Ferguson Riots and the U.S. Does Too

About noon the jury reached their decision not to charge Mike Brown’s killer, Officer Darren Wilson. However it was not until hours later, around 8:30 that the verdict was released to the public.

The verdict came to the public in an unapologetic tone, almost as if they did not care a man had died; actually the tone was more annoyed due to the negative media coverage, which did not help calm down the moods of the people.

And of course it had to be released at night because by all means let’s release information that was certain to spark a massive protest, while it is dark outside. So who’s moronic decision was it to wait so long to release the verdict? Well, do not ask the governor because he does not seem to be on top of this; he did not even think to release the national guard until after things got way out of hand. But you know he is only the governor.

However there is a slight amount of beauty on the situation; citizens across the US have launched protests to support the Brown family in over 100 cities. People everywhere are fed up with police brutality.

But I would like to make a note that you always hear about the bad things police do, how they beat someone up, racially profiled, or they gave you a ticket and of course you are mad at them. But this is not even a majority of officers Just yesterday I watched to officers help someone whose engine had gone out get up a hill. One officer drove directly behind the broken down car and pushed him up the hill, while the other ensured their safety by informing the cars behind them that the lane they were in was having an issue and that we needed to go a different way. Not all officers are bad. There are always a few bad picks but not a lot.

Sorry for the blurry cell phone picture, but below is a photo of the reaction brought upon Washington D.C. due to the verdict. People of mixed race can be seen protesting right in front of the nations capital, and no one is stopping them; how often can you form a large crowd right outside the White House? (Well, unless the government supports you.)


Repressive Rally Retraction

The Repressive Rally article published in the November 2014 issue of IT Magazine generated a lot of feedback.

In light of information learned from an administrative investigation, IT Magazine hereby issues a retraction of some of the statements the author made in her article, Repressive Rally. In particular, we retract the following statements:

  • “The definition of support has become incredibly ‘murky.’ Shows like Friday Night Lights exhibit them as ‘high school prostitutes.’ This seems unfair, but many students confirm the unspoken sexual undertones.” While it was not the author’s intent to call Issaquah High School rally girls prostitutes, she did make an implied comparison. Additionally, the “sexual undertones” reference to Issaquah High School rally girls and football players were not substantiated and thus baseless.
  • “Systma defines them as “not cheerleaders, but they ‘provide stuff’ for the football players. Sometimes it’s cookies, sometimes it is not totally appropriate.” Given the earlier statement, with the implied comparison of a sexual nature, this student quote may have been taken out of context.
  • Finally, the author also wrote that football players sometimes “manipulate” rally girls and that “stories have long circulated around IHS about football players abusing the role of ‘recipient’ to rally girls.” These statements were opinion and not substantiated and thus baseless.

IT Magazine apologizes to rally girls and football players for associating their relationships as anything inappropriate, and/or manipulation. The author’s purpose in writing the article was to prevent another May Madness sort of incident rather than hurt the feelings of rally girls or football players. We failed to uphold the district policy requiring journalists to present various viewpoints in a more substantial way when writing about controversial topics, and to check and verify all facts and the accuracy of quotations. Furthermore, Adviser Ellen Jarvinen apologizes for not providing the author with better guidance in working with sources who want to remain anonymous and learning aspects of proper attribution, and she is committed to helping all her students weigh their legal freedoms and journalistic standards.

The article can be found here: https://drive.google.com/viewerng/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnxpaHN5ZWFyYm9va2pvdXJuYWxpc21qYXJ2aW5lbnxneDo1OWJkZDc0NDAyMWVmMGVk

Turkish President Says Women and Men Cannot Be Equal

It’s always frightening when the leader of a nation declares that women and men are inherently unequal, and that is exactly what happened when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave a speech on Monday.

Basically, Erdogan blasted feminists and said that the nature of women and men differ too much for them to ever be equal. He focused on the role of motherhood, condemning women to the role of being mother, saying that should bear at least 3 to 5 children in their lifetime. He also associates abortion with murder, making safe and legal abortions very hard to obtain for women in Turkey.

