Born Of Osiris

Born of Osiris is an American deathcore band, formed in 2003 in Palatine, a suburb of Chicago by Ronnie Canizaro, Cameron Losch, Joe Buras, David Da Rocha, and Lee McKinney. The group underwent several name changes, including, Your Heart Engraved, and Rosecrance, before finally settling on Born of Osiris in 2007, basing the name on the Egyptian deity Osiris, and the tale of his son Horus.

 Through out the summer Born Of Osiris was sharing a larg portion of there new album Soul Sphere, bit by bit. Due to the guitarists (Lee McKinney) foot surguery, the band had to drop their tour. Lee and the rest of Born Of Osiris shared the following post on Facebook:

“Thanks for all the love and support you guys have been sending regarding a speedy recovery. My foot was not only dislocated, it was broken/fractured in multiple spots. Surgery was a success. As soon as I get a hard boot on this foot, even though the doctors aren’t recommending it – I plan on being out there jamming in a wheelchair on stage Dave Ghrol style! Trust me there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.” – Lee McKinney / BOO

“We will be off tour until further notice and will be not be attending Knotfest tomorrow. We will be back as soon as Lee is tour ready, playing more tracks off our new record.
Thanks guys

On their new record’s conceptual framework, keyboardist Joe Buras explains, “The whole story of the record involves three levels. The first one is The Binding. You’re hanging, and you’re stagnant. The second is The Fight. You were hanging, but now you’re pulling away from this linchpin, whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual. The final is The Release. You break away and feel free, connected, and loved.”

Windows 10 Review

Hey guys! This week I will talk about something that isn’t about Apple or iOS (finally, right?). Instead, I will be discussing my experience with Windows 10. I have an HP 15 Notebook PC, one the Energy Star models, but that isn’t too important. It came with Windows 8.1 so Windows 10 isn’t too foreign. Here is what I like about Windows 10:

  • the new features and also just how clean the OS is
  • It isn’t significantly faster than Windows 8.1, but it is much easier to use.
  • A functioning start menu (it’s back!) so it gives me a slight sense of nostalgia from back when I first started using Windows (I believe the first Windows OS I used was Windows 95, 98 or 2000)
  • Xbox integration, now I can have some of the perks of an xbox or xbox account without the need of a console, and also the Xbox app is pretty nice. I hear it will be getting some improvements in the future
  • Interaction with the end consumer (you and me), with options to provide feedback and such, on programs, features, apps, and services, among other things
And now some things I don’t like as much:
  • no more metro apps, as in, apps that could be launched either in desktop mode or windows 8/metro mode such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer (they can only be launched in desktop mode), but full-screen apps still exist
  • In order to use Cortana, Microsoft’s version of a virtual assistant, you must have location services enabled, as well as a Microsoft account. I have an account tied to the Windows account on my computer but not everyone does. You can still use it without those two things but it only serves to quickly search online or locally (in the computer itself). Also, Cortana does not have much functionality at this time
  • There have been reports of the built-in apps (the ones that come with Windows itself) becoming corrupt and requiring users to refresh their computers. The problem is that refreshing your computer uninstalls all third-party programs (including those installed by the OEM) and also reinstalls windows itself, which can take several hours.
  • You only have a month to restore back to Windows 8.1 or 7 and then after that, you are stuck on Windows 10, so if for any reason you decided you didn’t want to use Windows 10 and go back to your previous OS, you can’t. A refresh also deletes the previous OS, so it could be less than a month for some.
  • for those of you who do not have touchscreen capability (me being one of those), there is not as much to enjoy about Windows 10, so it’s somewhat of a disappointment. Same went for Windows 8.1 but it was mostly just Windows 7 with a new look and a few new features that did not really depend as much on a touchscreen
Other than that, I really like Windows 10 compared to Windows 8.1 but I did also like 8.1; they are very similar, they had their fair share of pros and cons, and so on. I do not regret upgrading and so far I haven’t had any major issues. It gives me what Microsoft promised it would, so there was no false advertising, but they did make it out to be something a little more dramatic than it really is. I like that they included Windows 7 users and that it is free* (* from 7/29/15 to 7/29/16), but I think that it should be available to anyone who has qualifying specs for the OS, besides Windows Professional or Enterprise users. I definitely recommend it, but many people do not want to for some reason, so it would be nice to know their reasoning (to each their own).
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Haunted Issaquah

