Issaquah Lacrosse drops Semifinal Game Against Mercer

Issaquah faced a tough number two seeded Mercer Island Islanders team Wednesday night in the state semifinals.

The Eagles got off to a hot start, with juniors Ryan Egland and Jake Lindahl each scoring first quarter goals, senior Mikey Giannopulos added a goal of his own and Issaquah led after one, three to zero.

In the second quarter it was all Mercer Island, the Islanders quickly scored five goals in the first five minutes of the period to combat the Eagles hot start. Lindahl would add another two before the half and Mercer scored yet another goal in the final 30 seconds of the quarter to bring the halftime tally to 6-5.

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Jake Lindahl shoots and scores in a 11-10 loss

In the third quarter it was a back and forth the whole time with Giannopulos another goal and junior Jacob Gonzalez scored two goals as well. Mercer scored twice on some lackadaisical defense by the Issaquah defenders and the game was tied at eight at the end of three.

In the fourth quarter it was a defensive battle, the Mercer Island goalie and Issaquah goalie Jordan Dondyano each had played an excellent game up to this point.

Issaquah’s defense had played quite poorly and allowed easy chances at the net for the Islanders which Dondyano gobbled up.

Egland and senior Anthony O’Reilly each scored a goal around the five minute mark that made it appear Issaquah would be headed to their second straight state championship game.

The Islanders rallied back and scored three goals in 50 seconds starting at the two minute mark to push it to 11-10.

Issaquah would get a final look at the net on a Jake Lindahl shot but it was saved and the Islanders ran out the clock to clinch a trip to the title game where they will face Bellevue.

diabetes & veganism

hey friends,

According to this new pilot research study, going vegan can make the terrible nerve pain you get along with Type 2 diabetes a lot more bearable?

Apparently “More than half of adults with Type 2 diabetes may develop diabetic neuropathy, a type of nerve damage resulting from poor blood circulation and high levels of glucose in the blood, previous studies have shown. Diabetic neuropathy can lead to ulcers and other infections on the legs and feet, and is the primary cause of limb amputation for people with diabetes.” And there’s no cure for this–doctors just give patients medications to help ease the pain and symptoms, but there’s really no way to stop it 🙁 But that just makes this research being done on veganism and diabetes all the more crazy!

This study was published in the magazine Nutrition & Diabetes and was done by doctors and nutritionists at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which is an organization that promotes veganism. Now you can choose to be skeptical about the accuracy of their findings because obviously their purpose is to promote veganism, and I totally support that.

But anyway they basically had “17 overweight adults with diabetic neuropathy on a 20-week low-fat diet that emphasized fresh vegetables and high-fiber, complex carbohydrates such as beans and whole grains. The participants also attended weekly nutrition classes and took a vitamin B12 supplement, a nutrient that is important for proper nerve function but found naturally only in animal products” and then compared them to a control group of 17 adults who just ate their regular non-vegan diet. According to the study, “tests revealed improved circulation and nerve function, and [the] participants lost, on average, 14 pounds.”

I think that’s pretty cool! Again, you have every right to be skeptical, but I guess it’s just an interesting thing to look into 🙂

Here is the article by LiveScience in case you would like to read it!

Have a fantastic day with fun in the sun cause you’re the one to have fun hun (:

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Fashion in the Music Industry

Fashion might not be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of the music industry, but it’s definitely up on the list and has an incredibly close relationship with the musicians and their art.

Personally, music is my passion–but being a fan of music that doesn’t also have an intensely creative visual to it is just boring. Music, while an aural art, is also inherently visual–and what visual an artist decides to accompany their art with has a massive effect on the impression their music leaves on the listener. For example, only last week, I made a post regarding Taylor Swift’s remarkable evolution from sweet country girl to a sweaty, leather-loving post-alt chick–but her transformation was almost entirely visual. Yes, her musical style changed, but honestly “Bad Blood” wouldn’t have been too out of place in one of her earlier albums. No, what really made that single stand out was its music video–and relatedly, Taylor’s new fashion.

Many musicians are almost as famous (or infamous) for their fashion as they are for their music. David Bowie’s freaky take on glam rock became an iconic part of the seventies and eighties, while Lady Gaga’s abstract and strange runway items became part of her identity. Towering platform high heels became associated with her–and consequently, her music. Rapper Kanye West even has his own fashion line, and with that in mind, it’s hard to listen to his music without the minimalist aesthetic of his designs influencing how I view it.

The point of this post? Music is as visual as it is aural. And what better way to demonstrate the visual creative process of your music than to wear it on yourself?