Erdogan is an Islamist leader, which clearly engenders negative feelings towards gender equality. Turkey is not as often associated with the Middle East’s oppressive ways towards women, but the fact their leader delivered such an inflammatory, offensive speech ranks them with other countries that are infamous for discriminating towards women. However, Turkey is certainly not exempt from criticism on how they treat women. Cases or murder and brutal violence have been all over Turkish media, because it is such a frequent problem in the country.

Thankfully, Erdogan’s speech was not taken without offense. Shortly afterwards, Turkish women responded on social media with posts mocking what the President had said. Women’s rights activist groups heard his message, and are now more motivated than ever to improve women’s equality laws in the country. In fact, women’s rights advocates and lawyers have been scrutinizing the President because they say that his comments violated the constitution of Turkey.

Below is a picture of President Erdogan:


Playlist: Here Come the Family Reunions

In less thank a week, Thanksgiving will officially be upon us, and most of us will once again be subjected to an entire evening, if not more, of mandatory socializing with extended family. But while our nerves will most likely be grated on to some point, Thanksgiving is also a time to ruminate and think back on all the people things that you cherish most. But what’s a great family get together without the right music to set the mood, and perhaps grate on everyone’s nerves a little less? Here are some favorite tunes that hopefully make your holiday a little more enjoyable.

1. Come On Eileen – Dexie’s Midnight Runners

2. All You Need Is Love – The Beatles

3. Can’t Hurry Love – The Supremes

4. Treasure – Bruno Mars

5. Remember the Time – Michael Jackson

6. You Make Me Wanna Shout – The Isley Brothers

7. Pumpkin Seeds – Devendra Banhart

8. Thanksgiving Song – The National

9. Momma’s Gravy – Calypso King and the Soul Investigators

10. Dinner Bells – Wolf Parade

11. Family Tree – Black Lips

12. Build Me Up, Buttercup – The Foundations

13.  Flightless Bird American Mouth – Iron & Wine

14. Harvest for the World – The Isley Brothers

15. Sugar, We’re Going Down – Fall Out Boy

Good Friday for the Huskies

After a horrendous and heartbreaking loss to Arizona in football last Saturday, and a rough road trip for the volleyball team, Husky sports bounced back Friday night. Although I’m still not over the late game clock management of Chris Petersen, Friday did make me feel a little bit better.

First off, the men’s basketball team traveled across town to Key Arena and beat Seattle U 63-48. The Dawgs are now 2-0 and their frontcourt once again played a big role in the victory. The Huskies didn’t play their best game but Seattle U always plays them tough and UW has struggled with weaker teams at the beginning of the past few seasons. These first two games have been a good sign.

Next up was an NCAA tournament victory for the women’s soccer team. Our girls faced off against Missouri in the round of 32 at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. Missouri held tough with Washington and forced overtime but a brilliant goal by Kimby Keever early in the extra period pushed the Huskies through to the Sweet Sixteen.

Finally, volleyball got back on track. After going undefeated until mid-November, the Huskies lost two 5-set matches on the road to Colorado and Utah. Those matches were easily the worst two of the season yet UW really should have won against Utah, considering that they had two match points in set four. However, they redeemed themselves Friday night at Hec Edmunson Pavilion with a dominating sweep of 13th-ranked Arizona. Now all eyes are on next Wednesday’s matchup with #1 Stanford. A win would give the Dawgs prime position for a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

So long for now,

Mr. T

How to troll… in golf…

Whats up everybody?

PuttProtege coming to you 280 miles away from home! And car trips come with stories, but this one came after the trip. My dad and my grandfather were telling me about the ways they used to screw with people they got paired up with. Here are a three of my favorites.

1. The best one by far is when you are playing the green. My grandfather would get the ball around ten feet of the cup, and then pick it up. After a few confused glances, he would look at them and say, “Oh, that was a gimme!”

2. The next one is simple. The classic, “running over the ball!” My grandfather would always say that he would take someone to their ball, and then proceed to play dumb. My grandfather would go in one cart with one guy, and my prepubescent teenage father would be in the other. While they were driving towards the ball, he would make a B-line straight for the ball. The man would yell as his ball jumped of the wheel go the cart.