Issaquah brings about much attention through its local attractions. I would consider myself a weekend warrior, and among many adventures this weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the haunted house on Issaquah Hobart Rd. Now if your interested in haunted houses or have friends that are I highly recommend that you visit this haunted house. Around every single corner lies something that should make you scream and run. The haunted house is located Just a couple miles away from the High school on Issaquah Hobart Rd at the Fox Hollow Farm. The owners of the farm has such a fascination in amusing the public that they even put on a haunted house. This haunted house total takes about 30 minutes to complete but trust me it seems like you just cant get out fast enough before all the sudden you want to go back through. At a cheap price, the haunted house is well worth it. you could go in alone or in a large group. And if you’re concerned about the parking, have no fear they have so much land you could bring the whole family along. I enjoyed myself there it was very wonderful. I recommend this haunted house to anyone that is seeking a good time. Thats it fot the blog this week my fans, until next time…. stay spooky and have fun. Tune in next week as we talk all about Halloween and how to enjoy it best in town.

preview-Halo 5 Guardians

As we draw near the end of October, there are still so many games that have been released and are still to come. Looking at the next biggest game coming out in 2 days, Halo 5 guardians looks to impress us fans. As a successful game this fan base continues to grow and fans are fired up for this new game. To all fans, mark that date 10/27/15 Tuesday. This game is loaded with new features that the previous game didn’t have. The campaign mode features two protagonists and as you continue you’ll be switching perspectives between the two. This game has newer mission structures with higher enemy counts on the battlefields and more battlefields. The new mechanic features with this game include a new aiming system which allows players to zoom in with any weapon.

One of the biggest game modes which is multiplayer features all new 24 player mode with 2 teams of 12 and the way to win is for the team to earn 1,000 victory points. In the arena mode you can play 4v4 that follows the traditional multiplayer game mode from classic halo games. Breakout, Slayer, Strongholds, Capture the flag are the 4 game types in this game. Breakout is played with teams that is first to win 5 rounds. Slayer is where teammates are trying to get as many kills as possible before the time runs out. Strong holds is where a team has to capture and remain in control of 3 static zones on a map, and its first to reach a 100 points. Capture the flag, the most known and played mode since it was in the previous games, just like real life capture the flag you have to capture the opposing teams flag and bring it back.

things change :(

hey friends!

As we grow up, things change. And sometimes, that can really, really suck. Speaking for myself, I have grown apart from so many of my friends this year, and it honestly breaks my heart. There were so many people with whom I was inseparable or joined at the hip last year that I barely even speak to this year.

Growing apart from friends is one of the most painful experiences–it’s worse than a breakup! Because with a breakup, you have your BFF to talk to, but when you’re growing apart from your BFF, there’s no one left 🙁

This whole post so far has been really depressing haha, so let’s get to the happier part! One amazing side effect of losing friends is making new ones! I’ve met such fantastic people this year–people I can really count on. You learn who’s really there for you when something bad happens cause some people couldn’t care less while others will do everything in their power to try to make you smile.

Sometimes old friends may not be the ones who really care about you and are interested in helping you–it can be really hard to realize sometimes, because you’re so unwilling to break off that friendship. After all, you’ve been friends forever, so you can’t bring yourself to change that. It is so important, though, to get rid of toxic friendships. You want people around you who want to see you successful, not people who were only ever friends with you because they felt like they were better than you and now that you’re becoming more successful they’ve gotten super jealous and have been talking about you behind your back (sorry for the run-on). Like I said, it takes a lot to step back and really think about these things, but it’s all for the best in the end.


