waste areas consisting of sparse fescue and bushes along with trees. The course is overall very open, the field has hit fairway roughly 72% of the time this week, an astounding stat. The same cannot be said for the greens, though, as they are very sloped most often and are running extremely hard and fast.

Despite all, this, or maybe because of it, Martin Kaymer is currently lapping the field in this event. He has opened with consecutive 65’s, the lowest two-day score ever to start a U.S. Open. The closest competitor is Kevin Na, six shots back at -4. Other major contenders in the mix include Phil, still gunning for the elusive Open win, Brandt Snedeker, and Keegan Bradley. However, as of right now, it is really Kaymer’s championship to loose, as he is well out in front.

Also, this is my last blog post, so just be aware that there will not be any more.

Final Post of the Year

As the school end draws to a close, so does my blogging. However, I will be back next fall when school resumes with a variety of new topics and stories to talk about.

I hope my blog has been informative and helpful throughout the year. So far I’ve talked about several issues, the primary ones being:

  • Sexual violence
  • Discrimination
  • Current issues involving women
  • Women in the government

Next year I hope to go more into depth about these issues, and post about more incidences and breakthroughs regarding women. I will be aiming to touch more on political advances and women’s role in government as opposed to primarily to specific cases of sexual violence and discrimination. As I mentioned in my previous post, women do not have enough of a significant role in politics right now as they should. Hopefully these upcoming months will bring about more change in that area of women’s rights. The 2016 is drawing closer, so there will be more to talk about if Hilary Clinton official enters the race.

Although I intend to focus on women in government more, I definitely plan on continuing to report on political progression concerning sexual violence and equality rights, as well as specific stories with both good and bad things happening to women (and every now and then, a rant).

Women’s rights have progressed a substantial amount the past century, but they still have a longs way to go. Also, I hope I’ve brought to light the fact that women don’t face issues in countries only in the Middle East and Africa, but very much so in first world countries such as the US too.

Have a good summer!


Goodbye… Hello Summer!

Here it is. Farewell post. It’s been a while. Life happens. We all know how it goes. But this is more than that.

I’ve loved writing here. The support and loyal visitors I’ve grown so fond of have always been so very kind.

So why am I not blogging anymore?

It’s the end of the school year. It’s really that simple. I don’t know if I will be able to come back here again and connect with you guys. I have noticed that as you move to upper level, your problems increases more.

Let’s forget all of this and look into happier side. Today, June 13, I have finally turned 16 (the moment I was waiting for years) which means I am getting my driver license and a job…maybe?

For this summer, I am going to my mom’s hometown(China) for the first time. I have never been to China and never met my mom’s parents. I am going to China for 2 months from June 27 to August 30th. We are also planning on going to Macau for bungee jumping( too scared…)and visit the Great Wall. We are also going to see the loveliest mountain of China, “Mount Huangshan” aka Mount Yellow. I am also going to visit the highest waterfall in Asia, majestic Huangguoshu “Yellow Fruit Tea” and the Benxi water cave aka the scariest drought cave. The former winter home of Dalai Lama, “Potala Palace” is the highest palace ever and I am looking forward to this.

I have made like hundreds of bucket list and places I want to visit in China and the above are my top 20. I am really sad to say farewell to everyone and esp. Mrs. Jarv and our journalism class but I am also thankful for everything! I just want all of you to stay safe and happy!

Thank you and big thanks to our teacher Mrs. Jarv 🙂

World Cup/Almost Time to Go

This will be an interesting post because I only have two posts left, so I sort of need to say goodbye for a while. Also, the World Cup is here and Twitter is exploding over the great event. I can save the goodbyes for my next post which will be my last of the year.

The World Cup starts today and continues for 32 days until July 14th. The excitement is currently through the roof. For the last month, you could sense the anxiety growing among soccer fans everyday. There were countdowns being retweeted and vines being posted about the great players and their incredible goals. For at least the last week, the World Cup has continued to stay one of the most talked about topics on Twitter and has been trending basically the whole time. Now that it is here, there is really no knowing on how much this world soccer tournament will be talked about. Twitter is projecting the World Cup in Brazil to be the most talked about topic of all-time.

