Introduction to World Soccer Blog

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog about soccer, where I will be writing about soccer news throughout the world and share some of my thoughts about it. I will cover the major news from all of the big leagues and international play. Also, I will include any important transfer news or interesting off the field events that catch my eye. I look forward to updating this blog every week and staying up to date on the spectacular world of soccer.
Now let us get to probably the most amazing thing we will see all year.
Three days ago Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski made Bundesliga (German league) history with five goals in nine minutes. Lewandowski came in as a sub against Woflsburg as Bayern were down 1-0. Six minutes after coming on, Lewandowski netted his first goal. The next nine minutes were magical as he scored four more. His final goal was his most spectacular as he scissor-kicked the ball off a cross towards the top corner of the goal. Even Bayern coach, Pep Guardiola, was in shock as he was shown with his hands on his head. It was easily the best outing for the famed striker, but do not forget his four goals against Real Madrid in the semifinals of the 2013 UEFA Champions League. This was truly an amazing feat that should be recognized by every sports fan.
Some games to watch out for this weekend are Tottenham vs. Manchester City in the English league, Villareal vs Atletico Madrid in Spanish league, and Seattle Sounders vs. Sporting KC in Major League Soccer.

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The Color Run

Hey ISSY event followers. TRIBEBROTHERS here where you can get all your information about upcoming, past, and future events here at the school. I hope you like all the topics we will be talking about here. Today’s topic is the “Issaquah High Scool Fun Run.” This is an awesome donation event put on by ASB along with Seattle Children’s and Strong Against Cancer. It is fifteen dollars to join and you get a shirt. It is a two point two mile run and people will through colored corn starch stations where volunteers will through colored corn starch at the white shirts which is a fun turn on the run when everyone gets covered in color. Also today there is an assembly and football game. A really cool addition to this day is that at half time at the football game when all of the homecoming royalty is on the track there will be more corn starch thrown all over the stands. I have seen other schools do this at their football games and it is so cool. On top of that all these events are centered around cancer prevention which is very strong to me because my family has greatly been affected by the disease. Students, teachers, and administration alike are excited to run, jog, or walk their way to the finish line in the name of defeating cancer.


Why would anybody like running?

Most of my friends don’t understand me when I try to explain why I like running. They argue that running is a physically and mentally agonizing process, sort of like gouging out your own eyes or chopping your fingers off at the knuckle. They point to side aches, shin splints, oxygen deprivation, soreness, stitches, and that uncomfortable sloshing sensation in your stomach as evidence of their claim.  They conclude that sports like cross country are simply unnecessary pain. Here I pause and try to think of a way to explain my thoughts to them.

It’s hard. Because they’re not wrong.

But physical pain aside, I’ve always found running to be an incredibly satisfying exercise and pastime. I trace the beginnings of my running career to the fall of my seventh grade, when my parents made me try cross country. They’d noticed that I enjoyed running around as a kid, and, as they were quick to point out, I had a few friends on the team. So I signed on and haven’t stopped.

I quickly discovered that I loved running. I love the gratification of physically and mentally pushing my limits further than I had ever had the opportunity to before. I love tracking my measurable progress from race to race. I love the endorphin-fueled thrill of a runner’s high.  I love the friendly, motivated, wacky community running seems to attract. I love the long, low-key training runs with friends in the offseason, the sweat and tears of a hard interval day, and the nerve-wracking adrenaline of race day. To me, the physical pains of running are easily offset by the satisfaction and joy running offers. Perhaps they even add to the gratification.

In this blog, I’ll discuss and explore various aspects of my experience as a high school runner. I’ll probably find the time to talk about training in and out of season, preparing for races and meets, geeky running gear and nutrition, and the quintessential quirks and comedies of life as a runner. I hope I can share my passion for running with my brethren and maybe make it make even a little more sense to non-running-enthusiasts. So anyway. Happy reading.

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School is important!!

Hey friends!

So most people actually try at school, which is great! But then some people decide that school doesn’t matter to them so they don’t give it the same amount of importance…which is not so great.