3. This one is pretty good! Wedge a ramp shaped rock or small boulder in front of their wheel and when they drive off, the will lean to one side and suddenly drop… simple as that!

Honorable mentions-These are the ones that were too cliche and/or didn’t come with any backstory!

  • Untying the bags.
  • Teeing off from the fairway to make it seem as if you are pro.
  • Handing them THEIR ball and saying it was a gimme

Remember, don’t be afraid to be creative… Just make sure it doesn’t end with injury.


Golf cart

Just don’t take it this far


Nighty Night,


The Gum Wall

One of the most gross, but interesting local attractions Seattle would be the Gum Wall. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like, a wall in an alley covered in hundreds and hundreds of pieces of chewed up gum. Almost, everyone that comes to visit will take pictures of it and then add their own gum to the wall. As gross as it sounds it is an extremely famous and popular attraction.

Actually, when you really think about it is quite interesting. It is unlike anything else I have ever seen and very unique. Also, sometimes you can find designs on the wall made with gum. Again, as disgusting as it is, it is still a sight to see and there are so many stories trapped in those chewed up pieces of gum.

The wall is located right underneath Pike Place Market, so if you are ever visiting Pike Place be sure to take a minute to check out the gum wall. I know from personal experience it really is not anything I would ever make plans to go see again, but it was just something I had to go and see at least once for myself. While you are there you can also get your own gum and place it on the wall yourself. Like I said gross, but it is pretty cool to be able to say you visited the gum wall and you put your own gum up there. Sorry this attraction wasn’t as beautiful or breathtaking as some of the other attractions Seattle has to offer, but I still think it’s one worth seeing!


The problem with disorganization

I’m not a particularly organized person. If I’m in a rush, I’ll throw papers of any description into the nearest available binder and rush off to the next class without much regard for where everything is going to end up. This is a convenient time-saver, but it doesn’t seem like such a great idea two classes later, when I open my binder and four or five packets of (unrelated) study material spill out. And then I get home and spend twenty minutes searching for my really important English essay rubric, which I can’t find because it’s folded in half and stuck in the front cover of my math spiral, which is sandwiched between my history notes and my French portfolio because I was caught by surprise by the bell at the end of geometry and so I had to rush and clean up my papers to get to book it out the door.  Eventually it gets to the point where I’m actually afraid to open my binder because there’re sections of it I haven’t explored in so long that by now there’s probably something living it there.

(insert picture here)

You see what I mean?

I typically tell myself as I’m shoving things into my backpack that I’ll sort everything out later when I get home, but this inevitably only lasts so long. Organization may seem like a pain, but in the moment, it probably takes about twenty extra seconds to open the right binder and clip my papers in. And then you have a faster, cleaner, less stressful environment to work with.

D is for Drama

MYTH: High School is full of drama…like drama drama, meaning everyone is in major crisis mode all the time.

If there is one TV show that overly dramatizes high school, it would have to be Glee. Basically every weird, embarrassing, romantic, scary and awesome thing that could potentially happen to a person during their teenage years, happens to the characters on the show.


I mean, getting daily slushy facials, going to New York for a school club, teen pregnancy, school shooting, nauseating boyfriend/girlfriend drama, the never ending second chances, it goes on and on and on. In comparison Issaquah High School just seems down right mundane.

This may just be a blessing though, I mean, maybe it’s just me, but I would not want to have to deal with any of that…except the New York part, I would definitely be down with going to New York for school. That would be beyond awesome.

Anyways, the lack of drama is refreshing yet disappointing. Disappointing in that there is drama, just really, really stupid drama. I mean, if people want to make a big deal out of something, at least make it about something that might actually be somewhat interesting, am I right?

Lately it seems that the drama just consists of annoying friends, annoying boyfriends, annoying girlfriends, annoying teachers, annoying crushes…pretty much anything that starts out with “you would not believe how annoying [insert appropriate person, place or thing here] is!” Recognize that? That’s what I thought.

Isn’t that sad? That the only thing worth talking about is how annoying someone, something or some-it is? I think that’s downright depressing. If you are going to talk about “drama” please, for the sake of everyone around you, make it worth it.