The World Cup is so popular that at the top of the timeline there is constantly a link that sends you to tweets about what is going on with the World Cup. I have accessed the option a couple of times and last night it led me to a 25 minute video that showcased every single goal of the South Africa 2010 World Cup. Multiple people have told me how I am tweeting way too much about the World Cup. Sorry everybody, but if you want to follow me, get ready to have the World Cup be thrown in your face for the next month!https://i0.wp.com/lh3.googleusercontent.com/-DBTuD97oYfU/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAAB0/irGThHMb4LM/photo.jpg?w=584&ssl=1

Women in Government

When women’s rights is brought up, people think of many topics that are associated with the term. However, women’s role in politics and government is not commonly one of them. Throughout the history of the world, it has been instilled upon people of all ethnicities and cultures that women are not worthy of playing a role governments, because they are inferior to men and therefore not as smart, which of course today we regard as ridiculousness.

Thankfully this has not been the case as much lately. Women are starting to make headway in politics world wide, especially in the US. Over the past decade the US has seen more women legislative candidates and electees than ever before. And, in 2016, as I have mentioned many times, it is likely that Hilary Clinton will be running for president; a feat never before attempted by a woman. According to the Penguin Atlas of Women of the World, in 2002, women in the US only compromised of about 9% of elected officials in Congress. Now that number has doubled to 19%.

Although 19% is still not nearly a big enough number (it should be at least 50%), progress is being visibly made, and if Clinton runs and is elected, that will be a monumental advancement for women in their role in politics. People underestimate the power of having women as a prevalent force in politics. They share such different views than men and take vastly different approaches to things as well, and they are equally as smart, if not more so. It will be interesting to see how numbers and percentages alter in the upcoming decade. Keep an eye out for that.

Big 12 Top 5

Its the Big 12, which is the most competitive conference in the nation. They may not have the powerhouse teams currently like the SEC and PAC 12, but all of their teams are very good and pretty even. Its hard to predict what will happen in the conference, but I am going to give it a shot a predict the top 5.

1. Baylor It was tough to choose the top finisher in this conference since my top 4 teams are so evenly matched, but I decided to go with Baylor. Why? Bryce Petty. After leading the Bears to a BSC bowl and a Big 12 championship in a fantastic 2013 season, Petty and Baylor look to repeat. They will have a very good shot at it, with a better team and more confidence. The defense, while the weak spot last year, has high hopes of being dramatically improved. If the defense can step up, Baylor will be a dark horse team to make the playoffs.

2. Oklahoma Blake Bell, Trevor Knight, and two star running backs. A very nice receiving core. Oklahoma has all the weapons to win this league offensively, and have a top 25 defense. However, they always manage to drop a game they should win, and I believe that Baylor will beat Oklahoma anyway.

3. Texas New head coach, new team. Obviously, Texas has a ton of talent on both sides of the ball. They have just not been able to utilize it the past couple of years, and head coach Charlie Strong will be the man to turn this team around. There will be some growing pains, but Texas is definitely on the right track to taking over this conference again.

4. Oklahoma State This is not going to be the same, explosive team as last year. Or at least not as explosive. The Cowboys lose multiple big time receivers, including difference maker Brandon Cooks. However, the emergence of J.W. Welsh as a leader and good quarterback was vital at the end of last year, and he will have to preform very well in order to get Oklahoma State a Big 12 title.

5. Texas Tech Texas Tech is the dark horse in this conference, and have the talent offensively to win it. New head coach Kilff Kingsbury has been and will continue to be fundamental in their success. I believe he can make the Red Raiders a legitimate Big 12 contender in the near future.


It feels like time has escaped before me and a whole year on this blog has passed by without truly noticing it. Through blogging every week, I have been actively paying attention to current events, am more informed about science and technology, and have learned some of the most interesting facts. Prior to writing about science and technology news, I was already interested in these subjects, but the process of finding interesting stories and perusing countless articles helped strengthened my interest for science and technology. The process of learning never stops, and that is the beauty of it.

It is important to find a topic that you are passionate about and stay informed about that topic. There are always going to be new information and discoveries released, so don’t be afraid to delve into the information. It is unforeseeable of when something may be fascinating, thought-provoking, inspiring, or all three of these factors, but with these dynamic fields, new information is always being introduced, which makes it even easier to find science current events. Same days may be more suitable for serious news while other days may be dedicated to random facts or news stories. Either way, keep an open mind. Be sure to read a little, learn a little, reflect a little, and delve a little into the science world.

Current News and Future Predictions

This has been a great year of football and I have enjoyed nearly every minute of writing about it. The school year is coming to a close and thus do my blog posts. On one of my last posts, I figured I would keep you updated on the current events of the NFL as well as give my predictions for next season.

Making headlines was the introduction of the new Madden NFL cover starring Richard Sherman. Sherman is only the third defensive player to receive this honor and is the second Seahawk. The final two contestants for the cover were Panthers QB, Cam Newton and Sherman.

