signing off

As I’ve alluded to in the past several blog posts, the school year is drawing to a close. Summer is only a couple of finals away. One of the most salient takeaways from this successive series of blog posts is the importance of habit. You would think that with two posts each week over the better part of nine months would be difficult to forget, but you’d be surprised how easy it was to let blog posts slip. I’d get home on Fridays, be ready to start a weekend, procrastinate for an evening on all homework, and Saturday night I’d open my binder for the first time and realize that, for the hundredth time, I was past due for a Friday blog post. Having a more solid routine would have helped me get and stay on top of journalism assignments.  Another lesson exemplified by our blogging adventures is the importance of creative thinking. Your topic seems like a pretty good idea in September, but right around Thanksgiving break you’ve completely exhausted your supply of blog post ideas, and you have a large expanse of future months of blogging to fill. I overcame “blogger’s block” by drawing on current events, as it were—I found it helped to try to relate my posts to some current happening in the academic season, such as AP tests. I also made mental notes of things I ran across that could be potential blog material. Any interesting comment in the classroom about how students think was a good idea for the blog. Thanks for reading and see you next year.

Year Almost Over

Well, this is my second to last post of the year. Our school year is nearly over, and all of the students at the UW have gone home if they are not staying in school over the summer.

It was a pretty disappointing year to be a Husky fan to say the least. The football team had so much talent on the defensive side of the ball, yet finished 80th in team defense, and team as a whole only went 7-6. Coach Chris Petersen came to Montlake with the best winning percentage for any college coach in college football. However, that number 1 spot will soon leave his grasp if the Huskies continue to play like this in the next couple years. Next year does not look very bright either but maybe Coach Pete will find his stride in year 2 and show everybody why he was called one of the best coaches in the country.

The basketball team was undefeated and ranked 13th in the country in late December. That is when everything changed. The Huskies began to lose, and lose a lot. The star player Robert Upshaw was dismissed from the team after some personal mistakes. More losing took place after that. Once the season was over, there was an exodus by the returning players. Our leader and PG Nigel Williams-Goss betrayed us and left to Gonzaga. Other guys expectedly left to find better situations for themselves. However, Lorenzo Romar was not phased and rebounded with the number 12 recruiting class in the nation. They will be looked upon next year to bring back the winning ways to UW.

I’ll post one last time Friday to say my goodbyes!

strong finish

It’s that time of year where students spend most of the school day moving from class to class doing nothing. Classes are typically free study periods, or unrestricted socialization time. Sometimes the teacher will play a movie in the background. If you’re really lucky, the class will organize itself enough to coordinate some kind of effort to bring food. Point being, the school day involves a lot of talking. Eating. Signing yearbooks. Maybe sleeping.  A lot less of the more conventional classroom activities, like studying. Note-taking. Testing. That’s pretty far from everyone’s mind.

Except finals. Finals loom over these last weeks of schooling, weighing down the idyllic mirage of unfettered freedom like an anchor. Trouble is, how do you ward off spring fever enough to maintain focus? Studying for finals is hard, not necessarily because the content is challenging (although it may well be) but because the actual act of coming back down to Earth and cracking open a textbook is hard. Everyone’s so ready for summer. The students are. The teachers are. The staff is. And when you’re at about that one-week mark, when finals are imminent enough to be pressing but distant enough to be ignored….motivation slips to an all-time low.

blog post 6-10

So how do you keep up the fight? I’m not sure there’s a secret to success. My advice is just to bite the bullet and start reviewing your notes or whatever. Maybe set aside like an hour a day for finals prep. Cross the finish line strong.

Summer Jobs

Hey y’all!

Weird to think that there are is just a little over a week left of school, and really how many days are actually full days. And of those short days how many consist of actual school work. So when you think about it, there truly is hardly any school left.

Kind of sad. But only kind of. Because no school means summer, and I have been counting down the days until summer, and I would bet money that everyone else has too.

Anyways, I’m not sad that I will no longer be a freshman, because really who wants to be a freshman. And the fact that this time next year I will be well on my way to being a junior…well that is just crazy. Hopefully these next couple of years don’t go by too slowly.

What I was trying to get to, though to be fair I wasn’t trying that hard, was summer plans and more importantly, summer jobs.

