Will a Peacful Protest of Students Once Again End in the Deaths of 100s-1000s?

Hong Kong, China only 1,970 km (1224.1 mi) away from Beijing where Chinese troops massacred hundreds to thousands of people. Now the students have returned and want the same thing they wanted 25 years ago: Democracy. They more specifically have requested free elections for territories in 2017—which would give them control over the government as opposed to now where they have about none.

Students have put away their books, and picked up masks and goggles to protect themselves from tear gas or anything of the sort—so far 56 have been injured and 89 arrested.

A police official said, “We had to use force.” They just HAD to use force to stop the PEACEFUL protest. I just don’t see this going well from a PR point of view…when the government starts to assault its’ citizens it never goes well, but in today’s world this has a minimal chance of escalating to anything near what happened in Beijing 25 years ago.

Even though a good amount of China’s Internet usage is blocked or heavily monitored information can still get out. If even just 100 people were killed it would cause a worldwide controversy that would involve every country within the U.N. to politically challenge China. The US would especially be in that group, maybe not so much because people were killed—we typically do have personal gain in mind—but because they want Democracy and we would very much enjoy to take a nation (or even just a city) out of Capitalism.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how this turns out, already the government has used force, tear gas, against the protestors; who are peacefully protesting. But who would have guessed that spewing a chemical agent, with the purpose of causing irritation, on a crowd of college students actually just pissed them off? Well I guess the government was surprised when it just caused more and more people to show up—since then the riot police have dispersed and have yet to be seen.

On a side note I would like to add that the government has declared this an illegal protest. The protestors have positioned themselves in the middle of the financial district, outside the government headquarters, actually blocking the main road.

Hong Kong protestsA vehicle attempts to move through the swarm of student protestors stationed in front of the government government headquarters. (Photo from Newsweek.com)

Welcome to My News Blog

This will be the first of many posts for me, I have chosen to blog about one of my favorite past times—reading the news. It’s not the juicy gossip of the adult world that interests me, I love to read about all the happenings; and as sinister as it may be the ones involving some form of high valued crime are the most interesting. It’s a whole lot more interesting than to hear about the drama show the house throws for the country to watch; although I’ve found it has low ratings and most people are not sitting at the edge of their seats just waiting for the next episode to be released.

My interest in homicide cases may make me sound a bit like Dexter, but we have a definite difference. I don’t like to see massive amounts of blood, I don’t normally want the gruesome details (although sometimes it’s necessary to fully understand the crime completely), I just want to know what happened, to who, where, when, and the part that I really want to know is the why. I want to know what motivated someone to do whatever crime it is he or she did.

So when it comes to homicides, or other crimes that in the end will result in someone being jailed for a substantial amount of time, you know there has got to be some reason that somehow makes sense to the person who committed the crime.

Currently I’m following the case of Eric Frein, the supposed cop killer. Friends have said he was outspokenly unpleased with the government and law enforcement; no amount of anger should bring about death, so I am hoping this guy has some better reasoning behind this than just pure hatred. I’m not saying that it will make what he is (supposedly) doing any better, but I just hope there’s a better reason—maybe the people he killed are secretly plotting to take over the world and maybe he’s saving us; so basically I’m just beating around the fact that he is just crazy, fueled by rage and adrenaline.

So far there have been nothing more than sightings, but at such a distance that they would not be able to apprehend him. They have found an AK-47 style rifle as well as ammo that is believed to belong to Frien, soiled adult diapers—which they believe he used to stay stationary for a long time; as well as evidence of Serbian cigarettes, Frein supposedly spent some time in Serbia so they are assumed to belong to him.

However sad it may be at the moment it does not seem like they will catch him, of course eventually they will get him as he can’t hide forever, especially with about 1000 people (officers, FBI, and U.S Marshalls combined). But then again that doesn’t mean they will be able to take him into custody alive…

I’m not going to say what he did is in anyway a good thing, because it is a terrible thing, However I will give him credit for his hiding skills; normally they would have caught the crazy killer hiding out in the woods by now, but he’s managed to elude them. Of course that does nothing but piss them off even more, I think what would be best for his personal interest would be to just surrender. He killed two government officers, he is going away for an extremely long time; and hiding just makes the people, who will be watching over him for the rest of his life and then some, hate his very essence.