Across the country, Jets rookie Calvin Pryor has been quoted speaking on how the Jets hate both the Patriots and the Giants. As well as that he is excited to play those two teams. There is obviously a clear rivalry between the three teams. The Jets v. Patriots game that stands out in my mind was when former jets third stringer, Danny Woodhead, broke out for the Patriots and led them to a trouncing of the Jets.

Now comes the important part, my predictions for next season.

1. Michael Vick wins the starting spot for the Jets. I believe that Vick is just an all around more intelligent and athletic player and while he would be a great learning tool for Geno, Vick is too valuable to sit on the bench.

2. The 49ers beat the Seahawks in regular season. Despite all of the 49ers postseason issues, I truly believe that they will beat the hawks.

3. Giants finish first in the NFC East. Ok maybe this is just wishful thinking, but it could happen.

4. Brady defeats Manning. Both the Bronco’s and the Patriots have picked up valuable players in the offseason, but I believe that if Gronk stays healthy, the Pats will come out on top.


Tray Matthews

Earlier in the year, Georgia has freshman sensation Shaq Wiggins transfer to the University of Louisville. Safety Josh Harvey Clemons, Georgia’s best defensive player in 2013, also transferred to Louisville after being kicked off the team by head coach Mark Richt. And now, another freshman star is going to transfer from Georgia: Tray Matthews. Matthews, while injured most of his freshman year, showed some great play-making ability and overall talent. Many think he will become an NFL player. Matthews, despite what he says on twitter, was probably persuaded off the team by Pruitt and Richt. He had no work ethic in spring camp and believed he should be a starter no matter what. Coach Pruitt has different ideas, and believes everyone deserves an equal chance. Players that are not bought into the program will not appreciate this if they believe they are good enough, hence why they go to an inferior football team such as Louisville. Matthews has also been caught with marijuana multiple times, and had been arrested while riding in a car. He and the Georgia coaches did not have the best relationship, and this ultimately led to his departure. For a lot of Georgia fans like me, it finally gave the chance to say, “Tray Matthews was the reason we lost to Auburn.” And he was, plain and simple. All he needed to do was bat the ball down, but he went for the glory of an interception. Instead of intercepting the ball and giving Georgia one of the greatest comeback wins of all time, he and Harvey Clemons collided, bouncing the ball right into the hands of the Auburn receiver, giving them the win. To be honest, Matthews and JHC were probably both high at the time.

Last blog post: graduation playlist

The school year is ending and I’m graduating high school, so this means the end of my music blog here on our journalism class’s site… It’s been a fun time writing about music, and it’s actually given me a lot of good practice in something I might want to pursue. From referencing Pitchfork reviews to carefully listening to songs before I review them, I’ve really learned a lot about what it’s like to be a music blogger. Alright, instead of rambling on, here are a few good songs to commemorate the occasion of graduating – enjoy!

1. The Great Unknown – Jukebox the Ghost

2. Thnks fr th Mmrs – Fall Out Boy

3. Anything Could Happen – Ellie Goulding

4. Changes – David Bowie

5. The Call – Regina Spektor

6. Someday – The Strokes

7. Congratulations – MGMT

8. Leave It All Behind – STRFKR

9. Wishes – Beach House

10. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) – Green Day

St. Jude Classic and U.S. Open preview

This week on tour is a fairly good field at TPC Southwind for the Fedex St. Jude Classic. Right now, midway through the Friday round, Ben Crane leads the field by a huge margin of six strokes at the tournament. He shot a 63 yesterday and followed up with a 65 today for a -12 total so far. However, his lead is likely to shrink as many players have not yet finished their second rounds. Other notables near the top of the leader board as of right now include Ian Poulter, Graeme McDowell, and Billy Horschel, who will all probably be within striking distance of Crane’s now-huge lead.

However, most of the people who follow golf are looking forward to the tournament that is being held next week: The 2014 U.S. Open. This is definitely one of the biggest of the year in golf, and in addition, it is being held at the famed Pinehurst golf course. There are definitely some major groupings for the first two days next week. This includes the group of U.S. Open champs Graeme McDowell, Webb Simpson, and Rory McIlroy. Another major grouping will be two of last year’s major champs in Justin Rose and Phil Mickelson, along with the U.S. amateur champion and Northwestern student Matthew Fitzpatrick. Pinehurst No. 2, which will be hosting the tournament this week, is one of the most famed courses in the country. It hosted the U.S. Open in 1999 as well as in 2005. The greens there are honored as some of the best and most difficult in the world, and the course will certainly be playing tough this week for the U.S. Open.