Now being a freshman, I wasn’t really planning on getting a job this summer. I figured, nah, I’m too young, what’s the point? Well ladies and gentlemen, the point is that you get paid ten dollars an hour to work with a bunch of cool people, make new connections and, to be honest, have fun.

At least, that’s how I’m feeling now…I’m pretty sure that in a couple weeks I will be way past the honeymood period, but I’m going to enjoy this while it lasts. Besides, it’s a really cool feeling to have other people trust you with responsibilities and treat you as an adult. It is just so…so professional. And I like that.

Now I may be absolutely insane and y’all are in complete shock that I can even say that I enjoy work, but hey, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? Find a job you love? Maybe not everyone is lucky enough to have a job they actually look forward too, but I think that is a good thing to strive for.

But either way, this summer I’m getting paid, and that’s rewarding all in itself…I highly recommend it.

xoxo Freshmeat

Adios forever (jk I’ll be back)

hey friends!!!

As the year draws to a close, so does this blog. I am so very sorry to say that this is my last blog post.

That’s right. I am graduating from this horrific junior year and entering a summer of solace. Only to be bombarded with COLLEGE APPS and SENIOR YEAR! I am not excited to be a senior because I am going to miss all the previous seniors so much. Especially the one sitting next to me right now (S/O to @melodicmusiclover). I’m going to be so lonely and sad 🙁

But life goes on, and we grow up. We leave our childhoods behind for an uncertain future. We may not know what lies ahead, but all we can do is march on in all our glory and be as prepared as we possibly can for the challenges and obstacles we’ll have to face. So as senior year and college life loom ahead, despite my persistent fear that I will have to leave my home and family behind, all I can do is keep going. Keep going, and enjoy the little things as I go. Because life is short, and we can’t keep looking back to the “good times”–these are the good times. If there’s one piece of wisdom I’d want to share from my 3 years of high school, it’s that you’ve got to cherish every moment. Experience things, explore, take risks, and just let it be. Everything happens for the best, and it’ll all be over before you know it.

No regrets 🙂

lots of love,

babies :)

hey friends!

So I might have touched on this topic before just a little, but as you probably know, there are lots of parents who are vegan who have kids who they want to be vegan as well. There is a lot of controversy surrounding whether kids, who are growing and developing, need the meat and animal byproducts to grow tall and healthy and strong. Of course, vegan parents feel like they’re just teaching their kids valuable lessons on how to live life the way they think is best.


A Texan mother, Marisa Wolfson, has recently been getting a lot of attention for the way she has raised her two children–as vegans. She says, “The kid, when you mix it in with other stuff, they don’t even notice the difference. We found out that it is, in fact, very healthy and an appropriately-planned vegan diet is appropriate for all life stages.”

The father of the children was not originally vegan, but chose to become vegan along with his family. He says, “I feel it’s the healthiest choice for [my wife and the kids]. This is not a hippie philosophy. This is science, and science today is showing that in well-respected journals, from well-respected doctors, that this is the most healthy diet.”

Whether you agree with how these parents are feeding their children or not, I guess it’s just something to think about. I know I say that a lot lol but I honestly can’t imagine being raised as a vegan child, but maybe if you’re used to it from such a young age, it’ll just feel completely normal to you. I don’t know.

Have a fantastic day 🙂 😉

lots of love,

Dickerson Commits!

Just like I had previously said a couple weeks ago, Noah Dickerson was that extra guy from 2015 that would end up a Washington Husky basketball player. And boy was it a big commitment. This is extremely exciting. A couple months ago, multiple players, including two starters, decided they would leave Washington and head for greener pastures. Fans were absolutely in the dumps about our chances to win in the next couple of years with Lorenzo Romar at the helm.

However, Coach Romar did not use this as an excuse to field a worse team next year. He went to work on the recruiting trail to make up for these transfers. Thursday was the icing on the cake. Noah Dickerson is a player that will surely start and be ready to make an immediate impact next season. With him added to our roster, our front line has so much depth I am not sure who exactly will be getting a lot of the minutes. We now have Marquese Chriss, Dickerson, Malik Dime, and Devenir Duruisseau as for sure guys next year. I’m also hearing that the coaching staff is making a big push to get Matthew Atewe cleared to play next season. I don’t think UW fans are ready for the amount of athletic big men we will have in the rotation next season.