Huge Pickup for Coach Pete

Coach Chris Petersen had a pretty rough transition into the PAC 12 this season. He came from the underdog turned powerhouse of Boise State to a historic program itching to make it to the top once again. At Boise State, Petersen could do no wrong and amassed one of the highest winning percentages in coaching history. The man was a saint in Boise, Idaho. However, things changed when Coach Pete came to Montlake. It almost seemed like he could do no right. He was blamed (with reason) for multiple losses throughout the season. People were not seeing the greatness they expected with his arrival. Some were even saying he should be on the hot seat after last season. Although the team performed very poorly I do not agree with that statement.

This upcoming season does not look like it will be very successful either. The Huskies have one of the toughest schedules in the nation, no quarterback at the moment, and a slew of great defenders to replace. However, the future looks pretty bright. The Huskies have done good work recruiting in the class of 2016. Their most recent pickup is a giant one. It happens to be a man small in stature however. Sean McGrew, a 5’8″ running back from Bellflower, CA recently pledged his commitment to Petersen and the Huskies. McGrew is ranked by some as the number 1 running back in California, as well as the entire West Coast. He runs a 4.44 40 yard dash. He is the 4th commit for the class of 2016. That class looks like it will shape up to be Petersen’s first class to make a big impact for the program. I just hope more follow McGrew and Chris Petersen leads the Dawgs back to the glory days of Don James.

Mr. T

Ragin’ Rory

What’s up everybody?

While he is still my favorite golfer, I have to admit that Rory Mcilroy has quite a temper.

Im not sure if you guys remember but at the Cadillac Champs not too long ago Rory threw his 3-iron into the water after a less than spectacular approach.

Well, Rory is at throwing his clubs again, or at least banging them on the ground.

At the recent BMW PGA Champs, Rory bashed his club onto the ground after a fairly poor shot. IT only hurts his image, right? Wrong. A European Tour official confirmed that “Rory will be disciplined under the players Code of Conduct for the club throw.”

Even with all of this I still am rooting for him tomorrow at the Irish Open. I mean, golf is a very frustrating sport. I have started raging fairly fast even when I go to the neighborhood park to practice chipping. But regardless, to know that there are little kids out there watching Rory and learning from what he does, it is a little bit upsetting.

On the better side of Rory, he will be sporting some wicked shoes this weekend. The shoes look insane, and I love them, I wish I had the ones he will wear on Sunday.

But what makes these shoes so special is the fact that they were all designed by kids who are affected by cancer. They are on sale at, and a portion of the proceeds do go to Rory’s Charity

Thats all for tonight guys.

Good night



The content is only part of a presentation.

Granted, the content is relatively important to the overall draw of the piece. One year for a health class I had to do a presentation about asparagus, and I’m not sure there was any way to rescue a presentation like that. I mean, I did what I could. I put a picture of Junior the Asparagus from Veggitales on the fun facts slide.

Regardless, even if the topic of a presentation isn’t all that thrilling (or, conversely, even if it is) the ultimate audience perception of the presentation has a lot more to do with the way it’s presented. We’ve all suffered through long, monotonous videos that emphasize clarity over style. True, it’s hard to miss a single word, but if a presentation is too uninteresting, an audience member will stop trying to follow it. Inflection, passion, energy, and thought-out correlation between text, speech, and images make a presentation a lot more engaging. An epic multimedia moving graphic about asparagus is going to engage the audience a lot more than reading the same information off a couple of notecards. On the other hand, you can go the other way and overwhelm the audience with too much stimulation. That’s not great either.  In my experience, audiences react best to presentations that are engaging without being distracted. Ideally you can incorporate a blend of images, sounds, and motion to appeal to multiple learning styles.  That way the audience will stay with you more.

Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach is not a very well known beach but I personally think it is one of the nicest beaches in Washington. It reminds me a lot of Cannon Beach which is a well known beach in Oregon so if you know what cannon beach looks like just picture that same beach but in Washington. The only main difference is that Cannon Beach has a charming town connected to it for tourists, and Ruby Beach does not really have this. It is actually part of the Olympic National Park and is located off of highway 101.
There are obviously different types of beaches, and this is no Hawaiian beach with white sand and clear light blue water. I know that sounds like it is a bad thing but I think beaches like this that have big rocks and driftwood and bigger pebbles are quite underrated. Maybe it is because I grew up going to beaches like Ruby Beach and have nice memories of eating lunch with my grandparents sitting on a wood log. Either way, beaches like Rudy Beach are still just as great as a tropical beach because you get a different experience that can be just as nice.
The hike to Ruby Beach is about a quarter of a mile so really not very far, it is barely even considered a hike. There are also many bald eagle sightings in that area so you might see one or two. Once you get there I promise that you will enjoy your short 1/4 mile hike.