It was hard for me to distance myself from some of my old friends, but I know it’s better for me to be surrounding myself with positive people. You’ve got to choose your friends carefully–they affect your character more than you know 🙂


Volleyball and Football with two big wins

As we inch closer and closer to the playoffs, every game begins to become important. This week, football, soccer and volleyball had big games. Football had a must-win at Woodinville, and volleyball and soccer both played Skyline.

Volleyball was the underdog going into the game vs. Skyline on Wednesday, and they started down. They were down 2-1 and were a point away from losing the fourth set, when a miraculous comeback kept their hopes alive. They carried this momentum into the 5th set, and were able to come away with a huge win, behind an energetic home crowd.


Girls’ Soccer also played Skyline, in a game where the stakes weren’t nearly as high. The Eagles had already clinched a playoff birth, so they didn’t necessarily  need a win. It was a hard fought game, but the Spartans were able to knock in a go-ahead goal in the final minutes to win it, 2-1. The game served as a preview of the KingCo championship, where the Eagles will get a chance at revenge at Skyline.

Issaquah football has been clinging onto playoff hopes, and they needed a win Friday to keep them alive. However, going into Woodinville and coming out on top is no easy task. It was a defensive struggle all the way through, and at the half, it was still scoreless. The Falcons struck first in the third, but a great pass from Humphrey to Pederson tied it up in the fourth. A touchdown run with eight minutes remaining gave Issy the lead, and they held it to the end, winning 14-7. The win secured a playoff spot for the Eagles, who are having their best season in a few years.

Confessions of an Online Shopaholic | pt.1

As a self proclaimed internet shopping addict, I have a few pieces of advice and rules I’ve come up with for this great hobby. However, with all of the extensive experience I have in this field, there was too much for just one post. So here is the first edition of my Thrifty Tips for a True Internet Shopper:


  • Bookmark it. Don’t just buy something the first instant you spot it. If you find yourself referring to the bookmark often, then you should probably buy it, if you forget it is there, then it clearly was not important.
  • Make a shopping list. If you have your eye on many different products or items you want to buy, make a list! This way it is easier to prioritize what to buy first and keep track of your purchases.
  • Look into the retailer. Is it a well renowned but purely web-based store, or a man selling hats out of his garage? This is important to consider when placing an order because it can be connected to the security of your payment method. If they do not promise encrypted data, have accountability through their provider (Amazon, Etsy, EBay, etc.), or use a well renowned service like PayPal for security, it’s probably safer to avoid buying it.
  • Check social media. This can tell you not only a lot about the company, but about their current customers and reviews. If thousands of people have tagged the company’s professional page with their products in Instagram pictures saying that they love it, it reassures you of the legitimacy of the company.
  • Ship with friends. If a company offers free shipping or a great discount by spending more, instead of actually buying more items, buy them with a friends. If both people had been looking at it, save the money and ship together!
  • Take advantage of the world wide web. Everything is at your fingertips, which means the ability to buy things you could never find in store. Recently I have been avoiding buying basic articles of clothing online, since I know I can find them almost anywhere (where I can not only try them, but avoid a shipping fee). Things that I have been taking advantage of the ability to buy include specialty pins and patches, artist merchandise, and other hard to find accessories.


(to be continued)

The Blonde Blogger

Relatively Speaking

100 years ago, in 1915, a physicist by the name of Albert Einstein released his new general theory of relativity. What is the relativity and why is it important?

Simply put, Einstein’s general theory of relativity predicted the nature of gravity. That is that massive bodies distort spacetime. Think of a bed sheet pulled tight on all edges. The bed sheet will serve as our metaphorical spacetime, albeit a two dimensional representation of it. Now place a bowling ball on the sheet. The sheet will warp and a depression will form around the heavy bowling ball. Place other objects on the sheet, and they will roll toward that depression.