We may be starting 3 or 4 freshmen but it will be 3 or 4 very talented freshmen that will hit the floor in our first game. And it will be quite a scene to see these guys step on the floor and try to lead us back to the NCAA Tournament.

Mr. T

New grip

What’s up everybody?

So a question I imagine a lot of experienced players get is does a grip matter or make a difference. Not the positioning of your hands, but the grip on the shaft itself. Well, I guess you could say that I learned that it does. I recently found a club next to the trash. And not any club, but a Ping K15 in almost pristine condition. The only problem that it had was that the grip was absolutely awful. It was the stock grip with almost no grip to it. So I took it to my local sporting goods store and bought their most expensive Golf Pride Grip. And after waiting for it to be done, the man came out with what seemed like a new club. I took it to the simulator that they had, and gave it a few whacks. I was instantly hitting better with that club. I was not slicing as much, and it brought my yardage up around ten yards. What I love most about is the crazy color pallet of this club. The head is silver/black, the shaft is blue, and the grip is now red.

Today I learned one thing, If you watch pro colf then you have probably heard the Lamkin commercial saying something along the lines of, “a great shot always starts with a great grip.” And today I learned that that is absolutely right. I think I may re-grip all my clubs!

Have a good night guys,


Brace yourself

I enjoy running quite a bit. Unfortunately, that means I’m often at a high level of risk for injury. A few summers ago I twisted my ankle pretty badly on a run. I was able to walk and everything, but even a full year afterwards I was never far from a precautionary ankle brace lest reinjury strike. The problem with the brace, however, is that while it offers adequate support to the ankle when the ankle cannot do so itself, it also prevents the ankle from strengthening itself. It’s a crutch, a crutch you’re not supposed to depend on for the rest of your life. Eventually I had to discard the brace and let my ankle strengthen and heal on its own. That endeavor has been by and large successful.

blog post 6-5

I think the brain functions in a somewhat similar way. We’re often too quick to rely on technological aids like spellcheck or online dictionaries or search engines.  There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with this, but when you repeatedly rely on your internet connection and not your own memory, your own thinking skills atrophy. Thanks to spellcheck, for example, I’m now a pretty atrocious speller. It’s better to try and make a concerted effort, at least some of the time, to see if you can pull an answer out of your own head before turning to your phone. If you do, you’ll often be surprised by what you can accomplish—and you’ll be less dependent on unnecessary aids.

Yearbooks; Picture Yay’s and Nay’s

Hey y’all!

Oh yearbooks how I have missed you. So glad my awkward freshman face is now immortalized in approximately 2,000 glossy pages of unflattering color. I have never been more happy.

06 08

I really don’t understand why we have to get such horrible pictures taken, I mean, if we have to have a picture in our school yearbook, then we might as well actually use a picture we like. AND if the school let us submit our own pictures they wouldn’t have to reserve an entire day just for pictures. Also they wouldn’t need to hire photographers to come in and snap each and every students unflattering headshot.

Personally, I am awful at taking pictures, especially school pictures, they’re just too posed or something. So I believe that it really would benefit everyone, specifically those that struggle to take a decent photograph, if the school allowed you to submit your own picture. I am talking major benefit. Because that is how you are going to be remembered forever.

Although the flip side to taking bad pictures is that if you get lucky a take one really good one, it really does look really good.

And also, at your high school reunion twenty years from now, everyone will be blown away by how great you look because all they’ve seen of your face for the last couple decades is a squinty eyed sophomore with braces mid sneeze.

I should be clear though, I love my yearbooks. Each one holds so many memories, some I would rather forget, but some I want to remember for a lifetime. And even if that picture on the last page of the freshman section makes me want to scream and pull a bag over my head, at least I’m there, because this is one high school experience that I won’t ever want to forget.

xoxo Freshmeat

Seattle Bike Tour

There are so many amazing things to check out in Seattle, but often times there just is not enough time to travel to every single of Seattle’s attraction. Also, nobody wants to spend all day in a car driving from one place to the next. The solution to this is bike tours. In Seattle you can take a four day cycling tour and it takes you all over Seattle where you have time to stop at all sorts of different places. You have been to Seattle, but you have never experienced it quite like this.