I’m going to be completely honest here: if you’re one of those people that values your social life over doing your homework, or would rather spend the night getting wasted than studying for the math test you have coming up (which you need to pass since you’re failing math right now), you need a reality check. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but there’s a reason school exists–even if you don’t plan to use math or science or English in your future career (maybe you want to be an artist or an athlete, who knows?), high school level stuff is pretty basic. And if you don’t know that stuff, people are just going to see you as way less competent in general. Plus, it’s just not good for you!


If you struggle at math but you want to be an English major, I’m not saying you have to take extremely difficult math classes! But whatever you do choose to do, you should actually be making an effort.

In the working world, nobody has time for people who write “their” instead of “they’re”, or can’t figure out how to do long division, or don’t know what H2O is. I’m exaggerating a little, but my point is, even if you’re amazing at talking to people, who wants to hire a therapist who can’t spell?

You may be wondering at this point in your life what the point is of a lot of the things you’re learning in some of your classes. All I can say is that the more information you have in your brain, the better off you’re going to be; there’s no telling when you’ll need it. Sorry for sounding like your mother but this needed to be said. Some people just need that little kick in the butt 😉

lots of love,

Trust Jeff’s First Blog

Hi everybody my name is in Jeff We trust. I am hoping that all of us will have fun throughout the whole year as we talk about the number one show ever Survivor. Survivor is my muse I love this show so much I wish it could be on every day. I will be giving you the fans the exiting highlights of the game and the awesome recaps. You will not want to miss my blog. This year survivor is on their 31st season and it’s a great one. This year the games will take place in Cambodia. This is going to be one of the best seasons because this year it’s all about second chances for past contestants. There will be 16 men and 16 women. All from the 16 prior seasons. All of these people were die-hard fans who lost. Now all of them have a second chance to redeem themselves.

The season premiere for the season will be on September 29, 2015. Make sure to stay tuned every Wednesday to watch Survivor. If have forgotten the channel the channel is the CBS Network. I am so pumped for the season pumped. I really like how they have brought the old players back. I really want either my boy Keith or Joe to go off this season. They both really worked hard last season. This is there one shot of redemption and they will use it wisely.

Thank you to all of my fans from your boy, In Jeff We Trust I am signing off.

Blog #1

Sp00ky Start

As the first blog post of the year, for my estranged blog spot dedicated to all things haunted and creepy, I thought I jump off right into one of my most favorite haunts of the time.. Robert the Doll.

09 25

Who is Robert the Doll? Based on the story of the origin surrounding this child-life-sized doll is that in the early 1900’s, a mistreated slave who supposedly practiced voodoo, granted her slave masters son a doll made of straw, with two black button eyes, and a sailor’s outfit. This doll was meant to be the ten-year-old Robert Eugene Otto’s close companion. As normal possessed haunted doll stories go, things began to grow rather.. strange in the Otto household. Items were lost, or found in wreckage and destroyed. Gene (Eugene) was heard whispering to himself in his playroom, and responding to himself in a different tone of voice, as if imitating another person were in the room with him. And when Gene placed his beloved doll Robert where he wanted him, he’d come to find Robert the Doll had moved to another room entirely in the mere seconds Eugene gave his back to the doll. The most common was Eugene blaming misfortunes of the Otto family on the doll, screaming incessantly “Robert did it!” When accused of a wrongdoing.

All of this sounds like normal kid stuff. Imaginary friend? Normal. I’m pretty sure all of us have forgotten at one point or for sure thought we placed something somewhere and found it in an entirely different place. See? NORMAL. However, Robert still plays his old tricks to this day.

You can find Robert the Doll in Key West, Florida, in a glass case of the East Martello museum dedicated to all things creepy, which also holds the famous Annabelle doll. People claim you have to ask Robert for a picture, and sometimes his expression will change, or he will shift positions. Some workers even claim that they find him outside the glass case come opening times. And the people who don’t ask permission for Robert’s picture? Well, they soon find themselves with strange paranormal things happening around them. It will only stop when they return to ask for Robert’s forgiveness.

