Mariners Complete Sweep of Rangers

For the first time this year the Mariners were able to win all of the games in one series, sweeping the Rangers at Globe Life Park in Arlington.

In the first game of the series it was Taijuan Walker on the bump for the M’s, he was able to pitch seven strong innings of one run ball, and the one run was due to a Brad Miller throwing error. Nelson Cruz continued his hot hitting with a RBI single to right to score Justin Ruggiano in the top of the first. Kyle Seager tacked on the second run of the night on the next AB with a RBI ground out. The Rangers were able to get their run on the board in the bottom of the fourth. Seth Smith added an insurance run with an RBI single in the fifth. Fernando Rodney recorded the save in the Mariners 3-1 victory

On Tuesday night J.A. Happ got the call for the M’s, pitching seven innings and only giving up one run. In the top of the fourth the Mariners were able to get a couple on the board, starting off the inning Nelson Cruz hit a triple to right field and was brought in the next pitch on a Kyle Seager ground out. The very next batter was left fielder Rickie Weeks who belted a line drive home run to left. In the bottom of the seventh the Rangers got on the scoreboard with a RBI double by Delino DeShields. Fernando shot the arrow for the second time in the series and closed out a 2-1 win.

Last night the King took the hill for the final game of the three game set, Felix Hernandez was dealing early. He ran into some trouble in the early innings when he allowed an RBI double to former Mariner Carlos Peguero in the second, catcher Carlos Corporan followed that up with an RBI single to score Peguero and put up a two spot in the second. That was all the Rangers would get on the night though as Felix did his thing, going six innings and only giving up the two runs. Offensively the Mariners did quite well, in the top of the first Nelson Cruz unloaded an absolute moonshot, a 483 foot blast into the upper deck in left, his 10th homer of the year. Mike Zunino grounded into a double play later in the inning but the run scored. Logan Morrison added a two RBI double down the right field line in his four hit night, and Robinson Cano scored on a wild pitch in the ninth to make it a 5-2 game.

The star of the series, Fernando Rodney, became only the fourth Mariner pitcher to record three saves in one series, shoot that arrow in the sky! M’s win 5-2!

The Mariners travel to Houston to face the Astros next.

Final NFL Draft Predictions

Draft is only one day away. Here are some more predictions.

Shane Ray falls to the third round

This guy got caught smoking weed a few days before the draft. Who does that? At least wait until after the draft. Teams are gonna be extremely wary of players with drug problems and character concerns after the Josh Gordon and Dion Jordan fiascoes. Plus Ray is also undersized. He’ll fall to the mid rounds.

Seahawks trade up for Dorial Green-Beckham

The Seahawks currently don’t have a first round pick due to the Jimmy Graham trade. However, they could still trade up from the number 63 overall pick to nab a big potential wide receiver. DGB is probably gonna drop due to character concerns and shabby route running, but the Seahawks WR corps basically consists of a diva and three paper bags, so any help would be appreciated.

No safeties are taken in the first round

This year’s safety class is extremely weak by Alabama’s Landon Collins was widely seen as a first round prospect. However a weakness in cover abilities will ensure that no team in the first thirty-two picks him.

Redskins trade down

Washington is currently residing at the 5 spot after another terrible season. They could take a top notch pass rusher or even an elite wide receiver but those alone will not be able to turn their shipwreck of a franchise around. The Skins need a lot more talent everywhere. Trading down will give them more picks to do that.

Roger Goodell gets pelted with paint balls 

I heard the security in Chicago isn’t as good. Fans will take advantage of this.


Well those are my predictions.

I’m the ChipKellyExpress and remember, if you’re not scoring, you’re not trying.


Romar Not Stopping

Last week, I wrote about how basketball coach Lorenzo Romar was making me optimistic. Well, Romar is not stopping. He continues to do amazing work when it comes to recruiting. Since last Wednesday, two more players have committed to play basketball at the University of Washington.

First, it was a local product in Renton’s Dominic Green. He is a lengthy (6’6″) wing that can stroke it from the 3-point line. Green sort of blew up last year during the Summer AAU circuit and was a hot commodity out on the west coast. He originally committed to play basketball at Arizona State. However, Green was released from his letter of intent following the firing of Herb Sendek. He then chose to stay home and play for the Huskies. That moved the Huskies’ class of 2015 to 7 total recruits and 5 that were ranked in the top 100 on That gives UW the most top-100 recruits in the country.