Now the first day is not really a place for teens because it involves sampling wines in Woodinville, but the other three days are perfect for just about anyone. On day two you have the opportunity to visit the Snoqualmie Falls a beautiful place with a nice, fairly easy hiking trail. I actually wrote a previous blog post about it and I was there recently and it sure is something. Biking there would make it even more fun.

On day three you get to catch a ferry and head over to Bainbridge and once you get there you can visit vintage bike museum. Personally, I do not find it all that interesting, but everyone that I knew that went said they enjoyed it. Then on the last day you can head over to Ballard locks and just got exploring.

Just like that the bike tour is over and not only did you get to see so many different parts of Seattle, but you got in some exercise riding those bikes. On a weekend it is supposed to be nice and sunny this is what I suggest you spend your day doing. If the tour is not something that interests you, grab your own bike and head over to Seattle and do some exploring of your own, it is an awesome way to explore the city.


Experience Music Project Museum

The EMP is where prom was held last weekend and is a really awesome place. Out of the surrounding high schools I am glad Issaquah was able to have our prom there because it was much more impressive that other locations and just made the entire prom experience that much better. I had a great time and had never been inside of the museum itself and was pleasantly surprised. Not only is the outside an abstract colorful shape but the inside is just as interesting and unique. If you do not know where it is located it is directly next to the Space Needle and Seattle Center.
Especially if you are into music this is the perfect place to go, they have music genres for everyone and so many exhibits you are sure to find one you like. Some of their featured exhibits are; Star Wars and The Power of Costume, Infinite Words of Science Fiction, Nirvana Taking Punk to The Masses, Indie Game Revolution, We Are 12, and Fantasy Worlds of Myth and Magic. Many of their exhibits include hands on experiences while learning how to be a DJ, playing instruments with the tap of a palm, and learning how recording studios work.
There are also so many events held here such as The Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festival and Seattle Mini Maker Fair. Another great thing that is overlooked is the fact that some of the exhibits have a timer on them so you are ensured to actually get you turn during you time there. You can’t go wrong with visiting this museum filled with modern and classic music styles that everyone enjoys.


PETA on snapchat?!?!?!?!?!

hey friends!

I don’t know about you, but I am a huge fan of Snapchat. From sending the occasional “when someone you hate is talking to you” or classic ugly face snap to the “check out how cool this party is that I am at and subsequently how cool I am” snaps, Snapchat is a great way to communicate with people without having to use too many words. It’s not too personal, and frankly I use it a lot more than I text people because it’s just way more fun and visual which I love 🙂

I am a couple months late on this, but guess what? As you probably already figured out from the obvious title of this post, PETA is on Snapchat! HA!

As I said in a previous post, I know I bashed PETA a while ago for being horrible and killing animals in cold blood, but nonetheless their snaps can be a versatile form of educating yourself on the world of veganism. They snap a lot of pictures of exciting protests and tips for vegans and cool worldwide events and get to meet (not really meet but see a picture of I guess) vegan activists! How exciting!

PETA says, “Follow us to see office dogs, food, & more .”

Have a wonderful day! I am very excited for summer and hanging out on the beach and eating otter pops and laying in the grass and getting mosquito bites all over my legs!

lots of love,

US Open

What’s up everybody?

So, its official, I am going to the US Open! I absolutely cant wait. The only problem is that I may not be able to watch Rory. The reason for that is the chance that he may get cut! He shot 9 over in his first round of the Irish open. Regardless it may be pretty fun. I need to watch the first few days to know what group I want to follow, but I know that if Rory is still in, then I will definitely be following  him.

In tiger news, he is already here. He has already played chambers bay twice. And you know what? He is still gonna suck. He is gonna choke on his short game, and he will be unable to hit a single shot straight. His terrible performance wont over shine his son though, who apparently has a better swing than he does.

”He’s got some parts in his swing that I’m trying to do,” Woods said with a laugh. ”It’s a little frustrating at times.”

What I love is how tiger plays with his son. As he says he adjusts the par so that him and his son can be a little competitive. I like this because its a good way to keep the kid interested in the game we love. And apparently, his father did this too:

”It’s about them enjoying the attention that it takes to try to get to par,” Woods said. ”What my dad did was genius because it kept me interested … ‘My dad shot 2-over par and I shot 3, and I almost beat him.’ Even though I was making 11 and 12 on holes.”

Good night guys