And don’t get me started on the people that create their own mini soap operas, just to entertain themselves! It’s ridiculous! I have friends that will tell people something that someone said about them, create a huge, and ultimately pointless, fight, ruin a few relationships and then it turns out the no one ever said anything in the first place!

What is up with that? Seriously, why?

FACT: High school drama is basically non-existent, and the stuff that does exist, honestly shouldn’t.

xoxo Freshmeat

Organic Food! (AKA my mom’s most favorite thing ever)

Hey friends!

So today I’m going to talk about organic food. Before you get all “WHAT DOES ORGANIC FOOD HAVE TO DO WITH VEGANISM” let me just tell you, lots of vegans like RAW, UNPROCESSED food. And organic foods are, by definition, unprocessed and fresh and pure. Just so we’re clear, here is what all the different “organic” USDA labels mean:

  1. 100% Organic: it’s all organic, so you’re good, and the “USDA organic” seal can be used
  2. Organic: 95% organic, and it can still use the “USDA organic” seal
  3. Made with Organic Ingredients: 70-94% of it is organic, and it cannot use the “USDA organic” seal

Also, just to clear up any confusion, here’s what organic means (and I’m not talking about meat since that’s not relevant to this blog):

  • NO chemicals (e.g. pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs)
  • farmland that was used had no prohibited chemicals for at LEAST 3 years
  • strict separation of organic foods from non-organic ones

Organic foods are great! Sure, they’re more expensive than your regular run-of-the-mill fruits, vegetables, and snacks, but they’re so awesome because you can count on them to be free of any harmful chemicals. A lot of people say that organic foods are a waste of your money, and I think that they’re not a waste of your money as long as you’re smart about which foods you buy organic and which foods you don’t bother buying organic. Bananas, for example, have such heavy and thick peels that buying them organic is probably not going to make much of a difference. Apples, on the other hand, tend to have pesticides galore when they’re not organic, so you’d be way better off buying your apples organic. My mom absolutely loves organic food because she thinks they’re healthier and safer for us. Sure, she goes a bit crazy sometimes, but it’s all good in the end.

Here is a picture of some of the organic foods we own (by no means is this all of it, because I couldn’t possibly fit that into a single picture):


So anyway, it’s really your decision if you choose to go organic or not, but I personally would definitely advocate it! Have a fantastic day!

lots of organic love,

Les Miserables

Hello, my little Wanderers!

I’m back with another post. Today I’m going to talk about the movie Les Miserables by Tom Hooper.

Les Miserables - Cosette by MiaHeartnet

Basic Data

Year: 2012

Director: Tom Hooper (“The King’s Speech”)

Screenplay: William Nicholson

Based on the book  “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo

Music: Claude-Michel Schönberg

Cast: Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Sacha Baron Cohen, Helena Bonham Carter.

The story is in France, 1815. A criminal named Jean Valjean just ended his time in prison (nineteen years) and is released and paroled.The man who has been in charge of watching him, Javert, tells him that he will be shadowing him and anywhere he goes he has to show the police officers the paper he has been given (which explains he has been in prison and technically is still a convict). Unfortunately, for this same reasons he has been deemed incapable of handling any type of jobs and scorned. That is until he arrives to a church and the Bishop of Dagne receives him with open arms. Valjean, confused and afraid, decides to steal everything he can while the Bishop and nuns are asleep, but is caught on his way out by police officers and brought back to the church to return what he stole. The bishop then surprises the officers and Valjean when he starts giving him everything of value and lies to the officers telling them that the thing Valjean had he had given them to him. The officers are unable to do anything and thus, left.  At this time, Valjean decides to break his parole papers and escape, to stop Javert from following and live with a false identity the rest of his life.