Hopefully they catch him soon, I’ll do a follow up on him after he is in police custody; sadly by the time his case makes it to the court systems I won’t be able to write about it—as I’m almost certain the school year will be over by that time.

First Blog Post

Hello everyone, I’m IssySports3, I know real original. This year I will be blogging about all things local sports, from high school athletics to college and even professional teams like the Seahawks, Mariners, and Sounders.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts on all these teams because it’s what I love to do. Readers can expect updates on all things sports in the greater Seattle area. This year I would really like to write about some sports that get over-looked, such as high school baseball, track and field, hockey, and IHS spikeball. However, the main focus of this blog will be to report on the major topics in the local sports scene along with weekly reports on how all the teams are preforming.  With football season just getting underway and the Mariners making their case for a playoff position as I write this, there should be a surplus of exciting topics to blog about.

The Seahawks season will cover about the whole first semester with some Issaquah sports including basketball mixed in. This in combination with Mariners and Sounders offseason news will make up a large portion of the blog posts in the first semester. Following the end of the Seahawks season, the Mariners and Sounders seasons will be about to kick off. They will each make up the majority of the second semester posts along with possible participation from UW in March Madness. All of this along with possible rumblings of a NBA team or NHL team re-locating or expanding to Seattle is what readers can anticipate from this blog this year.

I look forward to a great year in Journalism!

Back to Schooling

This blog is a work in progress.

Appropriately, it will be discussing the topic of learning. Students are continuously confronted with information to absorb, repeat, and analyze as they best see fit. This process goes on for a minimum of 12 years and doesn’t really end after graduation, so hopefully we’re getting good at it. This blog exists to explore how students best retain information, inside the classroom and out.

Take me, for example. Coming back to school has been something of a culture shock this year. I’m out of practice taking in information, managing homework, writing essays, taking tests. Time and sleep, so plentiful during the summer, have become valuable currency. I’m fried. And it’s not even October yet.

Is this process working? Am I actually learning any of the things I’m so desperately trying to check off on my list of school assignments? If I’m going to be bearing this workload, I want to at least be absorbing something in a worthwhile way. What can I do to find a system that works for me?

What factors into a student’s learning? Some people learn orally, some visually, others kinesthetically. What does that mean for different students? Do students actually take notes during class lectures, or do they prefer to pursue their own learning in a textbook? Why do we annotate? What kind of environment maximizes potential for studying? Should students listen to music when the study? Should they snack? Are all-nighters worth the effort? Is there even a right way to study? And how, with all the hours of the day before us, do we end up frantically scribbling away at midnight, running off adrenaline and caffeine?

This blog will explore these questions and others like it.

Intoduction to MLB24

Hello everybody! I am introducing you to my new blog MLB24. I will be keeping up to date on all the Major League news going on at the time. I will update you on things like playoff races, which I will talk about later, injuries, trades, scores, stats, controversy, and just about everything to do will the MLB.

Right now the season is coming to an end with only a couple of games left. In the American League, the hometown Seattle Mariners still have a fighting chance being two games back of the Oakland Athletics. The Los Angeles Angels have clinched the American League West Division title and home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

The Baltimore Orioles have clinched the American League East Division title. Both the Detroit Tigers and the Kansas City Royals, who are both in the American League Central, have clinched a playoff spot. They are both fighting for the American League Central Division title, the Tigers being ahead of the Royals by one game.

Now for the National League. The Washington Nationals have clinched the National League East Division title and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Los Angeles Dodgers have clinched the National League West Division title.

The San Francisco Giants have clinched a wild card spot. The Pittsburg Pirates and the Saint Louis Cardinals are battling for the first spot in the National League central. The Pirates are one game back of the Cardinals.

That is all that I have for you today! See you later MLB fans!