My last post

hullo dreamers,

well here it is, my last post. I wanted to do something meaningful and also tell a bit more about myself.


I was born in Rain Valley in the winter time. Winter children were thought to be good luck and stuff like that. When I was three years old, my family and I went to the Castle at Cair Paravel to pay our respects to the newly deceased King (don’t ask me his name because I don’t remember). As I made my way into the castle, I saw that instead of being glum they looked anxious. Word got around that the king had not let anyone know who he wanted his successor to be. In Narnia the power doesn’t go to the eldest but the one who the predecessor finds most worthy. Anyway, the castle was in shambles looking for the king’s secret will, then I got an idea. I would decide the new king.

My family did know the Royal family pretty well as we were the king’s brother-in-law’s wife’s cousin’s son’s friends. We also knew that if the kingdom went into the eldest prince’s hands it would be total chaos.

So I told my mother that I needed to go to the bathroom. While we were there, I had told my mother that I wanted to go by myself because, I was a big girl. But what my mother didn’t know is that I stole the pen out of her purse and wen to work on the toilet paper.

On the paper I wrote,

“I, as the rightful king of Narnia, hereby entrust my kingdom to my second son. He shall rule in my place when I am gone.” I crawled past my mother who was waiting at the other end of the bathroom, and ended up in the castle kitchen. From the castle kitchen I made it back into the royal chambers. In the royal chambers, I found the king’s bedroom, fully adorned with red velvet and a full four poster bed. I had no time to marvel at his riches so I went straight to his bedside table and stuck the toilet paper inside the drawer but left a bit out to peak interest. Then as quick as a lightning bolt, made it back to my mother who was just starting to worry.

It didn’t long, some of the guards had heard me in the king’s bedroom and went to investigate. The found the toilet paper soon enough and the kingdom wept with joy for its new king.

That joy turned into sorrow soon enough however, because the second son was even worse than the first. He was corrupt and completely ruined the kingdom I knew and loved, (he is the one who decided that Narnia should be decided into provinces). It turned out that he killed his own father as well. Yep, I felt like a pretty big idiot.

Well that’s all for this school year!

Don’t forget to keep dreaming


Does Selena Gomez Still Supports Justin Bieber?

2013 and 2014 has been pretty bad for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, crazy breakup drama, drugs, rehab,and so on. Justin Bieber has been in serious hot water these past few days after two throwback videos of the singer making racist jokes surfaced online. According to Mail Online, he even broke down in tears because he was so ashamed of his past actions. Those close to him, like his bodyguard and Scooter Braun, have been quick to jump to his defense, revealing that Justin’s not the same guy as he was five years ago and apparently Selena Gomez agrees.

A source close to Selena opened up to E!Magazine and revealed that she still believes the singer has good intentions. “Selena doesn’t think Justin is a racist, she just thinks he was acting stupid and immature,” they said. “As far as him changing she does hope that he’ll grow up, she still sees the good in him and his potential.”

Don’t get too excited though JELENA shippers. Selena may not think Justin is racist but she’s still upset with how he treated her.

“She’s also extremely angry at him for the way he treated her,” the source said.

While it seems like Justin and Selena still haven’t worked through their issues, it is nice to know that the “Come and Get It” singer still has his back.

Do you think it says a lot that all of Justin’s friends are defending him? Do you still see the good in him like Selena? Sound off in the comments below.

Incident in India Shocks the Public

One country I haven’t touched too much on is India, which is not to say that it is a nation that respects women and treats them well. Recent events have shed light on this fact. An image of two teenage girls and their lynched bodies surfaced the other day.

What happened was these two girls, ages 12 and 15 (who were cousins), was that they were changing in a field and they were attacked by several men. They were abducted, raped and then hanged just 200 kilometers (about 120 miles) outside of Delhi.

As horrid as this incident was, the controversy that has arisen because of it has proven to be very beneficial to India and the world too. Unfortunately, events like this occur quite frequently in India. The graphic images released of the dead girls caught many people’s attention, leading them to question the policies that the Indian government and society practice.

It exemplifies the extreme prejudice against women in India, and how violent Indian men can be and how medieval their mindsets are. Whenever women try to assert their independence in India, it is common for men to backlash in a violent manner, which often entails rape or murder.

This specific incident should shame the collective conscience of Indian society. It has lowered India’s image worldwide and damaged their reputation. In order for India to keep growing as a country, and to be considered a prosperous nation, it needs to progress in terms of how it treats women. Something like economic growth will not be enough.

A picture of a building in New Delhi, close to wear the incident happened