By describing gravity as a function of the warping of spacetime, Einstein allowed for numerous other gravitational phenomena to be predicted.

For example, general relativity predicts that any object with energy or momentum will be effected by the gravity wells of massive bodies. Physicists today can observe this phenomena in the form of gravitational lensing. Gravitational lensing is bending of light from distant bodies around closer massive objects to apply an apparent magnification. From Earth, numerous galaxies and pulsars can be observed through gravitational lensing.

The theory of general relativity  also allows for the existence of black holes- areas in space of such huge mass and gravitational pull that no matter or radiation can escape regardless of its speed. Black holes were at first considered fanciful and far-fetched, but now are well-known members of our universe. One even resides at the center of our galaxy, its gravity holding billions upon billions of stars and planets in stable orbits.

Happy birthday, general relativity. And thanks, Einstein. It truly was a massive achievement.

How to get out of a shirt grab.

This self defense scenario plays out in one or two ways: an aggressor has decided to grab you by the shirt or collar, and he/she is trying to trap your movement using such a move. This usually folds out as your usual schoolyard bully or college campus aggressor trying to corner you or stop your walk. We’ve all seen this scenario unfold before. I’m going to be talking of the two cases in how you can get out of the shirt grab.


First scenario: The two handed grab.

This scenario is the easiest to deal with, and it’s the most common one. Basically the attacker grabs your shirt with both of his or her hands. In this case, you have several options depending on the severity: punch, elbow, or a nerve strike.

First, trap both their hands by putting your left or right forearm on top of their arms. Then, pushing their arms down from reaching you any further, use your free hand to either elbow them, punch to the face, or strike at a crucial nerve point that will make them drop their grip on you. This nerve point can be found at the soft tissue area just at the bottom of the neck, usually below the Adams apple. Usually you want to aim for the nerve point by using two fingers to strike/flick until they must release their grip.


Second scenario: Grab with one hand.

This scenario is a bit more risky and should be done in only special cases. But, if you need to defend yourself, you’ll have to do it. First, if the aggressor grabs your shirt with one hand, you want to use the hand closest to the grabbing hand and swing it around sort of like you’re hooking your arm over theirs. Then, pull the arm towards you so that one half of his or her body begins to move out of a punching position. Using your free arm, you can now punch, elbow, flick, etc.


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One of the coolest attractions in downtown Seattle is the EMP. EMP stands for Experience Music Project and is easily recognizable from its unique, colorful exterior – the building itself is a piece of modern art on a grand scale. The pop culture museum was originally envisioned and built under the direction of Paul Allen. Tickets are $22 dollars per person and cheaper with a Microsoft Prime card. Directly inside is a gallery featuring facts about the Seahawks and the famous Lombardi Trophy, won during the super bowl. Upstairs there are multiple exhibits on different genres of music, one of the most notable being about Nirvana and the grudge community that originated in Seattle. For someone like me who knows very little and cares very little about music history, these exhibits are interesting for a solid 10 minutes and that’s about it. The best part of the EMP is the interactive exhibits. One of my personal favorites are the recording booths where you and your friends are able to jam out on real instruments for a few minutes in a private recording room. There’s keyboards, guitars, and other instruments, and instruction to teach you basic chords if you start from ground zero like me. If you have any musical talent at all it automatically becomes that much cooler. All around it’s so much fun, and I found myself spending the majority of my three hours here. There’s also a “live” stage experience that simulates you being in a band with a live audience. You have to pay extra but you get to name your band and even get a poster at the end. In addition traveling exhibits feature other cool things to see such as videogames, Oculus Rift, and Star Wars. The EMP is a museum that will make you feel like a kid again – it’s fun, interactive, and its eclectic style is something you won’t find anywhere else.