Welcome to InterPol

Hello. This is InterPol, short for International Politics, a blog all about international relations. The news is filled with what countries are doing. But why? What do they gain from this? Is there some ulterior motive? On InterPol, I will examine the motivations and backgrounds on why certain actors on the world stage behave the way they do. What does Russia want with Ukraine? Why does China stir up tensions with its neighbors?  And how does America fit in? I will explore all of these questions.

I have always been interested in how nations get along, and when they don’t. International relations have shaped our world since the dawn of mankind, influencing how we see our neighbors and allies to what we do in response to our enemies.

It also changes how one sees the world and their own nation. Domestic policy and foreign policy influence are not as exclusive as one might believe. Often, one is simply an extension of the other. At least, it is in democratic nations. So what about countries that don’t have democracies? How does their decision making process influence their choices? And how does the international community respond to them? Its this chain that fascinates me.  Every action or inaction has an impact on the whole world.

War is the most obvious and well know example of international relations. But  a war means much more than combat. Victory in battle does not always equal success, and defeat on the battlefield does not mean failure. Many times, the game is much larger than any outcome of a single skirmish. It can be as simple as resources and regional security to the high-stakes game of global-thermonuclear war.

International relations has always mattered since the first nation-states. And in a modern and globalized world, it will remain the one the most important endeavors ever undertaken by humanity. History is filled prime examples. The weak League of Nations could not prevent the Second World War. But the aftermath lead to the creation of the United Nations, whose mission is prevent another World War. International laws forbid the use of terrible weapons and try to minimize the effects of war. And successful international relations means more than ever,  especially with the rise of international terrorism.

I look forward to writing more. Thanks for reading!

Until next time, this has been InterPol.

First Post — New Year, New Blog

Hey everyone! This is Mr. T and I am a junior at Issaquah High School. I am back blogging this year but I will be writing about another topic. I have chosen to blog about everything to do with University of Washington Athletics.

I can’t remember a day of my life where I wasn’t passionately supporting the Huskies. When I was in my elementary years, I was forced to tears many times over tough losses. I am constantly thinking, reading, and talking about everything and anything to do with the Huskies. Not only do I follow the basketball and football teams, but I also enjoy watching their volleyball and softball teams as well.

My objective for this blog throughout the year is to actually inform readers and give information that might not be very well known or even unknown to people following the Huskies. I believe I have some good connections that will allow me to provide some good insight on sports around Husky athletics. Because I must keep my identity sealed, I cannot reveal these sources but I am confident that they are trustworthy.

I hope to possibly pursue a job in sports journalism when I get older and writing about the Huskies is something I am very interested in. My goal is to collect enough followers on this blog that I can continue it permanently even after this class is over. I hope that all of the readers of this blog can learn some things about UW sports and are entertained by it like I am with other UW blogs. Hope it will be a great year!

Welcome to the Chip Kelly Express

Hello NFL fans. I’d like to welcome you to the Chip Kelly Express. This is going to be a bi-weekly blog about everything that’s happening around the National Football League. As you can tell by my name, I am a die hard Eagles fan, but I promise that I will try to be as unbiased as possible (unless it’s about the Cowboys.)

I will be presenting weekly power rankings, offering opinions on certain players, coaches and teams, and predicting the following week’s games. Since I’m new at this blogging stuff, I am not 100% clear on all of the specific segments on that will be featured in my posts. Hopefully I can figure that out along the way.

I’d like to say that this blog will be a witty and insightful look around the NFL, but more likely, it’ll just be a madman screaming NICK FOLES for MVP over and over again. Whatever the case, please stick around. Here are the power rankings for week three.

1. Seattle Seahawks 2-1: Don’t let Phillip Rivers’ inhuman passing or Peyton Manning’s almost comeback confuse you, Seattle’s defense is still the best in the league. At the end of the day, Sherman’s still Sherman, Thomas is still Thomas, and Kam Chancellor is a 250 lb raging bull wearing a football helmet. The offense is also stocked with weapons,led by the more than capable Russel Wilson.