What do you think about Robert? Is he really haunted? Or was it all a little child’s imagination and mischief?

That, readers, is up to you.

spookyspoon, feeding you creepy from day one. (Even my catchphrase is weird.)

Beyond Poo Poo


Washington is one of the most beautiful, picturesque places in the world, but many of the residents are blind to all the wonders the Pacific Northwest truly has to offer. Everyone’s been on Poo Poo Point or Rattle Snake Ridge, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much to do in Washington and Seattle that there’s whole books written about it. But as a fellow outdoorsmen and adventurer I don’t want you to waste your money on some book – through this blog I’ll let you in on some of the best kept secrets of the area. All you have to do is read on… Continue reading

Tourist in Issaquah

Hey guys, it’s CSpice here coming at you with a new thread all about being a tourist in your own small town. I myself have always found myself wondering what is there to do in the local area in which we live.

Now being a tourist is fun but how long can it last. In order to satisfied on  a weekly basis for my interest I will be writing about my experiences with different local attractions here in town. Now depending on your interest level and motivation you may find yourself following in my foot steps or commenting your own experiences. Issaquah use to be a small town as many of us know but as is in the world today people move all over the place and everything is growing, Issaquah is no exception. Just 15 years ago Issaquah had no highlands and just 50 years ago Issaquah was used as a base for military purposes, just 100 years ago Issaquah was just a small mining town.

The point of this blog is to show what there is to do around Issaquah you may have not experienced yet or not have even know existed. so for the remainder of the year I will do my best to show you the flavorful spices of Issaquah at in depth simple glance. I hope everyone is interested to learn about their own city. Seeing as it is fall and my personal favorite spice and flavor is cinnamon and my blog is about flavorful spices of Issaquah its only fit my blog name be CinnamonSpice.

First post

Hey guys it Deaths_Alternative! I choose this name because its the name I use for all of my other blogs (instagram, tumblr etc..) what to expect from me is music! I’ll be talking about all the drama going on with other bands,  tour dates and who comes to Seattle. I can’t wait to get started!

First Blog Post!

Hi everyone, I go by the name of PopCultureQueen and this year I will be giving you weekly updates on all of the new and exciting things going on in the world. From music to politics, the list is endless.

I cannot wait to share all the new exciting news with you, but first let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a junior and this is my second year in journalism. I love writing and it’s so great that not only do I get to write for the school’s magazine, but I also get to blog every week. Last year I blogged about local attractions and that was great, but I think that I am ready to change it up and blog about something else. This is completely different, but just as interesting if not more in my opinion. So far I think my second year in journalism might be even better then the first and there are so many new people, which means a lot more bloggers, which is great.

This year is going to be great and the best part about Pop Culture is that things are always changing and there is something new going on everyday so I’ll always have something to share with all of the readers. So if you are one who enjoys staying involved and likes to know what is going on in the world around you be sure to check out my blog posts every week. Well that’s all for now, see you next week!



Hi everyone, I’m an avid Issaquah sports fan who will be writing all year about how the teams are doing by providing updates on games, and previews of what to expect from each team. I chose to write about Issaquah sports because I am a huge all-around sports fan, and I have a lot of pride in this school.

I attend as many games for every sport as I can, and love to see the teams play. I play for the basketball and baseball team myself, and know people on pretty much every sports team at Issaquah, so I will be able to provide a lot of insight on what’s going on, on and off the field.

The fall sports season is just kicking into full swing, and the teams are doing pretty well so far. Football has had two close losses to some of KingCo’s top teams, but also had added two big wins in what has been a solid start to the season. Cross-Country is returning a lot of familiar faces, and expects to be one of the top teams in the state once again.

Girls soccer is off to a strong 5-0-2 start, and has won their last three games by 5 or more goals. They hope to compete for a KingCo and state title once again this year, and their chances are looking pretty good so far. The Volleyball team has started the season off with some wins and losses, but hopes to improve their record this week with a couple of big wins.