Results of China Open

The current tournament that just recently ended in China this week was the China Open! It was formerly known as the Beijing Salem Open and was changed to the China Open. It takes place each year in Beijing, China, and is a part of the Silk Road on the ATP World Tour for professional tennis players to take part in every year.

Nadal making it to the finals of the men’s singles portion of the tournament was significant to his performance this season. He has been absent from many tournaments this season, and his win in the semi-finals against Fognini was impressive in avenging his defeat at the US Open. Both players fought hard in the semi-finals, but Nadal was able to break him at crucial points during the match, and defeated him. Fognini ended up struggling and getting in trouble with the judges for throwing his racket, nearly missing them. However playing against the number one in the world caused a whole different performance out of Nadal, and Djokovic ended up winning the tournament 6-2,6-3. Djokovic ended up keeping his track of not losing a set. A win in only two sets is impressive at a high stakes final match of a tournament.

Djokovic is number one in the world at this time, and has played extremely successful matches this year. He has won Wimbledon two years in a row and the US Open, and dozens of other major titles on the ATP tour. Will he be able to keep this playing up? We will continue to see his performance in the matches to follow.

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Hovering to the Future

The futuristic product that was predicted in the movie ‘Back to the Future: Part II’ was a disappointment to a lot of people that had high hopes and regards for its release on a specific day. In those pile of people that were disappointed you can bet your money that I part of that pile, though I was kind a relieved that a company was developing somewhat of a hover board in the Twenty first century. The hoverboard was the product that was supposed to be “the one” to represent the people’s dreams and predictions that of this year and of that date the final product would be released to the world. Though, the hoverboard was not built on Back to the Future day there were news that Lexus, if not heard, made a magenatic hoverboard. Those hoverboards had built in superconductors and magnets, to which, a specific park was needed to use them. And like, any other machines in this era it releases white smoke representing that the board is cooling itself off. To which, not a futuristic board I had imagine for the year 2015 when I saw the movie.These magenatic hoverboard were tested on these magnetic skate parks. The magnetic skate parks would look as a regular skate park but had hidden magnets underneath the concrete. Underneath those concretes were magnets that were needed for this type of board to work properly and efficiently. Those hoverboards had built in superconductors and magnets, to which, a specific park was needed like this one. Thank you.



Buy Now Guys

A couple weeks back, I wrote about guys you should trade for while their stock was low. Now, I am going to give some guys you should be trading for no matter what their stock is like right now. This is basically my advice for who you should be targeting to help your team make a run for a fantasy championship.


Antonio Brown- With Big Ben, Brown looked as good or better than last season. However, Brown has struggled to even look like a fantasy starter since Roethlisberger went down with his knee injury. This has been frustrating for his owners and his value has dropped. Roethlisberger will be back for week 8 and I expect Brown to be a top 3 WR for the 2nd half of the season.

Chris Ivory- You better move quick to scoop up Ivory. He has looked dynamic this season and has taken over the job as workhorse for the Jets. He has scored over 20 points in 3 of the 4 games he has played in. His name still lowers his value at this point and a couple of bigger name guys could probably persuade another owner to trade him away. Just know that a smart owner will demand a lot for this guy, but you have to take risks to get the reward in fantasy football.

Gary Barnidge- Just like Ivory, Barnidge has a name that still isn’t all that appealing to the majority of fantasy owners. But just listen to this: Barnidge by himself has outscored Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham combined over the past 3 weeks. He even scored twice last week against the Broncos, the #1 defense in the league. Barnidge is a guy I think will only keep going based on the targets and production he has received from Josh McCown.

Broncos D/ST- In ESPN standard leagues, the Broncos have 22 more points this season than Matt Forte, the second best RB. The Broncos have been so consistently good that they could be one of your best 2-3 players for the rest of the year. However, when it comes to fantasy football, defenses don’t get very much respect. A trade where you give a starting-caliber RB or WR could definitely get someone to give up a defense, even if it is the Broncos.