2. Cincinnati  Bengals 3-0: The Bengals may very well be the most well-rounded teams in the league. The offense is clicking on all cylinders thanks in large part to the O line. Getting past them is like trying to break through a brick wall with a plastic spoon. Andy Dalton gets to sit in the pocket all day heaving 70 yard bombs to AJ Green while his defense shuts down the opposing offense.

3. Denver Broncos 2-1: On Sunday the Broncos showed that they can still hang with the best. With all the weapons around Peyton Manning, you know they’ll be putting up 50, but offseason acquisitions like DeMarcus Ware and TJ Ward will also boost the defense.

4. Philadelphia Eagles 3-0: Superman Nick Foles not only silenced all of his doubters on Sunday, he showed toughness and resilience. Under the rocket surgeon known as Chip Kelly, the Eagles will be scoring as often as NFL players get arrested. As long as the defense plays somewhat well, they’ll be fine.

5. Arizona Cardinals: Drew Stanton? John Brown?  The Cards have come out firing this year beating very good Chargers and 49ers teams. No longer are Bruce Arians Cardinals the little brother of the NFC West, as they will try to ride that stingy defense to a playoff berth.

Picks O the Week: In this segment I will be picking only the most intriguing match ups of the week. You don’t need me to tell you that the Jags are going to lose this Sunday.

Carolina @ Baltimore: Panthers 17 Ravens 23. Carolina suffered some big injuries in a loss to the Steelers including Cam Newton. Look for Joe Flacco to have a big game as the Ravens squeeze out a close one.

Green Bay@Chicago: Packers 28 Bears 30. This is a tough one. The Packers are in a must win situation after an embarrassing offensive performance against the Lions. Eddie Lacy was doing his best Trent Richardson impersonation and the offense gave up more points than it scored. Bears get the edge since they’re at home.

Buffalo@Houston: Bills 23 Texans 13. Two surprise teams coming out of the AFC cellar should prove to be a good match up. The key match up is CJ Spiller against the Texans front 7. Houston’s has been prone to allowing big games from running backs this year.

Detroit@NYJ: Lions 28 Jets 12: The lions are looking good this year and proved last week that their defense has improved immensely. The Jets on the other hand can’t seem to get out of their own way. Lions win easily.

Philadelphia@San Francisco: Eagles 28 49ers 23: Come on, you didn’t really expect me to pick the Niners did you? Look For Shady McCoy to have a bounce back game and Nick Foles to expose a Niners defense that has been marred by injuries and suspensions.

Raunchy Rant Week 3

Eagles fans are known for booing anything that moves. They managed to even pelt Santa Clause with snowballs. Naturally, I have a lot of steam to blow off, and that is where this column comes in. Every week you’ll have the privilege of listening to me complain about pet peeves and other things that bother me around the NFL. Today’s topic is Thursday Football. What it is is essentially another way for the fat cat NFL execs to pull in more money. Because Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football were not enough, we get a rogue game in the middle of the week, between two teams that don’t want to be there, that fans don’t want to see. The main knock against them is that they are embarrassingly noncompetitive. The first three TNF games have ended with a combined score of 163-50.The closest was a 26-6 snooze fest between the Steelers and Ravens. The reason these games are so poorly played is because the teams only get three days to prepare. Players are forced to play grueling, bone shattering NFL games on Sundays, only to hop on a plane and do it again in the middle of the week. For a league that is all of a sudden super concerned about player safety, they sure missed the mark on this one. I guess as long as they’re making money, they’ll be willing to sacrifice some torn ACL’s and broken ribs from their players. As soon as Roger Goodell is done with the Ray Rice scandal, and the Adrian Peterson scandal, and the Bill Simmons scandal, and the Redskins name scandals, and all 150 other scandals going on, abolishing Thursday Night Football should be his first priority. I’d rather watch a documentary on paper clips than sit through two shoddy teams playing uninspired football on a Thursday.

And that concludes my first blog post. Hope it wasn’t too bad. I’ll be back on Wednesday.

Hello, fellow music-listeners!

From now on, I’ll be taking over the music portion of this blog!