Years pass, and we meet a new character. A seamstress called Fantine, who is simply dismissed by the foreman after he discovered she had an illegitimate daughter and claims she is woman of questionable morals. As it happens, the last owner of the factory is Valjean, who has managed to redeem himself to end up being a respectable citizen, by hiding his true identity. After learning that Fantine has been forced into prostitution, and becoming gravely ill and currently in her deathbed, decides to take care of her daughter, Cosette, adopting her as if she was his own. Cosette is in charge of ruthless innkeeper Thenardier and his wife, who despite the money send by Fantine that pays for care for his daughter, is forced to sweep the inn and perform other humiliating tasks while being lied about her mother. Valjean has no other choice than to buy her freedom and save her from the clutches of the evil caretakers.

Meanwhile, Javert and Valjean cross paths without the former knowing the true identity of the latter, but unfortunately, it doesn’t stop Javert from suspecting. The tenacity of former guardian to catch the escaped prisoner is legendary. The moral dilemma of our protagonist is immense, but ultimately decides to confess to save the innocent prisoner, which automatically marks the return to the underground and hide in the shadows again. Now also with her newly adopted daughter in tow.

Years continue passing and Cosette becomes an attractive young lady. We are now in Paris in  the year of 1832, with the bourgeois revolution in the making. The young revolutionary Marius prepares with his teammates barricades, a popular uprising, when he crosses paths with Cosette, his hearn being captured by her at first sight. Marius asks Eponine, -secretly in love with him, and youngest daughter of the Thénadier couple, and therefore raised with Cosette- to introduce them and put a good word about him. The events from now will rush, as Javert starts to stalk Valjean  and his life and the identity he has built is in risk of being jeopardized. He and his daughter must flee again only now Cosette has found love in Marius and doesn’t want to leave him. Valjean realizes this and in a selfless act, the night before the revolt joins the revolutionaries to prevent the true love of his daughter to be killed by the Parisian army. It is in this historical context and Javert always at his heels, where the final climax of this story of love, honor, fate and redemption is achieved.

When trying to carry large cinema works written things like this. A universal literary gem,  turn one of the most acclaimed adaptations of the Broadway musical genre for over thirty years, deserved a film to match. Pulling budget and a great cast, which made people forget the former adaptation and failures of this book and Broadway musical -in wikipedia adaptations have counted more than ten-. At least there is the adaptation was done in 1998 with Liam Neeson, Geoffrey Rush and Uma Thurman. Or the miniseries in the 2000 starring Gérard Depardieu and John Malkovich.

However, the version at hand goes all in -apparently- a letter. A very risky thing to do a musical from top to bottom with occasional dialogue, a sort of filmed opera. I say what “apparently” because in the end it did not seem so irresponsible to make a direct adaptation of the musical that has triumphed in Paris, London and Broadway.

And despite all the effort to bring one of the most worthy versions of the French masterpiece of the nineteenth century and some occasional successes, as the movie ends up being tedious and slow and inconsistent (sometimes too slow or too fast). A tape has plenty of footage and musical numbers. This kills all epic possibilities of the approach, which could have told the story of the characters merely through their actions in the historical context in which it operates, but ultimately focuses on musical numbers accessories leaving us with the feeling that in the end is somewhat blurred, and additional scenes are missing. Something otherwise impossible to do because he had lengthened the footage to unbearable limits.

That is to say, a real contradiction that only has meaning if we go to the original literary or musical. This is where comes in theory always comment on the unfortunate book-film adaptations: what fits in 700 pages, does not have to fit into two hours of footage nor it has to be just as good. A novel is meant to be read in several days or weeks. Plenty of time to develop descriptions, the personality of the characters, testing and digressions of any moral field … In a film we have to cut where it is possible, the footage is what it is, period. You have to put in about two hours, a beginning, development and end. All I want to say is that the characters have to be suggested rather than narrated (or sung, given the present case). And besides, the approach needs to attract, and until the knot can not go much around the bush or risk losing the viewer runs. Of course there are exceptions great films of great footage Lawrence of Arabia style, but make these works are not available to everyone and I fear that Tom Hooper is not David Lean, however much he had made The King’s Speech. And the adaptation of the work from a musical, spends three quarters of the same, except further that in this case there are fifteen minute breaks between acts.