Wednesday morning, the Huskies received a commitment from Sam Timmins, a 6’10” center from New Zealand for the 2016 class. There had been some anticipation for a commitment, as many fans had heard rumblings about the coaches securing another great prospect. However, nobody came close to guessing it would be Timmins. The big man looks very promising, as he chose UW over ten other big time schools throughout the country. He has been playing as an amateur in New Zealand’s top professional league since he was 15 years old. There has also been some speculation that Sam Timmins may reclassify and come to Montlake this fall.

I’m pumped!

Mr. T

top friendly vegan cities!

hey friends,

I hope you all had a great day because I did not and I only wish good upon others 🙂 But anyway, apparently certain cities are more vegan friendly than others. I’ve heard of like dog friendly and smoker friendly and nice people friendly but I did not know that there was such a thing as vegan friendly? But now that I think about it this makes sense. Some cities are known for seafood or great beef, and likewise it seems that some cities are better with vegan foods. So here’s a short list I have compiled of the top three vegan cities according to PETA (the quotes I have put in are from there as well!)

  1. Austin, Texas: apparently it is the vegan food truck capital of the world? Who knew! So if you’re vegan and you love food trucks I would recommend moving to Texas. It could be great. I can feel it.
  2. Portland, Oregon: wow that’s close to home! Not really lol but it’s the closest 😉 apparently it is home to the only vegan strip mall in the COUNTRY! pretty crazy
  3. Los Angeles: as PETA so eloquently puts it, “As more and more Hollywood stars go vegan, it’s no surprise that the City of Angels is high on PETA’s 2013 list of vegan-friendly cities” and I totally agree! (see my previous post on famous vegans for more info!)

Here is a vegan food pyramid that I would assume is generally used as a guideline for vegans, and would be important in determining if a city is “vegan friendly”:

vegan food pyramid

lots of love,


blog post 4-29

For the past three years, and probably up until, say, November of this year, I wouldn’t have dreamt of sitting a French quiz without making a good solid set of flashcards to review the vocab with. I think the habit started when my French I teacher announced that a full set of flashcards would earn points for extra credit. I’d sit down with a vocab sheet, write out all the French words on one side of an index card, and scrawl out the English equivalent on the other. I’d go through and quiz myself one or two times, but usually the act of writing them down was enough studying. And I tended to do pretty well on my French quizzes.

This year I’m having a good day if I think to do some studying at lunch. I’m pretty much just winging the French quizzes and relying on habitual memory, ingenuity, and blind luck. We worked with the words in class enough that I at least absorbed some of the material. I can find a vocab packet or something to flip through after I finish my sandwich. Believe it or not, the strategy is working better than you might think. Nevertheless, my French grades are no longer quite at the same caliber as the notecards era.

The point of this little anecdote is that flashcards are an effective study tool. Can you survive without them? Yeah probably. If you take the time to do them, will they help? Probably yes.

Pope Francis Condemns Unequal Pay

Pope Francis has left a legacy of being the most progressive and intelligent pope to mark the Vatican’s history. Echoing the feminist anthem of equal pay, he called it a “pure scandal” that women are frequently paid less for equal work.

His exact quote was: “We should support with decisiveness the right to equal pay for equal work. Why is it a given that women must earn less than men? No! They have the same rights. The disparity is pure scandal.”

This is so significant because along with his other progressive stances on issues such as same-sex marriage and evolution, Pope Francis is really taking a leadership role on social/political issues that no pope ever has before. Not only is this significant just for the religious world, but it shows people from all over the globe of all different demographics and political standings that even the Pope condemns the fact that women sometimes are paid the same as their male counterparts.

It also really brings the issue to light. A majority of people either don’t know about wage inequality, or if they do they do not the large prospectus that it covers and how it affects more than just American women. In fact, it is more commonplace in countries that are more notorious for discriminating against women, such as Middle Eastern countries.

Obviously Pope Francis calling attention to this issue is not going to solve it, but it certainly is a big leap to take on the global scale that will alert even more people about how serious it is and will potentially galvanize them to take action.

Below is a picture of Pope Francis:

Tacoma Dome

The Tacoma Dome opened in 1983 and is used for a variety of events, but specifically concerts and artists on tours. It is able to seat 23,000 people which if you think about it that is quite a lot of people in one area. A fun fact about it is that it is the largest wooden dome arena in the world. Like I said it has hosted many things such as the NFL preseason exhibition games in the 1990’s and the Seattle SuperSonics in the 1990’s as well. It has even hosted sports such as soccer, gymnastics, and figure skating in the Goodwill games.

The arena is not just used for sports though, it famously hosts concerts. Countless famous singers have performed there and they even host shows such as Nitro Circus! Some of the people that have performed concerts there are; Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, U2, Maroon 5 and Imagine Dragons.