It looks like its going to be another big year for Issaquah sports, and hopefully they can compete at as high of a level as we’re used to seeing.

Greetings And Salutations!

09 25

I’m The Blonde Blogger, a 17 year old fashion and beauty obsessed girl, always keeping up with new trends, designers, and of course the Kardashians. I love art, self-expression, design, architecture, and anything “aesthetically pleasing”. My “passion for fashion” is not new to me. When I was ten I regularly binge watched America’s Next Top Model and occasionally Project Runway after school. I sewed my first purse at the age of seven. It was pink and black polka dots, and about one by two inches; the perfect fit for my little purple Nokia 2005. I still remember buying my first mascara and thinking I was a grown woman, not realizing I was still approximately four feet tall at the time. Now times have changed and I’ve grown up a lot, but some things remain the same; I am always up for an ANTM marathon, or a handmade purse for that matter.

As far as my taste goes, nothing speaks to me like a suede black boot, perfect winged eyeliner, an impeccably crafted latté, or the fire-escapes of NY’s SoHo. I take a large chunk of my fashion inspiration from European design and style, since I grew up there and spend most of my off-time there. So if you ever see me in an all-black-on-black-on-black ensemble, it is not because I’ve reverted to my seventh grade emo phase, but most likely that I’m following the monochromatic trends of Northern Europe. Beauty, health, and fashion all go hand-in-hand to me, because it does not matter how trendy your coat is if you are not taking care of the model wearing it, a.k.a. you!

Thanks for hearing my story, I can’t wait to share more with you!

The Blonde Blogger

Hello, I am Queen of Crafts!

My current main goal is to go to cosmetology school, and to get there I do crafts to earn money and save money. I plan on having DIYS, Crafts, and projects each week posted by Friday at 9 o’clock.

I am very crafty and find new uses to old things, I plan on each month having a different theme, for the month of October the theme shall be Halloween theme! I chose to run a blog revolving around crafts because growing up I always had crafts to make, gifts to make, and I always had free time.

You can expect DIYS of healthy food, hair care, personal care, gifts, time savers, memory savers, and so many more. Crafting is a personal passion of mine and I cannot wait to be able to share my crafts with everyone reading this. Side note: I tend to craft on a low budget, but I do sometimes use expensive products that have a lot of uses out of them, and I will post alternatives for as many supplies as I can.

I have already planned out what I plan to do for each week and I hope you all enjoy doing the crafts as much as I do. I will try to make as many as i can kid friendly, and if they aren’t i ll put in the title age range for the DIY ( I have a 3 year old to test the youngest age on)

With all being said I hope you all like what you see throughout time, I am excited to start posting and seeing how everyone reacts to the DIYS I post. Have safe nice time!

Don’t Brake the Wishbone


Hey people of the world, this blog is a way to communicate about sports and anything about sports. Each blog will be something new. I will throw around some events that will be going on and I hope you can catch my drift.

If you watch sports or know someone who does, you may have heard of the injury during the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles football game on Sunday the 20th. The Cowboys defeated the Eagles 20-10, but in the process lost a valuable player. The Cowboys’ quarterback, Tony Romo, broke his left collarbone during the game. It was the same collarbone Romo had broken in 2010. During that season he was out for 10 games.

It was the third quarter when this travesty occurred. Jordan Hicks, #58 on the Eagles put pressure on Romo causing him to fumble the ball. During the play, Hicks tackled Romo taking out Dallas’s head player. Hicks is 236 pounds and was the 20th pick in the third round draft of 2015 for the Eagles.

After this shock the cowboys had to pull together. They sent out backup quarterback, Brandon Weeden to finish the game. Weeden will play for the duration of the season until Romo is 100 percent. Romo will be out for at least eight weeks. He is cleared to come back on week 11 when Dallas plays the Miami Dolphins.

The Dallas cowboys record is now 2-0. Sunday, the cowboys play the Atlanta Falcons at 10:00 am on Fox.. The Falcons are also 2-0 so this will be a good match up.

Who will you be rooting for?