Goat Lake

One of the greatest things about the Pacific Northwest would definitely have to be all of the amazing hikes a person could go on. Today I am going to talk about Goat Lake. It is in the Northern Cascades and as for the distance I cannot remember how long it is and I tried to look it up, but every website I checked had a different number, but it I remember it being a few miles both ways. It is an extremely popular hike that so many people take to get some exercise as well as enjoy some breathtaking views.

At Goat Lake there are all sorts of different waterfalls and there is a beautiful lake and in the picture I have below you can see that there are beautiful snowy mountains that surround the lake. Hikes are always a great way to get active, but this one in particular is one of my favorites just because it is one of the most beautiful trails I have ever been on. Most of the time trails do have a great view, but this one is different than a lot of the other trails that are closer to where I live. They all have a pretty similar view, but this one is a refreshing change.

I would definitely recommend that everyone take a trip up to Goat Lake and hike the trail. You will get a good workout as well as a rewarding view. One of my favorite things about hikes is that even if it is a long one or tiring once you see a view like the one at Goat Lake you will know it was all worth it.

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16 days and counting

Hey y’all!

I’m not even going to pretend that I’m not excited about school ending, because let’s face it, everyone is more than ready to get out of this place. Not that school is awful or anything, but compared to summer, well, nothing is anything compared to summer. Except maybe sunsets…but summer sunsets are the absolute best.

5 27

And summer is just sixteen days away ladies and gentleman, 16 days. That isn’t counting weekends, because when you do that it just makes it seem longer, and I want summer to be as close as it possibly can be.

Summer is starting to sound like paradise right about now, what with end of course exams, essays, projects, Spanish speaking finals…not to mention the endless flow of worksheets.

I hate worksheets. Not really, I mean they’re better than pop quizzes or essays or…actually they’re better that really anything at this point. It’s just when teachers assign worksheets on top of essays and tests and projects that things start to get crazy.

I know I shouldn’t complain, this is just my freshman year after all, and it might be harder to be a sophomore or junior right now. It does bug me though, that just because I’m a freshman it’s like I’m not allowed to even mention homework, or lack of sleep or hard tests. Sure stuff I’m doing in school right now may not be as hard as what upperclassmen are doing, but it’s hard for me, and I bet it was hard for them when they were freshmen too.

And, news flash, they aren’t the only ones with huge tests, and major projects. Upperclassmen aren’t the only students losing sleep over finals, and they sure aren’t the only ones with homework. So yeah, maybe it isn’t as hard to be a freshman as it is to be a junior, but it is hard to be a freshman while you are a freshman, just in case you’ve forgotten.

xoxo Freshmeat

Issaquah Lacrosse to face Mercer Island

The Issaquah Boys lacrosse team led by senior All-American Mikey Giannopulos defeated Eastside Catholiclast Friday in the quarter finals to guarantee a trip to Islander stadium to go up against Mercer Island.

Eastside Catholic’s Zack Steffens, left, tries to manuever around Issaquah senior Mikey Giannopulus during the first half of the Washington Lacrosse state quarterfinal matchup on May 21 at Eastside Catholic School. Giannopulus has committed to Georgetown University.  - Photo courtesy of Rick Edelman/Rick Edelman photography

If Issaquah can play the way they did in a 9-3 victory over the number one seeded Crusaders last Wednesday they should have no problem taking down Mercer Island.

Giannopulos had a four goal effort in that game to go along with junior Ryan Egland’s two goals.

Egland was able to cross the crease in front of the goalie and flip a beautiful behind the back shot past Crusader goalie Josh Matte.

Goalie Jordan Dondyano played a brilliant game allowing only three goals against one of the best offenses in the state in Eastside Catholic, he recorded seven saves including a diving save late in the third quarter that had everyone fired up.

Sophomore James Rauch had a huge hit on Eastside Catholic attackman Bryce Atwater that echoed throughout the entire stadium.

The game against Mercer Island could be the Eagles last game of the season, the Islanders took down Issaquah earlier in the year handing Issaquah one of only two losses on the season. The other came against the Wolverines of Bellevue after Issaquah held a five goal lead late in the first and ended up losing in overtime.

Bellevue still remains in the playoffs and they face off against the Skyline Spartans tonight. If Issaquah can pull out a victory tonight they will face the winner for the state championship, which Issaquah lost to Bellevue last season.

more news!

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So I know a lot of my posts lately have been just talking about current vegan news. Well whether you like them or not, here is another one because I just really enjoy reading the vegan news for you lovelies 🙂

This one is called, “Texas Cattle Rancher Becomes Vegan.” Just a couple days ago, I saw a different article titled “Wife Corrals Texas Cattle Rancher Into Becoming Vegan” on ABC so I don’t know I guess the wife succeeded lol. I laughed for a long time at this. I could use some more sleep I think.