I have only been to one show there when I was younger but most people have been there and has had a good time. Even at my mom’s age she goes out with friends to concerts there and has a great time. All ages can find an event that suits them, and afterwards can wander around Tacoma which is one of our biggest cities here in Washington. Regardless of what your personal taste in shows is you are sure to find something here. I mean who wouldn’t want to go to the Tacoma Dome, its a huge dome!

Lunches Lacking Love

Hey y’all!

Wednesdays are…interesting. I mean, yeah it’s great that we get to sleep in and all, but I don’t know if a couple extra hours of beauty sleep are worth staying later and ultimately losing all the extra hours of much deserved rest to the greater amount of homework and later bedtime. It just seems cruel.

Also you have to wait longer to eat and that is not okay, at least for me it’s not. I get so used to eating lunch at ten in the morning and then on Wednesday-Surprise! You have to wait until one in the afternoon, ONE! And then you’re allowed to eat.

I can’t wait that long. And even after lunch I’m still hungry because a school lunch hardly qualifies as an actual meal. I mean it’s not like you can carry around a fresh green salad, hot panini and sparkling rosemary lemonade all day and expect it to still actually taste good…or look good for that matter.

For someone like me, who has sports everyday right after school, being hungry seems to be a constant pain that you just have to get used to. It sucks. I’ve taken to carrying around a box of energy bars in my backpack and just eating two or three of those for lunch instead of, you know, actual food.

And it’s not like the cafeteria is a legit option anymore, I don’t know about all of you but I’m not going to spend three dollars for a miniature triangle of cheese. That is a total waste of money that isn’t just unappetizing but completely lacks any substance.

If schools are going to charge students a ridiculous amount of money for lunches, they could at least serve something that could actually be considered food. I know that costs more, and I know schools already struggle with funding, but we kind of need food to survive.

I don’t buy lunch, but I know that in the last year school cafeterias have had to change what they serve because of new laws regarding health requirements for school lunches. My opinion-if you are going to insist that lunches meet certain requirements, you might want to actually make them healthy, offer real meal options with real nutritional value, not “healthy” versions of the same junk that cafeterias have been selling for years.

xoxo Freshmeat


I think you understand something really well when you can teach it. There are several degrees of knowing your way around a concept. If you know absolutely nothing about a given topic, you are going to be a lot like me in math class—that is, pretty confused. You feel totally lost when the teacher’s talking—kind of like being out in the woods without a map or something. Eventually, you gradually begin to know your way around, at least along the simplest paths. There is still a lot of unfamiliar stuff out there, and you certainly wouldn’t qualify yourself as a guide, but with luck you can get from point A to point B. As you start to mull the subject over in your mind, you reach like the verge of understanding—you can tell everything makes sense somehow and it’s about to click. I think the mark of when you totally got is when you feel comfortable guiding somebody else who is totally lost along the paths you’ve discovered. Not only does this mean you know what you are talking about, but also the process of teaching somebody else will force you to speak out loud and maybe try to explain stuff from a new angle that you had not thought of before. So ironically, teaching is probably one of the best things for your learning. So if you are looking for fresh ways to learn a subject, try looking for somebody to tutor.

Playlist: Study Time

So AP Exams are coming up fast, and even if you’re not an Advanced Placement student, or even a student at all, there are definitely times when you need to sit down, shut up, and get working. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get your mind to focus, especially if you’re already exhausted and welcome to any sort of distraction at all–but that’s where this playlist comes in. Motivational, focus-enhancing and zen-like jams to get your mind out of the rut and into the zone for that AP Calculus exam that you just can’t fail, this mix should get you studying in no time.

Comprised of video game scores, classical music, coffee shop songs, and movie soundtracks, just turn on this mix anytime you need to get your head in the game.

1. Saria’s Song [Music Box Remix] – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TIme
2. Chocolate [Acoustic] – The 1975
3. 11PM – Animal Crossing
4. Lullaby – Brendon Urie, Spencer Smith & Pete Wentz
5. Goner – Twenty One Pilots
6. Waltz No. 2 – Dmitri Shostakovich
7. The Imitation Game – Alexandre Desplat
8. London Calling – Michael Giacchino
9. Dance of the Knights – Prokofiev
10. Minuet of Forest [Music Box Remix] – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
11. Trepack from Nutcracker, Op. 71 – Albert Lizzio
12. Two – Twenty One Pilots
13. Pompeii [Acoustic] – Bastille
14. Life On Mars [Acoustic David Bowie Cover] – Patrick Stump

Felix Masterful in 2-0 Win over Twins

The Kings Court section at Safeco Field on Friday Night was electric, and so was Felix’s stuff on the mound. It was easy to tell that Felix was on his game early in the first, from the first two batters, who he set down on three pitches each, and eventually struck out the side. He struck out the first four batters of the game and did not allow a baserunner until there were two outs in the fifth inning.