Not everything will be bad. Characters that stand out are Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe. They are huge, and made a superb performances, especially in musical terms. One of the most developed characters and whole plot revolves around them,  we understand well Javert’s and Valjean’s motivations.Anne Hathaway is also perfect,  though tending to overact. The rest happens what I said before, they lack minute scene without singing. For example, it seems that nobody told Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter they were not in Sweeney Todd, no matter how funny/comic they tried to make their characters.

Another strength of the film is the spectacular production design and setting. From the galleys at the beginning, the revolutionary Paris of the nineteenth century, all decorated tried to give an epic touch to the plot, that the musical numbers seem determined to remove.

As a final conclusion, the truth is that Les Miserables leaves a contradictory after taste. On one side it is a great epic story and  talks about the great miseries and virtues of man. The honor, fate and redemption both divine and human of our actions. The problem is that precisely this is no merit of the film but the work on which it is based. Technically it is very well done, and we must recognize the merit of interpretations whenever an actor sand their part. However, for me outweighs the tedious pace of the plot. That is why for me this film does not reach the approved, which does not mean that it can be recommended more people believe that since the film experience of each can be different. Warned are.

Classification: Between passable and bad.

Best: Interpretations of Jackman, Crowe and Hathaway. The decoration.

Worst: Excessive footage. Not live up to level narrative rhythm.

Would I watch it agian?: No. Nothing else to say.

Would I recommend it?: Yes; as I said before, I think a lot of people do not mind the two hours or so, and who value better the musical numbers than I do.

That’s all my little Wanderers, hope to see you soon!


WorldWanderer out~

Space Needle

The magnificent Space Needle is a symbol of the Pacific Northwest and possibly one of the most famous structures in the United States. It has six floors and has been around since 1962. On numerous post cards, magazines, paintings, books, the space needle is something everyone needs to see.


The Space Needle offers an observatory area which is really incredible because you can see for miles and miles of Seattle. Words cannot explain how amazing it is to go to the top and look over the city weather during the day or at night you will be in awe. Its view covers the Seattle skyline, Lake Union, and many mountains such as Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, and the Cascades.


Getting to the Space Needle is easy because there are many buses running through the city that has stops nearby. There are many things to do in that area as well like shopping and eating at the various restaurants. A gift shop is also located at the base of the space needle with cool touristy items.

Speaking of eating, there is a restaurant located near the top of the needle which has astonishing food. I have had food here many times for both lunch and dinner and each time I could not stop eating because it was so good. The menu is highly priced, but you get what you pay for along with a 360 degree view of the city. The floor of the restaurant moves in circles so no matter where you are seated you will always be able to see different parts of the city from up high.

This site is a must see for every single person who is able to go. The Space Needle is famous, and for a reason! The view from the top is something you don’t get to see every day.


Hi guys!

So I’ve been very hesitant on what to post for today.

I mean I CAN just go over the basics again, but it seems that I got the main ones grailed down on a different post.

So the holiday season is coming up soon. Once we hit Thanksgiving, Christmas is gonna pass by fast. So to set up the atmosphere, I am gonna be talking about YEAST.

Yes…yeast. That good stuff.

So what is Yeast?

It is to make bread, buns, rolls, and everything else that is related to that.

Yes…I understand. There are bread recipes that roam around the internet without yeast. But those recipes are basically pound cakes. Which are loaded with sugar and fat. Bread on the other hand does not require a lot of sugar or butter/oil.

So here’s a couple of tips on how to handle yeast.

FOLLOW THE RECIPE. Don’t over rise or under rise the dough. Follow the directions your recipe gives you. Don’t be arrogant and decide what ever time that seems pleasing to you.

USE THE FIREPLACE. It’s difficult to find a warm place to rise your dough during the middle of winter. Most recipes suggest putting it out on the sunlight which does not help at all. Put it next to the fireplace with  a warm damp towel over the dough so that it won’t get dry.

LET IT REST after the rise time. However, cut the dough into portions before doing this. Letting the dough rest will help the clumpy texture you might get.

OIL DOWN THE BOWL that your using to put your dough in. After it has risen, it is super difficult to get your dough out of the bowl if you didn’t grease the bowl.

I will put up a bread recipe next week!

See you guys then!