Although, on here, my official title will be “melodic music-lover”, I shall be going by M&M instead, because those candies are delicious but also because writing out “melodic music-lover” every time I need to be referred to can become quite irksome and very unnecessary. Either way, I will be blogging about music on this blog from this point on, and I am very excited to be doing so! Music is and always has been an extremely integral part of my life and myself, from the times I was a mere toddler listening to my dad write songs on guitar, to just earlier today when I popped earphones in to help me focus on my schoolwork. Music can mend families, rebuild houses, and save lives. It is an extremely precious and ancient art found in cultures across the globe that has the profound ability to uplift and bring people together when it seems like nothing else can.

I will be providing you with album and concert reviews, playlists, music news, music-related personal stories, and sharing important bits of music history while I’m at it. Whatever you listen to, I hope that you can enjoy some of these thoughts and tunes as we discover them together!

Keep rocking,


Hello to a Happy New Blog!

First post here on a fine Friday afternoon. Over the next few months I will be on this blog explaining enticing and exciting new ways to get the happy in your life!

Happiness has been an ideal, and often just that, for nearly everyone that has ever existed on this planet. If you feel like it’s just too hard to be happy, I am here to help you out. No gimmicky do this and you’ll be instantly gratified for ever and ever,this is a place for me to teach you some ways that I try to find happiness in my life, and some ways that work for me. Also, there will be sections entirely based on scientific research into the study of happiness. This will be an inclusive place to share between people on what makes us happy, I want all the support I can get, and don’t be afraid to get deep.

Most importantly, before I start getting into the meat of this blog, is for me to say, I’m on this road too. This is no yogi or Buddha on mountaintop sharing some great wisdom with the earthly world, but rather a person trying to find some great satisfaction and happiness in life, trying to make each moment of this life joyous and inspiring. I chose this topic for a reason; by combining all the different theories and success stories out there, we can find our own completely unique strategy and perspective on life’s many gifts, and start to unveil those gifts shrouded by an unconscious mind. I am excited to share this trip with you, keep your head up, life is worth it, just wait and see!

High School 101

Welcome to high school 101. Throughout this course you will, hopefully, learn how to successfully navigate the halls of high school, separate the truth from childhood myths and work your way through freshman year confident in your knowledge of the unknown. Or you might just have wound up on this page by accident and are now completely confused and totally weirded out. If that is the case, feel free to stick around or if you’re having trouble locating the exit, it’s in the top right hand corner.

So now that I’ve cleared all that up, I guess I should introduce myself. First off, I am not certified to be teaching anything whatsoever, so I suggest looking elsewhere if you’re seeking professional help. Secondly, I am probably the last person to offer advice on high school, but in my opinion, if that counts for anything, that’s what makes me so good at doing exactly that. Being a freshman, I have a completely clear, open minded, fresh yet totally biased view of high school. Yes, I said biased, because I would be lying if I said I wasn’t. Everyone is biased, get over it. Anyway, while my name must remain undisclosed information, I feel that it is your right to know that I am, in fact, a girl. I am also a freshman, as mentioned before (just checking to see if you’re paying attention) and I am kind of an “everything” person.

I play sports but I also love to read, I want to travel but at the same time I’m perfectly content with staying home. I also enjoy almost all music genres and the only movies I don’t like are horror flicks. So as far as labels go, I’ve never felt like I really had one. And by labels I mean, jock or nerd or prep, you know what I’m talking about.

You probably also know High School Musical. I don’t know if you were like me, but in elementary school I think there was an entire year where I was obsessed with that movie. I owned the DVD, soundtrack disk and karaoke version of all the songs, “Bop to the Top” was totes my jam. Anyway, remember that one scene, where Sharpay sings that status quo song? Well I was convinced that high school was really like that for the longest time. That everyone fit into one group and no one mixed groups, ever.

And it wasn’t just High School Musical; pretty much every high school in television or movis has had the same idea behind it, Glee, Mean Girls, Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, Friday Night Lights, Grease, The Perks of Being a Wallflower….the list could go on, and on, and on. So being a freshman the first week of school was like waiting for a bucket of water to be dumped on my head, except the water never came. Because school is NOTHING like the movies.