He was simply brilliant, his change-up was excellent, he was painting the corners with his command, and he was just in top form. Even after the game he said he had the stuff to throw a perfect game, it just didn’t work out, yeah he was that good.

Nelson Cruz hit the fourth longest home run in Safeco Field history, a 442 foot line drive in the upper deck in left in the bottom of the second.

That would be all the offense that Hernandez needed on the night, although Logan Morrison added a homer of his own. LoMo has been the most unlucky player in baseball this year statiscally, carrying the lowest BABIP (Batting Average on Balls In Play) of anyone in the entire MLB, so it was nice to see one fall for him.

Felix struck out nine while allowing five hits, and walking no one in a complete game shutout effort.

The Mariners improved to 7-9 with the win, James Paxton will face the Twins on the mound Saturday.

In other news, the Mariners put starter Hisashi Iwakuma on the 15 day DL and called up lefty reliever Lucas Luetge from AAA Tacoma.

Rory Mcilroy PGA Tour

What’s up everybody?

So one thing that you may not know about me is that I am  very active video game player. In fact as soon as I finish this, I am going to be playing Halo with a good buddy of mine named Amay. And I dont know why but for some reason, I LOVE AND ALWAYS HAVE LOVED GOLF GAMES. In fact, I think I have played Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 more than any game ever. And it sounds dumb, but I fully believe that it is what made me interested in golf a few years ago (I only played for a few months a couple years ago, and that was at the driving range). And now, here comes Rory Mcilroy PGA 2015. Its extremely realistic, and I am excited for two things:

1. Playing on wolf creek.

My favorite course on 10 was Wolf creek, and I can not wait to play it on this. I used to think it looked so good and now that I see the updated graphics, I dont know what I was thinking.

2. Playing on BF4 maps.

Battlefield 4 was probably the first FPS (first person shooter) that I got WAY into. And now, one of my favorite maps in that game is being turned into a golf course in the game. I cant wait to tee of next to battleships and stuff, and see the map with greens and fairways. I cant wait to pick up this game.

I gotta go, Amay wont stop texting me!


Pacific Northwest Sunset

Part of the Washington experience is watching the sun set. I suppose you can do this anywhere but I would like to think that a Pacific Northwest sunset is one of the best ones out there. Watching a sunset is a pretty easy bucket list item because you can be anywhere and see it, even from inside a car or building. I personally think watching the sun set should be one of the top things you have to make sure you do in Washington.

Sunsets are pretty incredible. Some are nicer than others but no matter who you are, you can admire a beautiful sunset. There are some really incredible places to be while watching a sun set too in Washington. Bellevue and Seattle are great because having the skyline be the backdrop of a sunset makes the experience even better. For example my favorite place to watch the sun set is probably gas works park in Seattle. It has the best view of the entire Seattle skyline and when the colors of the sky reflect on the water it creates an amazing picture. It is also a great spot because it is on a hill and it has grass to sit on to be comfortable.

Between pinks, reds, yellows, and oranges mixed together the sun setting can be one of the most scenic views you will see in Washington. This is a picture of the sun setting two summers ago that I really love from my house in the backyard. 



The Crocodile

For anyone that is looking for a new up and coming artist the Crocodile Café is the perfect place for just that. The Crocodile is a fairly small venue, but that just means the shows are a lot more intimate and it does not matter where you are in the venue because you will be able to enjoy the show even if you are in the back. Also, a lot of bands and artists get their start at the Crocodile.

Last year in May I went to a Hoodie Allen concert at the Crocodile and it was my first time attending a concert at this venue and it was incredible. It was an extremely inexpensive show and it came with a free meet and greet. Then once the show started everyone was on their feet singing and rapping along to every song and having the time of their lives. Hoodie actually performed a song he had just written the night before and we were the first show to ever hear it. Now the song is on his newest album called People Keep Talking.

The energy at all of these shows at the Crocodile is absolutely incredible. If you close your eyes and just listen to the crowd you would not be able to believe that the venue was so small. Since most of the artists and bands that preform are underground artists and are not as popular, all of the people that show up to see the show are true fans that know every word of every song. One of my favorite things about Seattle is the music scene and how we have so many great venues just like this one where smaller artists have their chance to get their big break.