Source of photo

So basically this woman Renee Sonnen who is married to a man named Tommy Sonnen have this ranch (Sonnen Ranch) in Texas. They were divorced for six years, and during that time Renee decided to go vegan. Then they got back together. Kind of crazy, I mean how often does that happen? This is some Parent Trap stuff right here.

So Renee wasn’t cool with sending the cows to the slaughterhouse, and she made sure to let Tommy know. She’s all, “I started gaining insight into their [the cows’] souls and naturally started gravitating to the animals in a loving way. The mother cows would cry into the night and I’d go out and cry with them even at midnight.” If that wasn’t enough, she told her husband that if he didn’t go vegan, she’d divorce him. Again. Poor Tommy didn’t want to lose Renee, so he agreed to go vegan. The two opened Rowdy Girl Sanctuary for rescued farm animals.

If you don’t find this story crazy then either you are crazy or I am suffering from significant sleep deprivation.

Here is the source of the article I’m referencing in case you would like to read the original article rather than my summary with commentary 😉

lots of love,

3 Restrictions on Women’s Rights That Aren’t as Commonly Known

The Middle East is always getting a bad rap for how they oppress women on a holistic level, but there are a few specifics that caught my eye while reading an article online.

The first rule is that under Jordanian law (so in the country of Jordan) women are not actually permitted to admit their children to hospitals without consent from the father. This of course is very risky and unsafe because if a child needs immediate medical attention, they could not receive it, which could be detrimental. For example, a few months ago, a new born didn’t receive medical care because the father wasn’t around to sign the papers so the baby died because the hospital wouldn’t let him be admitted.

In Yemen, women count as being half a witness. Without a male witness to back up what they’re saying, they aren’t taken very seriously and in cases of relationship conflicts their accounts are not listen to virtually at all.

In several countries, there is a law that mandates if a rapist marries their victim, the rape is excused. A few years back in Morocco, a 16 year old girl was forced to marrying her rapist and shortly after committed suicide for obvious reasons.

These are just a few (more extreme examples) of how women suffer injustices in countries where equality is not valued. Hopefully within years to come bogus laws like these will be abolished through activism and progression of society and government in such countries, but for now, all people can do is continue to fight these gross injustices.

Below is a picture of the Middle Eastern region, an area of countries were laws like these are commonly practiced:


Seattle Center Monorail

Today’s blog post is not exactly a place, but an awesome way to get around in Seattle. This form of transportation would be the Seattle Center Monorail. It was created for the 1962 Seattle World’s fair. Although it does a help a lot of people get around Seattle now everyday it is also an extremely popular attraction because it is the first commercial monorail system.

The train has two stations it departs from. You can either catch it at the Seattle Center station or the Westlake Center Mall station. The great thing about the monorail is that it is a quick ride and you can use it at anytime because one leaves about every ten minutes or so.

To ride the monorail it is $2.25 for adults, $1.00 for youth and children age four and under ride for free. It is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. all the way until 11:00 p.m. Then on Saturday and Sunday the monorail is open from 8:30 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.

The monorail is always so exciting because it is placed up high so it is different than any other train ride and it is a big attraction in Seattle. Sometimes we forget about it just because it is a short ride and there is not a ton of stuff do like other famous attraction such as the Space Needle, but it really is a fun ride. If I am in that area in Seattle I always find an excuse to get on the monorail. It is a quick and fairly inexpensive trip and I recommend everyone go check it out.


Who am I classic

In about the seventh grade I decided that I’d written too many “who am I” essays in my life. Students generally have to write one for the beginning of every health class, which works out to about four by the time you’ve finished your combined middle school and high school careers, and then one at the end of every English class. Sometimes you’ll get a bookend assignment, where you write one reflective essay in September and then another in May to reflect on how you’ve grown in regard to reflecting. That makes eight or nine personal identity essays, no sweat. I hit a point where I decided I really didn’t like writing essays with any kind of personal pronoun in the title.

Now that I’m starting to look at filling out college applications, guess what kind of essay prompts I’m looking at? I’m looking forward to hammering out six or seven short reflective essays about my personal identity, my cultural heritage, and my perception of who I am as an individual. Plus it’s the end of the year, so I’m also writing a personal reflection essay for English class. This lead me to really consider, for the first time, why the entire academic community is so hung up on writing personal reflection essays. I actually realized that, when you put genuine effort into them, they do have quite a bit of merit. Sort of the same way sketching every step of a math problem out on paper forces you to concentrate more eon it, writing out thoughts, even if you already realize them, generally helps you focus, clarify, and sharpen your thinking. The best way to learn—and therefore act on that learning—is to pause  and sharpen your insights. Hence the personal essays.

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