And that’s why I’m here. To help all y’all figure out the truth from the fact, and you know, make fun of myself, because, remember this is my first time in the crazy world of high school too. I’m just hoping it turns out that it’s not that crazy after all.

Fumbling Introduction

Hello. I’m going by the name Purple Prose. Like the definition of ‘purple prose,’ my writing is over intellectualized and flowery to an almost nauseating degree. In middle school, I was obsessed with Poe and Bradbury. I reread The Martian Chronicles endlessly, desperately trying to imitate his style with dense, chunky descriptions that sealed my writing into air-tight rigidity. Every story was merely a thinly veiled premise for showing off my ‘lush’ style. Plot points would blur and disintegrate over time, falling away so I could push in sentences that flamed up my ego. I wanted so desperately to show off how grossly precocious and intuitive I could be, the key qualities assigned to me by nearly all English teachers. Now, despite all remaining flaws, I would like to imagine that I have progressed. Much of my motivation for writing has changed. While it’s still hard for me to condense excessive adjectives just seem to give every sentence this fun, pretty webbing—glittering! Crystalline! Diaphanous!—I work to bring in more substance to counter the frilly descriptors. My mission over these past few years was to chip away at layers of pretense, revealing something both precise and raw.

Over the course of this blog, I really want to showcase my personal style. I plan to release short stories in increments, with bi-weekly installments over several months, that create a sort of digital anthology. I’m excited to compile a diverse and exciting group of stories. I want to show the breadth of my abilities, and always be surprising. I hope you enjoy.

Stay swaggy,

-Purple Prose

Washington Bucket List

Hi friends, I am very excited to be writing about a bucket list! I am a senior in high school and will be writing twice a week for the rest of the school year 2014-2015.  This blog will specifically be centered around Washington places, activities, and ideas. A lot of the restaurants and scenery here in Washington give off a Pacific Northwest vibe which is unlike any other. This amazing state has so much to offer from enormous mountains to coastal beaches.

I have been around most places in Washington living here off and on since birth but am ready to truly get every great Washington experience under my belt and provide a bucket list worthy for others too. One of the reasons I chose to make a bucket list blog is because everyone wants a great experience and to know the coolest places and things to spend their time doing. We have such a short time on earth why not make every second count?

Whether someone is visiting Washington for a little while or they live here and want a weekend adventure I will be sure to cover it all. Another reason I would love creating a bucket list is because I travel so much and have been all over the world and want others to see what I have seen.

Washington alone is such a magnificent state with so many miles of land waiting to be explored; I have no doubt in my mind that this bucket list will not disappoint. For my bucket list I will include pictures and descriptions of both the city and nature areas of the state. Weather anyone knows it or not sometimes as adventure is just what they need.


Hey friends! Welcome to my blog!

Just so you all know, I’m a journalism student from Issaquah High school and I’m starting this blog about life as a vegan! My hobby is eating vegetables.

Being vegan isn’t nearly as easy as it may seem. And to my fellow vegans, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Sometimes, it’s exceptionally difficult to find vegan makeup and vegan hair products, not to mention vegan food! So I, the Very Vegan Velociraptor, am here to make your lives easier (and yes, I’m perfectly aware that velociraptors were vicious carnivores). I’m also aware of the whole social stigma that’s associated with being vegan. So hopefully we can improve the public’s opinion of us through this blog by showing how perfectly human we are! Even if we’re 50% vegetable! But seriously, the vegan community could really use some support, so I hope to provide you guys with some cool new ideas to spice up your lives! I’ll be sharing all kinds of yummy recipes and methods of obtaining nutrients that are sometimes hard to find in vegan foods, and I’ll also be discussing the benefits of, reasons for, and interesting facts about veganism! I genuinely hope you find this helpful, informative, and possibly entertaining. Although you’ve got to keep in mind veganism isn’t funny, it’s a serious thing. Vegetables are serious.

But anyway, I’m really excited about all the awesome stuff I’ve got in store for you this coming year! I hope you guys are too! And this is just the veganning 🙂


The Very Vegan Velociraptor (a.k.a. V³)